GE Care Credit Card Exposed

As someone who has had way more medical bills than you probably will during your entire life, I know a thing or two about financing them. However, no matter how large a bill was I never once used the Care Credit card from GE Money to pay. Why is that? Because, in my opinion it is the absolute worst, most unethical credit card in all of America.

Care Credit vs. “Normal” Credit Cards?

This medical credit card is just that – a card that can be used to pay for services rendered at participating healthcare providers (according to their website, nearly 140,000 practices in North America accept it for payment). You can’t use it for purchases elsewhere.

However, unlike a “normal” major credit card, the GE Care Credit operates quite differently. The biggest difference is the way GE Money structures their zero percent promotional offers.

financing details on application

When a standard credit card issuers advertises a 0% introductory APR on purchases, that’s usually what you end up getting… 0% for the stated period of time – usually 12 to 18 months during which you owe no interest on anything you buy.

Contrast that to Care Credit, who technically offers 0%, but the catch is that in order to get it you have to pay off the purchase before the promotional window is over (which is usually 6, 12, or 18 months). With credit cards any unpaid balance would simply begin incurring the regular interest rate after you exited the promotional period.

The details discuss what happens when you don’t pay it off:

“On promo purchase balance, monthly payments required, but no Interest Charges will be assessed if (1) promo purchase balance paid in full in 6, 12 or 18 months, and (2) all minimum monthly payments on account paid when due. Otherwise, promo may be terminated and Interest Charges will be accrued at the Purchase APR and assessed from purchase date.

So GE will charge you the interest retroactively on the full purchase price if you don’t pay off every penny of it within the allotted time frame. If you won’t be able to pay it off in time, you should transfer the balance beforehand to avoid the retroactive interest.When you look at the interest rate listed on the GE Care Credit card application, the deferred interest is a frightening possibility…

Care Credit interest rate

The Hook, Line, & Sinker

Now in all fairness, many department, home improvement, furniture and major appliance retailers use the identical “same as cash” promotional 0% financing trap on their credit cards and special financing offers. However, there are a few reasons I don’t consider the Care Credit product to be on higher moral ground due to keeping company with the other companies that employ this extremely punitive practice.

Reason #1: We’re talking about healthcare here, folks, not furniture or appliances

What makes this so morally repugnant is that GE Money is preying on people when they need help the most and often not in a position to make rational decisions like they might on some discretionary consumer purchase. Sure, there are many people who use the program to pay for cosmetic surgery and other elective procedures. However on the other hand, there are also many who use this credit card to pay for legitimate medical needs, like when they or their children have been in a terrible accident or have some dread disease that requires expensive treatment.

It’s bad enough to pull this financing stunt when someone’s buying a mattress or new TV, but is it really necessary to stoop so low when someone is using it because they don’t want to go in public since they have no teeth?! Come on GE Money, can’t you give people like that a better deal?

Reason #2: Many doctors line profit from these deals in a way that is shameful

My roommate had some cavities he needed to get filled and according to him, the dentist purportedly told him he had to do a credit check. In actuality it was far more than a credit check… a Care Credit Card arrived in the mail a few days later! My roommate was shocked, as he wasn’t aware he was applying for a credit card.

Do a Google search for GE Care Credit card reviews or Care Credit scam and you will see countless other alleged stories, similar to what happened to my roommate. Many practices won’t stoop that low, but they will get patients to apply for Care Credit using hard sells and half-truths (both of which I’ve heard first-hand).

But it doesn’t stop there… according to a lawsuit filed by Minnesota’s state attorney general, a chiropractor office allegedly “submitted applications in the patients’ names and falsified patient’s yearly income information to make sure they qualified” as mentioned in this New York Times article.

Reason #3: You may be charged for work that’s never done

Let’s say you were having a multi-part medical procedure done. I’ll use a dental implant as an example, since I happen to be in the middle of getting one. My treatment plan goes like this…

  • Step 1: The tooth is extracted via a minor (yet expensive) surgery.
  • Step 2: After 3 to 4 months of healing, there’s another surgery to screw the implant into the jaw bone.
  • Step 3: After another few months of healing, it’s ready for the fake tooth to be placed atop the implant.

The total process takes about 9 to 12 months and this is fairly typical. If you’re paying out of pocket, the customary thing to do would be to pay just before each procedure is performed. I had step 1 completed in late spring and that’s all I had to pay for at the time (using my British Airways Visa card if you’re curious). Step 2 won’t happen until October and I won’t have to pay for that until right before the surgery.

However what’s been happening with medical credit card customers is that they sometimes are reportedly being charged upfront for their entire treatment plan (whatever it may be) before the work is actually done. Why do doctors and dentists get to do this when no other profession does? You don’t have to pay for college up front. Contractors don’t ask for everything all at once before they start. I just don’t get how they can get away with this kind of billing practice.

Care Credit complaint from NY Attorney General

That’s just one of many complaints received by the New York Attorney Generals Office where customers were charged for work, even though the work had not been completed. Worse yet, there are even complaints where the medical practice went out of business, leaving the customer with a big fat medical bill and no work completed:

“A Bronx resident had $17,500 worth of implants charged to a CareCredit account up front by a dental provider. The provider went out-of-business before completing the work. CareCredit repeatedly refused the consumers requests to refund the money.”

Even if the doctor/healthcare provider doesn’t go out of business, what makes this particularly troubling is that when charged in advance, you might be paying interest charges that you otherwise wouldn’t be, if you were paying as you go.

Last but not least, let’s say you begin a treatment plan that’s been prepaid and decide it’s not for you. Will you get refunded for the remaining treatment you’ve paid for but not received? That might be a huge uphill battle.

Do medical credit cards ever make sense?

In short, probably not. At least not with the way they are currently structured.

We’ve already gone over why the Care Credit interest free financing is inferior. Why would you undertake the risk of their 6-18 month 0% deferred interest plan, when there are major credit cards that offer 0% on purchases for the same amount of time, but without the deferred interest trap? Almost anyone, regardless of credit history, should be able to find a better financing option.

So, could the Care Credit deal ever make sense? The only reason I can think of is if your credit score is so incredibly bad that no traditional bank would give you a non-secured credit card, then maybe a card from GE Money is the only option. But for the vast majority of people it just can’t be justified. Even if right now you think you will have no problem paying it off in time, what happens if your income or financials change later on? Don’t take the risk – what appears to be free could really come back to bite you in the backside.

GE Money does offer a fixed monthly payment plan without deferred interest, but even that seems like a losing proposition…

With this option, you will pay a flat 14.90% from day one (no deferred interest period). Is 14.90% the worst APR on the planet? No. In fact, it’s comparable to the purchase APR many major credit cards charge nowadays. However the fact is there are plenty of major cards out there with lower purchase APRs than that (plus they might toss in 0% for a period of time). So this second option from GE Money isn’t a winner, either, honestly. Just consider yourself warned next time you see an application for one of these cards in your doctor or dentist’s office and always know that you can do better by exploring other options.

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I’ve used CareCredit a number of times on my pets over the past 7 years. Yes, the APR is high if you’re not on a promotion but that allows them to give credit to more people and with lower credit scores so they are caring unlike your APR comment. The “no interest if paid within XX months” is plain English and does not suggest there is no interest for the first XX months.

Everyone’s circumstances and procedures are different and so, Carecredit may not be the best solution for everyone. However, I’ve used it for my periodontal surgeries, oral surgeries and most anything that costs over 500 dollars if I can’t afford that at the time. you must to be smart about how much to pay each month. I made a 200 or 250.00 dollar payment each month which was more than three times what I needed to pay but I wanted to make certain that I paid it off a few months prior to the promotion’s expiration. DO NOT DISCUSS carecredit terms with your provider because they might give you false which is what happened to me. They are clueless about how CC works. I’m not exaggerating. CALL carecredit with any questions. As an example, I had a CC limit of 7500 dollars and I needed to have 3 different procedures including my perio surgery. Each of those procedures had a different promotion. One of them was for 3 months, one for 6 months and one for 24 months. When I asked a dental office how CC allocates my monthly payments, they told me that CC applies the payment to the promotional service that expires first. WRONG, WRONG, UNTRUE, UNTRUE!!!!! Heed my warning!!!! If you only have ONE promotion on your account, that makes life easy and 100 percent of your payment will go toward that promotion but as soon as you add other promotions, your payment gets divided among the promotions with the bulk of your payment going toward the promotion that expires in the longest term ( not the one that expires the soonest). Let’s say that for example, 75 percent of your payment will go toward the 24 month and the rest gets divided equally among the 3 and 6 month promotions. They are really hoping that you’re payment will be small enough that you default on that early expiring promotion. It seemed to take me forever to get those 6 month promotions down to zero before they expired and I had to make a few 250.00 payments to make it happen. So beware and find out how much your payment needs to be each month in order to pay off your promotions in time. I didn’t trust CC from the beginning and so, I kept a photocopy of every statement in a notebook that showed how much was being paid down on each promotion. I paid close attention every month to how my payments were being allocated since they don’t give you the ability to choose how they are.

I’ve used Care Crédit for 3 years now for my out of pocket medical/dental/Pet co-pays some of which were in $1000’s of dollars and with the 6 – 12 most no interest if paid in full I have saved $100’s. If you are looking to pay over a longer term then you need to set up a payment plan with your provider. This card isn’t for total relief of your financial obligations. Nothing is free people. Use it as its designed to save and save procrastinate and pay.

I have 1000 credit limit and never used it, i just wanted to use the damn thing to get a beer, because i care.. lol

This article is silly. First of all this credit card isn’t any different from most store credit cards. If you pay the balance off at a rate that is higher than the minimum payment (i.e. for a 12 month promotion-you pay the balance divided in 12 equal payments) there will be no balance. The brochures and the website clearly state that the minimum balance may or may not pay off the balance. The problem here is that people don’t read and people don’t understand how credit works. It’s true that major credit cards don’t back charge on interest but the fact that care credit, Amazon, Walmart, etc explicitly note that information (not in tiny print FYI) there is no reason to complain about a card that offers you a convenience. It seems to me that most of the complaints on this article, including the author of same, are made ignorantly. People please read before signing on the dotted line and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Doing these two things regarding credit can leave you in a world of hurt. Good luck and happy frugal spending!

Read the TOS…most credit cards have the same deals. Pay your bill and on time and you won’t have problems. If you can’t handle it, don’t apply for it or use it.

Are you able to transfer the balance if you can’t pay the balance within the promotional period (which was only 6 months for a $2,300 purchase)

I just received a refund of over $2000 from Synchrony Bank without a letter or other explanation. I now see that this was part of the class action settlement ordered by the CPSC. My dental provider is competent and has a very good staff. However, at no time was I given a copy of the CareCredit agreement. The staff did the credit check and I was approved before I left the office. At no time was I told the interest would be 26% if not paid off in a year. Before I paid off the balance I tried to get the interest rate reduced and was told it could not be done although I was never late with a payment. I will never use the card again. I am willing to bet that CareCredit is owned by a group of doctors.

I fell in that trap with Care Credit for a dental bill which has been sent to collections. I owe $11,000+. I have tried working with the credit bureaus by disputing. Please advise on how you found relief. I found a copy of the class action suit and I am submitting this as evidence to support my claim.

So I applied for care credit when one of my ferrets became sick. The only vet in our area had to be paid at the time of visit. Well before card arrived my ferret had gotten better. So I didn’t use the card right then. Fast forward two months. My other ferret became extremely sick and needed tests run. Vet was great about it. Unfortunately our girl was beyond help, lymphoma, and within 3 weeks needed to be put down. After being harassed night and day before first billing date, I checked into my account further. In the two months I didn’t use my card, my credit score, (which was increasing and staying steady for 2 years, I watch my credit closely)had dropped 200 points!!!! Nothing else was ran on my credit, no delinquent bills, I didn’t have any other credit cards. Care credit is a joke and scam!!! Don’t get one if you don’t absolutely need it.

I thought i had another 6 months. I didn’t, and got a 1000 bucks tacked on to a 3500 charge. Worse yet, when I was paying it off monthly, they didn’t even apply the amount to the first promotional amount I had. I had 3 promo’s, and they divided it equally among the three. Why on earth would I want to put money toward a promo that ended a year after the one I was trying to pay off to avoid 27 percent? They told me I had to call them EACH time I made a payment to apply it to the promo I desired. What an unbelievable scam, and I can only wonder how much the dentist gets back in kickbacks too.

What a scam their Zero interest is. Never missed a payment, and got billed over $2000 in retroactive interest.

I opened a GE CareCredit account (Now Synchrony Bank) for $4000 for eye surgery on the zero interest promotion. The way that works is that you pay zero interest unless you miss a payment, in which case CareCredit/Synchrony charges you all back interest at 29.99%. BEWARE! CareCredit sets that up, so that your payment leaves more than zero balance at the end of the promotional time period.
In my case, I set this up so that CareCredit would automatically debit my checking account. I never missed a payment in two years. To my surprise, CareCredit set it up, so that the payments made would leave a $1864 balance not a zero balance. Since I knew my payments were automatically made from my checking account, and I never missed a payment, I thought there was no need to worry or check on the account. Well, on month 25, CareCredit added $2110.04 interest charge! Yet, I never missed a payment!
If you have one of their zero interest promotions, you must calculate the monthly payment to bring the balance to zero before the end of the promotion.
CareCredit/Synchrony is the worst, sleeziest, slimiest company that I have ever dealt with.

What happened? Are you paying it off or were you able to make other arrangements?

what happened is Mark failed to make the proper calculations. no credit card is set to have you paid off in full in just a few months. you have to calculate and make more than minimum payments to clear things in time.

In Mark’s case, $4,000/24 monthly payments = $166.67 (rounded) per month. Based on Mark’s stated remaining balance of $1864, his actual monthly payment was $89. I had a loan from Synchrony for $1700 and if I made minimum payment amounts I would have been paying interest too, since the minimum payment was set too low to pay it off within the promotional period. I simply increased my payments to reflect the true minimum payment needed to pay it off before the end of the promo period and had no issues.

Worst credit ever, they shouldn’t abuse the “care” word in their CareCredit slogan. There is nothing care about this card, if you cant make ur payments on time with in the promo period you are screwed and tattooed to your grave with this. They absolutely don’t care and APR goes up to 26.9% differed. They had a big law suit settled in NY not sure the outcome but it’s not really helping here

I used this card to take my dog to the vet and it was awesome to have. I only pay back 25.00 a month. Far less than regular credit cards ask for. This card was a God send…my dog was so sick and now she’s fine!

Oh just wait until you get the deferred interest on your statement, without a whisper from the company. Care Credit is similar to the Mafia.

I don’t believe you.

A new “dentist” at my dental care providers office ( Bay Dental San Jose) did an exam and cleaning on my teeth. She then had her office person (also new) sign me up for Care Credit even though i have insurance. They said I don’t have to use the Care Credit but it is good to have as a back up in case I exceed my insurance limit.
The card arrived in the mail. I never activated it. Never used it.
Never got a statement nor any sort of bill, but a mysterious figure appeared on my credit report for $4300.
My credit report shows my next payment is $194.00 .
Never activated the card nor authorized any charges. Never got a.statement. And Bay Dental billed my insurance 6500

my doctor advised me to use “care” credit for lasik eye surgery a couple years ago. this credit card compay WILL NOT hesitate to charge you interest after the “promotion” is up. they charged me $700 in one month from the previous “free” months. i do not understand how 26.99% is considered caring! the minimum payment is for $70 but they are charging me $50-60 in interest a month! who in thier right mind would use a card like this unless they got tricked into it. i recieven no notice or anything in the mail, it took me way too long to realize they were riping me off. i was under the assumption they cared about me and my doctor knew what was going on. not the case. i have two other credit cards with less than half the interest of this one. do not use this credit card. not to mention their calling hours are a tiny window w-f, with NO OPTION to email them. they are very hard to get a hold of. SO FAR they have charged me 1.2k on a 3k surgery, and my balance is at 2.3k…how is this okay?

So I am a bill collector and have several credit card accounts for ge money care credit account and hear complaints that it was paid off to zero. They shouldn’t have a balance so on and so forth… I thought it was just excuses. Well I was wrong true story. I have several credit card of my own and I’m never delinquent on them if they offer auto pay I sign up right away. As I stated I collect on delinquent credit cards and not looking for any of my personal accounts to end up in my office.

So I had to get a root canal and was given option on carecredit zero interest thought about all the consumer that complain to me about the account but all my credit cards have interest on them and so I said I’ll do it. I got this, set up to pay off in 4 month auto pay same account info that I pay all my bills with, so first month goes by payment was “returned” so I call waive the late payment and return fees pay with debit card ok fine…..Next month comes why did same thing happen went online removed info and reentered info shouldn’t of happened again. Call my bank they said they don’t see the attempt.. OK so why are my payments not making it to my checking account… So I call and they that I up to date on my account but why does auto system say that I owe $75 when minimum is only $25 and my account should only have 2 more payment on it. Rep had no clue what I was talking about said that I am fine don’t worry about it you are paid up till next payment… Ya that won’t happen my credit is important to me and I don’t have time for b.s. So I try to go online to see what it say an try to fix it I am blocked from website can not access my ACCOUNT, REALLY. Its like they are defaulting me so in long run interest can be applied to the account in 12 months so they can get something out of our charges no one does anything for free especially not a credit company.

I went to the dentist in 2010 with no dental insurance and needed a root canal. they offered me a care credit card to cover the cost they never explained the promotional period interest crap to me at the dentist. it wasn’t until I received my first statement from care credit that I realized I needed to pay off the amount by a certain time. I wasn’t even a full time worker and knew that I couldn’t pay off $2000 in 12 months! My point being I have been paying for this since December of 2010 and you can imagine the interest I’ve been paying the whole time. If I would have been correctly informed of how it really worked I would have never gotten the root canal. I would have went to a different dentist or got the tooth pulled or waited until I had dental at my work, something anything but the care credit. Its the fact they didn’t adequately inform me on how it was going to work that is upsetting and fraud!!

I just wanted to say that there is some misinformation in this article and comments….I enjoyed my care credit…I got it for my root canal, got the procedure done and my dentist charge the full amount I was given ($1000) and I co-payed the rest I owed. I just finished paying back the card in July (kept my financing period date) and after that I got my limit doubled to $2000 automatically. Now I am planning on using that money for doing the rest of my teeth and will use it again and again. I dont have a great credit to afford the best credit card offers out there so I utilize what I can, and that worked for me. For me it was simply an installment payment plan on my procedure. And isnt that all we want with all the credit cards, always pay them off before the interest has accrued….and FYI, CrediCardGuru, you pay for your college upfront, either through your own resources or federal/state loans and grants; You can be sure that if your classes are not paid for the day you register, you will be dropped before you even start.

i think that she meant “pay up front” all at once, like in one payment as you are charged for the entire dental procedure. You aren’t charged the 84k $ up front, you pay as you go, class by class, term by term. Also, it’s good that your card is working for you, but there ARE interest rates that are lower, and there are guidelines and restrictions that could be made a little more clear than you see with CC. I also have had no problems with my CareCredit, but when you compare that card to my $250 limit Capital One Card, it looks like a jip. Even with no credit history I was able to get lower interest with Capital One. I don’t think the person was trying to say it’s a scam, I think they were just pointing out the fact that you can do better when it comes to a credit card. I was charged upfront for a bridge that I had and my tota l after insurance was 1400 $. I was one of the ones that actually got the work completed, and was satisfied with the entire process of paying the bill. However, I signed up for this card and was not offered any free interest or what-have-you’s, and I think I ended up paying a total of 2100$ after the 600$ or so amount of interest. Oh well, such is life.

Shill much ?

I agree,this card is great. I used it for my dog’s vet visit and now I can use it for my son’s glasses. Never had a problem,only owed 25.00 a month and in fact,when I got the dates mixed up and paid late by accident,they waived the late fee I was charged. Can’t believe all the negative comments on here.

I’m with you, I’ve used my Care Credit twice once for $3000 and again for $4000. I had no problems, I made payments aggressively at times and slacked off at times, but I needed the work done so I did it with no regrets. Now I’m doing veneers in the front with Care Credit and I Don’t Care. I’m SMILING and that’s the most important thing to me.

I’d like to know how or if you can get a refund. CC hit me with the “pay off the introductory balance or get nailed with this accrued interest” last month. I paid it off, but was scratching my head wondering when I “signed up” for the interest free balance.

I applied for this card at dental office because I was in pain was never informed that if you don’t pay it by a certain time you would occur all the interest and be back to the drawing board I paid over 900.00 to this company and just got a email saying I owe 1800.00 and also received a late charge I haven’t used this card since I went to the dentist in Feb of last year all the money I paid was a waist this card is a scam and it wrong how they do that the rep told me if I paid 900.00 today it would cover if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t have got the card to begin with guess I will be sent to collection cause I refuse to pay what they did was wrong terms of the card were never explained or else I would have not taken it smh

Same with me – and when I complained to Care Credit, they said the provider had the responsibility to explain how the credit works. It was up to them to explain the “introductory period” and that the entire bill had to be paid in full or all interest from day one would accrue at once.

I used care credit on 4/24 and 5/09. I went online and created an account. On 5/16 I received a notification that my payment was due that day. I had never received a statement and couldn’t understand how a payment could be due already. By the time I saw the statement, it was after 5 pm but I made a payment anyway. There wasn’t a late fee accessed but I received a notification on 5/23 that my statement was available. It was the first statement that was processed. I made a payment in June which techinically I shouldn’t have owed because I made an early payment due to an erroneous email I received. But I paid anyway and all was fine. This month I paid online on 7/3 using the same account # I used the previous times. I get an email today saying that my 7/3 payment was returned NSF and that they tried again 7/15 and it was also returned NSF. Contacted my credit union and it seems they never tried to charge my account. REALLY? Same account number I used previously that was on file. I logged into my care credit account and now there is no banking information stored there. What happened to it? They changed their name. Did that mess up the payments?

After further study on the website it seems that all 3 payments I have made have never cleared my checking account and have just been returned per the website. I thought the website said NSF earlier but I don’t see an explanation why they were returned. I paid on 5/17, 6/12 and 7/3. The email I got says the account is delinquent and was due on 7/16 and last payment was received 7/3. Now I am reading online that if you pay during the first 3 days of the month that it is considered a payment for the previous month? How can that been when my statement is processed on the 23rd of every month. I would have thought with the class action law suit they lost that all this crap would have ended.

No. It’s so they can charge you late fees by saying you didn’t have the funds. Get a copy from UR bank stating there was no attempt to try to withdraw the payment from UR account then fax it to them. This seems to be consistent with several other card holders. And if you don’t abide by their agreement then they’ll charge all the interest up front.

The problem I am having is that GE will not accept a balance transfer from my new 0% card to pay it off….they blocked the transaction when I tried from my Chase account. any ideas on how to address this. Also with other balance transfers I usually received a blank check to send to pay off a debt, Chase does not offer one…odd.

Tell them you are reporting them to the attorney general in your state. And do it. They are trying to scam you.

I have used CareCredit for years with no problems. Easy. Get a promo and pay it off before the promo end date. Make note of the promo date. Not difficult! If your providers are charging it wrong, that is on the providers not GE.

There’s a class action lawsuit pending against them for fraudulent activities presently. I received a letter in the mail about getting interest paid back because there wasn’t full disclosure on how it’s processed and because their calculation method was illegal.

Troy, do you happen to have the name of the company that sent you the letter in the mail? I too received a letter and left it on my desk at work and the papers vanished. I have been trying to get the name of the company taking care of the law suit since I was one of these victims also.



People reading this should realize that the Care credit acct itself is just a CC. But the problem is the medical Office’s that Use this online Credit Application to defraud the Patients that they treat. Some are using this Card to perpetrate fraud against the Patient. they open the card without the patients knowledge and charge thousands of dollars on it without the patient knowing, the patient finds out later but the money has already been paid to the medical office. then when you call GE/Care credit to file a fraud claim and send in the paperwork. GE fraud Dept doesn’t even have a Hand writing expert review the complaint. They send you a response that the signatures were close enough. So no Fraud was involved. So they still go after the Patient/ responsible party. it’s not in Care Credit’s best interest to be competent in there fraud Department. I asked the investigator that reviewed my claim if he was a hand writing expert ,or had the signatures reviewed by one. He said no to both questions but that the signatures were close enough. Between the dishonest medical office’s that abuse this online credit Applications and the incompetence of the GE Fraud Department you can see why people are disgusted With GE/Care Credit. I’d be happy to here from anybody else that was defrauded by a medical provider with the GE Care Credit.


State Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
Go to your state website and file a complaint against the dentist office to begin a proper investigation

How does that explain the blocked payments ?
Seems to be a lot of Care Credit puppets on this site.

It doesn’t they are attempting to scam you. Call AGs. Office and make a complaint. This is how class action lawsuits happen. If enough complain the AGS office will act. They also may be able to provide information on how to go about getting this resloved.

I am going thru this nightmare now. I went for a “Free Consult” 5/8/2015 – the dentist office manager gave me a estimated plan, had me sign the “Pretreatment Estimate” an agreement the $15,000 quote only good for 6months. I had trusted this provider with my preapproval email for $10,000 received the day before from CareCredit. He took this info while I was still in the office and raised my credit line to $16,500 – I left this office with the understanding no commitment what so ever that I could discuss over weekend the treatment plan and possible payment options thru CareCredit with my husband- and let them know the next week.
4 days later I went in and refused to make a down payment when asked by the checkin desk, I advised that desk, the dentist, and the dentist office person that I did not want that plan, I was assured this office person took care of everything and the checkin desk had made a mistake asking for a down payment. I was promised the dentist would go over a treatment plan I could approve and explain all the charges I had not understood from the previous treatment estimate before I left that day. I allowed them to start on a root canal, and resin treatment which hurt me for days after and I still cannot eat on that side of my mouth, I have been dealing with this now since May 12- After the dental assistant worked on my mouth I was then advised by the dentist it would be another $20,000 to change my plan. He also stated another root canal would be needed next visit. By the end of this 4th day and the days and weeks that followed, I learned how I had been deceived, learned of all the charges made on the initial free consult, nothing can prepare anyone for the deceit that followed, actually began the first day I went there, just by the time I found out everything, I could not get CareCredit to help me. When I called to discuss the pain and treatment plan and understand charges, I was told the only person (the office manager) was the only one who could discuss my treatment and charges and would not be back for 6 days-now I have learned this 6 day period is when he “RUSHED” to complete crowns,bridges,removable dentures ( all I had advised that 4th day I did not want) they have their own lab, just totally deceived and mislead me – I knew after the botched root canal I could not trust this dentist and then found out that same week of the $15,000 charge to the CareCredit account and also fraudulent billing to my dental insurance for the same procedures for $11,000. This has been a living nightmare – no matter that I offer CareCredit a new dentist I had to go can provide xrays and verify the work has not been done, and I confirmed I DID NOT sign the sales draft they presented to CareCredit. Their reply is they are not a dentist and they are not handwriting experts. The dentist was told to give me a credit for $6800, leaving me still owing CareCredit for $8000 that are already adding $90 interest a month too for work I did not approve or receive and charges I did not authorize. All I have received so far is a botched root canal with pain and 2 teeth resin work which the original estimate showed approx $600-700 for just those procedures. Unbelievable that a dentist who takes an oath to serve the medical needs of the consumer has unethical, misleading fraudulent and what should be criminal business practices and that CareCredit allows them to do this. Evidently these type dentists provide a lot of income to CareCredit. I find it hard to believe they are not aware of what is going on. I am going to pursue every avenue within my rights as a consumer for justice – I received an infection after the root canal and it has taken a month for this clear up and still not completely well. Substandard care, and unfair business practices to be able to take that kind of money from a consumer for work not done or charges never approved.

I had Care Credit and would not do that again if my life depended on it. The 34 Million dollar lawsuit is NO JOKE – and there is a reason they have been ordered by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to refund over a million customers. DO NOT DO CARE CREDIT!

Coast Dental in Tallahassee, FL got me a GE Care Credit card without my knowledge. When I looked at the final bill, I was SHOCKED that Coast Dental charged me $1300 for 2 “temporary” fillings. At that price, did they actually expect me to return for the “permanent” fillings? Although I was able to pay the balance in full before my time ran out, it was NOT easy because I live on Social Security and pension checks, both combined being less than $1,000/month.

DO NOT GO TO COAST DENTAL and, like others have stated, STAY AWAY from GE Care Credit. Both businesses are scam artists.

Bulls shit, I have used this card for several years and see nothing wrong with using it. GE is good.

so you would reccomed GE Care Credit? When did you start using it? Just wondering.. I am new to it so I’m trying to be on the safe side!!

Me too. I started using mine for dental work about five years ago. I don’t like credit cards, but I keep this around for medical expenses when needed. Recently our family pet underwent some procedures as we tried to beat cancer and the people at CareCredit made it really easy (a little too easy) to expand my limit to help pay for costs.

I agree, the catch is to pay it off within the promo. I hope people take special note of the promo dates because different procedures/doctors/vets have different end dates. Our local vet charges were 12 months, but the specialist charges were 6 months.

My dealings with CareCredit have been positive. The dentist office that had me sign up with CareCredit was very upfront about everything, so I knew what I was getting into. I think it also helps that I am in charge of the family budgeting and I monitor my account online to make sure everything is where it should be.

Bottom line, this company is around because of profit. As a consumer I do work hard at not letting them make an unacceptable amount of profit from me. I’m sorry to read everyone’s horror story, I do hope these things get straightened out in some way.

Mark, I agree with you. I have had a Care Credit card for over ten years. I have a $6,000 limit on it. I had a zero balance on it when my 26 year-old daughter was taken to the ER with severe toothache from two wisdom teeth that later were x-rayed an d shown to be growing sideways in her jaw. I was able to, from Vermont(and she was in Florida) call an oral surgeon,get her into the office by the next morning and have those two teeth extracted,to the tune of $1,100. She did not have dental coverage and unless I had had the Care Credit card,there would have been dire consequences. I just gave my card number over the phone to the oral surgeons office and they took care of everything. I also used it this past year for testing on my Norfolk terrier that ultimately proved to be lymphoma of the small intestine. We ultimately lost her,but without the card,we would have been hard-pressed to manage the expense of the tests(over $5,500-ultrasounds,x-rays,colonoscopy,endoscopy,etc. It has literally been a life=saver. We have since paid it off,but like ANY credit card,the consumer just needs to be aware of the terms. Sounds like many of these people here were not very proactive. To Papa Rick I would say that Care Credit only pays for a billing. Coast Dental is your problem. Pay ATTENTION to what is happening! None of these bad things can happen if you are an intelligent and proactive consumer. I LOVE Care Credit!


Sorry this reply is late, but I wanted to say I agree with you 100%! I have used Care Credit 3 times for dental work and have never had a problem. Of course, I always figure out what I would have to pay each month in order to pay off the balance by the end of the year (I actually even pay more, so I pay it off before the year is up.).

What I would tell people is when you find out what your Care Credit bill is going to be, divide by the number of months you have to pay it and that will be the least amount you can pay. For example, I currently owe $2250.00 on a $3000.00 dental bill. I have 12 months to pay this, so I divided $3000.00 by 12 and came up with $250.00 as the least amount I would have to pay (I do plan on increasing my payments in a few months.).

I think where people get in trouble is that they see the place where it says minimum due and so they just pay that. The next thing they know, they have a big payment towards the end and then can’t pay it off. For example, on my bill I just got, it said my minimum payment is $74.00. Now, if I were to pay only that amount for the next 8 months, I would only be paying $592.00 and by the time the last month rolled around, I would still owe $1658.00!

If people actually look at their statements, it even warns that paying only the minimum may not pay off by the end of the promotion period which also is printed right on the statement.

People also can’t make the mistake thinking that if they pay way more than the minimum that they don’t have to pay a bill the following month. I have actually read where people believed this.

Also, people need to make sure they can afford the payments before they sign up to use Care Credit.

Finally (I know this is getting long, LOL!), I have spoken to Care Credit representatives a couple of times and they were nothing but professional and helpful. And in case anyone is wondering, no I am not an employee of Care Credit nor do I have any relatives who work for this company.

Are they paying you? If not then you are stupid. Can you read? Reading over and over again repeatedly is called reliability.

We have used care credit for many years and of course were glad to have it when we needed it for all our dental work. We, of course read all the fine print and made payments but there are a few flaws that made it necessary to argue with them.

They applied payments where they wanted to and not on the oldest balance so it became standard operating procedure to call and demand they place the payment where we specify. Sometimes this turned into an argument with them trying to refuse and other times dealing with stupid people meant they would not follow orders.

This deceptive practice did cost us some extra interest but we paid off the balance and from that point on made sure all balances due were paid long before any interest could be charged. Unfortunately people who do not keep track of their bills and these deceptive practices will be pay dearly for this deceptive practice.

The consumer should contest charges applied before the actual work is done. This may prompt care credit to monitor this a little more carefully. They may also set this up as a promo forcing you to charge the full amount up front, not exactly a fair deal for the consumer. there many negatives to that deal with interest accrual being the biggest if you don’t pay before the promo ends.

I have to agree that the high interest rates they decided to charge are consistent with skyrocketing medical cost. Seems that when your sick, broke and can’t afford to pay, this industry is there digging a hole and getting ready to bury you. What happened to helping people and making life affordable? American Greed has consumed the American population. many will watch the person next to them starve and die before coming to their aid.

CareCredit has SEEMED to have been a good resource to have – between sudden animal illnesses and our own dental expenses. HOWEVER, we have found that once there are multiple expiration/promotional dates, they do not alert/forewarn the consumer of upcoming promotional period expirations. It seems as though they are lying in wait, hoping to capitalize on customers’ naivety. All of a sudden, there are HUGE interest charges on the statement with no details given except to say that the promotional period IS NOW expired for these applied interest charges. I did have extensive phone conversations with CareCredit agents regarding this matter – lack of forewarning – and did receive credit for most of these charges. It appears that CareCredit/GE Services statements are cryptic, at best. There is no follow through from one month to the next with the start date of each promotion and its expiration, including balance owed. For example, my April 8, 2014 statement shows a previous balance of $1076.55, no New Purchases, a $200. payment and a $9.49 Interest Charge. I have no idea what this interest charge is for. The Interest Charge Calculation Box shows a Transaction prior to 09/04/13 with N/A Expiration Date (?) , a $427.47 balance and a $9.49 interest charge for this month. What is this 427.47 balance from? When was the transaction? Statements will only show new charges and payments. Payments are shown as applied to the entire current balance and not how each payment is applied to promotional balances. Each successive statement does not indicate how many promotional periods are still active or nearing expiration. It is up to me to start an Excel chart of a sort in order to keep track of what full payment is due when in order to avoid 26.99% finance charge. You might wonder why it is not easy for me to remember this information. Well, we have had dogs with serious illnesses, requiring multiple hospital visits, and we have had teeth capped, also, with expensive dentist visits. These events have required several charges to CareCredit with multiple promotional expiration dates. I will have this card paid off in three months. I will find an alternative payment option. I do not like the feeling that I am being scammed.

Yes Jo-Ann,they DO alert you to expiring promotional purchases,but you have to visit the website and CHECK your statement! They are not scamming you; you are just not being a proactive consumer. Do you expect them to hold your hand and CALL you whenever a promotional purchase is expiring? It is YOUR responsibility to educate yourself and pay attention!

Care Credit its prefect example of greed and fraud.
They even employ fake doctors and dentists in their net of deceit.

Honestly, I have had NO issues with using CareCredit. I don’t think people realize that your provider has a say-so in these matters. I’m 24 and opened a line of credit for $8K in order to pay for veneers. My dentist (who is the absolute best) only charged me $5,500.00 for them (which included cosmetic bonding on two teeth and laser-gum lining, as well as not charging my for two veneers). I asked him for 24 month repayment because I surely would have paid it off by then. I had done my research (unlike some on here it seems)and knew that if I didn’t pay it off in 24 months, I’d be stuck with some mega interest rates on the purchase date balance (not on whatever balance I had remaining).

I have only $752.00 left to pay off, but something told me to look at my statements. I normally never did and just went onto their website to pay the monthly fee; however I noticed that my promotional period ending date was listed as: N/A UNTIL PAID IN FULL. I looked through all of my previous statements and noticed the same thing. I didn’t even bother calling CareCredit customer service, but instead, called my dentist. He stated that he alerted CareCredit to NOT place a promotional period on my card so that there is no time restraint. I asked why he did that and his response was that he didn’t want the pressure put on me since he knew of my financial situation (student loans, rent etc). I thought there was some sort of catch (as in, I probably was paying a crap load of interest w/o my knowledge)…no..nothing. I’ll have the balance paid off this month as I’ve decided to just go ahead and triple up my final payment, but I don’t think a lot of people realize that YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER HAS A LOT OF SAY-SO IN THIS MATTER. After all, THEY’RE the ones who alert CareCredit to your promotional period (whether you’ll pay the balance in 6, 12, 18, 24 months etc). My dentist..I cannot say enough wonderful things about him. I’ve referred literally everyone I know to him. If anyone here is ever in Maryland, ask and I shall refer 🙂

I am in MD looking for a good dentist – would be great of you could tell me who your dentist is.


Hi. I am very happy you had a positive experience. I am moving to Baltimore and wanted to know if your dentist was in the Baltimore area? Thank you

Thank you all for the reviews on this low life GE company. From what I can gather my potential oral surgeon must be a crook as well for offering such a poor option. I believe I will be looking for another dentist/oral surgeon that’s not out to rob me. I work hard and don’t live off the system but it burns me up when innocent hard working people are taken advantage of!

it’s not Care Credit that scams you; it’s the unethical care provider you chose.

Karen I beg to disagree. I asked for 18 months interest free. On the phone they said no problem. 6 months later after no late payments they are adding interest. I would say unsavory business tactics. I realize some people my have had or are having a great relationship with them. I was to until their unexpected to early of the promotion ending. But after my phone call and reading similar complaints to mine…I see a pattern.

I wish you continued success with CareCredt,

I just got a letter from GE capital Bank, saying I may be eligible to receive a refund on interest that they say in the letter, chances are I was not informed I would be charged interest, which I wasn’t. So apparently carecredit got in trouble.
My experience. I paid off the entire balance, on time, establishing that I was a responsible with debts. And to thank me, not too long after carecredit cancelled my credit line, saying I had bad credit. I just paid off the balance and they cancelled it. I couldn’t believe it. Apparently they didn’t want to refund the interest, so they cancelled the account.

This is why I hate social media. Half of you people are complaining that you didn’t do what was required to meet the promo criteria, yet GE is the bad guy. Charged before services rendered? Doctor did that, not GE. How does GE know if the work was performed or not? YOUR DOCTOR TOLD THEM IT WAS!!! Just because you are not able to read the contract does not make GE or any card company “a scam”. It makes you an idiot. I have 2 cards with them. Regular card and Care card. Several years, several purchases. Never paid a penny in interest. Weird!

I agree with you, people (patients) need to be more responsible for themselves and not blame everyone else for something that they should have known. Now for the medical offices that are processing CareCredit without the patient’s knowledge, they should also be held responsible for their actions. We offer CareCredit for services at our medical facility. WE DO advise the patients that if they DO NOT pay the minimum payment and within the promotional time line, that there will be a LARGE amount of interest due. We encourage them to pay it off early. We only charge for services that are performed and if for some reason the services are canceled, we refund the money directly to the patient. At that point, it is the patient’s responsibility to pay off their debt to CareCredit.

Yes..agree. Best card for one never paid any interest.

I concur. I’ve NEVER paid interest. I’ve never had a problem with CareCredit. I think people do not realize that their healthcare provider is the puppeteer in this instance. They’re they one pulling the strings and alerting CareCredit to any services rendered…just as they would for a regular insurance card. If people would simply research and actually read a contract (because that is what this is) before signing on the dotted line, I don’t think we (as humans) would have nearly as many issues and complaints as it seems we do.


BS. Read…..repeated over and over again an established pattern which is then called reliable. They even got sued class action. Are you kidding???

Hi all..I think I know what the answer is going to be, but I’ll state my case anyway. So 2 years ago I got a SleepTrain loan for $2k. I’ve paid for the loan, on time every month for those 2 years at $25.00/mo.

But on the 17th, the promotional period expired, and they charged me all the back interest. So 2 years of payment are down the tubes. The balance is now even higher at $2192, when I only had $462 left to pay.

Now, I know this is how they make their money. But when you’ve been autopaying for 2 years, and the money just comes out of your account, you tend to not think much about it. Had I known that on the 17th, I would end up paying $1715 in interest, damn right I would have done something about it. So you can fault me for not being on top of it…

But in all fairness, it would be nice for them to send out a courtesy email stating that “you have x number of days before your promotional period ends”. Had I been reminded by their system of this, I would have promptly paid the entire thing off.

You will argue that its not their job to remind me. Maybe not. I guess it takes setting a calendar reminder in Google 2 years from the loan date, just so I remember.

I’m goign to call and see if there is anything they can do to back date the payment, but I highly doubt it. I”m basically asking them not to make $1700 off of me. But fuck……I just paid $3500 for a $2000 loan. What a fuckin robbery.

I’ve used care credit for several years now and they clearly state that if you make the minimum payment of $25.00 monthly, you will not pay your debt off in the required time for no interest. You’re right you have to read the contract carefully.

$25 *24months = $600. how did you think that would pay off your $2k agreement in 2 years? and check the 2 stmts prior to your expiration date, i guarantee you it said your promo was expiring.

My wife and I got tricked into getting a care credit card when i had to rush into the dentist to get a crown replaced, they told us it was a payment plan. It was the first time going to this dentist since we had just moved to Chicago. My wife and I have dental insurance but the dentist told us we had to pay in full on the visit; since we had to pay in full we decided to do the so called “payment plan”. When we discover it was a credit card we ended up paying the balance the same month to avoid any fees. After a few month we discover that the dentist had received payment from our insurance and that they had send a refund to care credit. Here is my question, Can we get the money back from care credit by calling them or by closing the account with them?
Thank you


My wife and I got tricked into getting a care credit card when i had to rush into the dentist to get a crown replaced, they told us it was a payment plan. It was the first time going to this dentist since we had just moved to Chicago. My wife and I have dental insurance but the dentist told us we had to pay in full on the visit; since we had to pay in full we decided to do the so called “payment plan”. After a few month we discover that the dentist had received payment from our insurance and that they had send a refund to care credit. Here is my question, Can we get the money back from care credit by calling them or by closing the account with them?
Thank you


Don’t close the account with care credit or you’ll never get your money back. They should simply refund you the full amount paid by you! It may take a few phone calls/secure messages online via care credit’s website.(GE Capitol Bank) This dentist was very negligent with misinformation. Please do the right thing by giving a properly negative review on this dentist to possibly save others the hassle…..I answer this because my mother was treated the same as you only she is aged and single living on a fixed income with no insurance. Care credit has taken her for over 6k for only 3k worth of dental work. The problem lies with the dentists that aren’t disclosing just what you are buying into. Taking advantage just so they are paid lots of cash!

Care credit does not have an email contact, where have you been

How is this turning out for you and your mom, Jacki? I am just getting into this with my mom now. She lives 4 hours away from me and was given Care Credit by her dentist with no disclosure about what she was getting into. She was under the impression she was gong to make payments to the dentist over time.

My question is for patti. If GE Care Credit is so great, why is the federal government conducting two separate investigations about their business practices and why did GE Consumer Financial have to pay a $34.1 million fine? I hope GE is paying you more than $10.10 an hour for your posts.

No kidding. Either so completely stupid or getting paid.

MY experience with Care CRedit came at the desk of a financial lady at Aspen Dental..she said ” we are going to get you a way to have a beautiful smile again” I myself didnt have good credit and i knew it so my mom was with me and she got it and i am the second person on the card.The lady billed us 8599.00 for the dentures and extractions.saying that if it turned out that my teeth were not surgically extracted I would get a credit,,,they had to bill for everything up front why I do not know… Fine we can make the payments..we scheduled for an appt for teeth extraction since that seemed to be my only option left..on june25 2012 I had it done on August 8th 2012 we paid the care care bill of 8599.00 in full because we didnt pay the first bill( because we never got it ) and they charged us a late fee and the interest went up…so we never got july’s bill… we paid it off in aug, I am going along healing and getting soft liners trying to get my temporaries to stay in and I for some reason ask a lady if my teeth were surgically extracted and she looked at my chart and said no they were not..this was in OCT 2012.. that many months went by,, we never were issued a refund from care credit nor any information that 23 had a 2754.00 [email protected]@@ n What the hell we paid in full.. broke.didnt have enough to purchase an air conditioner and it was hotter than hell that summer..and my credit of 2754.00 was in limbo aspen land…where was it why wasn’t I told…….I have tried with no luck to contact Care CRedit about this…the card was in both my mothers name and mine ,,she has not received anything about a refund from this lawsuit..who do I contact.. we are owed this money..

GE Fraud department-800-268-9131, If you were charged for something that wasn’t done. you have to wait a long time for them to pickup.

sandra novoshielski

Help this card is robbing me. I had a SICK DOG AND WAS able to save her thank god but I was not aware of the consequences with the interest. I really a can’t transfer balances because my credit cards ARE JACKED UP. I still have good credit but this card is killing me. I pay and pay and pay and it does nothing. It is like flushing money down the toilet. Help. I need suggestions but not those stupid credit repair things. I just want to figure out a way to get that interest reduced.

CareCredit was just fined $34 million for their practices, link below. They are supposed to change their ways but given the issues I am having with them right now, I doubt they will… they will bill for services, whether they are done or not and basically their attitude has been ‘well your husband signed’… the dental provider lied to us about how CareCredit worked and we thought we were having a credit check done, not signing up at the time… but like most banks, they couldn’t care less. Good luck to those fighting, between the dentist and CareCredit i don’t know who’s worse!

I’m sorry, why is it CareCredits fault that they dental provider lied to you? Maybe you should do your homework before you sign on the dotted line.

Fined 34 million for fraudulent practices what more can I say?

Patti – It is very specific that I am on a no interest payment plan for 24 months. It states right on my billing statement showing promotional expiration date of 01/11/2016. The very first statement showed a balance of $1829.99 (I borrowed $1800.00). The second statement shows a balance of $1677.00 after I sent them $180.00. I just sent them another $300.00 way before the due date. If the balance does not go down by $300.00 I’ll know I am getting screwed somehow. If you borrow $1800 aren’t you expected to pay back only $1800.00 within the promotional time period?

Mike, just read this. You’re paying about $30 a month for “Account Security”, which in itself is worthless. It’s supposed to pay off your balance if you lose your job, but the terms are almost impossible.

I’m retired and I don’t need that. Sounds like this card is nothing but a scam. Why did they take $57.27 in fees then? Is this going to be every month – I won’t know until I get my next statement. If so – I’ll borrow the money from an interest charging source and pay them off. Rather know up front I’m getting screwed. I never agreed to anything about “account security”. Thanks for answering.

Just to clarify my previous comments about my statement – my first payment was not late either!!

Okay – I had to use Care Credit so my wife could get laser surgery for her eyes. I charged $1800 on a $3000 limit. First bill I sent them $180 figuring I would pay it in 10 months versus the 24 months they gave me. I figure $180 from $1800 would leave a balance of $1620.00 but the second billing statement says my balance is $1677.27 – in other words where the heck did $57.27 in “fees” come from if it is interest free. I am going to pay them off hopefully within 4 months. Where did this “fee” come from and forget talking to a human being on the phone. Has anyone else had this problem with this hidden fee????

you obviously were not put on an interest free payment plan, see your provider sounds like your on an interest bearing payment plan which is 14.9%

Took out the card to initially pay for my dogs back surgery. I have insurance on him but knew it would take awhile to get payment so decided good idea to let it ride interest free until then. When the insurance check came I paid Care Credit. Unfortunately my dog need surgery again and unfortunately the large payment to Care Credit happened 2 days before I had to pay for the second surgery. The card was declined because my credit limit had been LOWERED for 10 business day due to the large electric payment. What??? I am being penalized for making a payment?? Had to pay with an interest bearing card. Called their useless customer service (after the announced 5 minute hold turned into 45) they would not budge. Even offered to see if I could get my bank to call them nope it’s THEIR policy that there is a 10 day or longer hold before my credit limit if back to the full amount. Not very caring.

This card was a godsend for me when i needed emergency dental work. I made payments as agreed upon and paid off balance by end of the promotional period and never have had a problem. Had to use it again a year later and again received promotional 0% financing. Like all promotional offers, you gotta follow the terms or will get slammed with interest. It’s the same with all of them. It’s not a charity, it’s a business!

Karen – godsend for me too when I found out I needed over $700.00 of dental work…hint – don’t get old/your teeth will rot. Ever so pleased w/CareCredit. Rarely had “real” dental ins & this a windfall. From CA & my dentist didn’t accept ANY kind of insurance. I get way cheaper cleanings w/CareCredit. Cannot begin to understand why all those stupidheads think they are being cheated. Their bill becomes due every month & one simply pays enough not to accrue interest when their “free” term is over. How difficult could that be?

FYI:) Assistance is available by contacting the Office of the Attorney General in your state. Ask for Consumer Protection Division. Can also contact Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) at 1-855-237-2392 or Contact for GE CareCredit dispute resolution is located in South Dakota. Call 1-800-419-5010 ext#4167415 (Andrea)…Main# 1-866-519-6450.
BTW:) A FREE 2013 Consumer Action Handbook can be ordered by calling 1-800-FED-INFO (333-4636)
Canalso dowmload this annual federal publication at Also Handbook is published by GSA (US Government Services Administration) and can also be ordered in quantities of more than 1(for familly, friends, whomever) Hanbook for 2014 not published until Spring but can pre-order. This is a GREAT consumer handbook and super EASY to read and access info. Be sure to get!!

First of all, L.Barbera sounds like a narcisstic pompous you know what. Comes across as quite an egotistical person…not a very admirable traitl Comments are disdainful depicting a sense of superiority.Since he/she states that they have had no problems with CareCredit, perhaps they could humanize themself by trying to use their perfect skills to help those in need rather than appear to take enjoyment in another person’s unfortunate situation. L. Barbera…are you so self-absorbed to be so unaware of the exorbitant amount of complaints against GE’s CareCredit?? Why do you think that there is Attorney General involvment in several states and why do you think GE’s CareCredit has been deemed so newsworthy??Shame on you for your attitude!! Try helping those that are hurting…financial & personally.

Oh my, I will say Barbera I am in total agreement with you, first off helena the Carecredit card is a godsent for people who have no money, its a loan where you can borrow and payback with out additional charges no one else can beat it, as far as all the scripted Attorney General information you so kindly handed out, just so your aware the Attorney Generals office stands behind Carecredit (GE CAPITAL BANK) 100% the problem are the people who want to borrow but cant pay back there are orginazations for such maybe you should post all the information on those orginazations as well, give the people what they need. Carecredit will loan money if your credit worthy just like a Visa or a Mastercard and they work out a deal specialized just for you, now if your late they are late and they will charge you 26.9% just as any other card, so next time maybe do a little more research on loan institutes and there fine lines and penalties before you choose to condem the cards that are worthy.

one is not egotistical to know how to have good credit & be responsible for their bills. Don’t be stupid in the 1st place to ruin your credit – I have a friend who has no credit & ended up having her car repossessed because she didn’t make payments…what did she think would happen? I’m only a high school graduate & didn’t pay much attention, but I knew how not to screw up my life financially. If that makes me a narcissistic (sweetheart, you don’t even know how to spell) & a pompous a–…I live below the poverty line & still have great credit. I live on nearly zero $ & don’t have the time nor inclination to feel sorry for careless people. I’ve never suffered ignorance kindly…

I had Delta Dental through my previous employer. I got braces on which Delta Dental paid 1,400 and I had to pay the other 1,400. Of course my dentist told me they no longer reviewed payments directly but through Care Credit. I got my braces on October 4, 2013 and lost the job on October 31, 2013. My dentist said they returned the insurance the money and paid care credit 456 leaving me with am 800 and something dollar amount that I did not use! I got my braces removed December 5th 2013 because that was the only available appt and now going back and forth with Care Credit having to pay an amount I did not use! Help anyone I tried contacting a lawyer he pretty much said I was on my own I have no money I’m unemployed and a full time nursing student !!! Anyone have any advice how I can have care credit stop charging me for a service I did not use

Ya I had care credit when they sign me up they told me that it would be o% interest but it wasn’t it was 21% interest rate on it. I got behind on my payments with them and I try calling them to see if i would work out something my balance was kind high on my bill. I do have bad credit so I really can’t go out there and apply for the really good credit cards that I really want help me pay for a dentist are pretty high as far as pulling a tooth out but they are a rip off either way I think.

There is no such thing as a 21% on Carecredit cards, if your on an interest bearing plan its 14.9% it gos to 26.9% if you default on your agreement with the Dr. office, stick to your agreement and all is great.

Folks — it’s called good money management practices. No one twists anyone’s arm to take out care credit. You get an understanding of what you are agreeing to and go in with your eyes wide open. My family and I have used Carecredit for years and never pay interest. I read some of these stories and wonder just how do you even manage your lives? Don’t bother venting at my response. I found this all very pathetic, but won’t be back and have no interest. Good luck managing your day-to-day lives!

You keep using a subpar service thats constantly under investigation? I mean, I get people in desperate situations doing what they have to, but dipping back into that vile pool? You must be one of those ignorant, loud, and prouds I hear about. Have fun with your obvious stupidity, and respond if you like, I’m sure it’ll be worth a good hearty chuckle.

I could not have said it any better Barbera! KUDOS to you, people think they sign a no interest plan and can be late or not pay it off on time and still be ok, I have used cc for years never paid 1 dime in interest, its a great card if you use it the right way.

Why do you need to use this for years? You’d think cause UR soooo smart that you’d get a credit card with a very low percent interest rate? Wow UR real smart paying all the high interest and all.

Uncertain about GE

I need an $8,000 eye surgery. I pay a high premium for a medical / dental /vision plan but found out today my insurance does not pay for the safest method of surgery. The higher risk surgery cost $4,000.00. My optomologist referred me to GE Care Credit. After reading all of the comments, I feel grateful to people who have written about their experiences. Some fortunate to have a good experience with GE Care Credit. For many others it sounds like a nightmare so I have decided to search for another way to pay for my surgery. Most of us experience job loss, illness,or other that cause financial hardship. It is not wise for me to ignore so many warnings about a company who refuses to resolve issues or communicate with their customers, or correcting their own errors. I am wondering why GE named their lending company “CARE CREDIT” – sounds misleading. What does it say for our Great Country when hard working people are forced to go into dept for medical care and / or for childrens dental care at not only high cost but high interest penalty.

Carecredit is worth every penny of its use, why wouldent you use it for your surgery? all you do is pay back what you borrowed with no interest? who wouldent want it? or are you wanting to borrow and not pay it all back? ask your Dr what payment plan they offer, if he offers 18 or a 24 month NO interest then you sign the form for that and you simply pay back what you charged with no extras? I dont understand, I do know people who are complaining are the ones who were late or went past there payment plan and are now paying interest, well of course they are responsable for it now, they did not agree to terms see people want want want but the dont mention they dont return the payment. Good luck and do more research.

Troll alert!!!

Clifford Huffman

I have used my CareCredit card a few times for Dental work. The first time, The dentist explained EVERYTHING in detail, Including the deferred interest. I have never had a problem. I pay online, and payments are credited the same day. I know I will not be able to pay off the promotional balance in time ,But I knew this from the get go. Never had any erroneous charges, or ANY other surprises. My online account shows large RED messages to let me know when promotional balances expire. Granted the interest rate isn’t great, But if not for this card, I could not afford Dental care. I am a Disabled Veteran, and live on a fixed income and strict budget. I am thankful that there was a company out there to help me get the care I need. ESPECIALLY when my credit rating is lacking. I get monthly bills by email, and payment receipts from both my bank AND CareCredit within minutes of every payment. I understand how some of you feel slighted, But MOST of the complaints on here should be directed at the DOCTORS used, and are NOT the fault of CareCredit. IF you can get credit elsewhere, DO so, But for those of us without that option, CareCredit is a lifesaver. Even if it DOES cost a bit more.

I had a cap come off a tooth, I went into my normal dentist (I do not have dental insurance) and was told that I needed about 11 thousand dollars of work. I took his estimate to another, very respected community dentist. He was going to do the work (he showed me there was more) for about 28 thousand dollars. His office manager immediately recommended GE Care Credit. Two days later I went in and told them not to have me in that card. It took an army to remove the name, etc. but I received a card in the mail. As it progressed, I was able to refinance my home with a cash out to cover this cost at 4%. Last week I received a bill for 123.00 from Care Credit for interest for two days? I think this business and the dentist took me to the cleaners but I have already had the extractions done so I am in limbo.

First, THANK YOU GAYLE FOR TELLING DAN TO SHUT UP, this is a complete scam preying on people without the income or means to support an emergency. I am going through a consolidation and can’t obtain a fax number from them. I have called 5 different phone numbers and one of them was in India or some other location that our fine businesses have sold out America in the name of profit. I believe they don’t want there underpaid employees knowing too much. Does anyone know a fax number for this despicable Company?

Are you complaining because you think Carecredit should pay your bills? if so you were mis led as to what this card is for, its for people who need money to BORROW and then pay back with out interest within a certain amount of time like 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. Your quote “without the income or means to support an emergency” is annoying they were there for you to help you and now where are you to help pay them back? thought so, just another person wanting free services. the number is 1-866-893-7864 and if you call during normal business hours and go through the prompts (unless the prompts are to hard for you) then you will get through to a rep who does care, I have had no issues in the 10 years iv had them. GO GE CAPITAL AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP IN THE PAST, I could not have gotten eye surgery or caps without you!

patti –

you sound like you work for care credit. even if you don’t, its normal business practice to have people ‘undercover’ vouching for said companies p.r. on message boards…. so maybe i suggest you busy yrself with some other form of bad business vouching.

no email either. and it is very difficult to reason with the reps on the phone who are in India. they demand the money and will not even try to work anything out.

Have to say……..Am researching CareCredit prior to dental work. I have read every review on this page. While there are abosolutely a few (very few) with what look to be legitimate complaints; I am shocked by the overwhelming majority of complaints regarding being hit with interest charges. It is actually a bit scary there are this many people out there that do not understand the 0% interest concept. One more time here….If you do not pay off the debt in full within the alloted amount of time…you get hit with the full interest charges. You have to make this a priority….no matter what. These are the rules for 0% and have been for years. I am still on the fence as to whether I will consider this company but have really had my eyes opened on the dumbing down of America. I did not realize. Scary stuff.

Thats because. A lot of people are being told by their provider and by GE Capital that it is an interest free medical credit card, even when asked to clarify they are assured that it is a interest free card.

Theres 2 types of payment options, interest free and an interest bearing payment plan, the interest bearing payment plan allows you lower payments because you can take it out for up to 5 years if you wanted and its 14.9% woooopti dooo, or go 6 or 12 months interest free payment plan and your payments are sure to be higher either way the card is designed to accomidate anybodys needs, no one is told its just an interest free card, the plans are offered by the Dr office.

Brenda, I think what people are trying to say…for sure my case. I was signed up for and okayed for 18 months. So after 6 months of paying on time why am I being asked to pay interest? I do understand credit cads and such.

I am glad your experience has been good. I hope it continues to be. My experience was at first great…now I am very soured with the company. Especially in trying to get answers.

If you had a good experience, good for you. But there are too many people who had bad experiences to ignore, or to assume they are all less-savvy consumers.

In many cases I see here a situation similar to my own – CareCredit apparently purposefully did not post payments to my account (God only knows what they did with them) IN ORDER to sell the account off to collections at a bumped up rate.

I asked for statements (which they had stopped sending) showing what happened to the last two payments I sent them the first time I received a collections call.

The next collection call was from an agency. They had sold it within a week. Maybe they are legally required to make one attempt. I’m not sure.

I am not “not so smart”. I was in a difficult financial position due to the closing of the company I worked for and needed emergency dental work.

I am 100% convinced that these people engage in unethical accounting practices (such as not posting payments, intentionally posting them to the wrong accounts so they can legally charge them off, and delaying payments so that they can collect interest on promo accounts).

I hope someone has a class action suit against them someday.

I recommend the “smarter-than-thou” folks listen more and judge less.

What in the world is wrong with the people on here who are complaining about the Care Credit. Our office has used the CareCredit for years and have not had one single issue. It is just like buying furniture, or a car, or anything else with interest free promotional periods. Are they in the stone ages, or what??? If I don’t pay my balance on a credit card that was transferred to a promotional credit card in the promotional period, then guess what people…..I pay the interest!!!! Been around for years!! We clealy state the facts to our patients and it is clearly written out in the agreement. Get real!!!!!!! Care credit should be going after the TODAY SHOW for airing this untrue information this morning!!!! I know it upset me!!! Read the offer…pay your bills in time…and you have no problems!!!! Simple as that!!!!

Thank you for your post. I wanted to respond but, there are just way to many idiots commenting on this site. I have 2 different accounts with GE and have had ZERO issues. Of course I am above hillbilly intelligence and know how to read. Interest free if paid in full by promo date? DUH! Charged before services rendered? That’s your doctor not Care Credit. How do they know you didn’t have the work done? It is scary that these people might possibly be breeding.

I used it with the belief it was deferred for a year based on the brochure provided at the emergency vet clinic. THREE months later I was hit with the pay in full or pay about %30 interest on $5000.

When I called the CareCredit customer service they told me it was based on what the VETs clinic paid for the CareCredit service. If they paid more, then the payments would be deferred longer for their customers. It turns out they paid the absolute minimum, so we has the shortest deferment option.

But no one working at the vets office knew this, probably only the person who signed up with them in the first place knew but didn’t realize what that meant for the customers. And all their clients were getting scammed by the brochure info.

You were prob put on a 1 yr interest free, as most vets offer your problem is you were late and when that happens you are now charged interest in the amount of 26.9% the whole purpose of the credit card (since it is a bank loan) is to pay on time and figure out in your head what payments you should be making in order to pay it off.

Honestly, this card has been a life saver for me. Paying monthly little by little is better than paying the entire lump sum. If you can’t afford a procedure then shop around for another physician to do the procedure. Like anything else in life you have to understand what you are signing up for. This is like a loan and you have to pay it back. Just follow the rules which are laid out clearly. Pay on time every month. Calculate how much money you need to put forth every month to pay the entire balance within the period.

Why are people mailing checks? Pay it online and do it before the date. If any problems occur you can take care of it in a timely manner.

I have never used the GE Care Credit Card, however I have used a credit card issued by GE Capital (Amazon’s Store Card). I was offered 6 months of no interest, and paid it off within the 6 months without ever incurring any interest. I received the exact same Terms and Conditions as you posted and I can’t say there was a whole lot of confusion that I would be charged backed interest if I didn’t pay it off on time. Regardless of the company or the situation surrounding your purchase, read the T’s & C’s, circumstances don’t matter if you sign a contract. Just my two cents on the issue, know what your getting into it’s not GE’s fault because you decided to not read what you were signing.

So I have a Care Credit bill that is at 26.99% is there anything I can do to lower that interest rate? Should I contact the NYS attorney General?

Its only 26.9% because you were either late with your agreement OR you did not pay off your interest free plan you were given, I doupht the Attorney General is going to feel sorry for you, just like a Visa or Mastercard if you dont fullfill your “signed” obligation then 26.9% is what comes next.

I mailed my full payment check on October 4, 2013 with a due date of OCT 18 and CARE CREDIT did not process the check until OCT 21, charging me a late payment. UNFAIR PROCESSING PRACTICE. The USPS service has greatly improved and it does not take 17 days for a check to travel from California to Florida. My complaint to Customer Service in the Philippines did result in the removal of the $25 late fee charge. HOWEVER, I requested the name of the Accounts Receivable Manager in Orlando Florida so I could follow up my call with a letter of suggestion and express my concerns of the method of payment processing, and the Service Agent in the Philippines had NO NAMES of ANY MANAGEMENT OFFICERS. On to the Web to get the name and send the letter.

you should have called cust serv AZ time @ 1-866-893-7864 no forigners during business hours

First – your dentist is an integral part of this scam – I went to a dentist for a needed procedure- he saw a way to turn it into cosmetic surgery – he closed out my GE Capital One – just before I paid it off in full and opened up one with GE money bank and got himself another lump sum. I was scammed – and I know banking and finance. You cannot tell me I was offered two loans when I signed for one. You also cannot give me papers you doctored in your office – you may be able to forge my signature – but you sure cannot forge the information I have in my head. the other. Unlike most people – I make notes – with dates and what happened. There is a law suit looming with Care Credit – and Dentistry will be part and parcel of it – and ignorance is no excuse of the law. I beg your pardon – this is not a duplicate if you watchers monitoring this website do not want to post this say so – I can go to y-tube

I agree. My dentist only charged me each time I went. Not the entire procedure at once. The dentist is in on it. You are just mad your dentist sucks!

SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!!! Stay away, they take advantage of people in need. Where is Better Business Bureau when you need them!

Honestly, if you have good credit, you get a good rate, or a promotional period of time to pay, like 90 days same as cash, IF you make the regular monthly payments as provided in the agreement. This card is NO DIFFERENT than putting a TV on a Best Buy card at 6 months same as cash. YA GOTTA MAKE THE PAYMENTS!

OMG what a fool you must be, here is a credit card (bank loan)thats offered to you at a no interest rate plan (assuming you live up to the plan you sign for)and your screaming they take advantage of people in need? Carecredit is not a non-profitable orginazation people! if you are in need then apply, unless you need free then this (or anything that I am aware of) is not the plan for you, sounds like you need free let me know when you find that special deal.

if you are in need you can’t pay nearly 30% interest on a high balance!!!

I was approved to pay of my medical bill over 12 months with care credit. I made every payment on time for the exact amount. I just mailed my last payment and care credit only deposited a PORTION of my check causing me to miss deadline and charging me ALL the interest! They claim my check was not for the correct amount which is the biggest lie! I asked for a copy of my last check and are unable to provide one. I am working with MY bank now trying to get a copy. My bank said care credit automatically transfers the funds from my acct so the copy of the check MUST come from Care credit. This is ALL A SCAM!!! I WILL SEE THEM IN COURT!!!! ALL care givers should STOP using them.

Wow, If I send a paper check to anyone my bank puts a picture of the check on my statement and if I go online and click the payment I get it there as well (same thing with my old bank, they were doing this years ago). That makes no sense. Sounds like you have two institution problems to deal with (are you sure your bank isn’t owned by GE. They seem to own almost everything these days.)

They prey on you when you are most vulnerable, sick or in pain, or worried and distracted about a loved one or a beloved family pet. I had no pet insurance and no major credit card. I asked to be able to make payments through the medical provider’s billing department. The Emergency Vet wanted payment in advance to even look at my poor little 18 year old Shi Tzu, who was screaming in pain. I thought I was signing a payment agreement with the Emergency Vet. He kept my “baby” and was evasive and unavailable for days while I begged him to put my suffering dog to sleep. Little Sabastion died in my arms while the vet was preparing the injections to “put him to sleep”. A week later I received a GE Care Credit card in the mail and a bill for over $1300.00. I am on Social Security so I am still making payment to GE Care Credit. I was referred to this Emergency Vet by our local SPCA Emergency Hotline. P.S. Even when you have a high credit score and a flawless payment record they will not lower their high interests rates.

why didn’t the vet evaluate your dog? what was wrong? agree they prey on you but feel bad now after reading this

Credit Cards have the 0% promotionsl period end after a set time and then never again. Care Credit allows the 0% promotion after each new procedure.

Apparently not any more. I just discovered that as of last May no purchases under $200 have deferred interest as before. They are great in the moment of need but boy am I going to have to pay thru the teeth. My bad for not reading the small print in my online May 2013 statement. I thought I only owed approx. $350 to $400 but no my balance is up over $800 with an almost 30% interest. I have typically been paying well over the minimum payment.

Now I am also finding that various veterinary establishments will no longer accept Care Credit.

Purchases under $200.00 are a 1 month no interest plan, so when you recieve your statement you have until the due date to pay the amount under 200.00 at no interest like a Visa.

But the point is that previously that was not the case. You had six months to pay off ANY charge on the card without accruing interest.

Also don’t ever have an arranged about or fee for work charged before you even have it done. You might not get that money back! Pay as you go. Use your care credit after the appointment at the front desk before you leave. No up front! If your doctor has a problem with that, find a new provider. Care credit told me on the phone never let a doctor charge a flat fee for now and future work up front. Because if you don’t heed that future work you might not be refunded. You don’t know like that guy in NY your doctor could go out if business or anything. So don’t pay before you even get the work done.

I can’t believe all the bad reviews on here. Most of them are from not so smart people. First off why would you take out a charge account with out being able to read the fine print! You can do it online and they can tell you over the phone. That’s just dumb on the consumer. Also if you don’t make a payment on time of course you will have a late fee and higher interest. The next issue is why would you charge such a high amount if you can’t afford it. You know you are going to have to make these payments. So if you can’t afford a few more hundred or more out of pocket every month you don’t need this card. Thousands of people use it and have no problem. They know what they can afford what’s logical in their budget. Not try and live outside their means. There is no excuse to have a late payment and blame it on them, saying the bill was late and so on. That’s your own fault you can check your account online and over the phone. Common sense if the bill isn’t in your mail box you would call or check online. Most people do that with every bill anyway. I have seen people get this with less than perfect credit. I’m thinking some of you are this way. That’s GE fault they shouldn’t lend to anyone unless they have great credit with no late payments. Odds are if you can’t even make this card payment on time you are also late on your other bills. Most of these are bs reviews. The most important factor, don’t borrow what you cannot afford, that simple! Few reviews I do believe because they had actual facts. But that’s only a few!

I would like to know how you came to the conclusion that theses bad reviews are from “not so smart people” as you put it. To be ‘stuck’ in an emergency situation with no insurance and no other option does not make you a “dumb consumer”. Care credit, was the only option for me when it came to helping my kitten that needed medical attention, aside from taking him outback and shooting him. I did not have the cash and I could not let him suffer, his health was beyond anything I knew or could do to help him on my own. I took him to a vet and they told me to go online and fill out the application, then they would see my kitten. I applied for the card and was instantly giving a $500.00 credit. I qualified for a 6 months interest free if pain in full in 6 months. I will admit that I missed the first payment. By the time the second payment was due, they (Care Credit reps) were calling me non-stop. 3 months after I received the care credit card, before my promotional period had even ended, my care credit account was shut down and had already been sent to collections. This mind you, I had only used $250 of the $500 credit and I had the insurance on the card so in case I lost my job I would still be in the clear with my payments. Well I did lose my job and somehow that insurance was nowhere to be found to prevent being sent to the collection agency. Dan, before you know anything about any one. SHUT-UP and listen. If you have not been in the position as to have a sick family member, weather they walk on 2 feet or 4, need emergency medical help and this is your only option, then you have no room to say that anyone is “not smart’ or a “dumb consumer. You’re an @ss for even saying that. Care credit is preying on people that cannot get the medical attention they need to keep a “quality of life“. It is an evil card with an evil agenda dressed up like a great option to not lose you quality of life.

Why would you even MENTION shooting a kitten? Im sorry but that got to me…

First off, if you cannot afford to care for an animal you shouldnt have one. It is a persons own fault to be in the position to have children and pets they cannot properly care for. Not the fault of the insurance companies or credit companies. They didnt hold a gun to your head and force you to procreate or get a kitten. Second, you should always read before you sign anything. A “dumb consumer” is someone who gets credit or puts themself in a position to owe money they cannot pay back, which madame you did. Stop blaming others and take responsibility for yourself.

Bravo Gayle for enlightening Dan and hopefully some others.

The biggest problem with this card is the way the charge interest. If you have a 6 month interest free period and can’t pay off your balance in 6 months they charge you interest on the original charge, not what your current balance may be after making payments. The vet where I took out the Care Credit card didn’t mention this. I can see interest being charged on your remaining balance, but definitely not on the original charge. Why should anyone be charged interest on an amount they’ve already paid off. I think this is why they are being investigated now. I just saw a segment on my local news about it. It’s a crime to pray on people when they are in an emotional state having to do with their pets, family members or own health.

All fine and dandy people. For those who can pay it off, kudos to you. For those of you who lose your jobs because the “recession” and companies downsizing, outsourcing, etc., I feel it is not fair to say to these individuals that “you should have taken care of it.” I can totally understand the frustration, anger, anxiety, depression, etc. That is because I have some empathy and have walked a mile in the shoes of others. If you can walk in the shoes of another, you most likely would not criticize and make those who feel bad even worse. The shoes that should be walked in are those of the unemployed or financially destitute and those who have been hit hardest by the current economy. Prices of things go up, most people lose jobs, lose hours or even wage reduction to keep a job, the price of gasoline keeps going up, everything keeps going up and, if you have a job, you most likely are not getting raises keeping up with the cost of living. Again, walk in another’s shoes, will you please? Most likely all of you who had no problems paying back the card balances have steady income and/or jobs with job security and probably even steady raises. Just my guess. I could be wrong. To me, it just seems sad when the “haves” continue to put down the “have nots” by their lack of empathy and never bother to see things from the standpoint of another person’s position. Ooops.. those who can pay things off need not respond; I do not want to read your deconstructive criticism and the frustration, hurt, anger, etc., that your words cause. I would only like to read responses from those who are trying to get support and not the “haves” who are trying to tear down others to make themselves feel better. My opinions: Get empathy, understand others, support others, and please do not put other people down in order for you to feel superior. Again, criticizers need not respond.

My practice was a target of an account review by CareCredit for over three months. CareCredit refused to disclose anything regarding the nature of the review, but has withheld the funds from my practice for over three months, affecting our cash flow. CareCredit says it has the legal authority to do this, but this is an example of the predatory behavior so often practiced by insurance companies, showing no concerns to the practice it claims to work with. To make the matter worse, I was told by CareCredit September 18, 2013 that they can withhold the funds up to a year. Every dentist I talked with was shocked by this, and so was the Academy of General Dentistry, the largest national dental organization for general dentists, and Better Business Bureau. This can happen to any practices that work with CareCredit. Whether it’s in the contract or not this type of treatment should never happen without a justifiable explanation or cause. This is NOT the kind of treatment we healthcare professionals deserve.

I hate with a passion. What is the point of having the card to help you with your budget if they are doing to demand monthly minimums that force you to pay if off faster than the promotion period and then charge late fees within the promotion period. HATE HATE HATE!!!


My dentist told me finance with care credit, if you make your payments it will be paid in full in 2 years, bullcrap. . Just got bill, promotion over, I still owe 1500 plus 1700 more dollars for past interest. . Can’t wait till Monday to call dentist, and I will be spreading the word, don’t use care credit. . Crooks

So what your saying is you never read your bill? Or the contract? How is this the dentist’s fault?

I don’t think this was a very fair review. On three of the four complaints, you blamed CareCredit for dishonest practices of the service provider. CareCredit can no more be blamed for a dentist fraudulently running a customer’s credit info and applying for them than a sales associate at a retail store doing the same thing and the unwary customer having a Macy’s card show up a week later. As for the promotional pricing, I actually like that feature. Because of the “ticking clock,” CareCredit has been the one card that I have consistently paid off on time. They send me a payment schedule (but you don’t have to follow it…sending in a smaller payment on occasions where money is tight won’t add on a fee as the minimum payment is smaller than the calculated payment schedule amount), and I like the option of three different plans. Basically it’s like a CC where you pay a small percent of interest up front (phrased as a one-time fee) for a limited time. That it’s only used for medical situations is, in my opinion, a great thing. A lot of times people have gotten a regular CC for the same reason and then charged it up on little items that they swore they’d pay off before an emergency comes up…and never do. I don’t shop with my CC card, which leaves me with a zero balance most years.

My only real complaint is that a lot of doctors still don’t take CC. And just a couple years back, I think it was structured differently b/c instead of being like a true credit card, it was being handled almost like insurance, with doctors talking about paying upfront and being reimbursed by CC after the paperwork from the doctor was put it. It was all very inconvenient, but I think that’s when either GE stepped in, or they decided to just make it more like a regular CC because now they just run it. My previous card didn’t even have a magnetic strip on back. My new one actually looks like a credit card. Still, I think it left a bad taste in the mouths of medical professionals because I’m still getting a good bit of “no” responses when I ask if they take CareCredit. Wish they’d keep it for medical only but just slap a Visa logo on it to make things easier for us.

The statements and the online website say very clearly exactly when the promotional purchases expire, and even list the deferred interest on the statements, and there are big warnings about expiring promotional purchases. It really could not be clearer.

I pay the bill online, and it is credited the same day.

I am very happy to have the card and have been able to pay off lots of stuff with 0% interest financing. Do not use it if you can’t pay! If you want to make minimum payments, like any credit card, there is interest, read what you are agreeing to! If you were paying attention you wouldn’t get a deferred payment plan. There are tons of store cards with the same terms, this is not unusual! My Zales and Best Buy cards have the exact same terms.

If you were ripped off being charged for work your doctor didn’t perform that is certainly not care credit’s fault, it is your doctor’s and possibly your own for not paying attention to what you are signing.

This card is liberal in who they give credit to, and apparently have very low minimum payment requirements, so it seems there are many who are totally uneducated about credit who get this card, and threads like this are the price.

If you don’t know the terms of the agreement for the provider then you really don’t have any right to say it is CareCredits fault. It is true there are some providers that don’t follow the rules. CareCredit helps patients every day with their health care needs. It is not fair to say it is a scam. My guess is that your just another ignorant consumer that doesn’t read the terms of the contrat your signing and you most likely don’t pay your bills on time and your looking for someone to blame.

This company has the worst customer service of any company I’ve dealt with. THE WORST. I’ll never utilize this card again, after I pay what I owe I’ll probably cancel it. I’d rather die than work with GE again.

Absolutely DO NOT have any thing to do with this company. They are a scam. It takes advantage of people when they are in pain and in desperate situations. This company is a nightmare, lost payments, claims payments aren’t received even though I had proof. Fees were tacked on even though payment was made on due date, their claim was the payment was made after 5pm. Extra payments were not recorded. Phone calls and letters got no response. This company should be shut down.

I too have experienced payment posting issues. Twice now, I have sent in a payment by check to pay off an amount to expire on the 0% terms and they post it incorrectly. For instance I sent 2800.00, it was posted to my account for 200.00. I sent it early since this has happened before. I am now working with my bank to reverse the fraudulent posted amount in order to get them to post the check as it was written. Hopefully it will be resolved before the payoff deadline in 6 working days. They stand to make 914.00 in interest if it’s not corrected by then. I call this a huge scam!

To all these people paying with a check. If its that important, why not send a cashiers check from the bank, or send it certified mail? Why not even use the billpay almost all banks now offer? I have only ever paid off accounts and or house payments with either trackable money orders or cashiers checks from the bank, and they were sent in mail that was trackable. Its the digital age dont let others use it against you.

You really shouldn’t go blaming Care Credit for your personal issues, obviously something happened in your life and you could not pay back a loan that was given to you no questions asked, Care Credit is not a non-profitable organization, they do care and that’s why they take the risk on you in the first place, they give you a loan and expect you to pay it back without any extra fees unless you’re on a payment plan that has interest which is 14.9% otherwise an interest free plan is the way to go, so what’s the complaint? I still don’t get it, again a loan and a payback ? fix your own issues and don’t apply for loans or credit cards if you can’t pay them back you seem to be the nightmare and Care Credit seems to be footing your bill.

I’ve read most of the posts. We have not had many problems with GE care credit until now. Back ground… A year ago my husband had some extensive dental work done..even with insurance it seemed like we always owed more and more every time we went in, we paid on the card and paid to the office for work… We made our payments on time and paid off the card last December in 2012. YAY! right… Wrong!!! We received a letter a couple months ago from the dental office saying they over charged us 245.00 and would be issuing a credit…well the check never came. We called asking about it only to hear ..”Oh we need your care credit account number to refund the money there, since it was charged in advance of work no longer needed”.. What??? How can they do this… first off.. Second ..hello we already paid the card off.. it holds a zero balance… The office stated that GE care credit would then refund the money to us. Ok fine what ever… So I checked for the payment to hit our GE care credit account.. Finally it is there.. we show a balance of -245.00 and a new credit limit of 1,245.00 ???… So I call GE care credit and ask for our refund of the 245.00 Since WE paid that amount already when were falsely charged for it… GE’s reply is they can’t issue the money back to us only give us credit to use…. Excuse me!! BUT NO!…. we were falsely charged for work NOT preformed, and WE paid it out of our pocket with interest I might add… I smell a law suit from hell coming on!! Can any one say Usery!!!

The only refunds there allowed to give you are not checks nor cash, its a refund to the card only so don’t blame them, they have to pay fees and cutting you a check makes them loose money, so in your case you contact Care Credit and they will look up your account and they will be the one to issue you a check in the amount you over paid, I see this every day its easy the hardest part is that phone call and if you still are having issues, contact the dispute center and you will get your check.

Needed a tooth pulled. Ended up being two. Local dentist wouldn’t take payments. I was going to just pay cash but they convinced me to go through Care Credit. First time I missed a payment I got a robocall from them instead of you know a nice e-mail reminder a couple of days before the payment was due. I had totally forgot about it. $30 late fee. Forgot by 1 day this time. $30.00 late fee. You get an email statement when you pay the bill. Never any reminders. Why? BECAUSE THEY WANT THE INTEREST AND THE FEES! Local dentist also didn’t knock off the $20 they said they would for my first visit with them. Kind of screwed all the way round. If I have the money the begining of next month I’ll pay the bill off and close the account. NOW THE IMPORTANT PART. I DON’T REMEMBER SEEING ON THE APPLICATION FORM I FILLED OUT THAT CARE CREDIT WAS GE CAPITAL. Having dealt with GE before if I had known they were behind this scam I would have never applied. AND IT WAS THE SUGGESTION OF THE DENTIST THAT I APPLY!

Grow up! You should not need reminders to pay your bills? Does your mom call you to wake you up in the morning or do YOU set an alarm. This is again your fault not the companies. Also, if you can pay cash why not just use it? Again if you could have paid cash, why not pay it off in full the day after it was charged? And as for you not seeing who the issuing bank was, the fact that you need reminders and have missed payments shows your lack of attention to detail.

rebecca morris

I have been using carecredit for mostly vet bills as they are very large amounts for over 2 years and my dog goes every month for treatments..I think they have a wonderful plan..I understood the terms when I applied and have been able to pay off the amounts when due..for all this time I have paid no interest on any of the thousands of dollars I have charged. If I could not pay off in the time alloted I would use a credit card with lower interest and paid the interest for the whole time …. I have saved a lot of money in interest using their card and all of my payment goes toward the balance

To those of you saying that you should read the terms of your agreement, well that would be great and we would have gladly done that had we actually received an agreement to sign! Neither time that we went to have dental work completed did we receive any contract to sign telling us what our contract would entail. I didn’t really have a problem with care credit when we only had the first charge for my husbands teeth which came with a lower rate of 14.90% (we were also never informed of our rate, they told us it would be interest free for a promotional period) they did not tell us it would be the lower rate until paid off. They also didn’t inform us that when we had to have the emergency surgery to remove 5 of my daughters teeth as two were abscessed due to having too many teeth. She was in pain, and we didn’t have the money in savings at the time to cover the surgery, what was I supposed to tell my angel, sorry honey we have to wait until we pay off the other balance on the card first! Yeah that was so not happening and we had been working on it in a year we paid it down from $3530.00 to $1319.00, but once they added the xrays and the surgery for her, I called to ask that if as they had raised my payments would the additional amount be going to the other balances as they only had a six month and 1 year time limit to pay them off? They told me nope, and when I inquired about paying extra and having it go to those balances, they told me this was not possible and that the extra would only go to the first balance, they would not apply and extra payments or overages in payment to the other balances!!! They are setting people up for failure so that they can get more money at the 26.99% interest rate! Here’s my story: My husband and I are both disabled veterans, unfortunately we don’t have continuing dental coverage without a major dental plan and the plans we could afford usually only cover cleanings and give a small discount on services (maybe). So we were told by the dentist office my husband had to see when he accidently hit himself in the mouth with a wrench (he is oh so graceful) that we could get this dental card called Care Credit to pay to have his teeth fixed. Then we found out that my daughter who is 6 yrs old had to have some teeth pulled so we put that on the card to. We had to use two different dental offices as the first place only did cleanings for children, nothing else. So we paid at two different places with the care credit, the dental offices don’t completely fill you in on the snafus of this card. With my husbands teeth repair it cost us $3500.00 so they told us we would get a lower interest rate plan and no time limit to pay it off due to the larger amount. My daughters procedure, she had to have 5 teeth removed to make room for the new adult teeth coming in as her mouth is too small for all the teeth she was trying to grow in. Her procedure cost us $1270.00 and the xrays she had at the first office they charged us $219.00. So for a total of what we have left to pay now is $2800.00 as we have been paying on the first one for about a year now. Here’s what they don’t tell you, with that lower fixed interest rate which is not that low at 14.90% they also charge you a fixed payment amount which is $350 a month! We have a $15,000.00 credit card that while it is not maxed now has been in the past and even at max the payment was $250.00 a month! This is outrageous and higher than a car payment for most of us. They also don’t tell you that if you have any additional charges that are billed at a 6 month or 1 year no interest rate that if you already have the first type and are paying the $350.00 a month, they don’t put anything you pay even if you pay extra toward the other two balances that are interest free for a small limited time! So those expiration dates approach and pass and they charge you 26.99% interest if those expire before you get the large major amount paid off! This makes your payments go into the $500.00 dollar range!! When you try to call customer service and complain that you never signed a contract or never agreed to a set payment amount or could you split up the payment to at least send part of it to the other balances, or pay extra strictly to the balances that are approaching expiration, they tell you that they are sorry and wish they could help you but they can’t do anything for you. They just keep saying I’m very sorry and I can’t do anything to help you and when asked if there is anyone who can they say no sorry and that they understand how you feel but they are very sorry over and over and do nothing! Horrid customer service and that is if you can understand what the person on the other end of the line is even saying, the person I spoke with had such a strong foreign accent that I could hardly understand a word! Avoid this card if there is ever the possibility of having to use the card for more than one thing at a time or more than one family member where you will be billed separate times DON’T USE THIS CARD as they do their best to rip you off of as much money as possible!!!!!

So would you have preferred not to have the card and have had no way of paying when these emergencies happened? If you have alternate means of payment, then I suggest taking out a loan from the bank in order to pay off the Care Credit balance. Otherwise, I believe it is the health industry that you are most dissatisfied with. And as retired veterans, do you not receive Tricare? Because all my family are ex-military, and their medical and dental benefits are far superior to my own government funded insurance.

I am totally upset with Care Credit /GE …I do all my payments on line. I wondered why even though I have a Set Amount to pay off my husbands False Teeth
and I paid off 2 or three rather large amounts before the Promo amount ended.
There was an 800.00 amount I could not pay before the Promo ended.
GE was Taking the total amount I was paying every month and not applying anthing to that $800.00 plus the 200.Interes=$1000.00 has now Grown to $1428.00 because they hit that amount with 25 per month and never requested enough on my payment to pay off —anything on that amount…–so all the money has been going to the promos —and the other amount has been growing—so any money I saved by doing the promo’s is gone……I am paying off this bill and I will never do business with GE CARE Credit again ever….SO FED UP….WHAT A BUNCH OF CROOKS—AND THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS CRAP…..

Care Credit is a wonderful opportunity to pay unexpected medical expenses over a period of time, without paying ANY interest. If you feel differently, it simply means you didn’t read your statements…EVERY detail is explained on EVERY statement. Don’t blame the company for your own irresponsibility!

Regina (if that’s your actual name),

It’s an undeniable and very well published fact; GE’s “Care Credit Card” has bilked thousands of good folks who only wanted to get treatment and fairly pay their health provider.

Having said that, your “smoke and mirror” defense of these financial predators makes me ill.

I am inclined to think you are a very devoted GE employee who is working hard to run the “Damage Control and P.R.” Department.”

Sorry folks, don’t buy into “EVERY detail is explained on EVERY statement”
it’s not.

Reference some factual reading (60 complaints) here:

Chris, Sandy is my real name. Prater is the last. Feel free to look ME up as I’m not afraid to make statements behind a quasi-anonymous pen name. I am NOT a GE rep and have made similar statements to those of Regina. And quite frankly, I think it is low to use ad hominem attacks to refute statements from those whose viewpoints are contrary to your own. Come up with your own reasons. Your own experiences. Don’t sit there like a prosecutor in a witch trial and accuse someone of being a hidden spy for GE.

Actually, it is explained on every bill. And no, I don’t work for them. I’m just a satisfied customer who was smart enough to read, and know if I didn’t pay the loan off before the 0% deferred payment promotion ended, I’d be hit with the all the interest for the whole loan amount.

CareCredit really should have more stringent loan qualifications, IMO. Most of the complaints are from those who have missed the payment date, or missed the promotion date. This ain’t rocket science. Make sure you make the payments on time and before the promotion date expires. Voila! No problems.

If you can’t afford medical care for your pets or children, then do the world a favor and don’t have them.

I LOVE that I can have deferred payments with NO INTEREST. It’s a great deal. I don’t have to plunk down a huge amount of cash and can make payments that fit my budget on my own terms as long as I make the minimum payments. One month I can pay the minimum, and the next I may pay quadruple the minimum. Just know how much you need to pay before the promotion expires.

As soon as you miss that first payment, duhhhh, yeah, you’re going to be hit with the interest rate. It’s your own fault, not CC. They aren’t your mother; they’re a business. It’s a shame people have to have their hand held for everything they do. It’s nobody but your own fault if you have no credit. Instead of being thankful that a company is willing to give you a chance and the loan, you turn around and act like a spoiled brat because YOU didn’t uphold your end of the bargain. People complaining that their checks didn’t go through…really? Do you never check your bank balance? Any bill I pay, I always double check to make sure the payment has gone through and was posted to my account.

I check my account a couple of times a month on all my credit cards just to make sure everything is in order. Anytime I check CC, it ALWAYS tells me when the date is to make my payment before any interest is accrued. In fact, they do that months in advance.

Sorry, but I believe most of these complaints are from dead-beats that never pay their bills. You can tell that just from them admitting they missed payments.Then they act so shocked when they get hit with the interest. Laughable at best.

If you’re a dead-beat, my advice is don’t apply. If you’re a responsible adult that has an ounce of common sense, then do apply. It’s a great deal for people who responsibly pay their bills, but a sucky deal for people who can’t be bothered to make a payment on time, or read their statements.

Agreed. I’m looking over the comments and most seem full of situations where they specifically state they did not pay in full during the promotional offer or go off on a tangent because GE did not alter (ie extend the free interest rate) of their plan. I don’t know about their doctors, but the one that signed me up (a veterinarian orthopedic specialist) not only told me about the one time fee but did show me on the pamphlet what the interest rate would be if I didn’t pay in that time and did inform me that it was through GE. Not a huge conversation…just said “it’s a card from GE that is like a credit card just for medical procedures. they offer zero percent payment plans for a small upfront percentage of the bill. if you don’t pay it off, they charge the typical rates of most credit cards (point to APR on contract).” Took all of 3 minutes to explain.

Look, I just signed with a gym and found out my weekly workouts with the trainer (that I just tried to cancel b/c the guy I was working with left to go to school in another state) were locked into a yearly contract. I had no idea. Was never told this at signup. I was mad at the gym for all of 2 minutes. Then I realized: yeah, the guy who signed me up with a ____. However, it was MY responsibility as the consumer to take the time to read the contract where IT WAS clearly stated that it was for a year’s contracted service. Never feel too rushed to stand and read. If the one selling is hovering, tell him to go fix himself/herself a coffee or see to other clients while you peruse from top to bottom. That’s what I should have done, and I have no one to kick but myself. The ONLY EXCEPTION I make in these cases is when the company deliberately puts important information on a website instead of on the application form. Information should never be non-accessible prior to entering an agreement. And yes, I’ve seen that done years before with various cards.

I had 3 cards for $500 each in order to borrow $1500. I paid about $3000 before they charged off each account for over $1200. I had the balances at $200 before I told them I wanted an account review due to all of the Late Payment charges that weren’t late! If I paid this now to the collectors, I would have paid over $6000 to borrow $1500. Late Charges, then Over the Limit Fees!! Where’s the government and the police?! These people are crooks!

Credit card companies can’t lie. They can’t just bill your account and charge you again, then say oh your receipt doesn’t matter. These people are crazy. GECC is just like anything else with a promotional time frame. Pay off your card in the appropriate amount of time.. Look no penalties! I missed my first payment because I never received a bill, called customer service and they fixed it. Took off a late charge and pushed back my billing cycle so I could start paying the next month. Sounds pretty awesome to me. Yeah I’m kinda bummed I have a credit card that I can’t use vicariously anywhere, but if I have an emergency with my dog or need help with a dental bill.. It’s there.

Slimy, scamming, unethical are the only words to describe GE Care Credit. Had a family death out of state and missed payment #5 (was late, not missed). Just like someone else wrote — no notice, no letter, no email, no call. Just a collection agency who had jacked up the loan. THEN that was sold to another firm. All the while, credit report shows THREE blemishes: GE Care Credit, collection agency #1 and then #2. “Call to settle debt” .. right: only got voicemails. To top it off, they had the audacity to file a lawsuit.

Worst of all — this (expletive) company is touted by veterinarians knowing full well that people are at their most vulnerable when a pet needs expensive care.

Find a loan shark: they would be more honest and caring.

This is the world we live in now. YOU mess up, but it’s CC that’s at fault. Unreal.

I have never had anything but good dealings with care credit. We needed it when my dog decided to get into some pills when a friend was watching her, and she had to go in to the vet immediately. The whole thing was well over $1,000 which we didn’t have at the time, living off of a military family budget. I paid it off at $100 a month, and had plenty of time to do so within the promotional limit. I have used it for every vet visit since then and have NEVER had to pay interest on any of them in over 4 years. Especially since the price of vet visits has gone up over the years, Care Credit has been EXTREMELY helpful. You just have to pay it off during the promotional time. It’s not rocket science.

Hallelujah to those who “paid off their balances within the promotional period”. This is not a race and those who don’t ‘reach the finish line’ aren’t doing anything wrong. Most of us are fully aware we’ll pay interest and do make payments in good faith. If the ‘promotion beaters’ actually read the posts they just might understand that what (countless thousands!) people are saying is that GE/Care Credit (GECC) doesn’t play by the rules after the “promotional period”.

I too was charged up front for work I never elected to have done. My dentist did an exam and gave me an -estimate- of recommendations. An “estimate” is not a contractual agreement. The “sting” is, neither your provider or GECC bothers to mention this little detail and it is NOT written into the agreement. For the ‘promo beaters’ this is called “deceptive and misleading business practices”, and you can throw in “breach of contract” as well, and these are blatant violations of both federal and state consumer protection laws and they ARE actionable in court -like it or not.

Additionally, did anyone notice how the GECC “agreement” emphasizes that the terms are enforceable under Utah law “without regard to its conflict of law principles”? They emphasized that “this agreement has been accepted by us in UTAH”. Utah is among a handful of non-consumer protection states that has -no limit- on Usury Laws. GECC can charge whatever it wants in interest and fees -no limit. The good thing? For those who got sucked into the GECC quicksand nightmare, the one thing “Utah laws” do have that many states do not is a shorter statute of limitations (SOL) on debt collection -specifically credit cards. It’s 4 years. Given that GECC elaborates on the fact that “Utah laws” govern the terms of the agreement, it has to accept “Utah laws” governing the SOL on debt collection. NO, I’m not encouraging people to default on debts. But until GECC decides to conduct their business practices sans the intentional deception and fraud, I say do indeed, force their own “Utah laws” down their despicably greedy throats. Any corporation is only as “good” or “honest” as the ‘least honest’ of the practices in which they engage -and GECC sinks to depths I didn’t know existed.

For those who aren’t familiar with the ‘RICO’ acronym, it stands for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. And those of us who’ve danced with this devil know that they rise (or sink) to violations under this statute. I applaud those who are also standing up and saying “ENOUGH”! to this Goliath monster who thinks they are above the law. I’m right there with you.

I select a dentist from my employee benefit – dental Provider. I was under the understanding my Dental Insurance will pay for 80% of my dental services, the remaining would me set me up with Care Credit (CC). I was busy in 2012 with political campaign for POTHUS. Last month I noted that I have not received any documentation for Explanation of benefits from my dental provider or CareCredit ( I only was sent an invoice showing amt. of miminum payment.
They never send any documention to my provider for approval or payment. All the expenses were sent to the CC. And the biggest ISSUE was that some of the procdeures were performed. I am a certified Dental Assistant with extensive experience in prosthotics. I knew whnt treatment/procedures I received. I want my money refunded for services not rendered and the other services completed. I will be dealing with my Denat provider and the Dentist. CC got their money and really do not care about my issues

Garbage Care CREDIT SCAM

This is by far the MOST SCHEMYIST Credit Card company there is. I was charged $1,000 before I was even approved on credit.. WHICH IS ALL I WANTED TO DO.

I really thank all of you sharing your experiences. Thank you very much for the original poster for putting my mind at ease…I don’t know why I thought I’d be charged for the entire procedure up front and was panicking but it makes sense that they’d charge you in stages, providing you had the “traditional” implant and not the “tooth in a day” procedure. Thanks to all the posters, too. This has been very helpful. I am glad I did my homework. I’ll just pay with my regular credit card!

My experience has not been favorable either! Care credit has a 48 month option which I was granted by three different reps in customer service with third party listening involved . After I had surgery they sung a different tune at 14.9 interest, said they could not do 48 months after fact of charged surgery. Customer service is trained to say whatever to get business. i called after invoice arrived to me , all of a sudden customer service knew what they were talking about. I have called several times on this matter, a supervisor stated she could not rush an investigation. They do this purposely, I find there a bunch of Chisters and unethical but seem to be legal. I do not know how they sleep at night! I would not recommend this card to anyone!

I was 100% satisfied with the service I received from Care One Credit – until the new Federal consumer protection laws were about to kick in – I think this was in January of 2010. Like other low-income consumers with credit cards, I was offered the option of closing my account and paying off my existing balance at the 9 percent interest rate OR keeping the account open and agreeing to accept a new 29.9 percent interest rate on the entire balance.

I was really disappointed because I’d never been late with a payment even once in all the years I had the account open, and in fact, I always made at least double payments every month. I definitely couldn’t afford to carry that kind of balance – average $1000 – with a 29.9 percent interest rate. So I accepted the deal, paid it off at 9 percent, and they closed my account. All this was so the credit card companies could sneak in ahead of the new Federal consumer protection laws. The same thing happened with my Capital One credit cards – which I was able to pay off at 7 and 9 percent, my existing interest rate, if I accepted their deal to close the accounts at the end of December, the month before the credit card protection laws changed. For this consumer, there was nothing good about these changes in the law, because I had a decent interest rate before the Feds came in and screwed everything up.

I have to pay online for my grandmother, but the login won’t work. I forgot the User Name and Password so I clicked the part that says “forgot user name” and put in the account number, DOB, and last 4 SSN digits. I clicked continue and an error message pops up saying the information I put in their system isn’t there! But then I go to the “forgot password” part, put in the information, click continue and it says the same thing. But I click register, put in the information, click continue and it says “already registered, login”. WTF!!! Is this deliberately setup to be incompetent so they can get interest out of my grandmother? I’ve never had such problems with all the services I’ve used online.

I too have been scammed by Credit Care. I went to my dentist and had some work done and several months later I received a bill from GE Credit Care with a balance. I never applied for this credit card and feel sure that the receptionist at Dr James Elliott’s office sold my account to this company. After calling Jeanie and asked for a copy of my signed application from her office she said she could not produce a copy. So what the heck are the offices doing opening credit cards in the patients name. This is fraud and should be taken care of.

They charged me 704 dollars twice when I only authorized them to take the payment once. Then Credit Care told me it would take 10-14 business days to receive the money. I needed the money back right away. I now have overdraft fees. Thanks Credit Care for ruining my week.

They charged my debit account for $704.00 twice. I only authorized a one time payment. Then they told me it would take 10-14 business days. They then expected me to fax them my account statement with proof that the $704 was taken out twice, and then they said I could receive a check with the owed amount in three days. I needed my money that day. I put trust in Credit Care and I now owe overdraft fees from them taking a double payment and acting like sending me the money in two weeks would be ok. Just be very careful when you deal with this company. They are not very professional.

We had used the care credit card to pay for some root canals for my wife and everything seemed fine. We made payments on time and usually more than min. due. Made a payment for $1000.00 and did not get another bill although we owed $3,000.00. 8 months later I get a call from a collection agency for the entire amount due at once. After many phone calls to care credit, I realize a few things..
1) They are extremely rude
2) They are unprofessional
3) they sold our account, when we did not recieve one late statement or even a courtesy call to say we missed a payment.. we did not even realize we were late on a payment. one phone call could have settled all of this.
4) they dont like to waste time on other peoples problems or concerns
5) they are just looking to sell your debt, or have your interest rate go into the maxiumum that they can, as soon as they can.
Please people listen to the others on this site and others.. you will get burned… seriously loan sharks come with a higher rating than care credit/geCapital.

So, let me get this straight…you knew you owed another $3000, but since you didn’t get another bill (maybe the fault of USPS) you thought you shouldn’t have to pay. All/most bills are due on a monthly basis!!!! If the electric or phone or water or any other bill was lost in the mail should you not pay…am I missing something here?

I was thinking the exact same thing. Even if you didn’t get a bill, you know that you owe money so why not just send in a payment and than contact them and ask for a statement. I really don’t understand people.

LOL, Belinda. Exactly! I didn’t get a bill, so I shouldn’t have to pay. I really wonder how some people survive in this world. Guess what? They also turn off your cable, utilities, and repo your car if you miss payments. Why this is so hard for some people to understand is puzzling.

It never ceases to amaze me that commenters are quick to blame someone with a good experience as “of course, you work for them”. What an idiotic assumption.

It’s simple, people. It’s a no-interest plan as long as you pay in full before the term is up. But, if you’re using a 6 month plan for a 20,000.00 procedure, and you can’t pay, then it’s your fault for not doing your own budgeting in advance, no?

I’d wager those who can’t decipher CareCredit’s plans, are also maxing out their credit cards or carrying balances on them. Yet, when they have an option such as paying no interest if paid in full by end of term, it must be an evil set-up. It’s the same thing as “no interest-same as cash” you might use at Lowes, Home Depot, etc. etc. The only difference is that you people can’t fathom how to pay a 6-month or 12-month term same as cash as opposed to the popular no interest same as cash 2-5 years to pay at some big box store. It’s the same concept people!

Likewise, if you have bad credit, you’re not likely to get approved for CareCredit anyway. If you know you can’t budget high payments for a very expensive procedure in 6 months or 12 months, don’t apply to CareCredit. That’s elementary!

I am actually going to court over my care credit account. I paid faithfully for over 2 years, even paid an extra $54 a month for the “Account Security” option in case of disability, or an accident ect. The account Insurance is a huge hassle and after paying for it for two years (an extra $1,296). I needed to use it because I was hospitalized for four months and then traveled back and forth for 30 days after having major surgery, that I suffered major complications from. I followed all the rules, called the 800 number got the forms, promptly filled them out and sent copies of everything “they needed”. A month later I was contacted by an Indian gentleman who nicely told me I was late on my payment. I explained that I filed the papers, he told me there’s no record and gave me another non working 800 number to call. I then started receiving rude threatening phone calls from collection agencies (three different ones) claiming to have had the debt “transferred” to them. One in Australia, one in India and one in Florida! The Florida company also took it upon themselves to look up my neighbors and call them to try to get a hold of me, after I told them to stop calling unless they could provide written proof of their right to re-coup this debt after my filing the “Account Security” papers.
It’s been one nightmare after another with this company, from double billing to not receiving payments, not reporting payments and now, not complying with the agreement I signed and paid extra insurance for on the loan.
I have no issue with the other loan I have through National Consumer and their protection plan has actually picked up the payments until I am able to return to work. However GEM/Care Credit has been humiliatingly horrid. distasteful and dishonorable.

Good thinking, Leslie. Everyone makes over 3.5 mil, just like the CEO of GE Captial.
Oh wait, most of America is working poor and can barely afford food on the table. Where should they get 20,000 from? Maybe they can just kill themselves and sell all of their organs to pay the credit card company.
I hope you never have to be poor.
But if you do, at least you will have budgeted $1 for food.

Everybody has a sob story. Using that as an excuse not to pay your bills isn’t going to fly. It doesn’t matter what your problem is. NO business is going to just keep carrying you.

Also, most of America is NOT working poor. I’m going to bet you have cable and a cell phone. Most of “poor working class” have both those items, as well as plenty of money to smoke and drink.

I do not understand all the people on here bashing Care Credit. I used it many time, I always paid on time, I also made sure I paid the amount off with in the time frame I was given for the free loan. In fact I am grateful to have Care Credit cause they gave me a free loan just like they gave to everyone on here who is crying about the charges. The LOAN IS FREE as long as you pay it back with in the 6, 12, 18 months or how ever long you agree to. The people who do not pay it back with in the time frame have to pay the fees. Very simple, Very easy!

Stand by your word, you sign the papers saying you are going to pay by a set date. Then make the payment. This is the biggest issue in this country, no one is willing to stand up and take responsibility for their own actions. Everyone wants to blame someone for there screw ups. Everyone want the govt to take care of them. I am tired of the govt taking my tax money and giving it to lazy people who will not work. Come on people! You/I signed the paper work when we asked for the Care Credit Card, so now You/I must make the payments. If you/I make a late payment then we have to pay the fees. its only right, its only fair. The only time I had to pay any extra fees to Care Credit was when I did not pay the amount off with in the time frame. I was charged the interest on the amount that I owed. Did I get upset when this happen? YES I DID! But I was not upset with
Care Credit, I was upset with myself for not making sure I paid the amount off with in the free time frame. So what did I do about the interest I was charged? I paid it! Simple…… pay what you owe, pay it with in the time frame you need to pay it. If you need more money then get a 2nd job, I wanted to get all my credit cards paid off so I took an extra part time job for an year and paid off every credit card. Thats how life works. Stop blaming other and take care of your self.

This guy obviously works for care credit

The complaints in this column sound pretty much like the complaints I heard everywhere: credit cards companies are evil and heartless because they make money off of me not paying my bills on time. Unethical doctors and dentists do not make the product unethical. The interest is high, but so are most credit cards these days. You don’t have $2,000 saved up for emergencies, then you pay big. I’ve encountered the best and the worst in the credit field (and no, I don’t work for this company). The big lesson: read everything, assume nothing, and pay your bills on time.

You are not hearing what some of these people are saying. Care Credit took 2 payments out of their checkings when they were authorized to only take one. I think this has nothing to do with “paying what you owe”. One other thing. If you have a problem with our government, I suggest you move. I for one can live without your self-righteous attitude.

My comment was meant to be a respond to Travis.

I have used Care Credit for vet procedures and surgeries extensively and I have never had a problem either. I do not work for care credit and I appreciate the free loan while I take the term they give me to pay it off. That is the key. Be on time and pay it off. Easy. I will continue to use it when needed.

In other words, Travis, you’re a responsible adult. Kudo’s and 3 cheers.

I used this card without problems. I qualified as a part-time worker and a student. I have able to get a root canal, and handle a couple of pet emergencies. I never borrow what I can’t pay back in a reasonable amount of time, so didn’t experience any problems. I understood the consequences, so made sure I made the deadlines. I don’t have any other credit cards – hate ’em. But, I’m grateful I have this option.

I just received an “important” notice from CareCredit stating (very subliminally I might add) that if “I do not call the toll free number provided I was going to get automatically enrolled into their Account Security Service and I would be billed based on my account balance!” I called and terminated the “service” (and I put this in BIG quotes) immediately! MCI tried to pull this stunt several years ago with a similar scam mailing and got busted by the Feds. Bank of America Credit Card also pulled this scam with their “Privacy Assist Service” and it took me 4 months to have the service terminated and then I continued to fight to get a credit, which they reluctantly approved after months and months of calls and heated conversations between me and their customer service department. I just kept calling and calling, and if I didn’t get anywhere, I immediately asked for a manager and kept doing this until I was satisfied. If you’re a CareCredit customer, watch your mailbox VERY carefully for a VERY small business reply postcard and then call the toll free number immediately to cancel the Account Security Service to avoid this scam!!!

I use the Care Credit card for dental co-pays and vet expenses. I always pay extra each month and pay off the promotional balance before it is due and therefore, I pay no interest. It’s hard to get a 0% promotion from any major credit cards these days, unless you have a 900 credit score or are rich and don’t need a card. I don’t charge thousands of dollars on the Care Credit card, of course, because I would not be able to make the payments – but I don’t charge thousands of dollars on any card. Come-on, people – this is Credit Card 101 – were we born yesterday? All credit cards come with pitfalls. While I agree that the IDEA should be this particular card should be a lower interest rate to help those who need it for medical reasons, NO ONE gives credit without the purpose of making money, any way they can. You can find horrible reviews about ANY credit card out there – we all have credit card customer service nightmare stories to tell. This is the world of credit. Nuff said.

You think you are so smart, coming on here and lying to people about “other credit cards” saying that the terms, when specifying that there is no interest due until the end of the promotional period, and that interest due at that time is not from the purchase date but from the date of the end of the promotional period. That is just not true. Any credit card will charge from the purchase date, regardless of the promotional terms. It’s not just interest on the balance owed. It’s interest accrued from the date of purchase, unless it is paid in full by the end of the promotional period. Evidently you don’t seem to understand that, and you are telling people lies about the way it is. And for those reading this, they are believing those lies, and believing that you tell the truth. Well, I’m here to tell them that you don’t know what you are talking about. As for the amount of the interest Care Credit charges, it is up to 26.99%, not definitely 26.99%. It depends on your amount owed, the promotional terms, and many other factors. For example, if your promotional financing terms are for 24, 26, or 48 months, the interest will be figured at 11.99%, not 26.99%. Then, if there is still a balance, or if you are continuously late with your payments, just like with any other credit card, the interest goes up to that maximum amount of 26.99%. That is the absolute maximum amount they can charge you. Most credit cards maximum amount is either 29.99% or as high as 36.99%. So, where do you get off lying to these people about how good other credit cards are compared to how “bad” CareCredit credit cards are? The difference is that some people won’t qualify to receive other credit cards, either because they have no job, or because their credit is too bad, or because their job doesn’t pay enough. However, CareCredit rarely turns anyone down, has reasonable terms compared to some of the other credit cards out there, does not have a yearly fee like most other credit cards, and is a good way for anyone to pay for their medical expenses and the medical expenses of their pets. So, if anyone wants to know the truth about CareCredit compared to other credit cards, read the terms and conditions for yourself, then read the terms and conditions for some of the other credit cards out there, and make the decision for yourself. But, most importantly, DON’T LISTEN TO THE LIES OF THOSE WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW CREDIT CARDS WORK!!!!! THINK FOR YOURSELF INSTEAD OF LETTING OTHERS THINK FOR YOU. ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE IF CARECREDIT IS RIGHT FOR YOU. DON’T LET SOMEONE ELSE DECIDE THAT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!READ IT FOR YOURSELF AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION!!!!!!!!!!! BUT MOST OF ALL, AND I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH, DON’T LISTEN TO THIS GUYS LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I’m glad to hear CareCredit worked for you. Regarding the “lie” you mention so adamantly… the fact is that most major credit cards (Visa/MC/AmEx/Discover) issued by banks do not use deferred financing on their 0% promotions.

You are free to comment but please refrain from shouting in all caps and using curse words (I try and keep this site PG). Thanks.

What I am noticing is that people don’t understand promotional terms. If you dont pay off a deferred interest promotion in full by the expiration date your accrued interest from the original date of purchase will become due. It seems like an easy principle to understand. Paying the minimum payment will not pay off the promotion by the expiration date (in most cases)… If you dont get the terms your better off paying cash or just dealing with that bum tooth.


I now owe Care Credit lots of money for dental bills Much of it is interest and it is so high I can’t pay it. I’m making arrangements to get credit counseling to arrange to pay it along with other cards I owe less money to.

Today I told them I was in the process of doing this and the guy I talked to said they don’t settle with credit counselors. I’ve certainly have had trouble settling with them. I’ve paid over $1500 this past year and almost all of it has gone to interest. It seems the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing and I’m really tired of their game. Most of the other creditors understand my cut in pay and they are willing to work with me, but Care Credit seems to be only interested in getting as much money from me as possible. They don’t seem to be very caring!

If you didn’t want to pay any interest, you should have paid it off within the promotional period. You have no one to blame but yourself. You shouldn’t be blaming them. They are no different than your other credit cards. If you couldn’t afford to pay them you shouldn’t have gotten the cards. That’s not being financially smart. The best way for you to get out of credit card debt the quickest, is to make the minimum payments on all your cards, except for the card with the lowest amount. Then pay double or triple the amount on that card until you have it paid off. When you start doing this, you need to cut up the cards, all of them, except for the CareCredit because you will still need to pay for your health care somehow. Anyway, after you get that lowest card paid off, you go to the next lowest, and pay everything you were paying to the lowest card to that card, in addition to the minimum payment you were already paying. Continue making the increased payments to that card, and the minimum payments to all other cards until that card is paid in full, then move on to the next lowest amount card, and so on. By doing that you can have all cards paid in full within three to five years. But you cannot start getting any other cards or you will be back in the same rut. This is exactly what a financial counselor such as Consumer Credit Counseling Services will do. However, going through them can destroy your credit, whereas doing it yourself using the plan I outlined above will keep your credit in good standing. I’ve been the other route myself, and we ended up filing bankruptcy because some of our creditors wouldn’t work with CCCS. If we’d used the plan I detailed above, we wouldn’t have ruined our credit by filing bankruptcy. So, take my advice and do it the right way. And then, don’t get yourself in this rut again. Limit your credit cards to just one, for emergencies only, and the CareCredit for your health needs. But don’t blame the credit card companies, including CareCredit for what you did to yourself.

My son and I both have CareCredit accounts and have had no problems. We also have other GE accounts, have had no problems to date.

I see people complaining about services being billed before the work is done, or a provider going out of business and they asked CareCredit for their money back. It’s not CareCredit who owes them the money. They need to take the provider to court to get their money back. And it’s not CareCredit who bills the services before the work is done.

So far all I see is people complaining about bad service but the complaints are about the providers and not the credit card company. CareCredit is not responsible for the services provided. They paid the provider on your behalf as agreed.

Not getting the service that you paid for is fraud by the doctor. All credit cards have fraud protection. That’s the law in all 50 states. Care Credit has an obligation to go after service provider, not customer.

I’ve been told that CareCredit will not accept billing by any doctor without a signed receipt from the patient. Therefore, if the patient signed the receipt, they are agreeing that services were rendered at the time of the payment. Therefore, if the patient doesn’t believe he or she received the services, he or she shouldn’t be signing the receipt. Once the patient signs the receipt, CareCredit no longer has any obligation to do anything. Now, if there is no signed receipt, and CareCredit cannot produce a signed receipt, then CareCredit can go after the provider. Otherwise, it is up to the patient to do that.

The difference between that and other credit cards is that in a lot of cases, the purchase is done over the Internet or the phone, and there is no signed receipt, which then means that the credit card company has to deal with the business and not the customer. However, credit card companies will not go to bat for you if you signed a receipt, unless you can prove the signature on the receipt is not your signature. Then, at that point, the credit card company can go after the merchandiser or the store for accepting a fraudulent signature. So, before you state something like you stated above, you need to know the law. Credit card fraud only refers to purchases not signed for by the credit card holder. So, when you say that “Care Credit has an obligation to go after service provider, not customer” you do not know what you are talking about. They can only go after the provider if there is no receipt signed by the patient. Otherwise, they have no choice but to go after the patient. It may not seem fair, but that is the law. It is only fraud if the patient didn’t authorize the payment. An unauthorized payment will not have a receipt signed for by the patient.

Charmaine Ewert

I paid my account off in full. Some fool from I think the middle east (or other foreign country) calls to tell me I have a $200 balance because I didn’t look at my balance right when I paid it off. I do this online so I have a printed receipt. I asked to speak to someone in the United States where I did my business and finally get some smart alec 20 year old who proceeds to be flippant and tells me the same thing. Obviously I know how to read a statement. This is to get extra money and I’m not bending over for it!!! I plan to wait til they report it and then dispute it.

Shame on GE Care Credit for outsourcing our business. Love having my info on the other side of the world!!!

Don’t wait. You need to send them a copy of your printed receipt and statement. If they refuse to accept that, then you need to see a lawyer. Also, make sure you check your statement to see if the charges occurred before or after you made the payment. Charges may have crossed with your payment. You need to check the date of the charges to make sure that they are either legitimate charges or not. Once you establish they are not, then you can take further action. But you don’t want something like this to affect your credit. Because even if you can prove they are not legitimate charges, this can ruin your credit. That will sit on your credit record for seven to 15 years.

As for outsourcing, just about every credit card company and any company dealing with customer service outsources to companies usually in India or China. That’s just the way it is, and you need to learn to deal with it. None of us like that fact, but we can’t change it, so why try. It makes good business sense to pay the least amount of money possible for such customer service needs. And businesses pay less to outsource to other countries than they would pay to hire people in the United States. That’s one reason we have such a high unemployment rate here. Because many of the positions that Americans should be hired for are now outsourced to other countries that our companies can pay less to, so they can keep costs down. If I were in business, I would rather pay a little more to put some of our unemployed back to work, and take a little less income in my pocket. But that’s just me. Most businesses today don’t think that way. They believe they can pay less and put more money into their own pockets because if they don’t do that they won’t be able to afford their own quality of life. This is sad, but so true. And the rest of us just have to deal with it because we will never change the minds of big business. So, we need to combat it the only way we can. If you have proof that the charges are not legitimate charges, and that you didn’t have services rendered after your payment was made, then take it to court. Sue their asses. Recoup your charges and put some of that money they want in their own pockets into your pockets. After all, you can not only sue for the unauthorized charges, but you can also sue for punitive charges to include mental anguish and loss of your good credit. Then they will have to completely remove the charges from your credit report. And you will put possibly thousands of dollars back into your pocket.

I do not think that any american should give up on having your questions answered by someone in america – when I have a problem and I get an answer the first thing I ask “where are you located – what is your time zone – if the person is not in america I ask why am I talking to you” this is the way it started – manufacturing jobs went to china and india – we rolled over and said get use to it- there is nothing we could do – other factory jobs went – we did the same thing – when the simple jobs such an answering calls in our houses just like it is done in china, india and the Philipines – this is like taking the rug out from under you in your own house – when do we as americans say enough is enough.

I don’t understand what these people are complaining about.

It’s interest free for X amount of time. If you dont pay it in X amount of time you pay the interest.

I had the same thing with Bobs Furniture CC and Best Buy CC… 0% interest if I pay in time. Whats so hard to understand about that ?

I agree with the other poster stating its more about the ethics of the doctor and how they charge you.

I have a GF who had cosmetic surgery and she had to pay up front before the work was even done. I just took my dog to a vet and the bill was 900 and I had to pay before all the work was even done…. seems common practice to me to have to pay before all the work is done.

readcharles and belinda. i had them and if you pay like you agreed you’ll have good credit

No hidden fees, and GE tells you The amount must be paid off during the promotional period. I used GE Care Credit and was satisfied, but then I actually read the agreement before signing up for anything. Those who do not, deserve what they get. Stop crying and learn to read.

I had them…and I agree with charles. read and pay on time.

I have used Care Credit for a number of years ~ payoff as agreed and you have no problems. I have had no problems with the card ~ ever! I agree with Charles – read the agreement, have the discussion with you dentist/doctor/provider BEFORE giving them your card or signing up – EXACTLY what you should do before signing or committing to anything.

Amen, Charles.

The only place to report Care Credit is
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
P.O Box 4503
Iowa City IA 52244 1-855 411-2372 must put your complaint on website they will investigate. They handle all credit card problems. It was mucho research to find out.

The nightmares I have had with them for 2 years are indescribable. They feel like a scam. If you want to allocate your payments to the highest interest rate bill you have to call them, for me it was up to a 1 hour wait (red flag). Why cant we do it online?

From one fed-up Cali girl

I have used this CareCredit card several times! I read the agreement, I knew exactly was I was getting into – I knew that if I DID NOT make monthly payments by the due date EACH month, I would be charged the interest from day one.

If you CANNOT make the monthly payments DO NOT get this card, or any other credit card for that matter!!! Every review I’ve read about this card states that the deferred interest was charged because, quote-I was one day late, or they said they didn’t receive my payment, or I didn’t get a bill…come on people! This article reviews unethical practices of the medical field, not the CareCredit card… doctors and dentists charging patients for procedures in full before work is done… this is not the fault of CareCredit. I CANNOT afford health insurance and I will continue to use this card for my needs… THANK YOU CARECREDIT…

Amen, Belinda. I completely agree with you.

I hate CareCredit/GE Money Bank with a passion. They have they worst service and their online registration does not work. I’ve tried numerous times to register and “re-register” and have spoken to a customer representative and she was no help at all. I was on the line for over 15 minutes explaining to her my trouble with their online registration, and all she kept telling me was that I was entering in the wrong username and password that I just created. Anyway, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and CareCredit responded as I knew they would. They said that I didn’t know to use their website.

I agree: “Whatever you do…DO NOT apply for GE Care Credit! You’re better off going to a bank and paying a higher interest rate!”

Obviously, if you couldn’t follow the guide the representatives were giving you, then you didn’t know how to use the website. Don’t blame GE when others have used the site with absolutely no problems at all. Blame yourself for not knowing how to follow directions.

Obviously they haven’t done a good job setting up online payments. I’ve never had problems getting logged in, even when I forgot password or user name, but with Care Credit, they contradict themselves and lie even when I put in all required information!!!

totally agree about the online thing…Doesn’t work for me but it does for my son’s account…Same computer.

Gosh I am glad I read this ahead of having my procedures done, I will pay part cash and use my MC. We thought this 0% was a good deal since my dentist recommended it to us?! Now I am not sure if I trust him for other things!! Help…

Take my word for it, Alice, most of what is being said here is nothing but lies by people who didn’t want to pay for the procedure in the first place, and tried to get out of paying the bill once they received their statement. This card is no different than your MC. As long as you pay for your procedure before the end of the promotional period, you will not have to worry about paying any interest on your account. Whereas, when you use your MC, you will have to pay interest. Doing that is really quite stupid, especially when you could pay it off before the promotional period and not pay any interest.

That’s like when my husband and I bought some furniture. I paid more every month than what the minimum payment was. I thought I would have it paid off before the promotional period, but I was wrong. Does that mean that the store was wrong for selling me the furniture, or that the card company is wrong for charging me interest when I didn’t fulfill my part of the promotion contract? No, it doesn’t mean that at all. What it means is that I have to pay the penalty for not fulfilling the conditions of the contract. That’s my fault, not theirs. Why punish them for something that is my fault? That makes no sense, just like paying interest when you don’t have to doesn’t make any sense. If you don’t want to pay interest and can afford to pay it off prior to the end of the promotional period, then this is the best way to go. If you’d rather pay the interest, then take the other route. It’s your choice, but don’t blame the card, and don’t blame your provider. It’s not his fault you’d rather pay the interest.

It is obvious that you work for them and are totally biased, rbroad. I will pay it off and not use it ever again. Interest is too darn high!

Yes you obviously work for them and it not like other credit cards. If you do not pay balance with other cards they do not back charge interest from day 1. I am another victim of Care Credit scam. I was never informed it would be a deferred interest.

nah…he does not work for them…he is just telling the truth. Furniture companies have been doing it for years!!! Read the agreement, pay your bills in time!!!!

My Dentist did too.

I agree exccept I didn’t see this review. I sent two payments, one was recorded and the other wasn’t. They claim they didn’t get my payment and charged me a late fee besides adding that 2nd payment to my next payment. I think they got the payment and want to double charge me for my 2nd payment. I have my receipt, they told me my receipt didn’t matter. They are so wrong. If they don’t get it straightened out, I am going to have someone legally look into it.

Thank you for writing this truthful review of a very bad division of GE.

Whatever you do…DO NOT apply for GE Care Credit! You’re better off going to a bank and paying a higher interest rate! Exactly what you are talking about just happened to me.

My dentist told me to get the GE Care Credit. They said we’d have 18 months to pay it off interest deferred as long as we made more than the monthly payment ($40). For the last 6 months I’ve been paying $85 and always one week prior to the due date. I just made a payment of $85 and a total of $1.54 (yes, $1.54) was applied to the payment because I did not pay off this promotional crap.

My next call is to the dentist. Again do not ever go with GE Care Credit.

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