How To Save 6% With Irving Gas Card Rewards?

The Irving credit card was discontinued, but their new gas loyalty card is even better.

Most gas station credit cards are a terrible deal. Often times, the rewards you earn are actually less than what you would earn with a normal credit card. This is why I like Irving’s new rewards program so much… you can use it with your existing credit card!

How it works?

Irving gas cardAccording to Wikipedia, Irving Oil is actually a Canadian company. But this program is still offered at their US stations which are in the northeast (CT, MA, ME, NY, NH, RI, VT). If you live in those states, you will need to sign up for a rewards account if you don’t have one already.

What it is NOT : The Irving Rewards Program is NOT a credit card, debit card, bank card, gift card or stored value card program of any kind.

What it IS: A loyalty rewards program (like CVS ExtraCare). The card is used for storing your membership information and that’s it.

Step One: Pick up a card at a station (you can’t get one online).
Step Two: Register the card on their website.
Step Three: Swipe at pump or inside before filling up.

How to maximize the rewards?

Now here’s the secret to getting the most out of the program. Since the Irving gas card is NOT a credit card, you still have to pay for the gas somehow. Fortunately they let you pay anyway you want, whether that be cash, debit, or credit. What you will want to do is always use it in conjunction with a credit card.

By using it with a credit card, it might be possible to save up to 6% per gallon. Don’t believe me? Here’s the math to prove it…

Part A: Here’s what the Irving gas rewards will earn you:

fuel discount at Irving

If you spent exactly along those cutoff points (meaning, you purchased a total of 50 gal at regular price, then a full 20 gal. with the discount) your spending would look like this:

50 gallons x 0 discount = $0.00 discount
20 gallons x 10 cent discount = $2.00 discount
70 gallons ÷ $2.00 = $0.0286 average discount per gallon

That means on average, the program can save you up to around 3 cents per gallon overall.

Part B: Now combine that with a good gas credit card

There are few credit cards out there that will earn you 3% to 5% cash back at gas stations. If you use one of those and combine it with the Irving gas card program, you can really make out like a bandit.

Let’s say gas is $3.00 per gallon:

5% credit card rebate X $3.00 = 15 cents
+ Irving gas rewards (around 3 cents per gallon)
18 cents per gallon total savings

Now to find the percentage, divide 23 cents by $3.00 and you get a total of 6%.

Compare that to if you paid with cash – the discount would only have been around 1%.

In both situations the percentage will change depending on the price of gas, since Irving’s discount is fixed. When the price goes up, the percentage from Irving goes down.

Irving gas rewards + rewards credit card = best deal

By using both together, you can really milk the pump. Obviously this doesn’t make gas cheap, but it is a nice strategy to score some savings off the regular price. It works out to be an even better deal than what the Irving credit card used to offer.

Written or last updated Nov 2012

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Stanley Mikkelsen

I got an e-mail from you which said if I filled at least 7 gallons of gas on my fill-up I would get 10 cents off the price per gallon. I just filled up at Circle K (7817) 9 gallons and I got 0 cents off per gallon. What did I do wrong??

I filled up with gas today and presented my card. Advertised price was 2.23 per gallon on the sign when I activated the pump the price was 2.23 pert gallon. When I asked the attendant about the usual .05 cents off per gallon I was told not any more. I guess there is no advantage to having a rewards card.

Went to use my rewards card and the pump said my card was not valid? I have used this card twice a week for a long time.(what’s up)

The thing I do not like, is once you reach the 50 Gals. and the next time you go in, and you do not have a container to get all your rewards at the time you are there that day, you can not go back and get the REST of them. I mean really, you spent the money to GET THE REWARDS, you should not be punished and not GET THEM ALL

Cynthia Fillinger

The Lampron station on Tanberg trail in Windham is never on line never get rewards credits there. A real pain even went in they said off line then said they fixed it and manually put in my rewards but they didn’t show?

does irving have a credit card has points back besides the rewards card why dont have it on diesel . like me i have only one truck i dont have the advantage as the big companys have to buy in bulk thanks .

Brian McKernan

Does Irving have a corporate card gas program. We are next to the Springfield MA. station and would be interested. We have 15 vehicles coming out of our office daily.

Does the rewards program work each time you purchase gasoline or do you have to purchase a set number of gallons before it kicks in. If you have to purchase a set number of gallons at one time or does it accumulate with each purchase until you reach the required number of gallons.