Merrick Bank Credit Card Reviews

merrick bank credit cardMerrick Bank specializes in cards for bad credit, although they also issue some for fair credit.

According to the Merrick Bank website they have nearly a million cardmembers, but should you be one of them? Spoiler alert: you should probably take a pass.

Merrick Bank credit card — two types

Unsecured Merrick Bank Visa / MasterCardEntry-levell unsecured cards. By invitation only from Merrick Bank - so you must receive one of these invitations in the mail before applying.
Merrick Bank Secured Visa Secured credit card designed for those who can't qualify for a non-secured general use credit card. $36 fee for the first year and $3 per month after that. Credit line can be from $200 to $3,000 (equal to the amount of your security deposit).

Reviews: the good & the bad

It seems that cardholders either love their Merrick Bank card or they absolutely hate it. After reading dozens and dozens of reviews online a pattern can be recognized.

The good…

  • Relatively easy to get – Merrick Bank cards are in reach for those with bad credit. However, they’re not the only game in town.
  • The Secured Visa from Merrick Bank has a fairly reasonable annual/monthly fees – Other secured cards on the market charge annual fees of $75 or more.

The bad…

  • New annual fees for long-time customers – there have been multiple complaints about long term Merrick Bank customers suddenly being charged an annual fee for the first time with no warning or precedent.
  • Customer service – the comments on the customer service seem to be a mixed bag; there are a sizable number of complaints about bad customer service but on the other hand there are those who don’t feel it’s an issue.
  • Account closure for going over limit – on Consumer Affairs, one posters alleges that Merrick Bank closed his account after he went over the limit twice and there was no notification of closure in advance.

Verdict? does not advertise Merrick Bank or make their cards available on our website. In all fairness, many of the complaints may be unwarranted or at least comparable to other card issuers in the secured card category. Yes, some of the fees and APR are high but that is an industry-wide practice for cards designed for those with bad credit. Since credit limits tend to be low with these cards they don’t generate much interest income for the issuer so they have to charge fees in order to turn a profit. I’m not saying a Merrick Bank card is wonderful, but for what they offer you could do a lot worse (a bad credit credit card). Once you pay your dues with Merrick, you can move on to something better. Think of it as the Purgatory of credit cards rather than outright hell. At least you won’t have to suffer the eternal damnation of high interest rates, stiff annual fees and punitive APRs if you exhibit good behavior over time and can then graduate to a more mainstream credit card from one of the major issuers.


If you would like to review some potentially better alternatives that have more favorable terms than Merrick, go here to compare secured credit cards. Below are some of the best offers by credit type.

Updated: April 2017

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Bogus late fee for me also with Merrick credit card. I use my bank’s online bill pay service. My Merrick due date was 6/28. My bank mailed a check on 6/21 so it would arrive by 6/26 (when I had indicated I wanted it paid in online banking). Merrick claims they did not receive it until 7/2 ; almost a week after it should have been in their hands! My bank did a conference call with me & Merrick to find out why they delayed posting the payment. Merrick claims that “the mail has been horrendous; we did not receive it until 7/2.” Even though it was mailed by my bank on 6/21???? Is there pony express delivery where Merrick is located?

OMG! Do NOT think about applying for a Merrick Bank Credit card account!! Do NOT! I applied and decided I didn’t want the account. Received card in the mail and just shredded the whole envelope after reading all the horror stories. I never “activated” the card/account. They had the nerve to send me an email advising me I was past due on my payment AND reported it to the credit reporting agencies!!!! I NEVER activated the account!!! This is standard practice when you apply for a credit card. You have to activate the account in order to finalize and open the line of credit you were approved for. Apparently not with Merrick Bank! Customer Service had the nerve to tell me that I should have called and canceled the account. NO! You can’t charge an annual fee for an account that has not been formally activated upon receipt of the card! And you can’t prove I ever received the card in the first place! This is shady as F*ck! Why isn’t the federal government doing something about Merrick?! Seriously, DO NOT give them any of your information at all or you’re screwed! Unbelievable that they expect me to pay for an account that has not been activated.

You should have read the informational material provided when you accepted the offer. Better yet, if you had been more responsible with your credit history, you wouldn’t have had to deal with this type of credit card company in the first place. 🙂

you need to climb down off your high horse with these comments. you have Absolutely no idea why this person is dealing with this company. Life Happens (apparently to everyone but you). and if she/he did make bad decisions in the past, that still doesn’t give a company the right to exploit them. Companies used to have honor in America but now they don’t — I guess with voters like you they don’t feel they need to anymore.

Agreed! It seems when someone has a problem that could have been avoided, people automatically blame the lender. Why pay the day before the due date? I agree with Consuela, using any credit card wisely, you will flourish. Continue to make bad choices is why you didn’t have good credit to begin with.

Also, if you are REALLY trying to fix your credit – You do NOT take chances or just throw a CC in the trash and you know EXACTLY what is or what isn’t on your credit report EVERY month. Take responsibility for your actions, make better choices.

I agree with you Consuela. The offer clearly will state all fees and that when you initially receive your card it will be minus whatever annual fees they said you would have to pay. My approved Cl $800 with a $12 annual fee. I read when I receive my card my AC would be $788. Which means that the $12 is a bill. You are right, if our credit was not challenging to lenders we wouldn’t be applying for these types of cards.

NEVER ANY PROBLEMS WITH THIS CARD. This card was a great credit booster for me & now I get unsecured lines of credit from all the big banks. They’ve also increased my credit line by triple without me asking.
My suggestion for those of you who are actually trying to boost your credit or have problems with the mail, is to immediately sign up for the minimum payment auto debit from your computer or mobile phone. Make it for your due date. Most of you would only have to pay $35 a month at most, if you carry a balance, which is pretty doable for most people, even those living paycheck to paycheck. That way there’s NEVER an issue being late on any payment.
It’s pretty ridiculous in the year 2017 to actually “mail” a pymt anywhere. Says to me you’re still using the check float game? You can even make a pymt over the phone (you all know you have phones) The people that mail their pymt do this & expect their payments to arrive on time, can’t believe the payment is then “late” & blames the Credit Card company.
It’s YOUR PROBLEM if you can’t follow the “rules” when you have the privilege of using someone else’s $$!!

I make payments on three credit cards by mail every month. They are mailed 10-14 days before the due date. All of them are processed in a timely manner, except Merrick. For some reason, Merrick delays crediting of payments two or three times a year. Typically, the payment will show on the statement as being processed on the Saturday following the due date and credited the following Monday. They charge a hefty late fee on the next month’s statement, which of course has to be paid off at a high interest rate.

Of course, they can claim that the payment was delayed in the mail, and there is not much you can do after the fact to prove otherwise. Of the three banks, Merrick is the only one that seems to have this problem. Sometimes they are slow to update the status of purchases and payments on their website, so you don’t always know where you stand.

You can draw your own conclusions. This is not the kind of company I like to deal with. I would not recommend Merrick to anyone.

Not a Fan is Spot On

I’ve paid my Merrick Bank card the same way for months and they refuse to timely apply payments. As I type this I’ve been on hold for 34 minutes simply because I asked for a point of contact so my bank can call and verify payment.

Of course this is about building credit and knowing where you stand. The only way to know where you stand is SAVE your receipts and KNOW how much your spending. THEREFORE, you will know what amount is to come off your card or bank account.

This comment will answer the obvious question of why some customers think Merrick customer service is great while others think it is horrid. Hopefully, it will also help those who are considering whether, or not, to apply for a Merrick card to better understand what they would be getting themselves into.

I should start by saying that I am a 64 year old retiree and, before I was laid off a decade ago, I was a lead technician of the technical support department of a global Network Engineering company. I have an extremely qualified grasp of what constitutes acceptable customer support. And I also have a good grasp of the games unscrupulous companies play via their customer disservice departments to deceive customers while pretending that their only goal is to serve their customers.

I have had one of Merrick’s credit cards for about a month. Today is the 1st of the month, which just happens to also be the due date of my first monthly statement. Prior to today, because I _KNOW_ banks are shameless scoundrels, I logged into Merrick’s website every day and verified that what they reported online as the status of my account did, indeed, match up with the records I keep manually of my transactions.

Until today, I was able to log into their web site everyday with no problems at all.

Today, for the first time, suspiciously on the due date of my statement, for the past 9 hours, I have not been able to login. I get the screen I get everyday when I log in, but after I enter my user name and password, I get back a message that it is waiting which never updates to anything else.

I have, so far, spoken to three people in their customer service department about this problem. Each of them told me that there is nothing they can do because they can get in fine from their computer. I asked the first one to connect me to her supervisor. Instead, she connected me to one of her peers. I asked her peer to connect me to her supervisor, which she did. Her supervisor then told me exactly what the previous two had told me:

1) They are having no problem at their end.
2) They have no IT customer support who they could transfer me to who could troubleshoot my problem further from an IT perspective.
3) They have not received any other complaints from any other customers reporting a problem like mine.

Okay. Here are my conclusions:

1) It is highly improbable that it is just mere coincidence that, after weeks of being able to log in every day with no problem, the first time I have a problem just happens to be the exact day of my due date.

2) I suspect they were not telling me the whole truth when they said no one else had called in to report any connectivity problems. For a bank on the first of the month, it would be unusual for their customer support department not to handle multiple calls about connectivity problems. Elderly customers, and poorly educated welfare recipients, get paid on the first of the month. They live from check to check and some of them do not have the best understanding of how to use the Internet to do something as simple as log into their bank account.

3) They probably were telling the truth about being able to get in fine from their end. I am a programmer myself. I know _exactly_ how a competent IT tech would enable firewall rules which allow access to in-house employees while denying access to a particular customer on his particular due date. Why would a bank authorize such firewall rules? Because late fees are a significant part of a bank’s profits.

4) Merrick’s ridiculous manner of doing business can easily be prevented from causing you late fees by simply doing as I did. Instead of making the minimum payment on your due date, divide that one payment into multiple payments made every week, adding up to significantly more than what you estimate your minimum payment will be … Ideally, adding up to your total charges for that month. Hence, yesterday when I could log in, the minimum amount due on the 1st was $0.

Remember Sun Tzu’s advice from his “Art Of War”:


Making payments more than once a month is an excellent idea. Thank you for that suggestion.

I have had this card since Feb 2016 and had my credit limit increased to $2500 from $1250. Have never had any issues with fees since I always pay it off on time every month. I have never paid any interest nor fees since I have it. I think it is a fairly good card to have with the exception that there is no rewards program. I will always be their customer as long as they want me to be. It has opened my doors to more rewarding cards such as Discover, Chase, Citi, BOA, Barclays, and combined credit limits of over $60 K in less than 2 years!!!

Congrats!!! That is awesome Analyn!! Hopefully. I’m right behind you!!!!

Merrick Bank is a rip off!! Agreed I paid my payment ON the due date which was on a Sunday. They charged me a late fee. When I called customer service they said the late fee would be taken off since I DID PAY on the due date. But it wasn’t !! I am very upset. I will somehow get this paid off asap. I am tired of their lying. One rep doesn’t know what the others are doing

Do not under any circumstances do business with this fraudulent bait and switch company. You are better off going to a loan shark. Their claims of improving your credit score is false. Having this card labels you as a poor credit consumer.

Who told this? Need more info. on this statement! I need more proof on this. Thank You.

You said “Tell me, what credit card co., allows you to make payments from a Debit card? Open a checking account – problem solved.”

My Capital One credit card does. I pay my Capital One bill EVERY month with my debit card. I have a feeling you work for Merrick Bank because all you do is defending them as if your life was on the line… pretty lame.

I do not like this credit card company. They do not take payments from debit cards, they only take payment via ACH. What I find really irritating is that it takes them up to 10 days to process the payment! Why does it take so long? I’m fortunate that my complaint is in regards to it taking forever to free up a line of credit. But this shady practice could easily be used as a revenue generator to get late fees out of people. 10 days to process a payment is unacceptable. My next gripe is the interest rate. This is a predatory company for sure. The interest they charge me is at over 25% ! That was a penalty rate for missing your payment more than once with the real companies like Amex, Visa and MC. That’s standard with Merrick. These cards are really only good for rebuilding your credit and emergency use, nothing else.

Low Credit line, Ridiculous interest rate, slow payment process designed to generate late fees. That’s what you get when you mess your credit up like we all did. Otherwise none of us would even consider this card…

This credit card is fine. My Dept. Store cards have high interest rates. The Merrick CC bill came on Saturday August 27 – due date Sept. 14. I made a payment on Saturday – that payment was taken out of our checking account today August 30, 2016. This card is like all the rest, follow the rules, make your payments and remember one way or another every bank and Credit Union will get you – unless you follow the rules. This card is Unsecured.

I do follow the rules. That’s excellent that your bill you got on the 27th and paid on the 27th was credited on the 30th. This has not been my experience at all, they take forever and a day to process the payment on my account. I don’t know why, I paid it off and I’m not going to use it anyway, I’ll close it down before the annual re-bill.

Again, I must repeat. Statement came on Monday, September 26, 2016. Paid ON LINE payment was taken out of checking sometime last night. It’s the 21st century. Pay your bill on line.

I’ve had this card for a little over 3 years and have not had any problems at all. It actually did improve my credit score and allowed me to receive offers from major banks. The problem I have with Merrick is the interest rate and the annual fee ($72), neither of which they will negotiate. They flatly refused to waive my annual fee after 3 years of on time payments, never late. My FICO is now up to 690 and they flatly refused to lower my interest rate. Now I simply use the card to keep my credit utilization low. I don’t use the card at all and have a $2000 limit so that works in my favor to keep credit utilization low. The card is good if you’re trying to rebuild credit but once you do, get rid of it or use it like I do. I will say that it’s not a good idea to cancel a credit card. It will cause your credit utilization to increase and your credit score will decrease. If you can justify paying the annual fee, it’s better to keep it and not use it.

Our Amex card was $375.00 for membership. PER YEAR.

Avoid this Scam at all cost ! Payments mailed 23 days in advance are held by Merrick long enough to ensure youre are slammed with a late fee of 37.00. Payments sent by overnight FedEX ( again 3 weeks before its due date) and signed for by the front desk in Dallas are also held until exactly one day after your due date to ensure you are charged the 37.00 late fee. If you attempt to pay your balance in full, once again the check is held to ensure they get you for 37.00 in late fees. The only reason not to close your account is that sooner or later Merrick will get sued by a customer, As long as you are a cardholder you may share in the settlement money.

None of these issues will not happen if you pay ur bill online,

Stay away! I am so disgusted with their taking advantage of customers trying to build their credit (like me). Over 25% APR folks…. they’ll get you!

Pay your bill on time….. I pay my balance in full every month!!!!! They have raised my credit ASAP

Ever use a Department Store card? That interest is HIGH. It’s the price of using someone’s else’s money. I really don’t understand all this complaining.

I have a Merrick Bank credit card and I haven’t had any problems. Their customer service representatives have been nice and very helpful. They also recently increased my credit limit. So for me it’s been great in helping me rebuild my credit. I pay my bill on time and I don’t have any problems.

Unhappy in KY

I have had a card for 12+ years, never late, always paying well over minimum payments and my credit line went from $300. to over $5,000. Sounds great right? I thought I successfully paid on line my payment due mid last month (about 16 days ago) , found out I did not about 1130PM last evening so I went on line and paid more than double the minimum payment. Sounds reasonable right to keep me in good standing? I called today when they were open and got someone that seemed very please to tell me my account would be reported as over 30 days late! Now in the past 15 years with many accounts showing as paid as agreed and none showing as ever late and after re-establishing my credit I will have a 30 day late showing on my 3 credit bureaus. I asked the cheerful rep I was speaking to if I could speak to a supervisor, she put me on 2 long holds then into a voice mail and so far no returned call. Does this sound like a decent company’s response to a long time customer that you would think might even get a little respect. Lesson here RUN AS SOON AS YOU PAY YOUR DUES… the source that could help you will also happily damage you.

Are you new to the credit card industry? They all work like that – they have a cut-off-time. Yes, they call it 30 days late after that. Learn everything you can about due dates and cut off times for payments. This card has a high interest – but this not rocket science. Our AMEX wanted $375.00 a year for membership. So put on a happy face – it will all be fine.

I refuse to take any card that charges me a annual fee to use their card. And I get this offer in the mail at time and I throw it right in the garbage. Something just does not strike me right with this card I get a bad feeling EVERYTIME.

I just rec’d an invitation, and was tempted. It clearly states on the back no annual fee, no account setup fee, no extra card fee. As I said I was very tempted.
Initially reading the negative reviews I was of the impression that the people complaining had just failed to make their minimum payments on time, so it was sorta on them. Some posters here made comments which also were of this ilk. Some of these comments were valid, but others were not, I feel.

The problem is, the more comments I read, the more it becomes apparent that while some folks report never having had any issues….there are recurring problems mentioned by different folks, which do not appear to be the fault of the cardholder whatsoever.

1) after a period of time, Merrick will change the terms and begin to charge an annual fee, apparently broken down into a monthly amount charged each cycle.

2) there seems a huge problem with payments not getting posted to the account when the payments are made…even using their own website or app. THAT is really, really terrible; and I do not believe that to be the fault of the holder….the comment came up too often. No reason a CC company should not have an electronic payment post to a user’s account within 24 hours or less. I always pay my CC bill online a day or two before it’s due. Apparently this causes huge problems with Merrick. Sorry, but what good is a credit card if you have to make sure you make your payment 10 days-2 weeks before the due date in order to avoid it being recorded as posting late ? Absurd.

3) They seem to side with merchant on disputed transactions/transaction amounts….that is really, really terrible. Again, NO CC company I have ever had, ever did that.

I think these 3 reasons alone are enough to stay clear. It was tempting, it really was, and initially I was dismissing the negative reviews I have read here and elsewhere. But the same criticisms keep recurring…and that is always a red flag.

Glad I found this site.


Absolutely. Aside the fees I think it’s worth it the annual fee is less than 50. I did have an issue with a merchant dispute! Chase didn’t give me a hard time but Merrick sure did. I had to file a dispute with BBB just to get it resolved, I don’t call customer service on any of my bills…. Unless I have no other choice so other than this issue with the merchant I’m enjoying the card it serves its purpose but they aren’t very customer service oriented

I just was approved for one of Merrick’s unsecured VISA cards. I have read the negative reports here, but they did not deter me from applying.

My FICO went into a deep dark hole five years ago due to being laid off, getting evicted, living in my car, then selling my car to pay the rent on a warehouse bay I lived in illegally, then finally hitting rock bottom and sleeping on bus stop benches before finally getting back on my feet. I now have three unsecured cards besides the Merrick I just got. All of them I got from pre-screened offers that came in the mail. The Merrick is the first one that did not have an initial 0% APR for six to 12 months, but even that is not a deal breaker because your goal at this time in your life should be to pay off your balances every month, not pretend that you can afford a higher standard of living than your monthly income can handle.

It amazes me that people with bad credit history fail to understand how the game is played. The complainers reveal by their complaints that they do not understand that what we are dealing with is the inevitably slow process of paying your dues, which takes years, that everyone who has bad credit has to go through.

Merrick wants $75/month fees? So what. That is the price we have to pay until our FICO is high enough, long ago, to be approved for a card with better terms so we can cancel Merrick. If you cannot afford $75 a month to rebuild your credit, you shouldn’t have a credit card anyway.

And for god’s sake, NEVER get cash advances.

Avoiding late payments is easy. Never mail in your payments. Duh! Pay your card off, every month, and pay it online. Then, log in every day and check if your payment has shown up yet. If it hasn’t after four business days, call the bank. I never have to call any of my banks because I pay my balances off twice every month, the day the statement comes out and again two weeks later. That way, you still are paying off your charges every month but you pay less interest because interest is charged daily on individual charges and charges never stay outstanding for more than half a month. Ergo, you effectively cut your APR in half.

These cards are not free money. You have to pay it all back, the sooner the better. My approach is to setup a few of my recurring bills to auto pay from my credit cards. I would otherwise be paying these bills anyway from my monthly income, but this way those payments are used to rebuild my credit history automatically. Just do not try this unless you know you have enough discipline to live within your means.

Also, exercise enough discipline to pay yourself, ergo, savings, every month. Your savings are there to make sure you have enough cushion to pay unexpected liabilities which might pop up during a particular month. You still want to pay it off by the following month and credit cards are a good cheap way to get low interest 30 day loans … way cheaper than payday loans which surely everybody knows by now that you should NEVER sign up for.

Have great credit after 2 years rebuilding, 70,000+ avail. got invitation NO fees!! Called, and she said It was correct, NO atm withdrawl fees!! NO annual fees! 19.9% so NO other credit card doesn’t charge for cash withdrawl…. EVERY cc charges 10.00+ for cash advance… not merrick. it’s all based on your credit as far as your invitation details i.e. no fees whatsoever. So I use it like an atm card if I need cash and it’s working out great!! (meaning, if MY bank, wells fargo, isn’t around, I can use any atm and just pay that atm’s 2.00 fee… Merrick 0.00 vs wells fargo 3.00 + 2.00-3/machine) so, it’s been a life saver at times if I needed cash. That’s the ONLY thing I use it for, as 2% return on double cash and Discover 5% (10% first year… just cashed it out, was 205.00 got 410.00 deposited into bank) I don’t understand how some people don’t have ‘bad’ credit, just NO credit. and use debit card for everything…. you’re just throwing money away. literally. If you’ve got good credit now and get an invite, it’s most likely NO FEES, and if it isn’t then wait till it is. Also, since you’ll have good credit and have over 20 credit cards obviously this card would only be used for cash advances (ONLY IF NO FEES LIKE MY OFFER) as all other banks go overboard on that but to me it’s my ‘out of the area’ atm card haha… and yes, I pay what I get in full, never paid a dime to merrick and have gotten tons of green outa machine 😉

I received a Merrick offer and it sounded ok so I confirmed the offer and received my card no problem. I paid everything as agreed for 8 months and they doubled my credit limit. Here is where it gets bad. I pay my account online with my bank info pre loaded. I had ongoing fraud activity on my checking account and my bank thought it best to freeze my account and start over with a new one which we did. Well I had paid a payment to Merrick (three weeks before due date) and of course it wouldn’t be returned so I proactively called them and explained the situation and the account rep. said NO PROBLEM just make a payment before you due date with your new account which I did (10 days before due date) and everything will be fine. Well then I get a letter from Merrick that they closed my account from the payment being returned even though I was assured it wouldn’t and had contacted them long before the due date. So after talking to one very rude supervisor after another they stand by their decision and the account is now closed. Is this anyway to do business ? Are we not a customer who deserves to be at least treated fairly ? I did nothing wrong and never missed a beat on anything including being up front about my unfortunate situation and they treat me like this ? STAY AWAY from these crooks there are much better places to do business. You have been warned they are terrible.


You made a payment from a frozen checking account is what it sounds like because your message isn’t logical I’m only assuming that’s what happened because if you read your post it’s not exactly clear. Nonetheless, perhaps a returned check fee, was on order but to close the account out right they must have other reasons to take such an egregious action! Either way it’s your fault for making the mistake paying just accept the decision was theirs not yours

He clearly states his bank closed and opened a new account which he paid from. How is that his fault?

I have had this card for 4 months and have seen an improvement in my score. My transunion was a 487 and Equifax 550 when I applied. I agree the application process takes a long time but what do you expect people its a SECURED card. Here is my take. The website is not the best pretty low budget and basic in my opinion. Customer service has been awesome so far whenever I have called. I recommend downloading the app and also setting up online reoccurring payments to insure timely payments. Monitor the account this is a SECOND chance card so treat it accordingly. There are no tricks an scams be responsible for your actions. I started with a deposit amount of 500 my payments have been on time I don’t overspend and make more than my minimum payment. I use Credit Karma and credit sesame to check my scores. My current credit is transunion 543 Equifax 655. Its not rocket science the weigh the benefits. Yes you are using your own money to rebuild your credit. I think the card Is good it does its job if you do yours. ok done ranting carry on

Scam company. Do not take the bait.

I have recently acquired a CC thru MB and have made a huge mistake. I have paid my fees accordingly, even was going to pay more than required until I looked at my online statement. I made a payment that they have explained away as interest and a late fee for 1/18/2016. I made my payment today as there were no banks open yesterday and they will not accept a debit card payment which would be a real-time payment automatically. Makes no sense at all. This company is a scam and I will never use their card again. I will pay them off as quickly as possible, but they will not get any more than they are due – month to month. Do not do business with this company. They are a scam.

This company does not accept debit card payments from a bank account?

Tell me, what credit card co., allows you to make payments from a Debit card? Open a checking account – problem solved.

I have had them for several months now. I have never gone over, paid late, etc… I usually pay my bill a few days ahead of the due date or twice a month and pay it off. The app is simple, but does allow you to pay your bill… nothing fancy there. I had to do a bk after my ID was stolen by my brother. They had a blast… including a second mortgage they took on my house while living with me. Love em, right? So when I did my BK to get rid of all the cells phones, credit cards, cars they bought (seriously who buys three cars in two months?) I was amazed they gave me an unsecured line before capital one did. They also give me raises where cap one still has me at 500 and that is with HIGH usage and compete pay off every two weeks. I imagine one day I will close the account, but truthfully, even with the 79 AF… I have 6 tea cup Chihuahuas so I am keeping this back with the large credit line incase something happens instead of buying health insurance for each pup and I just use my rewards cards more now than this one. Truthfully, if they had a rewards card I would use it. They do give 1% on gas, but that is it. I have had no issue with customer service. Actually had worse customer service when I got my discover card and had a fraudulent charge on it. So, I think it really depends on how you need them. I understand from others that they will NEVER lower my APR… so I don’t use it often. They will, sometimes, waive your fee. But again, 79 bucks is cheaper than doggie insurance so I am keeping them.

ATTENTION!!!! DO NOT get a credit card from MERRICK BANK!!! They are horrible people. They just want your money and will figure out any way to take it from you! It will never matter what you say because they will always state you are wrong and you have no idea what you are talking about. They are just trying to scam you. You have every right to apply for their credit card but let you know from my experience things they did were not right! I just want to inform you! Be careful!!!!!

Pros : I’ve had the regular Merrick Bank card for over year now…I’ve had no problems at all, they increased my credit line once, and my credit score has jumped quite a bit due to this card and one other thing on my report that I took care of. I recommend it for anyone with bad credit that is trying to rebuild it. It seems they are pretty open to who they give a card to so if other companies/banks turned you down, try this one. I do not regret signing up with them at all.

Cons : Annual fee and interest rates. Despite how much this card can help you. I would consider it a short term relationship, possibly for only about a year if you can help it. I hate annual fees and the interest rates are high of course. Once your score gets higher from using this card you should, in time, start getting offers from other entities such as Capital One, and Chase…cards that offer better interest rates and no annual fee. That’s when you end the relationship with this card and move on to one of those.

It is not a good idea to close your oldest or long running credit account (Merrick Bank card). Your Credit report would take a deep hit if you closed the oldest account and open a new account. Credit history is one of the 5 major importance into factoring Credit Score.

I applied to Merrick Bank from their invitation. I was approved with a $1,000 limit. With regular, on-time payments my credit scores have vastly improved from 530 to 750 with a FICA of over 750. My Merrick credit limit is now $4,000. BUT- with an almost 30% interest rate, I would rather say “no”. Paid the card off and am closing it forthwith. Have major credit cards now: Chase, Discover, Amex, Barclay, Wells Fargo.

Kristi – I would not close it, simply stop using the card. the more credit showing on your report the easier it will be to other cards, loans or a mortgage. so if you have 5 cards with a total available credit of 10000.00 and only use 2000.00 and pay more than the minimum you will see your numbers go up. best case pay off balance monthly. I know several folks who pay all bills on a card then pay off monthly and have miles and rewards building up not to mention a very high fico score…closing an account can trigger a reduction in credit scoring for a month or two in my experience anyway.

The Detroit A.I.

My experience with Merrick has been very good, but from what I’ve read here, I think that there are two keys to having a mutually beneficial relationship with this bank.

1) Set up an autopay for the minimum amount. This ensures that you’ll avoid the myriad of sneaky fees that their system will otherwise impose AND keep your FICO score moving in the right direction. Merrick is very, very good about reporting current accounts to all three agencies, so your score will improve very quickly if you stay on their good side, which brings me to my second observation about this bank:

2) Know when it’s time to let go. If you play by the rules and stay current with Merrick, your FICO score will reward you. . . but Merrick simply will not. At that point, all you can do is go elsewhere. There’s no “Merrick Gold.” There’s no “Merrick Ultimate Rewards.” There’s no Merrick cash-back program, and the sky will rain blue ocelots before there’s a “Merrick Concierge”. That’s not their fault, and it shouldn’t be taken personally. That’s just not the market they’re set up for.

Thanks for the “Blue Ocelots” statement, it gave a good laugh and given my situation, that helped me out a lot more than merrick bank.

Merrick bank will nickel and dime you to death.
I called to report a compromised card. I had an unauthorized charge on another card. Well, I was informed by the customer rep. That I would be charged $15 dollar fee for a replacement card. Since the card had not been “compromised yet.” Shame on you merrickbank!

I agree that Merrick Bank is the worst credit card you can get by invitation. Yes, they will nickel and dime you to death and they don’t seem to want to establish a long-term relationship with you as the customer. For instance….I paid with my Merrick Card a loan payment. Had I known what the consequences would be afterwards, I would have used my own debit card.The bank that I paid processed the payment as a cash advance, therefore, Merrick Bank charged $10 for the fee and is now charging me a percentage interest charge called a “cash advance” interest fee that they would not even waive since the transaction wasn’t a cash advance. If a bank can’t help the customer out, you don’t need the services….that’s what they are there to do, serve the public. Well they have taken all of my monies for the last time. I am paying off this balance and I am done with Merrick Bank! As long as I have a balance, i will be assessed the fee for the cash advance that never took place. I would definitely read the small print much closer people before you accept this card, even if you are desperate for one. If you have fair credit or poor credit, if the invitation comes in the mail….shred it quickly. Don’t get stuck with this card, it’s “greedy!”


Ummmmmmm your “loan” made the mistake not Merrick Bank. This is what’s wrong with society people aren’t accountable. Merrick received a cash advance transaction they don’t question it. Your loan company is say fault or maybe not I thought you could only pay cash money order or debit not credit …. Blame yourself not Merrick!!!!

Yes, also me, received a great pre approved Merrick Bank VISA, also with $600.00 limit, and double it, after 7 months of on time payments to $1200. $ 75.00 annual fee, and of course a nice high interest rate of 29.90%.They encouraged me to apply on line, save them a stamp on their pre paid envelope, I use to return my regrets! Well, I chose the envelope instead, use a red marker with the Big letters of VOID on its application, returned it in their pre paid envelope to return, with my personal message. Come on you Guys, you can do better? I carry the American Express Card…… What an Insult! Same i did with Blaze Mastercard, the hidden card behind the major rip off of First Premier Master Card, also use their pre paid envelope to send them my concern. I believe, that is what that prepaid envelope was for? Rating? Minus 0, below freezing mark, lol!

I got a Merrick Card with an offer of $1,250 that doubled to $2,500 after a few months. Had no problems using and paying off multiple times. You MUST be aware though of something that caused me a major issue. Every card I’ve had previously spelled out the CASH ADVANCE limit. Merrick has the “Cash Advance” limit on my card online as the same as the credit limit, $2,500. But I went to a bank today to access $1,000 to make a quick purchase that needed to be cash. It was denied even though online at that moment it said my cash advance limit was $1,900+. I called Merrick and the CSR simply said, “You have a limit of $500 a day for cash advance.” I asked how I could possibly know that. I asked them to please point to the documentation anywhere, online or the paragraph in the card holder agreement they sent me. They could not even after talking with the manager. They instead pointed to a paragraph that said they could “change anything at anytime at their sole discretion.” Not only was I embarrassed that the card was declined at the bank, I lost out on a deal that was very costly. Be aware that Merrick can “CHANGE ANYTHING AT ANYTIME”. I think you saw that with the issue of annual billings starting without notice. I would stay clear of possible.

I received a Merrick invitation back in 2006.I never applied for this and had very good credit.The APR was very low,can’t remember how low,but was a good APR. I didn’t believe much in credit cards (always paid cash) and there was no annual fee. I have paid this card off 4 times,totaling over 12,000.00. I have been an excellent customer, I can’t remember when they started charging annual fee of $80.00 and about three years they went to APR 22 %,then last year APR 25 %. I had not used the card in about a year, Against my better judgement,I used it again,called and asked them to decrease the APR, they said “No”, so I cancelled Merrick out and paid it off in full again ($1,985.26 as of May 2015.) The rep asked if I was sure I wanted to cancel out my card and I said ” Yes I do!”
I should of got rid of them along time ago. Over the years I did get Capital One and I still have a APR of 10.99 after all these years and have never had to pay an annual fee. So if anyone was to ask me, I would say “Look before you leap” with Merrick.


GOOD! Merrick Bank helped me to rebuild my credit after the financial turmoil of 2007-08. Until then, I had a Visa from a well-known bank with a $12,000 limit. From 2010 to 2012, all I had was a card with a $1,100 limit from a different major bank. Then Merrick’s offer came in the mail for an unsecured card with a $750 limit. I got the card. After about six months of paying the balance each month, they increased my credit to $1,500. In that mail at that time, I would receive offers for secured cards! Merrick increased my limit to $2,100. Merrick gives you free access to view your FICO score. I’ve watched mine go up from around 600 to 827! In 2014, I received a rewards Visa from a major federal credit union with a $3,400 limit. I stopped using the non-rewards Merrick Visa and the non-rewards $1,100 Visa. In 2015, one of the two big banks that started charge cards issued a rewards card to me that paid $100 cash for spending $500 in the first 90 days. Then I got a rewards American Express charge card. I pay everything off each month, just like prior to the financial crisis. I am living a mostly subsistence lifestyle, and have been unemployed since 2007. You don’t need high income to have a credit score of 827 or great cards. Merrick Bank has helped me to climb out of a big hole.

I just sent my $200 to merrick bank via western union for a secured card from merrick. I will give you all updates from start to finish as to how it goes. Sent my money on Thursday the 28th of May 2015. Today is the 30th and so far the money has not been picked up. So the first tip I have is, if your going to send in your secured card deposit via western union, ( which is one of the options given by Merrick) Dont bother paying the $12 person to person fee to western union for the money to be available immediately. Since Merrick it seems does not check for the deposit money every day. Pay a lower next day fee to western union, and save few bucks.

Hello 827, sorry to bother u about this but i saw ur post and I also have an unsecured Merrick card that i’ve had for about 6 months and i think i’ve made my 6TH ON-TIME payment.I was wondering WHEN u actually received the DOUBLE INCREASE? Did u just check ur account online at some point after the 6th-7th month? Or did u receive an EMAIL or some form of notice that it went up? Would be greatful to u on a response at ur convienence! THANKS IN ADVANCE!

I got a Merrick card several years ago and my interest rate was at 11.45% I have never missed a payment, never been over my credit limit, I pay on time and usually pay more than their minimum required monthly payment. My credit is good and I was irate when I noticed they had raised my rate to 19.45% I called and went through a variety of different people , all who told me they couldn’t do a thing for me. So now I am stuck with this rate until I pay them off. If you are considering opening an account with them RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION as quickly as possible. There are too many honest cards you can get to mess with a company that’s sole purpose is to rip you off .

alvaro saucedo

Sorry but this is the best credit card I ever had, and I also have cap 1 and others

They are associated with ABC Financial who also have a very poor reputation, especially with multiple gyms across the USA. Avoid them, unless you want to suffer months of harassment, being overcharged and just getting a lawyer in the end. Sad but true.

I have read a lot of bad mouthing of Merrick and maybe my time just hasn’t come yet but I too have less than desirable credit when I got my card offer … It was for $1,000. I took them up. That was Jan 2013. Here’s what I did:

1. Elected in Auto Pay Minimum
2. Paid off WHEN I COULD at random times; some months, just the minimum others ½ others all
3. I only have contacted them when absolutely necessary; ie., I’d call company I was about to dispute first and if I couldn’t reach a resolution I’d call an explain that … in most cases the ‘charging company’ would issue refund but when I needed them, Merrick handled it.
4. I HAVE NEVER ONCE EVER BEEN LATE!!!! EVER … Not even a MINUTE LATE on at least the MINIMUM and with the damage my EX did to my credit it was amazing I got a card at all.

Someone mentioned early they suspect the $200.00 increase is all they can give at a time and I think they are right and they tend to give it like every 4 to 5 months or so. Anyway, my $1,000 is not $2,000.

I also periodically send them “extra cash” to pay it off and sometimes keep them paid off for 2-3 months at a time.

Do I like them? Love/Hate I guess you could say. I have never had a complaint against them and the fact that I have $2,000 I like. But they offer no benefits like say my Capital One Credit Card that I use for paying my Cell Phone Bill and any Car rentals (because they provide same insurance AT NO EXTRA COST as the Rental companies (Hertz, Avis, National). BUT, Capital One has not increased my credit with them hardly at all and I pay them off EVERY MONTH …


I got a Merrick Credit card (unsecured) in June of 2014. In August I rented a car from Hertz. I had a guaranteed rate of $219 for the week and had the card for two weeks. I was billed $1007. After spending much time on the phone with Hertz, I filed a dispute with Merrick. After 17 letters back and forth and 3 months, Merrick removed the disputed amount, but put it back on 2 months later after Hertz complained. I told Merrick I had not authorized any amount above the $219 for the two weeks ($438) but Merrick didn’t care. Then anfter many more letters Merrick credited my account, but once again after 2 months put it back on. I asked Merrick what could I do, they said to sue them. So I did. and as soon as Merrick was served. They closed my account. I would warn anyone else not to do business with Merrick Bank.

Okay so I just received my Merrick Bank Credit Card on the 30th of December 2014. I started using it right away. I was wondering when will my due date be and how can I go as to make a payment? Is it a good idea to pay it off right away or to pay minimum payment?

Be careful paying bal off in full. They WONT release the funds for 10 days. WHAT GOOD IS “THAT”?

I have the merrick bank app and dona bank transfer for my monthly payment and my funds are always available 2-3 business days after my payment.

I agree!!! I got an unsecured card from Merrick Bank in December 2014 and I’ve been paying more than the minimum payment and on time! Three times including this past Friday, I’ve paid either the balance in full or paid a lump sum amount of the balance and they’ve held my funds for 5 days! Each time I call and ask for an explanation, they state “it’s because I pay amounts so randomly” is why they hold the funds. It’s BS!! What’s the purpose of managing your money and your credit if you’re penalized from paying it OFF! Thanks for listening :0)

Never a good idea to pay minimum. But, call and negotiate the payment. You don’t get the use of your money till it clears, and personal checks up to 10 days. Best way to pay is online out of their website wired directly from your bank account. If your gonna do minimum, you’ll be paying a lot more for their credit, and obviously you got the card because your credit was poor. How much dues do you want to pay on the road to better credit. if you do minimum, set up autopay from your bank account to the card, so your payments are at least regular and dependable, so you get mor credit down the line. good luck. jimmyjiong the money man.

All that glitters isn’t gold. I am very disappointed in Merrick Bank. As a loyal customer for some time, I consistently paid my entire bill on time each month. I was surprised to see my credit limit increased because I didn’t request such, but as always continued to pay my entire bill to ensure that the balance was low going into the next month. Instead of being rewarded for being a good customer, Merrick Bank decided to punish me. After Merrick Bank received (posted and processed) the electronic payment transfer of funds from my bank and posted it to my account, they applied only half of the amount paid to my available credit and put an unnecessary hold on the remaining amount of my limit (over $700!), which they planned to keep in place for 7 days. It was not enough that Merrick had the funds already, but the rude robotic customer service reps and supervisor insisted that my bank needed to fax “proof” of my personal bank account balance to Merrick Bank showing my balance before the credit payment and after. What in the world?!! My personal bank account information is none of their business; they received full payment. Another annoying aspect is that the reps kept saying, “You made such a large payment. The hold is set up to protect you.” Really? I am not Boo-boo, the fool. The ridiculousness of it pushed me to close my account. If Merrick Bank doesn’t trust me as a loyal customer in spite of my excellent payment history with them, then we are best parting ways. There are too many other companies out there with better rates and service to deal with these robots. I prefer American Express and Capital One.

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As a graduate student, my experience in these matters is necessarily limited, but I too have never heard of work-for-hire being invoked in cases of original scholarship. This is indeed a disheartening development–especially coming from a leading press like Oxford.

I’ve got a Merrick Bank VISA card and have very poor experience with this bank. I’ll start with the basics: I paid the balance in full, and by accident thanks to errors in an online billing system used with another bank, they sent an overpayment that drained my funds and left a large overpayment on my Merrick Bank VISA. After the payment posted, I was able to make a purchase, then I went to an ATM to take cash out as a cash advance since I need it for other things and my payment account was drained completely. Merrick Bank locked up my card and the only excuse I get when I call in is “payment hasn’t cleared yet”, and to speed it up you can fax in a confirmation from the paying bank. 6 business days later and I’ve both faxed that in and called them and no change, card is still froze up with a huge negative balance. I call the bank I made payment from and there’s nothing they can do, payment is cleared and out of that account. There’s no reversal they can do. Call Merrick Bank back, and the same routine applies. I still don’t have my funds and its been 10 regular days, 6-7 business days. I’ve never dealt with such an incompetent bank before and its criminal that they are allowed to withhold funds when someone has a situation like this. I won’t be able to make my rent payment if I don’t get some sort of cash advance soon. Be wary of this bank.

The customer service agents I’ve spoken with haven’t been rude, but they are ineffective at fixing the problem.

Exactly what happened to me


Your bank made the mistake not Merrick! You people are crazy complaining blame your bank pavement system not Merrick for their policy you are privy of prior to using the card what a joke

I have only had one of Merrrick’s cards for 3 months. It is an unsecured card with a $700 limit. I got caught up in corporate downsizing back in 09 and have been in a pay off everything mode since then, so I had no “new” credit in 5 years and hadn’t even had an auto payment in a couple years, so I responded to an offer from them just to get a new account on my credit report. I was a little slow on the draw in getting set up online and did miss the first due date by a couple days and ended up with the $35 fee, but have since paid them twice monthly online with no issues. I was trying to make a purchase over the phone last week and it kept declining even tho I had ample available credt. I got customer service on the phone and they stayed on with me til I got the company on 3 way and they adjusted whatever “profile” they had my spending set on to help reduce fraud and the transaction went thru, but they stayed on the phone til it did.
My only complaint is that the free score hasn’t updated yet this month and it is supposed to on the 14th.

I fell a month behind due to a job change and nwo im locked from my online account. What kind of idiot disables an account login so you cant make a payment because you’re late? Obviously they do not want you to make your payments on time or even at all with these asnine practices. I have paid my balances in advance ever month and still somehow got a late fee for months in which I was caught up and prior to falling behind. Use capital one and stay away from merrick.

Im NOT surprised

Merrick bank S**KS!!!! They state they never get your payment or you have to use a full screen computer to place your payment. You can pay them more than 3/4 of your payment due and they state you are still past due and charge you fees. They never get their bills out before the payments are due by 2 days. IF YOU GET A NOTICE FROM MERRICK BANK RUN, DON’T WALK. THEY CHARGE MONTHLY, YEARLY and any other fees they can get away with. I have written letters to the Board of Directors, the BBB and everyone else I can think of. AGAIN, RUN FROM THEM. THEY AREN’T EVEN LICENSED IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK DUE TO LEGAL ISSUES. THIS SHOULD BE ACROSS ALL 50 states!!!!

Hello Joan, and anyone who has had a bad experience with Merrick Bank Credit Cards. I would like to know if anyone knows of a class action suit being brought Merrick for their practices of payment and late payment charges?

I have not had a single issue with Merrick..interest high but I pay on time and online…

I concur. Never missed a payment, have being paying on time and have received at least 3 credit line increases. Thus fsr I’ve only had good experiences as a cardholder for over a year now.

I have a Merrick bank credit card for about 4 years. I can honestly say I have only had a problem with them for about the last 6 months as far as late payments. I send my payment at the beginning of the month and I also send enough to cover the interest rate and I still get a late fee. The payment process that they have are horrible. I also pay online sometimes and still get the same results. I have an amex card and never had a problem with them. I don’t understand it. The customer service aspect is horrible. They never have the answers to reassure you about there policies and procedures. I hope that our concerns are being heard.

This bank is great for those who want to establish credit. I’ve read the reviews on Merrick Bank and the truth is: Its not a bad bank. I’ve been a customer for more than 3 years and have an unsecured credit card. My credit has improved since then. The annual fee is minimal. Other credit card companies for those with bad/no credit have an annual fee PLUS a membership fee. I’ve had credit increases every 3 to 5 months with Merrick. If you dont pay your bills on time and have high balances close to your credit limit, you cant blame Merrick Bank for charging a late fee or over-the-limit fee. CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT FOR CASH ADVANCES! The rates will be high for ALL BANK CARDS! These customers writing bad reviews on Merrick Bank should feel fortunate rather than complain, its not Merricks or any Banks fault that customers dont responsibly pay on time or keep low balances.

I concur with your review. I have had Merrick Bank’s Unsecured Visa card since 2007. I have never had any problem whatsoever. When my balances where high they even increased my credit limit. I pay on time online and through their App, in full and always keep my expenditures under 20% of my max credit. No magic, no frills, no points… Just a useful and standard card. I like it. It behaves just like all my other cards.

Kevin McNamara

Merrick is the worst co I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with! I have a Barclay card I love and a Capital one that’s great. Merrick are loan sharks. I went over my fee because the interest charge so that was one. I paid faithfully. March 10th $40, April 3rd $50, June 6th $50,July 8th $50
and I am fighting a late fee for June of $35!!!!! as many times as the customer service explained it to me, I cannot for the life of me understand what she was saying. They are loan sharks and I feel screwed and I guess they can do whatever they want. HELP can anyone help with this?

Yes! I can help. Pay your bills on time.

If you paid in March, April, June and July – looks like you missed a payment in MAY, that’s why they charged you a late fee..

Big Let Down...

Got this card a year ago with a $1,000 limit. Paid off the balance in full and on time every month. Just got an email that my limit was only increased to $1,200. I was expecting so much more. During that time my GO score went from a 617 to a 691 and all they gave me was a measly $200. I’m very disappointed.

I started with a Merrick card 3 years ago and have always paid on time. I’ve received multiple limit increases but ALWAYS in $200 increments. I think it is the most they do.

NEVER, EVER, use a credit card for a cash advance! If you have to do that, you have problems, not the credit card companies. And pay the bill right when you get it. Or better yet, just don’t use it. Credit is killing the USA, don’t let it kill you.

I WILL KEEP ON SPREADING THE WORD REGARDING MERRICK BANK, IT’S BAD POLICIES AND LACK OF BUSINESS SENSE. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE THIS IS ONE BAD CREDITOR (actually Merrick is not really a bank, they deal in credit cards only) supervisor, they hung up on me MELINDA rep was unbelievably rude and argumentative she wasn’t really listening to me, SHE was too busy trying to talk over me. Merrick BANK should be ashamed to have such employees in their corporation.I will make sure I this message IS all over the internet as to make sure others don’t make the mistake of accepting MERRICK BANK credit lines.
Merrick has a HISTORY putting hold on payments from 5 to 11 days EVEN WHEN ITS cleared and been processed BY THE bank Never have I heard of such a policy with any other CREDIT CARD COMPANY

This is EXACTLY what happened to me. And i paid it off THINKING i could use it the next day… WRONG!

Keep speading the word. I surely am

I would like to get a credit ingress of one hundred dollars. if possible.

Hey, just searching around some blogs, seems a pretty nice platform you might be using. I

I read any credit card applications VERY carefully before I apply, there are too many that offer $300 for less than great credit, then charge $89 “enrollment fee”, $75 annual fee, blah blah blah. By the time you’re done, you have like $60 credit left. Anyway, Merrick Bank is solid. I have had my card for 3 years, never been charged a dime in finance charges because I pay off my balance every month. They doubled my credit limit after 9 months, just like they said they would. My card is unsecured so I can’t speak for secured cards. I have had zero problems with Merrick, I think they are an excellent resource to rebuild credit.

Good card. Have had it for a few years now. Easy to get. If you carry a low balance and pay off on time the limit will increase to a strong amount. Customer Service is average but now a days thats better than most companies you call and get someone oversees. There are better cards out there of course but any card is just another form of debt.

Merrickbank card is awesome. Yes the apr is hight but i have no fees from them what so ever. They gave me $1000 limit when other banks won’t give me a card at all. Or a card with a $350 limit with $90 annual fee and 29% interest rate. I believe the people who have problems with merrickbank are self afflicted wounds. If you pay your bills on time, you won’t have a problem with them. I pay my bill a week before its due and its fine. So in my opinion, it is an awesome card. Don’t listen to the people who can’t pay there’re bills on time, thats why we all are in that bad credit club anyway. My credit score is improving and i an on my way to good credit, thanks to merrickbank. The card is the best card for bad credit.

OMG, I just opened an account with Merrit Bank, so I have not yet experienced any problems. But I loved your comment, I laughed so hard , until I cried. Your are so right, We are in the Bad credit card club which in most cases is self induced.>>>>>>>. We all should be grateful. I’m in tear laughing. I love it THE BAD CREDIT CARC CLUB.

FYI for those who want to increase their secured Merrick credit line… the minimum increment is $50. I sent in a $35 check and it never posted, and customer service clarified today, this is why.

I have been with Merrick for about 4 months now and no major complaints thus far.

My tip is just to try to pay as far in advance of the due date as you are able. 10 to 14 days prior has worked fine for me. Their computer system seems to have some lag time issues, so if you wait to pay 2 days before the due date, it might not get posted in time (hello Late Fees).

Hi! I want to increase my limit. What address do I send the money to? Do I need to put a note in there to let them know it is for credit line increase.

Funny thing. I have a Merrick Bank credit card and I pay it off every month before it’s due and for some strange reason as soon as it’s paid off I look at the balance and there’s always a small amount that somehow is still owed on it. I look to see what it is and it’s Finance Charge. I thought if you paid off your balance within the 30 days you don’t pay finance charge. Well, not the case. I then reviewed all my statements and apparently I have paid finance charge every month I used the card and paid it off. BEWARE!!!

in order for you not to pay any finance charge you need to make sure is paid off in full before the end of the cycle…for example, if you charge something on the 24th of the month and your cycle end on the 28th you need to make sure you pay before the 28th, because if you pay on the 29th (you jumped to the new cycle with that last charge) you will be charge some interest (one dollar, per say)..just make sure is paid in full between the cycle and shouldn’t be charge a dime. I have merrick as well and it does work like I say, trust me. I have no complaints at all. good luck.

Christine Maltry

I just recently discussed this with them cause I was confused too!! I pay it off on time and a $4.00 balance keeps showing up, well, apparently, they charge a $4.00 a month annual fee!! Go figure!!

That is the most informative piece of information that is helpful. Thank You! I (like you) plan to pay off full amount every month, but knowing there is a finance charge even if you pay everything off makes me hesitate. I wonder if you carry no balance at all, if it will still try to charge a finance charge?
Thanks again!!!

you should pay within twenty five days not thirty.

Mark Stevenson

I am curious. Do you do cash advances? If so the interest is compounded daily meaning your cash advance balance daily periodic rate is about .08% meaning your balance compounded interest every day since the statement date. No, I don’t work for Merrick or any other bank but I have been using credit cards for roughly 25 years and have done a few cash advances along the way and learned that if I do a cash advance I need to slightly overpay on the balance to avoid that problem.

There is a finance charge with all cards. They all will charge if balance due is not paid within 23-25 days … NOT 30. Read your agreement.

This is a credit card I have cut up. These company is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I pay my debt every pay day. Have gotten my due date changed, but as you know Feb. is a short month, and they have constantly charged me a $35.00 late fee every month. I pay my bills on line and have complained to my bank about the processing time. I am at the point of just not paying the debt. I know it will ding my credit but I am on a fixed income and these people are just plain greedy. High interest rate. I have cut up the card and haven’t used it. Now I want to warn people that this is a credit card that has to be mafia owned!

Now, now Lenay! It sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays! Or is it just sour grapes?

I feel the same way. I pay on my account on time each month and when I try to use it, its nothing there they take my payment back. I’m at the point off just hey don’t pay them.

Great card and good service. I have been a customer about 3 years now. Not concern about the high interest, because the balance should be paid off monthly anyway. My payment always get credited quickly, and customer service was good also.

Credit does not mean free money. If you pay off balance every month nobody will charge you interest or fees. Rule of thumb is don’t charge anything you cant pay back in 30 days on any credit card. Use it as a tool not a personal ATM.

I have had a Merrick card for a month. A few observations:

1) It is right now 5:30 AM on the 1st of the month and their web site has not let me log in for hours. Be aware of this and plan accordingly, especially if your statement due date just happens to be, surprise, surprise, surprise the first of the month,

2) I have known welfare queens who feel compelled to rush out to a 24 hour Walmart at 12:01 AM on the 1st. I know a guy getting disability who rushes to an ATM before sunrise on the 1st, even got mugged doing this, but still continues to do this. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

3) It is like Merrick has the same people supporting their website as Obama had supporting his ObamaCare website. Caveat Emptor.

4) All banks are criminally insane. Merrick is not unique. They know the law well enough to go right up to the legal limit of what they can get away with.

5) Yes, they take unnecessarily longer than necessary to update their online data. Banks do this because they know the law allows them to, even though all banks are tied together through the Federal Reserve which means they never need more than a few seconds to know about anything you do with one of their cards. But, late fees are a significant source of income for banks and our bought and paid for politicians have made it legal for banks to trap you into late fees by delaying account status.

6) I go by the posted available credit limit, which typically is updated days ahead of the balance and before transactions are finally listed online.

7) To minimize the consequences of any bank’s loan shark tendencies, I manually maintain my own personal log of all transactions rather than depending on their online data which, again, tends to not be updated until days after transactions are actually made.

8) People who work for banks in customer support are worthless human excrement who have no problem screwing other human beings to keep their job. Caveat Emptor.

I’m a mortgage loan originator. Please regard these comments simply as my own observations and not an attempt to render credit advice. In my opinion Merrick Bank, Capitol One and other companies that offer credit cards to “higher risk” consumers do play an important role. During the melt down, a lot of people with good credit histories saw their credit scores go down the tubes due to any number of issues such as job loss or plummeting home values. Many have since been re-employed and have righted their cash flow issues. But the damage to their credit is on record. In order to rebuild credit scores they need to demonstrate a current history of “responsible” use of credit. They can’t demonstrate that if they aren’t allowed to open new lines of credit. When issuers of premium cards will not grant a line of credit, Merrick and similar lenders give them an opportunity to re-establish credit. They also give people who have never established credit a chance to create a credit history. Each credit card, auto loan or other credit account is known as a “trade line”. How many trade lines are needed. I suggest for people who hope to take out a home loan, there should be a minimum of two trade lines in good standing. The reason is that FHA, VA and USDA are typically the Go To lenders for people who have less than stellar credit or limited/short credit histories. These agencies generally want to see at least 2 trade lines with a minimum of 12 months of on-time payment history. There are other ways to attempt to qualify if you don’t have these two trade lines but believe me, it’s a major hassle and the decision to grant a loan is subject to an individual underwriter’s discretion. So having a 12 month history on two trade lines has it’s upside even if these trade lines are high risk/high interest cards. But the downside of these higher risk cards is that they do charge a much higher interest rate than the premium cards. So it’s a good idea to limit the frequency with which they are used. Think of them only as your credit building tool, not a convenient means of covering expenses. Here are some other general credit guidelines to keep in mind. One thing that will sink your credit score fast is over utilization of credit. Believe it or not, when a consumer charges more than 50% of their card’s limit, it is a red flag to creditors that you are over dependent on credit. You are either living beyond your means or you have suffered a major financial setback. That red flag can ding your score by at least a few points. Charge several cards over 50% and watch your score drop by double digit amounts. Use them over 70% and the credit score damage escalates. Go beyond your limit on a credit account and watch your score drop by as much as 50 points even if it’s just by a few dollars. The damage for this level of card spending is worse if you already have a blemished or only have a short credit history. I’m not saying avoid these cards at all costs. Often they are the only way for you to build or re-build credit. But use them cautiously and conservatively. Think of them as a razor sharp double edged knife. Handle with great care – in my opinion Finally, for those who think creditors are acting unreasonably when they report every instance in which borrowers exceed their card limit: It’s my understanding that any lender who subscribes to the credit reporting bureau’s services is in fact obligated by the terms of their subscription, to report over spending. Therefore, it’s become an automated process in which a computer does the analysis and sends out an automated report. It’s not a case of a power mad credit analyst over reacting to a few dollars. So the onus is really on the card holder to understand and limit his or her spending.

thank you so much

Thank you, great advice and explains a few things

Thank you for your comments. Very informative.

My experience with Merrick is that they will work with you. They are good for someone who is trying establish credit, but if you want a lower interest rate or more features you will have to try another card.

Do you know if Merrick Bank pulls your credit report in order to approve you for the secured card? I just applied with Capital One and was declined due to “missing/invalid” credit score and “insufficient/unknown credit history” pulled from TransUnion. I don’t understand how you get declined for a secured card when you are funding your credit limit via a security deposit. I’m just trying to establish good credit history. Some make the process so difficult. @Keith: Thank you so much for the information, extremely helpful.

I have been with merrickbank for over 10 years, never missed a payment never been late. Paid off balance several times… when I asked for the interest rate to be lowered because my credit score had improved over the years. Was told not at this time. They raised my credit limit by 4000.00 after 7 years I paid it off again. This time I asked for a reduction in interest rate and was told that they do not lower interest rate ever. Will be paying them off this time for the last time. I will keep the card unless they close it. But I really do think that if you remain a good customer for years you should be given credit for that. By giving at least a reason other than “not now or we never do that”.. After reading this forum I don’t feel as badly as I did. Now I know the truth about a company that I love but I have outgrown.. they only want subprime customers and If we keep letting people know what they are about they will change or go out of business. So don’t get mad at them. They are helping people in some way. Just as this forum has helped me. I realize that no matter how good or long you have been a customer The love the interest rate and will continue to charge.. so use them and lose them. They won’t change.

I’ve been experienced the same situation…tried to lower my APR and they said no. my limit was up to 2K; so, I ask them to lower the credit limit to 1K (since I didn’t wanted to close the account, because is not good); so, I use them as float account…for now I use them like that;
once I get another (better one) I will remove it as my float account, leave in zero and destroy it and eventually they will close it. is better to be close by them due to no activity.

I just got an offer from Merrick Bank for a $1000 pre-approved credit card that looks pretty good:

No annual fee
No account set up fee
No monthly service fee
No penalty rates
No over limit fee

But when i read the back it lists penalty fees and more importantly states “The Cardholder Agreement also permits Merrick Bank to make changes to the Terms and Conditions of the Account after it is opened”. I was going to get the card because it gives your FICO Score every month but after reading the back of the offer i will not be getting the card.

All cards say that on the back..This is a good card. I have had this card for 6 years not a bit of trouble…Pay on time and your as good as gold!! I pay all my credit cards the first week of the month. It is not due until the third week. Set it up when you want the payment due. They`re very good giving you what you want…

Haven’t had a problem with this company or First Progress, so far so good. With a combined balance owed of $0.00 dollars I plan to raise the limits on all of my cards soon. Paid off the annual fee as soon as I saw it. The thing most people don’t understand, that post on here is. You shouldn’t solely depend on your credit card for everything you want to buy during your typical month. If you do, you’ve made a horrible mistake and misunderstand what a credit card should be used for and should have just used a debit card instead. Had a few hundred dollar balances that were paid off days after seeing them since I had the cash in my bank account to cover the expenses and then some. Waiting for my tax refund to come in and I plan to put about fifty percent of it into old debt on my credit report the other twenty five on expanding my credit limit and the last twenty five I want to put into my checking account as an extra cushion. Good luck to all.

Just received the Merrick card. Don’t know exactly how it works. Do you have to keep a certain amount of money in your checking account and can you make your payments using their own card. Are your payments high or do you pay the amount back that you used. Sorry but I’m confused after i read all the good and bad comments. Can anyone help? Is this a money and purchase card and can you draw money from ATM with it? Sorry for the headache guys……THANKS!!

I can’t believe that after reading all the bad reviews, I went ahead and signed up for a credit card from these people. I have three other cards, but I am trying to get my credit in better shape. I copied and pasted my bank information in order to make online payments, just like I do with my other credit cards, my wife’s credit cards, all of our utility payments, etc. But Merrick Bank claimed they were unable to make a withdrawal from my bank and charged me excessive late fees.

I called to pay the card off and they told me there would be additional fees for using the phone to make a payment. SCAM…SCAM…SCAM…

Don’t way you haven’t been warned!!!

Helen, I have had a Merrick CC. for a little over a year and I have not had a problem with them. Other than the interest rate being high! I am trying to get my credit straightened up.
You can pull money out of the ATM, but you do have to pay a fee off of the money pulled. If possible I wouldn’t recommend doing that. The rates are high enough as it is, with having to pay even more to pull cash and then pay even more for cash. I was going to suggest going to the bank and go to the teller but I believe it would show up as a cash withdrawal as well.
They have increased my credit limit 2x’s since I have had the card. Like I said, I haven’t had a problem with it. Their are better cards to get if you have better credit and I would suggest you go that route.
Barclay…. I would suggest that one before getting this. I was recommended this one as it helps re-build credit quicker.

Mark, WOW, I am so sorry to hear that! I have not had a problem at all with Merrick bank…. well maybe I should say as of yet!

I pay online every single month pulling it from my bank and have never had a problem… Wow..

I used to have people tell me how they were treated by people because they had bad credit or they had been in trouble. I am the type of person that never holds the past against someone! I take them for how they are with me! WELL, I found out exactly what they meant when I was forced to file bankruptcy when I was Medically retired from the military after 21 years. I mean when you go from $48,000.00 down to $15,000.00 It makes a huge difference in whether you eat or if you have electricity etc. I had never had bad credit before!!!
All the sudden I am treated like dirt! Couldn’t get a break if I had fallen out of a tree. It truly was eye opening!! To say the least!

What Andrew said is totally true! If at all possible, course some folks have to live on CC’s if one or both have lost jobs…. you do what you have to do to survive…. Keep food on the table for your children.

I wish you all luck! in your CC. hunting. I would just look over all that is out their and make the best choice as it comes to you and your family.

Wise thoughts, Sandy. It’s easy to say how you’ll handle your bills while things are going great, but life throws curve balls sometimes.

Best of luck to you and your family and you’ll be in my prayers.

Why set your bank acct up for a withdrawal BY them? Why not just set a pmt. every month TO them?

Well, I got online just now to accept an offer from Merrick, but after reading the reviews, I have decided not to. It seems the recurring message is that they are great, for a short period of time, but inevitably there are serious issues. Thanks to all who took the time to review.

Thumbs up to your post David Bonyeau. I was a former credit card customer of Merrick Bank (over 5 yrs ago)and I’m receiving occasional offers from them. I was tempted to accept, but like you, the reviews reinforced my decision not to get sucked into the spiders web.

It will be your lost!!! You better think about this again…..Get the card!!

Do not open an account with this bank. Just like larger banking institutions they rip-off consumers. I just lost my Merrick Bank card due to no fault of my own. As I had an emergency in a community car garage as I was going to a new job interview. I happened to have the said card on my lap when I proceeded to go into an underground parking facility my skiing equipment got stuck and I couldn’t proceed to park. The parking attendant began yelling at me, thus, I had to get out to solve the problem. Well, to no surprise the card must have fell from my lap on to the ground. I just reported my card lost and they charge me 15 dollars. Why? Is there a need to charge when this is something out one’s control under my circumstances. Unwise, reckless, un-human, not consumer friendly bank! No wonder their business formula is not working out for them. This is my first complaint on the web, but, I’m going to make sure that no one falls for the trappings of this bank.


I wouldn’t get one of their cards but you losing your card is your… You are also reckless with your credit card if you lay it in your lap and forget. But anyhow, I wouldn’t get this card for nothing.

Charlie! What are you on here for? Kicks?

Sounds like the “Dog Ate My Homework” excuse. LOL.

It is not Merrick Bank fault!! It is YOURS!! A credit card does not belong on your lap!!

Merrick has been good to me for about 6 months now. No fees $1,500 to begin with and yes I had a Bankruptcy in 2011, I have about 2 Capitals, 2 Barclays, Discover, couple of store cards, etc. All have HIGH rates and Cap sticks it to me for an annual fee. But no problem with Merrick to date, we will see what happens in the future though!

Never had a problem unsecured card via Merrick. was sent a preapproved offer prior to my chapter 7 bankruptcy and have had credit limit increases. good card. have had every card under the sun and they have given me least trouble. I pay bill in full online right after I use it. I personally think its a reputable company. My interest rate is 15 but since I pay it in full no big deal have cards that are higher.

Love it!!!!!!

This is a good card to re-establish credit; however, they have the worse service I have ever seen. First and foremost, good luck getting anyone on the line. Second once you do get someone eon the line they are not helpful. The card offers no protection to its customers. I had a merchant who cancelled my course not once but twice, but Merrick decided that since the charge happened more than 90 days prior they would do nothing about it and I would still be responsible for something that does not exist. Any other card I have investigated the problem and issued a refund when appropriate, Merrick does not want to do any of that work and instead decided to try and sell me a protection plan that would cover these issues. WHAT?! Are you kidding me… needless to say I cancelled my credit card with Merrick and now only use my Amex or other credit cards.

While I have not used my card yet, the reviews I’m seeing are just people making mistakes with their cards. Keep in mind this card is to help rebuild/establish credit. Use it wisely for only that reason. Pay the bill on time and only keep it 2 years. By then some one more suitable will likely offer a better deal.

Have had since December and no problems use it every week and pay off next day good luck don’t worry. You only need one major cc and a store card. One small installment loan from
A credit union preferably

Probably the worst Credit Card Company I have ever dealt with. I had an issue with a vender giving cash back to someone without my permission . Merrick bank did nothing for me . I had to go to small claims and won but got absolutely no support from this bank. My lawyers were appalled . They had delt with this exact same issues with legitimate credit card companies and got full cooperation. On several occasions not involving this incident the customer service reps were rude and short. Avoid this Bank if you can .

Absolutely agree! I was a loyal customer and very satisfied with Merrick for several years. Until I had an issue. An unscrupulous merchant charged my Merrick card for goods and services never authorized by myself to the tune of $180.00. Most credit card companies back their customers after hearing the facts which are in their customers favor. Merrick throws you under the bus. After months of correspondence with them regarding matter they decided to do nothing on my behalf and sided with merchant. They then had the audacity to claim that I didn’t respond in a timely manner and that’s why they could not help me. Lies! Lies! Lies! After that, they upped my credit by $1,000 to try and shut me up. They stink, avoid them like the plague.

You haven’t met the worst credit card company yet. That would be first premier. I had a low 500 score when I started with them. They gave me a $600 credit line after a chap.7 bankruptcy. I have treated this bank like gold, paid them off every month, and they have rewarded me with several credit line increases. I’m now up to $2000 credit limit.

I have been a Merrick Bank cardholder for two years. By no ones fault but my own, I did not realize that although when I received the card I had no annual fee, an annual fee would be added the following year. I have been having challenges with Merrick not posting my payments on time, causing extravagant late fees and then noticing that I was being charged an amount each month for an “annual fee” I didn’t knowingly agree to put me at my limit. I called toady and requested my account be immediately cancelled. I explained that I would continue paying on the card until the balance was paid in full, but that I expected the annual fee payment each month to be discontinued. I was told that IT WOULD NOT BE DISCONTINUED UNTIL THE ACCOUNT WAS PAID IN FULL. I argued for a time and then finally, after confirming the account was closed, decided to look into this matter further from a legal perspective. My understanding is that an annual fee is for an open account. My account is closed. I did not ask for a refund of the previous charges for this year, just that they discontinue. Bottom line: Do not use Merrick Bank. They are, in my experience, a poor excuse for a credit card company that likes to make changes to your account and hide those changes in multiple page change notices that come in the mail after the change has been made. I’m still going to research the legality of continuing to charge an annual fee for a closed account, but will always recommend that Merrick Bank be avoided at all costs to anyone who wants to listen.

T. Lawson I was wondering if you found anything out about being charged the annual fee for a closed account? Same thing happened to me. Closed the account and now they tell me will still continue to charge me the annual fee for a closed account.

Thank you for this. I just accepted a no hidden fee offer. As soon as I get the card I will be calling to inquire about this. I am also seeking to rebuild credit after a bankruptcy in 2005. To me… charging an annual fee after the first year is a hidden fee. To me that is false advertisement and I will immediately close this account. Don’t intend to ever charge over 100 dollars.

I am a former Merrick Bank cardholder. (actually Merrick is not really a bank, they deal in credit cards only) I cut up my card just today (7-29-2013)after I called them and told them they could stick the card up their bleep. I have had my card for about 2 years and had a $1,400 line of credit. I always paid my bill on time, and sent payments way over the minimum required, and sometimes paid the whole amount in full. Well the trouble began when last month
I had a bad month and used my card quite a lot. I went over the limit on my account by $5.00. The overage was due to the adding on of my interest charges and a amount for a cash advance that I took out. I was astonished to find out that they reported my account to the credit bureau because I went five dollars over my credit limit. I know that I should have monitored my account closer so as not to go over. I feel that they should have at least called or e-mailed to let me know that because of their charges my account is over the limit. Well to make a long story short they can go to hell. I got my American Express card today and I am happy bout that. Merrick can kiss my bleep.

Chuck, I just received my “invitation” to get a Merrick Bank Visa card yesterday. Before signing up to receive the card I thought that I would check out Merrick Bank before making any decisions. I am so glad I did, your review is the one that put the icing on the cake. I will not be accepting Merrick Bank Visa “invitation” and it is all thanks to you. Thank you Chuck!

It will be YOUR LOST!!

Amex after merrick doubt it why would you have a 1400 cl but then get a Amex ? Lol

The reviews on here have been helpful. I feel like this card is used to build credit and not to carry a balance which is what a lot of other people are saying. Luckily they offered me no annual or service fees other than a late fee as part of the deal. I carry barclay, discover, capitalone currently to build my credit and they have all been fine to deal with so far since I only login online to pay off my balance each month.

same story as most on here for me, insert boo hoo story here followed by bankruptcy. I have all the usual suspects Capital One, Orchard Bank, and Merrick Bank. Out of the 3 Merrick Bank has by far been the best. They have raised my credit limit and gotten rid of the monthly fees. I have no idea what the interest rate is and don’t care, because I’m smart enough to realize that when you are in a credit situation like mine, you don’t carry a balance on these cards, they are there as monthly revolving credit only, carrying a balance on these cards is akin to slitting your own throat and then complaining you cant breathe. Never had a problem with their website, however, they are MUCH slower to process payments than Capital One or Orchard so you have to factor that in, the best thing you can possibly do is setup the automatic min payment to go through just in case they have some sort of snafu. The best part of Merrick is they give you your FICO score every month for free, so you can see the progress you are making.

Matt, great review and I totally agree!!!! I am in the same boat and own some of the same cards. The key as you said is to pay off the balance each month and who cares what the interest rate is. These cards are for people rebuilding there credit. Thanks

how did you get them to remove the fee? who did you contact…been trying to get the $3 monthly fee removed for a while with no luck…..perfect history for 4 years with steady CLI

makes no difference. bad credit or fair credit we are still human beings. we need to be respected like everyone else. a lot of people got into credit problems because of situations that happened to them most of which is beyond their control. don’t think that these credit card companies are doing you a favor. they make plenty of money from you whether you pay the full amount every month or just pay the minimum. to repeat, they are not doing you a favor. you are doing them a favor by using there product.

Matt, this is a great, honest, helpful review. Thank you.

Completely agree with every word of this, Matt. I got the card for the exact same reason and pay in full well in advance every month. My only concern now after reading a few of these posts is them trying to sneak in an annual fee after year 1.


I’ve had my Merrick card for about 8yrs now. I filed a chapter 7 due to debt I found for myself while working on my BA. I started with about 500 I think, and now its at 3300.00. I did have a new fee billed at 4.00 a month for 12 months. I used the card for what it said it would do, rebuild credit. I now have a Amex and Discover and I just got a Chase card…I am soooo aware of how credit works now!! I haven’t cancelled the Merrick yet, but the Chase is going to replace it, not everyone takes amex or discover. I’m cancelling because the card has no rewards for the 48 bucks I pay every year and that’s usually the only activity on the card. The only reason I still have it open is because I’ve had it so long that its the oldest thing on my report and I don’t want it to impact my score. The customer service isn’t the best and I find my self spending to much time trying to figure out what they’re saying.
My advice, use it for what’s its for, build your credit and get rid of it….learn to beat the CC companies at their own game!!

dennis piccirilli

I am so glad Merrick Bank has given me this opportunity to improve my credit and help me pay off some medical bills.

I went bankrupt in 2010, due to loss of job and extended serious illness (hospital stay, etc.). After a spotless credit history of 36 years, I found myself with NO ability to get a credit card. About a year later, I got the offer from Merrick Bank. Took ’em up on it, and I have a Visa with a $1500 limit.

I have no Issues with customer service, except one phone call to them put me through to the (usual) Filipino young woman, whose RAPID speaking and heavy accent were severely difficult to deal with. I had to ask her PLEASE: Talk LOUDER, AND SLOWER, about 5 times. But, this is not unusual anymore

My only complaint is the VERY high interest rate, but it’s way down from when Bush was president, and the Universal Default rate was hitting 39.9%. Being Bankrupt, I guess I have to EXPECT a high interest rate – probably for the rest of my life. I rate Merrick with a “B”.

Richard, I also went bankrupt in 2010. I had 20 credit cards some with very high limits, even tho I always paid on time and more than the minimum limit, the card companies started to raise my interest to 35%. when I inquired, I was told it was because I had too much credit extended. ?? so I canceled all of the cards and couldn’t keep up with the high interest rates, and went to a dept consolidation co. BIG MISTAKE. I paid huge payments and they took 2/3rds of it for administration. I just finished my bankruptcy and am trying to rebuild my credit. I have long since learned my lesson and know to pay the balance before interest is due. I am only getting the card to help rebuild my credit. Also, I received info that it is now the law that if you get a representative from any company that you may request to speak to an operator in America. Not to be rude just so you may have better communications. Haven’t had to try it yet

I have been with Merrick Bank since they bought out my former credit card holder about 4 years ago. My experience with their website and with their customer service has always been positive. I have on one occasion missed my due date. When I called them, they forgave the late fee and I experienced no repercussions as far as raising my rate or anything else. A couple of years ago when I lost my job, I called them because I wasn’t going to be able to pay the balance in full each month. I let them know that I would at least pay the minimum and requested a rate decrease. Because of my payment history, they lowered it by 9% (it was originally 27.99). Although I haven’t requested it nor do I usually use it, they have periodically increased my credit limit. There are no hidden fees (as with any credit card or loan, you should read your agreement – it lists all of the fees that can be incurred.) I have found that if you pay at least the minimum by the due date (I always schedule it online in advance), Merrick Bank will treat you right and will help you build your credit. Although I did not originally apply with Merrick Bank, I would not hesitate to do so.

I am basically using this card to rebuild my credit. My limit is $550 and I pay my balance every month on time. It’s been about 4 month sine I’ve had this card without any issues. My advice would be not to carry a balance and pay on time, then the high interest rate won’t matter.

I don’t know what Merrick Bank the rest of you are dealing with but it’s certainly not the same Merrick I have. My Merrick always posts payments within 48 hours (but usually within 24) when made online. My Merrick has a very easy to navigate website. My Merrick has wonderfully helpful and knowledgeable Customer Service Reps that speak English and are in the US. My Merrick has never tacked on any additional “surprise” fee that I wasn’t fully aware of from the very beginning. My Merrick grants increases for using my card wisely and responsibly. Is there an annual fee? Absolutely! Are there any real perks to this card? Nope! Is the interest rate high? Yes! But whose fault is it that I don’t qualify just yet for a card with a lower rate and tons of great rewards? Mine. Not theirs. However, if you pay your balance in full and well before the due date you don’t have to worry about it! When ya’ only pay the minimum and at the very last minute, they’re not screwing you, you’re screwing yourself. But I digress… It’s a great card for people starting over. God bless Merrick for helping someone such as myself rebuild their numbers.

you sound like Merrick Bank paid you to write this…..

Merrick is a decent unsecured card. cap one with a 5000 limit and I get charged 75 annual fee after 7 years?!? And us airways a 79 annual fee but get companion tickets. my interest rate with merrick is much lower and I pay in full the day after I use it so ^^ I highly doubt someone is going to take the time from merrick to make up a fake review.

Have been with merrick bank for the past 5 months now. So far so good. Made all my payments on time and in full. Will see how it goes as time goes. Approval was easy responding to their pre approval offer. No annual fee. I am rebuilding my credit after BK.

This is a response to a survey that Merrick bank sent me today. I would like to state that I do not need to rebuild my credit. I have good credit, therefore I will not tolerate bad behavior from them. There are other banks that have excellent customer service that I have been dealing with for years.

I have not made a late payment to ANYONE in over 10 years. I made a payment online with them and it showed on my account online for 2 weeks and then all of a sudden it was gone and I had a late charge. Here is my response::: I called due to a change online regarding my account. I went from 0 balance and Merrick acknowledged I made my payment to 91 dollar balance and Merrick had no record of my payment. This was never deducted from my checking so I had no proof of actually making the payment online. I called to make the 91 dollar payment as I had nothing to prove otherwise. Also, this was my first payment to Merrick and when I went online to make the 91 dollar payment after hanging up with rep, I saw that my bank info was already entered and saved in your system, further solidifying that I did make the payment.

I tried to speak to the representative about this and explain that I felt Merrick’s website may have a glitch causing this error and it may happen to other clients. I was not disputing making the payment as I understand I did not write down my confirmation number and I did not protect myself from this. This rep was unbelievably rude and argumentative. When I mentioned my bank’s website was having errors at that very moment and was shut down ( as an example) he started saying ” I have nothing to do with your bank” . He was totally missing my point because he wasn’t really listening to me, he was too busy trying to talk over me. Then when I pointed out that he was speaking over me, he stated, ” you have been talking nonstop this whole conversation.”

Aren’t I the customer? Wasn’t I calling to tell you about my issue? Isn’t that the whole point of us being on the phone? It was a disgraceful representation of your company and Merrick should be ashamed to have such employees in their corporation. As an office manager myself, I would never allow such belittling and arguments within my organization between my employees and my clients.

I will make paying off this card a top priority so that I can close this account immediately. Just because you are a company that offers credit to clients who may not have a perfect credit score doesn’t give you the option to treat people badly. ( Note: I, however, do not have a low credit score)
I will also make sure I blast this message all over the internet as to make sure others don’t make the mistake of accepting your credit lines.
Have a nice day.

If you have good credit why would you have a credit card that is focused to people with bad credit? Not too smart.



no common sense. all these bad reviews are ppl over charging and not paying on time mostly.

Yep, their site flipped out and screwed up my payment to which they happily charged me a returned check fee and when I described what I was seeing online, the CSR told me the correct information then took his time to “create” a scenario under which i not only entered a wrong account number but twice as in validation but he couldn’t tell me what that was until he figured out a way to. Add to this, rude-rude-rude service. But despite what others say, they hold your larger deposits or break them down in some strange fashion for days man. I’ve had the card for years and when I try to pay it down they just apply the current due and hold the balance for a week at a time unless I call and complain. Shady!!


I’m so glad that I decided to look into Merrick Bank’s business dealings. It’s comments like yours that leave me with only one conclusion…AVOID MERRICK BANK’S credit card offers at all costs. Yes, I need to clean up my credit rating and it sounds to me that it’s folks like me they are trolling for. The letter I received from Merrick Bank today says in big bold letters…

No Annual Fee
No Account Set-up Fee
No Monthly Service Fee
No Penalty Rates
No Over Limit Fee

But on the other side of the ‘invitation’ it clearly states, “The Cardholder Agreement also permits Merrick Bank to make changes to the Terms and Conditions of the Account after the Account is opened.” So, there it is. Thank you for taking the time to express your experience with us.

When you make a payment online it is best to take a screen shot of the web page showing the completed transaction. Of course printing would offer similar but a screenshot of the website, the full http address, and multiple captures of the transaction are much better. YOu may never need to print them either if there is no problem.
You can use this filed screenshot later if needed to prove you did in fact do what you say. Verizon claimed that a renewal with a contract I signed on line never showed up and wouldn’t honor what I renewed online. I checked and there was no record of the transaction. Using the screenshots I took I could prove they were wrong. They had no answer but I got a better deal by having the website transaction filed and proof.

I just cancelled my Merrick Bank credit card. After several years with a zero balance they still refuse to lower my rate. It is currently 29%. I told them I would never use the card while the rate is this high, but they could not have cared less. I don’t even have bad credit. The only reason I have a Merrick card is because they bought out my previous credit card issuer. During the change-over, they held my payments longer than the previous company, which caused one of my payments to be one day late. They immediately raised my rate from 11% to 29%. I paid off the balance the next month and never used the card again. The people making these kinds of decisions can’t be very bright, because they’re hurting their own business interests. And karma will not be kind to anyone charging 29% interest.

hooray for you. you did exactly the right thing. Merrick bank (its not even a bank) is the most corrupt organization in the U.S. they will get their cumupence sooner or later.

It’s been a great credit card for me. Yes the interest rate is high, but that’s my fault. Customer service has been tremendous. They are based in the U.S. and are extremely helpful and courteous, much better than Capital One. I’ve now made 7 payments and I’m being considered for an automatic line increase. If you use this card responsibly and make on time payments, then this card will be a great tool in establishing or rebuilding credit.

But the real question is: How long have you worked for Merrick Bank?

I totally agree Plum1. It’s been great for me too. No problems with anything.

I’ve had the merrick bank card for exactly 7 months now and like they promised if i was never late etc for 6 months they would double my credit line. I started with $700.00 and now my limit is $1400.00. I pay twice the month always paying it off ahead of the due date. Last month i did not pay it in full and my interest on the bal of $300 something odd dollars was $14.and some change. I can live with that for sure. I have 2 Capital One cards as well both companies seem to operate about the same except the increases are larger at merrick. I’ve had no problem with customer service on either card. Capital One rewared me with a credit increase after 6 months as well. they increased my line on one card by $250.00 and i didn’t ask for it. The key is you do have to pay on time. Don’t plan on paying once the month, pay alittle whatever you can each paycheck and you can never be late! Oh they did hold my payment for 7 days one time and i didn’t call them about it af first. I read on other sites card companies do that as well. the 2nd time I called and said i will cancel if that continues and they told me the pc does it randomly but if i called they would release it. it happened only once after that and when i called they released the payment while i held on the line. I was also told that only happens during the 1st 6 months. I will see in the future so far so good with Merrick. 2 thumbs up for Cap one as well

Don’t get too comfortable with this monster. Trust me. Monster will attack you when you’re least expecting it. That’s one of monster’s biggest strengths, surprise attacks. I always pay all my bills and credit accounts on time promptly every month. This doesn’t matter to the Merrick monster. They’ll find a way to screw with you, even when you’ve done nothing wrong. I promise you that. Monster doesn’t care if you’re responsible customer or not, monster only cares about what extras it can squeeze out of you. I’ve had this account since 2006. It was a good card for the first few years. They seemed very fair in the early going, and dare I say I actually considered it my best account (2006-2008). However, something happened 4 years ago. I’m not sure if Satan took over the business, but on the heels of Obama’s 2009 credit card regulating provisions, Merrick monster was the first of my accounts to hot rod to the finish line to blow up my interest rate from 18.9% to 31.9%!!! Explain that! Merrick has no explanations, except “that’s just our policy” #1 common answer. Well, I rejected their new terms so they’d closed my account. They have the highest interest rate of any account I possess. I’ve been paying off the balance and it’s been seriously shrinking for the past few years now. So, the Merrick monster is getting nervous that one of it’s longest standing food sources is becoming closer to being unavailable, and they’re right. They’ve been on the executioner’s list since 2009. Recently after making electronic payments on-time every month for the past 5 years, my access was shut down. FYI; I went to a good bank of mine today and got approved for a loan to pay off the Merrick beast. I’m overjoyed! This is one very bad creditor I’m finally going to be rid of. I suggest to you, if at all possible, get rid of the monster before it attacks you. Because it will. Don’t get caught in monster’s trap. Get away while you still can. Good luck!

I’ve had them for several years. They were a card that I needed when no one would approve me. I started with a 300 limit now it’s at 3,250. (Kudos to them)
Here’s the thing…. You pay your dues for past crimes. I now have Amex Delta, Sapphire Chase and BOA travel rewards with 4 times the limit with zero % for 12-18 months. I say all this to say that Merrick Bank will NOT REDUCE the interest rates. That’s fine… I don’t carry balances. BUT when I asked for the yearly fee to be removed they said no. I am waiting for that last payment from 72 hrs ago to post and close.
If the computer says no, fine. They cannot make human decisions. But for a rep to make that call and quite cavalier I might add. So keep that in mind…. When you have corrected your past mistakes, move along. They have gotten something out of the deal as well.

be careful when setting up automatic payments. you only have two options, the minimum DUE ON STATEMENT, or the whole balance. this is not the same as the minimum payment. example my minimum payment was 39.00 on my statement, lets say between the statment and due date I send in a payment of 25.00, on the due date 39.00 will still draft from my account eventhough I’ve already paid $25, not $14 dollars. The customer service rep even explained it wrong. I went in and saw my minimum due was $68, I had sent in a payment of $58 dollars but the auto draft was still going to draft $126. Which I would not have expected, I would only expect the minimum CURRENTLY due to draft like the bill pay stated, but in a second place they go on the mention minimum due on statement. I believe this is intentional.

Barney Armstrong

Merrick has a policy of putting a hold on payments from 5 to 11 days. I made a 500 payment online which had cleared and been processed by my bank. When I tried to use the card to purchase an item 3 days later the card was denied….when i inquired why credit card balance online and via phone shows my 500 payment being applied but not available they explained their payment hold wait period. Never have I heard of such a policy with any other credit card company….I immediately cancelled this card…

I paid my balance off and never had an annual fee. My balance was at$0.00. I never missed a payment and the other day I received a letter alert stating I was $11.00 past due. I thought what? Since I did not owe Merrick with its 32.99% interest rate $0.00, they decided, without notice, to charge me an annual fee, and since I thought I was ay zero I did not see these fees creep up on me. I called and the CSR avoided telling me the reason for this acquired annual fee and went around telling me how much a year. He only said $5.00 per month, $60 a year all of a sudden? I was a bit livid. Today I receive a letter from Merrick Bank threatening to close my account because they could see I applied for a couple other cards. Basically, MB is teying to “strong arm” me into using their card. Let’s see use a 32.99% card vs. 14.99%, hmmm? Iam going to say Goodbye to Merrick soon. Oh, when I asked them to lower my interest rate because I was a good customer, I was SheistersThis bank are sheisters!

I’ve been a member for over a year and a half as of 1.29.13. Yes, the interest rates are high but with my credit, I had to pick someone. I’ve been with Continental Finance for over 3 years and they were always raising the annual fee (installments monthly). I started out with $300 (plus activation/set-up fee)credit limit and closed my account in good standards with a credit limit of $720. Not once did Continental Finance charge me over the limit fee or late fee(s). The interest fee started with $10 a month (2007) and shot up to $18 (2010). As for the credit increase, they charged $25 for a $75 increase (every six months). Before they use to give you $100. The interest rate (19.92%) was less than what I have now with Merrick Bank (25.45%). If they would have shifted my credit to there gold card, I would have gotten a lower interest (about 9.92%), but I would have had to cancel my credit card and sign up again and start all over again with a $300 limit (plus activation/set-up fee). It made no sense and I even called and complained to them about that, they didn’t really care nor sympathetic. In other words, they are in it for the money period! They didn’t even care about how excellent my credit history with them was. What I’ve learned from both credit cards is that you have to know their game and try hard not to fall into there high fee(s)game. With Merrick, I’ve kept my spending low and never had a over the limit fee, late fee, and/or other fee(s). Within the last six months of writing this, Merrick has given me two (2) credit limit increase. I really don’t know what there technique are as in giving, but I’m happy they did without charging. I did call them once to see if I could get a credit increase and they basically gave there speech on policy. Bottom line, I know I don’t have the best credit score and if that means that I have to go with someone who charges a high interest, I just make sure not to go over the limit and use the card for important items. I burn and learn. Just because you get credit doesn’t mean that you have to max out the limit. I’ve been there, done that. Both credit card companies have been good to me and I never had any serious issues and/or hidden fees. EVERYBODY deserves another chance in life, sometimes you just have to bare with it and eventually everything will pan out. Remember folks, those credit companies with high interest rates never forced you to sign up in the first place. You have the right to not sign up. My goal is to wait and move on to another credit company with less interest fee and more reputable. To the best of my knowledge, Merrick is not a bank. I don’t know how they can get away with saying that. At least Continental Finance is a bank, the bank is called Bank of Delaware. Merrick is a company based out of Jordan, UT. I’m not knocking them, they have been great to me. It just haunts me sometimes because they are not really reputable. Who knows, with more people like me and my good credit methods, they just might grow into a reputable company/bank. I don’t work nor know of any person(s) at Continental Finance or Merrick bank. I am speaking from my own and no one has paid me and/or compensated me in any way to write this article. There is hope for you folks. As long as you pay the minimum (or more) and keep you balance low, in time you’re credit score will shoot up and you can apply for a lower interest rate card.

You’re still relatively new. Give them some time. They won’t really mess with newer customers. They gave me almost 3 good years before I began to have problems with them.

Worst experience ever with a credit card. Don’t apply for one because you’re charged ridiculous fees. I don’t understand their billing – maybe twice per month, but couldn’t seem to keep up when I thought I was. Make a payment over the phone???? They’ll charge you a ‘convenience fee’ of $10 or more – what exactly is that? No one with the company could explain it and when I asked to speak with a supervisor, they hung up on me when I refused to pay the additional fee. Most credit cards give you a grace period – not this one. One day late and you’re screwed with a late charge.

I was just advised that my response was waiting for moderation – what does that tell you?

I lost my Merrick Bank card. They are charging me $15 for a replacement. Pretty crappy way to treat a customer if you ask me


Got a “preapproved” offer that I decided to accept, only to be denied after I put in the rest of my personal info… seems like a scam to me! Dont trust these bastards!!

It’s not a scam. I’ve been with them for over a year and a half. I too responded to the per-approved mail offer and that is how I got the credit card. I did the basic step (like you) and filled in the information. A few days later, they sent me the card. To the best of my knowledge, they did not say I was approved after filling in the info on there website. The card just sprung up and I was on the go. Trust me, Merrick bank is not a scam. They have treated me good, just like I’ve treated them.

This is a fabulous card! once again the only whiners are the ones who dont pay their bills on time!!!

Bull – they report you to the bureaus if you are 5 minutes late.

Unless you have tangible evidence that Merrick bank notifies the bureau, you need to stop making false accusations.

Late is late is late.

Personal responsibility here…pay your bills on time.

Not for one second do I believe this comment. Your credit report will NOT show anything that isn’t at least 30 days late. If you’ll pay your bills on time you won’t get upset with your credit card company and have to post lies.

In 10 years time I’m always on time with all my bills. NEVER late. Merrick is a very very bad ruthless bank. Don’t need to take my word for it. Just hang with them for a awhile, you’ll see on your own. You need not be irresponsible to be swindled by this beast. I give it 2 years or less, you’ll remember this. But hopefully, you’ll learn, the hard way.

I never heard of this credit card company. Where did they come from?

Probably outsourced from India.

They are located in Jordan UT

They are a company big into recreational loans. I use them at work to get people loans for horse trailers that have credit issues.

While the Merrick bank card is not the best, I went ahead and got it. I have been rebuilding my credit for the last couple of years after a terrible income shortage in 2006-2007. My score is just under 700 now (it was 540 2 years ago). I was advised to get some more available credit and that should increase my rating. I did it to get the $700 limit and will put $10 a month on it until it is raised to $1400 and then only use it to rent cars (which I only do if I have the cash on hand). The extra available credit should up my score to over 700. The responsible use of low limit HSBC card (now issued by Cap One) has done wonders for my score. I just need more available credit and more recent history to increase my score some more.

Thank you, good advice. I’m rebuilding my credit also and likewise need the boost in the credit amounts:)

I have a Merrick card and I really think they are a pretty good company. I am not very impressed with their customer service crew but aside from that they do increase your limit pretty quickly as long as you pay your bill on time every month. I have no complaints at all.

Unfortunately give it some time. They do that (increase limits when you’re not expecting it). Their unimpressive customer service should only serve as a red flag warning. Give it some more time.

I have been quite happy with Merrick Bank. I am using it to rebuild my credit. After less than a year with them,they doubled my limit. I was at the higher end of bad credit so they started me out at 900. If you pay on time and maintain a low balance this card delivers. As a side note, Capital One had been awful. After a year and a half of keeping the card paid off, they refused to increase my limit.

True, I have been happy with Merrick Bank and they are there in business for it but also to help you. They increased my limit from 600 to 1200 within less than a year and if you go paperless you can check your credit score anytime online for free. On the other hand my Capital One CC been dry, eventhough, I use bothe cards the same way (Use the cards and pay on time.)
Merrick Bank cc is not a bad card to have.

Cap One is one of the worst credit card companies as far as CSR’s go. I do believe that they outsource to India, at least that has been my experience.

I WILL NOT get a Merrick Card. My credit score is in the 700’s but my ex-wife filed Chp 7, and it tracked over to my profile. Merrick has been chasing me for a year now, but I suspicious when they offered me a “double your available credit line offer”?? Is this a credit card company, or a Vegas craps dealer??!!

on't miss out on a goood company

I think you are making a mistake . I have a Merrik CC and have had a great relationship with them even customer service. They raised my lmit without me even having to request. They are there to give you a second chance and have many people I don’t think they need to chase you. Don’t miss out on going with a good company that really is there to help you rebuild your life. Just pay on time and if you have a problem call customer service and they will help you with it.

I’ve had a Merrick card for about 6 years. I used it to rebuild my credit after a bankruptcy. My initial introductory APR was 16% for 18 months, then it went up to 23%. The cash advance APR is extremely high. I currently have a zero balance and a $3000 limit. I keep the account open because it helps my credit score which is now well over 700 (from a low of 565 !). If you use it wisely, it’s a good card for rebuilding credit. I only use it now for convenience and only when I can pay off the balance within the grace period.

I have been all over the internet researching this Merrick company, I will not fall for this scam card, that is for sure!!!! This site obviously contains a bunch of FAKE good reviews to lesson the bad ones. People have been made false promises about No Fees ( annual, set- up) and suddenly with no notice of a change in terms been charged an annual fee. That is illegal. A credit company must give you a 45 day notice in any change of terms and give you the option of opting out by cancelling your account. Others have missed 1 payment and had their account sent to collections. It seem like anyone who has had to deal with Merrick’s customer service gets absolutely nowhere. Beware of this rip-off company. And beware of the many Fake positive reviews on this page.

The Merrick Credit card is a real credit card. I have one and it’s helping me build my credit. They start you low then increase your limit in time. I started out with $300 and now I have a $1600 limit.

You are right in reporting this is a rip-off company and card. Beware, they are sharks, no lie. I have other cards to help rebuild my credit, e.g., Capital One, who are extremely fair and customer oriented compared to these snakes in the grass.

Exactly. I just paid mine off – a full payoff, and they still charged me ‘interest fees’ on a quoted payoff amount. This company is full of crap.

Finally! Someone with a brain. Or someone who’s not on Merrick’s payroll. If you are one of those positive reviewers paid by Merrick, you’d better rush to “your” bank, before Merrick puts a stop payment on your compensation. Or charges you a fee to deposit it. They are indeed championship world class swindlers.

Thank you, Allison, you just helped me make up my mind. NO! I too did research on Merrick and then decided to read some reviews. I think by not getting involved with Merrick I have saved myself some aggravation! Thanks Allison!

I am LOL’ing at this. Some people have given some great advice on here about how to use the card. When you have bad credit people take advantage. It is what it is. I just accepted the “No Hidden Fee” offer and after having read the reviews I am expecting to see one after the first year. I intend to use it until my credit score goes up and then get a better card with a normal interest rate and close the Merrick account. You also have to keep in mind that the loudest people are the ones complaining. Folks who are not having “issues” don’t write review very often. They have nothing to complain about.

It seems to me the criticisms are coming from people who did not adhere to the policies and/or do not understand how credit card companies operate. The thing that’s curious to me is that, for people rebuilding credit, and with a high interest rate, the apparent ease with which credit limits are increased would be an enticement to load more debt onto the card, which is how the credit card company makes its profit, so I don’t understand why people are excited about getting a credit limit increase – unless they are now in a better position to afford it and can pay off their balance due. Seems to me this is the kind of card to have as emergency back-up for unexpected high expenses.

Right on, very good point people. Read and heed and beware of this scam card.

I think people are completely oblivious debt to limit ratio. You should never charge up the credit card. The increase in credit amount only serves to better your score. YOU SHOULD NOT USE IT!!

I’ve just received an offer for a Merrick Bank unsecured card, and my offer was for $1,250 limit with no annual fee, no setup fee, no additional-card fee, way better than what I’m seeing here. The interest rate is high, but what do you expect from a bank like this — the reason I and most everyone gets something from Merrick Bank is obvious — we have credit problems in our past. Mine are 4.5 years old & it was a CH-7 BK; however, I have restablished credit with a car loan, a mortgage, 4 other bank cards, 1 store card, and have had NO late pays or other issues/collections since – totally spotless, plus a perfect utility payment record & perfect rent record before I bought a home. I’m guessing I’m on the upper-end of their offers based on what I’m reading here, like a platinum offer, and it actually says “platinum” on the sample card they sent. My only concern would be if they charged me an annual fee without telling me in advance nor giving me the option to close the acct if I wanted or pay the fee & keep it, as that would be against the law — they have to give you a 45-day notice of any changes to the fees they charge & a chance to opt-out, i.e., close the acct, and also if they didn’t credit my payment within a reasonable amount of time or claimed I didn’t make it, but I make all my payments online, so I know they’ve gotten it, I pay it early & I watch my bank to see if the payment debits my account afterward. I’m guessing the people who are mad at Merrick Bank are those who ran afoul of the rules & feel that a small indiscretion shouldn’t have been answered so harshly, but that’s business — pay your bills on-time & mind your business matters closely.

Right, no annual fee. Pay your balance off and watch wjat happens. Poof! Out of nowhere yoi will gwt an annual fee and they won’t alert you to tje fact until you have missed a payment. They are sheisters, and I wssa respinsible great customer. Ask them to lower your interest rate and they will flat-out tell you no–via email of course!

That is what the Fair Credit Reporting Act is for. If you feel as if you are being “snookered” then you need to report it to the FTC. There are rules and regulations for credit card companies to follow and if they do not, then you take them to task. Every credit card company has a problem with something. Usually it is the interest rates, but mostly it is the customer service end. Pay your bills on time and they get you with something else. It is not just Merrick Bank….

Amen to that! I, too, have a Merrick Bank Card. And quite happy to have them! Got from them a way better offer than any OTHER card when I desperately looked for one WITHOUT the high set up fees AND low credit amount. They came through when others didn’t AND they helped me improve my credit score after a bad wave of unanticipated debt and job loss. Understanding the REASON why I had to search for a high interest card and KNOWING that Merrick was instrumental in helping me RE-ESTABLISH my credit and credit rating is a big deal to me. As was pointed out,when one is on a mission to do the RIGHT THING then problems like those listed above are few and far between.
All I can say is THANK YOU MERRICK!!

I have a merrick bank card and wish I didn’t. I have read the other comments and fully understand both the good and the bad. For those who are fortunate enough in this economy to stay in good standings with merrick or any other credit issuer is great! I try to practice a responsible relationship in concerns with my credit card providers as well. I did have an incident where I paid on the due date but after 5 p.m.(et). I live in a central time zone and missed Merricks posting by 30 minutes. I recieved a $35 dollar late fee. A little over a dollar per minute. I called Merrick and spoke with a very RUDE and aggressive representative! She was talking over me as if she was reading a script. The rep told me that after 5pm it becomes the next if today is the 21st of November 4:59 pm..then at 5:01 pm it becomes the 22nd..I told her “I know the banks have a lot of power but I don’t think they can change the calendar!” I understand all creditors have a cutoff time, but it was her RUDE behavior that upset me. She made me feel like I was a homeless person begging for an extra helping of mash potatoes at the soup kitchen! I asked to speak to a supervisor and after telling me the supervisor will tell me the same thing, she put me in hold only to return reading even more about Merricks policies. I never spoke to that supervisor and after repeatedly arguing with her, I just said thank you for nothing and hung up! I never heard of Merrick before and I hope to NEVER hear from them AGAIN!!

It’s too bad one unfortunate incident, by one employee has cast the whole company into such a poor light. Every business will have employees that will step “out of line” on occasion. I usually opt for a well worded letter/email to a supervisior before condemning the company as a whole.

These people seem to enjoy having the upper hand and practically gloat about being able to rip people off for ridiculous, unexpected fees on top of fees on top of fraudulent charges (watch the charges on your card!). Very poor candidate as far as I am concerned and just want to warn others.

I agree 100% about the cut off time – the day don’t end at 5 o’clock they are nothing but a bunch of crooks and should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of customers like that – MERRICK my you R_I_H

Merrick is a great card with regular credit limit increases and US-based customer service.

There are plenty of whiners on this board who didn’t pay their bill on time, went over their limit, paid with the wrong bank account, and those who don’t like the monthly fees or APR’s. I use this card regularly and pay in full or rarely carry a balance for more than 1 additional statement cut before paying in full.

It’s a great card to rebuild credit. I started with $1,000 when responded to a preapproved offer in the mail, and now am up to $2,600 credit limit. I pay this card using Merrick’s web site and pay electronically, always in advance of the due date. I have had ZERO problems with missing payments, the dog eating it, phoney finance charges, or anything else. It’s simple–I use my card responsibly, I pay my bill. I sometimes pay more than once per month.

If you get an offer for this card, get it. Then use no more than 10-20% of your total credit line, especially in the first 6 months. You’ll be rewarded for it with regular credit line increases that range from $300-$600 every time.

‘Nuff said.

I was a Merrick Bank customer for over a year and I thought they were a little shady in the beginning but, they grew on me and I started to think very highly of them. I started out with a $700.00 credit limit and moved up to $1,400.00. I was paying faithfully and finally paid my balance in full. In the time that I had my Merrick Card I was working hard to rebuild my credit. I paid off and closed several low credit limit, high interest and high fee cards. So now, I have been accepted for 2 very good low APR % no fee cards and I think that I’m on the road to getting back to where I should be with my credit for my age. Well, out of the blue Merrick cancels my card with no notice. So, I get on the phone and call what is a poor excuse for customer service and get to try to speak to the most rude woman I’ve ever had the displeasure of being in contact with. Needless to say we resolved nothing. I never missed a payment and I was never late on a payment. Anyway,several days later they sent me a letter telling me that they cancelled my account because I applied for these other cards. I just don’t understand what they are thinking. Most people that I know carry several different credit cards.

My husband and I went through Chapter 7 bankruptcy April 2012 (unemployment, combined with medical bills, no health insurance). He got a Capitol One CC a month after and I received a Merrick Bank CC two months ago. I would never carry a balance on the Merrick CC due to high interest rates, but I use it for small purchases and then pay in full at the end of each week. We are only using credit cards to get our FICO up and in the event we have a work seminar to attend and have to do carry expenses for hotel/airfare until we get reimbursed from company a couple weeks later. As soon as our FICO is our high enough to get better cards with a lower interest rate, we will dump the Merrick credit card. I am grateful that Merrick issued me this card but wary about carrying a balance. If you read fine print on agreement you will see that this is not actually a real credit card and if you get your number stolen, you could be liable for fraudulent charges.

Merrick bank has been a good credit card issuer so far based on my experience. Their customer service was very helpful, one time I misplaced my credit card in the house and reported the card lost, they suggested me to block the card for few days until I found my card. So I found my card in one of the books I was reading. They have increased my credit limit couple times, starting from 1250, and now 1850 ( on average it was every 4 month a cli, the first cli was given a year later ). They are not the highest credit limit I have so far with 21% apr. I still use it to re-establish my credit ( currently exp. 698, transunion 660, it was like experian 638 and transunion 630 at the time I applied for the card last year ). I fired several low limit credit card like HSBC, capital ones and orchard bank. I paid my credit card payment once the statement is generated and keep some balance on the card. They calculate the average daily balance for interest charge if you are keeping a balance. I sometimes PIF in some months.

Wait until your credit limit exceeds $2,000. That’s when the real trouble starts. It doesn’t matter if you’re responsible and prompt either. I speak from experience. Never been late in 10 years.

Do not use this company. I did originally get this card after a bankruptcy years ago. We recently made a large payment, over $600 and accidentally put in the wrong bank account number for payment. The payment was rightly returned. As soon as I saw that the payment was returned, I made a $1000 payment leave only a $100 balance. They put a hold on my account for 15 days and would not even let me use the available credit that I had besides the returned payment. The customer service was rude and could not explain why I was not even allowed to use the available credit disregarding the returned payment. I got a letter that said the hold would be up to 10 days, but when I explained that tot he customer service, they did not care. It is bull! I will be writing to corporate, even though I am sure they won’t care. DON’T GET THIS CARD!!!!!!!!

I use Merrick bank and I think this is a great one to make young college kids to get, set the limit at 500 a month, because Merrick Bank does have very helpful people that work there and will walk you through everything if you are not sure to get a card from them. The highest I have seen my APR. is 19.9% and no bank can charge you more than $25 if you go over, nor can they change your rates if you have paid 6 months in a row without a flaw 😉 Now, First Premire is a Bank I would run from, they lie and promise ya a nice 9.9% APR – then when you get all set up you notice that it’s really 36% APR, NOW – this is against the CARD act, I called them just to test them and talked to a few people and asked them as to why they did not follow the CARD act, they informed me that the State of S.Dakota has it’s own laws, LOOOOOL I laughed in the phone and told them they need to be fired for you can’t make up your own laws when it’s already in place and has been since Obama signed it. But – They can break what the house, congress, and Obama said yes to, so people would learn credit cards are loans, and you should never have one over 2k.

I got a Merrick Bank card about 6 months ago and its been a breeze for me! I’ve used it for several things and have paid the bill on-time each and every month on-line through my checking. I’ve also had a fifth third card for about 2 years now and have never paid late. I just got a pre-approval letter from Amex in the mail and applied….Approved!!! I was so excited!

This credit card helped me reestablish my credit. Sure the interest rates are high and I am paying $3 a month for the annual fee but I don’t use it as often only for emergency purposes.

They often get mad at people when card is only used that way. That’s usually when they begin toying with your rates/terms, and payment status.

I have had my merrick card for over 1 year now. 2x I have made payments well before the due date and they hold my payments even though they are cleared by the bank and w/ merrick. I called to ask why they show my payment, increased my credit limit but my available balance did not reflect the difference. The women on the phone stated ” we randomly hold payments up to 11 days ” I can’t imagine any company making “random” policies, this is ridiculous to me. If you want your payment cleared you have to fax them a copy of a bank statement showing the funds cleared and they will release it w/in 2 hrs. However I have had to call in both instances after 2hrs to have the funds cleared. I’m working to pay this card off ASAP and close the account. I will not do business with companies that exercise such ”random” policies.

Thanks guys..both good and bad reviews have helped me to decide that Merrick Bank’s Credit Card is NOT for me..I’ll stick to my Cap one card. They have given me a great rate and no APR on their platnium card…I also have my auto financing done with was easy. Sent me a pre-approved blank check for and I went and got the car I wanted..set up auto payments for the card and the car and it’s good.

I have had this card for 3 mos. Yes I had a 72$ annual fee when I opened the acct. but like many have said it takes a little sacrifice to get back on your feet. (I filed bankruptcy almost 2 yrs ago) I pay online with my bank acct. the payment clears in no more than 2 days. Interest fee’s are high but if you charge only what you can pay back at the end of the month you’ll never be charged interest. Use this card as a stepping stone to fix bad credit, with a little time and obedient spending you’ll be where you need to be in not time!

I must say that I have had a good experience with them. They gave me a secured card which I have had for a 5 years. I had one small issue of them closing my account when I opened other cards, they got nervous. I appealed and they reopened the card. I do have to say that they do need to grow with their customers. I now have some very good cards without annual fees and rewards, but theirs still remains a plain secured card without any benefits. I would hope at some time they would consider giving my security deposit back and alter the terms to be more favorable for those of us who have been with them a long time. I don’t want to close the account, but I also don’t want to pay an annual fee for much longer or have the money in an account that does not earn interest. I don’t want to lose the length of history with them.

The customer service is good and is US based. They are limited by what they can do, but are helpful with what they can. Their online banking, while not so pretty, does work well and is functional in a basic sense. It allows you to set up automatic payments or pay the same day without a fee.

Take what some people say with a grain of salt! I am sure you can imagine why! I think it is mentioned in the article above.

I’ve got both capitol one & merrick, I’m pleased with both, I started out with bad credit, but if you don’t put a lot on the card, and you pay it off quick, you will get an increase every 6months, and your credit score goes up! I started with capitol one credit limit of $500. it increased to $750. then I got the merrick card and was able to get a limit of $1000. just be smart with the card, pay on time just like you would any of your other bills and there’s no problems!You can’t build credit in a day, but you can do it, there’s not many choices out there if you don’t have good credit, take what they offer, and just be smart about it!

That might be the last credit limit increase you get with that Capone card. It sounds to me like that was their credit step program.I have waited two years for a credit limit increase from them. Merrick on the other hand has given me credit limit increases.

just don’t have a dispute with them, they are not helpful in anyway. they even make hard to make a payment at that time. i am old and have fought through divorse and lose of business and i don’t feel i need to treated by their customer service reps like i was. dont waste time with them they wont help. its their way or not at all.

Not a good experience. Card holder for 6 years. Added an annual fee that they bill monthly so if you don’t overpay you always have a balance that they can charge interest on. Second they will hold payments against your credit line even if you’ve made 100’s of payments on time with no issue. Honestly this should be illegal because it’s random and I think designed to keep people from paying off balances.

i have this merrick bank card which was a mail offer only once i got approved for capital one .. my credit score wasn’t the best i was def in the process of re building , however its funny that people complain about high interest rates or annual fees,.. you don’t really have much of a choice when you don’t have great credit .. you have to start somewhere . i was initially approved for 7oo. I’ve had the card for about a yr now with good credit history i am up to 1400 limit! yes interest rate is a bit high but all cards pretty much will be if you don’t have a great score! i would def rec this card if you get a mail offer ( only way ) . never had a problem and increases are very frequent i have since improved my score and have quite a few cards and this is the one that increases the most!

I haven’t had my Merrick Bank Credit Card for very long, but so far so good. I must say I’m impressed with the expedient customer service on the phone as well as the English speaking personnel that understand what you’re saying. They also don’t leave you on hold for days with that annoying crappy background music. You might get transferred one time at the most to the right department and they come on the line within seconds. I have had a couple of security blocks on my card but when I called them, they took care of it immediately and made the funds available before I hung up the phone. As far as the high interest rates and the annual fee, I can deal with that plus it kind of forces me to carry a lower balance and better budget my spending. Their website is simple and easy to navigate. I’ve had Capital One for almost 10 years and I have to say, when they outsourced their customer service to off-shore reps their company went to the birds. My Cap 1 interest rate is really low like around 8% but if I had to get rid of one card, I’d still rather keep Merrick simply based on the excellent customer service, short hold time on the phone, and efficiency in taking care of minor little problems. The headaches trying to make an off-shore rep understand you, then feeling bad for insulting them and slamming the phone down are almost not worth the low rate or the fact they are one company that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. Importance of features varies obviously from one customer to another.

I filed BK almost 2 years agoo. I applied for a Merrick Bank credit card (with mail offer). I got approved with 24% APR, zero annual fee, zero account set up fee. I think not bad to start up with.

wow! a lot of horror stories… received a credit card offer, and now I’m not willing to take the risk. what happened to good, honest business practices? these are sad times indeed…

I don’t know why there is such negativity towards them. I have never had any major problems with them. I have found that in many cases those who post negative things are themselves at fault, especially when it comes to aspects which include payments. They have an online payment system which makes it nearly impossible to miss a payment. You can pay the same day the payment is due or you can set it up to automatically pay each month. The automatic payment process allows for you to pay either a set amount or the minimum due.

In regards to people with holds being placed on their accounts for payments I also find this interesting since I think they only do that for problem accounts or maybe for new new accounts. They never place a hold on my account, but I have happily been a customer with them for 5 years. During that time my credit limit has tripled. It would be even higher I am certain of that, but there were times where I never used the card for many months, maybe even up to a year. I noticed that they when I wouldn’t use the card it was less likely to get an increase and when I did I was certainly given an increase. I am actively using this account every month to build the limit to $5000.

I do have their secured card and the only complaint I really have is that they never give the security funds back and they bill the annual membership fee in monthly installments. I would rather pay the fee once a year, hence annual fee. It would be nice if they either gave me my deposit back or gave me interest on it.

I would say the best of companies will have those who will claim to have horror stories.

Wow.. these comments were very helpful.. Got an offer in the mail from Merrick.. did a little research.. WILL NOT be accepting this offer.. Thanks 🙂

I also got an offer today but im gonna decline, not paying $ 72.00 annually for having the card no way !!! for those with poor credit like me I suggest Visa from Capital Bank, they start you with $300 limit and increse you to $500 after 7 months if you pay on time, no set up fees, hidden fees, maintance or none of that bs, i’m very happy with my Capital Bank, cash advances carry a fee of $10.00 not too bad.

I just applied to a similar offer that has no setup fee and says that they’ll double my $700 line if I pay on time for 7 months!

most are good besides the shady people who dont pay on

I have had a Merrick Visa for about 2 years. Was a mail offer that I accepted for an unsecured VISA with no annual fee and and a $1750 limit. Annual APR is 17.45%. Like other people have said, this is a rebuilder card for those with blemishes on their credit record. I charge on this card occasionally and pay it off in full each month. Merrick raised my credit line $400 after the first year. I use my bank for bill pay, so a payment is pushed to Merrick when I have a balance due and I have never had a problem with a payment not being credited in a day or two. Since this is a rebuilder card, it is best to not carry a balance, then it does not matter what the APR is on the card. I have had no problems with Merrick. If however, they instituted an annual fee for this card, I would probably close the account. I have other credit cards that don’t charge an annual fee.

Received an offer about 7 years ago when it was hard for me to secure credit. They started me out with an unsecured line of $500. Interest was about 19.45% but this was a rebuilding card and my goal was to not keep a balance but to use frequently. Never really carried much on the card, and paid off monthly. Received credit increases yearly it seems, they always just showed up and I never requested them. Eventually built up to $3,500 limit. Years passed and I eventually was able to secure some good cards from Chase and American Express with low interest rates and great limits. I still keep this card as it’s my oldest account and looks good on credit report. No monthly fees or yearly fees. I still use it for recurring bills (cell phone) and pay it off via automatic bank payment every month.

They treated me well and I feel I got a fair deal. Sure, they earned interest money from me but that’s what they need to do considering no fees on the card. If it were not for Merrick who knows where I would be now. Currently FICO scores around 765 – 788 and just signed for a nice european auto at 0.9% APR. So you can rebuilt your credit and go from very bottom to top 2% in less then 7 years. You just need to be responsible and use credit wisely and as a tool.

I have to agree and congrats for rebuilding your credit!

In Dec. of 2009 I was told I would have an annual fee, but that there was nothing wrong with my account. I am not sure why some are charged a fee and others not—even on newer accounts it seems that they are not being charged an annual fee. I debated closing it but would affect my FICO score if I closed an account.

Do yourself a favor and close the account ASAP. Take the sacrifice now before they hurt you further down the road.

Congrats Chas and you have really just inspired me!!!

I just closed my Merrick Bank Visa credit card account on 7/3/12 because they love to charge late fees any chance they get. I have had this card for 2 years now with a $1500.00 limit. I have received 2 late fees in less than one month. It does not seem to matter to Merrick Bank that I have paid this card off twice. I have cut up this credit card. For anyone thinking about getting a credit card with Merrick Bank, PLEASE DO NOT! You will be sorry.

Were the late fees justified because you missed the due date? Your post doesn’t make it clear.

I just have to ask… were you actually late (even by one day) when you were charged the late fees? Or was this a billing error and they charged you these for no reason?

They do have online payments. You can even set this up to happen on an automatic basis so that you could actually never be late! After 5 years I have had 2 late fees, once was their fault and once was mine. I typed in the wrong account number, which they were understanding about and had seen my history was flawless. Both times I got it resolved without an issue and the fee removed. I am their ideal consumer! I use the technology properly so I have little need to call them and discuss problems.

Not sure how that is possible, your due date is once a month and you got two late fees in less than a month??? I could see that for maybe a returned payment but even in that case 90% of credit card companies Only charge one or the other, In most cases the larger fee whether that be return check fee or late fee.

So if you paid the bill on time, there would be no late fees . . .hmm, I’m sorry, I don’t see your complaint as being valid.

I think there great, they were the first card I got that I didn’t have to pay for, no membership or fee’s and they also gave me the highest credit limit, I’ve told all my friends about Merrick bank that were looking for a credit card 🙂 -Jeff

Not sure if Jeff is biased but his post reads like a political talking point; rife with deception. It is well established here that Merrick likes to charge monthly fees to their customers even longtime customers who have never been late with a perfect payment history have been hit with monthly fees just to have the card. If you want to write a positive post about Merrick it should read like this.
If your credit sucks and you can’t get a brand name credit card with no fees then consider Merrick because they give cards out generously because they make the money back on late fees, high rates, and monthly membership fees. :)-Antijeff

I too support them and how they are actually pretty good, they certainly are better than Capone!!!! I have suggested to both my sisters and my niece that they get this card. While I don’t now need a secured card due to my credit score being good enough to qualify for other cards I don’t have the inclination to close the account. Since my account gets paid automatically each month I don’t have to worry about it. Even if I stop using it I will certainly not have to worry about paying it as it will just happen automatically! At some point I do wish they would upgrade my account. I think they should grow as their customers do. Overall I am pretty satisfied with them.

I’d like to comment on the Merrick Credit Card. I got cancer and as a result am disabled. I went from a high paying job to disability which is poverty level for a family of one. With that said, my credit score took a tumble. I needed a credit card to begin re-establishing my credit. Yes, the APR is high, the fees are high, etc. But that is what happens when someone is forced to declare bankruptcy. I needed a charge card for emergencies or to book a reservation somewhere. Merrick solicited me and within a year my limit was increased. I pay 10 times my minimum each month and I think this has helped me advance in both my limit with them and also has greatly improved my credit score. I may not beat this cancer and all my struggle to improve my credit score might all be in vain. People complain about the late fee. Guess what? stop being late on your payments. Yes you probably can get a better credit card down the line, but initially, depending on your situation, this is a great card.

I agree! The only fee I have to pay them is the monthly annual fee.

I just got a solicitation from these people, and I had a good laugh. For me, here’s their fees:

APR: 26.45% (may vary)
Cash Advance APR: 31.45%

Setup Fee: $75
Annual Fee: $48/yr

Late Payment, Over Limit, Returned Item fees: $35

Pretty ridiculous for a $550 card limit, imho.

i just got an offer and i took it
no set up fee
39 dollar annual
and 3 dollars a month that goes to next years annual fee which i think is a great idea so when the time comes ur not hit with a 39 dollar payment!!!!

I would never pay a set up or processing fee, since there are so many more options out there without that fee. I would have laughed too!

For those who are upset with the withholding of their available credit…it’s called a payment float and completely legal.

I worked for a sub-prime credit card company (not Merrick) and the reason they hold the funds for up to 11 days is because a banking institution has up to 30 days to return an item. So they are only holding the funds for less than half the time the bank has to return it. Basically they are protecting their customers from occurring additional fees, if the available funds on the credit card are used and then the bank returns the item that paid those funds your account could then become severally over limit, thus occurring over limit fees along with any return item fees from the credit card company and your banking institution.

They are also protecting themselves because if an account gets wildly over limit. A lot of times it becomes past due, resulting in even more fees and some people just let the account charge off and the company never sees their money back. The payment float can be placed on available funds for a few reasons. In most cases the first payment made to the account is held, and a few other reasons are making a larger payment than usual, the account is or had been over limit, the account is past due or a late payment had been made. M

Must keep in mind these cards are designed to help rebuild credit and they actually do as long as you read and stick to your terms and conditions. If your credit doesn’t need rebuilding perhaps these types of cards aren’t for you. Try to get approved for the more premium cards. You are not legally bound to the credit card until you activate and use it, so before activation make sure this is the right card for you and can use it responsibly.

Perfect explanation. 🙂 I have a $700 credit limit and I was at the limit. Each month, I had been making my minimum monthly payment. This month, I was able to pay off the whole balance. I noticed that the $698 I paid cleared my account, but only half of the payment cleared my card. I called customer service, and they told me that half was made available for me to use, and the other half is being held for 7 days. The explanation was the same as yours. I made a huge payment after making so many little payments, and they’re holding it to make sure the money is there. I do understand that, but I also never had that happen to me with any other cards. I also just paid my whole balance with capone, and they gave me my whole limit back without holding half or all. It’s annoying, but not too big of a deal. I do have half I can use, and I didn’t plan on spending the whole $700 right now anyways. I can wait.

How do I apply for a credit limit increase for my Merrick Bank Visa card?

According to the pre-screened offer I received for the unsecured card, if you make your minimum monthly payment (which cannot be returned as unpaid to them or unable to process for any reason) by the monthly payment due date for the first 7 months your account is open they will double the credit line that they approved you for.

carrie coleman

I had to get 2 new tires. I need a 250.00 increase.

Currently Merrick Bank does not allow consumer initiated credit limit increase requests. Few companies do this anymore, especially in the high-risk segment of the market. If you are on with Chase, B of A, etc. you may have the option to do this yourself. I do know that First Premier will allow you to request an increase once within 12 months time and charges you 25% of the increased amount as a credit limit increase fee (limit of $500 -> $600 = 25% x $100 = $25 fee).

Just Wondering

Question for all of those that are opposed to Merrick… What credit building company would be better to use than these people? I have received this card as well but I’m not really convinced on accepting. In fact after reading more cons than pros, it’s not worth the hassle. So what’s next?

I would go with a Capitol 1 card if I were you. They have some that offer rewards… However, they too have a high interest rate and annual fee. The interest rate isn’t as high as The Merrick Bank card but inflated nonetheless. But, if you are trying to rebuild your credit. Capitol 1 is good for that as they report to all 3 credit bureaus and will increase your limit over time if you pay on time, they also offer rewards on some & they have some promotions where they waive the APR for the 1st yr.

What? They will give you a credit limit increase? Ha Ha Ha. I waited 2 years for a credit limit increase from Cap1. I had excellent history with both them and the credit bureaus during that period. (My score increased 120 points with the bureaus.) I used the account for 7 times the limit over a period of 1 year, 3 times it’s limit in one month alone. I had 2 accounts with them and neither has had increases, except the one they guarantee after 4 payments. I closed one account with them due to this issue. There is no amount of begging I can do or proof I can give them where they will increase my credit limit. I have 3 other major credit cards with other companies that have much higher limits. I have low utilization ratios. Get a credit line increase from them. Ha ha ha ha ha…. You can win the lottery too!

I had a Capital 1 card with a 400.00 limit and my ex- boyfriend got in to a car accident with our only vehicle and we had to rent a car so that i could get back and forth to work, the insurance company of the person who hit him was to pay the bill for the rental car but the info was never submitted from the car rental company instead they billed capital 1 1600.00 and they let the charge go thru. i could not understand how they would allow such a charge go thru on such a small credit limit up until that time I was never late and i paid my balance off each month. well me and the ex broke up and when he got the money from the insurance company I did not see one dime of it. and to this day I would not ever want a Capital 1 card ever again in life.

I have a capitol one card and I think they are the best company to go with. They offer secured and unsecured credit cards. My credit score wasnt the worst but there is much room for improvement. I’ve had it since September of 11′ and once you pay on time for the first six payment they automatically give you a credit line increase without you having to request it. Initially my card was only for $300 but after the six months of paying on time it was raised to $500. Just make sure you don’t spend more than about 30% of your credit line per month because that gets your score up. I use mine to pay for gas and then just pay it all off before the due date. Also my score increased by at least 40+ points since I have had it. The other positive is the fee is only $39 annually. My fiance and I are trying to rebuild our credit. However, he was only approved for the secured card but I think he only had to send them $49 for a starter $200 limit.

You may never get another credit limit increase from Capone again. At least Merrick gives them! Mine has tripled since having the card. My 2 Capone cards have not gotten anything in 2 years. Figure it out. If you are happy paying $39 for an annual fee and you want credit limit increases, don’t go with Capone. If you want a company that will reward you for good behavior, go with Merrick. Yes I am pro Merrick and con Capone, but Capone is just a con anyway.

I think Capital One is a good one to have for credit building. Excellent customer service.

IMHO, the people who complain, are usually the bad risks who expect being irresponsible with other opportunities of credit to be constantly rewarded with low fee, low interest rate cards.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Sometimes credit cards actually suck, and this is one of them. I have excellent credit and am not a bad risk.

Spot on.

I have turned my credit from total crap to pristine in the last 5 years and I have had cards from Orchard Bank, First Premier, Bank of Marin, Providian, & Merrick Bank. Out of all of them Orchard Bank seems to be the most friendly and legit. There is no monthly fee (for my accounts) the rate was reasonable (considering the risk) and the annual fee was about half of what First Premier charges. Merrick has consistently had the highest rate of my cards and they will increase your account limit every 6 mo if you do not carry a high balance and make payments on time. Mine is now somewhere around 4K up from $850 3 yrs ago. BUT this can be a serious trap if you do not watch out. Incremental increases like that can lead you to slowly grow your balance even if you are not near your limit. So if you are not good at keeping your balance in check I WOULD NOT recommend getting the Merrick card. Even at my $800 balance that I carry it costs me $25 in fees (annual & monthly, plus interest) just to carry the balance. That is $300 a year just to carry a $800 balance… big 🙁

It seems like most of the issues with this card is from people who do not pay their balances off right away. No disrespect but if you charge $100 and can’t afford to pay it back before the next billing cycle then you DESERVE TO GET HIT WITH HIGH INTEREST RATES!

I have had this card for years, yes the rates are high but you avoid that by not charging more than you can pay back. I have not got hit with the yearly fee yet but if it is only $6 a month I will gladly pay it just to be able to rebuild my credit and get my score back to 700 PLUS! I use it for gas then I pay the card with my payroll check, that way I use it to get the limit increases. Good luck all!

I’ve had this card since 2004 and haven’t had a monthly fee or an annual fee. The moment they institute that on my card it WILL be closed. That said, I’ve carried balances on this card off and on throughout the years, but I made sure I pay it off as soon as I can because of the high interest. I remember trying to lower the interest many years ago and they didn’t budge so I resolved myself to not carry a balance at all possible. I initially got this card after I filed for bankruptcy back in 2003 to start over and improve my credit (score).

My fee is only 4 dollar a month, but they often increase my limit without a request and have lowered my APR only 2 percent but that’s better than nothing.

Here here. However, after 5 years with them and having rebuilt my credit, I think I should not need to pay the AF and I should get interest on my security deposit! They have been great with me and I have used the account responsibly!

I got my card in august and have been very satisfied. No fees at all as long as your payment is on-time. Went out of the country called a week in advance didn’t have any problems. Have paid off my balance each month because the interest rate is high but that is to be expected since this company caters to people with bad credit.

I THANK MERRICK for giving me the chance to rebuild my credit in a respectable manner.

I used Merrick Bank for a credit card a few years ago.

Not to rebuild credit but because they are the holder of a business’s credit card.

When I first received the card Merrick had a yearly fee that was waived with at the first year of card use, as time went on the company started charging a fee for their card from yearly to monthly.

When they went to a monthly fee where I kept a zero monthly balance with them I then had to worry about a nagging $6.00 monthly fee.

I personally refuse to own any cards that have a yearly fee associated with the card and when I noted that the card was a monthly fee, I canceled the card.

When I canceled the card I asked the person closing the account if I’d still need to pay the fee and they advised me I would not and said not to worry about it.

About 3 weeks later a statement came from Merrick Bank for the card and because the account was closed I shredded the envelope without ever paying attention thinking the account was closed.

I went away on a vacation and came back only to find out that the fee had gone to collection over two months of no payment of the card fees; this was MASSIVE CRUSHING DEBT OF $6.00.

As soon as I returned back from vacation I saw the issue and paid off the needed amount but Ol Merrick Back refused to work with me on the situation and would not rescind the negative information.

It finally came down to a woman in the credit department that flatly said to me ‘We do not and will not EVER rescind a negative report and will ALWAYS update our records to show the negative information on any and everyone’s credit report’.

I tried to talk with the woman stating that it was $6.00 and it was paid as soon as I returned her reply was this; ‘you agreed to pay the fee and did not pay so we are in no way obligated to help you’

I knew at that point knew there was no need to waste my breath on her and Merrick Bank anymore and simply set myself up to have negative information reported on me for the next 7 years, that was 2010 and I am still being told that I am a serious credit risk due to delinquent credit infraction on my credit report.

All for $6.00… Merrick Bank is for me one of the worse credit institutions in existence and anyone that ever asks me for advice about them; I steer them far-far away from Merrick Bank.

I got the card a few months ago and opened it even though the interest rate was high. I needed to rebuild my credit. After only three months and making my payments on time, I paid off my balance in full this last week. I wanted to use the card to buy plane tickets, but the card was blocked and the funds on hold. I called, was told my payment (made on their website) was credited to the account and that my funds would be available in two hours.

I tried to use it the next morning, having waited to make sure the funds cleared and got declined. I called, the account was still on hold. Here it is two days later and my account is STILL ON HOLD. I called and was told by Shawn the “higher than a supervisor” guy in charge, that my account had a four day hold on it even though the cash had already been taken out of my bank account the day before. I was told “this is in your cardholder agreement, sorry”. I told him that was unacceptable and that I was closing my account immediately. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE WHOLE AGREEMENT BEFORE YOU SIGN UP!!

It is in your cardmember agreement, I honestly do not know any credit card company who doesn’t do this, It can take up to 7-10 for a bank to return funds EVEN if it has come out of the account. It is for both your credit protection and to protect the bank. It keeps you from Going over your credit limit, possibly having the account closed and reporting Closed by bank on your credit report. A hold on payments is something you should always expect and always plan around.

I am glad I found this blog. I was trying to decide whether to apply for this pre-approved card or not, to use to pay off my debt to the IRS. This card has a $72.00 annual fee for the first year, then subsequent years $6.00/month. It has an $800 credit limit. I have Cap1, Orchard and Direct Merchants and they treat me fairly well. My only complaint is Orchard is the only one with an annual fee. I think I’ll just do a payment plan w/ IRS, at least there is an ending date for that.

Do NOT try to rebuild your credit with this company. I received a pre-approved credit app in the mail and figured I’d give them a try. Problem is, I never received the credit card. Oh I got the bills, but not the credit cards. They finally said they would send me another one and re-age my credit account.

Low and behold, I have NOT received that card either. I am now in a raging fight with them and intend to report them to whatever reporting companies I can find. Not only that, they did NOT re-age the account as told, they reported it “lost/stolen credit card” WITH the late payments on it. To say I am pissed is an understatement. How can I rebuild my credit as they advise with this information on my credit reports. I mean they are a mess thanks to an ugly divorce to start with. I’ll stick with Capitol One. All I have to say is Buyer Beware on this company.

I thought Merrick Bank was a nice bank, but they are not at all. They are what I describe as being modern day “Pirates!” This bank should be under investigation and I am going to make sure someone look into their shady dealings. FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO NEED CREDIT CARDS, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK, THEY ARE THE WORST.

I strongly urged all who have been a victim of Merrick to file a class action lawsuit against them. I tried to do an online payment with a Customer Service Rep, he took my bank information, but wrote it down wrong. They have canceled my account, which I am glad because it was wrong how they have done all, after reading all of the posts. I am going to check with my State Attorney to see if something can be done.

The only complaint I have is you don’t have automated service to pay my bill each month. All my other cards do that, it is a big plus. The mail service is getting bad last month i didn’t get a statement at all hope this is something you will consider.

They do. I have been using it for about 5 years now. It is in the online payment section, I think. It is there somewhere and I have been using it! You can even attach multiple accounts.

They have online statements and online paying they also have pay stations at a lot of the check cashing stores (check with your area)and the funds are credit to your account within 1-2 buissness days.

I got a Merrick Visa in 2007. It was a pre-approved application. I loved how my limit would increase with my on-time payments & until recently I would have written about how much I loved this bank.

A few months ago I fell behind on my payments due to an extended period of unemployment. I contacted them and at first, I was assured that they would help me out. I was put on a payment program that gave me a lower interest rate, a fixed payment (at an amount that I could just make if I was careful with my budget) and in return it closed my account-a term I wasn’t against. However, when I attempted to set up a recurring on-line payment… my woes just began.

First, I set this up in mid-December… but they tell me later it takes up to 30 days to take affect (I so wish I was joking about this) thus I miss my January payment. I call and demand this to be fixed but foolishly trust them again. In February, I get charged 2 payments & a late fee. My options… have my bank cancel the payment & resubmit it once the money is back in my account. I have decided that once this account is paid off I will never resume my business with them again.

The last time I had a credit card company treat me like this was Capital One… & once I closed my account I never looked back. I only hope that my story might help someone else. I’ll admit I didn’t like their interest rate… but I was willing to live with as until now… they treated me good. I guess once you begin to have problems… they stop being good to you. That’s how I feel.

Also, just a word of advice to others I’ve read here… The Federal Reserve isn’t a regulatory agency, it is THE central bank of the United States. It is mostly private, too. The board of directors are just appointed – with no strings attached – by the government. Also, the Better Business Bureau isn’t a government agency. It is a private company that rates business, and it doesn’t have *any* regulatory clout. It just has “ratings” and can mediate a problem if you don’t want to deal with it yourself. It is no different than calling a friend to help you out, but at the end of the day they can’t do anything more effective than making a call yourself.

A lot of the complaints on here seem to be trivial things… Fees for mailing out card replacements, bounced check payments (and the fees that come from that), and various other problems.

The truth is, every bank is going to give you headaches over a bounced check. And a fee for mailing out a card isn’t a rip off, it is a choice the company makes to fund business for handing out credit cards to sub-prime borrowers, knowing it won’t always get the income back.

I am not all pro-bank here, actually my primary card is with a local Credit Union, but a lot of these rip off reports are trivial at best. If you are with the company for 5 years and they give you an annual fee, then they changed the policy or either you did something wrong (late payment, maybe). If they change the policy, then move to a different bank. But I wouldn’t call it “fraudulent” for them to charge you, it is what banks do.

All of them are doing the same things these days. I wouldn’t isolate it to being a Merrick Bank issue. The only thing I don’t like is the 20% interest rate they’ve given me, but again it is a company that provides credit to sub-prime lenders. I have a bankruptcy on my record in the past 5 years, so… I’m just thankful I can get a VISA credit card.

I’ve been with Merrick Bank for half a year now. My verdict so far is as follows: yes, the interest is high. It is a negative of this card. I personally don’t have any annual fee, so I’m not sure the fees are higher than other banks. But, I actually give props to their customer service. I have dialed the 800 number on the back of the card to ask a few questions since owning the card, and every time I got past the main menu and pressed “0” it went straight to an agent and didn’t kick me back to an automated system as other banks try to do. Secondly, when someone answered the phone, they were someone who spoke American-Canadian English natively, not with a thick heavy accent or someone who couldn’t understand the language in order to understand my problem. I give BIG props to ANY bank who has support based in North America as opposed to off shore support where they are less able to do the job.

I can name off an entire list of companies I no longer do business with, namely Capital One, because they have ineffective off-shore call center workers that can’t do the job and can’t even understand you.

Merrick Bank may have problems with high interest rates, but if they continue to offer better support and VISA cards for those who may have had a few dings on their credit in the past, I don’t see that they are less competitive. All banks are charging crazy fees and interest these days.

I second the US based customer support, I think they are out of Hicksville NY on Long Island. I called once from Atlantic City, NJ about my card not working, the lady answering the call had the local knowledge to ask if I was trying to use the card for a hotel related charge or a casino one; apparently it made a difference to their fraud detection system. This kind of local contextual knowledge is priceless.

Hmmmmm, the woman I spoke with today sounded like she was from India, with a VERY heavy accent. I couldn’t understand her sometimes.

They are big ripoff I had my card stolen they wanted to charge me for another. It was stolen.

It cost money to make and mail a credit card. And as many Lost stolen reports they get a day it makes sense… Yes it was not your fault it was stolen, but it wasn’t the banks either. It cost over 100 dollars to open a new account, and that’s what you are doing when you get a new card.

I agree with Bob. Even my own personal bank charges a fee for a lost or stolen debit and credit card. It’s standard.

So they are suppose to supply another card (with the incurred costs) for free??

Y’all complaining about the Merrick Bank Credit Card need to change your payment method. I am with Chase Bank and I electronically transfer the cash from my bank account to Merrick Bank. I NEVER use their website to pay my bill. It posts instantly every time because they have no choice. The money is sent to them from CHASE not submitted to Merrick to be withdrawn from chase. I do 1 day transfer which allows me to wait til the 8th of the month because my payments due on the 9th(unless those days are on the weekend in which case it would be the previous Thursday for the Friday before the due date).

Try getting a better bank (Chase would be my recommendation) and do electronic bill pay thru them instead of using snail mail or Merrick’s website and you’ll NEVER encounter a late fee.

Have never had an issue with this card ever. I cut up my other 3 cards and threw them in the trash. I exclusively use my Merrick Bank card now.

Trying to figure it out

Thanks for the tip Bulldog!

I have had a Merrick Bank unsecured card for 6 yrs and have NEVER missed a payment nor EVER been late….I just found out my APR IS 28.45%. I had NO IDEA I was paying that kind of rate. ( they make it almost IMPOSSIBLE to find it on their electronic statement, now I know why too) I asked for a lower rate and was told by customer service there is no way to even request this. I also found out they do not have any way to contact them by email!…even on my electronic statement!!

I am paying this off as fast as I can!!!!!!

I received an offer for a Merrick Bank Visa, but needed more info. Thank you, ALL the posted comments. The information was extremely helpful. I decided to NOT apply for a credit card.

There are 160 complaints so far about Merrick Bank’s credit cards at alone. Plus all the complaints here and elsewhere on the web. Incredible. How does this company manage to stay in business after ripping off so many consumers for so long?

Have they already been reported to the FTC or the Fed Reserve? And who actually regulates them, does anyone know?

I got a Merrick Card. 1. The fourth month they said I was late and charged $25.00. I proved to them I was never late. Deducted the late fee. Two months ago, my payment was credited to my account, then they said my bank had returned my check, BS, I have never had a returned check. I have continued to make timely payments, but they continue to hound me for the so-called missing payment. I told them they need to clear it up, they credited my account, I have had nothing from my bank showing any returned checks. Merrick Bank can’t even show me proof about the returned check. So who stole my check???? I’ll pay them off, maybe, but never again. They are thieves.

I have been a long time customer with no annual fee until a couple of years ago. then I received a notice of annual fee being added. I was not happy, but continued to use the card because it was convenient to charge my Geico insurance payment. It was directly transferred to my account and I originally figured if they had a relationship with Geico, one of the Warren Buffett companies, that was good enough for me. then I noticed that it took longer for my mailed payment to reach them in time to avoid the late charge. In October 2011, I mailed the payment on Oct. 5th. It was due on Oct. 14, but they claim they did not receive it until past the due date. It cleared my bank on Oct 24. I read several banks in Utah are being sued for allegedly not posting payments in a timely fashion. I am researching whether Merrick is one of those listed. I called the bank on Nov. 1 and cancelled my account. I have better terms with other banks’ credit cards I use as my credit rating is excellent.

I’ve had a card from Merrick Bank card for almost 2 years. The limit is so small ($300) I had to use my debit card for almost all purchases. Recently I got an AMEX card with a 10k limit…yet Merrick still won’t up the limit on their card. 0% utilization, paying in full each month, and having perfect credit (since some mistakes about 3.5 years ago) hasn’t changed their minds. Thanks for the credit history Merrick, but I might not be around much longer. They haven’t done me wrong, but they certainly aren’t that accommodating.

Merrick bank is the worst rebuilding credit card I have ever gotten. I made an electronic web ach payment to them on the 10th of the month which showed that the payment was posted to Merrick credit card on the same day… although it did not reflect on my available credit. The payment posted to my bank account on the 12th of the month. I looked at my merrick account and still noticed on the 15th of the month that my available credit was still not reflecting the payment that was made. When I contacted Merrick bank to see why they havent credited my payment to my available credit after the payment cleared my bank account, the customer service representative (extremely rude), stated that they have the right to hold the funds for 11 days?! Its completely wrong because the payment was clearly pulled out of my checking account and posted to Merrick credit card, they have absolutely no right to not to credit the funds to the account if it literally was reflecting it was already taken out of my bank account. So merrick credit card customers beware… even though you have a good payment history with this bank, always made your payments on time, never bounced a payment… They Still Have The Right to Hold Your Funds… For up to 11 DAYS!!! AFTER THEY TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF OUR BANK ACCOUNT.

Right there with you Maria…see my post March 1

F#%k merrick bank its that simple.

I have had a few issues with them, but they were all handled effectively when I was able to talk to the right person.

A year ago they closed my account, saying that I was a higher credit risk since I had opened up 2 new MasterCard accounts. (These two limits were less than the security deposit I had with them.) I was initially told that even though I had been with them 3 years and had never made a late payment or even gone near my credit limit, there was no way to reverse the decision. Well I did get it reversed. I then had an issue with a payment that was a problem with their computer system, since I had added a secondary payment source. I tried to clearly explain that I knew the problem was not my own, but the CSR was not going to believe me. I took some time and got it worked out. I then made a mistake and inputted the wrong account number by 1 digit after this got corrected and even that got taken care of. (I probably would not have made that mistake in the first place, as I had already this step, but had to redo it due to their computer programming issue.) I got everything taken care of with a little patience and care, I also did not take the CSR’s answers as being final.

I do like the card, I do have fairly good interest rate, I am happy for them helping me to go further and get cards without a security deposit. I do not like the monthly fee instead of an annual fee, this could be a benefit if they report it as usage to your credit file. The benefit here is that a 0% usage of your available credit reports lower than 1% to 20%. I will have to make a choice at some stage, since they do say they will never return your security deposit. After 4 years with this card, I think I have proven myself. At the 5th year if I have a large credit line with another bank, I probably will have to simply move on and get the security deposit back.

I already have 2 rewards cards and this will have to a consideration too.

I was really happy to get an unsecured Visa card with Merrick while I am rebuilding my credit after my irresponsible youth. My terms came with a rather small annual fee compared to the other cards I have that are also intended for people rebuilding. The other plus was a much larger limit from day one. The BAD/UNUSUAL occurrence that I have been encountering a lot is the unexplainable length of time for my payments to process. My 5 other cards process my payment within a day or two, but Merrick Bank for some strange reason can take up to 10 days. Very shady. I never mail my payments and never have, they are always paid through my account on their website. You will see they deduct the money from your bank account immediately. So they take it within moments. However, dont expect it to actually be applied for what feels like a lifetime in a credit card billing cycle. All in all, I make big payments randomly all the time, never have been hit with a late fee, and appreciate the opportunity to have this card at all.

I totally agree w/Bobbi. I’ve had this card for years. Then suddenly the last two months for some reason they don’t get my payment on time, and charge me late fees, when I have mailed it “way ahead of time”. Ticked me off. I had been thinking about transferring my balance to an interest free charge card, and after this late fee business, decided to go ahead with that. I told someone in customer service that I was going to transfer my balance to another card. I still had to mail in a payment to them, so I post dated a check, and mailed it in “way ahead of it’s due date”. (the date on check was dated before payment was due). Well .. guess what? For some reason my mail got to them sooner than it had the last two months, and they electronically deposited my check long before the date I had put on the check. I am so ticked off about this. Do I have any recourse?

I have had me card for two months, set up my payments on line with my checking. they took Oct. payment and a additional payment I made out with no problems. Made my payment for November and they are saying that I entered a additional number in bank account number when I clicked on the same account they successfully was able to remove fund from before. I am fitting with them now to have the late fee and return item fee removed. Unbelievable. Is this some type of scam going on?

Contact the Better Business Bureau and report them…

You cant post date a check, and if you do the person or company accepting it has no obligation to wait until the post dated date to deposit or cash it.

After going through personal bankruptcy, I didn’t have many options where credit cards are concerned, so when I received Merrick’s “pre-approved” offer in the mail, I took it. They started me with a $3K limit. The current interest rate on outstanding balances is over 24%, so needless to say, it encourages me to keep the dang thing paid up. As for customer service, my experience has been good; I had a false charge show up a couple of years ago, and they worked with me to get it all straightened out. I may drop the card someday because of the high interest rate, but all in all, Merrick has been a good experience for me.

My husband and I both had separate credit cards with with Merrick Bank. We both had some credit issues in the past, but have steadily worked on repairing them. One of our cards had a $1,000 credit limit and the other had a $1,250 limit. We have consistently made payments on time and on several occassions have paid them off, used them and paid them off again. Last Friday I paid both cards off (a total of $2,000). When I checked my husband’s account today, there was a $23.00 interest fee tacked on the account. We called them and asked them to waive the fee because clearly the payment and interest charge crossed electronic paths, considering that I paid the full balance according to the banks own website. Not only wouldn’t they waive the fee, but they were very rude and condescending on the phone…not only customer service reps, but supervisors as well. They were willing to lose both of our business over $23.00…and so they did. We both closed our accounts and vowed to let others know that you mean absolutely nothing to this bank. They have horrible customer service and I would rather ding my credit score than to give this company another dime. Thank you, Merrick Bank for showing me your true colors. I wonder if the owner and CEO’s know that their low-level employees are losing them thousands of dollars in business, and even more in potential future business over $23.00. Well, they do now.

I agree

Well, I need to rebuild my credit score after heart illness incapacitated me seven years ago, and Merrick is the only way I can immediately start the process. Sure, they’re charging me fees which they deduct from the starting $550 credit limit, but I’m going to pay that right back no problem on the day I receive the card. From there it’s strictly for getting movie tix, renting DVDs, and paying magazine subscriptions. Other things like e-books for my Kindel I can to with Amazon K-cards. When I’m up in my score, I’ll move on to another card with lower rates and fees, but for now, I’ll do what is necessary and keep it simple. I’m well past the dreaded spending spree stage. That’s why credit card hawks are no longer allowed to recruit on or near college campuses. Students are big-time spree spenders!

p.s. [email protected]#$ geico too after being a loyal customer for 5 years they would send me to a sub prime company. im one of the 40 million now geico [email protected]#$s

[email protected]#$ merrick bank i didnt even want them for a credit card company. i had geico credit card. with 1000 limit.. somehow merrick got my account after geico dropped their credit card program. they droped my limit to $300 even though my balance was $640, then they want me to pay my overbalance with extra fees for being over balance in the first place then i saw my interest go from 14% TO 23% IN THE SAME BILLING PERIOD. so now my merrick bank card is in collections. and i insure with allstate. [email protected]#$ merrick bank.

have had repeatedly mailed payments in a timely fashion!!All of my other credit card payments from other companies have been posted for payment.
For some reason this card seems to process my payments after the required due date so they can charge me a late fee!!What is up with this practice!! I am going to make a payment way in advance to stop this silliness!!!

I have had a Merrick Bank credit card with a $1500 credit limit for over 3 years. I originally chose this card due to a business bankruptcy and divorce 5 years ago in order to rebuild my credit along with 3 other high risk lenders: Orchard, Chase and Capital One. In the past 5 years, I have also purchased a car and have owned my home for 12 years with 5 years of on time mortgage payments. My credit score has steadily improved due to on time and more than minimum payments. The other 3 credit cards have consistently lowered my interest rate and raised my credit limit which is what one would expect from a long term credit relationship. Merrick Bank either will not or cannot, regardless of how high in the food chain you go, reduce the interest rate on your credit card based on your history with them, in order to foster a long term relationship with a client. My interest rate is and has been 24.45. Speaking to a customer service rep and a supervisor makes no difference. You screwed up, you pay. Regardless of how long your history is with Merrick Bank and how well you pay, they will not reduce your interest rate. Once you pay off your card with Merrick, you will have to make a choice: terminate the card and take the hit to your credit score for short term or use the card and pay it off monthly risking an annual or monthly fee. My card is almost paid off. I will take the short term hit because ethics and long term relationships matter to me. The other 3 high risk credit card lenders: Orchard, Capital One and Chase have rewarded me with reduced interest and increased credit limits. I will reward them with my continued customer loyalty.

Cannot fault folks for wanting to blame someone for the turmoil.

I agree.When the bad far outweighs the good, makes you wonder.

NOT A FAN, I didnt apply nor receive their card and they are suing me for big money. They are crazy,if they think that is legal to pursue this action when I havent applied nor received their card.