Murphy USA Credit Card: Worth It or Not?

gas pump payment terminalYou see them all the time in Walmart parking lots, but contrary to popular belief Murphy gas stations are NOT owned by Walmart. They just have a partnership with them for the Murphy USA brand. Elsewhere they have stand-alone stations called Murphy Express but you just don’t see them much.

So how can you save money on their gas? Well here are 3 strategies…

1. Murphy USA credit card

The nice thing about this card is that it’s a Visa, so you can use it at their stations as well as everywhere else. The bad thing about it is that the rewards program has become less valuable as oil prices have risen:

  • 4 cents off per gallon at Murphy locations
  • 1% cash back on purchases elsewhere

See the problem with this setup? If gas was $2/gallon then 4 cents would equal a 2% rebate. But when gas is $4.00, then 4 cents is the same as getting a 1% rebate. That’s hardly exciting, right?

For this reason the Murphy USA Visa just doesn’t make sense with today’s high gas prices.

They don’t take American Express, but their website says that you can use any Visa, MasterCard, or Discover to pay for fuel. So you would save more with the best gas cards that pay 2-5% (that’s percent, NOT cents!) because they give that regardless of where you fill-up.

2. Murphy gas card is a no-go, but try Walmart

Back in the day they used to give you a 3 cents per gallon discount if you paid using the Murphy gas card, which was a refillable prepaid gift card.

Unfortunately they have ended this. If you have one of these cards you can still use it, but you won’t be able to refill it once the balance runs out. Say goodbye to the 3 cent discount.

However the Walmart gas gift cards qualify – they still do give the 3 cents off per gallon at Murphy USA. Better than nothing, but going back to the math, saving 3 cents on $4 gas is less than 1%.

3. Murphy USA fleet card program (for businesses)

Do you own/operate a business that involves a lot of driving? If so, then their fleet card program might be right up your alley. But you will have to buy a LOT of gas in order to get the maximum rebate possible:

savings with Murphy gas card for fleets

So basically you’re looking at saving 1 to 4 cents per gallon at Murphy locations and 1 to 3 cents per gallon elsewhere. Obviously not a lot, but it still might be a good choice for big fleets. Why? Because small business cards like the Chase Ink typically have a cap on how much fuel spending qualifies for a higher rebate. So if you are buying an astronomical amount, in order to get some sort of a discount the Murphy gas card for fleets might be your only option.

Written or last updated for 2017

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I would like a Murphy’s gas card for personal use.

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