MasterCard Extended Warranty Claim? Know How It Works!

Do you have a MasterCard? Many include extended warranty coverage at no cost to you, but make sure you understand how this benefit works!

MasterCard logo, mediumAmerican Express was the first to offer an extended warranty benefit and since then, both Visa and MasterCard have started offering it on some of their cards.

It’s typically found on the higher tier cards – like World MasterCard and Visa Signature – but ultimately it’s the issuing bank (Chase, Citi, Capital One, etc) who decides whether or not this benefit is included on a given card. So having a premium tier MasterCard doesn’t necessarily mean you have the extended warranty perk.

The Basics

Only New Items: Only brand new items paid for 100% using your MasterCard can qualify. However the items don’t just have to be for yourself. When it is a gift that you purchased, usually it will still qualify.

Warranties That Qualify: Only purchases which have an original warranty (through manufacturer or U.S. store brand) that is 12 months or less will qualify. If you buy something that comes with a warranty longer than 12 months it won’t be eligible.

Length of Extended Coverage: The MasterCard extended warranty program doubles the original warranty, up to 12 additional months. That means if the manufacturer’s original warranty was for 6 months, the MasterCard coverage would be for 6 additional months.

Amount of Coverage: The cost necessary to repair or replace the affected item. However this cannot exceed the actual purchase price charged to your credit card or $10,000, whichever is less. The benefits administrator decides whether you will be paid to repair or replace the item.

The Exclusions

There are quite a few exclusions you need to be aware of. I will summarize them below, but you should consult your card’s issuer and benefits guide for the rules/details associated with type of each exclusion.

  • Acts of God: This encompasses any number of natural disasters, including the more common ones like floods, earthquakes, lightening, tornadoes, and many others.
  • Hostilities/War: This category is quite broad. Everything from terrorism to civil commotion is excluded. Also, any damage caused by a government official (like a police officer or customs official) won’t qualify either.
  • Normal Wear & Tear: Problems arising from this are not eligible
  • Motorized Vehicles: Cars, boats, aircrafts, motorcycles and any other motorized vehicle you can think of is excluded.
  • Software: Application programs, operating software, etc.
  • Trip, Service, Diagnostic Charges: Not covered in the absence of any covered repairs or verified failure.
  • Media/Data Storage: It says “all types of media with stored data or music” so that would consist of things like DVDs, film, flash drives, and so forth.
  • Living/Perishable Items: From plants to pets, as well as things that can expire, such as food.
  • Improper Maintenance/Service: If you didn’t maintain or service something properly and it causes a mechanical failure, it won’t be covered.
  • Product Recalls: If this is the reason for the damage, you won’t be covered.
  • Business Purposes: If the item was “purchased for resale, professional, or commercial use” it is excluded. This is a very important one to emphasize, because while many of the other exclusions are quite obvious, any item bought for “professional” use is an exclusion most people probably wouldn’t expect. So if you run a business, remember this!
  • Antiques/Collectibles: This is to be expected, but keep in mind that this category also excludes anything used, refurbished, recycled, etc.
  • Product/Satisfaction Guarantees: If there is a product/satisfaction guarantee it won’t be covered. So those late-night infomercials with the too-good-to-be-true guarantees definitely are not be covered!
  • Covered Losses: No coverage for direct or indirect damages from a loss that is covered.
  • Floor Models: If it doesn’t come with the original manucturer’s warranty, then it won’t be eligible. However the fine print doesn’t say anything about floor models with the original warranty being excluded, but double-check with your card issuer to confirm.
  • Real Estate: Buildings, land, as well as permanently installed items found at these places such as doors, faucets, etc.
  • Power Surges: excluded
  • Contamination: This could be damage or contamination from mold or hazardous substances
  • Professional Services: Regardless of what the service is, it’s excluded
  • Delivery: Under no circumstances will shipping/transportation costs be covered

How to file?

In order to file a MasterCard extended warranty claim you can call MasterCard at 1-800-MC-ASSIST or the customer support phone number on the back of your credit card. You must do so within 30 days form when the problem happened.

After you do that you may be asked to send in all of the following:

  • Claim form, signed and completed
  • MasterCard receipt which proves you bought it using your eligible MasterCard
  • The credit card statement which also shows you bought the item
  • Itemized purchase receipt
  • The documentation for the original manufacturer’s (or U.S. store brand) warranty. If there was a service contract/extended warranty you purchased, send that too.
  • Repair estimate which is obtained from a factory authorized service provider. I would imagine this may be difficult to fulfill, since not every product has “authorized” service providers associated with it. However when that’s the case, it sounds like MasterCard probably will make exceptions (judging by experiences reported on forum).
  • There may be additional documentation requested at the discretion of MasterCard


MasterCard’s program for the Extended Warranty is a good benefit considering it’s free. However the similar program from American Express is also free, but in my opinion it is superior since the duration of coverage can be longer and from my personal experience, the paperwork required to file a claim isn’t as cumbersome. For comparison purposes, go here: AmEx Extended Warranty Program

Disclaimer: Please note that everything above is only meant to provide you with a general summary of the MasterCard extended warranty protection program. For details, rules, exclusions, and limitations you need to contact MasterCard or your card issuer directly. Please note the above information cannot be guaranteed accurate. It was written in August 2011 and is subject to change without notice.

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my cell phone was covered by mastercard, right after a year.
iphone, I just took it to apple store to have it replaced for 200 dollars and got a check from mastercard.
no problem.

I had an issue with my iphone 4s after a year and i had warranty with att carrier, but i claimed with mastercard because the deductible was going to be 100.00 with att, and i was told by Master card to take it to apple store to see how much was going to be to fix it, but apple store do not fix it, they just replace it and it was $200 to replaced it so I had it replace and got a check from master card with no problems.

jackson saber

I’ve had bad experience as well. My battery on my laptop died which is usually covered by normal warranty. When I field my claim they asked me to prove that my battery died because of normal-tear. Obviously, that is impossible to prove, and they denied my claim. I wrote letter explaining that I’ve only used the laptop normally but that did not help. In the future I will exclusively be using AMEX, i’ve never made a big claim, but their process seems so smooth for the few small ones I’ve made.

They really harass and ask many documents. I had file a claim and not sure if I will receive the money or not.

They ask for original manual with laptop to check what’s in the warranty. who keeps manual after one year.

This program is to fool people. I cancel all my master card moved to AMX or Visa

I have been waiting on hold for more than 45 minutes now. I have a kobo which has frozen. the company is not able to fix it and the warranty has expired. I would like to use my extended warranty if possible as I purchased the item on my mastercard. Please let me know how to do this. Thank you

Check your cards current status before you purchase with it. I have had my card since 1987 with a smaller bank then Bank of America got my account. They then somehow removed the extended warranty protection without my knowledge. Of course I just entered a claim and it took this new firm 6 weeks to tell me what Bank of America did. I do not ask or get points or rewards this was the only real benifit I used to have with this card. The real kicker I probably used the extended warrenty with the little bank 15 years ago it was sweet back then, they said just go charge a replacement on your card and they took removed the charge. I now pledge to educate the public on what the to big to fail banks are up to.

In regards to extended warranty …does this cover cell phones? Verizon covers 1 year and I was going to masterCard electronics warranty for second year. What are your thoughts?

One very important detail that was left out. Make sure to file your claim AFTER the manufacturer’s warranty, which is often 1 year, has expired. If you file your claim while the manufacturer’s warranty is in effect, not only will the claim’s handler deny your claim, but because your claim takes place before Mastercard’s eligible claim period, you will effectively deny yourself from making any claim in the future! Mastercard’s wording on their website can be very misleading, making one think you can make your claim the first 2 years because they “double” the warranty.

On Mastercard’s site:

“Extended Warranty – Doubles the original manufacturer’s or store brand warranty for up to one year when you pay with your eligible MasterCard card”

One more thing, as of July 2012 the claims handler is NOT Mastercard, but some shady 3rd party called Sedgwick, that will not predisclose this information, and will for any minor excuse to deny you out of a claim.