I’m a Victim of the Citi Credit Card Security Breach!

Lucky me, I’m among the 1% of Citi credit card accounts that were hacked!

I discovered the news about 36 hours ago, when I logged into my Thank You Points account and was prompted with this screen:

Citi security breach

I called the number on the screen and was connected to a foreigner (sounded to be Filipino) whom I could barely understand and she was unable to give me any kind of clear answers as to what was going on. In fact, at first the way she responded inferred that this was not a wide scale problem, but rather only my account that was hacked which would have been even more alarming.

After speaking with her a few minutes I requested to be transferred to the security department directly. It was around 11 pm and closed, so she instructed me to call back later.

I am a huge fan of the travel rewards on the Citi ThankYou Premier card but am not exactly enthusiastic with how this problem has been handled so far. They never called or emailed to notify me of the problem and I only became aware of it by happenstance.

Reportedly around 200,000 accounts were breached, which equals out to be around 1% of Citi’s credit card accounts in North America. How unlucky can I be?

Written June 2011

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