Is the NFL credit card right for you or not?

These offers are no longer available. The following information is for reference only.

Most affinity credit cards are garbage. Often times, their rewards are subpar.

However the new Barclays NFL Extra Points credit card is an exception to that rule. Why? Because it offers you rewards that are in some ways priceless, because you can’t even buy them. Here’s what I mean…

NFL rewards

With most credit cards, you can use your points to get a gift card, airline ticket, or some other mundane thing. But with the NFL credit card you have the chance to redeem your points on exclusive awards you can’t even buy. Here’s a brief overview of how it works:

There are a handful of cards on the market that will let you customize the design by uploading your own photo. But guess what? If you have one of those and try to upload a picture of a sports team, it will get rejected. Why? Because team logos are trademarked, and hence, banks can’t allow their customers to use those graphics.

When you fill out the application, you can choose any of these designs. And if you have a spouse that doesn’t like your team, I have great strategy to get back at them: order a second card for them, but with your favorite team on it instead of theirs!

And the benefits?

This isn’t just any NFL Visa card… it’s a Visa Signature card. That’s the highest level of Visa you can get. With it comes a load of extra benefits and perks:

  • Concierge Service: You can call this number anytime to get free personal assistance with things like dinner reservations, travel planning, and even shopping for game tickets.
  • Warranty Manager Service: With this benefit you get up to 1 year extra of coverage on eligible purchases that come with a manufacturers warranty of 3 years or less. Now this isn’t quite as good as AmEx‘s extended warranty program, but remember you’re getting this perk at no extra cost.
  • Purchase Security: Eligible items are covered if they’re stolen, damaged due to fire/vandalism/accidental water discharge/and some types of weather. The coverage is for the first 90 days from date of purchase, up to $500 per claim.
  • Roadside Dispatch: As a NFL Extra Points Visa Signature cardholder you can call a hotline for them to arrange roadside assistance. Please note this does not cover the actual costs of roadside assistance, but you do get it at Visa’s pre-negotiated rates (which from my experience are much cheaper than if you called for service on your own).
  • Travel Accident Insurance: Admittedly, this is nothing to get excited about because it only covers Common Carrier travel, but worth mentioning nonethless.
  • Lost Luggage Reimbursement: Provides up to $3,000 in protection if your checked or carry-on bags are stolen or lost.
  • Emergency Card Replacement: You can have this sent to you express.
  • Emergency Cash Disbursement: A way to get cash ASAP if you are traveling and have an emergency.
  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver: Note that this is secondary coverage, not primary.

Who should and should NOT apply for this?

This is a niche product that is a great choice for some people and a bad choice for others.

You should apply for the NFL credit card if you plan to redeem your points for the unique experiences like getting post-game press conference access (10,000 points) or you can go golfing with an NFL player (500,000 points). Many of the awards are once in a lifetime things you can’t buy, let along get from another credit card. So if you will spend the points on NFL experiences, it definitely makes sense to get it.

But you should NOT apply if you plan on using the points for more boring things. If you’re going to exchange the points for cashback or commonly available merchandise (i.e. team jerseys) then this is not the best choice for you. Instead you would be better off with a straight up cash back card and using that money to buy those things yourself.

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