Avoid the Key Bank Credit Card

key bank Because my family did our banking with them, I decided to apply for a Key Bank credit card when I was 18. Despite always paying my balance off in full every month, they saddled me with an extremely low limit of only $500 that could not even sustain my normal spending, and to add insult to injury, I wasn’t getting any rewards.

From what I recall, it wasn’t until I was around 19 and a half before they finally agreed to raise the credit limit, but that was only for a pitiful $200 more. By that time, I had other credit cards with thousands of dollars in credit so I remember just canceling my Key Bank Mastercard out of anger.

But how about today? Are they any better? I decided to do a Key Bank card review to find out…

They offer 3 different cards for 2013:

Key Bank College Rewards Mastercard – As the name implies, this credit card is for college students and it offers rewards. Unfortunately, that’s only 1 point per dollar spent which is pretty pathetic when you consider there are credit cards for college students on the market that give up to 5%.

Key Bank Young Adult Mastercard [update: this one been discontinued for 2013]: This card is geared towards those 16+ but it requires a co-signer that is 21+. There are no rewards whatsoever. Because just about any card on the market can be obtained with a co-signer age 21+ there is no good reason to choose this one specifically if you are a young adult.

Key Bank Platinum Mastercard – Upon reviewing the application, this card sounds identical to my very first card, the difference being that it is “Platinum” (from the looks of their website apparently they don’t offer Gold anymore). There are no rewards or unique benefits at all. This card blows.

Key Bank Select Rewards Platinum Mastercard -With a name like “Select Rewards” ideas probably conjure up in your head that it must be some kind of special rewards program, right? Not quite. It only gives 1% cash back.

At the time of this review, the APRs on all of the Key Bank credit cards were just average. I can’t find one redeeming quality on any of these cards that would make them worth applying for.

Is the customer service any good?
Although it was years ago, my experience with their credit card customer service was absolutely awful and from what I hear, it doesn’t sound like that has changed (although their branch support was good). One old buddy of mine became so fed up, he actually closed his account. My mother was also a long time Key Bank cardholder (I believe decades) and she canceled hers a few years back, partially due to the poor rewards and partially due to poor customer service.

If any one can think of one good reason to submit a Key Bank credit card application, please share it in a comment below, because I can’t think of any.

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Applied for the card with a credit score over 800 and yet Key Bank denied me !!!
Idiots, who needs to deal with a company like this ?

My Key credit card expires at the end of October, 2016. Still have not received my new card notwithstanding placing numerous complaints with their horrible customer service/support.

Key bank has been abusing good customers for years, their fees are outrageousI was a loyal KeyBank customer thatbrought a lot of business to that bank.I’m done with KeyBank!

I may be biased as a KeyBank employee, but we did just buy back the credit card portfolio from our old servicer, Elan, partially I believe because of their poor customer service towards our clients. We now do the customer service and underwriting for increases etc in house. Key’s cards are geared more towards convenience for our clients, of having all their financial services in one place, more than being competitive in the general CC market space. They’re not bad though, I enjoy my card (not to say I don’t have other cards)

check rates that dont change

I am looking at this web site and I see ads for citi and chase. These are two of the worst cards around. Do not get fooled by rewards or miles that are free, because you actually paid for them via your jacked up interest and remember who has been bailed out and who hasn’t, and who deserves loyalty in that regard. all my hopes still are in the CREDIT UNIONS PEOPLE.

check rates that dont change

this first review is a waste of everyone’s time. second review, corporate mishaps happen and when accounts get bought and sold by collection companies the same things happen…my advice to you is to keep asking for the higher ups name and number…it would seriously behoove you to go into a key bank branch when not busy if possible and sit down at the desk of that branch manager. That person will not help resolve the problem but they will actually divulge the name and number of higher ups that can and will try to help you.

The only reason I have it is because they were the only bank to give me a loan for a car. Also they were the only ones who gave me a credit card.
Both needed co-signers thos

A few months ago I began receiving credit card statements from Key Bank Visa Card for $8,700.00, on a corporate account. I called customer service, and explained to them that I have not even been affiliated with this company for eight years and had not used their card since the mid to late nineties. . I further explained that I had talked with the person whose card it is and whose last name is the Company’s name. She said unequivocally, that yes, that was her card and those are her charges. I was told by this nameless, faceless entity, that they had taken over Key Bank’s credit card accounts from Citi Bank and this was the information that Citi Bank gave them. I was further told that I was an authorized signature for that account and I that was responsible for the charges on that card and there is nothing that can be done about it.
The person whose card it was was told by the same customer service, that the only way that she could reverse this screw up, was to re-apply for a new Key Bank Card. Upon seeking help from her Key Bank Personal Cooperate Banker, she was told that with regard to Key Bank credit cards, their orders are hands off. What they did disclose to her, was that the account had indeed been switched from her name to mine but, that the Social Security number on the account was still hers.
This is just the beginning, now that my busy season has ended. Now, I have plenty of time to deal with it. Stay tuned!