How To Get Free FICO Score (No Trial Needed)

credit score deniedQ: I want to know how I can obtain a genuine FICO credit score (not a FAKO/imitation) and I don’t want to pay a dime for it. I refuse to sign up for a”free” trial. No credit card number should be needed if it’s truly free. Are there any websites that offer this?

A: Almost every website out there uses FAKOs (Experian PLUS Scores, VantageScores, and other imitators which often times are of little value to you). Only three sites give you authentic FICO scores:, (as part of its credit-monitoring service) and

All those options will cost you money, though.

Currently, you have a better option: Some cards now offer ongoing free access to your real FICO. There’s no catch, you just have to be a cardholder of one of them to take advantage of it.

Now, this means you will have to apply for and get approved for a card. But if the card is a good fit for you, you’ll be able to see your FICO without worrying about fees from “free” trial websites.

Not a one trick pony, either

Plus, in addition to access to your score, you’ll get rewards through your credit card. Discover, Citi (as of January 2015) and Barclaycard all let you view your score via your online card account, and all have cards with great rewards programs.

Barclaycard RewardsIf your credit score isn’t so hot, then go for Barclaycard’s Rewards MasterCard instead. It’s marketed towards people who have fair and average credit. I have heard from many, MANY people who have sub-prime credit have reported getting approved for it. There are few cards on the market in this category that come with no annual fee, let alone a rewards program.

Conclusion? Stop paying for FICO, don’t settle for FAKO

You won’t have to hassle with those dubious trial offers or paid memberships again! Now that you can get your FICO score online for free through major card issuers, you can access the same type of score that lenders and creditors actually use.

Updated August 17, 2016

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Barclaycard gives you fico score once every 3-4 month

The Discover it now also offers this as a benefit.

OK Discover Card – Wonderful customer service to folks like me who have been meticulously monitoring their credit score monthly via a separate platform. The FICO benefit is a nice perk. It’s not saving me any money though.

Now that my FICO score is stellar, what is Discover offering to automatically reduce the high interest rates associated with my 17 year account with you, which is in excellent standing. You are still charging me 25%.

I am a current customer in good standing.

You are providing me with a FICO score to validate that – for free.

Very Cool but how are you saving me money unless you lower my interest rate? You do it for new customers but hold long time loyal customers hostage.

Lots of new companies are tapping in to this – and Discover is losing customers.

You will not lower my interest rate to what a competitor is offering. By switching to a lower interest card, I save a fortune. My interest goes to a new company – a discover card competitor.

You need to take it a step further and value the clients who have been with you for many years, who have funded your success, with our high interest payments.

If you cannot offer me a better deal, why wouldn’t I switch to someone who can? It’s a no brainer.

I am an older person. I need to do what makes the most financial sense – every day. 25% interest is not meeting that criteria. MY FICO score is awesome. Why does my corresponding Discover card interest rate suck?

Discover is also giving this service to it’s cardholders. I am a holder of both. Barclay will give you TO’s phone # & you can get it yourself. The only unfortunate part is that both scores areffrom TU. It would be really nice if they were from different credit unions. Oh well.

I would go with MyFico just because I have heard not so good things about Equifax.