Meijer Credit Card Review

Meijer grocery storeIf you live in the Midwest, you know about Meijer grocery stores and the great deals they have. But if you think their credit card rewards fall under the “deal” category, think again! You need to see this review…

First of all I’d like to point out I’m actually a huge fan of this company. I grew up in Michigan and that is where they were founded. Unlike Wal-Mart and others one-stop-shops, I like the fact that Meijers has remained a private company (the 19th largest in the country).

The Meijer credit cards have now been around for years and they are usually heavily promoted at their stores. It seems like they are always peddling some promotion to get you to fill out their credit card application.

There are currently two offers for 2013…

Meijer Credit Card: This is their store-only card which is not associated with any major network (such as Visa or MasterCard) and it can only be used for purchases at their stores/gas stations. At the time of this review, the APR on this one starts at a whopping 26.99%! If you don’t have the best credit you will most likely receive this one instead of the Meijer Mastercard which I’ll talk about next…

Meijer MasterCard: This card operates on the MasterCard network so it can be used anywhere they are accepted. It’s a so called “Platinum” but this appears to be just a marketing gimmick because it doesn’t add any benefits which I would consider special. The interest rate is extremely high on this too, starting at either 19.99% or 23.99% depending on your credit at the time of this review.

The rewards program…

Of course this is probably the main thing that sparked your interest in the first place, but once you run the numbers, you will be surprised to see just how un-rewarding these cards actually is…

  • 5 Cents/Gallon Rebate: At first glance, this may sound like a good deal. But remember that is 5 cents, not 5 percent. If gas was $4.00/gallon, that equals out to be a pitiful 1.25% rebate and keep in mind that’s only at Meijer gas stations. Not too impressive, is it?
  • Points on Purchases (MasterCard version only): Admittedly they improved this from the 2011 program, but it’s still nothing to write home about. You only earn 1 point per dollar at Meijer and elsewhere. For every 2,000 points (so $2,000 spent) a coupon is given for 20% off groceries/health & beauty. If used strategically, this can be a good deal if used towards a very large grocery purchases. But still the big let down here is that you are only earning 1 point per dollar on spending to earn this coupon.
  • “Savings events”: As is the case with most store cards, they will be incentives for credit card holders.

Verdict for 2013?

Well for starters, the store-only (non MasterCard) version doesn’t offer the points program for earning coupons. So that version I would advise against. However if you have bad credit and are trying to rebuild, then it might be worth a shot. I can’t imagine the credit score requirements are very tough for it.

When it comes to the Meijer platinum MasterCard, the points program is better than that past, but it’s far from perfect. The main drawbacks are:

  1. Only 1 point per dollar on spending
  2. 5 cents off per gallon is of little value with gas prices in the $3-4 range
  3. Signup bonus is dismal. It’s only 10% off first purchase. Think about it… even if you spent $1,000 that only equals a $100 discount. Many card offers give you signup bonuses of up to double that amount or more.

Is it better than in the past? Definitely. But as you see, Meijer’s still has some work to do to improve this card and make it more competitive.

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i didnt use credit cards liked doing things with cash. retired and just living as a simple man. always did our shopping at the all mighty meijers. one day i was approached i n the store to apply for the credit card. i thought well why not, well ill tell you why not used the card for gas made a couple small purchases acouple weeks later i thought that i was getting my first statement wrong late fees what the ######## WHERES MY STATEMENT right away this is the end of this card.went in and paid my ballance cancelled card got another charge that caught up paid that.few weeks later late charge been a nightmare still adding them up no matter what i do good by meijers

Meijers switched banks for the so called Platinum MasterCard a few weeks back and it has not been a smooth transition. We received a credit for an purchase on the original card and it never showed up on the new card. Funny how the older purchases all showed up but not the credit. I like shopping at Meijers but their financial services division is run like a Junior Achievement project.

On Friday the 14th, I attempted to pay my credit card bill at the Meijer Customer Service Counter. I was told that I couldn’t pay it without my Meijer Credit Card. It would be over due after Saturday the 15th and in spite of the fact that I had my drivers license and other identification, they refused to take my check without a meijer credit card. Meijer is very inflexible and as a result I will be charged a late fee and will not be using my Meijer credit card ever again, nor will I shop there any more.

Is everybody first 6 digits on the card the same. Because me and my mother is the same I find that award. If so what is it?

The reason they cannot take a payment without the card is the people at the store have no access to your credit card account. By swiping your meijer card in the pin pad the personal information for your account is kept personal. I’m sorry you were charged a late fee, but you were mailed the statement in plenty of time to make an on time payment, you chose to wait until the day before it was due and then blame the people at store. Sounds like you need to be more mindful of when your bills need paying

I was a Meijer credit card holder for a few years, using It mainly for gas purchases. Until they changed banks recently to Comenity bank. That would have been fine with me if they would have taken the time to mail me a usable card. I received Nothing, waited until my truck was on empty thinking I had a $2,500 limit On my account. Swiped my card to Find out the hard way that my card was now invalid. I called Comenity, to ask about it, I asked them to send me another card or do something for me about this issue. They said “it’s probably In the mail and maybe I’ll receive it in a few days or a week or two.” So I said “so you guys are going to do nothing For me today then?” The response To my question Was “that’s right.” So I said “you are doing something for me today, closing My account.” If that’s the way they treat Good customers, I’d hate to hear the way they talk to people who have trouble Paying their bills. I like meijers, but as long as they do business With comenity, I won’t.I will now treat Them like the new “BP”, and my kids are going to ask me why I swear Every time we pass meijer.

I used to love this card.. Not any more.. have had nothing but issues the past 2 months. They closed my account due to it being compromised and had to open a new account.. now being told I have not made a payment since at least Oct 2013, and was reported to the credit bureau. Well, if that is the case what have you done with the payments I sent that were withdrawn from my account… you sure didn’t give them back to me. So the battle begins….

I will now shop other stores first and will only shop there when I absolutely have to… they will not get the majority of my business anymore.

It should be known that if you have good credit, you’ll end up with a Master Card instead of a Meijer card when submitting an application. If you didn’t want a Master Card, that’s too bad because you were just approved.

Curtis Andelman

I constantly learn something when i end by here, Eric. Thanks!

This credit card company had the worst business practices I have ever seen. When you pay the card off every month they wait longer each time before adjusting your balance. Then even when the card is paid off they deny transactions. Then when my husband called to authorize them to speak with me they lied and said he didn’t call. They are saying the card expired, but had another 13 months according to the date on the card.

I always pay my bill at the customer service counter and have never had a problem. Just keep your receipt, never had to use mine but just in case. My complaint is trying to talk to a rep. spent over 5 minutes listening to a darn recording with options, kept saying “rep” to no avail. Finally after all this time the option I needed came up, unfortunately I like others got someone from India who I have major problems understanding. I had a question about a rewards program and he could not understand, so it was a total waste of my and his time. Love the store and employees but forget the phone call. Blood pressure probably went sky high.

Hello, please be aware that when ever you apply for the meijers credit card they don’t tell you or give any option for the Meijers master card. I feel its not fair that they are not telling the people that you wont be able to use it outside the stores. Even in advertisement they hide the part of the blue card (Meijers card) with the mastercard. When I called to customer service they told I am not eligible for it even though I have credit score of 781 with long history of clear credit. Now they want me to put the request again and have my credit run again for the masters card eligibility. I will never use this meijers card again.

I have had my Meijers credit card now for a year. If you need to talk to a customer service agent you will be charged $10.00. I am out of town due to a
family member in the hospital, all I want is an address to mail in the payment.
I know, should have it written down so it would be available when needed. I wont be using the card again.

Changes coming making the card a bad deal. Starting May 2013 there will no longer be a 20% discount after 2000 points on groceries. They are dropping it to 5% on groceries after 1500 points. Most any other Credit Card out there will be a better deal. I will be canceling my credit card along with not driving the extra miles to shop there. It is a big disappointment.

Chien D Nguyen

They change reward from 2000 points to 1500 points but when I received the bill it didn’t change, WHY ?

Love most everything bout the card, especially the 20% rewwards coupon.. Would like to see an auto payment option like other credit cards, where the full balance gets paid on the due date every month.. last month, I switched, to no paper statements, and got dinged with a $25 late fee.. ouch

dont get the meijer mastercard. the insurance it’s a scam. it states if you are unemployed or become disabled the insurance will pay and they don’t. they send papers you fill them out then hear nothing. they get some attorney to sue you, i am suing them, if me or you did this we be in jail. one other major dept. store did the same thing as meijers they got caught so now meijers can join them.

Thanks for posting this! I was searching for this topic because I do most of my grocery shopping at Meijer and was wondering if it would be a good deal to get a card. And of course, as with any credit card, I assumed it would only be a deal if the balance is paid each month.

The drawbacks mentioned in this article aren’t a big deal to me. But, after reading the comments – those of you who are cardholders, are you telling me you can’t manage your account and pay your balance online?!?? That would be a complete deal breaker. I definitely will not deal with stamping an envelope and mailing a check – or even paying paying at the register, if I have to use cash or check and can’t use my bank debit card. Not worth the extra trouble. When you make something inconvenient like that, it makes it more difficult to manage. I’m guessing that’s what they’re banking on, after all they wouldn’t issue these cards if it weren’t profitable to the company.

I have had a Meijer Credit Card now for one full year. As an employee of the retailer, I learned about a ton of deals that you can take advantage of to get in upwards of 25% off the entire store one to two times a month.

I have been very happy to receive the discounts on groceries and gas (this summer they are offering 10 cents off a gallon due to high gas prices). Fred Meijer’s motto was to give the customers help in any way he could when they are in hard times. This includes more discounts and cheaper prices when the economy is down.

NOW FOR THE BAD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing that drives me absolutely nuts is that the customer service for the Meijer master card is always routed to INDIA!!!! I have had numerous phone calls into customer service due to our account being locked, incorrect information and even had to call in due to our account being hacked by someone in INDIA (wonder how that happened?).



I love my Meijer MasterCard! I take advantage of the frequent 15% off GM and 5% off groceries because the discount also applies to sale merchandise, resulting in some very good prices, especially on toys for our grandchildren. Don’t worry about check clearance time if you pay at the register. Your account is credited immediately even though the check may take a week to clear. The gas discount and $10 rebate checks are nice too if you generally shop at Meijer anyway. As for the steep APR….well, the solution to that is simple…don’t charge more than you can afford to pay off at the end of the month! If you do, YOU are the one with the problem…not Meijer!

Dont even think about getting this card. very HIGH APR. I have one and I need to keep it as it was my first card but I would not recommend it. By check bounced ONCE ( i changed my bank accounts and forgot that I have mailed a payment) and they closed my account right away. it took 3 months to reopen it and clear my credit history

Loretta Bauerle

I don’t know where your information about the “not even minimal benefits, to gays, or work place protection for gays.
I worked at Meijer for 3 1/2 years, no I am not gay, but I did work with gay people and I never saw any discimination against them, nor did I ever hear them complain about this happening. Since we had started working at the store before it even opened, we became friends, so I think I would have noticed, or they would have said something. The only time Meijer would get involved in someones personal life is if a Team Leader was dating a Team member, especially one that was in their department. Or Lines leader dating a Team Leader of the same lines, GM, Grocery,etc.
I enjoyed my job at Meijer,and would probably still be working there had I not gotten stressed out due to family obligation that I had to leave Meijer, and yes I am rehireable, my son-in-law is a Team Leader and has been for over 15 years.
As far as the credit card, You do get 5cents off of each gallon. If they are higher than other stations, no it wouldn’t be a good deal to buy gas there. Maybe your area is different than Indianapolis. I buy what I can get cheaper and get that money off, plus it goes toward a Meijer gift card. I’m spending the money anyway so why not????

this card also takes 9 days to process-I mailed my payment 7 days before due date-they did not process my check until 9 days later-so now I owe a late fee. To add insult to what I consider injury I opted for the account security feature-so I also get to pay .23 to safeguard the late fee. I am mailing out the late fee 16 days before due date-hopefully it will make it to florida in time so I will not owe a late fee on this late fee.

Hello Mary 🙂

I know this was from two years ago, but I wanted to tell you something that may be helpful. 😀

I have a Meijer Credit Card and I always pay at the register because it is faster to me. (^_^)

It’s super simple and quick; just tell the cashier that you want to pay off your Meijer Credit Card.

Then, you can either have the cashier scan the barcode on your bill, or just simply swipe your Credit Card and tell the cashier the amount you want to pay.

**But you must pay with CASH or CHECK**

*Also, this doesn’t work at the Gas Station registers; you have to do it at the main store, so either on a regular checkout lane, or at the Service Desk* 😉


I believe it pays it off right then too- (I paid it off once where I had about a week left to pay and I didn’t get a late charge)- and you get a receipt as proof of your payment on time. 😉


*Reference: I’m a Meijer Cashier and cardholder, so I should know! haha ;D

I hope this helps you for future Meijer CC purchases! 😀

{and hopefully, you didn’t have to pay that late charge. D:}