Milestone MasterCard Review: Legit or Not?

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Get an offer for the Milestone MasterCard (issued by Genesis)? Your credit probably isn’t great, and this card promises to help you fix that. Our review will help you decide if it’s the right choice.

The terms

The version of the card you get will depend on your credit. Curious? You can do an online soft-pull pre-qualification process on the card’s website. There are various fee structures.

Milestone MasterCard review — fees

  • $75 annual fee the first year + $99 thereafter
  • $50 account-opening fee + $25 first year + $99 thereafter
  • $59 annual fee
  • $25 account-opening fee + $50 first year + $99 thereafter
  • $75 account-opening fee + $0 first year + $99 thereafter
  • $35 annual fee

Some of these fees will be charged before you can use your card and will therefore reduce your initial credit limit.

As you can see, there’s a lot of variation. Some versions are competitive among bad-credit credit cards. Others have much higher fees.

Keep in mind that, if you ever want to cancel your card, you can avoid the renewal annual fee only if you cancel the account within 30 days from the billing statement that contains the annual renewal fee.

The APR for purchases, meanwhile, is 23.9 percent.

On the up-side, this card has a grace period

Many cards designed for those with bad credit have no grace period, meaning interest charges start building up the moment you make a purchase. The Milestone MasterCard has an interest-free grace period of 25 days after the close of each billing cycle.

MasterCard Gold benefits

MasterCard products have various tiers of benefits, the highest being “World Elite.” As a subprime product, the Milestone MasterCard does not have top-tier. But it does have some bare-minimum MasterCard Gold benefits, such as Global Service (for replacement of lost and stolen cards and emergency replacement cards) and zero liability, which means you won’t be held responsible for fraudulent purchases. These are the kind of protections you should expect from any credit card.

Milestone credit card — worth it or not?

Base your decision on these factors
The offer you get Obviously the smaller the annual fee you qualify for, the more enticing this offer is.
How bad is your credit? Even if you have horrendous credit, you can still probably qualify for secured credit cards with annual fees of less than $50. So there are other options out there.

Before deciding, review your options. There are plenty of cards designed for bad credit on the market, and one may be a better fit for you.

Why we gave it 1/5 stars

This card was rated based on our standards for bad-credit credit cards.

Simple, transparent fee structure: For some offers, the annual fee changes after the first year. Some offers charge account-opening fees.
Grace period: Unlike other cards designed for bad credit, this card gives a grace period (time to pay your bill without accruing interest).
Rewards: This card offers no rewards.
Credit-limit increases: This card has no official policy for increasing your credit limit for good behavior.
Progress-tracking benefits: This card offers no services that let you track your credit-building process.

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Trying to pay the bill on line and by phone is a joke. Have tried for 3 months and then given help and called customer service who were helpful-a little slow but helpful.

These guys are con-artists… they cold call with a BS scam saying they are calling YOU back… total ripoff… they should be closed down, but only after being beaten and tarred and feathered. Real colon roaches.

I have been harassed by Milestone Mastercard customer department for a card that I did not sign up for. I have not received any card nor did I apply for a card with this company. I have been getting harassing calls every day. I have stated several times to please remove my name from this card. Milestone please stop harassing me, I did not open an account with your company.

STAY AwAY get ANY OTHER CARD charging horrible outlandish fees AND won’t allow you to cancel payments or delete bank account information. This company is a true SCAM. GET Capital One or Credit One.

I received this card and when I went to activate it I was told my social security number was wrong. How is that? They ran my credit and know it shows on my credit report as a new account but the number is wrong, that makes no sense. I am told I have a $75 balance but never activated the card. Obviously whoever ran it used the proper number but when issuing the card put in the wrong one, not my fault. So now it’s either fax them a copy of my ss card and keep the account or just pay the $75 and close it and take it as an expensive lesson. Customer service is no help since I can’t understand them due to a heavy accent of someone from a foreign country

If you find an answer to this please let me know. I did not open up an account at all but they are trying to bill me for something I don’t have.

I’ve had the Milestone Mastercard for 7 years now. My limit was initially set to $300 but when I paid off my debt it was increased. My credit limit was capped at $750 which was fine at the time but now that I can pay much more it can not be increased. They have not tole me when I’ll be able to increase it and it is no longer reporting to the credit bureau. Pros= you get to work towards getting credit again and get a credit line once you finish paying it. Cons= you can get limited increases and it doesn’t report to the credit bureau.

Get Credit Karma It’s GREAT They make sure the cards R reporting to ALL Credit bureaus

This is a real deal card – somewhat. depending on credit, the annual fee is 59 to 99 a year. Pretty close to usuary limits . I had mine for 6 months and cancelled it today. Not sure if it helped me “build my credit” but I have 19,000 in limits now. It MAY be a good thing that it reports, but the fees are outrageous for a $300 card. The biggest kicker for me is that I didn’t know / read that your CL will be $300 in perpetuity. My mistake for not reading the fine print. There ARE better options out there.

Eleanor Ferguson

The worst do not get this credit card the manager Star is not professional at all I paid off my second credit card with milestone this week thank God The manager way of talking to customers is not professional im considering blowing this up on social media she refused to apologize you cant reach their corporate office but I say don’t waste your time

I applied for a visa milestone card as advertized which says starting over rebuilding credit low scores bad credit okay and after 5 times applying ans still no response and actually they conveniently have no emailaddress they say well your score was too low to get a card..a nd they never sent that either? scam??

Ok folks… to clear up a lot of confusion on here… There are TWO milestone credit cards… some are to clean up a old debt. The other is Milestone Gold. It’s a subprime card and it’s not attached to any debt and from what I understand reports from day one. It comes with a first year annual fee of 75 then bumps up 99 2nd year. I applied directly on there site after googling sub prime cards. I already have a secured visa through my credit union and capitol one. I was instantly approved online and got an email confirmation. There is no monthly maintenance fee with the Milestone Gold. Only the annual fee. If you agreed to the debt repayment card version they are not going to report a thing until the prior debt is cleared and they have time to report that. With that said… I’m surprised at some of the comments about people complaining about having to fax in documents proving your identity. You must be a gypsy… they look at legally known addresses for exAmple… if you already have a credit card as I did… it’s easy for them to match your identity to your address etc. For example… if you have your cell phone bill going to mom’s house… banking info at your cousins… just moved and did not update that stuff etc… they are going to require proof on who’s actually applying if it don’t line up in this digital world. Secondly… I READ the terms and conditions etc… I know what the annual fee is. Surprisingly surprised at how many of you were shocked at the annual fee. All of us on here have poppy credit and some of you won’t pay the bill… hence the need for a high annual fee so they can recoup on some expected defaults. Thirdly… yes they are douche bags for putting a 14 day hold on high payments… they do that to discourage paying the balance in full so they can charge us interest. Simple solution is beat them at there game… send in multiple payments of smaller amounts well before the bill is do to avoid the hold.

I rec’d a Milestone (Millstone) Gold Card a few months ago. Currently, I’ve a $35 balance. I wonder what that represents? On the website, my credit limit is $300 with $300 available.

When last I contacted their customer service folks, I was told that there could be a waiting period of up to 14 days before I could use the card. This would take me to June 30 and after that I would be cool to use the card.

Low and behold, it was declined today, July 3rd.

I’m wondering what next I will be told by their off-shore customer service department?

I’m curious about this whole First Premier thing. I filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy that was discharged in December of 2013. First Premier was listed as one of my creditors. If they are using this as a method to collect on that debt, it’s a violation of the bankruptcy code.

When I check my credit, their account is listed as closed.

In the past 30 days, I’ve purchased a 2015 VW financed through VW and I also took out a personal loan from my credit union. Two of the three credit agencies report me as a fair risk while Transunion, for some reason bumped me up from very poor to poor.

I’m now wondering if there is any reason to keep this card? I would say for the sake of convenience. But, I can never use the damn thing!

I’m very frustrated.

So I applied for the credit card and got approved for the 300$ limit. I went online and registered when I got the card.
It’s now saying I have to pay 75$ When I haven’t even activated or used the card. Should I not deal with the card or should I call to cancel?

OMG!!! I applied for this card from credit karma and they wanted me to fax my id to them and I was approved, I haven’t received my card yet but by reading these ugly horrible reviews it sounds like I applied myself to be in hell 🙁 Just a few wks ago I applied for total visa and I got a $300 limit and there reporting already, I have fingerhut, casa leaders furniture credit, Wells Fargo secured card and just got Capitol one secured card that’s coming in this week. And I have I a car loan for $20k if this is a hell card I don’t need it I’m scared now. I’m calling them tomorrow and I have a lot of questions for them and if all this is true then I’m canceling it even if I gotta pay a fee it’s better to pay than being in hell. Good luck to all and god bless

Received this card in mail….did not request this card….did not activate. Suddenly I am being billed by them for $75. Called them to tell them I had not activated, I had not requested. She says she will close my account!!! I believe there is some negative dings on credit for closing credit cards!!! Just great! Clearly shady operation. Stay away from, this one.

I recently closed this card…YAY! I got the card when I worked for a 3rd party outsourcer that did collections for the this company. My recommendation is that before you get this card call your bank and see if your can get a secured card. Or Capitol one….

Beware of the Milestone credit card! Please continue reading if you are considering applying, or already have. Seriously, if I could go back in time I would NEVER have applied with Milestone. HIGHLY UNETHICAL PRACTICES!

First of all, regardless whether or not you intend to activate the card you will be hit with a mandatory $59 “annual membership” charge which is non-negotiable; apparently this is snuck into the fine print when you agree to their terms & conditions just before submitting your application.

After receiving the card in the mail I reviewed the terms and decided there was NO WAY I wanted this card. The rate was sky high and the credit limit was garbage ($350); not to mention their “annual membership” fee immediately gobbled up over 15% of my available credit. No thank you. I chopped the card and tossed it. But it didn’t end there, oh no, the party just begun…

I then received an alert via Credit Karma that a new account has been opened, sure enough Milestone. This is common when applying for new credit so it didn’t exactly surprise me as it generally is removed if the card is never activated. Well things changed today (April 8, 2015) when I received an email from Milestone that my credit card minimum payment was due on April 13th. I called them immediately.

I think we can all agree that calling them is a royal pain. I didn’t have my account number but luckily the last 4 digits were included in their email so I was able to get through. This is when I was notified that all card members, regardless of whether you activate the card or not, are imposed a $59 charge. So in essence your paying a $59 application fee. Personally, I find this to be highly unethical and will be reporting them to the CFPB, FCC, and any other regulator I can get my hands on.

Milestone’s first approach was to try and get me to close my account, DON’T DO THIS. Once the account is closed it doesn’t mean your balance is eliminated. If you were to close your account you’d still be liable for that $59 balance, and if you didn’t pay it, well, get ready for your credit score to take a hit. The unpaid balance could result in a collection if not satisfied so I clearly stated that I was NOT authorizing permission to close the account until they waived their bogus membership fee. They put me on hold and told me they’d lower the fee to $29 and then asked if I’d like to close the account. They seemed as if they were trying to steer me into closing it, right? Well, I told them until I see my balance reflects $29 I’m not doing a thing. I continued to push for them to waive the entire charge, but there was response was “since the account is still active we cannot waive the entire charge. Once you close the account you can call back and see if there are any options.” Maybe I’m wrong, but I interpret that as there will be no options and I’ll be stuck paying $29; however, there’s even a bigger problem…

My due date is April 13th (Monday), and they stated the changes would be updated on April 10th (Friday). Now if my account is not updated they’re pretty much cornering me to make that $59 payment otherwise I risk incurring a late fee. So the harsh truth is that one way or another I will have to pay them a fee for something I shouldn’t have. Their black hat tactics are a REAL PROBLEM and I am EXTREMELY disappointed with their operation as they lack ethics. I’m personally in the banking & lending industry so I’m very familiar with these laws as I must abide by them on a daily basis.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a credit card steer clear of Milestone. You’d be better off getting a secured credit card from a reputable lending institution (such as Capital One or Wells Fargo).

I’ll be sure to update my experience once things unfold on Friday.

Oh my. I just apply today for this Milestone credit card. Now what I should do to closed it. The card will arrive 7 to 14 days.So what is my next step to close this card when it arrives.

This is not true Paul, if you never use the card, you can not be held liable for the 59 dollars, it would violate the new credit act set in place a few years ago, because of companies like first premier, continental finance.Please if you have paid the 59 dollars you will have a suit and possible class act.I work in repairing credit and work with a few lawyers in this area as well.

Paul, thanks for saving me some headaches of dealing with this company. They seem to have very shady business practices. I’m glad I did my research on this one before giving it a try. I guess I will have to pull out the magnifying glass and read the fine print with these companies.

So, there’s no way I could waive this $59 fee I was charged? I have been trying to go online every since I created an online account but can’t get on. I get this error to enter info for either forgetting my userid/password. Info received in my email states my renewal for userid/password has expired. I continued to call back and constantly asked to pay by phone but I refused because it just doesn’t seem right to me. I stated I would like to see it online but I’m told I owe $59 by Nov. 16 and they would take my payment. A few times they hung up on me. What do you suggest I do?

Bank Compliance Officer

I would suggest to everyone on this site who has complained to report your concerns to three sources:, and your state attorney general. Credit reporting is not optional it is required. Excessive fees on credit cards are restricted. Let these regulators handled this bank.

HORRIBLE COMPANY….Run the other way. I applied and immediately called the company to cancel. After waiting forever, and no help from customer service, finally got a ” supervisor” who assured me the account was canceled. 3 weeks later I got a card in the mail with a 300 limit and a fee! WTF. Call them back,,,,wait forever,,,they have the MOST RUDE UNTRAINED customer support!!!! They agree to “wave” the fee…FEE for card I was assured was canceled within minutes of hitting send! NOT…looking for them in better bussiness bureu to file a complaint…

over the years, premier consistently tried to get my business and i decided to try it. now, i understand the yearly annual fee is $75 because you don’t get something for nothing, especially, when you are trying to establish/rebuild your credit, and you automatically qualify for $300 which leaves a balance of $225, but after i was approved an additive of $95 popped up after the fact–and mind you it was not in the disclosure before you complete the application then this shows up. i was curious and i wanted to see where and why i was being charged this so i click on something how i wanted to pay for the processing fee, thereafter, a different disclosure with the purpose of this charge showed relevance. after i calmed down, i called the 800# and told the operator i wanted to cancel my card- she was rude, had an attitude, and act like she was doing me a favor like she was the card issuer, yet i was cool and polite and she hung the phone up. i called back again and no one would answer the phone–wth!! a wk in half later the card came in the mail and i nearly had an heart attack. wks went by and i was contemplating on paying the additional fees which i could not use the card until i pay the $95 processing fee, but a couple of my friends told me don’t do it that alot of times this quick scheme cards hurt your credit than help due to the high interest rates; however, everything would have been alright X the processing fee. 3 days a ago, i called them and talked to a nice customer service rep told her my plight and when i told her i want to cancel it her whole attitude change–and i could of swear it was the same one i talked to and then hung the phone up on me–she tried to convince me and jumped through hoops, you know yada-yada and i still told her i wanted it cancel and furthermore asked if this will hurt my credit. she said something of they will not acquire– i don’t know, but she wanted me off the phone and told me that she canceled it and for me to cut the card which i did already:) i have not been so happy since i did that. paying cash thank you

Cancelled Immediately

I was approved online for $300 and received my card in the mail today. In order to gain access to your account and find out what your yearly fee is, you have to call and activate the card. After activating, I went online and registered the account. Once registered, I pulled up my Account Summary and found that my fee was $75. $75 for a $300 credit line?? Yeah, right. I called customer service and after going through the security questions, the first thing she told me was that there was a $75 balance on the account. I informed her that I was not happy with the mediocre credit line for a 25% fee and immediately cancelled the card. She asked me if I knew when I applied that there would be a fee and I told her that when I applied there were 3 fee options and the one I received was right in the middle. If I had been given the card with the smaller fee, I would have kept the card. At this point, she didn’t even offer me a compromise. I was actually kind of surprised that they wouldn’t make a one-time adjustment in order to gain some business. She placed me on a brief “muted hold” and then said, “OK – you can just cut the card up and not use it. You will receive a letter in the mail confirming that you chose to close the account. And, please be advised that you will never be able to apply for this card again.” HA! After reading about other people’s experiences with this company, I’m 100% certain I made the right choice. Steer clear – stick to Capital One or Credit One to reestablish your credit. No one should have to pay $75 for a $300 credit line. In the long run, without credit line increases, this card will only hinder your progress.

This card will be great for anyone who doesn’t need to use it. Confused, yeah me too. I have never had a credit card that puts a hold on your account after making a payment? According to CS and disclosure agreement, the hold can be 14 days. They claim mine is 5 days, which have passed but my available credit hasn’t changed. CS could use some re-training. First rep started reading my transactions which had already posted, didn’t look at my balance which had changed because of my payment and did not look at the credit amount under minimum payment due? Asked for a supervisor was transferred to student loans(thats scary)next rep took awhile but she agreed to what I saw then I asked about the hold and she said its 5 days for me. She seemed knowledgeable and was very nice.

I will not be making anymore large payments, except when I pay this off real soon. I also will be closing this card prior to a year because of the $99.00 annual fee. Too many red flags and too Shady. I suggest you read the disclosure over very carefully. I’m sure I missed something like if you get close to your credit limit the card will self destruct.

I just received a letter from Milestone that I am ‘seriously’ overdue by $60.00. I DO NOT have a Milestone card. I DID NOT apply for a Milestone card and I am PISSED that they are trying to dun me for for a card that I do not have nor do I want. Does any one know how to get in touch with them – other than snail mail? I’m looking of a real telephone number or web site. Thanks.

Milestone MasterCard® Contact Information
Customer Service Hours Of Operation
Daily 6:00am – 6:00pm (Pacific Time Zone)

Correspondence Address
Bankcard Services
PO Box 4477
Beaverton, OR. 97076-4477

Phone Numbers
Customer Service 1-866-453-2636
Lost/Stolen 1-888-260-4532
Activation 1-866-453-2066
FAX 1-503-268-4711

I got this card, long story short…I paid my debt back to first premier bank…but as I was making on time payments I noticed that they were not reporting my credit status to the TU, EQ, EX — so I dropped them immediately…I feel like all they wanted was the money.

I got this card about a year ago.. I had bad debt with first premier bank. I was told that once I paid the original balance in full I could call and request the full payment history be reported to the credit bureau. I just paid it off today and called and asked for it to be reported. After reading a disclosure they told me that it would be reported however it could take 30 to 90 days. I feel like the fees are a little high. I currently only use it to pay for freecreditscore and I don’t see myself using it for anything else. But as long as it does in fact report like they said they would now that I paid off the original balance. I might hold on to it for a bit.

My wife got this card offer as pre-approved last year. Granted, we only got a $300 credit line, but I have confirmed it is reporting to all 3 bureaus. We paid it off and use it only for emergencies. Over the last year, we have been able to obtain 2 capital one cards with a combined $2500 credit line. Our credit score went from 525 to 598.
We will continue to play shuffle game with rep-approved offers for poor to bad credit. Use the card, pay it off and cancel the account during the 2nd year.

I saw this card advertised on CreditKarma, and decided to apply. This is the gold card, not one of their balance tranfer old debt cards I got approved for a $300 credit limit, minus a $75 fee.

The first month I paid the $75 fee in full, and didn’t use the card, making my available credit $300, The second month I racked up about $238 in charges, and paid in full again.

I went online a few days after I sent my payment (to see if it had posted), and I was locked out of my account.

I called customer service and asked why I couldnt’t get into my account. Apparently they put 14 day holds on large payments, and during that hold you can’t use your card (even though the balance is paid in full) or access your account online.

When I asked them to explain what amount wa condisered a large payment, the customer service rep would not tell me.

Eventually the 14 day hold cleared and I regained access to my online account, but it was still an unnecessary hassle.

I’m only using this card to build credit. I’m keeping this card for a year, until the next annual fee starts hitting the account, then cancelling it. For now, I’ll use it for my Netflix subscribtion, and that’s it.

You will not build any credit with this card. I thought so too, however they DO NOT REPORT TO ANY CREDIT AGENCIES. Do some research.

I have this card and they do report to the credit agencies.

They do not share to credit bureaus. I had this card for several years and I am almost done paying it down. Once I am done, it will be cancelled and the card will be shredded. They don’t even give out credit increases, not worth it if you can’t build credit.

They do report but there is a catch.. You must first pay off the original balance in FULL.. After the balance is paid off you have to call them and request that they start reporting.. That that time they read you a disclosure and the account is reported from day one… Just paid mine off today and have been searching to see if they ever up limits or if I should just cancel when the yearly fees come up.

You have to let them know that you want them to report it to all 3 credit bureaus. They will.

A word to Goofy and others who have stated that this card does not build your credit because they fail to report to the credit reporting agencies…not so. This is mandated by the fair credit act and it has been my experience that they do report. Like many reviewers here, I had a poor credit rating due to the great crash of ’08 having lost a business resulting in a bankruptcy. So in 2015 I decided I would start rebuilding my credit so as to prepare for future financing needs. Going to CreditKarma I found my score to be in the mid 500’s..poor. After a week I CreditKarma suggested to applying for the Milestone Gold card, which I did. I was approved for $300 (no big deal) and shortly thereafter received my new card. Yes, the $75.00 annual fee was included but if the card was going to help increase my credit score I considered it a small price to pay. I then went out and charged up an additional $175.00. The following week I went back to CreditKarma and found that Milestone had already reported to both Equifax and TransUnion and as such my credit score had moved upward to the high 500’s. At this time CreditKarma was suggesting that I apply for another card, the Barclaycard which I did. I was approved immediately for a $750.00 credit limit. Now another week went by and I paid my full balance on the Milestone card and proceeded to wait for the 14 day hold to clear (ridiculous at best). Going back to CreditKarma that week, now two weeks since receiving the Milestone card, they had an offer for the Capital One QuickSilver card. I applied and was immediately approved for the card with a $2000.00 credit limit. The following week, now three weeks since receiving the Milestone card, my credit score had moved upward to the low 600’s. I waited another week, now one month out since I started the process and again at CreditKarma I found that my credit score had moved up into the HIGH 600’s the highest being 682. So I decided to apply for another offer on CreditKarma, the Capital One Venture card which currently is being highly advertised on TV. I was immediately approved for the card which came with a $5000.00 credit limit. So while the Milestone card is a ridiculous card with little value as a credit card, for me it has proven to be a great first step to taking my credit score from a 550 to a 682 in just a few weeks. No doubt over the weeks and months to come as the new cards begin reporting, my score will increase yet again. Now with 4 cards and a combined credit of $8050.00 I am well on the way to having an excellent credit rating. The trick is to use credit cards the way they should be used, as short term (30 days) loans staying within what you can pay or rotate (complicated these days but still possible) keeping your carried balance at 0 – 10% of your overall available credit (anything more has a negative impact on your score). So, while the Milestone card is one full of tricks there are some treats if you are diligent. Good Luck to all in your efforts to rebuild/improve your credit profile.

Johnny Card Holder

Yes i understood everything they told me in regards to how the card worked..
My biggest issue is i have carried this card for over 5 yrs!!!! and was told that this card would be reported to the 3 credit bureau This card has not been !!!! I recently went to buy a house after yrs of trying to repair credit, when the report was ran, this card was not on the report. After calling them I found out that they do not report this to the credit bureau, and i was told it was thir “intention” but they couldnt under recent laws.. No letter informing me of this, no phone call, Nothing!! so i have paid on a card and been in good standings for 5 yrs to get NOTHING!!!! DO NOT GET THIS CARD!!!
I am seeking legal advice on the legality of this. please feel free to contact me if you have had similar experience!!!! johnny.holly1 at yahoo

after 5 years what was your credit limit? what did you start at? i just cheked my card and i got it in Jan and they have reported to Experian i know…let me know

I used this card for a while myself do not see it on my report, however I made a late payment few months ago one of bureaus report late payment no name. I have no other debt or payments. don’t understand

They do report it, but you have to tell them. Or else they won’t. I received mine few months ago and they are reporting it.

Very weird to see these experiences with this card…I have this card…$29 yearly fee…reports to all three like clockwork every month…


I got mine in Dec. 2013, for $300, minus the annual fee. Used it some, and paid $200 in Jan. and $200 in Feb.(actually Jan. 31st), even though minimum due was only $35 each time. Well, now this month(Feb.)they put the 14-day hold on my account, even though I have paid early both times and nearly 10 times the minimum due. The clincher is, that during this 14-day hold, I cannot use the card-even though the money cleared the card and my bank weeks ago, AND they blocked my online access-which is INSANE and makes no sense/no real reason for it! It was suppose to be unblocked the 14th, it’s now the 17th, and is still blocked. You have to ask yourself one thing: if you have always paid WAY more than the min. due, and always on time, WHY WOULD THEY BLOCK YOUR ONLINE ACCESS AND USE OF ANY FUNDS AVAILABLE ON THE CARD? SCAM/SHAM COMPANY, THAT’S WHY! So, now I am nearly 3 weeks out, after payment and cant use my card or access my account online. This is the “real” card, not the “old debt” card, as some have mentioned in other posts. Apparently there are/were 2 types of accounts. But, mine is definitely the regular credit card, because I applied for it. I only owe about $78 on it, and in about 10 days, I am paying it off, and cancelling the card/account, and would advise the rest of you to do the same!

I think the reason for the 14 day hold from what I understand is to prevent people from making large payments that possibly could not clear or where they can say the payment wasn’t authorized by the cardholder and then continue to rack up additional charges on the card. Normally, you would only have access to the remaining amount of credit on the card minus the payment even though the payment has cleared your bank account.

I think this is a great card. I had an outstanding debt with First Premier. In return for me agreeing to pay back my debt, they would open up a low limit credit card (credit line of $50 after my first payment). I’ve always had a very pleasant experiencing dealing with them. Had to call a couple of times with different questions and I was always treated well and got my questions answered promptly. I’ve had it for a while now and get $25 credit limit increases every month. Killed two birds with one stone..paid off my old debt and got another way to help me rebuild my credit. To those considering using Milestone, just make sure you understand the process of how it works first. If you have any questions, just call customer care to get them addressed. =)


DO NOT GET THIS CARD!! I have only had this card a few months and it is BY FAR the worst card i have. They are the highest interest rate, they have the worst customer service, and their website is completely user UNFRIENDLY!! When i set up my bank act info to make payments, the act number was entered in wrong by 1 digit. When i noticed that the payments weren’t coming out, I went on the website to see what was wrong but it won’t let you check your bank info once you make a payment. It tells you “you are not allowed to change this information because a payment has already been successfully processed”. What do you mean i’m not allowed to change it?? It’s my card and my act. So then you have to call them a couple times because they like to pick up and hang up on you. To top everything off I’ve now made 3 payments since the first two returned due to the act being entered in wrong and i still cannot use my card because they put a block on it and refuse to remove it. DO NOT GET THIS CARD!!!!!!

I totally agree with you. I have had this card for many years and I did pay off a debt. The payment is very high and was not lowered once I paid off the debt. The credit limit is very low for this type of payment. I recently paid my account and then I get a call saying I did not pay. Come to find out the account I was paying from was blocked by them and I did not know this, I was treated rudely. I have always paid my bill on time and usually over the required payment. I am closing it out today. I also do not recommend getting this card even if you do have bad credit. There are other alternatives.

Worst Experience

I applied for this card 2 months ago and have yet to receive it. On the application it does not give the option to put in a mailing address, which mines is different from my physical address for I use a PO BOX. I called to inform them of this and I was told that I would have to wait until the account was created to change the address. I later called in to change the address and was assurred by the rep I spoke with that the address was updated and I would receive my card at the updated address that I provided. 2 weeks had past and still no card. I called back to find out that my address was not updated and that there had been notes placed in the system that the rep was unable to update my address and received an error which was not communicated to be on the phone. Needless to say I had to request for another address change. 4 weeks later and I have yet to receive the card, however, they had the correct address on file to send me a bill in the mail a month ago, and also informed me that I had a late fee for a card that had been used, received, or activated. I closed my account and was informed that they are not sure how this will effect my credit. This was the worst experience and customer service ever, and I wouldnt refer anyone to use this company. Get a secured credit card with a more creditable company. I will be disputing this off of my credit as well.

Me and my wife both had these cards from older debts less then a year and we payed them off. I thought this was a creative way of dealing with a older debt. We were never hassled by the company and the debt is gone. I do believe that they report for the year and the amounts listed are for low debts with an attempt to collect within one year.

Okay guys;

So I applied for the card online, with no prescreened mail offer (actually was advertised on CreditKarma). I did have to fax in my IDs and utility bill. After calling in a few times (took a week due to the holidays for it to go through), I learned that it was because the automated system flagged the app because something didn’t *specifically* match. Probably a missing period, or a PKWY instead of a PY or APT instead of UNIT; who knows. Arbitrary reasons.

Anyway, got approved today (it’s a subprime card, so I figured I’d be fine as my credit’s OK), and then came here. MAN this review scared me. After all this gardening, I was suddenly going to have this old library bill show up again on my report … afresh? What?!

Yeah, so I called them. I was going to cancel it, actually, if there was any truth to it. It turns out that the Milestone Gold Credit Card is an *entirely* different program from the Milestone Balance Transfer Card, which is what this review is all about. They’re two different things. The other program did exist, but was discontinued; this is just a normal card like any other subprime card.

I did pull in managers, supervisors, etc, until I found the info on this.

For now, I don’t know my limit or anything just yet, and I haven’t used it. So I can’t speak on the card aspect, but I can say it looks like the two programs are being confused here. Just FYI.

There is definitely confusion between the two types of accounts with similar names. The Milestone MasterCard application is available at any time on their website.


I just received a bill via email from Milestone, which I found to be very suspect. I never applied for a card, nor do I intend to pay off an aged out debt. My first instinct is to ignore this email. After reading comments I think I should maybe report this email to someone as fraud. Any advice from anyone here?


as mentioned in other reports you will get a bill even before you activate the card, what a scam. their yearly fee is a joke. I filled out my payment info. on line a made a mistake on my bank number and made a EARLY PAYMENT

Got my card last week, have not even activated it yet and today I got a bill for $59.00,( the yearly fee). Nothing was ever mentioned about paying off any old credit card debits, I don’t have any outstanding credit card debits. So, I’m a little confused on what you all are talking about, past debit wise.

Mines was the same way. Then when i called my card to see my amount, they told me it was on hold. I really got so confused and went to credit fraud to put them in system for just in case!!!

Mines was the same way…I just applied online to see if I could get it…Approved..So far no issues..Already made an payment…trying to rebuild my credit…no problems, nothing about no old debt…

I recently applied for a card in October, I never received the card and still haven’t. I did however get a phone call telling me I had missed two payments (the fee to have the card) and was also being charged a $25 late fee. Not only did I not receive a card, I did not even get a statement. They did remove the late fees, but it still really irritated me. The address was not bad and they will be sending a new card. This is absolutely ridiculous and I don’t recommend getting the card.

Paying off old debt can be detrimental to your credit score. Say you have a 4 year old collection – it becomes aged and therefore impacts your score less. Paying it off does not remove it from collection status-It simply updates the old collection as paid and makes it new again which will have negative implications to your score. The best way to build your credit is allowing aged collections to continue to age and building positive credit but not with this card. Capital one has a secured card that is a great card that comes with a credit tool which allows you monthly access to your experian credit score. It is amazing to watch your score grow! The yearly fee is $39 so its atleast palatable.

Is this card legit? i checked to see if i was pre approved on the website….it said I was. So i applied. Now its saying I have to send a copy of my utility bill and social security within 30 days or i will be declined? Sounds like bs to me?

I can not even get a hold of anyone at Milestone.. What is this? I call to activate and get hung up on as soon as I hit the pound key, I have tried two different phones too. Someone help!

Ok, so i just applied for this card because i would like to be able to have something in case of an emergency. I have terrible credit so i was skeptical. I applied on the web site and i was approved for a $300 credit limit. I keep reading things about paying off old debt, but i am very confused about how this is going to work. If someone could please give me the run down, it would be greatly appreciated.

What you applied for is a regular credit card. They report to all 3 credit agents. Folks this is not rocket science lol..gee if its that hard to figure out then you dont need a credit card. lol

I’M typed in Google Search Applied Bank and Milestone MC showed up have poor credit was looking for a sml cl card just for a gas station card. I applied on line and was approved. Looked like a site from Cap 1. I do have some outstanding debt. I am paying as many as I can. After approval of the card it was a bit disappointing to be given the high fees. But I thought I actually read the Terms&Agreements, and I did not read or sign anything saying I was paying off a debt. How do I know which one. Since I AM TRYING to pay off debts, don’t want to pay off one twice. What a scam. You THINK I would of been more responsible. jenna

I did the same thing I applied online and was approve for the $300 card limit. I received my card 2 weeks ago I activated it and I used it already just like a regular credit card. I did not have to pay back any debt to use this card. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have any old debt or any other credit card debt. On your first statement will be a $75 balance for the yearly fee, you can still use the remaining $225 credit on acct. I have no complaints to this card. The reps were nice when I called and activated the card.

How long did it take for your card to come in the mail?

i had the same experience as Brittany, I received my card. i sent no money ahead of time. I have used it and already made a payment. I use it like a gas card. to rebuild my credit. I have spoken to their customer service people. Who were very nice.

I agree with you. Customer Service is very friendly have no problems. I’m using my card, don’t have an old debt. No problem here.

I went on this web-site applied for this credit card and was approved for the card was given a 300.00 limit as well and had to pay for a 75.00 yearly fee and my amount was 225.00, so the statement will be on the 15th of the month i just used it no problems so far trying to get my credit back to where it use to be and I NEVER had to pay off some old debt DON’T KNOW WHAT SOME OF THESE PEOPLE are talking about i just stumble on this web-site never heard of this company before and i did talk a customer service rep and they were very nice and explain every thing to me SO far SO good.

I agree I hot the 300 dollar credit limit and they just charged me 75 for annual fee never had to pay back debt. If you got to pay off fees your credit must be real fucked up

I applied for this card and their site said i was approved but it didn’t show my credit limit. How can I find out what it is?

UR starting credit limit will be $300

I applied and I was approve and they showed me the credit limit and I had printed it out for my record.

Ok so how is this legal if your paying off an old debt and it was never told to you beforehand???? That to me seems illegal!

I think this Milestone card is so misleading, I’m with you don’t understand how it’s legal.

Now you can apply for the card at It’s designed for people with less than perfect credit. The fee’s are just like creditonebank. Milestone charges $75 annual fee the first year then second year it jumps up to $99 a year plus 23% interest rate..unlike creditone bank. milestone card has a 25 day grace period to repay to avoid interest.oh and The Milestone Gold MasterCard is issued by Mid America Bank & Trust Company through a partnership with Genesis Bankcard Services, Inc. Mid America Bank & Trust Company is a well-established, FDIC-insured Missouri bank founded in 1920 in Dixon, Missouri. personally i wouldnt go with a credit card that charges that much for annual fee. go with capital one.


This card is kinda pointless to have. I’ve had this card for more than five years and the card offers no real advantages, even a request for a increase is not given.

Hey..i got the card and paid my 38.00 availble credit is 50.00..can i use it for gas or get smething to est at mcds….cause..when i activated the card..if it is useable whats my pin number or does it have confused.

You have to call the 800 number and request a pin. The pin numbers are computer generated. They actually charge you $5.00 for the pin request but it is added to your bill. Once you receive the pin (within 7 to 10 days) you can now use your milestone mastercard to withdraw cash at an atm or in a bank for cash advances. The reason I know all of this is because I just received my Milestone Mastercard. It gives me the opportunity to pay off my $412.66 debt for the first credit card as well as I now have a new credit card with a $50.00 credit limit. I chose to make the lowest monthly payment of $35.00. As long as I make the minimum monthly payment of $35.00 on time, I will receive a credit line increase every three months in the amount of $25.00. Of course, so you know, the minimum monthly payment goes towards payment of your old debt. However, if you use the Milestone Card, that amount will be additional to the minimum payment so don’t forget that. In my opinion, I think it is actually great that for starters, they offer you a chance to pay off your old debt, and second, you receive another credit card to give you a chance to re-establish your credit. Most credit card companies just charge off the unpaid balance and that goes on your credit report as a charge off which is not good at all. At least with this, you get the opportunity to make good on your mistake and pay your past debt in full and re-establish your credit. So, in turn, as long as you pay your minimum payment, they will in turn mark your prior bad debt as PAID IN FULL and you are now in the right direction by using the new card to re-establish your credit. It is rare (and usually NEVER happens) that a credit card company will even give you the opportunity to do all this once they charge off your past due account. Just my opinion of course. Dawn

I’ms, so confused when I was approved for the $300 dollars, then they added fees. Told me my available CL would be $2oo. Never mentioned that I was paying off a old Debt. Charged me $25 for a card for my husband. Jenna

I have this card and have had it for two years now. Original debt for First Premier was $457. I paid it off and Milestone gave me a credit limit of $150. I called and requested they report to all three credit agencies. Was told they can’t undo it if they start. I pay it off every month. The $4.99 monthly fee is annoying but, this card was a start to rebuilding my credit. Transunion and Exquifax are reporting the first Premier paid in full. Although Experian is reporting Derogatory. I had called Milestone to ask about it and was told they reported it as paid in full to First Premier. Haven’t had any luck wth First Premier updating my paid in full status.

I am having the same problem, so I wrote a letter to them demanding that they show it as paid in full. This was promised to me by several agents from Milestone and both times it was recorded on my end. So I don’t mind filing a claim with FCRA. Keep trying and let me know whats the outcome with your status and I will like you know about my status.

I’ve had this for about two years (just got my first renewal card). I’m mixed about it… On the one hand, I’ve got a tiny, tiny limit ($150!), and the $4.95 “Participation Fee” is annoying, but on the other hand, It’s a great little card to use as a gas or incidentals card that you know won’t get out of control. I haven’t checked on the interest rate lately, but it doesn’t matter since I pay it off every month. I’m gonna have to check into the whole credit-bureau-reporting thing, though.

Go online check your credit score the people that you owe money to hit
Dispute to the person that you the debt to you can do 3 a month and this will
Raise you credit score.

I also received this offer and made an initial payment of $100 towards a $475 old credit card bill. My payment posted right away while my credit line still remained at $1.06 – don’t really mind not having the credit to spend but I do want to make sure that this is really clearing up an old debt, especially when the original debtor is still calling. Granted I just accepted this offer 2 weeks ago but between wondering if it will really settle an old debt and if it will reflect on my credit report is making me want to shred it up and any information that came with it!

so I made my first payment and it has been deducted from the amount that I owe but doesn’t show as an available balance…. why is this?

You have to ask them to report to the credit bureaus. I just got off the phone with them. They said once you ask them to report, they can’t undo it.

I tried calling them 3X today and it rings . . . and rings . . . and rings . . . and rings.

Is there any updates on this card? Can’t find any other reviews

I think it depends on the debt maybe? I accepted this offer with 0% interest for the first year of purchases and 0% on my debt of $474.56. For me they have reported because it is on my credit file. You can use Credit Karma to check what accounts are being reported. Nothing will post for a few months if you just opened a milestone card but for me it posted on my credit report. I do have two other credit cards one with Capitol One and a Best Buy card and they do offer much better interest rates and I do not have an annual fee but if you have debt that is still within limitations, like mine, which is from the past few years, it’s not a bad deal. If you do not like the apr or fee’s you can transfer it to another credit card if you have that option. It’s not the best way to pay back your debt, but it’s also not the worse, and for me has helped with my credit, not by much, but shows in the long run with account history, payments and helped me get a car loan. So to each their own.

TJ- Michigan

I received this card 3 months ago, they promised to report these payments to 3 credit reporting agencies and that is why I agreed with this offer, if they don’t I’ll sue them!!! maybe even refer them to a collection agency and collect from them.

If you could afford to sue them you wouldn’t be accepting $300 credit limit offers. Idiot!

All the different opinions and experiences are so different. I have had this card a little over a year I had a $500 debt I paid $35 a month and they-slowly increased my credit limit from $50 to $175. I finally paid off the old debt called them and they were bale to report my revolving credit to the credit reporting agencies. It bumped up my score by 6 pts the first month. So I think as long as I use it and pay it off within the 30 days, my score will increase. Good luck to everyone rebuilding your credit is hard! But so worth it!

They do report to the 3 credit bureaus. You have to pay off your past due balance (the bad debt) first, then contact them to report on your revolving balance. I would advise paying the debt off and not using the credit card until the debt is paid off. Any debt accrued during repayment of bad debt with only add interest and more debt, slowing down your repayment process.

Checked my credit report and did not see account listed, further confirmed that because of some fdc issues this specific card has not reported to any of the 3 credit bureaus since December of 2011.

A follow-up to earlier post – Humble opinion, do not use this card to build your credit because it is not reported, use for emergency or miscellaneous items and make sure to pay your bill on time because you will be caught up in a collection process and these agencies will report your collection status to the credit bureau.

been with these guys since 08(and I signed with them before I realized they were going after a debt over 10 yrs) and they don’t report to the bureaus and not sure why. If I remember correctly they are suppose to by law report any changes. Well I want to get away from them since they have an annual fee which I have a feeling they are going to raise again(they did last year because the credit card companies were told they had to give 30 days notice before raising the fee). Also in their statement when they sent it if anyone complained about the fee or the apr raise they would cancel their cards which I think it against the law.

Trust me, its not what you think. I got the card for a $437 debt from my divorce. The day after I got the first statement they started calling me from the collections dept. I transferred it to another card and got away from this scam.

I also have one of these cards. After reading the interest rate for current usage I called them asking to lower the rate in which they said they are unable to change the rate. I refuse to pay 25%. Another credit card is just an application away. This one is headed for the shredder.

There is no interest if you pay your card off every month. These rates and fees are the price you pay for having bad/poor/fair credit. If your searching this type of card the chance of numerous application willing to give you 8% interest and no annual fee are far fetched.

I recommend this card if you are serious about cleaning up and rebuliding your credit. I got Milestone card back in 2009. 2010 I was able to finance a car. In 2011 I was able to finance my first home. Last year I traded in my car and finance a new Truck at 1.9%. Never been late on one payment and so far everything has worked out for me.

did you just pay off your debt before you used the card first or did you pay monthly and use the card as you would a normal credit card?
did they report to the credit bureaus the entire time you had the card?

tamera s. strong

I have the milestone credit card and it comes in handy for me. i use it as an emergency card it is helpful to me especially if i have overspent on groceries or something. you have to know how to treat it.

I got the milestone card have not paid anything because the credit card comany I had card with say they have never heard of them nor the powers that be

I have 2 of these cards. And now both my old credit cards are paid off now, wich is good for my credit. Now i just use the milestone card for my gas card each month.

Sandra Thompson

I just got this card and am wondering if I should use it?

I have a Milestone card and it was a good situation; however, they do not report to any of the 3 big credit agencies. I have talked to them about this and they stated that it has to do with some recent legislation. (They, did, say in the beginning of my paying off the debt that when I paid the old debt off they would then backdate the reporting which they said the legislation prevents them from doing.) Overall I was happy with them, but it is annoying that the payments take a really long time to post and they ask you for all your information every time you talk to them.

I have a milestone care to pay off a old premier card with a debt of $376. It was great for me and I like it. I have 0% interest fees and that’s great since I am a.single mother of five and my minimum payment is only $55.

I’ve had this card for a couple of years and they’ve never once reported to the credit bureaus. I just (2 days ago) pulled my credit and it’s still not reporting even after talking with a customer service rep.

You have to ask them to actively report to the credit bureaus. Once you give them the authority, they’ll report every month. Mine has been fine and shows my entire 1 yr history on all 3 credit bureaus.

I have one of these cards far so good. I have not used it as a CC instead I am just slowly paying off the $500 debt I uncured from an old card.. so It seems to be working.. I did try to use it once and it said it was invalid so I am not sure what was up with that..maybe it was a good thing I didn’t use it then I would’ve just added some more debt.

They also talk you into making a higher payment, stating your interest, account will be paid quicker, and they promise your payment will never increase. Well that is not true, payments are increased and you have no available credit for several months, when you have consistently paid these high payments 3-5 months in a row. Kind of a rip off.

My cousin has this card. He also has one of those credit monitoring services and he said they definitely report to all major bureaus. He said he couldn’t remember how long he has had the card, but it has been at least five years. He also stated that they reject all requests for credit increase and reject all requests for interest rate reductions. He further stated that on more than one occasion their customer service reps can be abrupt to the point of being rude.

They reported to the credit bureau until Jan 1, 2012 and then they stopped. I don’t understand how if it’s a “Credit Card” and they charge you interest that they can not and do not report to the credit bureau? They actually said it’s not concidered a credit card any longer, now its a check card? Huh?