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By now, we all know about the horrific catastrophe which has struck Haiti. Of course this would be horrific for any country, but for Haiti it’s a whole lot harder. Why? Because according to the CIA World Factbook, they are the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. If you think you have it tough, the average per capita there is only around $2 per person, per day!

destruction in Haiti

A Little Money Makes a Big Difference
Because this country is so poor, just a tiny bit of your money can make a very big difference in Haitian lives. Even if you are in dire financial straits yourself (a student, on unemployment, have a crappy job, etc.) remember, you still have far, far more than they do. Even a small donation can make a huge impact here, so please, give something…

in no particular order:

Feed My Starving Children
I love this one because they are very efficient – 94% of your donations fund the feeding programs and only 6% go towards fundraising/administrative costs (so rest assured your money is actually being used to help the Haitians, not employees). Every 17 cents equals 1 meal, so a little goes a long ways! They have been operating in Haiti for over ten years and have over two hundred partners there. Credit cards accepted: Discover, American Express, Visa, MasterCard. You can easily and quickly make a credit card donation using this link!

Mission To Haiti
This Florida-based Christian charity sends volunteer mission teams to Haiti and helps them build clinics, schools, etc. Half the people in this country cannot read or write; this organization helps to change children’s lives by providing education, food, healthcare, and spiritual support to the neediest. You can use your credit card – American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa – and make a donation using this link!

FOCAS (Foundation of Compassionate American Samaritans)
This charity is rated 4/4 stars for both organization efficiency and organizational capacity by Charity Navigator. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio since 1986, this Christian organization helps the poorest, rural areas of Haiti by providing elementary education, medical, and food. The Executive Director/Founder of this organization receives no salary or compensation. Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. Here is a direct link to make online donations!

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Even if you can’t afford much, just give $10 or $20. Every dollar helps and you will feel good about it!