Giant Eagle Credit Card Review

Is the Giant Eagle Advantage card a good way to save on gas or not?

car at gas stationDo you live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland or West Virginia? If so, then you’ve probably heard of Giant Eagle Fuel Perks – a program where you can earn gas discounts for spending money at their stores. But are the savings actually worthwhile? You need to take a closer look.

Here’s a brief overview of how it works…

  • You have to apply for a Giant Eagle Advantage card and get approved for it
  • Earn an extra 4 cents off per gallon for every $50 you spend inside Giant Eagle and GetGo
  • Earn 4 cents off per gallon for every $100 you spend on fuel at GetGo (discount is good on any future fuel purchase).
  • Each gas discount is only valid for one fillup, for one vehicle
  • Discount only applies to GetGo gas stations

At first glance the Giant Eagle credit card rewards don’t seem like a bad deal. But once you do the math you realize it’s really not a good offer at all. Here’s why…

4 cents off isn’t much with today’s gas prices
Think about it… you spend $50+ inside their stores so you can save 4 cents off per gallon. With the price of fuel being $3.50 to $4.00 a gallon, a 4 cent discount is only worth about t 1%. There are plenty of gas credit cards on the market that save you at least this much, if not more.

Do the math to see how little you are saving
Let me give you an example as to why the savings you get with the Giant Eagle Advantage card really stink.

  • Let’s say you spend $50 at the Giant Eagle store. That earns a gas discount.
  • You spend $35 at their gas station and with the discount, you would be saving about 40 cents total if gas was $3.50/gallon.
  • That means your total credit card savings after spending $85 ($50 on groceries + $35 on gas) equals out to only be 40 cents… you would have only earned less than 1% on your spending!

How bad is this “deal”?
Well, when you consider just about any run-of-the-mill credit card gives 1% cash back, the Giant Eagle Advantage discounts on gas no longer seem like a very good deal, do they?

Because the Giant Eagle credit card is NOT a Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express, it can only be used at Giant Eagle and their affiliated GetGo gas stations. Is it really worth hassling with another card that can only be used at a couple places?

Another pitfall is that the meager rewards can only be redeemed at their gas stations. Because prices can vary so much from station to station, you got to shop around – as you know the cheapest station this week may be different than the cheaper station next week.

A better way to save money in 2013?
Instead of fooling around with the Giant Eagle Advantage, you will be much better off by going with a high cash back credit card. There are several that give up to 5% cash back at all gas stations and grocery stores. To sweeten the pot, sometimes they give cash signup bonuses of $100.00! Go here to compare the current cash back card offers available.

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The self checkouts force you to get a giant eagle advantage card.

people are idiots. Giant Eagle is one of the most expensive stores around but people are duped by the fuelperks. Brilliant by GE!! Better off using Discover or Chase card which gives you total of 6% back on gas plus using whatever gas station rewards card as well. Lots of times you end up saving around 10%. GE pays out less than 1%.

I’ve shopped at G.E. twice and my discount is $1.92 off per gallon, I let my sister use my discount because I only use BP gasoline.

Please tell me that people arn’t so stupid to think that they are getting a good deal at Giant Eagle. If the prices in this pos store are already 1.25 to 2.5 time higher than everyone else . . .

I’d say “do the math”, but obviously you aren’t too good at math if you are going to g.e. to begin with.

My 94 chevy pickup has a 34 gallon gas tank and my brothers suburban has a 42 gallon tank get your facts straight guru and stop talking out your a** it’s not giant eagles fault your prius only has a 3 gallon gas tank

Offshore Charters

I think you are missing a lot on the overview you gave above. You need to think this out, 1st: will the Giant Eagle grocery store be your primary store to buy food on the bases of distance to get to and price of the items. 2nd the chain (Giant Eagle) has specials that give you added discounts on food and Gift Cards that can run up to additional discounts on the gas. Take for instance today I bought $27.39 of food items AND a $50.00 Gift Certificate for HOME DEPOT. I received a total of 28 cents discount to my Get-Go gas purchase for that purchase. This last 5 weeks I have accumulated $3.44 credit to purchasing up to 30 gals of gas. You say my car doesn’t handle 30 gals? Use gas cans from your trunk, I happen to have a charter boat (trailable that can consume 130 gals) The point is I needed to buy stuff at a grocery store (Giant Eagle is 3 miles from my home and I have a project that will take me to home depot ……I almost have 30 gals of fuel FREE!!!!!!

yes, i totallt agree with you. the writer of this article did not do much research and his so-called facts are not at all accurate. i use my card all the time and get great deals in the store on groceries (that is, compared to what people have to pay, that don’t use the card) and i also regularly get anywhere from one dollar to one and a half dollars off on the price of gas. and those discounts don’t take long to add up, even spending a meager 150 or so a week a giant. with creit cards, you get so-called ‘cash back’, but pay it back in interest on your charges, in that most people have to run balances on their cards rather than always paying them off each month. cash back is nothing but a scam of it’s own. i like the advantage card of giant eagle and enjoy good savings compared to people who don’t use them. the drawback to this card is, they track your purchases, but they do justify that to some degree, with substantial savings coupons that they then send you on stuff that you buy regularly. i’ll get 10-15 dollars more per week off in coupons mailed to me. so, overall, i think the card is well worth it.

Giant Eagle food products are more expensive . You don`t save money at Giant Eagle, you`re giving them more money.

You keep saying they are more expensive, however their produce is far better quality than the other stores in my area. Fruits and veggies look better and last longer from Giant Eagle.
Also, you have yet to offer ANY examples of what is more expensive.

This pawn shop in Boston Ma is kinda cool. The girl behind the counter in the bikini ads flair.

A pawn shop that buys high end purses and gift cards ? Creepy.

This credit card guru isn’t too bright. I use a Citizen’s Bank debit card for gas (gets an extra 0.03 per gallon instead of 0.04 with a credit card.) I haven’t paid a dime for gasoline in 3 years. I get 30 gallons about 6 times a year- free.

Free Gift Cards

I agree with you guru,i dont know of any car that has a 30 freaking gallon in one tank,thats insane!!! Free Gift Cards

Free Gift Cards

i agree with you guru,i don’t know any car that has a 30 gallon tank! Free Gift Cards

Unfortunately, you are not well informed as to the complete way Giant Eagle’s Advantage works. It is a wonderful system. In addition to the .04 per gallon you get for each $50 you get for using their credit card, you also get the FuelPerks anyone without the credit card gets on their Advantage card, which is .10 per $50, and sometimes they run specials and you get .20 for $50 and when that happens you get .08 extra from using their credit card. You do not cash in your fuel until you have enough for a free tank! Yes, you can only fill one car, but you can also fill fuel tanks and three 5 gallon tanks do the trick. (Buy at Lowes for about $20 each and pay with Lowes gift card you purchase at Giant Eagle. You’ve therefore earned another .34 cents toward gas if you purchase the Lowes GC during a double fuel points special.) Buy Gift cards for everything that they have that you are going to buy anyway. Stores, restaurants, etc. Going to buy something at Best Buy for your son’s birthday? Going to dinner at Olive Garden. Buy the CG’s at Giant Eagle first and earn fuel points, buy it with your Giant Eagle Credit card and you get additional points. If you only take full 30 gallon fill ups with FREE gas, based on average fuel costs, you’re getting approximately $97 of free gas! And that’s not even taking advantage of their FOOD PERKS!!! You earn 1% off a grocery purchase for EVERY 10 gallons of gas you pump, whether paid for or free. You can save this to 20% off and use it up to a maximum of a $300 purchase, so that’s a savings of $60. In addition you get $1.68 off fuel during double fuel perk specials for this $300 shopping trip. I don’t know what kind of math your doing, but we save on an average of $1200 per year!!

You are paying more for food than with shop and save. I never shop at Giant Eagle. The fuel perks scam is the reason they mark up their food.

The average tank size in America is 16-17 gallons.

Here is my math. I fill up once a month, 30 gallons. 18 gallons into the gas tank, 12 gallons into the gas cans. I use the Giant Eagle advantage card and the Giant Eagle credit card. I get 20 cents for every 50.00 spent in the store. I get 4 cents for every 50.00 for using the credit card. Our average monthly statement is 490.00. It does add up.

I am with you you I get 30 gallons evertime I fill up so with 8 Cents a gallon for just the credit card I get a saving of 2.40 cents now for the 20Cents for the 100 I spend In the store That give me another 6 dollars off so now I have saved that is 8.4% i have saved on a hundred dollar purchase. now I also buy gift cards when they offer 20 cents off for each 50 dollars you spend so that is with the card is 14.4 % off each 100 I spend and if get a gift card for sears or homedepot and you are spending a grand that is 144.cents off that purchase sorry eagle is a great deal.

I have a Giant Eagle Advantage card and its a rewards card, not a credit card. I am guessing they also have a credit card but I think you have the 2 mixed up. The point you are missing here is that you save 10 cents per gallon for EVERY $50 you spend. I have a family and spend quite a lot at Giant Eagle. I also have a car that holds about 25 gallons. It’s a bit of a game to make sure we go to Giant Eagle when its empty so that we get the full benefit. I usually get about 60 cents off per gallon. I just moved to OH and in only a few months I have saved over $200. So yeah, get the math and the facts right. Its irresponsible journalism not to do so.

get the credit card and you will get an extra 4 cents off for each 50 dollars you spend and take a gas can with you they will let you get 30 gallons but only with one car and as many gas cans you have I have a neon holds 12 gallons I wait till it get low and take my cans there and fill up the car and at least 4 gas cans. (5 gallons apiece )then when the tank goes dry fill it up with the gas cans

Credit Card Guru- Giant Eagle allows you to bring tanks to fill up to 30 gallons. You indicate my math does work, I will break it down for you:

spend fuel points
150.00 .20 per $50 $0.60
credit card bonus .04 per $50 $0.12

Cents off per gallon $0.72
30 gallons 30
Savings per gallon $21.60

Food Perks 1% per 10 gallons
30 gallons 3%
food perks saving up to a $300 order $ 150
savings for food perks $4.50

Total Savings from $150 purchase $26.10

Initial purchase $150

% savings 17.4%

If you give me your email, I will scan you a copy of my rolling 12 months savings from a recent Giant Eagle receipt to prove this is legitimate.

Since you know your math but are IQ impaired. You should look at the price of Giant Eagles food. You are overpaying for food and would be better off shopping elsewhere and paying the full price for gas.

Mr guru not sure what you have against giant eagle did they fire you. Have you ever heard of gas cans yes a little incovient but for a extra savings (fuelperks = $3. and if i have to put 20 gallons of gas in gas cans and put it in may car or lawn mower later not a problem equals 60 dollars in savings. each time. ) not a bad trade. about the 30 gallons do it all the time matter of fact when I go there thate is at least one other person with gas cans. I saved a couple of grand last year on gas.

Giant Eagle is known for letting people fill up their tank(s) and then additional containers to get to the 30 gallon cut-off. Their terms might not state this, but my husband has never been stopped from doing it. We always wait for the 20 cent fuel perks special and use that time to buy gift cards to places we are already planning on spending money at. We use our BP card which has some added perks. (We have to use the advantage card but it for us, it isn’t a credit card.) I don’t typically shop for groceries at Giant Eagle. Even when I build up to food perks, I still don’t think I’m saving money compared to shopping at Wal-Mart. But the gift card deal really does pay off.

oh credit card guru get your facts strait. and tell them all

I totally disagree with this article. In Central Ohio we are getting 20 cents per gallon for every $50 spent at Giant Eagle. PLUS if you use the Giant Eagle credit card you get an ADDITIONAL 4 cents per gallon bring your total to 24 cents for every $50 spent at Giant Eagle. You can obtain up to 30 gallons of gas when redeeming your fuel perks. Giant Eagle also has FOOD PERKS which gives you 1% off food for every 10 gallons. Here’s an example:
Spend $150 at Giant Eagle, earn 72 cents off 30 gallons= $21.60 savings. Take 3% towards food perks (1% for every 10 gallons and in this example we pumped 30 gallons) results in additional $4.50 in savings. There for the savings is $21.60 + $4.50=$26.10 or 17% savings on the $150 worth of groceries purchased. Based on buying gift cards to purchase items at other stores, I have not paid for fuel for over 18 months. The Giant Eagle program is well worth it.

I am not sure but you are wrong you get 4 cents per 50 dollars you spent with the credit card which is (30 gal. time .04 is 1.20 or 2.40 for every hunderd dollars you pay with you credit card. Which works out to 2.4% Which is a good return and I do not have to fill out any paper work or buy some crap I do not want. Now when you add the 20 cents you get for using thier store card you are now talking 6 dollars savings for every hundred dollars spent And if you wait till they have the specials with the gift cards you get 12 off for every houndred dollars. so with the credit card bonus and the gift card bonus (20 cents off each 50 you spend) that is 48 cents off a gallon which is 14.40 saving on each 100 dollars you spent with is 14.4%

Your math doesn’t add up, review the fine print terms and conditions for yourself on Giant Eagle’s application. And 30 gallons in one fill-up? I don’t know of any car that has a 30 gallon tank! Most will be lucky if they can squeeze in 12 or 14 gal and that’s only after they’re running on fumes.