Honda Credit Card: It’s Not What You Think

Q: When my father-in-law paid for dinner he accidentally pulled out a Honda rewards credit card from his wallet, which he then quickly put back in. I didn’t say anything at the time but the next day I tried to look it up and can’t find any evidence of this card even existing! Can you still apply for this in 2013 or has it been discontinued?

A: There are 3 Honda cards that exist today so what you saw must have been one of these…

(1) Honda FCU credit card

The Honda Federal Credit Union is for employees of the company. They offer a “Visa Classic” and “Visa Gold” but they’re hardly exciting. Even if you are a Honda employee, I would not recommend either of them!

(2) Honda Power Equipment Visa card

This can only be used to buy their “power equipment” which includes the following items: lawnmowers, generators, pumps, snowblowers, tillers, and trimmers (or at least that’s what they show on their power equip website).

This Honda credit card is issued by Wells Fargo and the financing promotion on it when I checked was 18 months deferred interest.

Honda financing promotion details

Keep in mind that is NOT the same as 0% for 18 months. Read the small print on the application and you will see that it’s possible to be charged interest retroactively with this offer. With an APR of 27.99% that would definitely hurt if it happened.

(3) Honda Rewards Visa

This is not a credit card! You may have seen someone use this and at first glance, it may look like a credit card. But this is actually a prepaid card that the manufacturer gives out for certain incentives (i.e. Buy a new car and get a prepaid Visa worth $X).

Honda even says this on the FAQ section of their website. Here’s a copy/paste of it:

“Is the Honda Reward Card a credit card?
No. The Honda Reward Card is a stored-value Visa card that carries an award-dollar amount based on participant achievement in Honda-sponsored incentive programs. Each time the recipient uses the card, the purchase amount is deducted from the available balance.”

Conclusion: They don’t have a “real” credit card in 2013

Honda VisaIf you want an everyday credit card to go along with your Civic or Accord, sorry but there’s not one that exists in 2013.

While some other manufacturer’s like Subaru and BMW offer credit cards, Honda doesn’t. Back around ’07 they used to have one thru Chase (pictured right) but that was discontinued years ago.

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