5 Best Gas Cards For Bad Credit

gas pump payment terminalIf you have a bad credit score, there’s more than one reason why gas credit cards can be useful:

  1. Saving money on fuel
  2. Some are easier to qualify for vs. regular credit cards
  3. Most don’t charge an annual fee

So which are the best gasoline credit cards for people with little credit history or bad credit? Here are our picks for the best five…

1. Clark Credit Card

If you live in an area where there are Clark stations, this is perhaps the most lucrative choice for gasoline rewards – it gives a wopping 4% rebate. That can really add up if you drive very much.

The bad news? It’s a MasterCard (vs. store-only card) and as a result, you can’t have downright bad credit and still get this card.

But, if your credit isn’t fabulous but still good enough for a general purpose credit card (from Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or American Express) but you still want a gas rewards card, then try applying for the Clark MasterCard. I would estimate that fairly average credit scores in the mid-600s still might qualify. Here is the Clark gas card review.

2. Shell “Drive For Five” Card

Despite its marketing, this card isn’t the most rewarding…

It gives a 5 cent rebate per gallon, but only if you buy at least 45 gallons of Shell fuel per month. Buy less than that, you don’t get any rebate. For an average car that would mean you have to fill up at least once a week. Unless you have a long commute that might not be achievable.

And, if gas prices ever go up near $4 again that would mean your rewards are the equivalent of only 1.25% cash back (or less), but at current levels with the price of oil at half of what it was a year ago it’s quite a bit worse.

That being said, if you want a credit card with no fee that has fairly forgiving approval terms, then it’s worth checking out. Watch out though for the stratospheric 24.99% interest rate – it’s definitely not a card for carrying balances over time. A more thorough review of the Shell credit card will explain everything you need to know about it.

3. ExxonMobil Personal Card

This will be one of the easiest to get for people with bad credit. It’s no frills all the way:

  • It can only be used at ExxonMobil stations
  • There is no rewards program
  • The interest rate is quite high

Why would anyone find that appealing? I can only think of a single reason… it could be a good choice if you are at the first stage of rebuilding if you have bad credit or just need a first card to start out your credit life with. If you want to start with 3-4 credit cards that are low or no cost, this could be one of them. But it will become quite costly if you ever carry a balance with an ExxonMobil card, so don’t even think about racking up more than you can afford to pay off at the end of the month.

4. Regular Marathon Card

If you live in the Midwest, there’s a good chance Marathon stations are in your neck of the woods (there are over 5,000 of them). Out of all the gas credit cards for bad credit, this one has a couple of noteworthy benefits:

  • Rewards? Surprisingly. yes. As you’ve seen so far, that’s a rarity for entry-level gas station accounts. The Marathon card gives a 2 cent/gallon rebate. Of course in times of high gas prices, that would hardly equate to a half-percent, but it is better than nothing.
  • Ohio-based customer service. On the application they make note of the fact that customer service is in Ohio. It’s not often that cards for bad/fair credit offer U.S. call centers, so this is a pleasant surprise.
  • No annual fee.

You can learn more about the Marathon card here before applying.

5. Meijer credit card

This is another one that’s included for our readers in the Midwest. For anyone with good or great credit, this card is actually not a good choice.

So why is it recommended? These 3 reasons:

  • It can be used for more than just gas. Their card can be used at Meijer stores as well to just buy gasoline. This makes it a lot more useful than your typical gas station card.
  • It gives rewards, albeit dismal. Again keeping things in perspective, for this category it’s rare to have a rewards program. This card will chuck back a few pennies on fuel as well as your grocery purchases at Meijers.
  • There’s no annual fee.

With its excessively high interest rate, be careful to always pay your bill in full each month. Here is a more in-depth Meijer card review.

Gas cards for bad credit — a summary

Clark Credit Card4 percent rebate
Shell “Drive For Five” Card5 percent rebate if you buy at least 45 gallons of Shell fuel per month
ExxonMobil Personal CardNo rewards
Regular Marathon Card2 cent/gallon rebate
Meijer credit card10 cent/gallon rebate

Your bad credit leaves few options…

With the exception of the Clark card (which is more for fair credit) almost any entry-level gas station credit card is going to be a lousy deal. In fact, there are bank-issued cards for people with good credit which give significantly higher fuel rebates, at all brands of stations. So ironically, you can earn higher fuel rewards by using a card that is not affiliated with a given brand.

Really, it means that station-branded cards have only one purpose – using them as a bridge to either rebuild your credit if it isn’t in good shape or to establish a credit history if you’re just starting out. However, if you’re a college student it can be a better strategy to apply for a student credit card that is tailored for those with little credit history and not even go the gas card route.

However, for most people with bad credit it can be a good strategy to go with a gas store card starting out, along with maybe a good secured credit card or an unsecured credit card made for those with bad credit in mind like the offer below.

Last updated on April 2017

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It’s almost impossible to get one of these card companies to help u get approved to build up your credit. Every time you apply someplace and u get denied your score drops and they hit you with a hard enquiry. So no matter what. Us people like myself with bad credit ain’t got a chance in hell..if anyone out there
Has any idea where we can apply for a credit card or gas card with bad credit and get approved please fill free to leave me a comment. Need all the help I can get

There are numerous credit cards out there for people with bad credit. If your credit score is 550 or less or if you have a poor payment history over the last 24 months you may have to consider a secured card to start. A secured card means you put up ‘X’ amount of money, typically $200 – $500, as collateral for the credit card. These are not pre-paid cards, it’s a regular credit card with a credit line equal to the amount you put on deposit as collateral. One of the best secured cards out there is issued by the State Department Federal Credit Union. With a Credit Union you have to open a savings account. I opened both a savings and a checking account online. It was a very painless process. Once I had those accounts setup I called and ask to apply for their secured Visa card. The lady took my application over the phone, set up a withdraw from my checking account for the deposit, I put $1,000 on deposit as collateral, and the person I spoke to emailed me the paperwork to sign and it was all said and done within 20 minutes. The State Department Federal Credit Union secured card has a APR of 7.9% and they have a rewards program where you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. You can redeem for as little as five hundred points. Not the greatest rewards program but the fact that they offer a rewards program on a secured card is pretty amazing. Capital One also offers a platinum card where you put down either a $49 $99 or $200 deposit, the amount is based on your credit and you are issued a card with a minimum of a $200 credit limit. I was approved for the $99 deposit and I could deposit up to $3,000 for a higher credit limit. These are great cards to get started either building or rebuilding your credit. There are also cards from First Premier Bank, Credit One, Merrick Bank, First Access etc. where you can be approved for a card with a limit of between $300 and $650. These cards have one-time processing fees which typically average about $85 and they have monthly processing fees between $6 and $10 a month and typically have high Annual fees. They typically waive these fees for the first year. So if you’re careful you can build your credit for the one year and then close the cards once the one year promo ends. I had a credit score of 546 in March ’17 when I got the State Department Federal Credit Union visa and the Capital One MasterCard. My score improved to 614 in May 2017 but slid downhill because I maxed the cards out. My score is currently 579 and continues to climb as I pay my balances down. They truly mean what they say: “Don’t use more than 30-35% of your credit line”. I calculate that my score will be in the high 600’s a year from now At which time I can apply for better cards and close those with the higher APR and monthly fee. Hope this info helps and gives you some hope.

I got my cards through capital one and was approved for 2000.00 cal and 500.00 cal after 5 months they went up to 4000.00 cal and 1100.00 cl .. With a 628 credit score. Pay off your charges and no interest! I applied for this card so i have one for my husband work only. Now you can get your credit improved. I added my husband as authorised user put away his cards for emergency only! Now my cards are reported on his credit !!! He just got his own card !! It will take time for him to get his credit score up but mine jumped 72 points in one month !!!

Hey Sharon exactly what card did you apply for with CAPITOL One?

I need help trying to get a gas card to build my credit

Ok. People get confused in regards to the benefit of a credit card. It means you get to buy now and pay later. If you have bad credit that alone is a perk in my opinion. If there is no AF then you are already winning as you get to hold on to your cash a little bit more. Just don’t carry a balance but even then it can help some people manage their finances better

michael baggett

I’ll like to find a gas card that build my credit back up

gas card and store can help build your credit, but having to many can hurt you also.Best way is a secured card based on your credit.I help repair credit and there are many different things to do and not to do.So depending where your at it may help.But the more cards you have the lower your average age of your accounts which will have a adverse effect.I have my wife to a 660 right now and some unsecured cards are hard to get for her and she is turned just for having too many inquiries

michael baggett

I am in bad shape I’ll had fair credit till I got hospital ized back in may had to let my truck go back and it hurt my credit i want to build my credit back up

I don’t think this is a good site for credit cards for bad credit because none of them will give you one if you have bad credit

I agree with you. You won’t get any of these with bad or fair credit.

I. Been out of work over 15years But I really need a gas card

Michael Rogers

I found this to be very helpful and in not me wasting time filling out credit aps that would not probably be approved., thank you

When i was younger i didnt no better at all

Need a good gas card but have bad credit due to having to bankrupt any suggestions.

I would like to open a gas card but my credit is not all that good


come on people , apply? dont get your feeling hurt, we have all been turned down. you just got to keep trying. try bp, shell, marothron, chevron texeco, pilot, exxon, etc etc. they will give you credit. just be honest on app. i have them all with lousy credit, dont give up.


come on people, if you got bad credit, try to get cards, never go over half of whats onit. always pay it off are dont leave over 25 bucks on it. never pay it off, unlessu intened to drop it. the more cards you got that builds your credit, just dont use them up. never, i repete never go over half of what it si. your credit will come up and you can get what you want, been there done that and want do it again. just trying to help you. i have went from a400mand something to almost a 700 now. i have about 12 credit cards , gas, and credit now. pleasedo as i suggested and you can do the same as me. i do not max my cards out and i always remember that every dollar i put on my cards have to be payed off on the 1st of the month. GOOD LUCK GUYS AND GIRLS. IDONE IT AND YOU CAN TO.

Where did you get your first card from to help you build your credit? That’s the problem i’m having now. I go to about all the credit card sites for bad or poor credit and i still get denied a card with just a $200 credit limit! I’m not understanding what I need to do or what i’m doing wrong for the fact.

I went to Barclay card I have bad credit got approved with a 500.00 limit.

I agree. I am in process of rebuilding and it is the same now as it was 20 years ago. Build as a strategy for developing credit worthiness for the big items like a car or home….after living without credit for 7 years…i find myself reluctant to use them but I know that having good credit contributes to your quality of life. You just need to use it, not let it use you.

“come on people, if you got bad credit, try to get cards, never go over half of whats onit. always pay it off are dont leave over 25 bucks on it. never pay it off, unlessu intened to drop it. the more cards you got that builds your credit, just dont use them up. never, i repete never go over half of what it si. your credit will come up and you can get what you want, been there done that and want do it again. just trying to help you. i have went from a400mand something to almost a 700 now. i have about 12 credit cards , gas, and credit now. pleasedo as i suggested and you can do the same as me. i do not max my cards out and i always remember that every dollar i put on my cards have to be payed off on the 1st of the month. GOOD LUCK GUYS AND GIRLS. IDONE IT AND YOU CAN TO.” I agree with this post

Can u tell me where you applied with that low score..
I am somewhat near where u started from 400 – 520
Area and even secured cards turn me down

I have bad credit but have a few cards, but would like to get a gas credit card just for gas for my husband, – Elizabeth

jennifer gardner

Looking for something to help build up my credit.

Yes I am trying to buy a house, and I was told I needed to build my credit score up because me and my son have the same name, and all of his credit scores and bills keep coming up on my credit score.

Eugine, if your son’s credit and other accounts are coming up under your credit report, you need to contact the credit reporting agencies and dispute those, ASAP! You have a right to dispute inaccurate or false items appearing on your credit reports. If you do this, I can absolutely promise you your score will improve without those bad accounts, that aren’t yours, are removed from your report. Same name or not, unless your son is applying for credit with YOUR social security number and NOT HIS, this information is NOT accurate for YOU. Also, even though it’s your son, if he has taken out credit under your name and social security number, not his own, this is ID Theft and is quite illegal!

Put money in a savings account at a credit union. When you have had it 6-8months…ASK for a personal loan for whatever the amount you have in savings account..( use as collateral ) continue to do this, continue to save money. When you get $1500-$2000 in the savings then ask your credit union for a credit card, using the savings as collateral. They will hold the collateral for 12 to 18 months…until you show credit worthiness to them.

i need some one to help me build my credit up again

Who are you guys talking to? There is nobody on the other end that will (or can) help you. This is for comments, like – the APR doesn’t matter if you pay off the balance every month. Look for cards with no annual fee and you can rebuild/establish credit for free…

lazaro nogueira

I need help finding a gas card my credit is kinda bad but dnt know how bad can you help …. thanks


Robert Chandler

Need a gas card to help build credit

I am try to build credit too. When I was younger I didn’t know any better.

I need a gas card

I would like to open a gas card.

iwould like to open a gas card

I would like to open a gas card I have bad credit

Need help to open a credit line….