Consumer Advisory: Metrostyle Credit Card

Boston Apparel Group (BAG) who was the parent company of Metrostyle, filed for bankruptcy back in 2011.

Sometime after the bankruptcy was filed, I wrote a blog post about another one of the company’s brands, Chadwicks. The responses to that post were alarming. For example, this person purportedly claimed to be an employee of the company:

purported employee complaint

And the complaint below is similar to what a number of other customers were claiming:

customer complaintBut the complaints weren’t just on CreditCardForum. According to this article on, in 2011 the Boston Apparel Group received more BBB complaints than any other company in the Boston region (which includes Eastern Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and Rhode Island).

Private equity firm Blackstreet Capital Management, thru its owned-entity Distinctive Apparel, are the ones who ended up buying Chadwicks and Metrostyle during the bankruptcy proceedings. They did this in late 2011.

In 2013 is Metrostyle trustworthy?

So that brings us to today. The new owners of Metrostyle are still running the business, but are they doing so ethically?

Despite it being nearly a year later, there are still customers who have reportedly not received their merchandise and refunds from orders placed leading up to the bankruptcy. You hear this from people regardless of whether they paid by check, money order, or the Metrostyle credit card.

As puts it:

“Some companies that reorganize under bankruptcy protection try to preserve relationships with consumers along the way. This one did not.”

If the new owners don’t appear to care about preserving customer relationships, then will they care much about people who apply for their store credit card?

The new Metrostyle credit card

Since the company has fully emerged from bankruptcy, it’s back to business as usual – you can continue buying stuff from them and even apply for their credit card. But is it worth it?

The pros:

  • Rewards program. You earn 5 metrostyle VIP Points per dollar spent. Since every 1,000 points = $10 gift certificate, it essentially means you’re earning a 5% rebate on spending.
  • No annual fee.

The cons:

  • High interest rate. 24.99% APR if you carry a balance.
  • Not a major card. You can only use this credit card for purchases from Metrostyle and Chadwicks.
  • Limited benefits. The perks (or more like, lacktherof) are pretty bare-boned.

But the biggest drawback of all is their trustworthiness. While it’s true that the new owners (Distinctive Apparel) are a totally separate operation from the prior owners, their track record so far of managing the business has been disappointing. If they’re not going to make things right with the customers who got burned leading up to the bankruptcy, is this really a company you can trust to treat you as a valued cardholder?

Written or last updated Jan 2013

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I had the same problem for a refund, but after almost 16 months i finally got my refund. I still buy clothing from them with no problem. Hopefully it stas like that.

I talked too the new folks and all they offered was a discount…so I wont be giving them my Business…they lost a lot of good customers…

my original card was lost in the house..went to place new order online..called telling them about my situation…they send me letter telling me that a fraud alert was placed almost 7 years ago on my credit report i was NEVER INFORMED OF THIS!!! i have telephoned them umteen times asking a new card be account number etc..still have not gotten an answer or ever received a new card!! these people are imbeciles!!!