Michigan Man Tries Buying Drugs With Credit Card?!

Nowadays, they take credit card for everything. In fact, if you’re like me, you probably get frustrated at those dry cleaners and shady convenience store that won’t accept plastic for payment. But one Michigan man allegedly got himself into hot water when he tried to purchase his crack cocaine using – believe it or not – a credit card!

What happened?
Although I don’t live in Michigan, I was born and raised there, so I try to stay on top of their news somewhat regularly. I was checking today, and low and behold I see a bulletin from the Associated Press about a man that allegedly told police he was robbed after he attempted to pay for his crack with a credit card. If that’s not bizarre enough, the story gets weirder…

According to the Flint Police, the suspect reported his 2003 Chevy Malibu was stolen last Thursday. That’s understandable why he would report that, right? Well, not quite… considering that the car was previously reported stolen in Lapeer, MI which is about fifty miles away. So allegedly, he reported this car as being stolen from him, when he had stolen it from someone else in the first place! The suspect also reportedly told police that he was simply trying to buy coke with his credit card when this gunpoint robbery occurred.

Geez Louise… now that story is a perfect example of how drugs will mess you up big time!

Story reported February 8, 2010

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Too bad they didn’t mention which card he was trying to use.


And yes, this story is a deterrent for drugs in itself!