Why is the Juniper credit card login page so ugly?

Q: I’ve had a Juniper credit card for over 10 years (since 2002) but haven’t used it in ages. As far as I know they never cancelled it on me, so I went to the account login page and everything seems prehistoric. Why is it so ugly? Is Juniper Bank still in business?

A: I’ve been asked this question – in some form or fashion – more than once over the years. There’s no denying their login page & account management is about as ugly as a hairless cat…

parody of Juniper card login screenshot

But there’s actually a [somewhat] rational explanation as to why it’s like that.

You see Juniper Bank was one of the fastest growing credit card companies, ever. Some industry bigwigs started it in 2000 and by 2004, they were issuing millions of co-branded Visa and MasterCards for Apple, Barnes & Noble, and a number of airlines like Midwest and US Airways. That same year, 2004, they sold out to Barclays.

So that means there’s no longer such thing as Juniper Bank cards. Rather, if you have one it has been converted over to Barclays.

Then why is the Juniper sign-on page still up?

Good question. It’s been almost a decade since Barclays acquired Juniper, so obviously plenty of time has passed to transition everything over.

My guess is they just leave the Juniper credit card login up for legacy purposes, in case someone like you has an old card lying around and are not aware it’s been switched over.

Can you still apply for a Juniper card?

Nope. You won’t find a Juniper credit card application anywhere. However you can apply for their successors through Barclaycard’s website – i.e. If you want the Apple store financing card, no you get it through Barclays.

Have all their cards been switched over to Barclays?

To the best of my knowledge, yes. Barclays did take their time in transitioning the account branding over. Up until a couple years ago, some accounts appeared to still be operating with the Juniper name.

But today if you call the customer service number (1-877-523-0478) the greeting now says “Thank you for calling Barclays.”

So if you still have an active account, it would be best to catch up with the times and start logging in through the Barclaycard website instead. Because I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they shutdown the ol’ Juniper site altogether.

What’s a good replacement?

If your card has been inactive for years, there’s a good chance Barclaycard might have cancelled it (contact them to find out). If that happened and you are looking for another good Visa or MasterCard, here are some recommendations to consider:

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Well, it was only good for Juniper to be bought by a company like Barclays. Their cards seem really nice. Still, the page is ugly:)