Pick up some extra Marriott Rewards points with this social media promo

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Marriott would like you to interact with it on social media — and it’s going to make it worth your while. The hotel chain (which, remember, now includes Starwood) has updated its Connect and Collect promo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for 2017 (it was also offered back in 2015, but involved just Twitter). The promo gives you small amounts of points if you follow its social media accounts and then share/retweet and otherwise respond to its posts.

Here’s how to cash in on this deal and top off your Marriott point balance.

How the promo works

This promo is being run on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Full details can be found here.

  1. You’ll need a Marriott Rewards account to take part. If you already have the Marriott Rewards Premier credit card, you probably have a rewards account.
  2. Then, you’ll need to connect your social media accounts to your Marriott Rewards account. This ensures whatever points you earn via the promo will get deposited into your Marriott Rewards account. This step alone will get you 50 points per social account you link (for a total of 150 points).
  3. Follow Marriott Rewards on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  4. Watch Marriott’s feed on these social networks for instructions on how to earn more points. Look out for the #MRpoints hashtag. Thus far, it appears that Twitter seems to be the most active network in this promo. For example, here are a couple recent #MRpoints tweets:

The promo is limited to 2,500 per calendar year.

A good deal?

Between the data-collection and brand engagement (in exchange for a handful of points), this promo is worthwhile for Marriott. So is this deal worth your time? If you already collect Marriott points, we think it is. The participation tasks are pretty low-effort and involve things like quick quizzes or even just a retweet. Maxing out the promo and collecting 2,500 points gets you just 500 points away from a cash-and-points redemption at a Marriott Category 1 hotel. Thanks to the merger, you can transfer those 2,500 points to Starwood as well and get 833 points (the current transfer ratio is 3 Marriott points per 1 Starpoint). Starpoints are valuable currency, as they can be transferred to Starwood’s many airline partners.

At the end of the day, 2,500 points aren’t that much. However, if you are, say, just a few hundred points away from a rewards night, this promo gives you a way to earn those points without buying anything on your Marriott credit card or purchasing points from Marriott directly. Plus, earning points is one way to keep your existing Marriott Rewards balance from expiring. Points expire every two years. Your entire Marriott balance will expire if there hasn’t been any rewards activity in the past two years. If you earn 90 points for a retweet, you reset that clock in a matter of seconds.

However, we don’t think this promo is enticing enough to prompt you to sign up if you don’t already collect Marriott Rewards points. Even if you max out the promo and earn 2,500 points this year, that alone isn’t enough for a rewards night. The appeal of this program lies in its top-off potential for those who already have significant Marriott Rewards balances.

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