Jessica London Credit Card: Gold vs. Platinum vs. Elite

Jessica London, the plus size clothing store, has a credit card program that operates a bit different than most store cards. In 2013 it has some unique features (both good and bad) that you should consider.

It comes in 3 levels (Gold, Platinum, Elite) and here’s what they have in common:

  • No annual fee
  • On orders of $150 or higher there is free standard shipping
  • If qualified there is a payment deferred option for 90 days. You are a given a promotion code that you enter during checkout and with it, you agree to have your credit card account charged for the full purchase 90 days later.

Everyone starts out with the Jessica London Gold credit card. After spending $250 within a year it is converted to Platinum. If you spend $500 (and continue to spend that annually) then the account will be Elite level.

The Platinum and Elite comes with some additional benefits…

Platinum: When you signup for their emails, during the 1st Tuesday of every month you get 10% off with your credit card.

Elite: Same as the Platinum, except the discount jumps to 15% off. There is also free shipping given on that day.

The good, bad, and ugly?

Good: No fee. The 90 day deferred payment is a unique benefit and could be helpful when used responsibly. You at least get some sort of purchase discount on the Platinum/Elite credit cards.

Bad: You only get a discount 1 day out of the month. The free shipping requires minimum orders of $150+ (and that’s pathetic, when you can often find coupon codes which give you free shipping AND a discount for lower amounts).

Ugly: The interest rate is high at 24.99% (current as of time of publishing).


The Jessica London credit card offers little incentive. They really need to step up the rewards and benefits big time if they want more people to seriously consider the application. When you can easily Google promotion codes like this…

promotions for Jessica London

…why would someone apply for the Jessica London card, that only gives free shipping on $100+ orders and a discount one day per month for 10% or 15% (or none at all on the Gold card you start out at).

Other recommendations for 2013?

Here are 3 alternatives to consider:

Chase Freedom – 5% off at clothing stores for at least one quarter per year
AmEx Blue Cash – Higher cash back for department store spending
Capital One Cash Rewards – 50% bonus on the cash back you earn every year

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