Guest-blogging guidelines

Want to guest-blog for us? invites original, engaging guest-bloggers to share their expertise with our readers.

If you have a topic you’d like us to consider, please contact us at [email protected]. Please include a brief summary of your proposed topic and a quick summary of your background, as it pertains to that topic.

If we think your expertise and topic would be a good fit, we will send you more specific requirements to guide you in writing your blog. But, to make sure we’re both a good fit for each other at the outset, here are some general things we expect from guest-bloggers – and what you can expect from us:

  • Content must be completely original and not published elsewhere.
  • Topics must be related to credit cards, banking or personal finance. Examples of acceptable topics include: strategies for maximizing rewards and cash back, business-card advice, fine-print gotchas, wise use of credit products, industry developments or trends, credit-building and more.
  • Blogs must not be about your website, product or service and must not overtly promoting your site, product or service.
  • Blogs must not be off-topic – they must fit into our personal-finance/cards niche.
  • We will link to your home page and/or other pages on your site that do not compete with us. In other words, we can link to your site’s editorial content, a page about a book you wrote, or a page dedicated to your podcast — but NOT a page dedicated to credit card offers. The number of links we include to your site is at our discretion, but we guarantee a link to your home page and at least one other mutually-agreed-upon link.
  • Spammy/promotional links to third parties are not allowed.
  • Anonymous blogs are not allowed. You must be willing to attach your full name and send a photo we can run with your blog.
  • Original reporting and citing of expert sources is highly valued.
  • We may edit your contribution for spelling, grammar, style and length.
  • We will promote your post across our social media channels.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Reach out to Kristin at [email protected].