Justice credit card is a bad choice

Justice credit card parodyThis has got to be one of the weirdest credit cards in existence! Since Justice stores make clothes for girls age 7 to 14, why on earth do they have a card that you have to be 18+ to apply for?

Conclusion? It must be aimed at parents.

And if that’s you, it might seem like a logical choice to fill out a Justice credit card application if your daughter likes to shop there… but is that really the best decision for you? Probably not and here’s why…

1. After the signup promotion, then what?

Just like most store credit cards, Justice offers you 15% off your first purchase. What’s a bit unusual is that they also give you 15% off your second purchase, too (either in-store or online). But what comes after the promotion? Nothing.

With the exception of the signup offer, you don’t earn rewards on purchases. That makes the card fairly useless for the long run, because in the future it means you would actually be losing out on rewards you could be earning with a different card.

2. Gotta love WFFNB’s crazy high rates in 2013!

The issuer of the card is World Financial Network Bank (better known as WFFNB, which is owned by Comenity).

You may have heard of them before because they issue a lot of department store credit cards. What else are they known for? Insanely high interest rates. The Justice card is a perfect example with its 24.99% APR.

3. Benefits… what benefits?

If you go look at the application on Justice’s website, under “Cardholder Benefits” the only thing listed (aside from the signup incentives) are the following:

  • Convenient minimum monthly payments
  • Additional cards to authorized users at no extra cost

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time understanding how “monthly payments” is a benefit? Don’t all credit cards offer that?! And adding authorized users is another feature that just about every card can do.

Conclusion: You will do better with almost anything else

The funny thing is that the Justice credit card account can’t even be opened by the people who wear their clothes (7 to 14 year old girls). That means it’s the parents who this card is aimed at. But if you’re a parent, chances are you already have an established credit history and can qualify for bigger and better things.

It doesn’t even make sense to open their account for the promotion, because think about it… even if you spent $300 and got a 15% discount, that’s only $45. Not very impressive considering the fact that there are credit card bonuses many times larger than that!

But if your credit is rotten – and you already opened an account because it was easy to get – then make sure you transition to something better the first chance you get. Meanwhile while you have this account, I would recommend scheduling automatic payments online to pay your bill in full every month. Because if you get hit with finance charges, they’re going to be ugly.

Last updated for 2013

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How do I destroy my justice credit card

Patricia Burns

This has got to be the one of many stupid post that I have read. People have children that they shop for weather its Justice, Walmart, Sears, etc. All of these stores sell items children can’t charge should they all cancel their issued credit cards. Please think before you speak.

Why cant I get a card. I have no bills and can pay my statement every month. I can shop elsewhere if im not good enough for your company.

Trust me you are not the only business around and I have entirely too many friends and family that will no longer use your business.