Man Charged With Stealing Over 130 Million Credit Cards

The restaurant chain of Dave & Busters is one of the companies which was reportedly hacked.

The restaurant chain of Dave & Busters is one of the companies which was reportedly hacked.

Right now on the US version of the CNN homepage, the main story is about a suspect who allegedly has set the all-time record for the number of credit card numbers stolen – more than 130,000,000! Furthermore, the previous record was also allegedly set by him; stealing 40,000,000 account numbers.

Who is this suspect? Well his name is Albert Gonzalez, a 28 year-old from Miami. Fortunately, he’s already in jail awaiting trial for various hacking charges. However this latest charge lays out the numbers for the estimated number of accounts that were compromised in a different series of attacks. Gonzalez, along with his Russian cohorts, reportedly hacked the computers of major corporate retailers to get this information. Officials from the Justice Department said they have no idea exactly what the losses have been from these attacks.

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why would they even need that many??

lol man that dude could have a lot of fun at dave and busters spending with 130mil cards!

Hopefully Mr. Gonzalez’s actions can have a beneficial effect. Companies can learn to better protect our sensitive information, and consumers can learn just how vigilant they need to be in regards to their finances. It might be a lot to ask, but I think some good can come from this.

Of course its hard when it oftentimes seem like our best and brightest minds would rather go into the criminal side of the computing world, than the legitimate one.