Legacy Credit Card Review: Friend or Foe?

Q: Should I apply for a Legacy credit card in order to rebuild my credit score? I heard their name on the forum but am having a hard time finding information about them.

Here is some information that was discovered about the issuer after doing some research. I’ve updated this info for 2017…

Who issues the card?

The Legacy Visa credit card is issued by First National Bank. Their name is a bit confusing since there is a First national Bank in almost every town in the US, so it’s easy to mix them up. This First National Bank shouldn’t be confused with First National Bank of Omaha, though. That is a much larger and well known card issuer, for sure.

Is this bank reputable?

As of the time of writing, their website (http://www.firstnationalcc.com) has almost no information about the company. For example, I do not see any “Contact” or “About” page anywhere. The website is shrouded in secrecy.

It appears this website is only for those who have received Legacy credit card applications in the mail and would like to apply online, because a “reservation number” from the offer must be entered. There is also a login for current cardholders. Besides those two groups of people, this website doesn’t tell you much about the credit card or the company. Such opacity is usually a red flag that the company is guarding a secret (as in their products are crazy expensive and not a good deal).

With that said, First National Bank is a real, legitimate company based in South Dakota. They are a member of the FDIC. Aside from that, I can’t really tell you much more about them since so little information is provided on their website, though other sub-prime lenders like First Premier, are based in that state.

Does the card have any merit?

Although I am not able to access the Legacy credit card application directly, the Legacy Visa Card website did have a link to “credit card contracts” which I could view. There were 6 different offers listed as of August 2014 and below is the pertinent information in each contract:

  • Offer #1: no annual fee, 15.6% interest rate, minimum credit limit not disclosed
  • Offer #2: $75.00 annual fee, 29.9% interest rate, $350 minimum credit limit
  • Offer #3: $75.00 annual fee, 24.9% interest rate, $350 minimum credit limit
  • Offer #4: $75.00 annual fee, 14.9% interest rate, minimum credit limit not disclosed
  • Offer #4: $75.00 annual fee, 29.9% interest rate, $350 minimum credit limit (appears to be same as #2)
  • Offer #4: $75.00 annual fee, 24.9% interest rate, $350 minimum credit limit (appears to be same as #3)

If the Legacy Visa offer you received happened to be #1, that appears to be fair being that there’s no annual fee and an average APR. As far as the other 3 offers, it seems like you might be paying a hefty annual fee for a minimum credit limit that isn’t very high.

Should you apply or not?

Obviously, if you have bad credit your options are going to be limited. But even taking that into consideration, is it worth paying a $75 annual fee to get the Legacy credit card, that might have a limit as low as $300?

If you are okay with that, then by all means go ahead and apply. However I would recommend shopping around and considering all your options because Offers #2 thru 4 from Legacy are definitely nothing special!


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Written or last edited on January 2017

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Terms and conditions people. Read them!!!! You are FULLY aware of what you’re applying for if you read the entire paper before proceeding. Nothe a scam, but it’s also not free money.

I feel as if some of the people that are screaming about the interest rate should really think long and hard before applying for credit anywhere. If you are using this or any credit card you have responsibly, you should only be charging what you can pay back on or before your due date, and not carrying any balances. Especially if you are in a credit rebuilding situation. Typically those that have the better/best credit can apply for and be approved for 0% interest credit cards that will allow them to carry over balances without the worry of paying those fees. So many people do not read or understand the fine print, and it is always the credit issuers fault when an excess fee is applied. Comments like I was charged a late fee and I paid my bill on the due date, only indicate to me that you did not pay it by the cut off time for the due date. Take some responsibility. It is because of a lack of responsibility in some (not all) cases that we all ended up here.

My wife calls this credit card ” the Indian card” ………. The web site is low budget with no ” Chat or email ” communication and no ” apply for credit line increase”. I received a mail offer and applied online and was approved in minutes with a $300.00 credit line. After using the Card a few months and paying off the balance every month my credit line increased to $600.00. I’ve since then received other credit card offers from “Capital One” which have been nice with no annual fees and rewards with credit limits $2,000. Thats how it works rebuilding a poor credit profile and paying on time. I used to pay the minimum but if i can i will pay it off every month which i usually do. As someone said try ” Finger Hut or Gettington ” to start rebuilding credit profile from “Web Bank”. The ” Indian Card ” has helped me rebuild my Credit Profile, its up to me to use it wisely and not get screwed up by over spending or buying things i don’t really need.
Facebook has credit card offers ” Capital One ” that will not ding your credit profile when they check.

This card has been a great option for me. So many of you are bickering about the high interest fees and APR…yes I admit it is high in interest, but I had very poor credit when I got this card so I know I can’t complain about a high interest rate. We all make mistakes, and I certainly did when I was younger when it came to credit decisions…I was 18 or 19 and maxing out several cards and not making payments on time and got WAYYY in over my head. I have been trying to rebuild my credit for the last two years and this is one thing I have came to find out: IF WE MAKE STUPID DECISIONS WITH OUR CREDIT AND WE DON’T BE RESPONSIBLE ABOUT OUR CREDIT, LIKE I DID WHEN I WAS YOUNGER…THEN GUESS WHAT?!? WE PAY A PRICE AND LEARN A HUGE LESSON. AND IN THIS CASE OUR PRICE TO PAY FOR OUR MISTAKES IS A HIGHER INTEREST AND A YEARLY FEE. If you really want to rebuild your poor/bad/limited credit then you can’t complain about fees and high interests while in the process of trying to rebuild your credit because you’re not going to get a very low interest rate with ANY credit companies when you have a dirt poor credit situation. THE BEST THING TO DO IF YOU DONT LIKE THE HIGH INTEREST ON THIS CARD IS TO ONLY CHARGE WHAT YOU KNOW YOU CAN PAY OFF AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. CHARGE IT, PAY IT OFF… CHARGE IT, PAY IT OFF. BE RESPONSIBLE ABOUT IT!!! I opened this card 8 months ago and had a $350.00 limit. I made all payments on time and was responsible and they gave me a credit increase of $500.00 with 6 months of having this card and every month I keep watching my credit score go up more and more 🙂 As far as the people mentioning that the company requested more personal information and documents from them after they applied for the card, that never happened to me… I received my letter in the mail, applied for the card online and they instantly told me I was approved for $350.00. I received my card in the mail about 3 weeks after applying (yes, that is kind of a long wait period to receive a card when you will receive most other cards in 7-10 days, but the card did eventually get delivered lol). So they never asked me to send in any documents or any other info. In fact, I have never even had to communicate with this company. I simply pay my bill online with them and that’s it!!! GREAT CARD FOR ME!!!

As a credit rebuilder, even I find this credit card to be not worth the hassle, beyond the fact that its customer service agents, website, and even pre-approval letter all seemed shady. I was pre-approved and I applied the same day, was told that they don’t instantly approve, they require a processing period. Then about 2 weeks later received a letter from “First National Credit Card” requesting ALL of the following: 1) Copy of a phone bill verifying my address, 2) Copy of another bill verifying my address, 3) Copy of my drivers license or other government ID, 4) Copy of my social security card, 5) Copy of a pay stub. I thought this was all ridiculous. Especially since I’m considered to have ‘fair’ credit, have lived at the same address for about 15 years now, and have easily verifiable employment and income. Don’t give them copies of all your information, they should know not to ask for such things in this day and age, especially not mailing them to a low-rent credit card company. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Bad credit? Rebuilding credit? No credit? Start with places like FingerHut and CreditOne. Don’t miss any payments. Keep your balances low (or paid off each month), and wait a few months for better offers to come in the mail. You’re welcome.

All statements above are true.You will either love a card such as this one or hate it. Instead of complaining about the fees in this card either pay it off and find another way to build credit, or wait until your credit score is better so you can qualify for a better credit card. Simple as that.

I mean statements below.

I recieved Legacy’s credit card offer two weeks ago. And have not recieved it yet. I, along with alot of other people am trying to rebuild from stupid decisions I have made in the past. I will always pay it in full on time. I just want to know how long does it take to receive it ?. They did send me the credit protection disclaimer already. I don’t think I need that. But I have it sitting here waiting for me to sign it & return it. If anyone knows how long it takes to get the card, Please let me know.

About three weeks I applied Aug 14 th and received my card Aug 9 th

Typo Sept 9th

I’m going to disagree. I received an offer in the mail asking me to call or apply online. Both the letter and the info on the website have little information. Then a message appeared satiny my app was being reviewed. Today I receive a letter, again with no information about the terms and condition for the card. However, they wanted me to send copies of my last pay stub with my SSN number, a copy of my SSN card and something else with my personal info. Of course I immediately laughed as if to think for one minute I would be that stupid. However I have to wonder if I got this because of my eligibility for Medicare in August. Perhaps they thought I was elderly and an easier target. Wrong I only have an incurable disease folks and you aren’t getting one penny from me. That is all lol

Legacy has been good to me. They started me off with a low credit line of I think $350.00. But I was never late in paying and eventually they raised me to a thousand or so. I noticed they billed me $6.00 a month for a “participation fee” every month. After I paid them off, I telephoned them to close my account. They said they would eliminate the monthly participation fee if I remained open, which I did. But dummy me, I forgot to ask they about their annual fee. But I believe your credit rating is better if you just pay off a credit card without closing the account, which is what I wanted. I will pay their annual fee and not use their credit card to boost my credit rating. I don’t mind a $75.00 annual fee if it helps my credit rating that much. I have put their card in a special little box and PROMISE myself not to use it anymore.

I have the Legacy Visa card and I must say, I love it.my credit limit starting was 750 and was increased the month of March 500.00 dollars. Never payed any late fees nor interest. The key is pay your bill in full. Do not pay only the minimum or interest eats you up. Hope this was helpful!

I got the card, started me at $300, jumped to $850 within a year. I think the yearly fee is $75, which is $6.25 a month. Comes in handy if you need a rental car or something. Pay the bill if you can, to avoid interest.

People who say the card is horrible, etc. – not sure what they are expecting. Just pay the bill and everything will be fine. Don’t pay the bill, and you’ll get the same treatment everywhere, the old collection agency.

I’ve had a credit card from this company for over 5 years. I have never had any issues with them. I had charges on my card that I didn’t make and they refunded my money. One month I was last in my payment and I called them and they credited me my late fee.
I have only good things to say about First Nationals Legacy card.

This credit card comany showed up on my credit report. I have never had a card with this company EVER

I have had that happen before. That is their way of checking out potential customers. It should come up as a soft inquiry and should not affect your score.

It showed up on my credit report & I never had a card.

Mariann Pepitone

I filled out an application three weeks ago and haven’t heard from them however, I have credit with Credit One of 900.00, Fingerhut 1,000, Premier Bank 500,00 and Home Depot 500,00. I really didn’t need this credit card and am thinking of cancelling it. I received an application from First Savings Credit Card, same outfit, same phone number. I am believing this to be a scam SO I MIGHT CHECK WITH THE CREDIT BUREAU_

Not sure why everyone is complaining. I am happy with this card. My credit score is BAD due to a short sale process. 590’s when I got the card. Got an offer, applied, got a $350 limit. Paid the $75 fee off right away. Score went up to602. Not good but each point helps. Every time I charge something, I pay it off and I have never been charged interest (except once when I could not pay off right away). If you sign up for the card, you agree to the fee and the interest… no one is forcing you to get the card! Not sure what is so hard to understand about the terms? This card is not worth it if you plan to use it to buy things and not pay it off… but if you want to rebuild your credit, and plan to be responsible, I don’t see anything wrong with it. They have been great for me.

I just got this offer the other day. Glad there’s a forum like this. The letter seems eerily similar to the other offers I got from First Savings Bank, same APR / annual fee, and the statement of issuing credit limits of up to $1500 which is highly doubtful they start anyone off with a CL that high. I’ve been rebuilding but, my score is on the rise. I got duped by a similar offer (Blaze MC) only to get the paltry $350 limit which was the lowest limit out of all the other cards that I currently have. This offer is only slight better then First Premier being that there’s no processing fee and the APR and annual fee is lower then First Premier. As someone else mentioned there are better cards in the “Fair” range that most people who receive this offer could probably still qualify for (i.e. Capital One, Credit One, Barclaycard). It’s not much to say that this card is only one notch above First Premier and I get this offer when my scores are the 600’s as opposed to being in 500 range like I was this time last year.

BE AWARE: The way Legacy Visa makes money is to charge high interest rates, late fee and annual fees. A low limit is not acceptable with a 29% interest rate. If you charge $50.00 you pay $14.50 interest along with late fees. One would never get ahead because the goal is hit you up with a late fee. Customer Service will not be supportive for their aware of the game. I got this offer because my credit score dropped to 720. It is obvious Legacy Visa is searching for poor credit scores as well as credit scores that are dropping. No thanks to the offer.

I have an idea, pay your invoice on time. Nearly every company charges a late fee when you pay late!!! I’m I missing something?

Exactly, pay your bill on time, ahead of time ,IE NOT LATE = no late charges!

Your CS “dropped” to 720. Wow that must be terrible or you…………..

I just activated my card now I’m freaked out after reading all this!

everyone who is the victim of this credit company should report to BBB.

never apply for this card. it started charging me $ 95 before the card arrived. I did not activate the card yet and neither am I planning to do it. one you open the account, you stuck with monthly payment whether you use it or don’t use it.

why are you worrying about interest rates? if you pay it off every month there is no interest. it’s just the same with any other credit card. if this card helps you rebuild yourself after going thru hard times by all means go for it.

I just receive a invitation letter with a 1,500 dollar limit telling me that most applicants only receive 350.00 limit. I just want to say that I’m way over this rebuilding credit cards company’s I now have plenty of credit cards from well known bank institutions like BofA, citibank discover and American Express with are clearly way better credit cards than these credit builders. I’m not sure why they keep sending me offers with crapy interest rates and annual fees.

Mercedita Mastopietro

The worst customer service!!! The worst credit card! 30 % percent and + the $75 Annual Fees!!! Do not waste your time! You can never find someone to talk to when you call the 1 888 -863-9824 all it does is gives you promotional like the Bahamas cruise ! If you ask them for you to transfer them to a real customer service, they’ll hang up on you!!! I got 7x hang ups on me!!! Totally unnerving!!! Today I send them the whole amount of my full balance, and told them to close my acct!!! And cut the card, and send it to them on priority!! Also, if you can’t call them nor talk to them! Why have the card!!! When I applied thought there were no , annual fee’s!! It doesn’t tell you, when you receive the approval and basically they’ll charge you without even knowing it!!! Fraud and scams!!! Don’t waste your time!!!

Mercedita Mastopietro

had the card for only 2 months!!

If you have a bad credit rating it doesn’t make you a bad person. Most people today go through ups and downs with their credit and I am happy to say the Legacy Visa gave me the chance to rebuild my credit. I have received numerous credit card offers from building my credit with my Legacy Visa. It took me almost a year to do it, but it was worth the time. I never had a problem with customer service or making my payments on time. They accept debit card payment over the phone and apply it to your account the same day or the next day. I use it for everyday purchases I know I would nomally pay cash for and send the payment in full to avoid finance charges. It has worked for me and I will continue to use my Legacy Visa.

yeah, right. your a fricking employee building the company up. any credit card co., legit, would”nt charge that much interest. get a life. thief.

Earlean isn’t lying. My credit rating is in the crapper, and Legacy gave me a chance. It isn’t cheap, but anyone in the “low rating” boat cannot expect the best. I have not had a bad experience with them. It takes a long time to build up a bad credit score, and to expect top quality with a bad score is unrealistic. Legacy isn’t the lowest interest rate out there but they do give those of us who want a chance, a chance. I appreciate that they gave me that chance.

Just a quick note, of all the credit card offers I have gotten and accepted to “rebuild” my credit, this is the only card I still have. Yes, 21.9% is high, as well as $75.00 a year fee (option 2 above) but if people didn’t screw up their credit in the 1st place, me included, they wouldn’t have to go this route. I for one am glad I accepted their offer, and after 4 years, have gotten credit limit increases and apr reductions.

Just so people know there are several Banks doing bad credit as well; Credit One bank, Orchard Bank, Capital One. Orchard is the one who gave me two – a Visa and a Mastercard. Banks don’t need to do things like this, it’s worth the risk, but keep in mind it is not a free ride… the Court system will go right after you if you go belly up again. Believe me I have friends who screwed up and are paying back every dime with large interest… So be careful..

I had got this card, when I went to make my payments online the website was down for 3 months in a row and trying to get ahold of them on the phone is extremely hard to do. They post your payment the day after it is due even if you pay before so you still collect a late fee. DON’T GET THIS LEGACY CARD!!!

Shae are you sure that when you made your payment that you chose a specific date for them to charge your bank account or whatever account you were paying your bill through? I know that with my JCPenney’s card they have a default payment date set when you make a payment online and I have to go into that and change the date accordingly so that my payment will post before the due date! It took me a coupe of months to figure why my payments weren’t posting until the day before or on the due date! Hope this helps!

If your credit rating is bad, this card is a way to build it back up, but it will take some time. Yes, the 29% interest is high, but just use it to buy things you buy anyway and always pay it in full, and no interest is charged. After a year, your credit rating will greatly improved. Cards like this help those with crappy credit rating build it back up.

I received the offer. I think the post by Creditcardguru is right on target. Paying 29% interest in addition to 75 annual fee for 300 limit is not worth it.

i guess people think good and bad about this card.. but if you want to build credit you have to get it.. once you have better credit lime 700 points you can get bettet offers.. i have now cards from every where just pay the bill control your credit and have a good life.. if cant pay your bill dont get it i will make your credit worst.. by the way check credit karma, it helps you see and follow up with your credit report.