Harley Davidson Credit Card Review

Ride a hog? The Harley Davidson cards may be right up your alley. Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons that come with them.

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All three cards have a few benefits and rewards in common:

  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver – Secondary coverage when renting eligible vehicles. Go here to learn more about rental car coverage.
  • Rewards redemption options – You can redeem 2,500 points for a $25 Harley-Davidson gift card
  • Welcome gift: Get a $10 Harley Chrome Cash gift certificate, which you can use at participating dealerships, at account opening.
  • Chance to win a free Harley – Cardmembers whose accounts are in good standing are automatically entered in the Harley-Davidson Visa Free Ride Sweepstakes for a chance to win a free Harley.

Now here’s what’s different about each of these credit cards…

1. Harley Davidson Visa Signature Card

This card gives the best rewards and benefits, but you also need a top-notch credit score to qualify. There’s no annual fee.

Rewards: 3 points per dollar at H-D dealers, 2 points at gas stations, restaurants, bar and lodging merchants, 1 point elsewhere

Benefits: In addition to the above there is roadside dispatch for your motorcycle or car (the call is free but you still have to pay for the actual roadside assistance), travel and emergency assistance services, Visa Signature concierge, travel accident insurance (during common carrier travel only), purchase security (protection against theft or damage for first 90 days after a purchase), lost luggage reimbursement, and hotel and motel burglary reimbursement.

2. Harley Davidson High Performance Visa Card

Not as many benefits as the Harley Visa Signature. This is for average credit scores.

Rewards: 1 point per dollar. There are no bonus point categories.

Benefits: Travel emergency assistance, auto rental collision damage waiver, lost luggage reimbursement, hotel and motel burglary reimbursement.

3. Harley Davidson Secured Credit Card

Have bad credit and can’t get approved for a regular card? Then a secured credit card is almost guaranteed, since you’ll be securing your credit line with a deposit.

Rewards: 1 point per dollar. No bonus categories.

Benefits: Auto rental collision damage waiver. Also, this card is a way to re-build credit. There’s no annual fee, which is a pleasant surprise for this type of card.


The Visa Signature Harley Davidson credit card packs good rewards and some nice benefits. The next one down, the High Performance card, only gives 1x points on everything. The secured credit card from Harley Davidson is unique because it gives rewards with no annual fee, which are things most secured cards don’t offer.

Alternatives To consider?

With the high price at the pump, 5 percent gas credit cards are always worth considering. You can never go wrong with 5 percent cash back, either.

Updated April 21, 2014

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