HHGregg Credit Card Review: Should You Apply or Not?

The HHGregg credit card application is promoted as way to save money, but will it actually do that?

For starters, I would just like to say I’m a huge fan of HHGregg. There are now 139 HHGregg stores with many more to follow… I think over the next decade we will definitely see them give Best Buy a run for their money (and they need some healthy competition now that Circuit City is gone!).

What is the interest rate?

I called up their customer service to inquire about the APR. I could barely understand the rep I was talking to (had to ask her to repeat the answer multiple times) but I finally found it on their website…

APR from HHGregg

The interest rate on this card is absolutely outrageous – 29.99%. I’ve written a lot of credit card reviews and trust me, to the best of my knowledge this is the worst I have ever seen. I mean for crying out loud, the APR is almost 30 percent? That’s highway robbery!

Who issues this credit card?

This is not a major credit card (like a Visa, Discover, etc). It can only be used for purchases at HHGregg locations and on their website, so it is a private label store credit card only. The issuer is GE Capital Retail Bank.

Can you apply online?

At this time you cannot apply for a HHGregg card online. You have to go to their retail store to get an application.

Is there a rewards program?

Unfortunately, the HHGregg card doesn’t offer any points, cash back, miles, etc. on most purchases. However on eligible “major appliance purchases” of $499+ there is a 5% discount. That is nice, but I wonder what kind of exclusions go along with it? Like most store credit cards, the primary benefit is usually a one-time discount at the point of sale for whatever you’re buying with your first card purchase.

Are the finance promotions any good?

Okay, so we have already established the HHGregg card doesn’t provide rewards on most items and it has an insanely high interest rate… so that leaves us with the financing offers. Are they worth it or not? Well take a closer look…

  • The card offers deferred interest promotions
  • The duration of the promotion can vary depending on what you’re buying and where you’re buying it at. For example, some purchases may be eligible for 6 months, others for 12 months, etc.
  • I only found one page on the site that talks about the credit card and it says “90 Days Same-as-Cash on any purchase” is one of the benefits, but I’m not sure if that page is up-to-date because there was also info about the interest rate which was clearly outdated.

Here’s my issue with these promotions, you need to be warned:

All of their financing promotions are 0% deferred financing. So if you don’t pay off every single penny of the purchase before the promotion is up, then interest will be charged to your HHGregg credit card account on the full purchase price, going back all the way to the date of purchase.

On the other hand, regular (major) credit cards don’t do engage in this reprehensible retroactive-interest practice. If they advertise 0% for 12 months, you won’t get slapped with back interest if it takes you longer than 12 months to pay off the purchase. You’ll simply start paying interest from that date forward on any remaining balances.


I personally would never apply for this card, because it’s so risky. Even if you think you will be able to pay off the purchase in full before the promotion is up, you never know what life has in store for you. If you lost your job or had unexpected expenses come up, suddenly you may no longer be able to pay it off in time… and that would mean getting hit with the deferred interest on the full purchase at an insanely high rate.

A Better Alternative?

If you have really, really bad credit, the financing from HHGregg unfortunately may be your only option. However most people, even those with somewhat impaired or less than perfect credit can qualify for much better options than this.
Written or last updated February 15, 2016

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Just to clear everything up. The store hhgregg. Has very little to do with the financing. That’s ge.

Secondly state laws do apply. In my state anything you pay above the minimum amount which is 3.5% or 25$ whichever is greater. Goes directly towards the item accruing the most interest, the soonest.
This is a state thing. Not anything to do with hhgregg. So if your in a different state. It does not work that way.

Thirdly. Any appliance/furniture/bedding above 497.99 gets you 5% off instantly. Who needs points that don’t do anything unless you spend a fortune. Who needs coupons. It’s instant 5% cash off.
At the time of the article being written it also included tvs.

4. 29.99% interest is high. No one is saying it’s not.
Well. .. don’t pay your minimum. Pay your equal pay. Take the total. And divide by your 6/12/24/36/48 months 0% interest.
Better yet. If you qualify for 12 months. Divide by 10. Give yourself room for life to be silly.

5. I work for the company. I sell this. I deal with it. I’m saying I’m biased sure. But so are half these comments. He even told you. Hey we have a sponsored promotion. That’s who I suggest. … well duh. They’re your sponsored promotions.

I would never. Ever. Ever. Not tell the customer it’s 29.99% I would always tell then to take the price and divide by your promotion. I always suggest to give yourself 2 months of an extra leeway.

Don’t blame my company for a few rude individuals.

Have you ever gone to work. And just met a fellow coworker. You cannot stand. You find rude. You don’t like their clothing. Or they’re swearing. Or maybe the fact that they aren’t even a bit polite.
Well guess what? We have humans working for us. Sometimes humans just suck.
I do apologize for that. You shouldn’t of had to deal with rude employees. If I would have seen a salesman say goodbye we can’t use your card. I’d report him. I’d go straight to corporate. And I would have him fired. That is NOT ok. And I feel for you. I hate when fellow employees are disrespectful. I feel they wronged you. I feel that they should be corrected.
But there are alot of situations. For example I once had a situation similar. They thought they had the hhgregg card. They did not. They had a rebate card. With 80 dollars. Not a financing card. But. Would they even attempt to listen to my explanation? Certainly not. They felt right. So they must have been right. Simple logic. But so far from the truth. She refused to acknowledge that she didn’t have a financing card. She yelled and shouted. Insulted me. Called me a crook. I was offended. I asked them to calm down. They just yelled. So I told them. I cannot help you if you are yelling at me. I cannot help if I’m being insulted. Did that slow them down? No. So I asked them to leave. Which they found insulting. I was also almost in tears from them yelling. They made me feel unsafe in my own environment.

Moral of that story. Yes. Sometimes employees are wrong. It does happen. And I apologize so much. Endlessly so for that. But sometimes. Customers are wrong. It’s a reality. Just because you yell loud enough doesn’t give me the ability. To change 80 dollars into a financing card.

I really. Really doubt this is what happened to you. Because it’s so incredibly silly of a situation. And I know I did not call ge 3 times to try to prove to them that they were mistaken. I tried once. And they yelled don’t call them this is between us. So I also happen to know I’m not your salesmen.

Hope this brought a few things to light.

i will never deal with them again. i made a purchase of 3the for about 900 total. so their rac ppl told me that due to the promotion that my down payment of 174 and my monthly payments of 150 would go directly towards the principal balance….well that’s was a lie after making 3 months payments plus down payment i went to pay it off and those crooks told me my balance was 836…wtf???? i told then to pick up the merchandise to prevent damaging it in.my small car Feb 12. it took them til March 20 to call me to arrange a pick up…which is way after i left the state for training. i even arranged to have someone at my house several times to be there when they come but they never showed. now in getting all kinds if rude calls to schedule a pick up 3 months after i constantly set up appts they missed. i still have months of training and no way or anyone i trust to get the stuff to them. not to mention the wasted storage fees i had to store the ga

I have used their credit card for promotional purposes with great success and I always make sure to mail in the payment 10-15 days prior to the due date. I have always watched when their payment clears my bank after a payment I made a couple years ago supposedly didn’t reach them until several days late. I raised holy #$$% with them and they knocked off the $35 late fee. Well it just happened again (5 days overdue and no idea where the payment is still) and I’m scratching my head because I have evidence that several other bills I mailed and paid at the same time all cleared a week before the missing payment’s due date. I picked up on this payment not clearing a day after my due date and immediately called HH Gregg and found they had slapped another late fee on me. I went ahead and made a phone payment which unfortunately I will have to do from here on out bacause I don’t trust their system anymore. Is this the way GE Capital sneaks in some finance charges on you for using their 0% financing promotions? There’s no telling what goes on in their mail room so beware.

I find working with HHGregg very frustrating. I have attempted to set up an automatic payment account and it is not working.They need to get their act together. I cannot understand the service reps and all the automatic messages have been played so many times they are worn out. My time is important and I do not like having to stay on the line extended periods of time just to speak with someone. The service is poor. Yes, my first bill was due BEFORE 30 days and I did not know who the account was being sold to. They stressed the 0% interest for 36 months on my purchase. I will survive but I will not do business with them again.

Well, I just received 1300 in interest fees due to an expiration on my deferred interest. Yup. It got by me before I could pay it off. I was close. As a result, I was going to call GE Capital and see if they could extend the contract (grace period) so I can pay the amount off and ask they waive the 1300 in interest fees. You think they would or could help? I paid every month on time. Just a huge oversight on my part.

Hope GE Capital Customer Service comes through and can help.

I don’t have great credit at all, so if not, I will just let it go and pay my good cards and let this go to collections.

What is the lowest credit score you can have to obtain an HHGreg credit card?

I have been using this card for big purchases (tv,appliances) over the last 2-3 years. I have not been charged interest yet and have received competitive pricing on all items. If you are responsible and pay off the balances this is a good card to utilize. And, no I don’t work for anyone affiliated with the card or HH Gregg. LOL

What does you credit need to be at to get this card?

My Fiance was approved for an HHGregg card. The current promotion is 12 months with 0% interest. Do you know if these monthly payments are evenly divided up so that you pay it off within 12 months or are the monthly payments extremely lower to try and get you to not pay it off?

No, they charge you a minimal monthly payment. I have this card, and while the interest rate is VERY high, the way to use it is to buy interest-free for 6-12-18-24 months, and then be disciplined enough to pay it off on time. If you’re carrying a balance on this card that is subject to interest, you’re not using it wisely.
I have this so I can free up my Visa, and get bigger items completely interest-free, which my Visa won’t help with.
But you MUST be disciplined, they count on you not paying it off on time.

Fred I did make a promotional purchase and have been paying it off so that it would be paid in full within the 2 years I was supposed to have to pay it off at 0% interest. Little did i know that they split up my purchase and only gave me 1 year to pay of the highest priced item and are now slapping me with all the interest even though I have already paid 2/3 of the total balance. I have not had any luck getting help from hhgregg or synchrony bank. It was my understanding we had 2 years to pay the entire balance in 2 years. I have been paying more than enough to have it paid of before the 2 years was up. Very dishonest if you ask me.

I’ve used the GE card several times for ‘deferred interest’ promotions. You just have to read the fine print and make sure that you’re never, ever late… or the whole deal is off! If you can set up an autopay with your bank and get GE paid a week ahead of time, it’s a good deal. Otherwise, be prepared to pay high interest for the duration of the loan, retroactive to the purchase date!

Over $500 gets you a year to pay, interest free. Over $1500 gets you 2 years to pay, interest free. What’s not to like about that? If you’re not sure you can afford to pay for your purchases in 2 years, you can’t afford it. Anyone who would botch a 2 year deferred interest plan at ANY interest rate is likely a very high risk for default. Hence, the crazy high interest rate is probably justified in addition to providing a strong incentive to stay within your budget and pay timely.

Just left HRGregg, I pick out a washer and dryer, total price 650, they would give me 18mo to pay. 1st payment would be 7/1/13 for 216.47, and then 139. each month. pay-off AFTER 1st payment is 661.00, after 2nd payment its 627.00, 3rd 610.00 They tell you up front they are renting you the washer-dryer. if you only make the monthly payments the total will be 1961.82 for a purchase of 650.00, even paying off after i month your price is 878.00 that is a cost of 226 more than if you paid it in cash today

sounds like you didnt get financed for the card, rather you went through acceptance now which is basically rent a center, for those who cant get approved for special financing they have 90 day same as cash through acceptance.

so if i pay off my purchase on time and not use the card anymore do they charge interest on the card itself?

HHgregg is no different than any other store credit cards (Sears, Lowes, Home Depot etc, they all have high interest rates. The trick is to use them only for deferred interest promotions. I have used 6, 12, 18, and 24mths promotions from various stores and if for some reason I was not able to pay the balance in full by the end date (though most times I did), I just balanced transferred it to my Visa (9.75 fixed rate).

Don’t trash the card, just teach people how to use it and beat the stores at their own game. These stores know that most people won’t pay the balance off in full by the end of the promotional period. Even though it as simple a dividing your total amount by the number of months of the promotion and let that be your monthly payment.

I must admit, I haven’t paid much interest to the stores in years.

PS I hate variable interest credit cards.

I just closed on my new home on November 2nd and was told that I should wait 7-10 business days before applying for a store card. I need pretty much everything and my credit is between 680-700. Should I have any trouble getting a card with a $5000 – $8000 credit limit?

Try for discover. My brother has a 700 score and they gave him a 7500 limit.

I purchased a washer & dryer with the hhgregg card. I have not received a bill yet. It’s been 2 months. Someone commented about not receiving a bill from them also. Did they credit you for the late charges?

This happened to me as well because they used old information from another credit line. They did reverse the charges but I have yet to get bills consistently.

thank you so very much for this review. now, can you tell me of an alternative that does not require ‘excellent credit’? or at least tell me what is considered ‘excellent’?

Sure, if your credit isn’t excellent, try this one: http://creditcardforum.com/chase-slate-card-review/

WOW! I was actually considering to try and see if I qualified for the hhgreg credit, but I think I’m going to go with my cash in hand. We already have enough people putting their hands in our pockets.

Never will I ever

Am I the only person who have gone months without receiving a bill? After calling a number of times to receive one by email/mail? They have changed me late fees on top of late fees. I’ve been sending payments without receiving a bill. Do not do business with ge money it’s a setup.

When buying a PC from HH Gregg whith my HH gregg card i was told that i did not have “the right hh gregg card to get there 0% promo!!! so i said fine charge it and i will just pay it off ” but before i paid it off i called ge money bank and asked why? ” i almost have an 800 credit score” they told me that they only issue 1 hh gregg card and if you have it, you get the 0% finance offer!!!!! so i went back to the store (a little mad at staff for lying) and asked them to call ge money bank to explain to me why i did not get the promo 0%!!!

the first person at the bank told him that i could get it!!!! the second person told him that i could get it!!!!! and finally the third person told him that i could get 0% financing!!!! (i was sitting at his desk on speaker phone listing!!!) he walked up to the front desk and i followed! he made one last phone call. then told me that i did not have the right card!!! so i told him that i will pay it off and not be back!!! he said i’m sorry you feel that way GOODBYE!!

So the statement came and i included my cut up card with my payment!! best buy has always given me 0% for years!!! i will not buy another thing from the people at hh gregg!!!!!

Ms. Middleton

Does anyone know what credit bureau HHGregg uses to determine your creditworthiness?

Hey guys – and girls. If you are credit worthy you have no problems. So what if HH Gregg store card has high interest?

If you apply for, and receive a credit card to shop there…. you already know that the interest rate is the same as Kohls, Lowes, etc. You make a purchase – 12 months zero interest – you are set. You pay the bill, ON TIME, every time, before the 12 months is up and HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are you guys complaining????? This is stupid. El stupido!!!! Maybe Craigslist for you? HaHa.

Hi! Does anyone know if I will be charged the full interest from HHGregg if I am one day late on my payment? I’m not usually late, but this was the first payment and with Christmas coming I put it on the back burner. Thanks!

Daryl Burchfield

As soon as I got my bill I cancelled it, due to the high interest rate. I have been trying to get them to take off the ins. that I was talked into, as I live in a state half the time where there is not a HH Gregg, and they will not send me the papers. They rip people off and I would not recommend this store to anyone. And they will not put Best Buy out of business, as I wish I had gone to Best Buy instead of HH Gregg.

Buyer beware of this people. As I asked if there was a HH Gregg store in the NJ NY area and there is not, I asked about interest rate before buying anything there and they told me not to worry about it, it would not be high, they never told me what it was but gave me instant credit. I was over charged, and I think they don’t have a store in the NJ, NY area as they would be run out of here.

Best Buy store card is just as bad and does the same things as HHgregg. I have a card with them too.

Do they charge early payoff fee?

No they do not.

How hard is it to get a line of credit through them? Thanks

I just purshased an awesome Panasonic Plazma TV (50 inch) for under $700. The 5-year warrenty was only $199. The 0% interest rate for 24 months is great for me and I have no complaints about my purchase. Go HHGregg!

Oh Sue, you are SO busted.

Update: Sue, I did some digging around and it appears you are a “Marketing Leader” for GE Money Bank (who is the issuer of this card). If that is true, it was wrong for you to not disclose that in your comment. Using a different last name is not appropriate, given the circumstances. I did a Google search for your email and can clearly see the last name associated with it, which is not “Scareth” and hence what led me to discover your apparent association with GEMB.

Is GE Money Bank really so hard up for business that it has to send its minions out to troll consumer assistance websites?

now that is priceless.

Hi Sue, thanks for your comment. I think you’re missing the biggest problem with the credit card from HH Gregg, which is their DEFERRED interest. They do not offer true “no strings attached” 0% interest promotions. What they offer is 0% deferred, as discussed above. This, along with their 26.99% to 29.99%, makes them clearly inferior to most “regular” cards. I challenge you to name one aspect of the HH Gregg card that is superior. Other than possibly being easier to qualify for, there is not a single quality that is desirable when compared to other cards.

The sponsored promotion (which I identified as such) highlighted above is the best on the market right now that I know of, it is far from being the most profitable for me to advertise. So if it were only about money there are other cards I could recommend that would be much more lucrative.

Yes, rates of 27-29% are high but these interest rates are typical of in-store financing. also, in spite of your disclaimer, it is obvious that you are promoting a competing credit card so your trashing of the hh Gregg card loses credibility. i don’t believe that your opinion is truly independent.