Lane Bryant Credit Card Review

womens clothesDid you know Lane Bryant was founded in 1904 when a young widow borrowed $300 from her brother-in-law to open a small shop on Fifth Avenue? By focusing on fashion and fit – not merely size – they’ve grown to be one of the best plus size clothing retailers. But is their credit card also among the best? Here’s what you need to know…

Review Summary: With high rates and low rewards, the Lane Bryant card is a real loser!

What type of card is it?

The Lane Bryant card is your typical store credit card – it can only be used at their affiliated stores. Even though it’s not a major credit card (like a MasterCard, Discover, etc) there will still be a “hard pull” credit check done during the Lane Bryant credit card application process. Something to keep in mind is that “hard pull” inquiries can reportedly have an adverse effect on your credit score, which is why you should not apply for credit needlessly.

What is the interest rate?

At the time of this review, the APR is 24.99%. With a high rate like that, this card would be a horrible choice to carry any kind of balance on.

What are the rewards?

Here’s how the rewards program works:

  • 2 points per $1 spent at Lane Bryant and Cacique stores
  • 1 point per $1 spent at Catherines

Base level accounts will get $10 rewards in exchange for 400 points (that equals a 2.5% rebate). After you spend $400, you achieve “Premier” status which gives $25 rewards for 600 points (that equals just a bit over a 4% rebate).

What is the signup offer?

Usually they seem to offer the typical 10% or 15% off the first purchase made with the Lane Bryant credit card. This is what most store cards usually offer. Is it worth it? Well this is what John Ulzheimer of recently said in an “Ask John: Store Card Dangers” article; “Never, ever, ever take advantage of these types of “save 10%” offers. It’s simply not worth the damage you’ll do to your credit scores.” (referencing the store card industry in general, not the Lane Bryant card specifically)


After combing over this credit card’s application, I don’t see any good reasons to apply. The rewards are only average for a store card and the APR is extremely high. Not to mention, the issuer of the card, Comenity, doesn’t exactly have the most stellar reputation when it comes to customer service.

Rewards that give 5% at clothing stores?

You can get 5% at all apparel stores, including Lane Bryant, with the right card. Check out the highest cash reward credit cards to find out how you can get a 5% rebate when you buy clothes.

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i signed up for their card never received a bill. no card. nothing. next thing i know i am unable to acces 2 out of my three credit report due to things showing after i applied for the card. then out of the blue 5 years later they call to collect balance. i called and tried to get the info when i first applied and never received a bill to pay. would have been glad to pay if i had an account to pay it to……

I read through many of these.. not sure why most are blaming the company. Even if you did not receive the card in the mail yet, you still know you did make a purchase, right? And that it requires payment, right? This card is just like any other card, you use it and you pay it. It’s all about personal responsibility. If you haven’t received a card/statement, give them a call in 2 weeks. Lane Bryant gives you a digital card though.. so you get your account number way before you receive it in the mail. & the original post, I’ve never had an issue with comenity bank. I also have a card with HSN, same bank. & again, I had the account number for both before I received my card. But then, I’ve never paid late, paid majority, if not all of my purchase off right away. If you pay the bill before it’s due, you don’t have to pay interests.

Nothing is 100%, I’m sure some people have had legit issues. But those blaming the cards/banks for credit limits, fees, etc. You know about all of that before you sign up. & all card, once they put a hold, you have to wait days to receive the money back on the card. That’s nothing new.

I have had this card for a few months and I love it. I mainly got it to help build my credit, rewards and coupons I get in the mail. The trick for me is that I purchase an item and pay it immediately. I do not purchase it if I can’t afford to purchase the item right then. It took about a month to get my card but I went into the store or online and purchased and paid my bills. Like every other credit card it takes being responsible. If you spend it pay for it. No excuses!!! Simple as that. Don’t blame the company, I pay my bill right away so I don’t have to pay the high interest. It is my responsibility to pay my hill on time regardless of when and if I get a bill. I love managing my bill online.

People are so good at playing the victim in a lot of things- particularly when it comes to credit cards. I got mine because a friendly store associate overheard my sister and I talking about her graduation the next day & how I wish I could buy a dress to wear but with my own moving costs coming up, I would have to wait until my next paycheck to buy ANYTHING (oh and of course, having worked retail, I knew she had a goal to meet haha)…was approved for a low limit (fine by me…just wanted the dress but ended up buying her SE bras and jewelry to send her off to graduation and college with).

I have had issues receiving the card (because of moving) but they’ve been really professional and understanding and I told them I’d wait to ask for a resend until everything is complete with the move. Regardless, I was able to create an online account and login (using the credit account number I was given upon approval in-store) and have already made TWO payments on it – despite having the card for less than a month now (payment is due next week). My first statement also shows those payments reflected.

A thing to remember people….whether you receive the card or not and whether you receive your stately or not, there are other ways to NOT be a “victim” (if you want to call it that). You KNOW you spent the money. Ask yourself: am I really worthy of a positive account/payment history on an account I just thought would write off something as irresponsible as simply not making payments and hoping it would be cool? Then blaming it on them instead? It’s YOUR credit. Take charge & take ownership!

Perfectly put!!

I visited a near by Lane Bryant in Florida in early March, 2014. I was approved for a credit card at the time of check out. I had my current address on my drivers license when applying. It is now April 24th, I still have not recieved my credit card nor a statement in the mail. I got a call this morning from a Lane Bryant collector in a 702 area code saying I missed my payment and needed to pay it immediately and have been charged a late fee plus a $15 fee to pay over the phone. I agreed to pay over the phone and explained I still have not recieved the card nor the statement which is why the payment was missed. The lady verified my Florida address on file and transfered me to customer service to request a new card. The customer service lady asked for my address, she immediately cut me off and said “No, the address you used to open the card.” I repeatedly my address. She said I must have forgot where I live they did not have a Florida address for me. I told her no, I know where I live. She told me to tell her past addresses from Arkansas. I gave her every address I’ve lived at before moving to Florida. She again said I probably used my current address to open the credit card but they don’t go by that, they pull your credit report and pick an address on it to send your credit card and statements to and since I “can’t remember” where I live she cannot update my information to the correct information or help me with the fee, I have to mail a copy of my drivers license and utility bill to a Lane Bryant in Columbus, OH.

I completely understand Crystal, as this is exactly what happened to me and I live in Canada. I have received 3 statements ever and I have just received in the mail a notice that I now owe $265.31 when my original purchase was for $70. I mailed my payment and they’ve never received it and I have tried everything to no avail. I called them and they told me that I will be served Legal papers and I told them to bring it on! I cannot believe the harassment, the lack of customer service and lack of ability to deal with people in general!
It’s DISGRACEFUL and I trying to find out what I can do about it as a Canadian to settle this account! Good Luck to us ALL!

I read through every single response on here.

I’m sure half of you thought you were doing things right, but honestly, what did you expect from a card with a 24.99% interest rate?

with ANY credit card, use it for day-to-day purchases and then pay it off.

example: you have $50 to spend on groceries. use the credit card to pay the $50. then, go home, pay the $50 out of your budget towards the card. VOILA!

positive payment history, and ZERO interest to have to worry about! TWO positives working in YOUR favor!

payment history has the biggest over all impact on your credit score. (it’s 35% of what lenders look at). and it sounds like to me, that you guys either don’t understand how credit works, you think the world owes you everything on a silver platter or your experiences have been abnormal. I’ve had this card for years and have never had a negative experience. Ever. not in person, online or over the phone.

My wife applied for this credit card in October. In November they called her to say she was assessed a $25 late fee due to non-payment. She informed them she had yet to receive a card or a bill. They credited the late charge, then applied a partial online payment the following day. Not even a week after that they assessed yet another late fee, this time in the amount of $33. I received that bill on 12/03 and paid it in full on 12/10. We are trying to buy a house right now. Establishing good credit was essential to obtaining a USDA loan which was the only way we could manage the payments. Now the broker has contacted my wife to tell her that Lane Bryant put a delinquent notice on her credit report and USDA now will not fund us. So our dream house that we have been waiting on for years, living in substandard and unheated housing right now in order to obtain our house, is being torpedoed by an incorrect posting by someone in their accounting section who still can’t manage to get the actual credit card to us, but they sure can overcharge us for it.

I have read many of the comments and I am glad that I have not had any troubles with this card. My only complaints are the clothes are super expensive and getting all the mailings is a bit annoying but I knew this when I applied for the card. I have no trouble paying my bill online and received the card within a week of applying. Be responsible with your credit if you don’t want to pay triple the items worth in fees!. Let common sense prevail. Pay your bill on time and don’t spend more than you can pay off.

I LOVE MY CARD!!! Started off with a 150.00 credit line which was perfect as I was trying to build credit. Paid on time for a year and they raised my limit to $650.00!!! Yeah buddy!! LOVE IT!! If you pay your bills on time there are never any issues!!

Not true I paid them on time for over a year and they still denied me. I also pay all my othwr credit cards on time and I have average credit

I just got approved for a Lane Bryant card with a low credit limit. I am in the process of rebuilding my credit after major medical bills have destroyed my credit. I hate to see people complaining because I’m not having any problems with my card so far. I received my card in a reasonable amount of time. I charge on it, and pay it off in the store immediately after I make a purchase to prevent any slips with my credit. I don’t risk not getting a statement, not being able to get to a store by the due date, or any lapses in the online system. What I’m doing is working, and my credit score is improving. I have had my card for about 3 months now and I love it. Those that are complaining seem to not be taking responsibility for their credit. Don’t charge unless you have the money to pay it. Don’t be late on your payments or you will get charged late fees. Bottom line.

Comenity Bank has the most absurd system I’ve ever seen from a credit card issuer. I have a $500 credit limit and placed an order for $400. On of the items was out of stock, so Lane Bryant emailed that I would only be charged for the items shipped about $350. Over one week later, I saw that the out of stock item was now available so I tried to order it and one additional item, which would have been well within the $500 credit limit. Well, the charge was denied because Comenity is holding the original $400 charge against my credit limit Not only that, but since I tried several times to order, reducing the amount because I knew I should have enough credit, now the DECLINED charges are also showing against my credit limit 3 days later. Customer Service is useless.

I opened my account and applied for the card at a store, ran it up to its limit, and paid it off. I did that a second time about three months later, only this time, made payments on it for about six months first, then paid it off. I kept up with my payment times and due dates from the get go and never once had a late fee applied to my account, therefore, I can only conclude, based on my own experiences with Lane Bryant and the card that the people who are complaining are people who did not pay their bills like they were supposed to pay them. I have never had a problem with the company, the card, or their support.

Do not carry any type of balance on this card. I have been charge an additional 250.00 on a 225.00 balance. Now that would make my ending balance 475.00. When I called this evening and complained and said I am willing to pay 350.00 dollars tonight and close the account. The women said no. The people in charge are only willing to give me a 35.00 credit.. What?? So for 450.. not 350. I am completely lost. I know that I owe the money and I am willing to pay but not 450 .. 350. yes, I would not recommend this credit card to anyone or the clothes! I have now returned my items to the store and stated to credit my account.. I still owe the late fees.. 250.00

So done with this card. It’s a headache to pay online as I don’t want to give out my banking information, and I don’t use checks. I’d rather use a credit card not tied to my bank account in case there is any fraud and I can’t do that. I was only using it for the rewards but the window of opportunity to take advantage seems too narrow and rarely coincides with my fiscal fortune. I’m not impressed with its benefits over hassle.

then why the hell did you open the card to begin with if you KNEW you’d have to make payments?

Lane Bryant does have high prices. Like every other department store LB marks up the clothes, sends out a bunch of coupons, and has a bunch of sales so that you end up paying what the regular retail SHOULD be.

I have absolutely no problems paying online, if I get too close to my due date before I make a payment then I pay with my bank’s online banking system.

My advice to those who have problems with the online system… STOP USING IT IF IT DOESN’T WORK! You can also pay in the store which I frequently do. I make the purchase with my Lane Bryant card to get rewards, then I turn right around and say “now I want to make a payment” and I use cash or a debit card to do that on the same day. Irresponsible people should NOT have credit cards.

So true some of us lack the discipline to have credit cards!!

I got this card in October or 2011. I thought part of the rewards is supposed to be a $25.00 per month restaurant coupon. It is now nearly April, 2012, and I have yet to found a restaurant coupon or instructions to use such coupons on the L. Bryant site or my e-mail. I have contacted the company several times and been given instructions to find this perk, but too no avail.

Why does the company either advertise a perk that cannot be retrieved, or conversely provide customers with the needed instruction to attain such perk? I have, however, been billed every month, without fail for the charge to keep this reward. I am a retiree on a limited income who can ill-afford even this small charge when there is nothing in return.

I’m sorry these people had such experiences, but that has not been the case for me. I’ve been a LB card holder since 2003 and I’ve had no problems…

Not getting the card in the mail… and waiting so long to call customer service has got to be a joke. Furthermore I’ve had no problem paying my bill ONLINE EVERY MONTH with a few simply clicks of my mouse or on my phone.

People need to own their own mistakes and stop blaming or bad-mouthing companies. Sure the interest rate is high… Which store card do you know that has a low APR?

Be adults and live with the consequence of using a high interest store credit card… Spend what you can pay off or just shut up OR pay the interest if you don’t pay off your balance…. IF YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE WITH THE CREDIT ACCOUNT THEN YOU’LL END UP WITH THE BENEFIT OF A GOOD REPORT FROM LANE BRYANT ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT…

Completely agree. Be responsible people! Don’t wait until you are late to pay on the account. That is the same on any credit card. If you have problems getting your bill or card, go to the store and pay it. The being it’s are pretty good. You get 25 points for every $50 spent. They can be used for 50% of your purchase so basically 25 % savings on any purchase. Charge it up and pay the balance. Be smart.

It’s a credit card. Plan and simple. Your credit is your responsibility. read the fine print before you apply. It is not the company’s fault that you didn’t recieve your statements. Whether you get a statement or not, that bill you charged is still due! READ EVERYTHING

I love the store, even though it’s so terribly expensive to shop at. I applied for a Lane Bryant card on a purchase of less than $150 in the store. I expected, like the only other credit card I have (Which, mind you, has no annual fee’s at ALL, so I only have to pay it off when I actually purchase something with it), to receive the card within two weeks.

That was months ago, before summer started, and I never received a card in the mail. Statements? Yes. The ads? Yes. I received a call to pay off the bill in June, and the gentleman was super pleasant on the other line and took off the late fee for me. We talked about the fact that I never received a card, and after verifying my address he noted that it was entered wrong into the system, and so he fixed it and told me that it would be sent out within a week.

It’s almost August, and I still don’t have the card. I still get the statements, still get the ads, and am still getting charged for it. Just today I paid off $91 from collections, most of that being late fee’s.

Needless to say, I called customer service to close my account, and I think she took off one of the late fee’s for me because she noticed the card was never even sent out the second time. The whole thing was just rediculous. The only upside to this was the fact that the people I’ve talked to over the phone were nothing but understanding and apologetic.

Save yourself the hassle. Use the gift checks and pass on the card.

But wait, there’s more!

When I closed my account on the 30th of September (It wasn’t August, that was a typo…), I had assumed that would not have to deal with them again. I was quite mistaken.

I received a call a few days before Christmas saying I owed $52 on the card that I had closed. Of course, with it being a holiday, I could not contact the customer service line until today, the 27th. After talking with the gentleman from customer service, it was brought to my attention that since I had paid off the $91 with a card over the phone, my Lane Bryant card was charged an additional $15 because it was with a card. He offered to take off the late fees if I paid off the $15. I asked him if I paid again with a card, if I would be charged ANOTHER $15. His answer was yes. I would be.

Apparently, every time you pay your bill over the phone using a credit or debit card, you’re charged $15.

He told me my only options would be to either give them my social security number at the store and pay it there, mail in a payment, or to pay by check over the phone. After paying it off using the latter option, I am now, hopefully, FINALLY done with the card.

I hope…

What does not getting the card have to do with you not paying your bills and letting it go to collections? Sounds like irresponsibility on your part to me. Not excusing them for not sending a card, but I’m just trying to make the connection.

Used the credit card 1 time in March for a $31 purchase. Received bill in May. Paid bill 2 weeks later in June. They are charging me over $50 in late fees.
They are charging late fees on top of late fees.


Favorite store card. Have had no problems with it at all and the rewards are great. Love it.

Leave this card and store alone. I went into the store and applied using my drivers license to vertfy my address. After I received my purchase I thought that I would receive a card or statement. I received nothing after about 30 days. I went into the store to question why I had not received anything. I was told to keep looking in the mail. Well, I finally recieved a call from someone who english and attitude was RUDE. I told her my problem and she promptly told me that a statement was sent out and I requested what address and she gave me a P.O. Box as my address. When I told her that is not what I had supplied the clerk who was holding my drivers license. I gave her my correct address but this RUDE non-english person kept telling me I HAD TO GIVEN THE CLERK WHEN I APPLIED THIS ADDRESS. When I had enough of her I ask to speak with her supervisor she TOLD ME SHE WAS NOT GOING TO CONNECT ME I HAD TO DO THIS MYSELF and she rush a number to me: 888-4163 and hung up. NO THANK YOU KEEP THE CARD AND THE COMPANY

I opened up an account last year, I charged less than $150, but due to NUMEROUS problems with their online payment system, I am still paying it off. I estimate that I have spent more than $300 paying this damned charge down. DO NOT OPEN A CARD WITH THEM UNLESS YOU HAVE THE CASH TO IMMEDIATELY PAY IT OFF AND CLOSE IT. What a waste, it has completely ruined my credit and has kept me from opening any cards elsewhere.