Why Menard’s credit card is not the best choice!

menards storeMenard’s stores are quite well known for their home improvement stores across the Midwest and especially in Wisconsin. Unfortunately their credit card – the Menards Big Card – isn’t such a good deal. Here’s why…

Sneaky Financing Offers

Most consumers are probably unaware that the promotional financing offers on the Menard’s card are structured as deferred interest. This means that if you fail to pay the entire balance prior the promotional period ending, you will experience retroactive interest on the full balance going all the way to the date of purchase… and that could entail quite a bit of money if your purchase was substantial with an APR of 24.99%.

So let’s say your financing offer with the Menards Big card was 0% if paid in full within 6 months. Well if you don’t pay it in full, you are left paying a small fortune in back interest! So if you’re carrying a balance, transfer it to a different card like this that does NOT use deferred interest:

Not The Best Rewards

Many store credit cards on the market give up to 5% in rewards when shopping at their stores. The Menards card only gives 2% rebate on an annual basis. With such low rewards it’s not the most compelling selling offer to get you to apply for a Menards credit card.

Obscenely High APR

The Menards credit card has one of the highest APRs around. At the time of writing, the interest rate on the Menards card was 24.99% (that’s 21.74% plus the prime rate, which is 3.25%). And, when you stop to think that the bank’s cost of funds is at most .25% (and they usually get their funds at 0% from the Fed) they are really ripping people off at 24.99%. Even though the prime rate has been stuck at that level for several years there are signs that it’s going to go up sometime later this year or next year, meaning cards like this will be charging some really eye-popping interest rates. Accounting for the fact that its a private label credit card, this is still extremely high and you almost can certainly do better with just about any off the shelf general use major credit card.

Small Signup Bonus

The Menard store credit card application currently shows a $10 in-store certificate after charging a $100 purchase on a new Menards Big card. Sure, something’s better than nothing, but there are many other credit cards on the market that give you a signup bonus worth 10x as much – $100!


Although it’s a great home improvement store, the Menards Big Card leaves a lot to be desired. The only people I would recommend this card to are those with bad credit, because comments/reviews online have said they seem to be lenient to applicants with poor credit.

The main piece of advice I can give is to never, ever carry a balance on Menard’s card because their interest rates are so high you would be doing your pocket book some incredible harm.

How To Save 5% At All Home Improvement Stores?

Did you know there’s a free credit card that gives a 5% rebate in rotating categories, including home improvement stores? Find out how to save 5% for free by reading my Discover it review or click below for more information.

How To Finance a Big Purchase & Save The Most Money?

If the primary reason you were interested in the Menards Big Card was for its financing offers, then you would be better offer using a normal bank-issued general use credit card (like a Visa or MasterCard) that gives a promotional 0% rate on purchases. Why? Because normal credit cards don’t use deferred interest. So if it takes you longer than the 0% period to pay it off in full, you won’t have to worry about being charged back interest. For the best current offers, check out our 0% credit cards for purchases and transfers

Last updated February 2016

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Menards Big Card is great. I use it all the time with no problems.

Menards Big Card and store’s are great, shop there all the time. One can tell its better than the Home Depot across the street when there are 10 cars in the Home Depot lot and the Menards Lot is full.

John M Schultz

I have the Menards Capital One letter (a “real postal letter”!!) offering me, among other items, a chance to get a new card for my “lost” card. The letter is right on my monitor with my computer set to the Capital One site from the letter. Until I read these replies, I WAS all set to email for the new card. There is the loud screech of the “brakes on the letter” stopping me from making the mistake that many of these poor people made obtaining and “using” the card with all it’s customer related “faults”. I am VERY sorry other people but Thank You all for helping me.

Menards’s is a good s tore, card works well. But they tend to be slow between payment received and reflecting on your acct. Which is crap when it’s all by electronic transfer.
Seems to be 5 to 6 days to show on your balance as paid. So if paying down to reflect on your credit report allow a 10 days.

So glad that I found this website. I just decided NOT to apply for a Menards card… I’ll just keep using my Chase card so that I can get 5% cash back instead of just 2%.

CAUTION: Buyer beware….Using the Menards BIG card, through CAPITAL ONE, for purchases with the deferred plans will create a huge hassle, as they apply your payments as they wish so it creates a finance charge and they charge you interest. I had a six month deferred purchase that did not expire until june 26th of 2016, but they took my May 8th payment and applied it to the deferred purchase more than one month early which created an unpaid balance on my regular purchase….that meant I had an outstanding balance on the revolving credit…..which they hit me for interest on. When I contacted them and found out what they had the customer service representative told me she could not reverse the way the payment was applied. IT IS ALL A SCAM on CAPTIAL ONE’s part, as this was the second month in a row that I had caught them doing this. MENARDS BIG card deferred plans will do nothing but create headaches and phone calls for you. DON’T USE IT!!! and as for Menards….they should learn that this is LOSING them BUSINESS and should consider a different credit card company, as I’m will now take my purchases and deferred business to HOME DEPOT….because they offer the same deferred plans, but WITHOUT the BULL-S—- games!!!!

Why is it sooooo hard to find the actual credit card website to make a payment? I have to spend 30 minutes looking for it every time I need to make a payment. Thankfully I don’t use it much and pay it off but it is a serious pain.

BEWARE!! This is a rip off card! I had a balance if $36.59 and have an auto pay of $25.00 which left a balance of $11.59. I had a large interest charge on the following statement so I called in. I was told that if the balance is not paid in full you are charged 25.99% interest on the “average daily balance” for purchases in that month. As an example, if the day after the statement closed I purchased $12,000 in building materials. With no other purchases every day would have shown a balance of $12,000+$11.59 over due= $12011.59. They charge 25.99% interest on that number resulting in an interest charge of $259.91. Underhanded and they count on you not asking questions to get away with it!

We have a Big card and have used it with no problems and understand when we are charged interest each month we carry a balance, etc. What I don’t like is how they apply your payments. We used a deferred interest promotion when our stove quit at an inopportune time. We always pay on time, and always paid well over the minimum so that we could pay it off by the six months. What we didn’t realize is that when we made smaller purchases on the card and then paid the monthly bill, the payment was applied to the smaller purchases FIRST instead of the promotional balance. I have used other cards with promotional deferred interest, and they always applied the payment to the promotional balance FIRST and/or gave you an option on the statement for how you wanted payment applied. It messed me up on my budgeting and I had to scramble to pay the rest of the promo balance in time. It is our fault for not catching it sooner, but it would have been nice to know this…maybe it was in the fine print and I missed it. Will know next time..

Consumer WARNING: If you pay your last payment in full, such as I did 2 days prior to past due date YOU WILL BE CHARGED INTEREST even though you talk with a “real” person. We found out the customer representatives computer is not up-to-date and is actually 2 days behind. BEAWARE! You will be charged! What a farse! How legal is this?????

I got rid om my Menards card due to the high APR. I have great credit and this card offers nothing to those with good credit.

Paul Winkelmann

I’m sure glad I read this. Please tell me how to get more than 2% back on my purchases. Oh, that’s right, you can’t. I’ve used my Menard’s Big Card for many years. Never had a problem. Of course, we pay the amount when it is due. That is the only way to use any credit card. They pay me to use it, not the other way around.

i love Menard’s and shop there often, but beware of Capitol One, who administers Menard’s credit card! I had a snafu with an on-line payment and, long confusing story short, CapOne cancelled my Menard’s card with no warning, after the situation had been rectified! Be sure to read and memorize your cardholder’s agreement, people! To the folks making snarky comments (grow up, pay your bills on time, blah, blah, blah), I take my credit standing very seriously (784, thank you very much), but in this imperfect world, sometimes mistakes are made and the little guy (me) pays for the totally inflexible punitive actions of money hungry corporate slugs (CapOne). As a result, my secondary checking account and savings account, roughly $32K) will be moving elsewhere. CapOne couldn’t care less but I feel better.

Got the card, but never use it as I am aware of all the pitfalls associated with the card! I still shop at Menards all the time, but use one of my other low interest cards !!

I have stopped using my Menards Big Card due to what I consider unethical and perhaps illegal practices. I have made some big purchases and used their deferred interest plan. I know that I need to pay it by the deadline or I pay the accrued interest (from the day that I made the purchase). That I can understand and do not have a problem with. I made smaller purchases on the Big Card which I would pay off each month. NOW I sent in a 600.00 payment to cover the small purchase and more than enough to cover the promo items. What Menards did was applied everything “over the minimum” to my promotions that were coming due in TWO months then charged me interest on the small purchase. So I cannot pay off the small purchases until my promotion is complete while they get their interest and shorten the promotion time. I called them and was told that is there policy and they would not do anything about it. I now avoid Menards if I can because of this card. I have a Home Depot card and they do not do it this way. If I have to buy something at Menards I would NOT use the Big Card. As I stated this is unethical and I would think illegal.

I know exactly what you mean in order to avoid this you literally have to write a different check for each purchase like you have 5 charges 3 of which are 6 months no interest 2 are small purchases you have to write 5 checks allotting how much money you want paid to each purchase putting in the memo line the corresponding number that is put on your bill next to each charge it is s huge hassle but the only way to not get everything messed up because they allot the money where best benefits them not you

Newton Mikesell

Can’t understand people who pay late, then are mad about the late fees! Come on people, there are consequences in this life. Grow up! Just got a new BIG CARD and will not worry about penalties, interest, late fees, etc. I pay my bills on time!

Concerned shopper in Indiana

I totally agree with you on the concept on paying on time and responsible credit card use. The problem is that some companies i.e. Capital One will play tricks on you when you use deferred payment plans and if you don’t watch your statements, you can be tricked into paying interest when you shouldn’t be. I have had to call Menards Big Card 4 times on 4 different occasions because they attempted to charge me interest on a purchase that I had 6 months to pay on. I am a responsible credit card user, my credit scores are around 800.

Consequences are one thing–circumstances are another. Congratulations on being a grown up who never makes a mistake. Please don’t hurt yourself with those mighty pats on your own back.

Newt, some people are not as lucky or not as smart as you. These predatory lenders (and that’s what they are) prey on those who can least afford it and lure them in with phony “offers”. Kudos to you for paying your bills on time. With today’s economy and low-pay standards, many try to maintain a decent standard of living for their families, but get sucked in by these predators. There was a time when late fees were reasonable, but these predators (including most banks) have found they can bleed people dry with late fees and high interest rates. These are financial children, many of whom do not or do not have the capacity to understand these things.

Always pay bill online but one time forgot and was a few days late. Got stuck with $35 late fee which they wouldn’t waive. Learned my lesson and now schedule the payment for the due date as soon as I get the bill. Now that Capital One is providing the credit processing, not sure whether policies will change. Interest rate doesn’t affect me since no balance carried. Unless Chase or Discover is in a 5% bonus for home improvement purchases, the Menard’s card is best to use at Menard’s for its 2% rebate. They also include coupons in the bill mailing which are sometimes useful.

I went to use my Big Card today and the cashier says the card has credit denied. The workers at the store could have cared less saying I must have not made a payment or paid it late. My payments are always made on time. Then I spent every bit of 30 minutes on the phone with customer service to get nothing done. Evidently you can’t have issues with your card on Saturdays. My next step will be simple and just cancel since no one seems to care if I have a cardor not.

Got the card and I love it, one of my favorite store. If I happen to forget or I’m late with a payment. I may call and explain the situation, but a also understand it’s my fault I’m late. So as a adult I except my part and pay the late fee and interest.
If you want a credit card, be a responsible adult.

Menards is no different than all other cards that offer so many months no interest. You just have to be responsible and make sure you pay on time. I’ve used their card for years and never had a problem. Plus the 2% yearly rebate is nice at the end of the year. Plus the 11% rebates all the time throughout the year. If you don’t like the high interest pay your bill in full each month.

corrine Dubbeldee

I was issued a BIG CARD in January 2013 I have been using it and pay the full amount, now I went to buy something and they said I have 2 accounts, a month ago I did received another BIG CARD, but I have not used it. why was I sent that card ? wish you correct this and cancel that second card, it is confusing to cashers and my self. please tell be what to do and you can do your part. I don’t want that account to be out there so someone could use it, SHOULD I SEND THE NEW CARD BACK OR CUT IT UP? please clear this up, because I have a big project coming up and don’t want that last account to be used, CONFUSED

Interesting comments. I worked for Menards for four years and it was the best job I ever had. They pay well and are reasonable with scheduling. I have never had a problem with my card. I was late once and paid a low late fee (nothing like other cards I have) and always pay it off each month.

They will also extend a fair amount to people in the middle of rebuilding credit… Nice store… Nice people… Nice Card… American Ethics…

I always pay my Big Card on time and in full to get the 2% discount. Last summer I bought shingles for several out buildings, about $1300 worth. All my other cards were auto-pay ( VISA, Farm & Fleet, etc.) but not Menards. As luck would have it I forgot and missed the due date by two days and they hit me with a late fee plus interest. I called and bawled about what a good payment history I had but all they would do is reduce the late fee even thou I had paid the balance in full. I like the store but not the ‘gotcha’.

Was thinking about getting card…WAS… THANKS FOR THE INFO.

Was thinking about getting a Menards Big Card but after reading the comments decided not too. I shop there a lot but will continue to pay cash for what I need. It’s a much safer bet from what I can see. Thanks for the info.

Have made many large purchases with this card, come on people read and understand what the possible charges and penalties are this doesn’t make Menard’s or any other store bad because of your stupidity.

We use this 12 months or 6 month offer all the time the secret is to pay off two months ahead than there is no question. I have used it a dozen times or more once on about 12,000 dollars never had aproblem.

Glad I found this site as I also just got stuck with fees and interest on a payment I missed last month. I rarely miss a payment but they refused to wave fees. I do a lot business here but not using the Big Card in the future.

We have been planning to build a cabin in the U P of Michigan so off we went with our new Menards card and charged the 17 K on the card. We paid that off within a month so there was no Zap on the APR. Then about 5 months into owning the card I get a notice in the mail of $30.00 “zap” ouch for a late fee I called and told the HSBC folks I have never been late on any of my cards (Visa-Sears) etc.

I got a very cold oh well to bad for you, which was my fault,come to find out we had forgot to click the send us our bill via our e-mail….so they cut me no slack. Good-bye Menards card and back to mounting more point on my Cabela’s card…P S which is the best card I have ever… had great people to deal with.

I have a Menards card and everything that is being said here is right on the money. What is left out is that if you miss your payment date they will sock u with a double + payment and the interest rate is outrageous. Will never be back after i get it paid off.

We paid our acct in full. Consumer WARNING: If you pay your last payment in full, such as I did 2 days prior to past due date YOU WILL BE CHARGED INTEREST even though you talk with a “real” person. We found out the customer representatives computer is not up-to-date and is actually 2 days behind. BEAWARE! You will be charged! What a farse! How legal is this?????