Marshall’s Credit Card Review

rack at clothing storeThinking about their credit card? Well it actually crossed my mind today when I was shopping there and spent way more than I wanted to! But here’s some important info you will want to know before you submit your Marshalls credit card application. There are actually TWO different cards they offer:

TJX Rewards Credit Card
This is there basic store card. The reason it’s called TJX instead of a Marshalls credit card is because TJX is the name of the parent company that owns TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

  • Has a very high APR (true of all store cards, though) – 26.99% at the time of this review
  • Can only be used for purchases at Marshalls and affiliated stores (T.J. Maxx, AJWright, HomeGoods)
  • 5 points per dollar spent at Marshalls and affiliated stores
  • $10 rewards certificate for every 1,000 points (so that’s the equivalent of 5% rewards)

TJX Rewards MasterCard
Those with good or excellent credit are given the TJX Rewards MasterCard instead of the basic Marshalls card.

  • Can be used at Marshalls and wherever MasterCard is accepted
  • 5 points per dollar spent at Marshalls and affiliated stores
  • 1 point per dollar spent everywhere else
  • $10 certificate per 1,000 points (so that’s like getting 5% at Marshalls and 1% on purchases elsewhere)
  • At the time of this credit card review the APR is just as bad at 26.99%. Previously, they gave people with better credit scores a better rate, but not anymore, unfortunately. So, the takeaway is to never buy anything at Marshalls with this or the store card version you can’t pay off at the end of the month. Otherwise, what’s the point of buying discount goods in the first place if the interest costs an arm and a leg?

What are customers saying?

TJX and data for 45.7 million card accounts stolen?!
There was some bad press related to Marshall’s credit card accounts a few years ago. Even though it has largely receded into the past in terms of many people’s memory, TJX’s reportedly inadequate computer security was responsible for what was said to be the biggest consumer information breach in all of history at the time – account information for at least 45.7 million credit and debit cards used at Marshalls and their affiliated stores was reportedly stolen by hackers.  This has gotten many consumer advocates riled up as to whether the company can even be trusted with issuing their own credit cards. Now to be fair lots of retailers have been hacked, including the venerable Target, Inc. However, it still raises concerns about their security posture.

What we think about the card?
The TJX card appears to actually be a decent card for being issued by a department store. The 5% rewards at their stores is a nice amount and I haven’t came across many negative reviews by customers for the Marshalls card. So if you frequently shop at this store and want to apply for Marshall’s credit card (the MasterCard version that can be used anywhere) then go ahead because it’s not a bad card. However, I do advise against the store-only version since you can’t use it everywhere. But even with the full credit card version there are better alternatives that can be found.

What are the most recommended cards for 2016?

My top choice is this new card from American Express:

Another excellent choice is the Discover it Card, which gives a 5% cash back bonus at apparel stores and department stores (such as Marshalls) for at least part of the year. What makes this Discover so much better than the Marshall’s credit card is that you can get up to 5% at other places, too. To learn more check out my review of it.

Written or last updated on February 15, 2016

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Trying to get a marshalls credit card

I was approved and I haven’t received my credit card or any payments

Barbara Stoklosa

Is so difficult to pay on line I can’t go to overview my account

I have this card , when the bill came i mailed it the same day but they said that is was not received until 2 weeks after and charges a late fee. The next month the same thing happened and i called they waived the fee. I signed up on line and made a payment on the 14 it was not posted until the 23 ? CARD CANCELLED END OF STORY !

Everytime I go to apply for a Marshall’s card the only application that comes up it TJ Max is there not an app.for Marshall’s? Its so difficult.

Thnx for the info. Love their stores, but no way I’m getting this credit card!

Stay AWAY from this card. I had unauthorizwd charges appear and, yes, they shut down my card, but i am unable to view any activity or charges on-line since the numer is no longer valid. And to make matters worse, I am told that I will have to wait 7-10 days for my new card to arrive in the mail. No EXCEPYTIONS. This is an unacceptable policy and as soon as my new card arrrives and i fill out all the papers for them to investigate the charges, I will cancel it all. BEWARE

kimana weatherall

Why Don’t you guys allow in store payment? This is such a inconvenience.

I was instantly approved for the Tj maxx credit card. Not sure which, if the master card or the store card. They didn’t even mention how much my credit limit is. I have good credit and 100% paid payments. I’m currently waiting for the card to arrive. I read the reviews here and i must admit i am now scared about having excepted this card. I love shopping at Marshalls but i don’t need the headaches. Well i already excepted it so i guess i’ll try them. If i see i’m having problems with them i will immediately cancel regardless of the impact it might bring on my credit score. Hey my credit score will go back up eventually.

Katrin Borodastova

This card is not bad, but the credit company does not have a reliable security system. I have just called to make a payment on my credit card bill and an automatic system gave me somebody else account number with my last four numbers social security . Don’t you think something wrong with it? Finally, five minutes later, I could reach a person and make a payment with $10 fee. I have notified the agent what happened several times but she ignored it.

I was approved for $500! Im so happy bcuz i shop there alot, fav store! Honestly the only thing i do not like about the store is the lines but ohh well! I noticed alot of people are complaining about the rate, I mean you hear it everywhere unless you live in a cave. Gas prices are all the way up there, banks dont lend like they use to and unemployment still high and the house market, well you know the rest! I think you should know what your signing up for. Nowadays credit is limited and hard to get and if you do get it….WELL! Expect to be a high rate! After all it is a credit card with a variable rate, meaning it will change on you. For me im thankful i even got credit with the way this economy is going….i say get it and be smart about it, dont max-out your creditcard to where you get charged the 26%, try to pay it off at the end of the month. I think after this recession we went thru, 2013 is THE YEAR OF THE SMART SHOPPER! Think positve, shop right! 🙂

how long will it take to find if i was approved for Marshalls credit card

Signed up June 21, 2012 at Marshalls store because they said I would get 10% off the first purchase, so I bought a lot of things at Marshall’s, tried to return some of the items on July 30 but it was 9 days over their 30 days return limit and Marshall’s will only give store credit after 30 days even though I had used their new card. Too bad Marshalls return policy is so short or we would probably shop there.

Also, tried to pay the card balance at the Marshall’s store but they do not take payments there and told us to call the credit card by phone.

Decided this return policy is too short and this card is not for us, so we wanted to pay off the card and cancel. I called the phone number on the statement and got an automated computer that accepted my payment in full (that part was easy – they are good at accepting money).

Next, I wanted to talk to customer service to cancel the card and the automated TJX credit card voice said we would be charged $15 to talk to a real person. That was a first for me, and I thought wow that really bites. So now I do not know how to cancel the card without being charged $15? I guess I will write them a letter to have them cancel.

I cannot wait to never use this card again…got notice after 4/30/12 rate to 26.99%…really?

You have got to be kidding

This is the WORST credit card. Stay away. They raised their rate from 15.24 to 26.99 according to the representative to keep their business going. Sounds like a mafia thug. Chase had this card until last year. I sent my payment of $1000 to Chase and had to wait for 6 weeks and multiple frustrating phone calls to get company to figure it out. Tjx you have lost my business!

Shirley Omoh-David

Addicted to shopping at Marshalls. Will intentionally leave card at home, but go for it after putting items on hold.

This is the worst card ever. Was told that I could make payments in the store but once I tried we know that was a big joke. I’m paying it off tonight once I finish writing this.

I had the old tjx card…. HUGE disappointment! I used it ONCE, paid off the entire balance and all was well for maybe 2-3 months. I got monthly statements with $0.00, so after a while (and not having used the card for any purchases) I noticed my credit score went down…. turns out they started charging me $1.11 a month for…… ??? In the fine print it never said there would be any charges nor a yearly rate/charge. I have NEVER not paid a charge- I had 100% on time payments on ALL my cards. I had read and heard that if a credit card co starts to charge you annual fees or other weird things- so I closed it, not knowing that also screwed up my score even more!

I got cajoled into getting this NEW tjx card, the guy assured me it was a new company and everything was great and everyone was so happy with it. When I go to pay online it says the transaction was not completed, but then it says on my bank statement that the transaction did indeed go through. I don’t know- jury is still out.

They did give me a ridiculous limit and a 24.99 APR, despite my credit being 750…. so don’t trust the 12-18% thing above. I also thought I was signing up for a store card only, but ended up with a mastercard. Oh well.

Everyone should go to, it’s free and it really helps you stay on top of your credit, I can not recommend their site enough. It alerts you when there is ANY change to your score and it doesn’t AFFECT your score- kinda like a free credit report as often as you want. Other places charge you! I’m wanting to buy a house one of these days so understanding credit and how it works is essential to me as is keeping a good score-

Very true! On this date of 9/14/2012 they are charging 26.99% interest!!! Flat rate – good or bad credit. 26.99% interest for all. This must be the worst credit card ever and the 5% rewards are so miniscule, not worth the hassle by a long shot. I paid my current balance and closed the card. TJX stores will certainly not be my first choice anymore. This highway robbery they’re practicing is very telling of their lack of respect for their customer.

I would like sign up for a Marshalls credit card I think.

Shop at the Marshalls store a lot but have never gotten their credit card. Don’t know if I want another card.