Marathon Credit Card Review

car at gas stationIs the Marathon Oil credit card truly a good way to combat high gas prices for the rest of 2013 and next year in 2014?

There a tons of gas cards on the market, but not all of them are a good deal. Here’s what you need to know about the Marathon offers.

There are actually 3 different cards…

1. Regular Marathon Card

  • Not a major credit card – can only be used at Marathon gas stations.
  • The interest rate depends on which state the cardholder lives in. The application states that the APR in 48 states ranges from 12% to 21%. The two states with lower APRs are Arkansas at 5% and Texas at 10%.
  • Ohio-based customer service, which is a plus.
  • There is no rewards program and no annual fee.

Verdict: For those with bad credit that can’t qualify for a regular card, this might be worth considering to use as a tool to rebuild credit. For everyone else this Marathon credit card is a bad idea.

2. Commercial Marathon Card

  • This is a credit card for businesses that can be used only at Marathon gas stations.
  • The APRs on this Marathon business card are the same as what you will find on the regular consumer card.
  • Provides a commercial billing statement each month that provides the date, location, and dollar amount for each transaction.
  • This business card has no annual fee and offers no rewards.

Verdict: This card doesn’t appear to offer any unique benefits. As an alternative, there are a handful of major business cards on the market that give 3% cash back at all gas stations, including Marathon. In my opinion these business credit cards with gas rebates make more sense.

3. Marathon Visa Credit Card

*Note: Previously there was a Chase Marathon MasterCard, but in 2012 it was discontinued. It was replaced with the following card, issued by Comenity.

  • This is a Visa so it can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • The rewards on this are significantly lower than the old Chase Marathon credit card. With the new Comenity Visa, the rewards program now uses confusing tiers:

fuel rewards

Verdict: Do the math and you will see this is a rotten deal! Here’s an example to show you:

You spend $1,000 in a month.
You purchase 30 gallons of fuel.
Rebate =  $7.50 (0.25 x 30 gallons)

Earning $7.50 for $1,000 in purchases is less than a 1% rebate!

This is a completely rotten deal and they probably hope customers don’t do the math to figure this out. This is a far cry from the discontinued Chase Marathon MasterCard which gave 5% at their stations and 1% elsewhere. Unfortunately Chase no longer offers that. Now we’re just left with this crappy offer from Comenity Bank (previously known as World Financial Network National Bank, who is notorious for their bad customer service).

Should you look elsewhere?

There are actually a few gas credit cards that give 5% cash back at every gas station, including Marathon. To find out more check out the top gas rebate credit cards.
Written or last updated October 26, 2013

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Marathon does NOT offer automatic payments. I have more than 30 credit cards and ALL offer automatic payments. I travel heavily for work, and I am often in very remote areas with no internet access. Payments are due at the beginning of each month, and I am almost always in a remote area during this time. So, even though I pay $200-$500 on every bill, I get hit with a $25 fee EVERY month, and Marathon refuses to implement automatic payments because they are making so much money every month by ripping off people like me. Please boycott their cards as they blatantly robbing people. Even though they are the most convenient fuel provider in my area, and there is a station next to my neighborhood, none of my family will never set foot in another Marathon facility. I have closed the credit card account with them.

Set up Bill Pay through your bank. You can do this by landline telephone.

Applied for the gas card, got a 250 limit. They continue to sell you insurance on the card incase you can’t pay if something should happen to you. I passed! The funny thing is they spelled my last name incorrectly on the card but has my social, shouldn’t they match in order to pass? Went to get another card with another provider and I had to spend 20 minutes explaining the issue they created and had to dispute the error with equifax….so much fun, not! My first bill was due and I had seven days to pay, not just pay but hope they cash the check in time by the due date. I tried calling in a payment by phone and was charged 15 dollars to pay a bill that was due on Thanksgiving. I haven’t seen any savings because it’s based on an National average. I intend to mail my check today and close my account before the end of the year. Pass and move one. I cancelingy account for all the reasons listed above.

how do I apply for marathon gas card

Worst company ever!!!! I received my first card & it did not work. I had to request a new card before I could make my first transaction. Since that time I have nothing but problems!!! Rewards for every month have not once been calculated correctly. I have called customer service each month since I have opened this account. On one occasion I had to tell the representative the formula for the reward program & actually have to walk her through the math!!!! I had noticed it was taking longer for them to post my check for payment so I started sending payment via USPS with delivery confirmation. The second time I sent my payment that way it was never posted to my account!!! Now they are charging me interest & late fees for a missed payment. After speaking with several customer representatives at Comenity Bank they finally realize that I have proof of bill received by their company. At this time I’m still fighting with company about payment & they finally did say they lost my check in house at their office !!!! Now I’m going have to close my checking account after
20 years of having it. So much for privacy policy & protecting my information. At this time they are still adding interest to this payment !!!!!

I heard marathon gas took over hess gas it looks like they are coming to pa and ny soon.

Frugal in IL

The stupidest part of this article is who really only buys 30 gallons of gas a month? With just two drivers we buy around 100 gallons per month. We use the card for gas and other bills we pay monthly. We typically earn a $25 card each month. True it is only about 2.5%, but that isn’t as bad as the picture they paint.

Who wrote this? They could use a remedial course in math. By my calculation saving $7.50 on 30 gallons of gas (at $3.50 a gallon) is over a 7% rebate. I believe a 7% rebate is greater than a 5% rebate last time I checked.

This is a bunch of lies & full of shit because they say bad credit.

would like to apply for the marathon gas credit card that is only good for purchasing marathon gas. where can i find the application?

arthur r wesselman

well, I just got my new bill from Marathon, and there’s a charge on it of $.65 for something called Account Assure. Now, I believe that when I signed up for this, I was told that it would help me pay my bill if I became unemployed (through no fault of my own, I presume), or entered the hospital. I think they also told me that there would be no charge if there was no outstsnding balance over a month (or a payment period). However, I just got my first bill, for $33.65, and sure enough, there was no outstanding balance prior to this one gas purchase, and, voila, there’s a $.65 charge added onto the $33.00 gas purchase. When I called the account 866 number, I started talking with somebody who seemed like he stepped right out of the Andy Griffith show, asking me what the weather was like in Michigan, and what I did for a living. I don’t know, but I’m starting to think that these people are clueless; they belong on that great old Sat. night variey music show, “Midwestern Hayride.”

What about the Marathon Visa Card? We spend $300 – $500 / month at Marathon

how do i get or apply for a “regular gas card ” only ? and how much would this save at the marathon station ?