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Lowes storeIf you are considering applying for a Lowe’s credit card, you will definitely want to read this review first.

Lowe’s actually gives you three options for purchases on its Consumer Credit Card. Keep in mind that, by choosing one option, you don’t get to use the others for that purchase. So if you opt for 5 percent back, you don’t get special financing and vice-versa.

Option #1: 5 percent off on purchases everyday

This option offers 5% cash back on Lowe’s purchases. However, there are some restrictions in the fine print:

5% exclusions on Lowe's card

Yes that’s right, you’re prohibited from using it along with any coupon or those discounts. You can’t get the 5 percent on any price-matched purchases either.

Option #2: 12 or 18 months special financing

For purchases of $299 to $998.99, you are eligible for 12-month financing. The 18-month financing comes into play for purchases of more than $999.

As always with special financing on store-card purchases, you need to read the fine print up front:

lowes card special financing

Read the rules and you will see that in order to pay no interest, you have to pay off the entire amount before the 12 or 18 months are up. If not, then the interest accrued on your Lowe’s credit card account back-dates from the date that purchase was made — which can be a very unpleasant surprise considering the 26.99% APR.

Conclusion? Only use the financing if you are 100% confident in your ability to pay it off in full before the promotion period ends.

Option #3: Special project financing

This option is aimed at those undertaking major home improvement projects. Your initial purchase has to be $2,000+ for it. If you’ve ever remodeled a house or moved into a bigger home you know how fast you can spend money on new major appliances, etc., so $2,000 shouldn’t be a problem. However, keep in mind that Lowes.com purchases aren’t eligible.

When you make an in-store purchase or order of $2,000 or more and request this option, you have the following choices:

  • 36 fixed monthly payments at 3.99 percent APR
  • 60 fixed monthly payments at 5.99 percent APR
  • 84 fixed monthly payments at 7.99 APR

Lowe’s credit card offers — a summary

5 percent off on purchases everyday5 percent cash back on merchandise at Lowe's. Not valid when used with coupon.
Special financingPurchases of $299 to $998.99: 12-month financing. Purchases of more than $999: 18-month financing.
Special project financingFor purchases $2,000+. Up to 84 months of financing (fixed monthly payments). APR depends on length of loan.


The Lowe’s consumer credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank (formally known as GE). They don’t exactly have a warm and fuzzy reputation when it comes to customer service, but these new credit cards for Lowe’s appear to be better than what they offered in the past.

Typically store cards have much lower credit score requirements, so if your credit is bad then the Lowe’s offers may be a good way to go. I wouldn’t say they are a slam dunk in terms of qualifying, but the requirements for approval aren’t nearly stringent compared to general use credit cards.

However, if you have good to excellent credit, other credit cards can likely beat all of Lowe’s rewards and financing options:

Alternative for rewards: 6% cash back at Lowe’s
The American Express Blue Cash Preferred gives 6% cash back at US supermarkets on the first $6,000 spent. Many forum members who have this credit card report they use a little trick to get this extra cash back by purchasing Lowe’s gift cards at supermarkets so they can earn 6% on their home improvement purchases.

This is an excellent strategy not only for saving money at Lowe’s, but also Home Depot and the countless other places you can buy gift cards for at your supermarket. Go here to learn more about the American Express Blue Cash Preferred.

Alterantive for financing: Longer 0% on purchases?
Plenty of major-bank’s credit cards offer 0 percent periods on purchases — some of them for periods as long as the Lowe’s card. Plus, these major-bank cards generally don’t have retroactive interest, meaning, if any of the balance remains after the promo period, you WON’T get charged interest that dates back to the purchase date. Your remaining balance will simply get carried over, and the regular APR will be applied going forward.

You can see available offers here.

Why we gave it 2.5 out of 5 stars

We rated this card based on our standards for store credit cards. While the card won some stars for its uniquely customizable nature (the customer gets to choose rewards or special financing on purchases), it lost stars for its lack of perks, high APR and the fact that it can’t be used outside of Lowe’s.

Full starInterest-free financing: This card offers interest-free financing on purchases over a certain amount.
Full starOffers ongoing rewards/discounts: You have the opportunity to earn 5 percent off certain purchases for the life of the card.
half starFair interest terms: This card does not meet our standards, as its go-to APR is above the average store card APR (according to CreditCards.com's latest retail card survey). However, it does alleviate the interest-burden by offering ongoing, limited-time offers for special financing. So we rewarded half a star.
Empty starConsumer-friendly incentives: This card is short on perks for loyal customers like free shipping, more flexible returns, etc.
Empty starCan be used anywhere:This card can be used only at Lowe’s.

This review was written or last updated Mar 2017

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I came here looking to see if there was a listed date that they close your account due to inactivity. Unfortunately, most people who come to the forum are triggered to due so after a bad experience. You never get to see a good review. Well, I’ve had a Lowe’s card for 2 years. Yes everyone gets 26.99% regardless of your credit score. But if you use this card wisely it is a great card to have. We only make purchases over $299 on it, to take advantage of No Interest for X number of months. We always pay off the balance before the promo period ends. I make at least four purchases a year this way, and have never been charged a dime in interest. It’s a great way to spread a large appliance purchase over a few monthly payments at no extra cost. Beware, if you can’t pay the balance in full – yes, you will be charged interest on the original balance. They made that clear when we opened the card. We have also gotten some nice increases in credit line, which I do not use but it helps my credit to have a $7K credit line with zero balance. I pay online every month and their website has never given me any trouble. I never have to speak with customer service for any of my card providers because I pay on time and take time to understand how the card works before making purchases. So my experience so far the past two years has been flawless and I would recommend this card to people who are financially able to pay off their promo balances before the promo end and those who have good control over when to use credit and when not to. If you can’t pay these balances off in time, the interest rate is downright shocking, but that’s how they make their money. I can’t fault them for that. Especially when I’m basically using their card service for free because I always avoid the interest.

After six months of having the Lowes credit card and $10,000 purchases later (all paid on time), Synchrony Bank which is the Lowes credit card issuer, had a question (address related ) that that only my spouse (the primary cardholder) was authorized to answer; she wasn’t with me. With $100 purchases at the register, the helpful Lowes clerk called the Bank, and after 20 minutes on the phone with Synchrony, they wouldn’t budge. I gave up with them and put the charge on my Visa card. Neither Lowes nor Synchrony Bank had asked for the information prior to then–they waited until I wanted to make a purchase and then sprung this on me. bottom line: Synchrony Bank has lousy customer service.

We have been a business customer since 2012. We have always made our payments on time and even made 3 extra payments last year. This last month was 2 weeks late as we were waiting on our current project to fund. Lowes not only froze our account, they docked our credit limit by 2 grand! Now they expect me to apply for a credit increase! They claim it has nothing to do with account history but “random” account reviews. However they did not randomly review our account when we made extra payments. Home Depot does randomly give us credit increases. Guess we will taking our business there.

Be extremely careful, i thought i had signed up for the fixed payments over 84 months when i financed my kitchen remodel. I received a blizzard of emails many of which were confusing and contradictory. What i didn’t realize was even though i had paid 50% of the bill in the first 17 months, was on the 18th month they charged me the 25% interest on the original total. Not on the balance. Apparently to get the 7.9% I had to contact them and tell them this is what i wanted. My fault for not paying attention and its true, my fault for ever signing up in the first place. Tear up this card or pay in full.

me and my husband had gotten lowes card, we had paid off all of our 2700 balance but 700 in the first 6 months, they had said there was a promotional pay off so we could pay 2000 and then close our account, so we did that, and now a month later they are saying they have no record of the promotional payoff and we owe 700$. not imp0ressed.

Lowes/Synchrony Bank just raised my interest rate from 24.99% to 26.99% after having the card 10 years with zero late payments on the card or any other bill, and a FICO score of 850!!!! When I called to inquire why my interest rate went up by 2%, I was told everyone, including subprime borrowers, are all receiving 26.99%. So much for working hard to maintain good credit. Pay late, never pay, have a crappy credit score – you’ll get the same interest rate. Bye-Bye Lowes!!!

I had a lowes card for a few months because they were the closest hardware store to my house and I have not found a similar consumer card for Home Depot. Unfortunately, I ignored all the negative things I read about Synchrony bank before applying and have had a poor experience since the first payment was due. The biggest of which being their online portal and all the issues I ran into with it. I tried to change my password and didn’t realize I had entered an invalid new password (what kind of financial website allows no symbols in your password??) but rather than telling me that, it accepted the password and then refused to let me log in again without going their a whole process. I entered my bank information incorrectly (this is what I’m assuming/giving them be benefit of the doubt) and the first payment was returned. After a second attempt to enter the information VERY CAREFULLY, a second payment was denied due to “incorrect information”. They sent me a letter informing me the account was being closed and at this point, I have no interest in fighting about it. If this is the quality of service I can expect from the bank, I would rather pay an extra 5% at Lowes and avoid the headache.

I set up Autopay as soon I got my card in the mail, and unbeknownst to me, the 1st payment must be made manually. My card was declined in the store, and I called to find out I was late on payment because the Autopay did not work for the 1st payment (even though autopay was set up over 3 weeks prior to the 1st payment due date). I was hit with a $25 late fee plus interests. They were able to waive the fees/interests after I insisted I wouldn’t pay the late fee because of the autopay mishap.

I read on Lowes Credit FAQ that you can make payments for the Lowes Card in store. I wonder if you could make payments using Lowes gift cards purchased at supermarkets (6% cash back with the AMEX listed in the article). This would get you about 11% your total purchase.

I have been using lowers (spelled like that on purpose) for 21/2 years on a business credit account/w an escrow account on top of that to rebuild my underwater/no equity house. Half way through the project SUCKrony bank sends me a letter they are lowering my credit from a measly 2,000 dollar limit ( I am funding most of this project out of pocket) to 1,300.00 (which is just above were my balance currently stands) with some B.S. excuses about
low payments, percentage of balance to credit too high, and account open less than 36 months. I called SUCKrony bank about the letter and asked for some real legitimate reasons other than the B.S. they sent in the letter about the credit amount reduction, which the customer service could not supply. I stated they were full of bull, I am paying off the account (they are not getting any more interest payments out of me), and rudely told the customer service agent to thank their credit evaluation, decision making team thanks for the service and hung up before before anymore “I am sorry” spewed from the lips of the customer service agent, and hung up. I have spent roughly $20,000 over the past couple of years with these lowes lifes’, and this the service and treatment I receive, FAQ EM’!!

Beware of Lowe’s/ Synchrony Bank service for disability payments and debt cancellation. Is a big scam. Paid with this for years with Lowe’s and other S.Bank based cards. (Sam’s for one). Had to have a couple surgeries last summer, and when I contacted Lowe’s customer service, they denied that I had the coverage. When checking my statements, I had paid the over 1% monthly service fee, but the on phone customer service said that was not what it the fee was for. (In direct contradiction of the website.) When trying to contact customer service, was always automatically directed to the debt collection department. (Always made a payment, whether in full or not. Tried to stay current, but hard when off for months. In fact, the only entity that actually came thru on my account insurance was my credit union.) Debt collection said that they would send my account to appropriate department to review my previous calls to see why I was denied coverage, and that it would take 30 days to review. I requested that she discontinue my coverage, as it had done me no good, made a partial payment and promised that as soon as I had the money, my account would be made current. Been 60 days, heard nothing, still being charged the huge service fee, and as soon I made my account current, they closed it. What a way to support the customers that try to be honest.

does anyone know what a disclosure form is? Because if you did you would have read it and you would have seen all those little unpleasant surprises…when applying they computer ask you have you received one and have you read over the terms and condition…the card is through a separate bank called synchrony bank and if anyone knows anything about credit banks they would know they are the worst…so maybe next time do your homework like big boys and girls should do.

I have been a loyal customer of Lowe’s for years and had considered applying for a credit card until I read these comments. Thanks for the info.

I have found Lowe’s Credit Card Programs to be excellent! They offer business-type credit cards which are wonderful and offer many advantages!
(ie: Lowe’s Business Account (LAR,) Lowe’s Accounts Receivable (LAR and American Express Business Lowe’s credit cards (where it can be used at any place that American Express Credit Cards are accepted.

They no longer offer the “Project Card.”

For Consumers (individuals and their families,) Lowe’s Credit Card (LCC) is available and is widely used and carried with 5% off every day. Or, no-interest promotions are available for purchases over $299 (usually 6, 12, 18 or 24 months.)

How much did Lowe’s pay you for that shameful plug? Oh, wait! You’re part of Lowe’s PR staff aren’t you?!!?

That does sound like someone who workd for Lowes, but I don’t and I can honestly say their credit program is excellent, have had their CC for years. The bank may not always have the best customer service, but it’s just as good as most others.

I just closed my business account. I had it for a year and have used it to buy materials for my customers. My hope was that I could save them a little $$. Although i have indeed saved my customers 5% it has ended up costing me much more in late fees and interest. I always try to pay off the card before interest and penalty’s are applied and having the funds available has never been a problem. However I dont see a way to setup automatic payments. And I’m not sure exactly why but I have not received one message reminding me of a payment due. Instead Ive only received statement messages after the late fee and interested had been charged.

Sounds like what you need to do is hire an assistant to keep track of your finances. It is not the credit card company’s responsibility to use man hours or implement automated processes to constantly remind you of your obligations. You borrowed the money, you know you have to pay it back. To think any differently is foolishness. You can complain all you want and blame someone else like many people choose to do or you can be a bit more responsible…I suggest the latter.

I am DISGUSTED with Lowes. BEWARE!!!!!!!! They WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO DO A BALANCE TRANSFER TO ANOTHER CARD. YOU WILL BE STUCK PAYING 22% (PLUS) IN INTEREST!!!!!!!!! I will be paying my card off asap, and closing it. In order to get the promotion, I was told to call in the payment every month, and tell them to pay off the interest charged amounts. SUCH A PAIN. I will not even shop here anymore. This card is horrible. And I could not get a person on the phone that I could understand any time I have ever called. This card is CUT!!!!!!!!

Jvy, We just paid off our Sears card by applying for a Credit Card at Consumers Credit Union. Consumers asked me for a statement showing the balance and they took care of everything from there.
We were paying $200 per month and a week after making a payment would get hit with interest fees of $180 ++
See if your bank or Credit Union can help

They cannot actually prevent you from doing a balance transfer but they do have the right to refuse the form of payment to do so. If you are attempting to use credit card A to payoff B then this will not work. However, if you call credit card A and request a balance transfer to be made to company B they will take the information and cut a check.

The primary reason for this to my understanding is that to swipe the card in person would be a POS or point of sale transaction which credit card companies cannot legally begin charging interest on until the end of the billing cycle which would be atleast 25 days. Hypothetically someone could use card A to pay B and then B to pay A indefinitely and never have to pay interest. I am sure this was possible at one point in time but like all loop holes that are too good to be true, it was caught and now prevented. 🙂

As the previous commenter said, contact your primary financial or another credit card issuer that you work with and ask them to assist you with the balance transfer. Lowes cannot decline your payments. Once you fully understand how it works you will probably be a bit less angry. 🙂

I found a solution to Lowe’s not accepting credit card information: Our credit card company would issue a check. So if you’re stuck in Lowe’s credit nightmare and want to transfer your balance to a user friendly card, call your card company to see if they will perform this service for you.

We have a LOWe’s card with 18% interest that can only be paid for with our bank’s routing information. If anyone has another credit card with lower interest they would like to make a payment with or pay LOWe’s off with, LOWe’s system only accepts checking information. You are stuck with whatever interest rate and whatever other stipulations it sounds like they subject their victims (I mean customers) to. I DO NOT recommend using LOWe’s credit card services.

Can any one tell me if the Lowe’s Project card is a secured loan?

I have a 3 year old Lowe’s Project Card. I racked up over 10 grand in purchases and paid it off before 6 months. I was so busy with my new business that I missed a single payment by one day and was fined $29.00. I asked Lowe’s credit for forgiveness and I was denied. Consequently, I thought FU Lowe’s, I’ll use my MasterCard, Visa or Amex for future purchases, or shop at Home Depot. I didn’t cancel the card because I read that doing so could ding my credit score…well I wish I had. Today, I received a call from Lowe’s credit services asking me about “suspicious account activity”. It appears that Lowe’s has had a credit card security breach with my account. I have no way of knowing if the breach occurred from the original application, a breach within their customer’s personal data, from mail fraud or otherwise. Since the issue rests with Lowe’s failed security, I requested credit monitoring and was denied. It is extremely unsettling that Lowe’s does not provide adequate security to protect my hard earned credit worthiness/rating and I will never be shopping with them again.

I just got off the phone with Lowe’s regarding the same issue. I did not notice that the six-month promotion ran up and was charged interest. I immediately paid off the entire card. When I called to ask why the online platform had not shown interest was being charged, I was chastised for not reading my bill carefully. Amazing. Won’t be giving them another dime.

Submitted an application and was denyed with a credit rating of 805. The reason, the store was noisy and the operator at the credit card company took a bit of an attitude with me and the store manager. Called the credit card carrier and got the run around, actually, they thought it was a big joke. Well, jokes on them I used another card for the purchase and skipped their credit scam. Also called lowes and for what it’s worth, put in a complaint. Advice; don’t bother with the lowes credit card.

I call BS! A Lowe’s store card has no benefit to those with “your” score. Interest rates, promos, etc. can ALL be bested with low or no interest promotions from far superior cards available to those with “800+” scores! Why do you come on here to comment?? Sympathy or envy?… you will get niether! Take your “805” and finance the purchase of a life, LOSER!

I applied for a Lowe’s credit card about 1 1/2 years ago. My credit limit began at $300.00. Recently in February, I went to lowe’s and at the check out counter was told my card had declined so I called lowes customer service and they wouldn’t tell me why they just told me I would received a letter. Finally, I did receive the letter and because my credit score had dropped into the 500’s Lowe’s cut my limit to 160.00. I’ve always made sure Lowes was paid despite my other bills had gotten a little behind. Lowe’s has always been paid. And this is what happens. I will be going to Home Depot from now on. I could understand if I hadn’t been making my payment but I was and did every month. I’ve never had this happen on a credit card that I’ve made payments on.

It is that bank that carriers the Lowes credit card a many other credit cards such as Dilliards, Walmart, JC Penny’s. This bank Schrutony bank took over the accounts that GE Capitol Corp use to have and that is just how they operate. I have learned to check the bank that carries a credit card before I even apply and stay away from ones that go thru that bank for that reason

GE Capital changed its name to Synchrony Financial and it announced in April of 2015 that it would sell the business within two years. GE doesnt care if it kills the customer relationship any of us have with Lowes. I too had a Lowes card and had an unexpected stay in the hospital and called when I got home to pay my balance but was treated so poorly. I canceled the card and will never buy from Lowes again.

Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy, etc.. they would have all done the same thing when the issuing bank found out your score dropped into the 500’s. That shows signs of trouble and they are required to practice responsible issuing of credit. Improve your score, and they will most definitely increase your credit line.

You’re lucky they didn’t close your account altogether with a score in the 500’s!!

Was talked into card by sales person saying you save 10% on card purchases. True but are charged 15% to 25% interest a month. I say scam. Didn’t need Card always paid cash before. I I feel like an idiot. I’m paying 15% over retail a month.

Thats not exactly the way it works. Some basic math and a loan calculator can clarify the facts for you but let me run you through a scenario. If you were to make a $1000 purchase on the card and save 5% it would be equivalent to $50 saved. Now lets assume you have to hold yourself accountable to pay this off in a 1 year time frame with a 24.99% APR. You would expect to pay about $90/mo to meet this goal. Total interest over the 1 year period on a $950 balance would be about $133 which interest in months 1 and 2 being approximately $20, and month three being about $18.50. Therefore, even with a high rate of 24.99%, you could expect to come out ahead if the balance was paid in full by the end of month 2. $50 savings – $40 interest = $10 in your favor.

In addition, taking the loan full term (1 year worth of payments) would net a real finance charge of $133 (total interest – $50 (upfront savings) to total $83 paid in interest. Not quite the 25% you mentioned but maybe it would calculate out to be about 14-15% on $1000 over 12 months.

Several years ago I applied for a Lowe’s credit card. I never received the card (I have a post office box), but I certainly received bills for things I never bought. Lots of duns from G.E. and now from creepy/stalky collection agencies.

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If you are having different balances from regular purchase balance, promotional balance offer, and 84 months fixed pay. There is no allocation option to make specific payments any easier, rather than to call customer service every time to allocate the payments. They have the slowest posting payment which is up to 14-16 days to apply. They don’t always apply the payment correctly as I requested. I have to keep monitoring my account up to 14-16 days to make sure the payment applied correctly otherwise I could end up paying interest that I was trying to avoid. The customer service agents weren’t always helpful and sometimes rude, maybe they don’t like customers like me who meticulously make payments to avoid interest charges.

@JEM. I had the exact same experience. I think they try to add the interest because most people are not careful enough to catch the “mistake”.

Not sure if I’m an isolated incident or if it’s common, but keep track of your purchases and make sure they don’t charge interest when they shouldn’t. I purchased about $1800 worth of construction material for a remodel in January and put it on my card for the 6 months 0%,scheduled my 6 equal payments to pay it off before the promotion period expired July 15, 2014.

In April I made another large purchase and again used the 6 month 0% interest option with a promotion period ending Oct 15, 2014. My May and June my payments were reflected on the balance of the first purchase due July 15. HOWEVER! my July 7 payment that should have covered the full remaining balance on the first promotional period and left $9 left over to apply to the second promotional purchase wasn’t correctly applied. INSTEAD they applied all but $6.50 to the first purchase and put the remaining amount on the second purchase.

BECAUSE of this, when my next statement generated July 15 I “had a balance” on my expiring first purchase and that smacked me with $105 in interest… It took me a while to figure out what had happened since I was sure I’d calculated everything to avoid interest. When I figured out what had happened I called and they reversed the charges without any trouble. I’m not sure if it was a glitch or if it’s common practice and they hope that nobody catches it or whatever… but just be aware if you’re charged interest, do some research to make sure it’s actually an accurate charge.

I guarantee they are just hoping you won’t catch it. I made an early payment to the account of $1200 on the 3rd of the month but because it didn’t fall within the statement time period of the 5th to the 28th, they actually charged me a late fee. But, when I called they reversed the late fee. I did have to ask for a supervisor for that to happen, however. The interest rate is horrid. I would never use this card except possibly for 6, 12 or 18 month no interest purchases.

A HARD inquiry 2 months in a row from a card you’ve had 2-1/2 years, or any card for that matter, is absolutely inexcusable

I got my lowes card in November 2011 and used the 18 month 0% on Black Friday to buy a washer and a dryer. I did pay it off way before the deadline so it worked well in that aspect.
I also had a chase slate card that I’d had a long long time. Me and chase butted heads in April 2014 and I told them they could stick that card in their a$$ and my balance would be paid in full before the next billing date. I applied for the discover it card because they had the best balance transfer deal. Boom. Done. New company new card. Kiss my a$$ chase. The discover card posts your credit score on your bill every month and mine had dropped SEVERAL points from when I applied for the card. So I got the credit karma app (awesome) and it showed exactly why. The discover application was a hard inquiry, as all credit applications will be. What killed me was a 2nd hard inquiry the same month, plus a 3rd in March…the lowes/GE card. They sent an email saying that the card company was changing but everything else would remain the same. I guess the new company ran everybody’s credit, or at least they did mine. I also had another hard inquiry from GE in March because they do random credit checks, like drug test! And yes it shows up as a hard inquiry as well. I scrapped it too, being it was garbage. Use cash or your main credit card at lowes. Don’t fall for the 5% or 6 month BS that could kill your credit in the near future

I got the same letter about the change but have never had a hard inquiry from them since I opened my card at about the same time.

Are you sure it wasn’t a soft inquiry (which cc and mortgage companies DO perform from time to time). If it was a soft inquiry it would not affect your score. I have never heard of companies performing hard inquiries as a monitoring purpose before.

I would call and make sure no one is trying to open an account in your name.

I agree this new bank, Synchrony bank will kill your credit. They do do random credit checks and if you have a card with them in good standing if you credit score goes down for reasons unrelated the the account you have with them then they will just lower your credit limit just because your credit score went down for unrelated reason to the card you may have with Synchrony bank. Stay away from stores that have Synchrony bank issuing their cards.

Lowe's shopper

I just opened a Lowe’s credit card to make a big purchase and save 5%, as suggested buy the salesman. I recieved a bill from the credit card company before I even recieved the wall oven. The article is correct – they will not give you the 5% discount and 6 mths financing, in fact, you do not even get the typical 1 month before the bill is due. They bill you immediately. I am cancelling this card – will never purchase from them again. don’t use the Lowe’s credit card – the customer service is not helpful either!!!! Not a happy shopper.

I have had a Lowe’s card since 1987. This morning the carpenter who’s been working on my house Forever, went to buy some lumber. The clerk questioned who he was using my card and he said he was on the list of ok users. He has used the card for months. They refused to sell him anything with the card as it popped up I owed a $25 payment. I called support and told them I had never missed a payment and have not seen a bill in June . I offered to pay the bill online so Pete could get the needed supplied. The credit center rep told me, no, as I had to go to Lowe’s and pay the $25. I said, “but I am going to pay the entire bill to You right now?” He said “No, you Have to go to the store and pay it there.” I told him I’d had my card since 1987 and Never had such BS thrown at me. He said, that was the only way it could be done. I So enjoyed telling him he and Lowe’s are FOS and I would be cutting up my card and sending it BY MAIL along with my final bill.
If you can afford to pay as you go, then Do So. These ridiculous interest rates and bills out in the universe somewhere are simply not worth the hassle after all these years. I would love to know the total I’ve spent at Lowe’s the last 27 years. I used my card to buy for my business as well as personally, so they certainly have received a hefty sum. It’s time to look for the almost non existent Mom and Pop lumber and hardware store!

I have been a card member since 2011. I make all my big purchases during one of their promotions. Basically I always get to spread out my costs, and have never paid any interest. At this moment I have about 6 outstanding purchases.

Their bill lists every promotional purchase by line and shows:
The original purchase amount
The total accrued interest
The outstanding balance
The due date

If a purchase is due in your billing period, there will be an extra box next to the minimum payment that says “promotional payoff”. As long as you pay this then the interest will be waived. I get the military discount so I can’t use the 5% off anyway.

You can even choose how your payments are utilized. (Either pay non promotional first, promotional first, or nereast due date first).

There really is nothing shady about this card unless your common sense is lacking.

I agree. You must be meticulous in your bill paying and tracking time. I have never had a problem when following the rules.

I have NEVER seen such details on my bill. Be very very careful when using the promotions. Make SURE WITHOUT FAIL you select the re payment option. This was a huge surprise to me once i was smacked with $400 dollars in interest. I wrongly assumed they would apply my charges as billed but not so. It is set up to screw you so be careful. I will be paying off this balance and will NEVER use their card, or store, again.

Thanks for clearing this up Derek. Too many morons that don’t know how to read their statements or see hidden charges.

unhappy ex-customer

The promotional offers are rip off. Read very carefull small print before you accept the terms. The worse card I have eve had. Don’t recommend it.

This is something that will be fixed in the coming future.

Lowe’s/GE just lost another good paying customer!! Their statements never clearly tell you how much you owe to avoid getting charged interest. The deferred interest payments/total minimum payment due and new balance is clear but the actual amount one should pay to avoid ANY interest charged at all is not provided anywhere on the statement. It’s up to you to calculate it all out and hope you paid enough. Customer service recommended doing the following: take the new balance – total amount of deferred interest charges = payment required to avoid any charges.

Anyone else get stuck with paying interest when they thought they paid enough to cover deferred interest payments and any new charges that don’t fall under the deferred interest plan??

It is clearly stated on the website under the promotional tab of your account summary. You could always divide the amount u payed by the number of months you are intrest free.

We have had a Lowe’s Visa credit card since 2006, it was to be reissued, this April, 2014, but we received a letter from GE Capital Retail Bank, that we would not be issued a new card.
The are using a Trans Union report, with incorrect information, dated December 26, 2013.
All three of our credit reports are spotless! So, what we did was applied with Citi Bank and Capital One Quicksilver and received both with very handsome credit limits. We are still fighting with Lowe’s and GE Capital Retail Bank, as the longevity of accounts on your credit report make a big difference in your credit scores. We started as soon as we received the letter and after several conversations with the hopeless people at GE Capital Bank, we called the Lowe’s credit department and they are helpful, but they still have to go with the decision of GE. We are still hopeful that the card will be reissued. We asked them to pull a new credit report and even pull all three and see that our scores and history are great. OH we have used the GE Visa on a regular bases and pay off the balance every month. I guess that makes us ‘dead beats’ as they don’t make the interest off of us. Well, Lowe’s will not receive our business if this is not reissued and we will be visiting a lot of blogs to share our story.

Missy,from experience I can tell you it is very simple to correct the misinformation that is on your credit report.Simply Google each Bureaus Dispute dept for the address and write each a letter giving all of the account info stating the reason it is wrong info.You must include your name address as and dl# .I was shocked when I pulled mine at all of the wrong info.I hope this helps you as I had to pay 500.00 to find out how simple it was!

My boyfriend always gets thing on the deferred interest payments at Lowe’s…he always pays it off before the interest would be due, and he has never had the problems you state you have. He has never had to pay any extra charges, and he buys things at Lowe’s all the time. Some big tag items too.

response to erin , I agree. they seem to mask theyre promotional balance. same thing happened to me. they also have the worst customer service at ge. plus there 24.99 rate sucks. plan on closing my ge. accts.

Just a warning from my personal experiences! I love Lowes! GE is a rip off. I was using my card for the 5% savings and paying off two days prior to bill date. Needless to say they would not clear my checking account till up to a week after I scheduled my payment thus charging me interest and a late fee. This has caused my only blemish on my credit report that I have worked hard to fix from my early 20’s stupidity. Now it’s paid off and cut up! The only positive thing I can say was it allowed me to bring home the new appliances for the new home we bought quickly.

i had a card that i had do this to me… all you have to do is send proof to the credit reporting agency which you should have that shows u scheduled it and the credit agency will take the late payment off… its easy and will raise your score a few points .. good luck

Only now did they stop accepting payments from other credit/debit cards. I made payment with my VISA, but it wasn’t accepted, now I got charged late fee….I have excellent credit and am very surprised they are treating me this way, after all the major appliances (three this year!) I bought there,etc. They always took my payments before so not sure why the change without an explanation, but…
I suspect they are raking in a lot of late payments.
Will switch to Home Depot. They have a better plant department anyway.
I am especially perturbed at the very rude agent who called my house three times, hung up twice, and then berated me in a bizarre foreign accent until I hung up on her. Really?

Lowes sucks. Last month they charged $750 interest. Same differed account and regular account.

First and foremost, Lowe’s always above home depot or at least in my neck of the woods due to the best service hands down. Now as for GE… People wake up, your borrowing money from India or somewhere and putting Americans out of work so whatever happens to you… oh well. I myself dealt with adding an appliance to my account for the 0% and mailed in the full payment within 30 days, but since I had an outstanding balance… .of course I got ripped off. The way I look at it, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
Lot of good stuff on here but nothing that couldn’t be avoided by the consumer, and or blamed on the consumer for thinking someone out there was in the business of making them happy instead of making money.

The information in this article is not entirely correct. They do offer 18 months interest free on occasion. I got sub flooring and carpeting last march with 18 months interest free and they recently just finished one of there 18 months offers. They have them for limited times only and its for a certain single in store purchase amount. Also They clearly state 5% off OR special financing, 6 months interest free.
And I was FULLY aware that the balance needed to be paid in full by the end of the promotion period or the accumulated interest would be added. So bottom line read before you sign.

Is it a soft or hard inquiry…that’s all I want to know.

I applied for a lowes card this past weekend. I check my credit report @ creditkarma.com and it shows as a HARD inquiry.

That’s what happens when you apply for a credit card.. They pull your credit report

The original application is a hard inquiry. Credit increase requests are soft inquiries FYI. I always do a request every 6-8 months. Since I pretty much always have an outstanding promotional balance, having a higher limit lowers my utilization ratio.

If you use Quicken or any financial software and download to manage your finances, DO NOT get a Lowe’s card. They don’t allow it and it is very frustrating. At least my HD card allows it. My business spends thousands a year and I have dropped Lowes because of GE’s refusal to get into the modern era of doing business.

This information, at least about the lowes consumer card is incorrect regarding coupons.and price matches not ebing eligible for no interest promos. Not defending the card as there are many issues typical of ge there, but that info is wrong.

Also the project card is no longer offered. =p

Source: former credit coordinator at lowes.

Many of the issues described here, had they been brought up to me in store, would have been promptly corrected.

Remember guys, credit cards can be bad or good. Be educated with anything you sign up for, and if there is a.problem I suggest physically going into lowes and talking to a real person face to face, and be nice. Most employees working in service do like helping people and dont like being yelled at.

People need to read their contracts, whether vehicle or credit card. I bought the things needed for my new home, using $2200 of the $2400 credit available the the 24 month offer. I noted when the last pmt would be due then I scheduled $200 per month each month into my budget and paid no attention to the “minimum due” on my statement. One month before the the due date, I was right on target for payoff. Easy.
Of COURSE they are going to charge you the interest! Folks, that is what the word “deferred” means. Being a boomer, I grew up with people who warned you to READ WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING UP FOR. We say this several years ago with people who signed up for cheap mortgages, but failed to read what would/could happen in 12 months. Don’t blame the retailers. Blame the consumers.

Been a Lowes customer for years, and I use their credit card for big purchases with the 0% financing. Haven’t ever had a problem with it. Bought a Lawn Mower this summer, and paid it off this month a couple of weeks before the promotion expired. They automatically applied my payments to the promotion, to get it paid in time.

I will admit though the card is better for those that get their statements online. Web access provides more details than getting a mailed statement.

I have 2 issues, and it seems not to be Lowes or HD fault, rather its the thieves at GE Credit. The first issue is with their accounting on mixed statements, what I mean is if I have a deferred interest balance, and a regular purchase balance. Ok, now why don’t they apply as much money as I pay to the regular purchase to satisfy it and not incur interest before they apply to the deferred interest amount? Say I have 500 in deferred and make a $30 regular purchase, I pay $50, they will apply about 35 to the deferred (above I might add the minimum monthly of around 19 this amount requires) and 15 on the $30 balance, then add interest to it for the next month on the 15, pay 50 in month 2, and they will apply 40 to deferred and 10 to the regular and hit me for interest again on the 5. You will never pay off the regular purchase until you pay off the deferred. To me that’s deceptive and BS. In month 1 they should of taken the minimum deferred payment of 19 leaving 31 for the regular balance, that’s fair, in month 2, 19 toward deferred, ~6 toward the regular with the interest closing that balance out, then the remaining 25 on the deferred.

Second issue: THEY MOVE THE DUE DATE!!!! What I mean is lets say your due date this month is the 25th, next month it will be 27 days later, and now its the 21st. They DELIBERATELY go exactly 3 weeks and 6 days, moving up the date 1 day per month, why? To catch up and charge people who budget and make a payment once a month a late fee. I made a deferred purchase and they moved the date after my first payment up 5 days (3 weeks and 2 days) within 3 months we bumped into my budgeted pay date. I then made a 2 week payment to get ahead of them, they then reset the due date to that new day and we again collided 2 months later. GE Credit has and always will suck!

The allocation of payment between balances is a result of a change in the law several years ago, it’s not GE’s fault! We use Lowes card, but ONLY for deferred interest purchases. We used to make payments ONLY when a purchase’s interest free period was about to expire, but now we are required (by the law that regulates credit cards) to make regular monthly payments. It isn’t what we originally signed up for, but it does take the sting out of clearing large purchases as they fall due, in our case usually 18 months after we bought them, by which time they are only about half the cost of the purchase.

I use my Lowes card everytime i shop there. Never had any issues. Always pay it off at the end of the month and enjoy 5% off almost all of the time. I would NEVER put anything on there and deal with 24.99% interest! Many other means of credit with much lower interest…

isn’t it good to be alive, healthy and live in such a beautiful country?

you guys sound like a bunch of spoiled babies… wahhhah my credit card won’t work!

get real and re-evaluate your life and what is important.

Lowe’s rocks. Cash is King. If you don’t have cash, then you probably can’t afford it.

actually when i make purchases with my lowes credit card i make sure that i have the cash in the bank. it would be stupid of me to buy things with cash and give up a 5% savings. with a little diligence i can save a lot of money. not trying to save money is dumb. cash is king but so is saving it

I never carry cash on me. I use plastic all the time it’s a lot safer

Has anyone applied for credit with Lowe’s with your credit score being fair and received it?

It is not Lowes, as soon as they changed to GE capital all customers got screwed,the billing cycle was changer several times to make you pay 24 plus percent. I am going to Home Depot now.

Just so you know, John, it is exactly the same offer and deferred penalty with Home Depot. (And Best Buy and …..)

I have been a lowes credit card customer since 1990 now I am done I will never walk back into any lowes because of GE credit. in 09/2013 they sent my payment back to my bank and said I didn’t pay it so they tried to charge me a late charge. when I looked at my bank account it was redeposited in to my account. makes no sense to me. same thing this month mailed check 10 day early said they didn’t get it. funny because it went through my bank. they just lost lowes a customer for life after 23 years of never being late lowes has them to thank DONE

Lowes made a mistake at every opportunity. When I finally cancelled the transaction, they would not issue a credit to the credit card. They sent me out the door with $1100 in cash, all twenties. Then they took the final payment twice on their automatic payment setup, both on the same day.

They don’t even rise to the level of being terrible in my book.

My problem with Lowes CC is a bit different. I have charged likely over $20,000 past 2-3 years, paying off in full each month so no interest to pay. Then 3-4 times I opted for deferred interest promotions on large purchases. Then, however, the statements recited my balance as the total of regular (5%) off purchases AND the total of all deferred interest purchases, and a minimum payment due. I wanted to pay not the minimum but my entire regular purchases for the month but did not know what to pay. So I sent messages, called, used chat on-line again and again, and then again, as to how much to pay as very confusing with a wrong balance and a minimum I did not understand. They told me to do the math myself and total the deferred interest items first, and then subtract from the total balance stated, after also deducting any returns, adding any fees etc. and pay that amount. Why do I have to do the math? Because that is the way the bills are. So I did so, and paid as instructed and then was charged interest because. . well I am not sure why. More calls, more emails, letters sent to Lowes CEO etc. Very very frustrating. I was going to take the statement into a Lowes, give them a check and tell them to fill in the amount I owed, but instead I am just going to pay off everything – including deferred promotions ($1,900 or so)and never use the card again.

This company is using deceptive practices! Im contacting the better business bureau regarding the fact that they negate to give you a monthly summery on all your purchases . By doing that it leaves the consumer in the dark about what they purchased and also an account of the dollar amounts . By grouping the non interest account with the regular purchase amounts you cant figure out what your individual balances are. Every other credit card company gives you a monthly purchase account. Your unable to screen if your cards been tampered with if you cant see the activity. They are scamming many elderly people and woman. Woman are the largest consumer group using Lowes. They need to be accountable to these practices! Im canceling my card today and never shopping at Lowes again! Home Depot here I come!

I’ve had it with Lowes in general. I like their products but the customer service on high dollar purchases is horrible. We financed a deck at 0% interest for 1 year. After the first 2 bills came in I realized they had only given it for 6 months. When I inquired about it I was assured they would take care of it. 4 months later when they finally did take care of it the 6 month period had ended so it crossed the Ending time with the new date which means I got charged interest for the next 2 months. When I called my rep to get it handled I find out that he can’t handle anything and passed it on to his supervisor that was supposed to get in touch with me. Well I never got the call and had to call Lowes credit directly to get the issue resolved. Once paid in full next month, my account will be perm. closed

I applied and was approved what I thought was a 84m 5.99% project loan however I received a statement on my final day of revision for an un-returnable special order and was surprised to discover my loan is actually a revolving credit card at 24.99. I promptly called Lowes credit and was told the issue was with the store, upon arrival at the store I was told by the manager he spoke with Lowes credit and everything was okay, just wait 10 days, I then canceled my 5k special order.

I have read through all these comments and it’s my opinion people do not know how to buy with credit. I figure the high interest rates are applied to scare people into paying it off before it happens, smart ones do. Once you begin to use the cars your limit will go back up as you spend. Lowering it is to protect you from someone stealing it, smart move I say. If one wants good credit they should know how to use it. Never spend more than 60% of what your limit is, and if times are tough no more than 25%. People are over spending, not reading fine print then want to blame others for their irresponsible behaviors, go figure!

had opened an account with lowes in 1995 and used it regularly. In almost every purchase, i opted for the 6/12/18 month 0-interest financing and paid it off in the allotted. My account had a credit limit of around 18,000, i dont remember exactly because at that level, the exact amount really didnt matter. Each time after it was paid off, the credit limit would be reduced to 500 if there was no balance for 60 days but this was no problem, go to the service desk, let them run the card for account details and they would immediately restore the credit line. That is until lowes switched from GMMCB to GE for their credit servicing. A few years ago now, i went into the local lowes, gathered up around $5000 worth of merchandise and proceeded to checkout only to be informed that the credit line had been reduced. I informed the cashier that she could call the service desk and have them perform the update like had been done for over a decade. GE refused to restore my credit line. I am quite sure it was because i had avoided paying any interest for so many years. I left the same $5000 worth of merchandise sitting in the aisles by the checkout and walked out. In the time since then, i have purchased no less than 25,000 from the home depot right across the street and the local private lumber yard. During this time, i have also realized that lowes does NOT have the lowest prices. I can purchase lumber from the local private lumber yard at less than the same lumber INCLUDING my military discount at lowes. Lowes WILL NOT honor their own “price match guarantee” on merchandise like this because it isnt an ADVERTISED price. I was told that if the price of a product isnt in a publication, then they wont match it. I have not and will never do business with lowes again. If they are willing to let their credit underwriters treat their long term customers in this manner then i have no use for them. The local lumber yard is closer and delivers for free, home depot s directly across the street from lowes and i have other credit cards that can be used ANYWHERE with the same 6 month zero or reduced interest terms on larger purchases. Losing the 10,000-12,000/yr average that i purchased most likely doesnt have much effect on the corporation, if any, but it satisfies me.

I am done with this Lowe’s credit card once my promotions are paid off. We obtained this card when Lowe’s offered their interest free promotions. We took advantage of this on three occasions knowing that we would be able to pay them all off within the time frame of no interest to be charged as long as we paid the oldest off first. We have every month gone into the local store and asked the customer service rep to call into the credit card company and ask that our entire payment for that month be applied to the oldest promotion (this has been done by the local rep but not without displeasure and not without one supervisor taking such displeasure that he refused to do it). We have kept track of the names of the reps at the local level each month and also the names of the rep that takes the call at the credit card end. Even with everything we do it never fails that the credit card company splits the payment up among all the promotions in whatever way they want. This results in another call every month to get it corrected. I am sure this is done hoping to collect that interest once you do not meet the deadline of that promotion. But in my instance all they have done is make it so we will never use that card ever again and we go anywhere else we can to purchase what we need. I would caution everyone against obtaining the Lowe’s card and purchasing anything on their interest free promotions. They will try to catch you if you are not watching their every step. It is not worth the anxiety of fighting with these people every month.

I have had the same thing happen, however you are able to call customer service yourself and have the adjustment made. The toll free number is printed on your bill. It is not necessary to go to the store and have them call in for you. Each time I have called, they have been more than happy to help me and the adjustment shows up the next day when I view my promotional summary online. Their financing states your promotional purchases are “no interest for x months (the x being the time period for the promotion)with payments”. This means each promotional balance has a payment due for it and is covered by your minimum payment. Unless you specify otherwise, they will split your payment between all of your balances. You can also go online to change your payment options to make sure the non-promotional items are paid first to make sure you do not get charged interest on them. Finally all payments over the minimum made in the last month of a promotional purchase are applied to the expiring promotional purchase. If the payment is more than the purchase balance the remaining payment is dispersed based on your payment options. I hope this helps you.

Awesome advice J.J. sounds like you learned the hard way. I’ve got credit cards with both Home Depot and Lowe’s and I’ve run into issues of my own with each of them. Your issue with Lowe’s is not very uncommon at all, so great job on bringing it out and issuing a warning to people that may have been heading right down the same path. Historically, the fine print has been hitting consumers like this for years. We have to read the fine print! Great job here, thanks.

Previously I was a true Lowe’s Customer and just recently applied for their credit card which I was approved for…only to have the bank, GE Capital Retail Bank, close the account three weeks later without any notification. GECRB still has yet to explain other than “We can.” After extensive searching reviews and comments, GECRB seems to have a horrible reputation for numerous reasons. One that was truly obvious was the poor customer service and representative who are extremely unhelpful. One thing I can say about GECRB is they have numerous excuses; however, when you question it the same response “We can.” If Lowe’s is willing to conduct their business with a company (specifically a bank that regulates a section of their sales) then I have no faith with Lowe’s. Home Depot definitely has my business now and will forever. Lowe’s and several other major retailers that conduct business with GECRB seriously need to review the customer issues, concerns and complaints with GECRB and remember that their actions reflect directly to their image–remember when you call the bank, they represent themselves and act on behalf of the retailer.

I had been a Lowe’s customer since about 2008 and had no problem with paying my payment on time every month. But eailer this year 2013 GECRB lowered my credit limit to $100.00 from $300.00! Then when the last payment posted they closed my account. They sent a letter out after both times saying that my credit score had went down! Why would a bank cut loose a good paying customer that is MAKING THEM MONEY! Called them to complain and all i got was I WILL RELAY YOUR CONCERNS TO THE COMPANY BECAUSE THEY WANT TO KNOW HOW THE PEOPLE FEEL. How do you THINK THIS MAKES US FEEL! Don’t make any sense to cut your profit off and screw with peoples credit!! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH RG’S COMMENTS!

Again for the “um tenth week”, we are having problems with Lowes. They do what they want when you make payments and nothing is never the same even though you have a conformation number. You make a payment on a specific day, it gets paid when they want to pay it, you post an anoint to get paid, and it changes for no reason.

I would watch what you spend and suggest watching what is paid and even how it is paid. Just because you make a payment it does not mean it is applied to a interest free item(s). You need to be specific.

Don’t believe what the store says, they do the selling but not the banking. Two separate operations.

My suggestion, is find another store and forget Lowes unless your paying cash.

Avoid the Lowe’s card or anything to do with GE. They have the worst service on the planet. Went to buy a lawnmower at Lowe’s (I was previously the biggest Lowe’s fan ever), and found that my Lowe’s credit had been lowered for no reason to $1,500. Probably from not using the card much. Have spotless credit with a score over 800 and never a late payment in over 30 years of credit. I cancelled the card and bought the mower at a competitor. I’m really on the fence at even ever shopping at Lowe’s again. Really sad about that, but I hold them responsible for using GE as their credit card vendor and letting them treat their customers like crap.

Lowe’s Credit card only work, if you use the 18 month special coupons and pay it off at least 1 month before you get ALL the interest charged,

and don’t blame lowe’s for the GE capital (except that they are associated at all) they are a joke across the board and lowered everybody’s limits

I have been a Lowes’ Credit Card Member since Dec. 2010 when I bought 14 windows before the tax credit ran out. I had 12 months to pay off the purchase and paid it off early (tax refund helped). Since then, I have purchased flooring, two additional windows for a rental property, four storm doors, fridge, and a ton of other things using the promotional 0%.

I think when this article was written, Lowe’s currently had a 6 month promotion going, because I use the 6, 12, and 18 months based on need. Right now, I am holding off on a roof until I pay down other promotional purchases and I get the 18 months.

I have never been charged for ever using customer service regarding my credit card. The customer service people are really nice, helpful, and able to move my payments to certain promotional purchases. I am constantly looking at my account to make sure my payments are applied as I need so I can make sure my promotional purchases are paid of in time. If you pace yourself with your purchases, pay attention, and plan to pay the purchase off BEFORE the due date, then you shouldn’t ever have a problem. Since Dec. 2010, I have been charged a little bit of interest when I didnt pay off a regular purchase by the due date. I have also had my credit limit increase significantly. I can’t speak on the interest if you don’t pay off something. I haven’t had that situation. Don’t get it if you can’t afford the payments needed to pay the item(s) off before the promotional period ends.

After the expiration of the 18 months interest free promo, Lowes actually charges you 37.485% interest rate on the purchase price. They calculate this by dividing the 24.99% interest rate by 12 months and then multiplying that by 18 months. This is what I was told by a Lowes customer service rep after I insisting on an explanation of the exorbitant interest rate charge on my Lowes card. Needless to say, I am in the process of taking action against Lowes’ unfair and deceptive practices.

We have made many purchases with our Lowe’s credit card, take advantage of the special offers, pay on time, do not pay interest and we’ve never had any problems.

I’ve never had to deal with a customer service rep because of always making sure things are handled properly from the sale to us making payments. If you think a payment is going to be late in the mail, pay on line. It’s very simple in these days to always make sure your payments are on time. So much on here is owner responsibility, not Lowe’s.

BEWARE: Lowe’s will close your card due to inactivity, WITHOUT telling you. I applied for a Lowe’s card and used it frequently from 2007 to 2008. I recently purchased a home and upon trying to use my card, I was told it was closed several years ago due to inactivity. I called customer service to let them know I was never notified of the closure, assuming they would tell me they had tried to contact me at a previous address. Beth in the Customer Accounts department told me “Unfortunately, this happens too frequently for us to be able to contact everyone whose card is being closed due to inactivity, so we do not contact anyone and there is no process to reinstate a card, other than to apply for a new one”. I have never heard of this and find it highly inconvenient. A simple email notification would have avoided all this trouble, and I would have used the card in the meantime if I knew this was the policy.

Yorkie Plummer

I am thinking of applying for either a Lowe’s or Home Depot card. Mainly so I can keep my home improvement costs separate from my other credit cards and the convenience of pulling out a store card while shopping there. I will certainly check into things like the interest rate offered to me based upon my creditworthiness as well as the special no interest deals offered with each store card because I have certainly taken advantage of those types of deals with other stores like Sears. Five years ago, I paid off a new air conditioner and furnace plus the installation charges, almost 9K, in 12 months. Yep, it was hard to do, but I kept up with it for the full twelve months and paid zero interest, so it was worth it. I paid online and if I had not been able to check on my payment and make sure my account was credited in a timely manner I would have had a real issue with Sears, but I paid my monthly payment early enough each month to make sure I wasn’t considered late. It’s called responsibility, and people who understand that have good credit, versus all of those who moan about how crooked credit card companies are and how they screwed the consumer.

Never had an issue with my Lowe’s card. I haven’t tried the special financing though, have kept it to relatively small purchases. The only thing I don’t like is if you pay early online, if you don’t manually change the date, it won’t process until the actual due date. That got me a couple of times because I thought I forgot to pay it. But that is actually me not paying attention that caused that to happen.

Do not get Lowes credit card. Although I was not happy with how the promotion went, it was calling to get help that bothered me.

Do you want to talk to a lowes credit card rep? Be prepared to pay 10 dollars.

Yes…. 10 dollars for customer service

Goodbye Lowes CC.

First, Lowe’s terms are almost identical to every department store that offers deferred 6 months no interest. For the 6 years I’ve had the card, 18 month no interest has always been on special promotions on purchases during Labor Day, President’s Day, etc. sales. Otherwise, it’s always been 6 months with the note of *PURCHASES OVER $299*. Second to this, Lowe’s has always stacked the military discount – HOWEVER – you cannot stack it with the 5%. You choose either 5% or 6 months deferred. Since our military 10% is greater, we select deferred after they enter 10% off at the register. We’ve stacked this with coupons AND sales to boot. So basically, I’ve taken a sale item, used my 10% off mailer to get that price, they add their 10% military discount off, I pay with my card and choose the 6 (or 18 if the special is going on) deferred. We’ve had problems with Home Depot doing the same though.

Department store cards ALWAYS carry a mid to high 20’s interest rate. It takes FICO’s over 800 to bring it into the teens for any other purchases.

Also of the problems listed below, all are “user errors” or not understanding at all the terms of the card they applied for (the pamphlets lay out everything I just did). You can’t fault GE Bank for not getting you a statement for not keeping your addresses up, or getting mad at them because you didn’t pay your bill and they won’t keep your interest rate the same, remove it from your credit or remove their fees (again, which are openly disclosed in the pamphlet when you apply or the terms on the web application).

Took out a line of credit for 10,000 for 18 months same as cash was paying more then the minimum payment each month went on vacation an sent in one payment 9 days late and was charged a 25.00 late fee called the customer line to find out what happened and they waived the late fee, but was told we were only on a 6 month same as cash line of credit. Looked at our past statements and on my 1st statement it had the 18 month date on when our credit line would expire and then on the next bill it changed to 6 months, if I had not received the late charge and question it I would’ve never noticed the change. The customer service person pushed back out credit line to the 18 months, but what is to stop them from changing it again. Do not us Lowe’s credit line!!! We will be paying this off with another credit card.

I hear your pain,


I have had this with almost every credit card I have ever used, YOU MUST READ every bill, if you don’t this will happen, and if you say “why should I read every bill” then perhaps credit is not for you, I’m not defending lowe’s or GE capital, I have had my serious issues with them (and as mentioned every credit card) FICO over 770 is maintained by diligence not by accident,

Read every bill every month, if you do not you will suffer fraud in some form or fashion.


Thank you for the information. I am a military member and do a lot of shopping at Lowe’s in large part because of the discount they offer military personnel. If I understand this correctly, they have let you use the 10% military discount in conjuction with other coupons? I am getting ready to close on a home (1st time home buyer) and plan on doing some shopping for major appliances and other home merchandise while of course saving as much as possible. Just wanted to make sure I have the correct information, because this could really help…Thank you and thank you for your service as well!

I am glad I read the comments and when I get the bill on my purchases will pay off the total with my credit card from founders credit union fast, Rose


decided to put flooring in. they had to come out to measure. Had items in the cart, cashier said, ‘no problem, when you come back in, there will be a combining of totals, it will show up two separate bills, but you just have to inform credit card people. you will get the same financing.


and try to talk to the people at the credit card place. they are polite, I will admit. yet not any changes made. they say, go back to the store. the store says, “only the credit people can make changes.

I had this happen but the credit company took care of it as soon as I called them.

Do not apply for a credit card from Lowes!!!!!! They will send you out a billing statement the day you apply and then actually bill you a late charge before the month is even up. They did this to me on a December 5th application and a late bill on January 1st. We had just moved to a new home and got the Lowes card moving over the holidays with renovations etc.. Then on the 9th I logged in online to see the charges and to my dismay they had a late fee and large interest fee applied starting less than 30 days from the initial application. I will now likely send all my business to Home Depot and other stores and will by word of mouth warn friends and family about their sneaky and nefarious practices.

I agree don’t get a Lowes card!! I sent my first payment after opening the card 5 business days in advance of the due date, and mail to the payment center is one day away. They charged me a late fee and I closed the account immediately, screwing with the customer is not good business practice!!!

Lowes credit card is worthless to me now. I wish i read this earlier. I applied for a lowes card 4 months ago and got approved. I got a limit of 300 dollars. 2 weeks later i charged 100 in garden supplies. Been making the minimum payment and on one of them i was 2 weeks late unfortunately since i was in the hospital. I paid the payment with my other bills and yesterday i just got my new bill for January. mind u i only had this card 4 months. Now i just got a letter from ge capita in a separate envelope and they said they are closing my account for being delinquent on the account. Wtf?? I have a good reason my i was 2 weeks late i was admitted to the hospital! Wtf do they want me to do pay my bill on time from the hospital bed???

Maybe u should have paid the $100 instead of the min

I couldn’t agree more! Ha!

i found out the hard way about their card its not worth the time or effort the bank gives you better service .
i bought over $17,000 worth of appliances and carpet everything i put in my house and they only allow u a limit which they raised mine. and worked with me so they said i paid off the card within a week of getting first purchase so we could put carpet on card and when i finally figured it all out i only got 5% off my first purchase of 950$ All the other did not apply and i paid out 256$ woth of interest for 6 months so for me i will not BUY ANYTHING FROM LOWES if i can help it BURNED CONSUMER
Ace hardware is cheaper anyway just hard to shop after work but i’m making it work !!

I will never enter a Lowes again. Went in this morning to purchase a new fridge and garage doors. Made three trip to check measurements and styles, went to the check out and was told that the card was declined. When I inquired as to why, they said I only had a credit limit of $224.00. I was both shocked and embarrassed but I calmly went to customer service and was told that it was the credit card company and Lowes had nothing to do with it. I call the company and was told that I had not used the card in over a year, so for my protection they lowered the credit limit. I asked why they didn’t notify me of the change as they certainly had my address to send monthly bills and a recent promotion to use the card and not pay interest for 12 months. The telemarketer told me they don’t have to notify me, they can raise and lower credit limits as well as close the account at will. While I understand that with people who are behind in payments or have poor credit rating but for customers who are in good standing have never missed a payment in 12 years you didn’t feel a notification was necessary. I was told it was for my protection, a simple note or call could have had accomplished the same goal without public embarrassment.

I was offered to have the limit raise but needed to provide information and wait for approval. Now mind you I only had a $2000.00 credit limit when I first got the card in 2001, with a yearly salary of $45K, now I make over 125K and am 7 points shy of a perfect credit score and I can only charge $245.00. Makes perfect sense. They have protected me from spending my money in their store as I have both the fridge and new garage door thanks to Home Depot. What was interesting was Home Depot needed less information to establish instant credit then Lowes was requiring for a customer who was in excellent standing. I know some will read this and say I had bad payment history or poor credit rating but I can assure you neither is true. The reason I didn’t use the card is because I didn’t need to make payments, I could pay cash and because I am finishing up my PhD, time for home improvement projects has been little to none.

Finally, those who say it is not Lowes, it is GE. Lowes hires GE to provide the service to their customers, would Lowes continue to sell an inferior product that produces such customer dissatisfaction.

Lowes consumer credit is operated by GE Capital… Just like SAM’s Club. GE capital has to maintain a capital reserve amount in proportion to the available credit. You are not using the card, it is costing GE Capital money so the extend credit to other individuals. That is why you should make bi-annual purchases with any credit card if you plan on using it again.

We purchased $18,000 worth of cabinetry and appliances. After 45 minutes at the service counter, on the phone with someone from the finance department with a very thick Indian accent, we were finally approved for what we thought was the 18 mos same as cash offer. The sales person had taken us up there and waited about 15 minutes after he had explained to the cashier that that was what we were wanting to do. Mind you, the store manager even got on the phone to convince them to approve this. We were in the store about 20 minutes past closing time. Six months later, after making all of the minimum payments on time, we received a bill with all of the interest charged!

We have spent countless hours on the phone with the salesman, the store manager, the regional manager and GE financial corporate manager. My husband was able to receive an additional 8 month and the interest was removed. I am still trying to get the additional 4 months that we originally applied for. I am getting the real run around.

This is what I think may have happened, and only after speaking to many different people. We had a Lowe’s project card from a previous home kitchen remodel we had done. We did not have a regular Lowe’s credit card. Although, the “Project” card does not state “Project” on it anywhere. I had thought it was a Lowe’s card. So, we showed that card. We were told that we would have to apply for the regular card, which we did. We understood when we left the store that we had a new credit card coming and that we had been approved for the $18,000.

Apparently, the purchase was rung up on the project card, not the regular credit card. GE Financial is stating that it is the stores fault and yet the store is claiming that GE Financial is responsible for getting this fixed.

Where do I go from here????

I will have to agree with the GE bank not having good service. I have a Lowe’s card and I’m a single mother working two jobs along with trying to go to school full time. I fell into some bad luck and got behind about three months. As we all know it is hard to bounce back right away. I’ve made by-weekly payments with them and they still call and belittle me about payment not being totally up to date. I tell them I’m sorry I’m doing the best I can what else can I do. I owe them only 160.00 to have it all up to date. Yet with me paying them $35 by-weekly is not enough in their book they won’t it NOW. It’s to the point I a lot of times will not answer their calls and just it go to voicemail. Well I could keep going on, yet ill let you go now thanks for letting me vent.

I have a Lowes acounts recievable card which means I put the money into my account before I spend it. This makes my problem with them impossable, but it is still happening. When I checked my acount on line I had a positive balance, however I have an unpaid bill 31 to 60 days past due. Basically I paid cash for something and they took the money but did not apply it to my purchase. This card has been nothing but a headache.

I used to work for Lowes up until summer 2012, and I can definitely say that I’ve seen it all when it comes to customer service issues and credit issues. From my experience on the inside of the box I would have to say that if there’s a way a customer can be screwed it will happen. Associates usually are only minimally trained to understand the different types of cards Lowes offer, and often the customer is left to try and figure it out on their own. Unfortunately there are a lot of what could be construed as corrupt business against the customer; seen it time and again myself. The important thing is to educate yourself, read ALL the fine print before you apply, and ask for the credit coordinator or upper management if you have questions. And on a side note if you pay in the store on your card don’t wait til it’s due or you will be considered late, even though it is supposed to take immediate effect; it often will take 24 hrs or so to post. Just some insider info, hope I helped someone.

Very difficult to verify/ accept changes on credit card billing. No phone# provided to discuss billing and requires written mailing to discuss issues. Watch out for penalties ($25 per monthly bill if not payed by required date. This is in addition to added interest on balance. Not sure if this is legal.

Question: I am a canadian snowbird, when I arrive down south in November, I will be making a purchase of $300+. Can I apply on site for a Lowes credit card, to be paid off in 6 months? Is credit instant? This will be a US credit card and I have a very high credit rating. Please reply

Thanx CreditCardGuru !!

I’m preparing for a kitchen upgrade. I applied for this card thinking I could get a 10% coupon readily available then an additional 5%. Looks like a come on now.
As it is I have a free and clear home for 18+years, no car loans, no debt at all. Only recurring utilities, and misc. I do have a Chase Visa which I have had for years and pay off (1k to 2K) every month! LOWES WOULD NOT GIVE ME A 5% CARD !! With those interest rates looks like I now know why they don’t want me. Now I don’t want them either!

Chris in Saluda, NC

No offense, but you basically have no credit history. You need debt to have credit history. I wonder what the credit limit on the card you have is? If you’re charging $2k a month on a card with a 5k limit you probably have horrible credit. (The 2k shows up as your outstanding balance unless paid before the STATEMENT date not the DUE date.)

You are a prime candidate for a financial planner if you ever plan to make any life choices that are going to involve credit. I’m two years late, I know, but man…

Applied for their card for the 5% off purchases. Made several purchases and received my bill. I sent my payment 5 days before the due date, and next months bill had a $25.00 late fee applied. Wait a minute, I’m one day away from their location by mail. The is no way they did not receive the payment on time, they held the payment until after the due date to charge me a fee.

Called their customer service, which is a robo center – nope no person on the line only a computer. I closed the account, as I don’t want to deal with a company

I used my lowes card for many years, and never had a late payment. I made a purchase on may 20th, 2012 and put it on my lowes card. I had a message on my answeing machine today, from lowes that sounded like an ad, I thought about it and thought I used my card recently and have not received a bill I need to call them.

I called them immediately, and spoke to a man (sounded like in india), who tells me my first bill was sent and not paid and now I owe two bills,(today is June 26th) they emailed the first bill to a old email address. I asked to speak to a supervisor, after waiting at least 10 minutes a woman comes on, and asks what I want her to do about it. I told her I never received a bill, and this will go on my credit history as a missed payment, she says “do you want me to take off the late charge of 25.00?

I said how am I suppose to pay it when I have no idea how much I need to pay, when it is due, and where to send it,since I have not received not one, but supposedly two bills sent out since May 19,she then asks if I want to pay it now by check or debit card, I said Yes, she says there is a 10.00 over the phone fee, I went OFF, first they never sent me a bill, then add a late charge and then want 10.00 to pay over the phone, which would not have been necessary if they actually sent a bill. I have had my card since 2004 and have never paid late, I was furious, I told her that I am going to cut the card up and not shop at lowes anymore, she asked if I would like the account closed now, as if they were glad to do it.

I have purchased many thousands of supplies and appliances for rental properties at that store, starting in 1985 when lowes was a small box store in York PA, located aside the sheetz on memory lane. I think it is sad that such a good store has damaged their name by having a incompetent card service handle their credit cards.

Here is my question? If you have had the card since 2004 and have purchased many thousands of supplies and appliances with the card, Why do you not know where to send the payment? You made the purchase just over a month ago. Why do you not know how much you owe? Sounds pretty irresponsible to me.

so from what I am getting from what you wrote… they sent your bill to an old email… did you update your new email address with them? How are they to know that you changed email add? So this is their fault that you didn’t update the email add? You keep saying they didn’t send a bill but from what your saying they did send the bill, to the email address you provided to them. A lot of places charge fees for over the phone payments because they are a convenience. You do not have to use that method of payment… Did you try to go in the store and pay? I’m sure they don’t charge you there. Did you ask for a mailing address ? I’m sure they don’t charge that way. Did you go online and try to look at the account? I’m assuming you have been online at their site because you’re stating you get their email statements. You may be frustrated with your situation and want to blame someone, but obviously it’s not their error that you didn’t update your new email address with them. Take ownership for your mistake.

Colleen White

Here is what confuses me about all of this. All or nearly all retailers do not let you combine coupons or discounts, why should Lowes be expected to do it differently? As for the interest free promos, I have done them for years, never with Lowes but with Sears and Best Buy. They are all run pretty much the same. You make a qualifying purchase and you have 6, 12 or 18 mos. to pay it off interest free. That is a tremendous deal.

Yes, you have to have a brain and do your part and pay it off in the time frame or you will get all that deferred interest but that is the deal you sign up for, why would you be shocked or surprised when it happens? As with every company pretty much, you get one deal and one deal only be it 5% off, an employee discount, or deferred interest for x number of months. Oh, and one other thing I know for sure, Lowes will give the military discount AND the deferred interest on a qualifying purchase.

I also have found that Lowe’s is “OUT TO SCREW YOU”. The 5% discount is NOT worth it. When I realized this, I started paying it off as fast as possible. It is almost gone and I will cancel.

If you have a very large purchase: use the card, get the discount, pay off the balance FAST then cancel the card.

Lesson here: Do not have “Store Cards”. J. C. Penny, Sears and all others are “OUT TO SCREW YOU”.


p.s. Our family has one of the highest credit ratings possible, that is we did until Lowe’s got it messed up. Mine is still high but my husband’s dropped about 100 points due to THEIR MISTAKE.

Go to the credit bureaus. They will make them fix it.

We appreciate you as a valued Lowe’s Consumer customer and hope you will continue to shop with us. What a laugh. Charges 25% interest even though I have always paid on time. They state the high interest is due to my payment record.

Crooks & liars.

Actually the interest is 24.99% for every Lowe’s Consumer cardholder. It will only vary based on your credit if it’s a business account.

Have had a Lowes card for years and made out great. We use it regularly for large purchases, take advantage of the 12 and even 18 month 0% specials and have never paid a penny of interest. In addition, the terms say that the financing can not be combined with other offers, but we frequent three different Lowes stores and always receive a 10% military discount in addition to zero interest specials. This has allowed us to save tons and complete over $20,0000 worth of projects! Have never had to deal with customer service, so no advice there. Be smart, check your account, pay on time, and know your credit and you should be fine!

T. Snyder. Williamsville NY

i have had very poor service from Lowes credit card as well as Lowes in Williamsville NY.

A front door with side lights was installed by one of Lowes contractors. installation was fine. Lowes sold a Reliabilt door to us but sent to the worksite a Masonite door that was flawed and did not shut tightly. lowes failed for five months to correct the problem.

The cost of the door was disputed in writing to GE Lowes card, however, they refused to accept the dispute, sent repeated form letters and failed to accept that there was a flaw in the door.

Beware of the Lowes credit card due to poor service and failure to support the cardholder when a dispute exists.

I have a small CC account with Lowes, just 15.00 a month. I was late this month, but sent 30.00. i have received 3 for 4 calls a day from them stating my late payment, just got one today Feb 5th 8:45am guess from where? India which is tomorrow to them. They should have gotten the payment already, but I guess no one told them in India.

Only problem I’ve had with my Lowe’s card (which is through GE Financing) is that about 3 months ago I made a payment online, larger than usual, and it took them nearly a month to pull it out of my bank. My fault but I forgot about it and caused me major problems. Yesterday paid Lowes and 3 other bills all online at the same times. All have come out….but Lowes. Here it is about 30 hours later and besides the immediate email I got, no other action. Has not come out of bank, has not updated on their website.

Lowes’s credit site is the worst online credit card site on the internet. It is very user unfriendly, confusing and at least 10 years out of date. When you call and complain about their site they defend it. I have credit cars from Amer. Exp., Discover, Visa & PenFed all their sites are very user friendly and helpful.


1) The last store credit card payment date is sometimes scheduled BEFORE the usual and regular last expected payment due date so that may catch you off guard. If you pay even a day late, you will pay the APR (usually 34%) that would have been owed for the entire time. -That could add thousands to your bill and if that happens, you will have bad credit while you fight them and fight to get it right.

2) If you are in the market to buy carpeting or flooring, GET AN INDEPENDENT 2ND OPINION REGARDING THE TRUE SQ FOOTAGE OF YOUR AREA TO BE INSTALLED! It is not “uncommon” for companies to oops…”accidentally over-measure” about the square footage you need and charge you additional for carpet or flooring that you don’t need.

Consumers would never know they are being overcharged because they have no idea how to calculate sq.footage or do floor measuring! True measurement is calculated with 5% -7% additional (not 10%) for additional materials as a “cushion”. A 10% cushion is only needed for tile or hardwood installed on the diagonal, and even then, a customer not only has the right to return any full boxes of flooring materials (tile & hardwood etc.) but the customer also has the right to get their money back for unused installation fee for those boxes of unused material! If you have any trouble, see the Store Manager and call the District Manager/Home Office if needed. AND get a second opinion/estimate for from an independent floor measuring company and be sure the sq. footage matches the store estimate.

You can call a independent flooring measurer to measure your floors for about $40-60 depending on the number of rooms or a whole house. One such independent measuring company I used is: Accurate Floor Measuring Service 301-437-3823 they service MD, DC, Northern VA. They also will provide to you, a drawing and measurements that you can take to the store for accurate sq. footage quotes.

This is a great card! I applied for a HD card and they gave me a $500 limit; I applied with Lowes and they gave me a $1500 limit. I have paid it off several times and each time I pay it off for more than $1000 at a time they raise my limit. My limit is now $8500 and this is plenty for any of my projects. The good thing about 0% interest is whenever they offer it for 18 months I go get a $900 gift card and use it throughout the year with no interest and pay just $50 a month at 0% and there is no retro interest because it is paid off in time. If you know how to manage your card correctly there will NEVER be interest. Just manage it correctly and there is no issue and if you cannot, you probably are a risk and should pay a little higher rate. Anyway, I think both Lowes and HD are great, but Lowes gave me a better card. I never used my HD card.

Some reviews I’ve read people cards were canceled. I experienced the same thing. I haven’t used the card in about 4 years. The reason, if you’d think about it is, after the economy went south those that don’t use the card on a regular basis where purged to reapply to see if if their status has changed. I for one totally understand as my employment status and income could have changed in those 4 years. The process was made simple, went to the register with a buggy full, card inactive (definitely embarrassing), produced a credit card, instant financing and got a receipt to use as a credit card for further purchases until the card came in the mail. Only use the card on 0% financing at MY! convenience. Have to watch when it ends as the terms are to charge interest retro. If you have good credit and don’t have it paid off move it to a 0% card offer that is in your mailbox EVERYDAY! Understandably this option is not available to everyone. I guess the key to it is use this card, as any card, WISELY!. Peace out!

I currently possess a credit card from Sears, JC Penney, Discover, and American Express. All payments are made on time. I often pay beyond the minimum. I have applied for the Lowe’s card but was turned down. My retirement income is righteous and affords great ease for ANYTHING WE WANT TO DO OR TRAVEL TO ANYWHERE WE WANT TO GO. in fact, we flew to Denver and Houston this year. Our investments are solid. We have purchased 3 doors, windows, refrigerator, stove, washer-dryer, kitchen cabinetry, counter top with new sink, paint, to the tune of over $10,000 (w/ cash). We can’t figure out why we were TURNED DOWN for a Lowe’s card. The paper containing the rejection was vague.

You were turned down because you have bad credit. Lowes doesn’t run their credit card department, they just put their name on it. This card has the same requirements as all other credit cards so use your head. You boast about being retired, but buddy you have no income. Why would a store give you a credit card when you don’t have a job? You pull from a retirement fund so in essence your overall wealth and equity is depreciating every month. Grow up and learn a thing or two about finances before you brag about flying to Denver and thinking this will qualify you for a credit card. PS cash purchases do nothing to increase your credit score or make you any more attractive to credit card companies.

Their credit card is simply a method to make money from someone who doesn’t have it, taking advantage. Obviously, nobody is going to pay 24.99% on purpose. Numerous 0% six months, then 0% 18 months, nothing like the stores that give you three or more years at 0%. Now a gimmick for 3.99% for 48 months if over $3500 purchase. When you initially sign up seldom do they give you a rate this high, hence force the six month pay back, then collect the very high interest rate.

Avoid these cards, and most other department stores if possible; finance via other means or put as much down as you can manage, ensuring payoff before the period expires. Yes they charge the interest from the beginning if not paid in full, ouch.

Most 0% deals are the same. Don’t see what the big deal is. Just pay it off in the time allotted. Done. I did this with both Dell for my computer and Pier 1 for my furniture. I just divided how much I owed by 12 months and paid that amount each month for twelve months via my online banking recurring payment plan. Very easy. The good thing is, once you pay it off on time, it actually “helps” your credit score. Of course, if after dividing the amount you owe by the number of months allotted, you realize that you can’t afford the payments, then a 0% interest deal may not be for you. Or, If you’re the type of person who does not pay your bills on time, then the 0% interest deals are definitely not for you. Besides which, you have to have good credit in order to qualify for most 0% interest deals. They don’t give them out to everyone. Usually, they give these deals to people who have a history of paying all of their bills on time. That’s why they check your credit report.

OMT is probably a Lowes employee, stooping very low here.

I’ve always over paid each month on my amount due. I have never ever been late once!
Last month I received a letter from Lowe’s credit dept claiming that they lowered my credit card limit due to other unpaid creditor’s! My credit cards were used by someone else, but they do not bother to ask about WHY you’ve had credit problems in the first place. This notice to me did make me VERY angry, and after I pay off my balance I will cut up the card and send it back to them! Mary

Also if you don’t watch your card activity they will apply your payments to promos that don’t expire for 6 months while leaving your ones due to expire unpaid. I called Lowes Card Company at least twice to apply payment to an expiring promotion.

There were new credit card laws that took effect in 2009. This is what it states….Highest interest balances paid first: When consumers have accounts that carry different interest rates for different types of purchases (i.e., cash advances, regular purchases, balance transfers or ATM withdrawals), payments in excess of the minimum amount due must go to balances with higher interest rates first. A common practice in the industry had been to apply all amounts over the minimum monthly payments to the lowest-interest balances first — thus extending the time it takes to pay off higher-interest rate balances. I have called too and it because this laws makes them split the payments between your balances.

Believe me, Home Depot is no better. After two bad instances, I finally cancelled the card. I had a hard time getting Home Depot to take the insurance charges off which I don’t need. I just applied to Lowe’s. It’s scary reading bad accounts, but I’ll try anyway. Like was said, you have to read your papers. .

Gary, I know about that too, i do it with my polaris card, you just have to satisfy the curent amount due, anything over can be put as you want it.

Wayne Hubbard

Lowe’s now has a 5% discount, if you use their credit card.
So, does that mean if you pay cash, you pay 5% more?
And, cash back? People, they take your money and later give it back. You are not getting any deal.

Diana Castrejon

I’ve had a Lowe’s CC for 2 years and always take advantage of the promotions. The best way I found for paying off my amounts was changing the billing cycle and emailed them every month after I make my payment online so that payment can first be applied to the recent purchases and then promotional balance. After looking at the bill carefully, I noticed interest was being charged because the payment was partially applied to both balances. Now, my payment pays off the recent purchases so that no interests are charged and my promotional balance still gets paid off. It’s not Lowe’s fault but the credit card company. Other store cards have their issues also but don’t offer the promotions. I wish Macys and victoria’s secret offered that! Also, Lowe’s reports to ALL 3 credit agencies which other stores don’t helping me raise my score. I added my boyfriend and his credit score is also increasing. This helps because we just take turns making monthly payments on materials for our nest. If you just charge even $5 monthly on your Lowe’s cc, it won’t be closed because there’s a revolving credit law that allows CCs to close or lower credit limits if there’s no revolving credit. You just have to be smart about it.

Here is another deal; Do not do any over the phone payments because, when you use your bank or debit card; They do an inquiry or a pre test (they would not tell me what it is); They do this before they process the debit or credit charge to your bank; and this causes a ATM inquiry charge to appear on your bank statement. This was only 75 cents but hey how much does that add to if they all start doing that.? I called them up and said I will not buy anything else until Lowes or GE Money banks stops this practice. And so should everyone that calls in tell them that.

Funny how no one has mentioned this:
If you make any purchase on a Lowes card and you did on the deferred interest rate 0 percent; this is what happens while you make payments. You go and purchase another item; instead of paying then; you decide to ‘pay when the bill comes due and to pay the extra amount you just charged”; that is ok unless, unless you pay the full amount of the what is due plus the extra you just charged; Because if you do not; they take the lesser amount and apply it to your new purchase first and then if there is any left over that goes to your defferred interest payment due. So, In plain englash; you wind up NOT paying it off in time so they can get the interest. Here is how you get around it; I did this just the last part of 2010. You wait a few days after you make the payment and call Lowes and you tell them; “I want the entire payment just made to go toward the deffered interest charge balance.” Then they have to and none goes to the new charges until you have the deffered paid off. You will have to do this everymonth payment or they will pay on the newest charge(s) first.

This because of the new credit card laws passed in 2009! Look it up!!!! The new laws make credit card companies pay all of your balances. new ones included!

I have had a Lowes credit card (not project card) for years. I too have used it during the promotional 0 interest rate periods, as I do with all my big ticket items at Lowes or Best Buy, etc. I always know exactly how long I have to pay in full when making the big purchases. I budget accordingly and pay it in full by the promotion end date. I have never had an issue with Lowes or the credit card. I actually received an increase in my credit line when asking for it due to a larger project at my home. Anyone you apply for credit with will check your credit report. I prefer Lowes over Home Depot.

Well i closed my lowes account, have no desire to start over with a 500 line again, i’ll just keep my busness at other places.

This is for OMT, on the back of my home depot statement. Notice, it says “whichever is later” Just to straighten your facts out.

*You must pay your promotional balance in full by the expiration date or the payment due date for the billing cycle in which the promotion expires, whichever is later, to avoid
paying deferred interest charges.

And to Linda B. Burton, the busness has nothing to do with closing anyones account for non use, why wouldn’t they just shut the doors if they dont want your busness.

WB— I dont know of any card that you can pay online by using another credit card /debit card, that would be considered a cash transaction and would be treated as a balance transfer, which could be a special rate or could be same as cash withdrawls, but would have to be done through the payee card side of things. I do use my citi card to pay most of my utilitys, then pay it off every month, and collect on the rewards!

Also, i have no problem with the promo specials an any store /bank credit cards, it really saves me money over the ones that dont give you this opertunity, and its only my fault if i dont get it paid down in time.


Finally got your ___ response – this does have everything to do with it – I didn’t say they didn’t want your business. I said the companies will close the account and you have to get a new one going if you don’t use it. Read, idiot, read.

The companies will close your accounts??

WHERE ARE you getting your facts from??

neither hd or lowes close no ones accounts, it their crediters that do it.


Yes, JB, you can pay any account with a credit or debit card – because I do it. Ha! Oh, JB, I pay all my utilities with my paycheck, it’s called cash buddy.

Lowe’s will close your account if you don’t use it. You, Mr. Man, don’t know what you’re talking about either. Get a life, idiot.

Mines also called “cash” buddy, but i also get rewards for using my card, which add up to a couple hundred a year. Re read the part that it gets paid off every month, as in NO INTEREST ADDED.

Just try to pay your lowes account with your bank credit(not debit) card, let us know it you get a purchase rate or a cash advance rate of interest added. Or better yet, use your home depot card to pay your lowes card, that what it sounds like you are saying.

This seems a stupid thing to do as you are borrowing from one credit card to pay another.

But maybe i misread you, as for sure, you can always pay from your debit card to any credit, no differance than paying cash or from your checking account.

I may stop by again for your reply, but i wont be whipping a dead horse anymore.

well they did it to me too, had a 4000 credit limit and now its at $224, and only becouse i have not used it, becouse all my other cards, including hd have gone up .

Guess the only way to avoid this is to go in and charge a candy bar or something to keep it active, as i was looking in to buy some warner scaff. planks, but now i only have enough credit to buy a couple candy bars ,lol

Yep, first time i check my credit line in almost 2 years there, so i guess if you dont use it, you lose it ,lol

Maybe it is the ge card company, well lowes is losing shoppers becouse of them.

Lowe’s will “lower” your credit limit to $224 but all you need to do is call them if you have not made a purchase in a few years. The $224 is only an amount that signals to any Lowe’s cashier that your account is on temporary hold for non-use and in order to prevent fraud, they will just verify your address and phone info and a few security questions only you would know and open your line of credit back up. GE says it is for consumer protection…it happened to me and I am fine with it.

DO NOT OPEN A CREDIT CARD WITH LOWE’S!! Besides the ridiculously high interest, their credit card services (customer service) are plain awful. I got my bill yesterday and they are still charging for a payment that I made last month, 15 days ahead of the due date, besides that they are also charging for Card Security, which I never ordered. When I called to correct this errors the customer service representatives, I spoke to two, were extremely uncooperative, unhelpful and just plain rude. When I requested to speak to a Quality Assurance Manager I was told that they did not have a quality improvement or quality assurance department, surprise, surprise! So I requested to speak to a Customer Service Manager, was placed on hold for half and hour and then disconnected. I have never, ever , had that type of experience with any credit card or credit agency, they are really awful. I’m canceling my card today and have asked my parents to do the same, they are elderly and I would hate for them to have to deal with such an uncooperative company. I believe their credit line is handled by GE Money Bank.

Yes, Isabel.!! Happened to me also.!! The stealth “Card Security” charge as high as the interest. $1.66 per one hundred dollars. And completely unsolicited.

You do realize that you have to initial this on the application or they offer it to you when calling in and read you a script… which is recorded and kept on file…

As a Lowes employee

As a Lowe’s employee for 5 years I can tell you the trouble with credit is true and after being in a position that dealt with selling large projects and pushing credit I can not tell you how many smart shoppers walked away from our business because Lowe’s did not make sense. Customers come in after leaving Home Depot and come to us hoping for a better deal on the credit end of it. When they are given their spending limits quite often customers are apalled or insulted and I have to cover for a company that deals with a financing that doesn’t want to help our customers. I have regularly seen customers offered through us limits on their cards of under $1000 even under 500$ and have already left Depot with offers of limits over 5000. The money needed to do REAL projects and keep them coming back. I became an expert at making excuses for Lowe’s. Needless to say Home Depot is winning, always has been, and now with Lowes cutting 1700 senior managers that money they aren’t lending out is really hurting.

I don’t know what eveyone is complaining about. All of the those 6, 12, or 18 month promotionals are the same. If you don’t pay it off by the promotion period, the interest is accessed back to the purchase date. If you know of a card that only charges interest starting after the promotional period, then I would like to know, because I don’t know of one. I use my Visa that has faithfully provided a 1% rebate every month, no annual fee for the last 10 years. I only use the Lowe’s credit card to get a 6, 12, or 18 month promotion or 10% off for first applying for the card.

Don’t understand all the negative comments. I’ve had the card for a few years.under 10% rate. I receive gift certificattes usable @ Lowes dependant on accumulated points (spending).Have not hadf problems w/ querys on charges and my rate has never been “renegotiated “. . I use this card frequently for items that will not be paid off during the 1st month…I’m as comfortable as possible w/ the interest charges.

I have used a lowes card for many years. Have allways paid bills in a lowes store without any problems on both promotion and non-promontion items, until this month. I reeived a bill with a interest of $9.22, charge. I paid my bills on time and was told that my nonpromotional items would be paid first and the balance of my payment would go toward my promotional items, Well now GE money bank has told me that the $9.22 was interest for the past three months where I have had a nonpromotional purchase and did not call them before hand stating that the payments were to pay off the nonpromotional items first. They tried to tell me that the stores cannot tell me that the payments go toward the nonpromotional items since they know nothing about GE money banks charges. I told them that I know nothing about their charges neither since there’s nothing on the statements advising me of the way my payments are being applied on the account. I was told that they would correct the interest charges, but havn’t received this monthes bills yet.

I had the same experinece as many of the above. GE Money, who handles the Lowes credit card closed my account without notice, and I didn’t find out until I was making a purchase.
I had no late payments, and had been paying instore, on an appliance because GE Money would not take electronic payments.
Now as we are re-doing out kitchen, Home Depot gets our business.

Not sure why folks are complaining. This is a store card through and through. Store cards generally aren’t that good. They generally offer none of the same benefits you get from a major credit card.

I haven’t had any problems from my Lowes card.

Remember at the end of the day, Lowes really has nothing to do with that card. It is actually a GE credit card.

Those Credit Card Companys want People Like me and you To open a Acct. With Them but @ the same time They have a Knife in air BACKS They sweet talk you into opening a Acct. ………..

Lowe’s credit card holder since 2004. I have spent tens of thousands there on my money pit of a home. Had a zero balance and hold the card for big jobs. Card closed because I was late on my 2nd mortgage payment one month.

Unfortunately for Lowe’s, they chose a crappy company, GE Money Bank, to be in bed with. Lowe’s can now thank GE Money Bank for the business they have lost to Home Depot. I am done with Lowe’s.

“Basically, if you don’t like it, PAY CASH.”

That is just what I will be doing at Home Depot.

Had a business acct with Lowe’s since 1986. They issued a business “select” card on this acct in 2/94, large credit line. Never carried any monthly balance,paid complete monthly usage each billing period. In local store today, get to checkout, card declined, told to call # on back of card. After several minutes on phone, finally reach human, tells me the acct has been closed due to inactivity past several months. NO LETTER-NO PHONECALL- 0 communication- 100% humiliation,

GE does not control the Home Depot card. And for all you people threatening to go to HD, keep in mind that their interest rate starts at 25.99% They offer promotions as well, but they work differently. At Lowes if your promo expires, the interest is added to your account, but if you pay off the promo in full within 30 days the interest can be credited back to you. HD has no such grace period, if you miss your promo expiration date, even by 24 hours, you are paying all the interest and they will not even consider giving it back.

If your account is closed, as I stated before, a letter is sent out telling you why. If your credit is decreased, its usually because of something on your credit report. If they offer you a lower limit than you had before it is because the economy has changed since you opened the account and the credit score that got you a 20,000.00 limit before may now only qualify for 10 thou.

Basically, if you don’t like it, PAY CASH.

Wow, glad to see that I am not alone with my Lowes card. I’ve used the 0% offer, no problem. Requested increases for small projects, no problem. Just went to pick up a few things for the holidays. Card declined. They dropped my limit to my balance even though I have never been late on a payment and always pay 10-25% of my balance each time. GE also controls the Home Depot card and it has not been affected like my Lowes card. Guess where I’ll be shopping from now on.

Oh and LOWES did not sell the credit account to GE MONEY…GE MONEY has been financing the Lowes card since the mid 70s.

If your credit card is closed a letter is sent out telling you why. It may not have anything to do with the LOWES account, but your credit score as a whole. All credit cards monitor your credit, so if something changes and you no longer qualify or you only qualify for a lower limit then action is taken.
About the deferred interest…it’s just that. DEFERRED. These sales are not advertised as 0% interest for 12 months, they are 12 months DEFERRED interest. So of course, if the balance isn’t paid when the promotion expires the interest is added on, basically like the sale was not on a promo to begin with, it’s the same amount of interest you would have paid for that 12 months if the sale was not on a promotion.

If you get to the register and your card is declined most of the time it is due to the account being past due or you never called to activate your card. Of course customers are not notified beforehand when their account is going to be closed. That might cause someone with a 5thousand dollar limit to run up the balance before the closure takes effect.

As far as all the jobs being outsourced to India…that is not true. Lowes Credit has call centers for customer service all over the USA. Some departments may be transferred to an out of country call center, but can you blame them? The tax rates for keeping business here are outrageous.

Nothing every other credit card does. So stop crying. I had an American Express with a savings account. Hardly ever used the card and they lowered my limit even though I have $$ in there savings account. Perked, yes. But it doesn’t matter since I don’t need or use the credit.

wow, I was really feeling sad til I found all these comments…I went to lowe’s this morning and tried to use my card….account was closed…Totally shocked!!! I have had this card for years. Never late with a payment, always kept a small balance but made some large purchases over the years…Called while I was in the store to find out why, they said something was reported from the credit bureau…what??? I have great credit..went on the free credit report site.. yep..all good…this is disturbing…I loved Lowe’s…but..Home depot from now on!!!

I have had a Lowes card for several years with a $2800 credit limit. I have paid the card in full twice. Now I just got a letter stating my credit was being lowered to $1700. That is about the balance as of right now. This is crazy—no more Lowes for me.

Linda B. Burton

Oh, and for you who pay off a card and they close it – GUESS WHAT, IDIOT, THEY CLOSE IT IF YOU DON’T USE IT – THAT’S HOW BUSINESSES KEEP GOING. WHERE’VE YOU BEEN.

This is the part i guess i misread, i didn’t know that lowes ,home depot, sears ,ect would call their credit suppliers to close someones credit becouse they have not used it for some time, I thought business keeps going becouse of great customer service, but i guess you are the smart one here.

Linda B. Burton

Not being able to pay with debit or credit card???? – That’s bull – I do it all the time. Sorry you folks are having all this trouble, but I dare you to publish this e-mail. I knew all that stuff above and still applied for the card. Yeah, people, you GOT TO PAY IT OFF IN 6 MONTHS – THAT’S THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF NO INTEREST – PAY UP – C’MON YOU DEADBEATS PAY UP! What’s wrong with you idiots is that you just want to pay whenever the mood hits you.

Any time you apply for a credit card (NOT JUST LOWE”S), there’s a credit check. I’m 54 years old and know all about all credit cards – been there done that – these aren’t new facts. Oh, by the way, all credit cards are sold to companies and outsourcing to India. people, get with the times.

Hey, e-mail me when you find one (1) – just one company that DOESN’T do any of the above mentioned, already know and quite common practices. Good luck!!

To make matters worse, they sold their credit card business to GE Money! All customer service is outsourced to India and it is very difficult to understand a thing they say. We need to bring these jobs back to the USA!!

Had this card for years–not once late on a payment. Paid the card off, and as soon as I did, they closed my account. I’ll never patronize Lowe’s again!!!!!!!!!!111

I have no problem with the Lowes credit card interest rate or the fact that the interest is deferred because about 90% of the store cards out there are the same way, my problem is with the you didn’t use your account so we closed it at our discretion. On top of that there was not a letter, a warning, or anything, they just change your account. I am sure that is the fine print somewhere but is that really a good way to treat your customers? I had a card with a 20k credit line that I opened 5 years ago and made purchases over the years but haven’t bought anything in the last two years because I only use the card for the no interest options sinceI am all about using someone else’s money for free. Last night we go into Lowe’s to purchase three new doors and end up with a 12k purchase. I pull out the card and the employee helping us instantly ask “how long has it been since you used the card because they will lower the limit or close it if you don’t use it.” I told him that the account was only 5 years old and the last purchase was two years ago. He immediately walked us to the manager how then had to research our account. He found that the account had not been closed but the credit limit had been reduced to $224 so he requested a credit limit increase. I have borderline excellent/very good credit and our income now is about 50k MORE per year than it was 5 years ago when I opened the Lowes card so I fully expected the account to be returned to the previous status. However it was not, the limit was raised but only to 10k, half the previous amount and not enough to even cover my purchase. The employee asked the manager if he were to call in would they give a second increase and the manager told him no and that for them to change the limit from $224 to $10,000 was very usual that typically they wouldn’t increase it more than $3,000-$4,000. I contemplated walking out on the sale at that time but given the fact that the price at Lowes for all three doors and installation beat the next best price by 65% I really didn’t want to do that over a silly credit card that Lowe’s really has no power over. At the end of the day I put the 10k on the card at 12 months no interest and paid for the rest out of pocket. Again I am not happy about this and I hope Lowe’s gets wind of this thread and does something about it! I had almost gone in a couple of weeks ago to pick up a new grill when they were running an 18 month deal but decided I would order online instead, I can’t even begin to think how ticked off I would have been standing at the cash register with my $600 grill to have the cashier tell me that I didn’t have available credit. Wake up Lowe’s, get your credit provider in line and communicate with your customer before you lose even more of them to Home Depot because I will remember then when my next project(replacing 24 windows in our house). Guess if I want to do it at Lowe’s I will have to do it over time to take advantage of the financing offers…or just go somewhere else………

I worked for Lowe’s for over a year and at the time you applyed for a credit card you were told and also was given literature on the credit card, I would say most of you need to read and listen and if you are going to charge it clearly states the balance has to be paid off by a certian time!! WAKE UP

So basically you want to agree to terms, and when money is due, after you have had 6 months to a year to pay it off, you scream foul? Maybe you should have saved up for the purchase. Then again, I’m sure you are one of those, “I want it now”, people. You kill me. You have to blame somebody, just as long as it’s not you.

thanks for the info….ill go to home depot!!

Does anyone know anything about the Lowe’s American Express Card? An employee advised us to get one this week and save 20% on our purchase. We didn’t make a purchase, but we are thinking about it.

I’m with LTM, there are no surprises when you fill out the application for credit at Lowe’s. It is all spelled out. My wife and I have done the “no interest thing” twice and both times have been very successful. You have to make sure you pay in full a couple of weeks ahead of the deadline to make sure the payment will get credited in time. The first time we made a purchase of appliances for the house we had just bought. That was 6 months same as cash. The second time we charged $3600.00 in material for a garage we are building and just paid that off 3 months ago. That was 12 months same as cash. We look at it as free money. Where else do you get someone to loan you $3600.00 for a year with no interest? In the mean time all year I was building the garage with the materials in my driveway ready for me when I needed them.

I have been reading these reviews and am surprised by some of what I am seeing. Just to set some things straight…
On Lowes Visa Accounts all of the APRs have gone up since the credit crunch. I was notified of it and given the opportunity to opt out 90 days before it went into effect. It is all there if you read your statements. In BOLD print, it says “Please see the enclosed change in terms.” It’s very hard to miss.
On the Lowes Consumer Card, there is no grace period for payments. Just like on my other cards. If it’s late, you get a late fee. Plain and simple. Also, the due date change that went into effect several months ago was due to the credit card act that flew through Congress. They determined how many days there have to be in a billing cycle. Lowes credit card HAS to comply with the law. Again, I was notified that my date would be changing 90 days before it happened.If you READ YOUR STATEMENTS you can’t miss this stuff. It’s not anyone else’s fault that you are complacent with your credit.
Also, if you were just approved for a mortgage or a brand new car…it affects your credit score and availability. So that could actually cause you to NOT be approved for something small like a Lowes card. There is only so much available credit you are entitled to. If you use it all up on a home loan…well I’m sure you get it.
Basically I am tired of everyone blaming their credit card woes on others. It’s your fault.

Hey thanks for the heads up! Disaster averted.

Actually the 0% no payments for purchases on $299 is a trap. I use that program all the time but and pay off 100% of the non-promo items HOWEVER they still charge interest because they claim that under the new credit card laws they have to apply 1/34th of your payment to the promo amounts. I asked them how the heck I would know that and they said that if I did not want to pay any money towards promo amounts I must CALL THEM EVERY MONTH prior to making a payment. Thus, you end up attracting interest on the non-promo items that you have submitted full payment for !!

So be very careful how you utilize the 0% no payments promos.

Jerome Douglas

My mother passed away over ten years ago and had an outstanding balance of $171 on her card. Nothing moves fast when you are trying to settle up an estate, and it took some time before I got all of her bills paid, but I didpay them. The balance has always shown up on my credit report an unpaid. but it was paid, I have talked to them many times but they leave the item on my credit report.

just like Karen up there, I owed $635 paid $500 got next statment for $135 but my cedit was lowered to $500. called customer service but they could not tell me why as citibank controls that and there is no one to talk to. i have to write the bank about my account. i am mad and am thinking of doing my shopping at the other place. OH did i mention that i am talking about
THE HOME DEPOT. after reading the above, NOW what are my chorces !!!!

I was thinking about getting a Lowe’s card to do some remodeling but I am glad I read this. Oh and I have never had a lowes card and I get coupons all the time for $10, $25 & even $50 off my next purchase depending on what I spend. I am pretty sure anyone on their mailing list can get those. I signed up for the little magazine/flyer they send out and that’s when I started getting them.

Same thing just happened to me as happened to Jim up there. I don’t even know what the reason is that it is closed – I haven’t gotten the letter yet and no one can tell me, just that my credit score went down. I ordered my credit report but will just shop Home Depot from now on.

We used to use lowes cc for all home appliances, carpet, fencing and took full advantage of the 0% interest rate and was never late, and always paid off before even due. Once we didn’t use the card for 5 months they closed our account stating because of past due which isn’t true. I agree we won’t shop lowes again.

We have the Lowe’s project card, and no the interest is not charged retroactuvely UNLESS YOU ARE LATE … having never been late and knowing how to properly use our 6,000 line of credit we have used our project card to buy appliances and for home repairs throughout our home. We plan on starting another project window on march 1st to replace subflooring and carpet in 1/2 our house. 0% interest is a reward in my opinion… and since we got the card we have received several coupons for $10 off or $25 off our next purchase.

Lowes is the worst credit card EVER,
do not ever get a Lowes Card

I have shopped at lowes for years and had a lowes CC with $2,500 credit line. I went to lowes last week to buy a storm door and was told my lowes cc was closed. I used my lowes cc previously to buy a refridgerator and dishwasher and had paid it off early. While at the store I called Lowes CC and was told they had closed my lowes account to protect my credit score. I said ok i need it re-opened im at lowes and want to buy a door. I went thru all the process to open my account and was only given $400. This would not cover the storm door and installation, so i just walked out of lowes drove about 1/2 mile to Home Depot. Filled out their CC and was given $10,000…YES $10,000 in Credit. Lowes Lost my business FOREVER!


If Lowe’s gives you a 6 or 12 month zero interest and no payment, how can they legally close your account if you haven’t failed to meet the requirements of the agreement? I would like to purchase 6 windows (4 doubles, 2 singles)at a cost of approximately $2,000 and take advantage of this credit method. However, I don’t want to hurt my credit rating or some other “surprise!”
Maybe I should purchase the windows at Home Depot! Please provide me with the Company’s reponse to this matter.

I was a “Perfered Costumer” at lowes for 24 years and used the 0% APR offers several times. If you use it right, it’s not a bad deal. But it can bite you in the rear if you let it. The problem I think everyone should know, is Lowes can break one of in you. I held a account with Lowes for 24 years, never late with a payment, always kept the account up to date. And have charged large amounts at a time and paid them down quickly so I would not have to pay all the intrest they charge you. I found out that they can and will close your account whenever they want to. My credit score had dropped a little and when I tried to talk to someone about it, there was no real good reason why they closed it since I have never missed a payment, was current, and only had a balance of $118.00. Go figure. So Lowes lost a good paying customer and alot of money.

Agreed — not a great card BUT really good if you know that you can and will pay off the entire balance by the end of the six or 12 months 0% APR promotion. My husband and I used the Lowe’s credit card for a $1700 carpet installation — they gave us a year 0% APR — we paid a little every month and by the end of the year, it was paid off. This allows my husband and I the freedom to purchase what we want without having to put down one big lump payment. You shouldn’t use this card if you’re not sure you’ll have the money by the end of the promotion. We’re about to do a kitchen renovation and will again use the 12 month 0% APR to pay it off slowly — can’t beat that!

Just tried to make a payment on my Lowes Credit Card, which I wouldn’t have if I’d read this article first, and wouldn’t you know there’s more reasons to by-pass this General Electric product here too.

Unless your bill is late, you can’t pay with a debit or credit card online, only by direct withdrawal from your bank. However, if you are late, then you can use a credit card, debit card, or just about anything else you like, ONLINE! If you talk to a representative, you can pay your bill for a nominal fee of either $10 or $15 {the person I spoke with seemed a bit unsure which applied}.

They really do their best to get you coming and going at Lowes Credit, don’t they?


Wish I’d read your blog post before buying 1,000 sq. feet of Pergo on my new Lowe’s card! I found your article quite insightful and accurate and wanted to add one additional observation on the Lowe’s card. Lowe’s offered me 12 months of 0% interest on the new card, which I jumped on. However, there’s one MAJOR catch I discovered after the fact. If I don’t pay off the entire balance by the end of the promotional period, not only do I start paying the ridiculous 23% interest rate, but also they are going to charge me the DEFERRED interest as well. That’s right, if this balance isn’t down to $0 by the end of Sept. 2010, I’m going to get hit with around $1,000 in back interest charges plus 23% each month thereafter. I’m comfortable I can avoid this little caveat, but the lesson here is: Do not open a Lowe’s card if you are uncertain about paying off the entire balance by the end of the grace period.