Goodyear Credit Card Review

measuring tire tread

These tires still have some tread!

I was at my car dealership the other day when they told me I really needed my rear tires replaced. As we all know, normally car dealers just lie to us, but they were actually being honest this time… there was almost no tread left on the back tires! But I wasn’t going to get ripped off by overpaying for my Goodyear Wrangler tires at the dealership, so instead I drove down the street to the tire store.

Then I saw the interest rate…

My jaw dropped when I saw the interest rate – at the time of writing it was an unbelievable 28.99% APR! They say it’s “a fast, convenient way to make your tire and service purchases.” Well maybe that’s true, but it certainly is not a smart way! Why on earth would you pay nearly 27% interest when most credit cards charge less?
I price out my tires, but they were a lot more than I was expecting. The associate asked me “Would you like to apply for a Goodyear credit card? It can save you $60.” She handed me the application for it. The promotion wasn’t even that great either…

  • Spend between $250 and $649.99 and get a $20 mail-in-rebate
  • Spend between $650 and $999.99 and get a $40 mail-in-rebate
  • Spend $1,000 or more and get a $60 mail-in-rebate

Well for starters, she should have told me “up to” $60, because based on the above tiers, it doesn’t look like me or the average buyer will be saving that much with the Goodyear card promotion unless they are spending $1,000+ on their tires.

What are other people saying?

I searched online and found one review of the Goodyear card with a lot of nasty comments left behind. Reportedly there are a lot of customers that are not at all happy with the service (or lack thereof) that comes with the Goodyear card.

Should you apply?

I honestly cannot find a single worthwhile reason to apply. The promotion for the mail-in-rebate is far from impressive. The interest rate is so high that carrying a balance for any amount of time would be like shooting yourself in the foot.

The Goodyear credit card really should only be considered a last resort if you need tires or emergency service ASAP and absolutely cannot qualify for any other card.

Here’s a better option for you…

For those with good credit: If you have good credit, check out our sponsored offers for cash back credit cards. There you will find great reward cards with MUCH lower interest rates, even 0% offers for purchases. Some even come with special signup bonuses of $100 or more!

For those with poor credit: There are credit cards for people with bad credit history that will still probably be a better deal than that 29% APR I saw on Goodyear’s credit card application. There are many banks out there that have unsecured credit cards for bad credit. The key is to find one with reasonable fees.

Updated for 2013

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Had Goodyear credit card with 6 month interest free promotion. Made payments on time up to the sixth month. Then mailed payment in June 15th, two weeks before due date, they claim they never received it. Posted late charge of $37 on July 2nd (Sunday), and posted the payment on July 4th (Tuesday and national holiday), Called the toll-free number on the card on Wednesday, August 15th to find out the office was closed. Scammers and shysters! Like your office was open on July 3rd.

last year at monro muffler and had work done on my car. total about 900.00 dollars. now half a year later i find out i was put on a promotion for 6 months. what promotion. i do not go on the good year site and they send to my e-mail to let me know when a payment is due. so why was i told after i used the card i was put on a promotion for 6 months and i am over due and they are screwing me royal with the interest rates. sent e-mail to corporate and the dummies send me a number that is on my card to talk to someone. will make bigger payments and when it is paid off tearing up the good year card. some could be my fault not going on the good year site but i never go on but this is crazy.


Went in to pay my intrest free balance in full in cash. They said i could pay it at my tire store. I couln’t I was then directed to a Goodyear owned Mr Tire which took my cash but was only able to process $1,000 of my total. Citibank refused to TAKE MY CASH!!. The Manager and Owner of the store were suitably appalled and said “Do you mean to tell me you are refusing a cash payment for a customer bill?” Apparently yes… they capped the payment per customer at $1,000 (God knows why) and after almost an hour of their time on the phone were KIND enough to grant me until the end of the month to send them the balance… It might be unkind to assess this as Asshattery but probably well deserved… Thanks for making things difficult for everyone concerned Goodyear Citibank…

Unhappy Customer

I missed one payment by a day and Goodyear dropped my credit limit from $1400 to $250. And they never told me about this! I went in to get about $1100 worth of work done and my card was denied. Even when I was on the phone with them, they did not tell me the reason. I had to dig through a year’s worth of bills to figure it out myself. I am cancelling this card. There are better options out there.

I love this card. No other card offer’s 0% for 6 months anytime you spend, (what is it? $250? $500? I can’t remember.) Oil changes, tires, etc, I pay cash. But when the big ticket item comes along and I don’t want to blow $1500 of my savings, I’ll use the goodyear card and pay it off within the 0% promotional time frame. Usually 5-6 months. I’ve never had a problem, but I also haven’t dealt with customer service. They send me new cards when they’re needed and I simply use my online account to pay the bill.

Good year card was fine. I had over 2,200.00 work done to my 2008 Chevy Cobalt . The company that work on my car in my area is no longer in business. I have had good credit until now. Back in March I could not make my, on time payment. I called just like most of you have and very little luck. I check my credit report and sure they did not remove the late fees or from my credit report I even have half the balance paid . Once the other half is paid. I plan to get rid of this card. I got taken …

If you contact the credit Bureauand say you dispute those Kate fees dome will remove then. Its worth a try

You got taken because you couldn’t make the minimum payment and they reported it to the credit agency? That’s how it works. You miss payments, it’s reported to the credit agency so the next company that you try to get credit from can see that you don’t pay on time and are a higher risk. Unless you mean that you were taken when you bought a Cobalt, then I’d agree.

may I ask what did you need on your cobalt that was 2200$

Adding insult to injury from below, the tires are godawful in the snow. I get stuck ALL the time and I spin out constantly. No problems in the summer, but the winter is all sorts of brutal. And my experience with Goodyear’s credit card arm? Oh boy.

I’ve never been more appalled at the customer service provided by Goodyear. I applied for a credit card months ago through my car service provider because of the incentives offered. I never received the card or credit-card statement so I called six weeks after my appointment and verified all my information: phone, address and e-mail and was told I had a $0 balance as I believed I had paid it off at the same time as applying for the card.

I still got no card, and I wanted it for future purchases so I called again and went through the same process. Verified my phone, address and e-mail and was told I had a $0 balance and they would send my card right out. Still nothing.

Called AGAIN. Same routine. Still nothing. Finally, the fourth call I closed my account and moved on. Then the Target credit card scam happened and I got a free year of credit monitoring, so I took advantage of it and found out Goodyear had reported me delinquent! Despite NEVER receiving a card or statement via mail or e-mail or never getting a phone call.

Called AGAIN last week and AGAIN had to fix my phone, address and e-mail which was wrong yet AGAIN. I was told for the FIRST time I had a balance on the account. After verifying my payment had never gone through originally I paid off the original balance as a sign of good faith. Still received no statement or update from Goodyear through e-mail.

I just got off the phone with a supervisor and surprise, surprise — yet AGAIN, I had to correct my phone, address and e-mail. FINALLY, the correct information was put in and the supervisor granted me a waiver of the last two late fees but refused to waive the remaining $170 in late fees. WHY? I was NOTHING but proactive, called repeatedly, updated my information repeatedly, BEGGED to be sent the card. I STILL do not know my account number! I still have never received a statement! My credit score and history PROVES I am never delinquent, I pay my bills on time and pay them off fully.

It boggles me how Goodyear could refuse to refund me despite being completely at fault and with no indication I was trying to pull one over on the company. They have lost me as a customer for LIFE. I may have to pay $170 in late fees, but Goodyear will have lost far more than $170 by the time I am dead and buried.

I desperately needed tires and applied for the card. Was approved on the spot, but 4 months later I STILL havent received my card or statement. Ive called and reordered 3 times now with no reprieve. My advice… RUN!!!!!

I received my Goodyear card in 2011, and used it for the 6-months same as cash. I paid the balance off in 5 months. No complaints. I paid no interest, didn’t have to shell out one-time payment, and I received some damn good tires.

Only one thing to add to this conversation. IF you are responsible with credit cards and you don’t make enough money for a one time purchase. LIKE ME! Credit Cards work. I always use them when free financing is available and I have yet to get a charge of interest from any of them. I not only got the rebate but when I found the no interest offer. You bet. AND YES I DID NEED TIRES. I also added the oil change as well. All credit cards are after impulse buying per say…. But if you are smart and can budget properly on a low fixed income: The system will work as long as you don’t exceed what you can afford. Do I live within my means.. as much as possible. Do I try to save money! Every day. So if i choose to pay my insurance annually to save money versus monthly payments — those 6 month no interest offers work!

I think you left out the part about 0% interest for 6 months on the Goodyear card. That’s why I got one, plus I got $160 rebate.

Of course it is a good program with numerous benefits when you have the money to pay for tires charges as soon as the bill comes. Seriously, if you have to make CC installment payments for something as basic as the tires for your car, you probably are not good with finances and shouldn’t be giving advice on the topic 😉

If you don’t read the application it’s your bad. Quit whining.

I used the card saved $160.00 then PAID IT 2 weeks later.

If you pay off your balance in full on this card, don’t be fooled it isn’t really your full balance. Call in a few days later and ask what you own them now. I paid my balance in full and found out after getting a negative on my credit report that I owed interest after the balance was paid. They also lowered my limit to $200 from $2000. They did manage to get the negative off my credit rating. I won’t do business with them again. Sorry to say I have my mortgage with citi bank.

Does anyone know if you get oil changes cheaper when you use the Goodyear CC. Because Citibank and Goodyear themselves dont seem to know. Thanks.

Pay the balance off and you won’t have to worry about the interest rate. Problem solved

I recently went to my local good year tire store for an oil change, an oil change ONLY, after listening to the “what I need” lecture for 1/2 an hour (I have a 2012 chevy cruze)and what they think I need (nitrogen in my tires, etc ?) I let them change my oil. I should have walked out but I had already wasted time. The guy behind the counter said I should join their “MEMBERSHIP” for discounts, emails etc. He told me there was NO FEE etc. Well 2 hours later he called me up to pay etc and told me he needed my ss# for the “MEMBERSHIP”, I had already talked to him about how this “WAS NOT A CREDIT CARD”, he assured me that is was only a membership card. I have excellent credit and pay cash for everything, I don’t need a credit card from Good Year. Anyways a week later I get a CREDIT CARD in the mail, I’m so pissed at them and myself for believing what he told me was the truth. I have his name and I’m calling their Corporate Headquarters and maybe the Better Business Bureau to complain that I believe I was misled into getting this card. For all I know the guy got a bonus for so many credit card applications that he got. So let this be a lesson, not to trust people. So disappointed.

Goodyear. Has NOT sent a statement for purchases for almost two months. Am sending payment 12-10-12 in full. Due date 1-04-13. We will see how it goes.

I had a Goodyear credit card for several years now. I have never been late regarding making any payments etc. Recently my credit limit was reduced with receiving any documentation on the reason why. I contacted the company regarding this and was given incorrect informpation on the reason the limit was reduced by a supervisor. I was later transferred to another department that stated the company has a right to reduce the limit it’s in the contract without giving proper notice, and that he was not able to change this. I requested to clise my account because this is not way to conduct business with any individual

I work with the Goodyear Credit Card everyday. Yes, the fees can be high. However, if you read the fine print, pay your monthly payment and pay it off before the 6 month or 1 year term – you will be Fine. Also, our tire dealership submits the customer rebate for them and will assist them with any issue or concern they may have. Get to know your tire store and they will take care of you! How else are you going to get 6 or 12 months to pay for necessary tires or automotive emergencies?

I just closed my Goodyear account. I really had no problem, since I paid off the balance ($1,200) within the six month introductory period.

agree with all the negative comments on this card. In addition to having to pay off a minimum balance towards the original purchase every month, the “rebate” comes in the form of a debit card which
is quite complicated to use, for example it won’t work at gas stations and getting the balance requires texting the issuer

I got the Goodyear credit card, but it was because they said if I paid it off within six months it would be a no-interest same-as-cash price. Unless they can offer you a deal like that (which really helped me get new tires without having to come up with $600 up-front, working at McDonald’s and living on your own really doesn’t allow for that), the credit card really isn’t worth it, I agree.

Bottom line – ALL credit cards are for suckers, and always have been.
Goodyear is no worse than others.
If you can’t pay cash, don’t get the item.
The idea of “credit” has been a total curse on mankind since day one.
It is credit and credit cards that threw the US into this depression.
The happiest people I know, are the ones who do not have a credit card, not because they can’t get one (they can get any card they want), it is because they are smart enough to know credit cards are for suckers.

Oh, Mr. jones! You so smart and sassy! You let us know! Thank you for your wisdom. Go rant somewhere else.

I totally agree with what you are saying. I recently got a credit card for health care after three years of not having a major card. I was happy when I was paying cash. But sometimes one does not have the cash available, so the card comes in handy. The smart thing is to pay it off as quickly as possible, which I am in the process of doing.

I have never had a problem with the card or its rate. When I use it for purchases of tires etc I schedule the payments on the card web site so that it is paid off before the 0% interest promo expires. No hassles, no interest paid. I think 0% is good. Of course if you are foolish enought to use it and incur the 27% rate, then shame on you.

I have a Good Year Credit Card with a promotional zero interest if paid in full by 5/4/2012.

On 3/10/2012, I received a phone call by them asking for payment. I paid $100 which was more than minimum payment due. I requested them to take full payment due on my account by end of April to avoid any interest charges.

On 4/28/2012 I was told that total amount due on my account was $1,078.75 including $1065.97 promotional balance plus other charges. I immediately paid the full amount making my account balance to zero. I did not get any communication from them since then.

On 7/16/2012 I noticed a possible negative item on my credit history reported by Good Year Tire/CBNA. I immediately called Good Year Credit Card customer service. I came to know that there was late fee and interest charged to my account and it has been reported to my credit file. The representative was courteous and agreed that those charges should not have been there at first. She said that she will get it reverted which she did. She further connected to another department to look into negative reporting on my credit file. I explained ever thing to them.

I got their reply next day stating “your 4/6/2012 statement, the balance on your promotion to avoid the deferred interest was $1065.97 due 5/4/2012. We did receive a payment of $1078.75 4/28/2012 which did pay in full the promotion but not the full balance on your account. After the $1078.75 payment, you still had a small balance of $4.00 which billed a interest each month. The small balance came from a previous late fee and interest.” AND “We are unable to change your account history, as it does reflect the transactions, which have occurred with regard to your account.”

I replied again asking to fix my credit as it is not my fault. They have forwarded my request to another department to look into it.

It is frustrating that my credit is being ruined for a small unfair charge of $4 and not even giving me chance to pay it. I don’t know why they did not inform me about this $4 hidden charges when I was paying full balance? They have my email and phone #. No one called me or emailed me after I paid full balance on 4/28/2012


Really? A rip off? Did you not read the application when you applied for the card? Citi bank who does the “Goodyear Card” is pretty clear on the terms and conditions on the application. They tell you up front in writing what fees apply so how is that ripping you off. Im assuming the purchase was over 250 dollars (if not why even use a credit card) so you have six months to pay it off at an interest rate of 0 % you get twelve months if the purchase is over 500 dollars. 0% is the best apr rate I have ever had if your getting better than that let me know I’ll sign up for that card today. Why would you ever have a late fee? Um.. Let me see. Because you didn’t make your payment! Even though they have an auto pay option which makes it impossible to ever be late it gets taken out automatically every month from your bank account you don’t even have to do anything. If you can’t use credit wisely don’t use it. Besides tires don’t wear out over night I usually get 3-4 years out of a set that’s a lot of time to plan and save up for new ones when your going to need them

I fell for their 6 month interest free when purchasing new tires and oh wait a ball joint needs replacement and wait…for a grand total of $1600.00. Than I get hit with the 27% interest rate and I tried to straighten it out. I e-mailed them. I received a standard response that charges under $299 don’t qualify. I wrote back that I charged over $1000. No response. No one helped so I paid off the credit card and will never go back. Also I tell everyone my experience.

My wife applied for and received the Goodyear credit card to (purportedly) receive a $150 rebate after spending over $900 for new tires. Putting our hands on the rebate check is harder than trying to grab our e-mails out of thin air without using a computer. Stay away from Goodyear Credit Plan and their offerings.

p.s I like going to goodyear and waiting–when do i ever get a chance to read a magazine, drink coffee and watch tv? and don’t forget you get 5% discount with your AAA card.

The APR on this card is outrageous. I’m also sure other companies would offer even better incentives for cash back, etc. for those especially with exceptional credit. However i too think the writer missed the attractive feature of “six months no interest”. Sadly i’ve heard mixed reviews all over the place well after i applied for this card. Still too early for me to judge. But i definitely plan to pay this sucker off before six months and think it is a good card to have in cases of car emergenices. From reviews on other sites as well, looks like some folks ended up with deliquent accounts and such but sounds like for reasons stemming from no fault of the company itself. Okay take note, the offer does not say “NO PAYMENT for six months” just “no interest for six months.” So if you didn’t make a payment for 2-3 mos and end up with fees, collections dept, and credit score dropping that isn’t their fault! That’s the point in viewing your bills when they come!

This card is no different than any other store/brand specific card, you only use it when they offer no-interest promotions. I will be putting $1,000 worth of new tires on my ’08 Dodge Ram and will be using the 6-month no interest option, making it affordable so I don’t have to dip into our emergency savings account to make the purchase upfront. If I were to put this on my Amex card, I would either be hit with interest charges or forced to pay it all at once, and even then the reward points wouldn’t cover the interest.

Don’t see how this article is worth much, considering the person who wrote it doesn’t seem to understand how these helpful no interest promotions work.

The Card is just like any lowes-Home depot-or other in store cards.

Most Offer no interest for a specific time and amount, but when you don’t pay it back as promised then they must insist on interest. And after 6-12 months it is 27%, but it was 0% so figure the interest for the 1st 6-12 months+what it took to pay off.

Also the rebates like the $80.00 is with out the card. It is doubled with the card so there is another $80 to figure into the interest.

I agree it is very high interest but if done properly you really come out way ahead.

good year blues

yes but for those people who cant afford to pay off a balance within the promotional period, and the balance owed is like $500 or more, then that accumulated interested really packs a wallop. recently the promotions at good year are far less than perfect. used to be 12- 18 months now its dwindled down to 6 months. probably because they want to make the money back they lost from the good promotions.

I use my Goodyear credit card every time I get any work done there. I always pay down the balance in 6 months or less and I have never paid any interest. The interest rate is of no consequence to me because I never carry a balance beyond the promotional period. If I put it on my regular credit card, I would have to pay the same purchase off in a month to avoid interest charges.

I think the Goodyear credit card is a great deal, CreditCardGuru. Not much of a guru, are you?

lynna piekutowski

I agree. I can make payments over the 6 months and i generally pay more than the minimum balance as i can. Only 150 more and i’ll have a zero balance…then i can look into new tires!

I rfecently got a Goodyear credit card like the previous poster, got 12 month no interest. Plenty of time to pay it off. Pkus $80 rebate. Just have to be smart about it.

I recently got a Goodyear credit card and would not have been able to afford my car repairs without it. The interest rate for the first six months is 0%; therefore if you pay your balance in the first six months, you are not subject to the high APR. For me this card was a lifesaver, and no harm done.

Exactly! and don’t forget you get 5% off with your AAA card!