Ink From Chase Jot App Review

Attention business owners: Don’t you just hate accounting? As an owner of two small businesses myself, the one thing I dread the most are the accounting tasks. Not because they are hard, but simply because they are so time consuming. I consider them a distraction from the real work.

The Chase Jot app = time saver

Will this nifty little app solve all your accounting headaches? Definitely not. However, what it will do is save you an immense amount of time when it comes to categorizing your credit card spending. Here’s how…

Step One: You a receive real-time alert for your purchase

Whenever you or an employee make a purchase using your Chase Ink business account, you will receive an instant notification on your smartphone (currently Android and iPhone are supported). It will look like this:

Step Two: You categorize the purchase

Just click “View” and you can categorize that purchase instantly. The example below shows a few different construction projects and this Home Depot purchase is being tagged/categorized under the first project “Rang Ext. Window”:

Step Three: You access your categorized expense reports online

You login to your Chase credit card account and from there, you click “Tag Your Purchases With Jot.” This will take you to all your purchases, both those that have already been tagged and those that haven’t.

You can generate custom expense reports using dates, categories, amount, or by account if you have multiple Ink cards. Now here’s the best part… You can download/export these reports to your Excel or QuickBooks!

What you will like best about this

Think about it… the big benefit here is that Jot from Chase allows you to always be up-to-date on your expense management. Since you are only categorizing one purchase at a time, it only takes a few seconds to do and isn’t tedious or time-consuming. In the amount of time it takes to walk from the store or restaurant to your car, you will have already had a chance to categorize that transaction you just made.

This is much better than doing the ol’ business as usual, where we go about making our purchases and then have to set aside a chunk of time later to sort them all out. Instead of having to do that once per week or once per month, you can just do it on the go after each and every purchase you make.

Which cards have the Chase Jot app in 2013?

You will need to have one of their Ink business cards in order to use this app. The actual app is free of charge and there are a couple free versions of the cards, too. You can compare the Chase Ink card reviews here.

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I am so unhappy with this app and credit card. I’ve had all my employees tagging receipts, and now our bookkeeper went to pull it into quickbooks but IT DOES NOT WORK! You can pull in the expenses with the Chase auto-generated categories, but those are vague, often wrong, and don’t reflect business needs (‘pets’ category doesn’t do much for us!). The actual business-specific tags that we spent so much time setting up and coordinating are nowhere to be found and don’t pull into quickbooks, but will still have to be hand-entered.

They clearly haven’t thought enough about how to integrate this well with quickbooks or real business needs. I also just saw that receipt images are only available for two years (and I’ve looked but haven’t found a way to download them)– so the tag info is no good from an audit standpoint since you need receipts for 7 years. Sad that something that seems so useful is so completely worthless.

seems like no one at chase knows what Jot is.. I’ve been transferred 3 times now and have been on hold for 15 min. I think I already prefer Expensify!

Been on the phone with Chase for over an hour, switched to four different reps and depts and their seems to be no for customer support for Jot. Also no instructional videos anywhere on website or youtube. Amazing.

They have not done a good job at explaining the use of tags and how to set them up. Before you do tags you should thoughtfully plan out how they will be done.

This app is for crap! Half the time when I try to tag a purchase, it takes me to a login screen, then I can’t get back to the purchase I want to tag! It is also not easy to add tags on the phone app. My guess is they didn’t spend enough time testing this product.

Definitely needs work. Though the screenshot above shows tags as being a selection for reports, it is not available from my create expense report screen . this make the app worthless or the tags worthless.

I got my first alert. tried to capture the receipt but the app cannot see the transactions. pretty lame

I think each person must have a smartphone with the jot app and they are to take a picture of their receipt that is uploaded to the site.
I haven’t started using it yet and came here for help. It is not user friendly, that’s for sure.

I got the app and was able to tag all purchases. But I cannot find the above screen where I can generate reports.

Do the notifications only go to the main card holder or will individual employees be able to tag their expenses in the field? We will have 30-35 employees with cards and it would be great if each employee could tag receipts as they use the card but absolutely useless feature if the office is going to have to figure out what to tag the receipt.

Does anyone know if there is a personal credit card that has this instant tagging app feature?

Robert Marcolongo

Jot is is a great but you need to be able to delete tags. I do work for a lot of different customers and when I am done a job I can tally up materials and be done with it. I may not need that tag again for a long time or at all also need to be able to clear monthly expenses so I don’t have a running tab for ever i.e. home depot lowes gas. Speaking of gas why does it only show 1.00 for gas purchases instead of the correct amount? This can be very useful if these items were addressed.

Thank you in advance,
RTM Handyman Services LLC

well robert gas only shows as a dollar because it runs a authorization thru to make sure card is valid and running then $1 dollar falls off and the amt you purchased gas for hits acct just like when you leave a tip on card amt the meal was is pending but when it hits acct the tip gets thru