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retail store card solicitation How many times have you been asked to apply for a Kohl’s credit card at checkout? Should you apply or politely decline? Our review will help you decide.

The rewards

Many store cards give you an instant discount if you’re approved, and the Kohl’s card does, too. You get 25 percen toff your first day’s Kohl’s purchases and then another 15 percent discount when your card arrives in the mail. If you’re looking for a steady rewards structure, though, the Kohl’s card may leave you disappointed.

There are coupons given to Kohl’s charge card holders (according to the application site, those coupons are worth 15 percent to 30 percent off, and you’ll get them at least 12 times per year — at least 18 times a year after you spend $600 on your Kohl’s card). Sure, it can be helpful to have an account so they give you those, but as far as using the card for your purchases, why bother? If you’re getting the coupons just for having the account open, there’s no reason to actually use your card more.

Instead, this is a recommended alternative for frequent Kohl’s shoppers:

  1. Have a Kohl’s credit card account open so you receive the coupons. But don’t use the card to pay for your purchases.
  2. Use an American Express Blue Cash card because it earns high cash back at the following select U.S. department stores:
  • Bealls
  • Belk
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Bon Ton Stores
  • Boscov’s
  • Century 21 Department STores
  • Dillard’s
  • J.C. Penney
  • Kohl’s
  • Lord & Taylor
  • Macy’s
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Nordstrom
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Sears
  • Stein Mart

Rewards aside, the biggest reason people fill out the application is probably because they want the discount on the first purchase. That is a compelling offer, especially if you have a cart full of clothes. The next-biggest reason may be credit building. If your credit isn’t good enough to qualify for a major bank’s card, store cards like the Kohl’s card can be a good stepping stone if used responsibly.

The interest rate
If you carry a balance – ever – the credit card from Kohl’s is going to hurt. At the time of this review, the APR is 24.24 percent.

To make matters worse, they may give you penalty APR which is even higher – 27.24 percent. According to the Kohl’s cardmember agreement, they may give you this higher rate if you:

  • Make a late payment, or
  • Make a payment that is returned

So, if you pay on time (but are carrying a balance), you’re paying a high interest rate, and if you pay late you’ll pay an even higher one.

It has very limited utility
Because it’s not a part of a major payment network (like Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover) the Kohl’s card can be used only at Kohl’s department stores. So it serves no use anywhere else. It is what is known as a closed loop store credit card as opposed to a general purpose credit card.

The bottom line

The Kohl’s charge card has a couple valid uses:

  • Gaining access to exclusive store discounts and early sales offers. Who doesn’t love coupons? If you’re a regular Kohl’s shopper, they could very well come in handy. Just keep in mind these aren’t always better than the newspaper and online coupons you can get without the credit card.
  • Credit building. The minimum credit score needed for a Kohl’s card application to be approved is not public information. Whatever it may be, it’s safe to say that their card is easier to get than a major credit card. So if you have bad credit and are looking to rebuild, getting an account with Kohl’s is one of the steps you can take.

Why we gave it 1 out of 5 stars

Empty starOffers introductory/interest-free financing: This card doesn’t offer any special financing.
Empty starOngoing rewards: This card has no ongoing rewards system.
Empty starFair interest terms: This card’s standard APR is above the average store card APR (according to CreditCards.com's latest retail card survey).
Full starConsumer-friendly incentives: The card promises at least 12 discount coupons per year.
Empty starCan be used anywhere: This card can be used in-store only, as it’s not co-branded with a major card network.

This card’s rating was based on our standards for store credit cards. It did not fare well, as its only tangible benefit is that coupons will regularly arrive in the mail. Even so, it may be a good credit-building option and a useful card for frequent Kohl’s shoppers, as it has no annual fee.

This review was written or last updated Dec. 29, 2016

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A horrible experience using this card! If you make a payment late for just one day, they will send your information to the credit bureau directly which will affect your credit score.

I got a great deal on clearance sale discounts at the store when I signed up. They offer numerous coupons and special deals. I had $1,000 credit line. After I got the first bill, I began to create an online account. I stopped when I saw the Privacy Policy. They force you to agree to receiving emails, texts, AND auto-dialer messages on your phone, with NO option to prevent all this (except for nonaffiliate marketing and to share about your “creditworthiness”, which they are required by law to offer; they pushed to the absolute limit of what the law allows them to do, rather than respecting your privacy voluntarily). I called the phone number listed to request limiting sharing of my personal information (i.e., to avoid an onslaught of marketing annoyance), but the menu robot kept going on and on, trying to sell me more, tell me things I already knew, and gave no option to “limit sharing” as they promised in print. After trying several times to get through, both via phone and on their website to find where you can protect your privacy from invasion by whoever they partner with or sell your information to, I gave up. IMPORTANT: DO NOT ACTIVATE THE CARD – by doing so, you sign a legal contract with them allowing this marketing travesty. Stay away from credit cards with poor customer service…

I signed up for the discounts. It’s actually a great card to have because of the discounts offered. I only go shopping when I have the cash saved already (don’t buy unless you have the cash put aside). I pay my bills on line so the payment isn’t late, and I keep track of the due dates so it won’t get paid late. Theirs nothing wrong with having a Kohl’s card, just use it wisely! If the store goes out of business there will be a closed account on your credit report!

Be very very careful!!! Don’t get it thinking you will benefit from the “discounts”. Sure, up front, it looks amazing! It is hard to resist when the cashier says, “Oh you can save X% if you sign up for Kohls charge card”. Reality is, that the interest charged by this credit card is ridiculous!

View a screenshot of my account…


In my estimate, the interest rate is $6.47(approx.22%).

The worst is late fee! I got a day or two late and the late fee is $37!!! How on earth is that fair?

If you are like me, human, then you know it isnt always easy to stay ahead of bills. Especially, during tough times. But if you are able to pay ahead of time, sure go ahead and enjoy the occasional discounts. But for everyone else who are like me, please DO NOT SIGN UP for this ridiculous card.

Also, Kohls will keep calling you, one day I left my cell phone at home, Kohls had called me 7 times!!! I am more than happy to show you all

“if I had to make an educated guess, I would estimate the minimum score is in the mid-600’s”

Waaaay off. You can actually get a decent card in the mid-600s (Discover IT, Chase Freedom). Kohl’s threshold is around 570 or so (though I’ve seen people get them with even lower scores). Kohl’s is one of the easiest approvals around. On the rare occasion they turn you down, it’s likely for high utilization.

And I second what so many have already said – use the card for the discount and then immediately pay it off. Store credit cards carry absurd interest rates and Kohl’s is no different. You can easily lose all that money you saved on the discount in interest charges.

I have a serious issue with Kohl’s. I used my Kohl’s charge to pay for an online order and the package was lost. It has been over 3 weeks and the credit is still not on my Kohl’s charge. Any other credit card I would have already disputed the charge. I have had so many problems with kohls. I would prefer to pay a little extra and shop somewhere else.

Just got my first credit card/Kohl’s card recently at the store. I am surprised I got it because of my low credit history but with the score of 759. The online payment system seems a bit outdated but I have no problem to pay my bill so far. I use their Store App to check my status, and there is coupon in the app too. They also send out mailing coupon (usually 20% discount, 5% more than the app coupon). It looks like anyone can get the coupon easily so I am not sure if the charge card will help me to save more.

Scam alert. Have had this Kohls car 3 years and paid on-line without issues until Aug 2015. I did everything to get on, password and username change with card number. all saying it was invalid. So my number is invalid???? Asked customer service in Sept 01 to send my statement by mail asap and did not get until today, Sept 27. Now I have a $25 late fee. I have cut my CC up and will NEVER shop kohls again . I have had other issues with kohls through the years, wrong order, out of stock but still charged, and nasty customer service at the stores. I was a glutton for punishment not getting rid of kohls years ago.

DON’T ever use Kohl’s automatic withdrawals. Pay by check. I have been a very long time customer. I pay my bills off in FULL every month. In June 2015 I signed up for automatic withdrawals. In July 2015, Kohl’s took 2 full amounts out of my account within 5 days, one by electronic check and then one electronic withdrawal. From the middle of July to the end of August 2015 I have made about 15 calls to Kohl’s and had my bank on the phone with most of them. I sent Kohl’s finance department copies of my bank statements and the cleared electronic check. My bank sent several documents proving the 2 payments. Their finance department won’t call me back. I contacted the main headquarters and they won’t call me either. I will never shop at Kohl’s again! They stole my money and won’t refund or acknowledge their mistake.

I had a balance of 42 dollars and while on vacation, my payment was late, which amounted to a 15 dollar late fee. The card rate was 24.24%. I paid it off over the phone, cancelled my account during the same phone call, cut my card up, and never to shop Kohls again.

My husband & I both absolutely LOVE our Kohl’s card. We just pay it off every month way before payment is due. Have had no hassles at all from Kohl’s. Don’t wait for your bill to show up, just go in way before you know it is due and pay it off (No Balance) and wala, no problems!

Yes Kohls gives its cardholders disount coupons 12 times a year, but you have to actually charge the purchase you’re using the coupon on to your Kohls card to obtain the discount. The other problem with Kohls is that I never know if I’m getting the absolute lowest price on an item. Case in point, a 7-qt Crock Pot slow cooker. I bought this item in early April, there was no rebate offered. After noticing the item on sale again this week, with a $10 rebate, I googled this item and the rebate offered by Kohls and have seen the $10 rebate offered in October and November of 2014, and now January and end of April 2015. Of course, the dates I purchased the item are not included in the rebate. I’m returning it, and not planning on doing any more shopping at Kohls because I always see a better price on the same merchandise AFTER I’ve made a purchase.

I am very frustrated with what feels like unethical billing practice by Kohl’s. We signed up for electronic statements and Kohl’s is STILL not delivering the statements in time to meet the payment cycle without late fees. We always pay off the card in full and do not carry balances. The current bill is due in 3-days and we have not yet received any statement from Kohls. The delay in receiving statements from Kohls has been a recurring problem and does not seem to be corrected using electronic billing.
Keep the card for discount coupons if you wish to continue shopping at such a place, but use another rewards credit card instead for the purchases. Kohls collects more from collecting fees than we get through any discounts using their cards. You can still get coupons without using the Kohls card.

Kohls charge card is a scam. They make it really hard to log in to your online account and you have to call many times before you can make a payment. By the time you pay there is already a late payment fee. This is not just first time.It happened to me continuous 4 months and every time. One day I understood only way stopping them from sucking my money is to terminate the card. I called them terminated the card. Just to save few dollars I ended up paying about 75$ in fine.You will also see ridiculous finance charges for no reason. I have about 10 different credit/store cards and never had any issue with them. But Kohls charge is designed to rob you.

Kohls does allow you to only put $1 on your card and still use coupons. I intend to pay off my card and use it that way from now on.

I agree that Kohl’s cards are crap and in general Kohl’s isn’t a good place to shop as they have inflated prices that they then give you on sale which is still higher than you would pay online.
I strongly disagree with using the AMEX Blue. My wife has this card an it’s a waste of time. The points are very low value and aren’t equivalent to AMEX Member Reward Points that you can redeem for airline miles, hotel points, etc.

The reviewer did not do proper research. In order for customers to take advantage of the 15-30% off they receive each month, they have to use their Kohls charge. As far as the lack or rewards go, Kohls offers a FREE rewards card that is separate from the charge card. For every $1 you spend you earn 1 point. For every 100 points earned, you receive a $5 rewards (Kohls cash). I love my Kohls card. I use it every month and save a lot of money. I pay off my balance right away online in order to not get interest charges.

Darrell: thanks for your input (I was going to say the same thing).

You may also make payments right at a register at any time, including immediately after you make a purpose as long as you pay with cash or check.

*purchase, not purpose 🙂

You dont have to use your Kohls card with the coupons. My mom uses the coupons and pays either cash or with her debit card. She rarely uses her kohls card.

Have had a Kohl’s Credit Card for over 10 years. Have never had a problem, have always paid on time and they have never received a cent of finance charges from me as I pay off my card every month. Never buy more than you can afford!

That being said, yes, you can receive coupons sent to your email and through their new rewards program, but, where the big savings come in, is when you receive a 30% off coupon only to be used with your Kohl’s Charge. You will never receive a 30% off in an email.

You may pay your bill inside the store and it is posted that same day. They only accept checks or cash for the reason being that they are saving money by not getting charged a fee to accept a credit/debit payment. This is their choice. This store offers so many coupons and get scammed by the famous coupon abusers, so if they choose to save money this way, that is their decision. You can also make your payment online, but it is only by linking your checking account. I have also made payments online as well, but it must be initiated before 7pm central time, otherwise it will post the next day. Be ON TIME! If you are late online, go into the store or you will be charged a late fee. (no time limit in the store on the due date, just before closing.

The reason they offer coupons at times where you MUST use your Kohl’s Charge is because the bank that backs their credit card wants assurance that customers will use their card. This is the guarantee that Kohl’s can give them. There are many other coupons that come out where you don’t need to use their card.

Rather than get irritated every time you are asked to open a card, just realize it is the employees job to ask, each and every time. Just simply say, “no thank you”. Even if you have to say it twice. Sadly, this emphasis is placed on the employees so that they will receive their hours or they are even let go if they are under their 90 day probation if they aren’t good at getting credit.

An identity thief stole my Kohl’s card information. They had my account number and redirected my billing. Oddly, they did not make purchases but they had my account information (this is a very active ring that did a lot of other things with my identity information and as a result I had police reports and have security freezes in place, likely forever) I called Kohl’s — there was a couple of bucks of late fees because my bill went to the unauthorized address which they did correct and I paid my new bill immediately. I had also asked them to issue me a new account number, given the theft of my account number. I have had a Kohl’s card for 5 years, have never been late (except for the misdirected bills) and although it’s not like I purchased enough to fund the building of a new store, I did use it regularly. Kohl’s told me I had to close my account and APPLY FOR A NEW ONE! They said they “proudly” service their own card (although Capital One underwrites them), but they could not possibly eliminate the old account number assign me a new one!!! Really?! Please understand that I had been an active customer with an excellent (and still excellent) credit score (I staunched the id theft fairly quickly and have salvaged my good name intact.) There was no reason for them to have to “check” me out again – they know who I am since I had a current account. I went around with them for 3 weeks and they would simply not issue me a new account number (the person helping me had to go to the Higher Ups…. which is utterly ridiculous.) Every single other credit card I dealt with after this id theft, including Macy’s and JC Penney’s and Best Buy (plus Capital One itself), easily and quickly sent me a new account and card. Kohls’ could only send me the same card with same account number on it — except they would stick a 3 (meaning the third card on account) on the end! WHY ON EARTH WOULD I WANT THAT when the thieves HAD my account number? How hard is it to type in a new number? Are their fingers broken? I would have to lift my security freeze to allow them to “re-evaluate” me and that is not happening given the extent of my id theft and especially since I am already a customer! I know Kohl’s already does soft inquiries periodically on my credit report (I have seen them)– there is no reason for me lift my freeze or reapply given my good standing. Seriously the WORST customer service ever. I cancelled the card if no no other reason than they are unresponsive to the customer, clearly pig-headed and incompetent and real idiots … plus I feel that I simply cannot trust them given their attitude. They *advised* me that it would affect my credit rating — umm, NOT where my score is and not for the peon amount this card carries, so Good-bye, Kohl’s — just because you would not issue me a new account number for an account in good standing. How stupid is that?

I went through this with them. Do the on line deal. Report your card lost or stolen immediately don’t wait. Buy lifelock or a monitoring service and put an alert on your three bureaus. You will lose a lot of money. Make sure to check that the alias has not been arrested using your name giving you a criminal record. It happened to me. If it happened to one card. Change them all out. Be aware of everyone around you including tellers, people behind you in line, and associates. Do not give out personal information. It is not a strangers business at the bank how cash flow is or what you make. Don’t post things on social media or answer the phone and give info to someone you don’t know real well. Sometimes the closest to you are kleptomaniacs. I am going through it. Prayers too you.

I thought I was crazy Janet, but capital one did the same thing. Then GE. My story is a mirror of yours maybe the police will read this thread since there is a marked pattern with the same companies unresolved, who have failed to catch these people and prosecute them since 01.

Don’t blame the person behind the counter for this. I’m sure she/he dint want to loose his/her job just by giving you a new number. Its more than likely the higher ups choice which is why she/he had to call the people in the first place. I’m sure she/he doesn’t know what to do it that situation and its awkward for them. mi sure if it was up to the they would of given it to you but it wasn’t. Try and have a little more sympathy for the middle man they are just following procedures set forth by their employer.

Its not that easy to type numbers mam. There is no typing number its all system generated. Once an acc gets created your card is created with that very same account number. Common sense webwouldnt go through all that trouble if we knew we can write a number down. No for your security we have to recreate a whole new account. We didnt make the system its all automatic thank you.

Not only are there Kohl’s reward points which equate to dollar off coupons each month, you get coupons 12 x year and if you leave yours at home you can just ask the cashier for one (assuming you are using your Kohl’s charge card). You can immediately (with the same cashier) make a payment on your charge card. It’s the best decision I made because I save lots of money, pay it off promptly and do not accrue interest charges.

There is now a Kohl’s Rewards Card that you accrue points monthly and earn $ discount coupons. Also, 15% off just for signing up for the FREE Rewards Card. It is a great deal!

st. pete kohls

I got fired from giving people 30% when opeing a charge card – depending on the promotion, you can get 30% off to open one. We are pushed to open charges – your hours depends on them and job retention. Didn’t know it was a terminable offense to do that….I don’t profit from it – we get from 50 cents to 2.00 for opening one depending on the month, so for us, not a big deal.

In order to use the most valuable Kohl’s coupons you have to pay WITH your Kohl’s charge, not just have one. And when you get your bill they give you an option to that allows you make a payment that will prevent you from accruing interest charges. Not saying I’m a big fan of store credit cards, but Kohl’s is one of the better ones.

I think the reason there are so many complaints about Kohl’s is that it’s often the first and only CC someone gets approved for and so the majority of card owners are NOT credit savvy. As someone who IS credit savvy I have never had a problem with my card or bill, although I will admit I don’t shop there often and have never carried a balance. Of course I don’t pay a day late or a dollar short or send my payment to the wrong place or move and forget to tell them either.

There is nothing wrong with this card, or Kohl’s or Capitol One. I get that there are occasional problems with ALL financial institutions and retailers and if you get caught in something out of your control due to human error or some other glitch it’s annoying. But the majority of things I’ve seen here are problems that would never have occurred if you, the customer, were paying attention. Live and learn y’all.

Lisa said….. “I get that there are occasional problems with ALL financial institutions and retailers and if you get caught in something out of your control due to human error or some other glitch it’s annoying. But the majority of things I’ve seen here are problems that would never have occurred if you, the customer, were paying attention. Live and learn y’all.”

Lisa I agree with you on that last statement. I used to work in a call center for a private credit card company. (A major retailer similar to Kohl’s…). If I had a dollar for every time someone called in to complain about their late fee, and they had the nerve to say either of these two things… “I never got my bill last month, how dare you hit me with a late fee!” and “I was only a day late, how dare you hit me with a late fee!”, I’d could take a very nice weekend getaway vacation!

#1, I’m sorry your bill didn’t arrive in your mail box, but I have no control over your mail carrier, and you’re an adult; you KNOW you owe that bill!
#2, Late is LATE! You’re an adult; I must assume you grasp the concept of deadlines and lateness. One day late may as well be 10 days late. If you’re late whatsoever, you get a fee…. that’s why it’s called a LATE fee. Come on folks, let’s be responsible for our own actions instead of trying to make it someone else’s fault.

What about electronic bills, browsers, malware, ransomeware, hacking, or miscalculated finance charges? Those are some things you can’t argue.

Capital One is the underwriter and they extend general credit as well with high default rates. They aren’t following due diligence by covering their butts to remove losses from the books, on both sides to keep from getting sued or face criminal charges, so as general they pass off a crime ring to the consumer, leave tax dollars to recoup the loss thus you have lost your time, paid tax dollars, someone got a free ride off you, pushed up interest rates, prices and retail items, thus decreasing sales. Capital One just got government welfare last year though their financials did not balance in the auto division. That’s why your job might be at stake “shrink” from SOX to shoplifter.

Koh'ls card holder

Never buy into Kohl’s credit cards. Moreover, avoid it at any means. Here is my horror story:

I have had a Kohl’s payment in dispute since December 2013. I paid what I was charged according to my receipt the next day after purchase. I am still receiving bills from them. The first bill was even higher than my credit limit. Since then, despite of all my sincere efforts to a find a resolution with Kohl’s financial services I keep receiving bills with amounts that were different every time.

I also had multiple conversations with Kohls customer service reps. During those conversations I was put on extremely long holds, lied and misled. After I lost any hope to resolve it with Kohl’s directly I had nothing else to do but to file it with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Then I contacted the customer service again asking not to apply interest until the issue is reported to CFPB and hopefully resolved. I talked to the customer service rep under code name Angie who refused to give me more specific information about her identity. Again, I was put on several super long holds, one of which was for transferring me to her supervisor as per her own initiative because (as she said) she didn’t have an authority to relieve me from the interest on the amount I didn’t in fact owe (sounds a lot like a fraud on behalf of Kohl’s). After the long hold (around 15 min) she came back and said that as her supervisor was not available she was going to put the bill back into dispute so I wouldn’t be charged any interest. Now, I am not sure it will happen because (as she said earlier) she actually didn’t have the authority to do so. Or maybe it was a misleading lie again.

I am not sure why I have to go through all of this as I had paid exactly what I had been charged.

Beware. Don’t get fooled by their 30% that they offer you so you would open their card. I think this is their company policy to extort money you do not owe and hope you wouldn’t notice and pay. This is a bad deal for sure.

I have twice had the same issue with Kohl’s and will never use their card again!

First off they do NOT allow payment online with a debit card, they insist on having direct access to customers’ bank account, something I don’t give my own children! This also leaves customers more vulnerable for complete financial ruin should their system get hacked! If you want to pay over the phone, you pay an additional $10 fee! How many times are we expected to pay someone to take our money?!

Mail your payment to Kohl’s before the due date, and they will intentionally NOT post the payment until AFTER it is due. Think your bill is paid in full? Think again! Then they will send you a late fee with interest, which isn’t even legal! Twice I’ve thought a bill was paid in full and ignored mailings thinking it was advertising. Then the calls begin every day and often more than one per day. The last time I told them that in accordance with the Fair Credit & Collections Act (Federal LAW), they were not to call me again. They called back an hour later and every day after completely ignoring the law!

I finally found the name and home address of Kohl’s CEO and sent him a letter. I filed a complaint with the BBB which Kohl’s didn’t bother to respond to. I also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and reported to them each and every legal violation which I hope Kohl’s paid dearly for.

Eventually I received a letter from Kohl’s removing the added charges. They claimed of course that my payment was late, but presented not one shred of evidence to prove that. On one occasion they even admitted that it can take up to five days after receipt of a payment to post it. So in effect they make it as difficult as possible to pay, add fees to do so expeditiously, then if a customer doesn’t want added fees and mails their payment, it is intentionally held to add on fees! Unbelievable! BEWARE of Kohl’s!

I don’t know of any compant that allows a CREDIT CARD payment using a debit card!

Ok 1. No company on a credit card allows u to pay online with debit\credit card. You can do Bill pay to.

2. If your that lazy go to the store. Not unless u work around the clock every hr on the hr 24\7

3. Terms and conditions pamplet was givin to u On how to make your pmts, when to make your pmt, and what times to make your pmts.

We’re all adults here ok I’m 24 yrs old and i know if i put something on that card i need to be checking on it every week or to see whenI my next pmt is due. Don’t be waiting till the last time min to Say my bill never got here or i was an oversight or i was on vacation or mkc doesn’t allow me to use a debit card. Than demand over the phone to removal lfs like are u kidding me!!!
Kohls is a company to they have to eat up all that dept that people just don’t want too pay ok.
It’s a business like any other ok so being selfish and irresponsible. Use it right there is no punishment. Something going wrong simply ask the associate as a courtasy they will do it depending on your pmt history.

I love wrking at kohls its a great place. People are just so caught up in that customer ser went make every single person happy but believe me we do sure try.

Go to the IC3.gov crime center.

Same thing happen to me! These supposed “recorded calls” with their customer service reps are a bunch a crap. They lied to me too. Several times. They had the gall to ding my credit score when I had indeed paid the full amount. What Horrible ordeal.

Bradley Seastrand

I have read quite a few of the comments here. I dont have great credit though my wife wanted me to build it. I am working on that through my bank currently (via secure CD).
I applied for the CC online simply because I wanted an item that showed Kohls to be the lowest if using the 30% off discount. It was so much lower than even used ones on ebay that I felt its a win/win situation. If I get accepted, great (even though I have been declined for various cards like Best Buy in the past) and if not, not a big mark on the score. I got accepted for a relatively low amount. Im fine with that as I dont normally shop there.

I called Kohls up to talk to a real person before committing to the application. The person spoke english (yay) and was very nice,…funny even. I explained my reasoning for wanting the card and he assured me that its not uncommon to use it and pay it off immediately.

I havent received my bill yet but I will monitor periodically to make sure that once the bill is due, it gets paid. I can use several resources to do this. I have online bill pay I can set up once I get the account information, I have their tech support number and of course email.

I agree that most often, late fees arent due to irresponsibility so much as misundersetanding of the terms. The terms are obviously disclosed in legal jargon but often times that gets ignored or overlooked.

I plan to use the card again but basically when a similiar situation arises where I have a need or want for something and Kohls (using all discounts) is cheaper than any other method such as amazon or ebay or other brick and mortar stores.

What I really like is, through all the frustration I see, I have noticed no complaints on returns or hassle pertaining to. That is so much nicer than dealing with shipping items out (at your own cost if using ebay) and waiting for refund or replacement.

I can buy online OR go to a nearby Kohls store. Its a win/win.

One method that is easy, fast and “should” guarantee payment is to physically walk into the store, go to customer service and hand them a check. You will be on time and know you bill is paid w/o late fees and interest! If you definitely know you’re keeping something, you can even charge it then go pay it that day! It will help to build your credit, but I’d wait to get the statement then a before the due date go in the store and pay it in full. There’s usually something small in clearance and with a coupon… a great way to build credit.

BTW, you can buy online and return to store. Also, if you buy with card and can’t find receipt they can usually look it up with the card but try to keep receipt. They’re not perfect but do have a good customer service team.

Keep in mind the people who run the “card” on third party to Kohl’s.

Trying to find the answer to this: do you get free online shipping with no limit when you have the Kohl’s credit card? I see great clearance items online but then when you add the shipping, its not a great deal anymore. $75 is a lot to spend to get free shipping.

Bradley Seastrand

You have to use one of your promo codes to get it. Right now “all” online purchases over $50 can get free shipping but card users have another code that is good for March. Doesnt specify minimum price either. Not sure if I can post codes here but they are relatively easy to find using an internet search engine (google, bing, yahoo, etc…)

No, you don’t get free shipping for using the card.

Couple things – this article is somewhat flawed…a lot of those coupons given to card holders only work if you use your KOHL’s card. So don’t get the card if you don’t plan on using it.
We LOVE KOHL’s…seriously, returning stuff is a BREEZE! If you pay with your KOHL’s card and lose your receipt, no worries, they can find your original purchase just by scanning the item. And I am serious, there is no time limit on returns, its crazy! We love our KOHL’s cards.
And just in my own opinion – aside from those one-off situations, credit card complaints usually come from people who don’t pay their cards in full or on time…I have over 15 cards and a great FICO score…we are talking at least 5 different companies that provide these cards and I have no complaints with any of them. When I started building my credit with credit cards, I got a planner and each month, I wrote down the next month’s statement balance that was due on their due date – it keeps me from making the mistake of missing a payment. Maybe once or twice I made an error when doing my bill pay via my online banking but as soon as I noticed, I called the affected cards and they reversed the late fees. CC’s are not for everyone but if you can handle it and not charge more than what you got in your bank account, then you can really benefit from their discounts and rewards.

No not always, to get free shipping on any purchase you have to find a code online, in your email, or in the flyers you get in the mail with your coupons. You can also get free shipping on any purchase if you go to a Kohl’s store and use their kiosk.

@Carolyn free shipping is always available from the Kohl’s kiosk to your home and Kohl’s does offer discounted shipping from time to time when purchasing online. Even JCPenney, Sears, etc. have Shipping costs. At least Kohl’s offers a way around paying shipping charges.

You can save a bundle and not get into a tangle of credit card debt. I shop when I have the money to buy the items – put them on the Kohls credit card AND IMMEDIATELY WHILE STILL WITH THE SAME CASHIER I write a check for the exact amount and ask the cashier to put it on my Kohls account. The cashiers are happy to do it, and I walk away knowing that the bill is paid and I saved some money.

I just noticed your comment Diana – didn’t know you could do it right @ check out. Thought you had to do it @ customer service. I did have an issue once where I paid and then had a fee on my statement. Credit card person said it was b/c I “pre-paid” before statement hit… I thought it was bizarre and supervisor came on and fixed it. Sometimes it’s who you discuss the situation.

I would like to point out that the article says to sign up for the Kohl’s card for discounts and then use the American Express to pay but you actually can’t do that. The majority of the coupons you get through the charge card HAVE to be put on the charge, but if you are shopping in the store, you can split your purchase up. As a cashier there, I can see a huge difference in how much cardholders and non-cardholders pay for the same things so it is worth having if you shop there a couple times a year.

The cashiers are required to ask you to sign up for the card. Just say no thank you if you don’t want it and that will be the end of it. When you go to the movies, they ask if you want to upgrade your drink or popcorn size and at fast food restaurants they ask if you want to make it a meal. Store credit cards are the same thing.

I work at kohls, and we give out coupons ALL the time, it seems like every other week is some sort of deal week with kohls charge coupons, and people bringing in their 30% offs, then we have the friends and family where you get 20% off plus another % off discount. and well hey, if you didn’t get the 30% off you wanted on the peelers just lie and say you forgot it at home, we give it to you anyway. or you can try a scratcher. plus we give you free money to spend in the store. I just bought a vacuum and got a free 40 dollars to spend on whatever I want.

and we do have a free rewards card where every dollar = 1 point and every 100 points you get a 5 dollar off coupon (along with other random discount rewards). so again I used that when I bought my vacuum an got another free 10 dollars. 50 in total for a 200 dollar vacuum… working at kohls sucks but I gotta say the coupons, especially for kohls charge holders are great. the employee discount of 15%? not so much.

This is a very ignorant review. First yes your asked at checkout, its their job to ask just say no. And having a account will get you coupons but you can only use them with your kohls charge so good luck with that plan, and there are rewards if you spend 600 a year you become a mvc card holder and reviece more coupons. And to recieve up to 30% off with prices already being low is a great deal alone. It is a good card to have and you apparently didnt know what you were talking about when you posted this.

I’m wondering if it would be worth using the Kohls card for times when they offer the Kohls 30% off coupon for Kohls cardholders. I’m thinking yes, but that would be the only time? Here’s the Kohls coupons I’m referring to: fatwallet.com/Kohls-coupons/. They have the 30% offer going on now, so that’s why I’m asking.

Kohl’s payment system is a joke and a complete rip off. Here’s my story……I get a phone call saying they never received my December payment, and they knew I had a perfect history with them and was wondering if something was wrong. I went online and seen I had paid my payment for November on 11/16/13 and then paid Decembers on 11/22/13. I figured I was in the store I may as well pay it. Well I called customer service and they told me that since I paid Decembers in November it counted toward Novembers payment. He did remove my late charge but I had to pay a total of $55 for January to catch the account up. What a bunch of horse shit that is. I get penalized for paying early??????? He said his system wouldnt allow him to post my 11/22 payment to December. What a bunch of crooks. Screw them and their stone age system. Can’t wait to pay that card off and close the account. Complete idiots!!!

This is actually a common practice. Happen to me with the IRS. Computers don’t know you are paying for December if you pay in November. You must pay the bill in the month that it is due. Of course if you pay it off it does not matter when you pay.

I love my kohls credit card!I get awesome rewards every time I use it,the staff on the customer care line are nice and they speak English. I also have a rewards card that I can use with my credit cards aand get even better deals!one day I got a 100 dollar purse,two shirts,and a few small items by the time the sale price and rewards went through I paid 38. Dollars with tax and everything! I give kohls, kohls credit card,and kohls rewards 5 stars! The only complaint I have is the website to pay on my credit card gives me issues so I usually go into the store or call to pay.

My 2 cents about Kohl’s: I agree that if I am late, then that is my fault HOWEVER, Kohl’s has a policy of mailing the bills so that you receive them about one week before the payments are late. If you open the bill and mail payment that same day you are probably OK, otherwise it will most likely arrive late and you will be charged usurious fees. That is why I cancelled my account and will never shop there again.

That’s why you come into the twenty first century, use a computer and make payments online.

I have been a Kohls customer since 1995. The quality of their products, even the named brands, seem to have gotten progressively worse over the years. My husband’s Levi Jeans fell right to pieces in the legs and pockets.

I recently purchased a Vera Wang standard size padded mattress cover which was on sale for $59 previously $80 (?). The first time I washed it the netted backing fell apart in about 5 places. I’m done with Vera Want and rarely shop at Kohl’s anymore. Whatt’s going on Kohl”s?

Kohl’s has a rewards program that is not tied to the credit card. You earn a $5 in store coupon just for signing up along with $5 for every 100 points. ($1= 100 points, sometimes they offer double points too). You receive coupons just for signing up for the rewards program. You receive more coupons if you sign up for the Kohls Credit Card. (You can also tie the two together) Your advice to ‘sign up for a kohls card just to get the coupons but never use it’ is not very helpful considering for most of the coupons you have to use the Kohls card to get the discount. So yes, you can use just the rewards card to get coupons but you won’t get the treasured 30% off coupons that the Kohls card holders get. Not to mention many of the coupons you receive through the Kohls card can be used multiple times and last a week or longer.

The Kohls website has bugs! Each and every time I attempt to log on it says “wrong email”or “wrong password”. Give me a ……g break! I know my own email and I know my password. But I Still can’t log in. I want to shop online. It’s not worth the aggravation. Hopefully they’ll fix the bugs,because I really like their clothes etc,and I’m not ready to give up on Kohls.Fix the bugs!!!! P.S. The Kohls stores are just great, but good luck trying to shop online.

I got a Kohl’s card to help repair my credit. Now, I use it for the discounts, pay it off immediately after the purchase and all is well. I love the fact that all my transactions are recorded and if I need to make a return and can’t locate the receipt, they don’t get upset. They can look it up.
If you hit the clearance just right, with coupons, you definitely come out good!

First off I’m am employee of kohls and it is a policy that the coupons are only to be used with the kohls charge. The only reason anyone is ever allowed to use the coupons without using the kohls charge is because people throw a fit when we ask them to use it and we end up having to let them use whatever other form of payment they want to. To the people mad about maxing out your card… that’s your fault. And to the People whining about not getting rewards, kohls charge is technically supposed to be used with the mailed out coupons which is the reward. In addition kohls had rolled out another rewards program for people who don’t want a kohls charge… so now there’s no reason to complain. Kohls has the lowest prices around and gives coupons and kohls cash and people are still complaining…geek do you people want this stuff for free?

I love Kohls! Never had a problem, even had 2 late fees takin off. Kohls shopper 4EVER!


I’ve had a Kohl’s Card for over 10 years. In about the second year, I mailed my payment almost three weeks before the due date, heard nothing and assumed all was fine. My next bill I had a late payment, interest charge, etc that cost me a hefty fee Kohl’s says the payment was never received. (FYI I had no problem reaching customer service and they were very nice though would not waive the fees even though I knew I’d mailed it. Nearly FIVE weeks later, guess what arrives in my mailbox??? Yes. The very bill/payment I mailed was returned to me via the USPS with no explanation. It had not been tampered with, it DID have the correct address to Kohl’s payment center, it was stamped and did have my return address. So, It was the USPS that cost me the fees (I never checked to see if it was reported to a credit agency – although I doubt it as my credit rating is above 800). I contacted the USPS which, of course, denied any responsibility and could offer no explanation as to why this piece of mail was not delivered. Of course I now always keep up with due dates of all bills. If I don’t receive a bill, I’m sure to call and question it. Turns out that’s a good thing because after I had to move due to divorce, I didn’t get my Kohl’s bill so I called them to see what I owed and when. Luckily I called just in time (two days prior to the due date) only to find out that my evil ex had marked the bill ‘no such person at this address-return to sender’ when it would have been just as easy to forward it to me.
In the midst of a 3+ year divorce (did I mention evil?), 16yrs fighting a rare cancer, current chemotherapy (can you say ‘medical bills’), unemployment in mid-life…. I’m scraping to pay bills so I’m grateful that I was recently able to to buy my daughter an early birthday present of a Mini Keurig that she just took with her to college. It was regularly $129 and I got it for under $25 with a small gift card, kohl’s cash, a promo code and my MVC 30%. I must say, however, that this was rare to have accumulated all these discounts. In order to get the better discounts, especially the extra pick your days and the like, you have to spend about $600 or more during the year. Obviously I can no longer do that and since I don’t shop Kohl’s too often anymore, I rarely get the 30% discounts… occasionally a 20% but usually just the 15%…but I’m happy to have any discount when I really need something.
The ‘customer service rep, Kathy, at my local Kohl’s is the happiest, perkiest, most knowledgeable Kohl’s associate I’ve ever met. I’ve never had any issues returning anything.
The ONLY complaints I have about Kohl’s relate to their marketing practices, which are not unlike other retailers. First, if you receive Kohl’s cash and need to return an item, they deduct the total kohl’s cash off the top (For example I purchased $100 worth and received $20 Kohl’s cash. I had to return one $30 item but was credited only $10 as they deducted all the Kohl’s cash. I should have been able to keep $10 Kohl’s cash since I was retaining $70 in purchases. The very worst part of this is that I never even redeemed the Kohl’s cash so there really should have been no reduction whatsoever. The Kohl’s cash coupons have barcodes on them so there should be some way to track whether it was redeemed to be fair in reductions even if an items has to be returned. After all, I was recently at Kohl’s to buy underclothing with a 20% coupon. The register only showed 15%. I had to point out to the cashier that I should have received 20% off (rather than 15%) and pointed out that she forgot to scan one of the items. It ended up costing me $10 more than if I’d kept quiet, but it was only fair. Kohl’s should be so fair in their returns regarding Kohl’s cash…. and remove the expiration date – or at least extend it.
The second vent is that there are really no ‘regular priced items’ at Kohl’s. There is always a sale of some sort. As soon as one ends another begins. The 50% off prices really are nothing but the everyday prices. And don’t be fooled thinking that – as good as the deals are- Kohl’s isn’t also making money off the merchandise on the clearance racks. No different than the retail mattress industry which always has 50% off sales plus extra $ off ‘if you buy today’.
Third. Whenever I find something that I really like, if I need another item just like it, Kohl’s no longer stock that item. This happened when I purchased a bed coverlet. It was a bit too short for my bed so I needed another twin size to attach in order to cover the pillows. Alas, inventory had changed and my only choice was to purchase another new set which didn’t come in the color nor pattern I’d originally purchased.

You can use the Kohl’s cash after the experation date as long as it isn’t crazy late. Most employees take them up to a year after, but it depends on who is cashing you out.

At stores like CW Price, they print the “Retail Price” and “Our Price” on the tickets and I think that is what the ‘sales’ are supposed to be, but that way customers think they are saving more. They can also change the prices more than if “Our Price” was printed right on it. If you pay close attention to the ads you can see which items are really on sale.

Hello all,

I’m a cashier/sales floor associate at kohl’s (3 years) and would like to point out a couple things. (I haven’t read the previous posts, there are too many, so sorry if this is all a repeat)

First, don’t apply for a Kohl’s just for the coupons if you’re intending to use another credit card, as the author suggests. You do receive better discounts in the mail (30% instead of 15% or 20%) for having the card, but you have to use your Kohl’s card for the purchase.

Second, I would only recommend the Kohl’s card for people who shop their fairly often and know how to shop smart. Some merchandise is overpriced, but there are also have tons of great deals, especially on clearance, if you know where to look. Don’t ever buy something from kohl’s that’s not on sale if you can help it.

Lastly, as a general rule with credit cards (especially this one), don’t charge more than you can actually pay for by the monthly due date. The best way to use your card is to make a payment at the register (with cash or check) right after your purchase. That saves the hassle of any online errors, and you don’t have to worry about late fees or ridiculous interest rates.

I really like my kohl’s card for the discounts and convenience, but you have to know how to use it for it to be a good deal.

One last thing, we are required in our job to ask everyone if they want to sign up for a Kohl’s card at the register. If you find that irritating you should let a manager know or write a letter to corporate, not get angry at the cashier.

I have also been with Kohls for over 10 years. I agree with everything you’re saying. We’v e had many, many complaints regarding the “Do you have a Kohl’s Charge” question. Have actually lost customers because of the constant badgering. Yes, one is required to ask, EVERYTIME!! Like….”do you want fries with your burger”? LOL Doesn’t mean it isn’t irritating.
Kohls (backed by Chase Bank, aka JPMorgan makes BIG BUCKS with their charge cards. Pressure is put on POS to PUSH the charge and SURVEY (highly satisfied survey) I might add. I shop at many other big name stores, even in NYC and very few (bon-ton, macy’s, gap, etc….rarely push their cards. The report comes out for the day,,,,targeting a number of credits, surveys and sales. Sure the customer can just say no, but you know as well as I do…..sometimes the push is on and it doesn’t end there. Like…..put the discount on screen, so they can actually see it. Kohls card do a hard pull to your credit, because its a store card….not good!! The 30% off and your MVC status is only saving you money if you pay your balance in full every month with no carryover. If people really knew how it worked they would see the scam….so much for YES WE CAN

I pay all my bills online. I go online usually around the first week of the month and schedule my payments. Kohls is due on the 2nd of the month. For the month of April which is due May 2nd, I released my payment to Kohls for the 25th of April. For the month of May (which is due June 2nd) I forgot to change the date online so funds were released on May 5th. They applied both payments (the April 25th and the May 5th payments) to the April statement and charged me a late fee for May and showed no payment for May. Why would they apply a payment on May 5th to a April statement that was due on May 2nd (and they already showed a payment on April 25th?

This exact thing happened to me- I was trying to be so diligent since we are closing on a house in 2 weeks…I paid my Kohl’s charge a few days too early and it showed a double payment for June statement (due May 7th) and I just received my latest statement and I am being charged the late payment fee…so I immediately called and paid off the balance to make sure it was all paid this time. But I paid it on May 13th and since that is a Saturday I am thinking that it won’t actually post until May 15th, Monday.

So, I am in a complete panic since I am so worried they will report me as late to the credit bureaus…did they report you? I have called three different reps at Kohls and nobody can really give me an answer :(. They all say they’ll remove the late fee, but that’s not my concern right now…the credit reporting is.

Thanks for any info!!!

They will report you!!! I’ve had a Kohl’s card just for a few years and use it very rarely, for my kid’s clothes. I just have been seing my credit score going down every month since may. I just checked my credit report and I have 1 60 day late payment of $8.00 and 1 30 day late payment of $7.00!!!
I had excellent score in March and now I am 3 points short of “not good”!!
And I payed them as soon as they called me! I have many household bills and a few other credit cards that I use and I pay them all on time. If I forgot to pay, they always called and I payed them over the phone. Nobody reported me!!! Anyway, most of my bills are on automatic payment, only credit cards that I use very rarely are not. These reports will stay on my credit history for 7 years!! I am cancelling my Kohls card tomorrow and I need to figure out what is the best way to warn all consumers that use this card. If you know the way, please do so! This is incredibly rude!

Connie, you are not understanding your bill. The first thing to know is that your bill is not an exact calendar month. It sounds like the bill you are referring to as your April statement actually runs from around March 8th to April 7th. You then receive your “April Statement” a couple days later with a due date 25 days after the statement cutoff making the payment due on May 2nd. Here’s where you’re confused…your payment due date is not the date the next statement cuts off. Your next statement isn’t going to cut off until May 7th so any payments made through then is still part of the same payment cycle. In order for your payment to count towards the next statement, you need to wait until that cycle starts on the 8th. Look at your statement for the exact cutoff day since I’m only estimating yours based on the info you provided. I hope that helps and makes sense. Also, regarding reporting to the credit bureaus, they don’t report until the payment is 30 days late, so as long as your payment that was due on June 2nd is received before July 2nd, you’re okay. As for the late fee, yes, it was a legitimate late fee, but most creditors understand mistakes and will credit it back if you explain your mistake and ask politely. Of course if it happens again they won’t credit it back again since the mistake is actually yours. Again, I hope this made sense and no, I don’t work for Kohl’s, but I used to work in the finance industry a while back. Good luck to you.

Got suckered into applying for Kohl’s credit card for 30% off in line on Dec, 24th rush. Handed over cash and was told it was put on my account. Stopped the train 50 people in line. Took 45 minutes too get them to take the cash and kill the card. So I thought received a card called asked to close account. In March made a purchase Visa debt card woudn’t take was asked to show DL. in a hurry so just whipped out cash. Two months later get a bill with late charges applied? Contacted fraud wanted me to produce receipt luckily I keep everything. Account was Charged with my DL# some how, wheres my cash?

I have no idea why all you people are complaining about Kohl’s and they won’t work with you. I paid late in error and simply called them and asked them to forgive me and they did! Also for the post that says another company runs their card is NOT TRUE. They run their own card, they don’t have a servicing company running their credit card. I think people need to stop blaming Kohl’s and start redirecting that to yourself, one finger pointing at Kohl’s and 4 at yourself….mmm

I just checked and I WAS WRONGED! Kohl’s card is run by Capital One, they hide it very well and I know they use to run their card themselves but they probably got tired of all the complaining. I stand corrected by myself! Oops!

I agree with DO NOT GET KOHLS CREDIT CARD. I JUST CANCELED MINE. I paid by phone and one month later was charged again because I was told the 1st time the customer service agent was miss informed. 2 months later I am getting late fees from an account that they confirm was closed, but now I am told the 2nd customer service agent was miss informed and the first one was correct? WHAT??? Nice try getting more money from me AND ruining my credit score. Ummmm….I pay my bills and I blame Kohls.

Wrong. I am a Senior Advocacy Coordinator for Capital One; who does in fact service Kohl’s charge card. It is handled by a different department than our regular customer service but is handled by Cap One none the less.

Sorry Rebecca, you are very wrong…Chase Bank and JP Morgan are the backers for Kohls credit. Kohls makes a very high interest from Chase bank for offering the card. Read the fine print on their credit application.

Inside the Box

Let me see if I can try to do this with a straight face. “I got a Kohl’s card the other day and max’ed it out with my 30% discount for opening the card. I didn’t see any bill in the mail and nothing in my email. So that must mean I don’t have to pay right away. 30 some days later, they charged me a late fee! Those bastards! and the interest rates! WTF! Its like I’m not allowed to spend money I don’t have. I pay the minimum amount possible just so that I can keep the card open for my discounts and what do these evil people do? My bill gets higher each month! How am I suppose to pay off these bills with money I obviously never had to start with? Then the phone calls started. They want me to pay my bill? What’s that about? I want everyone reading my post to see my point of view because I’m the victim and we should all boycott Kohl’s today!”

Sorry even typing this I’m rolling on the floor laughing. Lets be a little serious for a moment people.

First, if you have never had a credit/charge card before, don’t go out and get one, you will get hurt. You should first educate yourself on what credit is, how it works and what to do when you are hit with either late fee’s, interest rates or lower credit scoring. Go online, youtube, wiki, look on forums and do some research. If you can not get online you wouldn’t be reading this post but if your internet is limited, ask people, friends, coworkers, family. There is a lot of information out there and you should become aware of what you do when you do it. If it is a Kohl’s card you are seeking, go to your local store first and talk to the people there. Ask for assistance on these matters. Talk to cashier’s, customer service, even management. Most likely you will get a lot of conflicting information. You and you alone must sort it out. People are people and a lot of people only know half if not the bad parts of the story. Not everyone in Kohl’s or (in that fact) in any store knows everything about anything. RESEARCH!

Second, do not commit to any deal, credit card or otherwise without getting as many facts as possible. It is up to you to manage, keep track of, handle and sort your finances. Not Kohl’s, Capital One, customer service or anyone else. Your money! Your responsibility!

Third, Pay all bills on time, not just Kohl’s or your cell phone, all your bills. A lot of problems will steam roll over you if you feign ignorance and think that crying, screaming or blaming others will make these problems go away. 90% of these problems never show up at your door step if you pay everything on time.

Forth. All company’s reserve the right to alter the conditions of your agreement with them at any time. A lot of them will try to contact you to let you know this ahead of time, so you can plan accordingly. You can decide to stay with them or make arrangements with them to learn more or manage the changes they make. They are providing a service for YOU. It is up to you to decide if you want it or not.

Fifth. Strange problems will pop up, hidden fees, odd phone calls, missing bill statements. These things happen and it is not because someone is out to get you. Most of the time it is human error. How many times have you made mistakes at your work, think about this before you find a cashier to yell at. The best option is to keep an eye out for such things. Don’t let small problems become big ones. Anticipate them, and educate yourself on how to deal with them quickly when they do show up. Find out who to talk to, what to ask, what phone numbers you should have available. If a constant problem repeats itself, find out why first before fighting with someone and closing accounts. Such a problem could happen again elsewhere and you will be just as angry then and now.

Sixth. Stay calm and be respectful. Many places of business will bend over backwards to make a customer happy, and it isn’t because they were screaming like 3 year olds. If you show that you are calm, respectful, can handle a difficult situation as an adult and not like a child, guess what? Everyone, not just Kohl’s will bend over backwards to find the answer to your problem. Problems can be very frustrating for some people if they are not use to dealing with them all the time. If you have a problem with your card/account, coupons, returns or even the product itself, ask for help, don’t demand it. People are people and you are one of them. Imagine someone like you screaming in your face the next time you want to scream at someone all because you can’t keep it together.

Seventh. If any place of business does not meet your expectations, leave. Don’t make a fuss, become spiteful, seek revenge, waste your time making a big deal. No one wants to hear you or anyone else whine. A business will feel the loss of your sales if “they not you” drive customers away with bad business. Yes they want to make money and yes they want you to spend it in their store. But if “they not you” handles problems with anything less then a professional attitude. They will suffer.

Eighth. Kohl’s or just about any store that solicits charge cards will try they very best to ask you to open one either on the floor, online or at the check out. They offer a discount for opening it (whatever it may be at the time) and want you to benefit from doing so. Not everyone should have a charge/credit card. If you don’t know enough about them, have already tried and got denied, dealing with bad credit or handling large accounts like buying homes, cars, or even a business of own, don’t get one. Tell the cashier “no thank you” or “I am not interested at this time” Don’t be nasty, rude or bitter and for the love of god don’t tell a life story about why you don’t want one. Kohl’s doesn’t know you. They ask because they want your business and they want you to get a good/better deal on your purchases.

Ninth. An application process is very delicate. Handling personal information about you must be done with the greatest of professionalism. Make sure the cashier has all the info about you correct, double check everything you read/sign, press on the keypad, anywhere. Ask to see the screen the cashier is looking at, they will swivel it around for you if you ask. Ask them anything you want. Get answers before approving anything. If you do not feel comfortable, sure of yourself or even sense something isn’t right. Speak up. A lot of the times an application doesn’t go through is because wrong information was keyed in. The computer doesn’t know who you are. Make sure you have your drivers license info correct when you hand it to the cashier or explain to him/her what changes have been made, use a phone number they can contact you at. Kohl’s will use it to contact you! KNOW YOUR OWN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! Using other peoples ssn/sin is a crime under the fullest definition of the law. Make sure this number is keyed in correctly when opening up a Kohl’s card. Make sure the address is correct because this is where your bill will go. All it takes is for one number to be off and you will be declined for something that would have been approved if done right the first time. Don’t be afraid of your ssn/sin. Yes keep it safe and yes make sure no one but you knows it. A cashier at Kohl’s should NEVER ask you for it and never write it down for them. You will be prompted to enter this number into a keypad, touch screen or a keyboard, say no if it makes you feel uncomfortable. This number is important because it hold the most vital information about you, the account will be linked to this number so that no one will be able to use it but you. All transactions are recorded, every button pressed is monitored, cameras are watching over head. There are safeguards and they are used against those who would seek to harm you. Kohl’s has been in business for over 50 years now and have handled billions upon billions of transactions, if there is a problem, be patient and work with them not against, and they will help as much as they can to solve or undo any problem you have with them.

Tenth. If after reading this you still feel the need to vent/post about how Kohl’s robbed you and ruined your credit score and you some how feel justified in telling everyone around you how victimized and innocent you are…

guess what…

…you deserved it.

Oh and one more thing, if ever you are at Kohl’s and you go to check out. I might be the cashier ringing you out. Be nice, and I will bend over backward for you, I promise.

I think the people working for Kohl’s have all been VERY nice. Kohls management is the problem. Their Organization is the problem. See my response to Rebecca. And no, #10, I did not read your entire post.

Yes, the people are very nice – the management at the st. pete store is horrible….we must ask everyone in the store to open a charge no matter if you are in the fitting room, register, etc. You do get the discounts all the time whether you have a card or not. The 30% off to open is enticing – just open the card and don’t use it – pay with another card. They will let you. Just ask and you will get 30% to open, even if they call a manager up. The management doesn’t communicate or value their staff – we hardly get any hours yet they are hiring more people for the holidays. We have good stuff – it’s a good store. Almost everyone there is very nice. We are treated horribly and wish we had a union or someone to talk to about how we are treated, but even if you contact someone else out of the store or in corporate, nothing happens ever.

Sorry, but what you are writing is mostly a bunch of crap. Are you a general manager at Kohl’s? What a nasty generalization, and bunching all people that have a legitimate complains into one bag of nitwits!
Do you really mean, that I should just call them and they will undo reporting me to credit company for 60 days late payment of $8 and than 30 days late payment of $7? By the way, I made payments, but I was just guessing what I owed and was short $8 and later $7. They called me and I paid them over the phone. I have no other late payments in my whole credit history!! Yes, I had other credit company, that I’ve been using for almost 20 years now, (and I have $21,000 limit with them)that called me once, that my minimum payment was little bit higher than I sent them. I paid over the phone and everything was straightened up.
And trust me, if you are a cashier at Kohl’s, you will not have the opportunity to bend over backward for me!

But why are you expecting Kohl’s to call you to tell you the payment you made wasn’t sufficient? It doesn’t matter if your payment was $1 short or $100 short, it was short. You have full access to your statement and what you owe. You receive a statement by mail (or you go paperless and are notified by email when it’s ready to be viewed), you should have online access to your account, and you can always call. So with all that in mind, why are you ESTIMATING your monthly payment? Especially when you admit that you’ve done it with another creditor? Just because one creditor extends a courtesy to you and calls you when you don’t pay what you’re supposed to, it doesn’t mean all your creditors will operate that way. I happen to work in a department that deals exclusively with Amex customers that have entered into a debt management program and we mark them for a missed payment if they are more than $1 short, even if they have paid on time for a year or two. It’s just policy. We don’t call them or hold their hand. It’s YOUR account, and your credit on the line so it’s your responsibility and you shouldn’t trust a company to look out for you in that regard. Look at your statement, it’s not that hard. Sad you had to learn this lesson the hard way.

Ok so I applied for those card and now I keep getting phone calls from Florida and then Canada. Never had this happened until after I applied for the kohls card!!!

Credit is a tool you can use responsibly or irresponsibly. Any line of credit in good standing serves to boost your score as it ages. As does keeping low utilization. The best way to use a kohls charge is to use it to access the 15-30% savings, then have the same cashier process a payment for you. If you are forgetful, pay the whole thing off right then. If you are on top of things, pay all but about 10$ and let that ride until your statement, so the card appears to be in use on your credit report, then pay it off.

For the irresponsible that need hand holding to pay their bills, there are free services out there that can send you bill reminders if you link your cards. I use creditkarma’s as fail safe. It makes it so I can log in one place and see the status of all my different accounts. With all the online options, I think you have to be trying really hard to forget you owe money on something.

For my fellow employees, beware. I follow my balances closely. As an employee you -must- use a Kohl’s charge to receive your discount online or at the kiosk. What they don’t tell you is that you only receive your discount on the portion of the bill going through the card. Merchandise credit/gift cards get treated as coupons in their system and you won’t get your discount on those. I spoke to a rep, who understood the problem and checked with her supervisor about it, and was informed that is just the way they do business.

I have yet to experiment in store to see if the same holds true. I did notice that on a purchase just via card in store that I was charged once what I approved at the register, and once with my employee discount not given, then applied as a credit. The former fell off in a few days, but ate at my available credit (300$ limit card). It makes me think that splitting payment methods may yield the same results as my online purchase did, only a partial discount. When I do try this in store, if it only give me a partial discount I will raise hell, as I would be signing to approve a certain amount, not a penny more.

Pay your bills. avoid late fees. I pay at the register never had a problem and I always pay cash !!! 😉

Rick Goulette

Complete morons. We won’t do business w/ them again. We made a mistake and put the address in the envelope backwards. The bill was sent back. As soon as we found out we called. We tried to put it on a credit card for a charge and …. they screwed it up. MORONS. Then charged us big time. Got rid of the card and will not go back in there store.

Richard Kawamura

I agree you are a complete moron {We made a mistake and put the address in the envelope backwards) and blame Kohls

I agree. He is a total moron. He put the bill in backwards? LOL. Yeah. Sure. And Kohl’s should believe it? hahahaha I’m glad he won’t be back in the store. That way, I don’t have to get in line behind him.

There is a lot of confusion. Lots of comments about Kohl’s profiting from huge interest charges, charging late fees when people pay their bill late, etc.

Kohl’s does not own the card. Capital One Bank profits from the interest charges, not Kohl’s. Just pay your purchase with the Kohl’s charge and then pay your bill off with the same cashier. You get all the discounts and pay no interest.

I am having a problem closing my Kohls acct as well. When I call I get a message about a free trip (twice) and then a busy signal…no option of staying on the line and waiting for the next rep. The next time I got a message about some wonderful deal about rebates…and then the busy signal. I’m glad a ditching this organization.


As a Kohl’s employee, I will stand by the company and the store. I keep reading that so many people have a problem with the charge card, but that is on a corporate level. Don’t quit shopping just because you’ve run into issues with them. The Kohl’s Charge Card was my first credit card, and I use it simply for the discounts. I get my discounts at the register, and before I even walk out of the store I pay it in full the same day with cash or check. It just takes a few more moments to do that, and then when the statement comes I don’t have a balance.

buyer be aware of applying for a Kohl’s credit card at their register!!! They will ask if you would like to apply for their charge card, with instant credit and in return will have an instant (in my case) 20% discount. I had about $500 of merchandise that day, so I decided I would open an account that day. They rushed me through the process as the line was backed up. I was told to put my initials on the touch screen, to confirmed that I would like to open a credit line with them, BUT not knowingly signed up for the “account ease” insurance as well! Never once was this mentioned to me, never once did I receive anything in the mail about this new “insurance” that I just supposedly signed and agreed to. I paid my monthly bills each month, thinking that I was paying the extra for interest. When I realized I was being charged for the 2 fees a month, I looked for a way to cancel this.
Of course there was no information explaining what this ease premium was or any contact information on the statement. I did call the 1-800 number for customers service and asked for this to be removed and my account credited. The rep. told me that she would refer my account to that department to “cancel” this but I had agreed to the insurance by “initialing” it when I applied for the credit card. I also ask for a number to speak to someone directly and was told that they didn’t give out that number. She could only e-mail my request to their customer service dept that handled the insurance. So now I don’t know if this was actually done or not. But I wanted to make sure that All Future Kohl’s Credit Card Holders, to be aware of applying for their charge card at register. Take the time to read everything, before initialing the screen, because its not just the $300-$500 credit line you are applying for, its the insurance as well. Very misleading!!!

Kohl's Class Action Lawsuit

I am investigating into a potential class action lawsuit against Kohl’s involving their “account ease” plan and welcome the opportunity to speak with you. There is no financial obligation. Thank you.


Angela Edwards
Law Office of Angela Edwards
East Longmeadow, MA 01028
(413) 525-3820


wish you could help us as employees deal with the lack of hours, support, complaints, etc.

I just called to make sure this didn’t happen to me and they told me they have discontinued the program.

I got a Kohls card on Black Friday 2012, and I used it to do a lot of my Christmas shopping. I made my first payment on time over the phone. The 2nd payment, I logged into the website a day late, and found a $25 late charge. I tried to make a $57 payment to cover the minimum, plus the late fee. I log in a week later, to find a $25 return check fee. I was not notified of this at all, until they called me asking for a payment and then looked in the notes. I told them there was no reason for the return check fee, I put in the correct account/routing number, the money is in my bank account, and I paid it on time. They’re doing an “investigation” now. In the mean time they told me to go online and resubmit my payment, so I did. This was 2 weeks ago, and it still has not come out of my bank account. I don’t understand this! I don’t think I’ll be using this card anymore. I may just continue to pay it off, and then close it. This is horrible.

This also happened to me and I fought it. Go figure they didn’t give me my 25 dollars back and i had to talk to a sales rep that wanted to charge me 10 dollars to help me pay it over the phone. I guess i have to go in to the store to pay my bill.

I can’t believe that there are so many complaints on this site. None of them are Kohl’s fault. It takes only a few minutes a week to log into all of your credit accounts and check balances. Be responsible people. Charge the card and pay it off right afterwards. There is no reason for late payments. If you can’t afford to pay your card off every month, then guess what… You will have to pay interest. And if you carry a balance every month, then guess what… You will have a bill every month. If you don’t get a bill in the mail, you are still responsible for your charges. If you can’t keep up with your bills then you shouldn’t have credit cards. It’s that simple. Log into all of your credit accounts every week and stay on top of things. Don’t blame Kohl’s for you being unorganized. And FYI, all of the complaints on this blog have nothing to do with Kohl’s. This card is issued by Capital One. All of the late fee’s, high interest rates, and “missed bills” are a direct result of the issuing bank. So lay off of Kohl’s. They are a great store. If they weren’t then why would you apply for their card in the first place?

A Kohls employee

I work at Kohl’s credit department and I must say that we are in the top of customer service. We understand people may miss a bill but 99% of the time we will work with you when it comes to late fees. Not saying we will remove every late fee or that we will remove at all but we do work with our customers to try and help with the situation. Here is my personal intake on any credit card. You know you owe money so even if you dont get a bill online or by mail make it your responsability to check on your statements and get payments in. There is only a few real reasons to be late: natural disasters, death, even then you have 28 days to get the payment in. People just need to be more responsible and pay their bills and stop looking to blame someone else for your payment being late. U can pay by phone, in store, online and by mail. As far as credit line increases if your denied there is a reason and its not our fault. Your credit in entire is reviewed to see if your eligable for an increase. Also your income plays a huge factor. If you make no money your not going to get an increase heck u wont even be approved for a card. You must make money in order to be able to pay it off. Another thing if you have tons of debet that your already paying on and your income ratio it being used by your other line of credit how are u going to pay us? u can u wont then u will be complaing about your late fee. So think before you apply for any credit card. Seriously people!

You know nothing about consumers. I am glad to se you sticking up for your employer. People make mistakes I see no reason to be penalized on their credit score. One late payment if 31. Days and the sent it to my credit report. I called to ask for help I paid the bill off in full once I realized the payment was missed. They do not care about the consumer I will never set foot in that place again. The funny thing is they don’t care. But I will make sure everyone I know about the way they denied my reason. They say they investigated the situation I never received a call from anyone after I called customer service. Nice investigation Kohl’s. so spare me with the great customer service remark.

The Kohl’s Charge card is a huge scam! They just want to take your money! It has been nothing but a huge hassle. I regret buying into their scam. I signed up thinking I would save money, but in the end I ended up getting charged for no reason and they wouldn’t refund me! Trying to cancel the card had been a huge pain in my rear too. The Kohl’s line is always busy and they are not helpful. I hate the Kohl’s charge card, it is so unfair.

Never had any problems with a Kohl’s credit card. I know when I spend money on it and I make sure I check for the statement, whether I receive an email reminder or not. In addition, I receive a paper bill and they give you the option to only pay a percentage of the bill without accruing interest charges. What other credit card will allow you to do that? No complaints here. Of course, I am a responsible credit user and we all know that many people are not!

They will never let you pay part with no credit charges. Look at your bill. If you only pay part their interest rate on the remainder is 21.9%.

I really do receive a lot of great discounts by having a Kohl’s charge card; however, when I first opened it, my FICO score dropped by 8 points. I follow my credit scores very closely. That was a year ago and it has not gone back up. While my credit score is luckily high enough that it hasn’t impacted it, it is still a lot of points to drop just to open a store card. If I had to do it over again, I don’t think I would.

I got approved for a kohls card. My credit is not the greatest, had incorrect info on my credit that wasnt mines. account in collection and late payments and they still approved me. I later corrected the wrong info. No problems with the website and making payments. With the coupons off and discounts it pretty much balances out what the interest rate is so its as if i’m not paying any interest because I usually pay the balance off in few months.

Kohl seem to try there best to keep people from paying their credit card bill online. It is the worst website I have ever seen. Their information about balances due are incorrect making late charges and bad credit reports. I will never shop at Kohl again.

I agree with Linda. I have nothing but trouble trying to pay on line. I was charged 25.00 once because I was a day late paying. I just had much trouble getting on the web site. The bank card I have does not cause me so many problems. They send an e-mail notice. I have not received one from khols yet. The web site is just so dreadful!!!

I have several credit cards and was late one time on one card by one day. I had to pay a late fee. Because one day late is late. That’s how it works. Getting mad because you got a late charge because your payment was “only” one day late might be a sign that dealing on a cash only basis may be your best option.

OMG, now I DO see I’m NOT the only one! I also switched from paper to online statements years ago–they CLAIMED I was late and that they sent the email statement…but they lied! Then they kept that ONE lateness on my credit for years!! Shame on you, Kohls’ credit!

Same thing happened to me. No email for on-line statement. Got hit with a $25 late fee on a $54 balance. Outrageous!!!

I have a Kohls charge myself, and i’ve had for close to 5 years, never had any problem whatsoever, sometimes i can’t pay the whole thing at the register immediately, however, every time i can. i try paying it all off, i’m always on time on payments, and if you do pay your bills on time, you shouldn’t have any problems, i live this card because i’m able to save a lot of money thru out the year.

I too, have a Kohl’s charge for the discounts, and pay the balance either right at the register or online. I keep a sticky note in my checkbook with dates and balances, just in case I miss my email statement. One time I did pay late due to carelessness; I was very busy that week and procrastinated doing my paperwork. Tough lesson to learn, I paid off the balance and the late fee immediately. Never did that again! MY OWN FAULT! Suck it up. End of story. The due date on your bill is just that; you don’t have the right to pay it up to the end of billing cycle. There is a notice on every bill that says “Payment must be RECEIVED by the DUE DATE”, not the end of the billing cycle. Every time you open a new charge, you are given a disclosure statement with the rules and fees. READ IT!

DON’T SWITCH FROM PAPER BILLS TO ELECTRONIC without paying very close attention to your account. We switched and didn’t receive an email about our bill for 3 months. There was a small charge ($20) that I didn’t know about, so after 3 months they finally sent an email telling me I had a bill. When I went online my $20 charge was now $73 including $50 in late fees and $3 in interest. They did reverse the $50 in late fees when we explained that we had changed to electronic and they hadn’t sent us an email the first two months (verified that emails hadn’t gone to spam or old). BUT, they had reported us as delinquent payers to the reporting agencies, and refused to correct that. We will not be using Kohls anymore!!!!

I am not saying I am a fan of how Kohl’s conducts their credit card business, however, if you stopped paying your bill for a few months just because you never got an email telling you if was due, then it should be reported on your credit file. Not being harsh, just sounds silly that you forget you owe someone money simply because they didn’t remind you.

I just cancelled my Kohl’s credit card. I had paid off my balance in full last month, the day before the billing cycle closed. Today i received a bill for a twenty-five dollar late fee. They had decided that their due date for payments should be several days before the billing cycle ends, which to me did not make sense. It would mean that every month there would be potential late fees for anything purchased between the due date and the end of the billing cycle.

One would think the purpose of offering a store credit card would be to build customer loyalty and encourage consumers to spend more money at the store during repeat visits and not to try to bilk them with deceptive credit practices.

Your due date is you due date! Your Billing cycle date is when a new bill generates. You clearly deserved the late fee.

I have one caveat to any reader of this blog…be VERY careful about reading older posts. I found two inaccuracies in this post, one by the writer and one by a poster. First of all, since this post was creates (apparently in January) the processing company has changed. Kohl’s charge cards are now processed through Capital One. This is probably a GOOD reason for the second inaccuracy. Several people commented about how hard it is to get a Kohl’s Charge. This is inaccurate. I have seen newly graduated seniors get this card. I have had people tell me “No, I won’t get approved, my credit isn’t that good.” and get the card.

Now to my issue with this post. My primary issue is it is WRONG. The 21.9% interest is an APR, which means an Annual rate. That means you would have to keep the balance on the card for an entire YEAR in order to pay the 21.9%. Figure that out on a monthly basis and it is only (lets say you have a $100 balance) 21.90 a year. That is about $1.825 s month for interest on our hypothetical $100 balance.

Now lets say you get a 30% coupon and spend $200 on your card, which you pay off to maintain your $100 balance. 30% of $200 is $60. So in one transaction you have saved 3 times your interest rate on your hypothetical $100 balance.

This all being said I don’t want to minimize the 21.9% interest. That is a pretty high card but, as I read in another posting, that can be an incentive to keep the balance low and pay it off monthly.

So, being someone who can’t get a Kohl’s card because of my credit, and an employee who would LOVE to get one! I would completely disagree with this entire post. If you are smart with your money, which isn’t hard because you can only use the card at Kohl’s and they have register payment, then you don’t maintain a balance (or a very minimal one like my hypothetical $100 balance) and get minimal or NO finance charges.

And to the stupid people who posted that they “forgot” to pay the bill and this somehow becomes the company’s fault. The company, or anyone else for that matter, is NOT responsible for your STUPIDITY! All it takes is a calendar with the due date on it and you can pay. Have a store nearby, stop in and pay at the register, you don’t even have to wait for it to get to the center in the mail. Finally, if you never want to worry about a bill just pay off the balance as you charge and never worry about a bill or balance or finance charges. Posts like this, and the people who don’t understand how credit and credit cards work frustrate me. I learned the hard way, by driving myself into debt so badly that I needed bankruptcy, but I did learn and I can say that credit IS valuable and should be used. This card is a great way to use it too!

Well put!!!

They would not let us pay off our card at the register. We had to go to customer service, and the customer service people tell us we have to pay in cash… not check, not debit, not another credit card… CASH. I’m sorry. I don’t routinely carry $350 in dollar bills around with me…..

You can buy a gift card at the counter and pay with that at any time. ask a manager if the cashier hasn’t a clue.

I did get the card for the discounts but at the cash register you can use the card and then WRITE A CHECK FOR THE FULL AMOUNT YOU JUST CHARGED so then you never have to worry about being late on a payment or carrying a balance. I have my check ready (other than the amount) so it takes less than an minute extra and doesn’t hold up the line too much. I canceled the TJX card because you cannot pay at the counter. You can get bargains at KOHLS but I don’t like how they mark everything up so much that you can’t buy (or shouldn’t) unless you have all the discounts and clearance. I like the idea of Walmart that the prices are the prices, fair all the time and you don’t have to wait for all the coupons. You shouldn’t have to wait for a 50% off for it to be a normal price, that is how it is at Kohls.

Our Family home was totally destroyed in a house fire earlier this year. I have been making large purchases on clothes and house hold goods all summer and paying off the balances each month. Because I paid my balance in full and it was over 47% of my credit limit, my Kohl’s card was put on “Hold” for 14 days automatically by the Computer to give Kohl’s time to make sure my “Payment” clears and no one in the “Credit Department” can do anything. My payment cleared my bank the day after I made the payment. I went to Kohl’s to purchase winter clothes for my children and was allowed to put $1 on my Kohl’s card and that is when I found out my account was on Hold. Apparently, the more you spend and pay – the more you are not allowed to use their card. The store Employees have been great to me but Corporate doesn’t want to keep its’ Customers. Goodbye Kohl’s!!

Betty In Dallas

I got a Kohl’s card for the discounts. I made some purchases and discovered they will NOT take a debit card online, they insist on getting bank routing information which I am not willing to give and no other company requires. I don’t even give access to my bank account to my teens. So I sent a check for half the bill. The next billing cycle, I paid the balance in full. I got another bill but ignored it thinking it was simply telling me I was paid in full. Then I got another bill, opened it and found a charge for $25 (1/4 of the bill paid in full) and interest on the “late fee”, which might be illegal! So I called customer service and was on hold for about half an hour to get a supervisor. I was told payment was received a couple of days late, but it was before the next billing cycle which most companies will honor. I also explained that I have horrible mail service and if it wasn’t delivered on time it was because I was not able to pay online due to their insane policies. I was finally told that they would remove the late charges and my balance would be zero. This week I get another bill for $1.90! I have now reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

I don’t know what the fuss is about. I use my Kohls card when you have to to get the discounts. I pay the card off every month. No late charges. If you all can’t pay your card off each month, then don’t use it. You obviously don’t have the money to be out shopping or you don’t understand how to use a credit card either. Kohls is not hard to understand.

I am so sick of this card. I’ve gotten late fees in the past because they have this little box that shows the payment date and it’s always 2 weeks out. If you don’t change that date you’re not paying until then, and your account goes past due. Infuriating how they trick you. In June I thought I paid my account off, but there was a “reversal payment”. I got a bill today for $90. They will do just about anything to get you to pay online or through the automated phone system, “Extremely high wait times, go to Kohls.com to pay now, Extremely high call volumes” but then they answered my call within 3 minutes. Lies. They don’t even give you an option to speak to a rep after you choose the option for calling about the card. I had to press zero to get sent to an agent. My agent was great and canceled the fees. Give it a shot, don’t just pay it, that’s what they want you to do! Fight them!

I hold a kohls cash card and I receive only 15% off mailer every time, they claim that it will be picked randomly but I doubt. Even the customers without this card get this off by some online promo codes that are available every time in Kohls.com or in some websites.Unlike other store card which gives some additional advantage to their store credit card customers, Kohls doesn’t offer anything of that sort. For example target offers a 5% off on all(no limit whatsoever) purchases(in-store and online) and free shipping without any minimum purchase limit for all online orders, even macys have good offers for their card holders.. They will be trying to sell this card stating you will get 15% to 30% off, but one thing you shd note they have this 15% off for everyone for most of the year.

I get 30% off almost every single month!!! They send it to me in the mail… Targets card is the WORST card out there!!! Your interest rate is nearly 30%!!! Sometimes i don’t even have a discount card with me, but i tell the cashier I left my 30% at home and they give it to me!!! I love kohls and Target is WAAAAY over priced!!!

We used to get 30% off fairly frequently. Unfortunately, we moved last December (8 months ago). We have called customer service six times to make sure they have our new address because we never get coupons anymore. They said it sometimes takes a few months to update the system. Eight months is not “a few” in my book. I can still get the Kohls discounts by using promo codes for 30% off online, but this means I can never shop in stores because we don’t get coupons anymore. This really cuts down on the value of the card. If closing the account didn’t hurt our credit scores so much, we would be dropping it. It’s worthless without the coupons.

I opened my credit line at the store as a incentive to save money. In the end I would have saved more by just paying the regular price. I get hundreds of emails and to simplify I just glance and delete. Well, I missed my due date and I called custermor service. We agreed on a balance, I paid it in full that day. The next billing cycle there was a $17.00 bal. I did not see it until today. 3 months later. Now i owe $73.03 on a zero balance. So Kohls charges late fees on late fees. Customer Service in not help full, I will never use there card again.

I have the same feeling. I just called them and closed this account. 2 months ago, my wife just used it for about $20+ stuff. I didn’t pay attention for the bill because I always have my credit cards auto-paid. But there is not an auto-paid option for Kohl’s card. It’s very easy to ignore the bill bacause we didn’t use this card often. I have been charged the late fee twice within one year, also the interest. It is much more than what my wife saved. So the best way is closing the card and never touch it again!

I would like to add another voice of dissent from anyone who thinks it is a good idea to have a Kohl’s credit card. I normally do not take on credit cards but my wife signed me up. A special offer induced me to try to find something that I liked to make the savings worthwhile. It was a strain, but I eventually spent a grand total of $15.

Like several above me, I also forgot to pay off the balance on a purchase in April. In June, I went to buy a car and found that my credit history was not flawless as expected. Kohl’s had put a negative entry on my credit history in the amount of $15 and it took my otherwise perfect score down significantly.

I paid the balance and penalty($15 – making $30 total) as soon as I discovered this and called Kohls to tell them I had not seen any statements and to request removal of the notice. They credited the penalty but then wrote to me to say they would not correct the credit report.

In fairness, it appears that they had tried to call me – but used a system that shows up on caller ID as an robo call (not even as Kohls) – hence it was unanswered. Their customer communication capabilities are inadequate.

It strikes me that Kohls are much too trigger happy. They issue bad credit reports if you miss one payment! Kohls is probably the biggest loser in this episode however, since my extended family will no longer shop there. For the sake of $15 they have lost thousands in revenues and will now have to suffer more negative comments as I troll the social media sites. How stupid is that?

Why didn’t you just pay off your BIGGGGG $15 dollat purchase right away at the same register??? As adults we should definitely pay your bills on time… sooooooooo, why didn’t you??? Why wouldn’t you answer your phone??? To many things in collections i bet!!!

Thanks for your comments Kevo. Some restatement is required for clarity.

The whole point of the exercise was to use the card to get a discount – hence not paying cash at the desk. (Reading down at other comments here, I was unaware of the pay the cc balance at the desk option.)

Reference your comments about not picking up the phone ‘.. too many collections I bet’ – if you read what I said – ‘I normally do not take on credit cards’ and ‘ my credit history was not flawless as expected’ – that would surely give you a clue that I don’t actually need lots of credit cards and I consider my record was otherwise highly rated. My issue in forgetting is that I am just not accustomed to having to pay off credit cards each month – because I don’t need to! My main credit card is paid off in total, automatically each month. Yes – that’s my fault, but does that not make me also the kind of customer that Kohl’s wants?

So to clarify the unanswered robo call statement – my son did actually pick up the call. He told me about it a month later after I learned about the forgotten payment problem. He told me that the caller ID was unrecognizable and that a mechanical voice said to press #1 now without explaining what it was about. So he put the receiver down – like we told him to do for all the other junk calls we get.

I agree that we should be good custodians of our financial matters, but sometimes mistakes are made. My point is that Kohl’s is intolerant of mistakes and that readers of this site should learn from the one that I and a lot of other people have made, and understand the risk they are taking with Kohls.

Kohl’s would also do well to listen to the overwhelming number of complaints from others on this issue that are spread across the Internet. They must have cost the company dearly in revenue and goodwill. They should take the opportunity to learn about the technical issues that are related to complaints like this. None of these are insurmountable. If they cared for their customers, they would address them through their own processes, systems and their relationships with Capital One and the credit rating bureaus. It would be foolish for Kohls to let Capital One run amok with their customers’ goodwill. In doing what they have done, they have lost a good customer.

Thomas Jacobson

The Kohls Credit card is the BEST credit card I have ever gotten. I have plenty of them, around 15 different store/major credit cards. I'm shocked to find out that people are surprised when they get fees and sent to collections when they dont pay their bill. Its kind of common sense, and why should you be forgiven for a late payment or missed payment, thats ridculous. You miss a payment, you're basically stealing.

I found out that my credit score was lowered because of a late fee from Kohls in Sept. 2010. I have never been late on any payment anywhere but did not receive a bill that month.

I called Kohl’s and spoke to Monica, she stated that the statement was mailed out so it was not their fault and the negative report would not be withdrawn.

Like i stated, I have never had a bounced check or late payment anywhere and have been a customer of Kohl’s since 2001.

These people are not very customer-oriented.

The kohls charge is owned by capital one… ummmmmm, It says it right on the statement dummy?!?!?!?! So its capital one you should be upset with and your lack of skills on paying your bills on time…

AGREE! Don’t have Kohl’s card. If you have it close it immediately. Don’t shop in Kohl’s ever!

I got the Kohl’s card for the discount and have not ONCE looked back. If I make a purchase, I pay it off within a week, if not at the counter in cash literally moments after my purchase. But then, I don’t make a habit of spending money I don’t have so… maybe it’s just me…

Way to go Madz….you are very wise!

i have read every one of these blogs and it’s sad that people blame Kohls for their problems…Oh my bill was due on the weekend and I forgot to pay it, I didn’t get my bill in the mail last month and I wasn’t reminded by Kohls to pay it…it’s all their fault…blah blah blah! You remember to use the credit card when you want something ,,,but your brain forgets that you owe it???Come on…You can’t fool us!…And NO I am not a Kohls employee….I’m just an average Joe who worked in customer service and heard every trick in the book as an excuse why someone didn’t do something they were responsible for….Wake up people…Take responsibility for your actions…You all have a mobile phone or calendar on your wall….make a note of it…PAY KOHLS !!!

You cant pay it if you cant get your account number via phone and they wont send the bill! They will, however, call and tell you that your LATE but refuse to give your account number so you can pay at the store. The bill hasn’t been sent yet and I’ve begged them to please send me one for 3 months now.

Don’t get a Kohls Card!!

If you go to customer service, they will go you a TEMP # and you can make a payment with that…so your excuse doesn’t fly…I know I’m a customer & did this myself…if there’s a will, there’s a way….and they don’t have to give you the card # to pay by phone, they’ll take your payment & apply it to your acct #. You can also pay it on line…I don’t understand you made a purchase with the card, but you don’t have the card when it comes to make a pmt…always someone else’s fault!!!!

You can go to any cash register and enter your social security # into the pinpad to look up your account and pay your bill. There is always a way to take care of YOUR financial responsibilities, if that’s what your real intention is. Come on people!!

You must not have kids. Calendar or not…..sometimes crap happens. We can be reminded, then there is homework while you remember…then baseball game …..while your son is getting ready….your baby poops and you are almost out the door…your husband ends up working late….then dinner….etc! Hence forgetting the payment. Then lets say they remove that one late payment for you. Its human nature and we forget even with reminders!

Listen up….If you get the Kohls credit card have the monthly payoff in your bank account…Don’t charge more each month than you can afford to pay off…set up automatic payments out of your checking account to pay the entire balance…you say you can’t do that? Well Stupid is as stupid does…

I forgot to pay my bill last month. It was my fault. I was very busy and it was due on a Sunday. Superbowl Sunday to be exact. I usually do my payments online or at the store. I hate when payments are due on the weekend or holidays.

Anyway, with my hectic life I found out about my late payment on Feb. 7 and I was already being charge $180 total including past due bill and 35 dollars penalty fee. I understand I was late. I scheduled a small payment and since paying 180 was not on my budget I decided I was going to make partial payments until the due date on March 5. Guess what, during a two week period between Feb 9 and Feb 20 I received 4 calls from the credit card department treating me like a criminal or very bad person asking me to give them my bank account to make the payments.

First, I knew I was late but the people calling my house were so unprofessional and rude. The calls were made first thing in the morning at 9 am and after receiving the calls (each call) the Kohl’s computer system kept calling me requesting to call Kohl’s.

After the first call I made half of the payment and call Kohl’s and closed the credit card but I continued to receive the calls. I made the final payment at the store and still received a call the next day. So, I made another call and told them that I was continue to receive the calls and I was so disappointed that I will never shop at Kohl’s again. Seriously never again.

Why don’t you pay your bills ahead of time? You should not wait till its due date on the weekend to pay it…I get my kohls bill and pay it online through my bank…It never get forgotten on any day with an automatic draft…Best Wishes!

been there done that. and the funds was applied to the previous billing cycle and i was still charged a late fee. so explain that? can’t when for loosing.

I have my bank set for auto draft (3 days after the bill is cut) and they still screwed me over. Earlier this year my payment was due on a Sunday. I sent my payment out the prior Monday, with bank confirmation that it would be received before Friday. This has never been an issue getting it applied the day it is received prior; however this time they didn’t apply it till Monday after the payment due date, with hefty fees to boot. I called and a very disinterested rep tried to argue with me that the fee should stay. After I told her to check the records, the payment was sent in time, and I have proof from my bank they had it before that Friday, 2 days before the due date minimum. The fact that they decided not to post it till 3 days after receiving, and after the due date was none of my problem. She removed the fee, with an attitude. I’m only grateful that I had Mint to alert me that they had charged a fee that Tuesday so I could clear it all up fast.

@LizhatesKohhl’s, I completely understand where you are coming from. My card balance was $150 and my $10 minimum payment was late last month, my fault. I received two calls from their collections and then went online and made a payment. Since that time (which has been about 2 weeks) I am receiving collection calls everyday. I am receiving at least 7 calls per day!!! I gave up answering and they don’t bother to leave a message. Plan on paying off and closing teh account.

If you pay 1/3 of the bill every month no interest or fees are added. Example: Your bill for the month is $90… if you pay $30 you will not get an interest charged for the month. This is why I LOVE their card!!


That’s great. Unfortunately, I hadn’t read that in the fine print on my bill and, having already paid under a third of my balance, I immediately called Kohl’s and asked if I could add an additional amount to avoid the interest charge. I was told NO, because the billing cycle had just lapsed (even though the bill wasn’t due out for another 2 1/2 weeks)! Really? I was told that, if I sent more money immediately, it would not be credited to avoid the piggish interest charge. Thanks for woking with me Kohl’s. So glad I closed my account.

Well spoken!

But that will change…I’m not sure where you live…they offered it in the Richmond, VA area several years back, but then they cancelled that payment option…I loved it too!!!

NEWS FLASH:—– Almost ALL of the plcc (private label credit cards) have aprs that are equal to or even higher than this. It’s when you get a card like AMERICAN EXPRESS/VISA/MC—etc w/o a vendor name on it that you get the lower rates. Check out GE Capital Retail Bank’s whopping 26.99% as a low for many of its cards. Sears—master card—25.99. So you see—21.49 is not soooo bad—all tho it is nothing to smile about. Just buy what you can afford to pay off in one or two pmts—get the discounts using the card and run with it.


Okay, I am a Kohl’s employee and here’s the deal with that: as soon as you use your Kohl’s Charge for an in-store purchase, you can pay it off right there at the register with cash or a check! That makes it almost impossible to rack up debt with it. Also, Kohl’s charge card holders don’t necessarily get “discounts” every time they use the card, but they will receive coupons at least 12 times a year to use with their card. All in all, the Kohl’s Charge is pretty safe! Also, since you can only use it with Kohl’s, you don’t have to be afraid of racking up debt anywhere else!


I have a question for you. In this world where customer service is almost entirely lacking at most businesses, why would a company encourage their customers to use a store credit card after waiting in line at the checkout then go stand in line at customer service to pay it off? There is absolutely no convenience for your customers.

If you want to reward your loyal customers why not offer some kind of frequent shopper card that can be scanned at the register and give the customer the option of payment methods including cash? I have to think its because Kohls knows that people spend more when using credit cards and many people will not pay the balance immediately. Feel free to correct me if you think I am wrong.

I used to work at Kohls and you can pay it off right at the register after your purchase, I’m not promoting the card…or the store for that matter, but you don’t have to wait in two lines.

As a Kohls associate – I have to say you DO NOT in any way, shape, or form have to go to Customer Service to pay your bill ever, unless you want to come see us. Every single register is equipped to take your payment. We can not however, see your bill, we cannot tell you your outstanding balance that is your responsibility not that of the associate taking your payment.

Spend what you can afford, if you spend more you will get the interest and that is with ANY card.

There are only 3 payment methods at the stores: Cash, Checks and Kohls for Kids Gift Cards – see http://www.kohlscorporation.com/communityrelations/community06.htm for details. It is not the choice of the associate taking your payment on the method of payment – Kohls does not accept other credit cards for payment *most credit cards do not allow that practice either – and debit cards – well thank Congress for allowing the banks to gouge businesses on fees, since they can not do it to consumers and rather than pay those fees and pass them on to the customer through higher prices, we just do not take them.

Your credit is your responsibility paying your bills on time is your responsibility.

Actually, you can make a payment in the same line you made your purchase in. No need to go back to customer service.

You don’t wait in line again.

Dan you don’t read very well, do you? You don’t have to go to customer service to pay your bill – it can be done AT ANY REGISTER…sheesh people. I love my Kohl’s card and have never had any issues with it. Have I paid late? YES. But I’m a grown up and can accept the LATE FEES for PAYING LATE. It’s not that hard. If you don’t have it (money), don’t spend it!

I closed my Kohl’s account today. I still have a balance, but it felt so good to shred that card. What a rip off. The gluttonous, outrageous interest rate causes the bulk of ones payment to land squarely in Kohl’s pocket, not against ones balance. Kohl’s takes advantage of the middle/lower class shopper, especially in this economy; they’ll give a card to a cocker spaniel! SHAME ON KOHL’S. Whatever you do, DO NOT open a Kohl’s charge, i.e. credit card! Not to mention the low quality merchandise and inflated “normal price” (before “sale”).

I haven’t found any low quality merchandise in Kohls yet…They do have great prices…and if you would use your Kohls Charge wisely you would get great coupons & discounts to save more money….A credit card is a tool and tools need to be used wisely…You should pay off the entire balance monthly with an automatic draft out of your checking account so you will never pay any interest….

I totally agree. They sell Low quality merchandise compared to Macy’s and also they put the sign “sale” for normal priced merchandise. How cheap they are.

Hey Minnie, you also PAY MUCH MUCH MUCH more for that overpriced merchandise at Macy’s–you DO realize that, right?

Hi Minnie, just thought you’d like to know that EVERY STORE IN AMERICA raises prices to put them on sale. This is the way of the world, do your research!

The quality isn’t awful. It’s better than both Walmart and Target. True, it’s not Macys, but for a lot of things, Kohl’s is just fine. I’ve gotten some very good deals with coupons. Most of what I buy at Kohls I get for less than what you would pay for something similar at Walmart.

The one big thing that keeps me from shopping at Kohls anymore is that we no longer get the coupons. They just refuse to send them to our new address…. the one we’ve been living at for the better part of a year now. We used to literally buy about 85% of our non-food stuff from Kohls. Now, it’s probably closer to 10%. By not sending us our coupons, the store has lost out on at least a couple thousand dollars in sales so far this year.

If someone agrees to the terms, does his or hers due diligence ( research the products & compare prices ) and makes purchases because they want them, ( not impulse buying ), HOW IS THAT A BAD DEAL???

It’s the deadbeat & shady people among us that piss & moan because they couldn’t get away with screwing them over or try to get something for nothing…If one has buyers remorse, simply return it!!

There are hungry & homeless children all over this country…If you want to bitch about something, bitch about something important!’
If you racked up a bill on foolishness, how is that Kohl’s fault?

Next time you go to buy that thing you don’t need, that hungry baby could use some milk!!

Take your own advice and stop moaning. And your comment is silly; ignorant to what this article is trying to accomplish. It is not moaning that Kohl’s is a bad store, it’s giving advice that is given by financial experts and taught even in financial classes– that these store cards are made TO PROFIT off of people, and they are in fact worse than regular credit cards. Yes, a credit card can be good or bad depending on how the person uses it, but this article simply seeks to educate others on this matter, and that’s important. It needs to be said.

And how you go from “it’s your fault, don’t blame Kohl’s to… scolding buyers for buying something that you think they don’t need (I guess people can never need clothing, according to you, and purchases are only ever frivolous?), I’m not sure, but this was another ignorant comment.

If you’re so worried about the hungry and homeless shut up and go volunteer.

Well said…If you can’t afford it…then don’t charge it…!

I have absolutely ZERO credit. So in order to build credit I need to get a store card that reports to the credit bureau. Is this a good card to apply for just to get me going? I don’t intend on maxing out the limit, just buying a candy bar or so every so often to get my rating up.

My advice to you (coming from a 23 year old with exceptional credit and about to close on my first mortgage) is to avoid a store card. The first card I ever got was a $500 limit Visa at my credit union. It was nice because it is a major card that I could use anywhere with a low interest rate. I never carried a balance, but it was nice to know that if I needed to due to an emergency or something I wouldn’t be charged a ton of interest. Good luck!

Just to make a point to all of you saying kohls ruined your credit blah blah blah.. YOU are the one that charged it to your card so YOU are the one responsible for paying it. There is no reason these days for “not knowing you owe money” on a credit card or any bill. You can do just about all bill paying online INCLUDING your kohls card! There’s also this thing we call a telephone that you can pick up and talk to someone who can tell you if you owe anything! YOU applied for a credit card no one just gave you one with a balance already on it and set out to screw your credit score. Take some responsibility people!!

I appreciate what you have written; I think some comments countering it are overly critical because they are generalizing credit decision-weighers accessing this site to people with their specific needs, interests, knowledge and experience. Um, really not how forums and advice sources work.

People who come with a specific question, and get a wide-ranging spectrum of points to consider get information that probably erases or further worries a doubt, or sends one off on a better direction.

I came here with a lot of the same common sense grounding in how credit works (monthly vs. annual rates, etc.), but I DO care to have that pointed out (!), because I have been in situations where “Yes, I can pay that,” turned a bit south, but then hit the gas pedal HARD because what seems like zero-interest, because I pay my bills on time, turned (ta-dah) to 21-what?!-percent OUCH. Everyone needs to have this repeated when considering whether to take a specific card. I have much better interest rates on my three credit cards (MC & V); I was thinking about opening a Kohl’s to pick up some year-end deals, but wanted to investigate how hard it is to qualify. I’m not really sure what my current credit score is, but I know it’s getting pretty decent, but I also know stores are notoriously extreme in their ranges of accepting credit accounts applicants, even when they push with abandon for numbers.

I absolutely don’t want to apply and get turned down, as I know this will ding my score. Everything in this column reminded me of exactly why I do not want to apply for a Kohl’s card: I don’t need one because I have three better ones sitting in my wallet with all the available credit I need, and none of the negatives that, although wouldn’t be surprising, would be an uninvited ‘boo’ down the road if I have other unexpected debt or income shortfall in the future (I don’t care if it’s next year or next paycheck—*un*expected means it doesn’t matter if I *normally* pay my credit accounts in full each month, next month I could be struck in the road by an uninsured driver and I don’t need 21-24% of anything on my head (and it’s ALL relative with revolving accounts, why would anyone actually state that 21% doesn’t mean 21% if he/she pays it off next month? except with regards to the grace period of any credit account, 21% SUCKS, and it will until banks and money lenders can legally push it up to 31%; 21% used to be completely unacceptable to a consumer, and now people don’t bat an eyelash, and say what they’ve been trained to say by the people that have them by the organs: “it’s just the fine print, you’ll have payed off well before we get to your second kneecap–crutches are in this year, lemme’ show you one–you know, buy two, the third is free!”.

No, Kohls, and I believe I actually “need” about half of what I was considering buying (buy one, second half-off, whatever!). Good, solid information, with strong, RESPONSIBLE reminders; keep up the good work.

The smart people do as you do……The way to do it is get the card, get the savings then pay the full balance. Of course department store cards have higher rates as they have banks along with their own interests combined. As far as getting the card its not hard….As long as you have above 650 their isnt a risk factor unless you claimed bank. in the last six years. Nobody should finance items at 22.9 apr. Use the card for the savings, pay it before the next cycle date and thus no interest. Who finances clothes anyway?

First of all 21.9 is the Annual % rate. Its calculated on a monthly periodic rate based on your average daily balance. If you wait an entire year to pay something back YES you will pay the annual rate. If you take the 30 percent you get off from using the card, its actually cheaper to have the card as long as you dont wait forever to pay it off. Card Cards should be used with the intention of paying off within a few weeks

I have a new Kohl’s credit card (to get the discounts). I intent to pay it in full every 2 weeks when I get paid (if I use it that often which I probably won’t). I will watch my account on line just like I do my bank account. I think the thing is you have to be responsible for paying your bills on time, whether or not you get the statement. Keep them at a manageable level (I only have the one) and it is easier to watch them. Hopefully I won’t have any problems with them but I will be on my toes.

First of all, typing in all caps does not make you appear smarter. Quite the opposite.

Second of all, badgering a customer to get a card is bad customer service. Some associates only once, others drive it into the ground throughout the entire transaction. The latter just pisses people off.

Third, a card I can only use in one place that hurts my credit score to open? No thanks! Credit is unnecessary if you live within your means. The only reason I would EVER go into any kind of debt is to protect my health, further my education or get a loan for a house.

Daniel, you are correct in everything you say. Especially your last statement to not use credit and spend only what you can afford. I am on this website because my wife ran up the Kohl’s charge almost to the max doing Christmas shopping. I was shocked to see a 21.90% APR. They borrow money at 6% or less. And Kohlsgirl (and guy), thanks for the info. Amazing that a corporate profit model focuses on running up revolving charge and punishing employees for not meeting a ‘quota’. Amazing….this is the problem with this country!! Time for a return to good business practices instead of screwing the consumer / homebuyer / taxpayer at every turn.

Kohls does not have a quota for their employees to fill as far as credit goals are concerned. Sure it looks good to open accounts but that is about all. The APR your speaking of is the annual rate. The card is actually calculated on a monthly periodic based on your av daily balance for the month. I have had a card for years. I typically charge about three hundred dollars every two months and pay my bills on time. This credit “costs me” less then 10 dollars to have when you take off the extra savings for having a card its free. If in fact, you would not buy if you didn’t have a card then your right. The one time I was late all I had to do was call their customer service and my late fee AND interest was waived. Their customer service is excellent and as stated, as long as you pay your bill on time and pay your statement balance there is NO interest.

Kevin, I am an ex-employee of Kolh’s. They don’t punish, but you are shamed. You get a $1 on your check for each credit you get. I am trying to get charge back after my ex-husband claimed it on bankruptcy in 06. It was only 350.00. They won’t let me pay my debt back. I was a MVP, paid my bill on time. Really pissed and going to send letter to Headquarters.

Oh yes, Kohls has a daily credit goal from cooperate. Also a survey goal. As far as individuals, they have a credit goal and at the end of a shift if they don’t reach their goal they report to management and are asked what could you have done differently to reach your goal. It all comes out in the wash during their yearly evaluation. So yes, they are under pressure, individually and collectively. If goals aren’t reached the store’s district manager sends a nasty email of warning.



welllll u are some kind of queen, not everyone is loaded and pays off their credit cards in one well swell swoop.

Queen? Perhaps you are just an idiot.

Only reason I have a credit card is for the 30% off everything coupons Kohl’s sends to its credit card holders. That’s in addition to their usual Kohl’s Kash promotions. Spend what you can afford. If you only have $50 to spend, then only spend $50. However, if you have the credit card & the 30% coupon, then you can buy $71 worth of goods instead of just $50. If you get Kohl’s Kash for that $50, then you’ve just gotten $81 worth of goods for only $50. Spend more than $50…and hopefully you see the BIGGER savings.

This isn’t rocket science. Yet those who take advantage of the obvious are called “queens”. Look at yourself first before calling others names. Learn from them instead of ridiculing.

You just showed your ignorance when it comes to credit cards and debt. You don’t have be royalty or loaded to pay off your cards in one payment. You simply have to not charge more than you can afford.

I just went “green” to save paper work. I always pay mine off each month also. I called today, (I don’t use the computer a lot) to find out my payment is due tomorrow. They did not notify me. I am thinking of canceling my card. If I had not called, I would have a fee on my “over due” bill. I am on my way to pay it off.

Late fees are waived, up to three a year if you call. Just because you didnt get a bill you didnt know you owed them money? LOL

If you went “green” you should know that means they don’t send you a paper bill anymore. Instead you get an e-bill sent to your E-MAIL. If you know you don’t use the computer that often why would you sign up for the green option? That is your fault not Kohl’s.

I had the same issue. Initial e-billing tests went well until one bill went to my delete mail box. When I realized it was late, I called customer service who told me “no biggie we’ll mark you as paid” then I drove to the store and paid it in full (like $50). Never received the promised $10 credit for signing up.

Next thing I knew, I was dinged on my credit report. I contacted Kohls who refuses to retract the credit statement report. I had always paid my bill in full prior to this. I immediately cancelled my Kohls card and refuse to shop there. Their Kolhs cash was always a scam as well.

I have to other major credit cards – Master Card and Amex – that I use faithfully for points towards gifts and my kids’ 501 plans. Skip the store cards…no bonus whatsoever to having these.

If you don’t use your computer a lot, why go paperless? It’s your responsibility to remember your pmt is due…it’s ALWAYS due on the same date every month, so if you have a balance you know a pmt is due on that date…I’m tired of people bitching when it’s their responsibility!!! Credit card/charge cards have made it so easy to make a pmt…they will even apply a pmt from your bank acct every month, so stop COMPLAINING!!!!!


There is a button on your keyboard on the left side called “Caps Lock”.
Try pressing it to see if this helps you with your typing problems!!!

Thank you, if it wasn’t for my ex-husband. I would still have my card without a problem. Now I can’t get it back. He claimed it on bankrutcy only small amount at that.

I just want to say that as a Kohls employee we really hate asking and pushing you guys to sign up for the kohls charge. But they will drop our hours if we don’t make their quota. And if you are a single mom or single dad you really need those hours. Bills, bills bills…(I personally feel that customer service should be about making the other person happy and just making some small talk while you ring them up to make their day…) Just something to think about…

Can anyone help me figure out with my card I ‘heard’ to use your card % discount you don’t even have to charge the whole total to use your % is that true or do you have to charge the entire total? Thanks

Kohl's Employee

This may vary from store to store, but you do NOT have to charge the entire total to use your % off coupon. At my store, we say that at least $5 has to be on the Kohl’s charge. It may vary from cashier to cashier, however. The percentage comes off as soon as the cashier scans the coupon or presses a percentage off button, and both of these things are done BEFORE the customer pays anything at all.

There are some coupons that can be used without charging anything to the Kohl’s charge. Among them are Kohl’s Cash, YES Passes, and email coupons. Scratch-Offs and Pick-Your-Day MVC coupons are two of the ones that DO require you to charge a small portion to your Kohl’s Charge.

Current kohlsgirl

I totally agree. As soon as I see that look on the customer’s face, I know they’re thinking “here we go again…the sales pitch I can’t get away from at Kohl’s”, and they’re rolling their eyes…I drop it. I’m not paid enough to be a pest. I knew that’s what was expected of me going in and so I do my best but my record is dismal (3 IC’s in a month). I am fortunate enough though that I am primarily just working there for the extra discount. They’ll have to fire me cause I’m not a quitter.

As much as they push for this, you must know that it’s how the company makes a good chunk of their profits and probably how your store manager makes a yearly bonus. No wonder they’re so pushy!

They drop your hours for not getting new accounts? So not true LOL.

I work at kohls and I can say a few things about it, 1, yes they absolutely do cut hours if we don’t make credit goals. They are huge sticklers about credit applications. And yes we do actually have quotas we have to meet and it’s a big deal if we don’t. 2, I hate having to be pushy about applying for one. If they say no I drop it and leave them alone. And 3, because of all you loyal kohls shopper with charge cards and 30% off coupons, since you all still aren’t happy with the incredible sales and deals you’re getting we are treated like shit!

Customers know they can complain and get whatever they want! At least in the kohls I work at we have been told not to question any price the customer says things were on sale for so that also effects sales which also cuts down on hours. So I think you should all shut up and stop complaining!

Oh yes they do drop hours for not getting credit at least in my store. They may be directed by corporate not to – but they do. Just like we just had to do the new respect and harassment training and talking about not working off the clock to get stuff done. Darn near impossible for store associates to get stuff done when they are cutting hours, no help in the departments and then – bam you had a truck come in and no one to put product out.

This is frustrating that someone actually thinks that hours do not get cut. And I have been told by management that if I get more credits I will get more hours.

While I love my kohls card and all the discounts it gets me, I really wish their account website would work so that I can pay my bill online and avoid any late fees. I’ve had some difficulty accessing their new website since it launched a few days ago, otherwise have never had trouble with this card. I’ve had this card for years and saved hundreds due to the coupons, discounts, and promos.

The only tip I have for people is to pay their bills on time! Many store cards have the same penalty. If you don’t pay it, you end up paying more…. Also, if you buy or order something online and get kohls cash, use the kohls cash… Otherwise you lose it, even if you return an item where they deduct your kohls cash amount, even if unused (unless you want store credit). I guess it’s another trip down to kohls to pay my bill this weekend so I don’t get stuck with a penalty.


Yes you can pay your bill online. When you log into Kohls.com just click sign in on the right side of the page to pay bills, there you will be given the option of creating your account. It is pretty simple.

Hope you try it.
Blessings to your day.

I was denied a Kohl’s credit card. On the denial sheet Kohl’s sent to me my credit score was 830. On this sheet Kohl’s said “amount paid down on real estate accounts is too low”. My house was completely paid off, we got a small home equity loan to remodel our kitchen, which did not require a down payment because it was less than and 1/4 of what the house is worth. We do have several credit cards but we don’t use them. We have one credit card that we use each month but it is also PAID IN FULL each month. We owe no other bills. When I called Kohls their explanation was that I might use all the credit cards at once???? I am 61 years old, does not my past credit history count. 0 balances on everything except the one card that is PAID IN FULL each month. I will never do any busy with Kohls ever again, and I do have money and I do buy a lot of stuff for myself, my children and my grandchildren because I do have money and a very good job. To heck with Kohls

I had same experience. I have a great credit rating, have a lot of cards but ALL are paid off each month, totally own my home, have a fixed income of $70,000, no debt and they denied me. I think these companies do not like people they make no money on because they pay up, but then just say so. Hope this denial does not screw up my rating. And I am 70!! No more Kohl’s for me.

Shirley….Kohls bases their rating on your overall credit score. Sure you have a risk factor, however someone with a credit score of 832 no matter what the risk factor is NOT denied. The only score that may be denied would be below 650 with the HIGHTEST RISK FACTOR. I am sure you think your credit is wonderful, but you better check it out. I am not guessing this is the case with Kohls, its fact

Sounds like you have a high risk factor because you have alot of “open credit” available. ALL credit card companies see this as a risk. Your credit score is just a number that is used to meausure how your paying your bills now. Your risk score is what may happen. If you have so much money why would you even apply?

Credit and credit scores are inherently designed to make money for lenders and to screw over “borrowers”. I use quotes here because like you, like me, a lot of people are FORCED to get credit cards or else they run into situations like the one you’re describing. It stinks big time. It should be illegal to lower credit scores of people who are responsible enough to be able to pay with cash every time and therefore have fewer open credit accounts. The US is run by greedy, unethical banks and big corporations who want two things: power and money. So they will back you into a corner, and it does not matter to them how many lives they ruin to meet these goals. We are not a Democracy, life is certainly not fair, and we are definitely not free. That’s just reality. It’s interesting that most 30-year-olds I know realize this, and most 60-year-olds don’t…..

Wow. Reading some of these reviews is starting to hurt my head.

People, listen up. When you apply for credit with Kohls, you’re actually apply for credit from Capital One (it’s in the terms, read them). Capital One has the ultimate decision as to whether or not to issue you the Kohl’s charge card, and their decision is based completely upon the information that the credit bureaus have on you. When the clerk tells you that you were denied for ______ reason, that reason is coming from the CREDIT BUREAU, not Kohls. Saying that you are boycotting shopping at Kohls because you don’t like the information the credit bureau has on you is ridiculous. It is YOUR responsibility to check the accuracy of your credit file – and check it often.

Speaking of responsibility, those of you complaining that you were reported for missing payments and being late, even if it’s late on interest from a previously paid off balance – whose fault do you think that is? Do you think that if you don’t receive a bill in the mail that that bill somehow doesn’t exist, and that you don’t have to pay it? If that were true, I’d toss all my bills into the trash. Financial responsibility is part of being an adult, and many of you seem to need a crash course in it as well as a better basic understanding of how the U.S. credit reporting system works.

Don’t blame Kohl’s for your shortcomings. They are obviously a great store that you love to shop at, or you wouldn’t have applied for the card in the first place.

My goodness, It seems to me some people are trying to just simply say that Kohl’s will not work with you if you make one small mistake…and we all can make a mistake! But it shouldn’t cost us our most sacred CREDIT SCORE that most of us proudly take care of!

Kohls doesnt even report out until your 2 months past due. Kohls waives late fees if you call. Try asking your bank to waive a fee, good luck. If your credit score is so sacred as you say why are you paying late? You have 29 days from the day your statement prints to make a payment

I agree with some of the other people on here, it is your responsibility to pay your card, keep track of your card ..etc if your going out of the country you need to put things in order before you leave. are you people are just looking to be excused for your own responsibilities.

I could not agree more with Brittaney…I see a bunch of excuses here about Kohl’s ruining their credit and so forth when in fact the customers are the ones who did not take care of THEIR bill.. You cannot blame any store or creditor if you lose your bill or the ebills go to your spam.. You know you have a bill- pay it… Why don’t you just pay the bill after you use your charge? Unless you have no money and are charging for that reason. I always have money to back up my charges and the only reason to use store cards is to get the great offers not to buy what you cannot afford or do not need.

I saved 40$ off my 200$ purchase from opening a Kohls card. I immediately paid my balance at the register, right after the purchases were rung up. If you’re spending a decent amount at Kohl’s and have good credit, it can be a pretty sweet deal.

Just don’t go overboard getting cards at every store you frequent. I have two store cards, one for Kohls and one for Banana republic. I have two bank cards, for a total of four cards in all. Just keep track and make sure you pay them off every month. And with Kohls, pay at the register, in cash! That way it’s just like you paid for it in cash.

Kohl’s credit card is the best charge card experience I’ve ever had by far! Just like any other card, you have to be *responsible* when using it. I’ve had it almost four years, use it regularly, and I have never paid a dime of interest! With discount coupons sent in the mail and Kohl’s cash, not only do I get really great deals on clothing, shoes and housewares (always hit the clearance racks first!), but I shop in a clean store, with roomy dressing rooms, and the staff has always been helpful and friendly. Another plus? Any discount coupons used apply to EVERYTHING in the store – nothing is excluded!

Soooo … don’t charge more than you can afford, and just pay ONE-THIRD or more of your balance (on time!) and you will not be charged interest! The amount is clearly marked on the statement. What other charge card allows that? Hopefully, the talk I heard recently about Kohl’s changing the terms of their charge card is not true or maybe it’ll only apply to new customers. ???

In the meantime, I just got another 30% off coupon in the mail as I typed this! This could be trouble 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hi Teresa, would you mind sharing how you get the 30% off coupons? I’ve only gotten the 15% off cards in the mail. Sometimes I can find good promotional codes on-line, but it would be nice to save more than 15% on a regular basis. I am fairly new to the Kohl’s card, so maybe that’s why?

Thanks 🙂

call customer service

Kohl’s employee’s are very pushy when it comes to the card but they just don’t want to get fired for not attempting to sell the card. I have no credit, (which is looked at as having bad credit) and of course didn’t get approved but if it ever touches my credit, Kohl’s will rue the day they do that to me. Kohl’s cards can be good if they are used in the right way and paid on time.

I have had a Kohls card for 7 years with a perfect history Just applied for a credit limit increase and was denied. After 5 phone calls , I got someone to tell me why I was denied. There reason was I did not own Real Estate , and my credit usage was to low. They actually said they would prefer it if I had higher balances on my other cards as well as my Kohls card. Really ??? Are you kidding me !!!! Again my denial was because I have low balances on all my credit cards. HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING ?

Yes, I’ve heard of such a thing! The whole credit thing is a bit of a scam, in that the bureaus and companies who report to them, want us to behave responsibly with credit, but that doesn’t include paying everything off every single month, or carrying no or low balances on all of the cards. It’s a weird double-edged sword or a “tail by the dog” kind of system.

Here’s what we do: We have two major credit cards, one that we use for gas and grocery items, that we pay off every month. The other we use to purchase a larger item, like a plane ticket. ($200 or more but not too much due to the interest charges) We don’t use the second card often, maybe once every couple of months, and we take on average two to three months to pay off the larger amount. We *could* pay it off right away, but the slower payments show our credit responsibility, that we are able to carry a balance and still pay it off in a reasonably short period of time, while making the bank a little bit of money in the process. I think it’s a racket, but this seems to be how it works right now. We used to have no credit cards, believing we didn’t need them, until we tried to purchase our home. It took us 6-8 months to increase our credit score by 100 points once we’d opened the cards and begun using them. Our credit score went up 150 points in one year’s time, simply from opening *and using* the two cards and then using the improved credit to purchase our home. I added on the Kohl’s charge a few months ago because I love shopping at Kohl’s and wanted to make the most of their discounts. To do that you need their card.

I think you have to be *vigilant* about using the cards, paying on time, and then going back to make sure that the payments have actually processed correctly. One thing I’ve noticed about Kohl’s, is that it takes a really long time for their payments to process using a checking account. Good information to have so that you can take steps to make the payment about a week sooner than you might have.

payments are processed by 5pm CST, your due date. A check is processed the same as cash, when it is received, however the funds to actually re use the credit may be longer as the check needs to clear. It does not need to clear to be posted. All payments are posted on the day received IF rec by 5pm CST

Yeah That is normal. Credit worthiness seems to work like “Alice in Wonderland”
Lead a responsible and debt free life, you are considered a credit risk.
Run up balances, make minimum payments and live (economic) life on edge, you are the cosidered the best guy to loan money for. It si really backwards in a way everywhere. :–((


to the lovely boycott kohls idiot-

kohls closed your card automatically. nobody was like “hmm, lets piss this person off and close their kohls charge card today!” nobody is out to get you. as a matter of fact, kohls did you a favor.

all accounts inactive for a certain period of time are closed because they figure if you haven’t been in the store and used the card in over x number of years, there’s a possibility it has been stolen from you (and you may not have realized it). therefore, in order to avoid someone being able to charge your card, they close it. the reapplication process is to ensure that you are actually the person you say you are. you’re automatically approved.

next time, do a little research before you spew your half-wit for everyone with a brain to read. 🙂

have a lovely day.

Im in same boat as KohlsWatcher, have my acocunt opened for 5 yrs- NEVER BEEN LATE ON THIS OR ANY credit card and never received my bill this past summer. I called into customer care and was told i was 60+ days late. They ruined my credit with all 3 agencies by 100-130 points. IM PISSED!! Have spoken to everyone and their sister from reps, supervisors, and their corporate office. THey state the address is correct and therefore they are not allowed to change the late as they just report payment history and the payment WAS late. I said please review the past 4 yrs you’ll see I wasnt running away from paying the $88 balance,

I need a good contact – someone with a half of a brain to remove this late for me. My mortage rate on new house is going to skyrocket because of the drop in 130 points! This is absurd and I can’t do anything!!!!

HELP PLEASE—anyone have a good email address or phone number for a real person with power that can do something at kohls?

Just curious, how did it go? Did you ever find anyone “with power” to help you? My guess is that you didn’t because there is no such person. Once the late has been reported to the credit bureaus, it’s my understanding that only they can change any status. One thing you can do, I’ve read, that *might* improve your credit score is to contact all three credit bureaus and dispute the late.

You do realize, though, that it’s your responsibility to pay your bill *even if/when you do not get the bill in the mail*? Think about it, several things could happen to any piece of mail. Whether the bill gets lost, delivered to another address, or never sent – it’s *still* your responsibility to pay it. Sorry to say, Kohl’s *did not* “ruin” your credit score – you did.

I’m disappointed in the Kohls shopper that does not respect what Kohls gives you. I have been a Kohls card holder and when I first signed up the lady at the counter said if I wanted to lower my available credit I could do so right there so I made it more affordable to me. Then ANY time I came in they offered me a coupon that I forgot to print out. Where else does that happen. As a Kohls card holder if my coupon of Pick a day is expired they take it. If I went on vacation and my 30% came to my home they honor it even if expired on top of my Kohls Cash.! If you are late, yes you get the late charge but if your smart you can call the customer service line and if you never were late before they will cancel the charge. I charge and I pay right away. I never go home without my check book so when I charge it I pay it. AND for all you ding dongs. You don’t have to use the Kohls card every time you shop. You only have to use it with your Pick a Day or Scratch offs. All the other hundreds of coupons that you get sent don’t have to be used with the card. So even if you don’t charge on your card you get COUPONS. SO charge once a year and keep the coupons coming.. I love my Kohls card and I keep a available credit line no higher than $300 so I’m not over my head!

I am extremely disappointed with Kohl’s unscrupulous credit card practices. I was issued a credit card initially with a decent credit limit and then was notified that my limit had been raised (I did not request it) only to find after I had used the higher credit limit that they would then lower my limit. How convenient for Kohl’s to lower my limit just enough so that I was automatically “over” the limit.
I think that this should be illegal if it isn’t already. I know that it is definitely unscrupulous to say the very least.
I am furious with this type of business which I believe is completely unethical.
No Kohl’s for me!!!

Just opened a Kohl’s charge account primarily because I found that I was doing a lot of shopping at Kohl’s stores and particularly on-line. I missed out on one too many promotional coupons because I didn’t have a Kohl’s charge. If you’re going to shop and spend money at Kohl’s anyway, why not do what you can to save the most money? Makes sense to me. As far as deliquency fees and reporting, from my experience it’s the same with every credit and charge card. For example, I have a Discover card that operates the same way. Despite my impeccable payment history with Discover card, if I were to miss a payment I’d expect to be reported; simple as that. It’s not personal, it’s how the systems work, right or wrong. Do not wait for the bill to come in the mail, or e-mail. Take charge and go to the store to pay the bill on time, or make a phone call and pay in that manner, being sure to monitor the status of your bill and its deduction from your checking account. It might be a little extra trouble, but it’s part of what we sign up for when we get the cards. You don’t have to be perfect to take full responsibility for your finances.

Everyone blaming the consumer on this blog should shut up. I had great credit until Kohl’s screwed me over. They didn’t mail my bills. When you complain they say it is not their responsibility. I paid the balance on my card and thought I was done with it, but there was a few bucks of accumulated interest. I didn’t get a bill alerting me to this for 3 months! Of course the bill had more accumulated interest and penalties. I called and complained and they said too bad. I refused to pay and they reported me to the credit bureaus. I of course had to pay and my credit is damaged for 7 years. I will never shop at Kohl’s again and I urge others to boycott them. They lost a customer for life just to gain a few bucks in interest and penalties. I now watch sales at the major department stores and go to Bass, Banana Republic and other outlet stores and get better quality for a lower price. Hoping Kohl’s folds up soon!!!

FYI… those you complaining that the reporting has hurt your credit score and that you canceled the card, well you have now made your score even lower, apparently your not aware of how the credit reporting system works. No wonder your scores are low! HMMM doesn’t seem to be Kohls fault after all!!

I have a Kohls credit card and have had no problems at all. I pay my balance in full and shop there often. The reviews I’m reading are just people who want to blame Kohls for their incompetence, keeping in mind it is a “CREDIT” card account if you are late $1 or $1000 it will be reported to the credit reporting agency the same as your car payment, your house payment etc.all debts have a due date, “YOU” are responsible to be on time, if not you will be and should be reported as deliquent. If your denied an account with them than your probably paying your other bills late and are not credit worthy. So bottom line is it’s not Kohls fault, it’s yours! Kohls has great deals, no hassles when returning things, I love shopping there.

RE: Kohls Application Number 0059593387 I recently applied for a Kohls credit card while in your store in Augusta, ME. simply to receive an additional discount. I was quickly told by the sales clerk that I was denied and of course she said it loudly enough so at least two customers in line behind me could hear. The reasoning you used for denial is idiotic to say the least, and I quote ” Excessive obligations in relation to income”. My main credit card I use is a VISA and our (my husband & I) monthly obligation runs from $500. to $1000., which we pay in full every month. We don’t have real estate accounts because we own our home. We don’t have installment account balances, period, and your last key factor referring to the time of oldest revolving account opened being to recent makes absolutely no sense. Obviously, by reading the posted credit card reviews I’m far from the only one that thinks your credit card review system is really flawed, and thats putting it mildly. I have shopped at Kohls many, many times in
the past, but rest assured, I won’t be shopping there any more! I’ll also do my best to spread the word about how great your credit card review system is. Have a nice day.

I like how you thought your “letter” to Kohl’s would be read by them on a credit card forum. Also, do you think Kohl’s is a bank? They’re not the ones who rejected your credit (Capitol One handles the credit for their department store card) and the cashier is not a bank employee; they simply read off what the machine replies to them. If you want privacy, apply online at home.

I tried to apply for a Kohl’s charge yesterday, and was denied in less than 60 seconds. It was disappointing because I am trying hard to rebuild my credit. Here I thought I would at least be approved for a small amount, but they didn’t. How does anyone expect a person to rebuild their credit without giving them a second chance? Does anyone know what FICO score Kohl’s is looking for to approve a credit application?

Brenda Blues

I used to work at kohl’s for a good 4 years and i think the card is one of the worst cards you can sign up for. Its interest rates are high but whats worse is the penalty for being late. No one is perfect and people make mistakes. Unless you are in fact perfect and are consistently on top of things (how i felt to be when i first signed up), they will more than likely get the money back and more.

I have the card for about 5 years now. I felt they are most forward in displaying the amounts owed and what would happen in different scenarios.
I am a light spender and try to not carry a balance, so may not be the best guy to comment on this specific issue. Just wanted to share my experience.

Store charge cards are actually what really helped me build my credit. I would buy my stuff, pay it off with cash or check immediately after, and that was the end of that. Greatest thing ever for my credit – not good for continuous debt, but undergarments, work clothes, etc? The 30% off coupons can be excellent! But of course, I never used a store card without paying it off immediately afterward with check/cash.

In a way that made [store cards] better for me than my two Visa cards because it wasn’t something I could use in an emergency. My credit was perfect until I tried using my cards to cover car repair and medical bills I couldn’t pay out-of-pocket… And there wasn’t much I could do about that then, only work on setting aside monthly funds in a special savings account for future medical/car surprises 🙂

I think what a lot of people are missing is that the Kohl’s card is NOT a credit card. It is a CHARGE card. YES there is a difference. Google it yourself if you don’t understand.

And yes, you can always pay at the registers or visit the store whenever you like to pay your card off. I agree with people that it is indeed your duty to pay attention to where YOUR money is going.

I used to work at Kohl’s, but I didn’t try to sell the card often because I saw people pull out credit cards that are held together with rubber bands because they are so thick. It’s ridiculous. This is why people are in debt. They can’t handle their own finances.

I no longer work a Kohl’s, but I do work at Barnes & Noble and I STILL see people walk in with giant stacks of plastic.

Oh, and by the way, I just got a Kohl’s card today. My mother has had one for as long as I can remember, and has never had a single issue with them. Ever.

Kohls has no grace period. Aside from interest a $15.00 charge is incurred if your check arrives one day late.

Ok people. I work at Kohls. The card saves people money every day and if you use it right, with the discounts, you can prettymuch “rob the store”. However, I suggest that if you have an accout with Kohls that you pay the bill off at the register if you are worried about “forgettig” to pay your bill. We send 30% off coupons out every month. How many other stores do that for their costomers? When was the last time a department store sent you a 30% off coupon? Not to mention Kohls cash. Moral of the story. Pay your bills and life wont suck. Sold 9 Kohls cards tonight and it felt pretty good 🙂
Any questions? Fire @ me 🙂
Did I mention, I love my job? Haha

If you have a Kohl’s card, you need to be very diligent as to making your monthly payments. I know from a very negative personal experience that they will not place a call to you until you are 60 days late. It is NOT their policy at this time to call clients who are 30 days late for fear of upsetting them. My statements also went into spam account and I honestly forgot making the purchase. I was never contacted by a customer service associate until they were placing a 60 day late on my history. The supervisor informed me that his records did show no calls placed to me until today. I am 45 with no history of delinquent payments and now my score is gonna drop like a rocket. I am not going to close the account as that will hurt me more but have NO interest in ever doing business with them again. I fully believe that we are in times when credit organizations need to contact a client both by statement and by phone prior to 60 days late. Unfortunately, the Fair Credit Reporting act only requires one point of contact. BEWARE if you do business with this card and with this company.

Sorry. I typed quickly in my anger. Kohl’s only stole $63.75 from me.

So Carol, let me understand. You paid your bill two months before the phone call correct? You didnt notice the payment did not withdraw from the account you paid it with? Maybe you hit the wrong button on the website. I dont understand why yuou didnt see it sitting in the account you paid if from for two months

If you pay your Kohl’s bill online, beware. I made a $69.15 purchase, and paid it online. Then I get a delinquent notice. “Okay,” I thought, “I must have forgotten.” So I paid the bill, complete with interest and fees. I received a confirmation screen,s saying the payment went through. Now I get a phone call from them saying I’m 2 months past due and my bill is $132.90! I paid the bill over the phone and was told they would wave the $10 processing fee. How generous of them. I will never, ever go into a Kohl’s store again. Why would I ever do business with a place that steals $69.15 from me. Yeah, those discount coupons are a really great deal (lol).

When I started working at Kohls, I decided to get a charge card. I’ve honestly never had problems with it. I don’t spend very much, usually less then $50, pay the balance off at the register, and occasionally over-pay my bill by $5-10 so I can have a small cushion just in case I miss a payment. Once in awhile I also check my statement online to make sure everything is Kosher.

A store card is cool if you shop there a lot, but don’t open one just to save 10-20%. I’ve had customers apply though they knew they wouldn’t get approved. They just wanted that 20%. I shudder to think of what their scores are.

Kohl’s is the worst with billing and customer service. I had an excellent credit rating until I got this Kohls Credit Card. I called to make my payment last January and the non speaking English Customer Service person did not deduct the money from my checking account. I did not find out until they called the next month to say I was late. I explained I did call to make a payment and they would not DO ANYTHING TO HELP! My credit score went down. This January I made a payment with a money order and again they claim they did not receive the payment but the money order company said it was cashed. Each time I get charged late and penalties until I can prove they did cash it. They would not own up to the first mistake and look at my credit history to see I was always on time and give me a break. I purchased a car and took out a loan and I realized that my credit score when down 200 points because of Kohl’s reporting me being late 1 TIME! My interest rate is 2.5 times higher than it should be. I called and pleaded with them to take it off my credit score and they won’t budge. KOHL”S SUCKS AND I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW ” DO NOT TAKE OUT A KOHL’s ACCOUNT and if you have 1 “CANCEL IT”!

This card and their billing/customer service department is the most difficult I have ever seen. This is the only card I have that does not have a on-going automatic payment plan and I strongly feel that the reason they don’t is to collect late fees. I feel like I have been played and seduced by their “deals” only to be duped into a card with contract that Kohls should be ashamed by…

I dont know what the problem is with you people.If you cant handle a credit card that you open then think twice before using it.It sounds to me that all of you are late and have no one to blame except kohls,Im sorry but there not responsible to babysit u and monitor your account to see if your late,this is a bunch of bull.

Marvin Martinez

@Claudia.. LOL, You wrote exactly what I was thinking. I must say, some people truly never grow up. Instead of admitting to their own mistakes, they look for someone or something to blame for their stupidity.

Nelson Carpenter

I had three credit scores over 800, home fully paid, and virtually no debt. In November I inadvertently missed a payment to Kohl’s, and I blame no one but myself. Yet this missed payment of a very small balance with a $5 minimum payment was immediately reported by Kohl’s to the credit reporting agencies and my scores dropped by 50 points for a missed $5 payment!

No excuses….just a bit of advice. Unless you a perfect human being and never err, you might want to consider shopping elsewhere.

Kohls only reports out after 60 days so what your saying makes no sense

@justme u must work for kohls.. so after every comment you want to put people down and throw incorrect statistics at them in order to sound smart? Get a life jerk!

Kohl’s Charge Card I have one went in the other day to use it and they said my account was closed and had to reopen it with a new application.

All I wanted was it reactivated I had not used the card for sometime and got it in 2008.

Had a few late payments band paid them off .

Then they decided in Sept.2010 to close my account without informing me .

I do not like Kohl’s there Customer Service is worthless with these problems.

I have decided to Boycott Kohl’s .

There are plenty of good Stores that sell the same things and I have no problems.

Kolhs can go to hell for all I care

you had late payments but paid them off? Would you lend someone money again that paid you back late? Your new application is based soley on your credit score and has nothing to do with your past experience with Kohls unless you were so late that it ruined your score. If you are denied Kohls you can bet your will be denied by the other “good stores.” The credit requirements are the same

check this out

DO any of the negative bloggers on this site think about the fact that sites like this one are created to lure comments from persons like you because it helps to serve as a Customer Service score card. If you think the credit card has issues try working for Kohls. Worst retail chain I have ever worked for.

I love my Kohl’s card and it has never caused me any trouble. I use it to get all the deals, which are very good! When I check out I hand them my card, get the discount, and then hand them a check or cash right there at the register to pay off what I just put on my Kohl’s charge. I never carry a balance, but still get the deals. Works pretty well for me.

Be careful with Kohl’s credit card. This is the most dangerous credit card I have seen. We might save $10 or so. they will promptly report to credit report agency if we are delayed payment two weeks or so. I am a user of this credit card for last 3 yrs or so. Some reason I am out of country and I had a bill for $10 from Kohl’s that went un noticed and delayed by 2 weeks past due. I paid once I am back and two weeks past due. They reported to credit rating agency and my credit score got droped 40 points. Lucky I do not have any other credit balances on other cards to increase rates They will not revert the credit report. This never happened to me before. I closed this card and will warn other folks for saving $10 or $20 but risk in getting reported. It’s difficult to keep track of these cards prompty and some times get un noticed. you are warned. be careful folks with Kohl’s. It is not worth it.

It sounds like the people on here who “didn’t get their bill” need to quit blaming the company and take responsibility for paying their own bills. If you charge something, odds are pretty good that you’re going to have a bill in the next 30 days and should be proactive to find out why you hadn’t gotten a bill…….

Are you people real? I agree with the Brittany and the others that take ownership of their own credit. Maybe that is what’s wrong with todays finances, people are always blaming others for there own mistakes, When you sign up for a credit card anywhere these days all of them will have the fine print that states a higher intrest rate if you miss or are late on a payment. As far as the rates go the interest rate are high for ALL department store credit cards. To single out Kohls for this is just stupid and unjust! For instance, My husband and I had a Master Card, we were very bad with it and suffered the higher interest rates when we paid late, our faults, Not Master Card, You people sound like the dumb high spenders that bought houses, and cars on credit, then when the economy went bad and you couldn’t make your payments you cried, and said. “poor me” and the blamed the blanks for giving you the load you know would be hard to pay. WAKE UP AMERICA!

I have a Kohl’s charge, and none of this “bad” stuff has happened to me… it is not Kohl’s fault that you threw out the bill and didn’t pay it on time, or that their emails went to your spam, etc… all I read are excuses. It is YOUR job as the consumer to know when your due date is and to pay it on time – regardless of whether or not you see a bill. I requested e-statements as well – I have never received a paper bill, nor have I actually received an ebill – BUT, I made it my personal mission to know what is due and WHEN it is due. So you only have yourself to blame. I use my card all the time AND carry a balance more often then not, and it has never done anything negative to my credit.

Paula Jorgensen

I had my almost perfect credit rating ruined by using my Kohl’s charge,too. I signed up for e-statements. My bills went to my spam listing, and by the time I was informed that my payment was late, my FICO score took a 50 point hit. Seems this is a known problem for Yahoo users. A nice young man at the register told me about this, after the fact, of course. Sure could have used a little warning.

Jean T. Burgdorf

I HAD an kohls charge card account. I formally closed this account about a year and a half ago because i did not use it; I do not intend to use it. This account is CLOSED.

However, I continue to receive Informational Statements which I do not want.

What do I have to do to get you to stop sending these statements.????

I would appreciate your action to discontinue these statements or will you please contact me by E-Mail advising me who and how I need to contact to have this action taken.


Do not, under any circumstances, get a Kohl’s credt card unless you want your credit wrecked.

I have had perfect credit for more than 20 years, and never paid a bill late. For the first time, I misplaced, inadvertently threw out, or never received a Kohl’s bill (for a $25 coffeepot).

I received a phone call a couple of weeks after the due date, telling me bill was late. I was surprised, as I don’t pay bills late. I was able to take care of the bill by phone, in real time. I thanked the customer service person for calling to alert me of the missed payment.

Unbeknownst to me, the company had, nevertheless, marked my account as delinquent, and sent it off to the credit reporting bureaus.

I only learned of this when my other credit card companies started raising my very low interest rates to very high rates. I went through the proper customer service channels to get the negative information removed from my credit report, but Kohl’s ‘ruled’ that it could not be removed.

I found my way to a top-level executive via business connections, who ultimately got the info removed. Customer service seemed to relish the fact that they were harming my credit, and I spent weeks on the phone trying to get this straightened out – to no avail.

After I filed a complaint with the FTC and a few other consumer sites, I saw stories online – nearly identical – to mine.

As a follow-up: I just reviewed my credit reports today. Although I clearly requested that Kohl’s close the account last year – it remains open. I also notice that Kohl’s reviewed my credit a month ago. I have not used the card since last year, and I thought the account was closed. I have no idea what they are doing in my credit report.

There is something unethical, and quite possibly illegal, going on with the credit card end of this company. I no longer shop at Kohl’s. I do urge a business journalist or a federal regulator to investigate the practices of this company.

So you’re complaining that, because you neglected to pay your bill on time, your account was marked as delinquent? Seriously…it is not the fault of the credit card company. You should know how much you have charged and know when you need to pay your bill. No excuse!

People – The answer is do not spend money you don’t have. Get the Kohl’s credit card and get the great savings and don’t pay interest. Don’t carry a balance and pay it off in full. This is the same story with every card. Discover give me a break… They are Sears all over and dropped my husband line of credit from 13k to 500.00 after 20 years of having a card. Never late and never carry a balance. Guess they were not making enough money on us. The 5% is not always a promotion and you have to wait until is get in $20.00 increments to get your reward. Then it takes weeks to arrive snail mail. The reviewer should know that all credit cards store or otherwise are bad news if you do not pay them off.

Yes, Kohls has a high interest rate. But -they always offer a minimum payment that will allow you to avoid ANY interest charges at all – and it’s relatively reasonable amount in relation to the total balance. So, if you are paying the outrageous interest charges on a Kohls account because you can’t pay the amount needed per month to avoid interest altogether – then you are charging more than you should be. I LOVE that option because I have the flexibility to make a larger purchase – and then pay it off WIThOUT INTEREST-by simply paying the amount indicated to avoid an interest charge. Amanda’s idea about paying right then and there after you purchase is great, too. If you are paying their interest fees- and they are high – maybe you need to rethink your spending habit if you can’t manage the payment that allows you to avoid interest at all.

Kohls charge is honestly so hard to get approved at. I work there and it’s ridiculous.
But to be honestly, it is the best credit card to have.
For instance, its normaly fifteen percent off when opening a kohls charge. When you get your card in the mail you get another fifteen percent off. Than on top of them every month for a week you can save fifteen to thirty percent through our scratch off sale. PLUS a few times a month they send out 3 day shopping passes which are fifteen percent and fifteen percent pick a days you can use once. And the best part is IF YOUR SMART, you can make a payment right after in cash or check, which is really great cause your really saving.
I see so many customers come in during scratch off/peel off sale with THIRTY PERCENT, buy loads of stuff, save so much, and pay it off right then and there.
Now you really cant complain about them.
Unless your stupid and rack your card up.
Other than that, your good.
best card ever =)

Marvin Martinez

@Amanda.., So far your comment has been one of the smartest and logical one I’ve read. You are right about one thing. If you get the Khols card, you have to know how to use it. If you use it in the correct manner., you can save a ton of money every year on clothes. Especially in my case, I have a family of 7. And yes the Khols card is a very, very difficult card to get. I have applied numerous times in the past and always got rejected until finally last week, I finally got approved after trying for 5yrs. LOL

Karen A. resch

Dear Sirs,

Some time ago I applied for a Kohl’s credit card in the Manitowoc, WI store. The clerk said that they needed more infor and I was denied. I week or so later a letter came in the mail saying I was denied a Kohl’s credit card. I used my Master Card as a reference. I have never missed a payment and most of the time I pay it off at the end of the month. I am sorry but I don’t owe anyone anything at this time but I must have a pass credit record which should be excellent. If there is a problem with my credit I sure as heck would like to know why but I never really got an explaination. Is there something wrong with not owing money and trying to make sure you pay your bills? Iam constantly getting mailing saying I am pre-approved for credit cards and I just was told at Lowe’s that I am pre-approved if I want to apply for a credit card there. What is the problem with Kohl’s!!!! I know another person in my similar situation who was also denied a Kohl’s credit card.

Karen Resch