Hyatt Credit Card Review

Park Hyatt in MaldivesDespite being one of the biggest and most popular luxury hotel brands in the world, you might be surprised to hear that up until 2010, Hyatt never issued their own branded card.

Why not? Well the rumor was because they weren’t interested in having one, unless it could be the best hotel credit card on the market.

So is their card competitive in 2015? We no longer offer the card on our site, but use our review to decide if it’s the best fit for you.

The current offer

Sign-up bonus: Two free nights at any Hyatt, worldwide. Sure, some hotel cards will reel you in with a promotion for a free stay but then when you dig into the fine print, you discover they only give it to you at their lowest-level properties. That’s not the case with the Hyatt 2 free nights promotion. Take a look for yourself – there are NO sneaky exclusions in the application’s fine print. 2 free nights promo

Note that there must be standard rooms available when you book to redeem your points.

So how much is this sign-up bonus actually worth? Well obviously the room rates vary by location but to give you an idea, I priced out a 2-night stay at a couple of their high profile properties … room rate for Hyatt 48 in NYC rate for Park Hyatt in Paris The Paris Vendome location is especially valuable, considering the dollar-to-euro conversion. The spending requirement to qualify for this bonus is $1,000 within the first three months of cardmembership. That’s an average of $333.34 per month, which isn’t that much of a stretch if you concentrate spending on the card. You will have to pay resort fees at certain properties, but 2 free nights at a luxury hotel like Hyatt – regardless of the location – is a generous promotion.

Earning rewards

As you would expect, with the Hyatt Visa card you earn Hyatt Gold Passport points:

  • 3 points per dollar spent at Hyatt
  • 2 points per dollar at restaurants, on airline tickets purchased directly with the airline and at car rental agencies
  • 1 point per dollar everywhere else

There are no limits to how many points you can earn. How much are Hyatt points worth? Well, here is the reward redemption chart for rooms from the Hyatt website:
Hyatt redemption chart

Hyatt updated its redemption chart in the second half 2014, and it’s still in effect as of August 2015.

Based on my experience, it’s easy to get up to 1.5 to 2 cents value per Gold Passport point when you convert them to free nights at their hotels. But even if you’re not familiar with the rewards program, all you have to do is look at the two room quotes above to get the gist of how valuable their points are. So this means that even though the Chase Hyatt only gives 1 pt/dollar on normal spending, keep in mind that each point can be worth more than a cent, depending on how you redeem.

Big benefits for a small fee

The annual fee is very reasonable at $75. If you take advantage of all the card’s benefits, you can come out way ahead but even the annual free night’s stay is worth the annual fee. Where else can you get a nice hotel room for that kind of money?

No foreign transaction fees – With the Hyatt Visa you won’t have to worry about any annoying ancillary fees associated with purchases made while traveling internationally or making purchases online with foreign companies.

Comes with chip and signature – EMV chip technology is gaining traction in the U.S., but not all cards have it. The Hyatt card does.

Elite status – As long as your card is still open, you automatically get Platinum membership (which would normally require 5 qualifying stays or 15 eligible nights per year). At the Platinum level, you get:

  • A 15% point bonus for each stay
  • Option to make a late checkout request and stay until 2 p.m.
  • Access to preferred rooms (those on higher floors or that are larger) when available
  • No charge for in-room internet
  • Elite member area for faster check-in

In addition to automatic Platinum status, you also get 2 stays and 5 nights toward Diamond status if you spend $20,000 in a calendar year on the card. If you spend $40,000 per calendar year, you get an additional three stay credits and five night credits.

Visa Signature benefits – This is the highest tier of a Visa card you can get, and it comes with the most bells and whistles: concierge service, purchase security, extended warranty coverage on eligible purchases, lost luggage reimbursement, travel emergency assistance hotline, emergency card and cash replacement, auto rental collision damage waiver, roadside dispatch, Common Carrier travel accident insurance, entertainment benefits, and more. Contact Chase for the details, rules, and exclusions for each benefit.

1 free award night every year after account anniversary – Every year after your account’s anniversary date, you receive one Award night (good for category 1-4 properties).


Many of the credit cards out there that come with good sign-up promotions are not ones you would want to keep for the long haul. However, the Chase Hyatt Visa is an exception: With all the benefits and the free award night every year upon renewal, it definitely makes sense to make room in your wallet for it. To make sure it’s the best fit for you, first consider these hotel and resort card offers.

Another option is the Marriott Rewards card, as it also offers an anniversary bonus night that can help justify paying the annual fee each year.

Updated February 2016

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I live in europe, possible to get the credit hyatt card?
Tx in advance

The two free nights offer is a lie. I have been trying to apply those free nights to an existing reservation. “unavailable” So I tried making a new reservation at the same hotel “not available.” This offer was advertised as available worldwide, with no blackout dates as long as standard rooms were available. I can book a standard room at this property for the dates I am choosing. But I can’t use the award. Further, there is no place on the website to use these free nights on a reservation. You have to call to check every time. And I’ve now checked four different dates and three different cities and can use none of them. Ridiculous and disappointing.

This is the best credit card I ever had. For those who can.t book the two free night call the customer service, they are very helpful and professional. I love ittttt!!

Anyone know if Chase will issue the Hyatt card AND Chase Sapphire Preferred card to the same person? And, if so, what about a husband and wife in the same household each applying for and receiving BOTH cards? I realize they each have fees…the Sapphire Card offers 50,000 points after reaching a spending threshhold, so, four free certificates through the Hyatt card and a combined 100,000 Hyatt points via the Sapphire card. Am I missing something? Thanks for any insight.

Waldo Wayback

Of course they will BL, both excellent products if you make your payments. Those looking to churn and burn, not so much.

But yes, chase will issue both cards to same household. Kind of a “naturally occurring” alliance in US for Chase, Hyatt and United but no one is forced to take that path.

Nothing negative to report. Was able to use my free awards at a cat 7. Never ever have received anything but professional first class service from all parties involved. ( Finance, Hospitality and Transportation)

While staying at the hyatt in Sf the counter personal suggested that i get this card. 2 free nights. The problem is that they will expire before i have a chance to use them. Hyatt will not extend this offer. use it or lose it. I do not any vacation time before they expire. what can i do. I wanted to take my wife to maui with this prize. i have been trying hard to rack up points to add to the nights. now i have invested cash and points and it appears i will lose them. What can i do.

how soon the 2 free nights expired?

Hi Stan,

The two free sign-up bonus nights expire 1 year after the date they are issued. Your check-out date must occur before expiration.

used one night at hyatt regency at Waikiki, got upgraded to 40th (top)floor 2 bedroom suite, 3 balconies, 2.5 bathroom, full kitchen, wet bar, Jacuzzi tub, this was over $800 room! no resort fee, they did not even charge me the $25 parking fee. WOW. So sad I didn’t realize this and used my first cert on a hyatt place in seattle 🙁 could have lived like a queen for two nights instead of one!!!

Just got this card. I applied for the card on 09/30/2014 and by 10/18/2014 I received the card, met the $1,000 spending and received the 2 award nights in my account and booked the rooms for my trip. The website showed the two nights as available but when I tried to book both nights together they weren’t available. Once I called the reservation line they were able to book the rooms for me. I got the rooms for free but had I paid it would have been about $600 per night for the Andaz Tokyo.

Just tried to book my free night for Kauai in January. NOT AVAILABLE, this is only for awards there are rooms at the hotel

Called the platinum line and got the rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can even use the 2 free nights for the M Life hotels in Las Vegas. I got a awesome room at ARIA.

I called Hyatt in advance of getting the card and the agent gave me a great idea. I had enough points for one night at the Paris Vendome but needed 3. She suggested that I go ahead and reserve 3 nights, 2 to be paid, then get the card. Once I had spent my required minimum, I called back and converted the 2 paid nights to free nights. And this was only 4 months prior to my trip. NICE!! Saved me about $2000.

Just an FYI for anyone having trouble using 2 free nights. In my experience I have never been able to book two nights online. It says not available but if you call the platinum line they can handle it.

I used my free nights at the Andaz Maui which showed a room rate of $999 per night. Crazy!

Jerome Williams

I was one of the first to get this card. Never. Ever. No! problem with redemption at 5th Avenue AnDAZ in NYC for the any class, just try getting something in NYC that’s not a closet …. this is a truly superior hotel. Worth about $1400 for the two nights. Website very easy to use both at hyatt and chase site, have no idea what B A is talking about. The Category 4 annual redemption? I’ve gotten about $450 each year out of that. I use this card in Europe with no convert fees and the exchange rate is really fair. This so beats the Marriott Card I tried this year because of having to put up family for many nights for a family surgery – points are worthless and Hilton? LOL

All the above/below issues (I read every one) are not any part of my experience. Your loss if you can’t qualify for this card. You are not paying attention if you can but don’t get one.

I jut tried using my 2 free nights at 3 hotels in Paris – the park hyatt vendome, Hyatt du louvre, hyatt Madeline and no rooms were available for their promotion. The dates of travel are mid June 2014, 9 months in advance. This trip is why I signed up for the card, I will probably end up canceling it.

You may have to call to redeem nights. Website showed no availability for Grand Hyatt Hong Kong on my dates, but I called in and they had no issue booking the room.

the offers are becoming bad I will stop staying at Hyatt
all the benefits are not worth
preferred room they will not give it to u until u ask and will act as if it is a favor
Internet access, all the hotels I have stayed with had free internet any way and they will not compensate u with something different
Expedite check-in at a dedicated area is a joke every one uses this line
late check out until 2:00 p.m every one gets it

No problems with this card at all. Also, the 2 free nights offer is still going.
I used my 2 free nights at the Hyatt Maui, and my wife just applied for a card, and well we use the nights either at the Andaz Maui, or the Park Hyatt in Milan.
Used my anniversary night in San Francisco last year.

I don’t know what you guys are talking about – I have this card and I love it, I have never had trouble redeeming the free nights. When I signed up I was already Platinum status at Hyatt so they gave me 2 free suite upgrades as a bonus in addition to the 2 free nights. I used all of them, and I have used the anniversary nights, and never had a problem.

It is true that you can only use them at category 1-4 hotels, but there are many nice Hyatt hotels in those categories. What do you expect, a free stay in a hotel that costs $1,000/night? Come on, get a grip.

Also, the no FETFs and the chip and sig feature make this card extremely useful for me when I travel.

Like the previous user, I am having a lot of DIFFICULTY trying to use my reward night. Different properties on different dates and I keep being told, “The reward night is not available on that date at that hotel.” I am considering canceling as well.

I have not been able to use the promotion, even though I am very flexible with locations. My dates are always “unavailable”. I have had the card for 8 months and I plan to cancel it.

The two free night sign up promo is still up on Chase’s web site. Enjoyed the review – I just got the Amex Hilton Surpass but am wishing I had the Hyatt Visa instead.

Chase British Airways card is not Chip and Pin, it’s chip and signature — so your information is incorrect.

I am still confused. Even after Hyatt sent out an info sheet explaining how the chip and signature card works, it is still unclear whether or not the card will work at Paris metro ticket machines, unmanned gas stations or SNCF French train kisoks. Usually those type of terminals require a chip and PIN card which this Hyatt card is certainly not. Does anyone have a definitive answer?

All major US banks (Amex, Citibank, Chase) provides a Chip and Signature smart card (Different from Chip and PIN). It DOES NOT work at unmanned Euro train ticket machines nor pretty much any kiosks throughout the world (besides US). I tried already. full list here:

However, my CHIP AND PIN card from a small credit union works at all kiosks in the world. Good job America, you tried to catch up with the world and spent $millions$ to convert to something that doesn’t work and will be obsolete in the future. Its funny because all the places that accept Chip and Signature overseas accept regular striped USA cards as well, IME. So whats the point. People “THINK” their chip and sig works overseas real well, is because they fail to realize that particular merchant accepts striped cards as well.

This is the order I ALWAYS try when i eat out or shop in Europe: (1) my Magnetic striped Chase sapphire card – Most of the time (like 80-90%) they accept it! IF they do NOT accept it, I attempt to use (2), my CHIP and SIG Amex Platinum. Boom Not once has it worked if my Striped card doesn’t work, and since I told u the order I always try is with Sapphire first, that means I have never had a transaction with my Amex outside the US. Then I try (3) my credit union Chip and PIN. That always works! I have never been able to use my Magnetic striped card or Chip and Sig at any train station in Europe.

Places that ONLY accept CHIP and PIN DO NOT accept Chip and Signature nor regular striped cards. If a machine can’t spit out a piece of paper for a magnetic striped card to sign, why would they do it for a Chip and Sig?

Besides cool look factor, I STILL do not understand the difference between the Chip and Signature and a regular US magnetic striped card!?

Yes easy answer, it wont work at those train kiosks.

Well, the card lived up to its reputation. I got everything promised. We got two cards, one for me an done for my partner. We just enjoyed 4 free nights at the Park Hyatt in Paris. The Chip and Signature card worked everywhere in France, the Paris Metro, for TER train tickets, but not SNCF ticket machines. SNCF requires a chip and PIN card. Mystery solved.

Two caveats: This is not a chip with PIN card. It is a chip with signature card. If you are late with a payment, you are subject to a penalty interest rate of 30% “indefinitely”.

My husband and I got our Hyatt credit card last year and used our 2 free nights for the West End London Hyatt on our honeymoon. It was beautiful and saved us so much money. This year, we used a combination of points and our free night or a Hyatt in New Orleans. Once again, beautiful hotel, great service and we saved money to be used on other parts of the trip. Also, we were upgraded to a suite! I love this card.

I too was thrilled with the card. I am a Diamond level member with Hyatt and find the Brand to be excellent. I too got the card not only for the points when staying at the hotel but for the nights as well….upon one’s anniversery the card holder receives one night. HOWEVER, either I failed to read the fine print when applying for the card OR the terms of the “free night” have been changed. The terms now specify that the nights are good only for catigory 1-4 hotels within the Hyatt brand. That means the Park Hyatt in Paris (or any Park property for that matter) are not eligible for the free night! Thinking of changing cards. The Bank one card is a pretty sweet deal.

The first two free nights worked like a charm. However, the anniversary nights are harder to redeem. I literally selected each date from July 1 to August 31 at 2 different hotels and neither had a free date available with the anniversary reward. What’s up with that?

We have this card As our only credit card and we love it. We got the 2 free night promo , used the 2 free nights in Toronto w/ no issues. Very easy to claim.

We’ve kept the card since. The annual 1 night stay is a very nice perk. We pay all our monthly bills w/ this card and pay off the balance each month. We do have an excellent credit score, I’m not sure if they permit lower scores. We’ve had no issues At all paying the bill. You create An account thru chase.

It was super easy. Great card!

Used my sign-up 2 free nights at the Park Hyatt Place-Vendome in Paris. Oooh-la-la! That $75 annual fee gave me a $900+ value.

They also give an anniversary night when you renew – so another $75 got me a night in NYC at the 48 Lex Hyatt for Labor Day weekend. They restrict this award to level 1-4 hotels. (I booked a 2nd night with 15,000 points.) Still, tremendous value when going to expensive destinations like Paris and New York.

We got the card last year and were able to use our free nights on two separate occasions. Finding an opportunity to use the free nights was difficult because the free nights are only for standard (meaning “smallest”) rooms. We are a family of six, and when we travel, we travel together. A standard room doesn’t cut it for us. We happened to travel out of the country this past year so the lack of foreign transaction fees was a major plus. But we will not be traveling out of the country again in the future as far as we can tell.

Another bonus of the Hyatt card is that you don’t have to acquire a lot of points to get a free night–only 5000 for some Hyatt Place hotels. That’s a great deal.

If you do a lot of foreign travel, this card is great (although a lot of credit cards are eliminating their foreign transaction fees as well). But for our family, the $75 annual fee is not worth the benefits except for the first year when you get the sign up bonus of two free nights.

I finally signed up for this credit card after a few business trips to Monterey, CA. We love the Hyatt hotel at the Del Monte Golf Course in Monterey, and my family and I have also since stayed here for personal travel. We used the two free nights from signing up for the card for a weekend trip to San Diego this past summer. We use the card to make various purchases each month, pay the bill in full each month, and plan on using the points this next summer for another free stay somewhere. Like all benefits credit cards, use the card monthly to pay for purchases you would make anyways and pay off the bill in full each month to truly get the most benefits for your money.

Could not use the two free nights at the Hyatt Park Lane in London. Only available at the Hyatt in the business area. Nice hotel but further out for tourist purposes. The web site is challenging to find to pay the bill, each time I have to hunt and hunt…