Is Net First Platinum Card a Scam? Here’s The Truth

People are often quick to automatically label various subprime cards designed for those with bad credit, a “scam” and “ripoff”. Those reviews may or may not be accurate depending on whether the person writing the review has personal experience with the product and the nature of their grievance. So, what’s the honest truth about these types of cards?

An example of an offer that receives a lot of negative reviews online is Net First Platinum. Is it a legitimate credit card offer? You will certainly see a lot of complaints posted in reviews and forums by consumers, as well as a couple glowing reviews by websites just happen to advertise Net First Platinum, so who’s to be believed? Is it a real credit card?

Their dirty little secret…They tell you that you will get a “guaranteed $500 unsecured credit limit” with no credit check. But if you think that’s for a credit card with a $500 limit, think again. “Net First” is not a bank and they’re not even offering you a real general purpose Visa/MasterCard/AmEx/Discover card.

What they’re actually providing is a line of credit that you can spend only one place; This is a website they own which sells drastically overpriced merchandise. That probably wasn’t what you were thinking it was, right?
But do you think this $500 line of credit they tout at the top of the application is free? Not quite…

  • $24.95 per month fee: They charge you this for a so-called “benefits” plan as soon as you activate the card. The benefits in my opinion are just a bunch of hot air and aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.
  • You might be overpaying for merchandise big time: I can’t tell you exactly how much their items costs since you need an active account to login to the store. But based on the reviews I’ve read, the prices sound excessive and on top of that there are ridiculous shipping fees and processing fees which are tacked on. Long story short, it’s almost a certainty that you could buy the same merchandise a lot cheaper elsewhere (like Walmart, Big Lots or online through So sure, you’re getting $500 worth of spending power, but what’s the real retail value of the stuff you’re getting in return? Probably significantly less than that.

Here’s a summary of the card’s fees:

Net First Platinum card fees

Monthly membership fee$24.95
Card-issuance fee$5
Late payment fee$20
NFS check fee$25

Is this a sucker deal?

In a nutshell, yes, since you’re paying $239.40 per year for the ability to buy up to $500 in overpriced merchandise that also comes with excessive shipping and processing fees. Worth it? Big fat no!

Now in defense of Net First Platinum, they don’t explicitly claim to be an actual credit card. At the top of their website they have a so called “pre-acceptance disclosure” which outlines how their program operates. But it doesn’t seem like that they actually want you to read this because the text is exceptionally difficult to read: it’s placed over a striped grey background and they only show a few lines of text at once. In order to read it you will have to do a lot of scrolling and eye squinting. But sure enough, they tell you the truth in this disclosure that they’re not a bank (the blue highlight was added by me):

Disclosure on

That explains why I wasn’t able to find Net First Platinum bank when I searched online through Google. It’s a name that sounds like a bank, but it is one! Neither is it a credit card issuer or any other type of lender. It’s just a random company that has it’s own line of credit with a bank somewhere and they’re jacking up the cost of funds to unsuspecting consumers that don’t realize they have other options.

Since they’re not technically a credit card, apparently that excludes them from having to show the Schumer box, which is the clear black and white table of fees and interest rates you will see on real credit card applications.

Yes, they do tell us the fees, but they do so in a very confusing way. In addition to the hard to read font and excessive scrolling, after reading it more than once I don’t understand exactly what circumstances each of the fees is charged.

confusing fee disclosures

For example, they list the “Outlet Store Delivery Signature Verification” fee of $2.50… but when is that charged and why would my signature have to have verification?!

Another confusing fee is the $6.00 monthly maintenance fee. Next to that, they say this fee is waived for all active Net First Platinum card services members. Okay, but then what exactly is an “inactive” member who would be charged this fee? With their explanation, I don’t understand. By the way if you are totally annoyed by the tiny scroll box like I am, I found an alternate link where you can read the full disclosures without scroll. Unfortunately it still has a busy background so it can still be difficult to read:

Actions speak louder than words

Since their words are buried in obscure hard-to-understand fine print, let’s just take a look at their actions. I’m talking about the way they actively choose to market this credit card.

If they want to be honest and forthright, then why do they call it the Net First Platinum card in the first place? Wouldn’t a more consumer-friendly description be to simply call it an online store line of credit? Obviously when they call it a name like “Platinum” many people such as myself are led to believe it must be a real credit card, since that is a word you often hear associated with such.

And why is this so small:

describing it as a merchandise line of credit

Since this is the only thing the card can be used for – buying at their website – they really should be putting that in a huge font so people clearly understand that. In my opinion it is misleading to put it in a tiny font like that which is easy to overlook.

If they actually have a customer service department I would be surprised but I haven’t determined this by trying to call yet.

Does it really report to credit bureaus?

Playing devil’s advocate for a moment and coming to their defense yet again – it really does report to a credit bureau. But they don’t really tell you much about how that works. They say they report “to at least one major credit bureau” but don’t openly disclose which credit bureau that might be. I suspect it’s not one of the three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian or TransUnion.

Obviously if you are trying to build or rebuild credit it is useful to have accounts with a positive payment history reported to the bureaus. But there’s no point in paying so much to do so, especially when it’s not even a real credit card you’re getting in return.

With secured cards, you can put up a fully refundable security deposit of as low as $200 even if you have an awful credit score and history. In return, you will get a real Visa or MasterCard with a reasonable annual as low as $29. Wouldn’t you rather pay that and get a real credit card instead of this pathetic excuse for a credit card? Check out these secured MasterCards that I recommend for rebuilding credit.

2016 Verdict: Scam or not?

Technically speaking, the Net First Platinum is not a “scam” since they do give you exactly what they tell you they (in 8 point type, though). What they’re doing is completely legal, so it’s not accurate for the various online complaints and reviews to label the product as such.

That being said, just because it’s a legitimate company, it does NOT mean their offer is a good deal. In fact, it’s really a terrible deal for the average consumer. Wait, I hate even using the word “deal” to describe it because you’re not getting any type of deal whatsoever. Just steer clear of the Net First Platinum’s merchandise line of credit. Instead, almost any of the real credit cards for bad credit will be a better idea in my opinion.

This review was written or last updated April 11, 2016

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I decided to keep the card at the $7.95 monthly fee just to have a positive feedback on my credit and they are reporting it to Equifax monthly. There is nothing on the site worth buying and I told them that but a good report for only 7.95 is worth it I guess. I’ve had the card for 4 months and they have been reporting it for the full 4 months.

Same here. They report to Equifax and it got my credit score up fairly quickly. I agree that their “store” is a joke. Now that my credit is back in the good end, I’ll be cancelling the card tomorrow.

Michael A Strickland

It is not a Visa Mastercard American Express credit card I tried to call back the very next morning after reading through all the details in small print way down the page it is not a credit card it’s a Verizon store credit make sure you call your credit card company and cancel your application fee you can dispute it if you have a reputable credit card company they will dispute it for you it is a scam they tried to offer $1,000 store credit tell me that they would charge me 7 something a month I said good luck getting that come and get it

Call 800-822-9316 to cancel Net First card . I had to talk with 3 different people to get it canceled.
They will try to negotiate with you on monthly fee and offer a higher line of credit . However , I wasn’t interested at all . The items in the store are of no interest to me . I was almost tempted to keep it after they offered to drop fee to $7.00 a month because of the road side service , help with prescriptions and still reporting to credit companies. But I chose to cancel instead . And I will say they were very kind and polite . I was on the phone maybe 15 minutes to cancel card .

so how do i cancel the order before they take the money out my account. such a scam

I applied two days ago thinking it was a Visa or Mastercard. It cost me $39.95. I’ll call them tomorrow before I get the card. I want a refund back tomorrow

I just applied for one tonight thinking it’s a real CC. Did you get the full $39.95 refunded?

This sounds an awful lot like the old Horizon Gold Card. Same catalog store purchase site, just a new name on the “card” to fish more suckers in.

I received the platinum netfirst card this week. I cant activated this cards y they still me 39.95 twice in 2 days. They robbed my checking account. You staff me. That is federal cases i will go to demanded they company…

I guess I’ve been fooled too! Damn it I’m cancelling tomorrow, this is so irritating! ????

the online store has nothing but cheap dollar store merchandise.

wow I just applied for this card 2 days ago,what a darn mess

If there is no logo of a major credit card then it’s one of those you buy at their store only. Always look at reviews of everything before purchasing. Reading reviews helps out a lot!

Ah crap I thought it was a real C.c just ordered it 5 days ago in gonna cancel in the morning

I just applied yesterday March 21 2015 an I’m so pissed to see that u can only spend at horizon which is there selected place of purchase there charging u for basically giving thereoney right back to them lol but whatever going to be canceling this shit this is bull!!!!

I just got one of there cards and after reading the reviews I’m going to cancel it in the morning. Please advise if there is something special I should do. Good Game huh!

I signed up fora net first platinum card over the weekend.then I read all of these articles about how they misled you about it being a real change card.
I want to know f I can get it cancelled. I can’t afford to pay 200. In fees in a
Year. What do I do?

Thanks for the thorough and honest review – glad I read BEFORE I applied. Much appreciated!!

I get aprove for 500 and 19.95 a month but reading this blog I call in to have it cancel and they raise it to 2000 and 6.95 a month

so are you keeping it?

Sheesshhhh it 30 minutes for them to cancel my account and had to speak to 4 different people and they all tried to offer something in order to canel

pleas help how do i cancel my netfirst platinum card

Please Cancel my Net First Card! Please Refund my $29.95 plus $2.00 fee. Not interested, Not a real Credit Card!

Did you get your money refunded (the $29.95 activation fee after you cancelled your card)?

I am glad I read this site. I did not want to put any finacial information to be charged unless I read about the card first. thanks

I recieved my net first platinum card in the mAil but I have no clue how to began to use it. Do I have to activate it? Is it already activated? Someone please help me understand this thing please I have already paid the $29 activation fee before I recieved the card so what do I do next to start to use it?

Did you not read the review? It’s not a credit card….it’s used to by merchandise at ONE PLACE ONLY online….smh

Jamie Velasquez

Thank goodness I didnt actvate it then.

I would like to say thanks to this site cuz I sure was about to apply..ill just get a secured card from my bank and not this bs..

Jimmy Fernandez

The credit line is true. They report to TransUnion. The membership fee is $24 a month but if you call and try to cancel they will bring the credit line up to $1500 instead of $500 and the membership monthly fee will be brought down to $4.95 a month. Try it out. Its basically just like fingerhut but you have a credit line only in buying in their website. Negotiate is the key to bring the price down. The customer is always right. I love it and highly recommend this for anyone.

Net first platinum is not a credit card it is just a card to shop with online only at the Horizon Outlet. However, they do report your on-time payments and records to one or two credit bureaus. I know this because i have one myself and i have a copy of my credit report with horizon card services reported on it. So it is a good way to build credit. The 24.95 monthly fee is for membership because Horizon Card services provide road side assistance, prescription discounts and legal services for being a member, so that is what the fee is for. Its a good card to have just to be on file.

How do I cancel NetFirst Platinum card?

Call the number on the back of the card and they can help you from there.

Vanessa Matthews

I just applied for am net first platinum and would like to cancel it. How do I do this

Help how do i cancel NetFirst Platinum card?

First Net also does not add shipping and handling to there card you have to use a separate credit card for that.


I applied thinking it was a real credit card, and when I received the card realizing that I have been misled into thinking it was a real credit card. I then cancelled the card and informed them that all there merchandise is nothing but junk and asked why don’t you have items like iPads and items of that nature and there response is we don’t do that. A word of advice to those who have a card cancel it like I did and at least get of your money refunded partially they pro rate on how many days you have had the card.