Gander Mountain MasterCard Is Still a Failure

MasterCard logoA few years back there was some ruckus on the forum about the Gander Mountain credit card. Why? Because the card’s issuer (World Financial Network National Bank) was allegedly “in breach of its contract by threatening to not issue cards to customers with good credit scores” as reported by Twins Cities Business.

What’s considered a good score by them? That’s where it gets shocking.

As mentioned in this Washington Post article, the credit card issuer was reportedly “turning down shoppers with nearly perfect credit scores of 800 or above.”  Wow!

However that incident was a few years ago and today, the Gander Mountain MasterCard is still issued by WFNNB (Comenity) so I think it’s safe to conclude they’ve since kissed and made up.

Does the card still suck? Yep

Even with that credit score fiasco behind them, the card still is a dismal failure and I say that because of the rewards program:

  • Only 3% on Gander Mountain purchases – Most of the best retail credit cards will give you up to 5% (or 5x points) when shopping at their stores, but not the Gander Mountain MasterCard. 3% isn’t bad, but it’s nothing to write home about.
  • Gas stations and grocery stores earn 2% – A nice touch, but remember there are credit cards that give 2% everywhere.
  • 1% on other purchases – You can use your account wherever MasterCard is accepted and earn 1%. When you consider that 1% cash back is standard these days, this is nothing special.

Why would you apply for the MasterCard from Gander Mountain just to earn 3% at their stores? Does that really seem like the card is worth the hassle?

GM really needs to up the ante with the rewards, because the only reason to apply for a retail-branded card is if you (a) shop there a lot, and (b) earn significantly higher rewards. Obviously 3% is not significantly higher!

Are the financing offers worth it? Nope

If you’re not applying for rewards, the only other reason would be to get their financing. But that’s a big failure, too.

When I looked at the application, here’s what was being advertised:

  • Spend $299+ and take 6 months to pay
  • Spend $499+ and take 9 months to pay
  • Spend $999+ and take 12 months to pay

Another big yawn. This credit card fails in both categories.

Lastly, the interest rates are 16.99%, 20.99%, or 24.99%. Even the lowest one of 16.99% is about 5% higher than what you see on most major credit cards these days.

Written or last updated Jan 2013

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I have had my card for many years and have had no issues until recently. I always pay the balance and average about $1000 a month. I received a new card in the fall of 2016. The cards I had didn’t expire until the end of 2017, but I didn’t ask any questions. I proceeded to change the autopays on all of the bills that I have that are charged to this card. My Dish and At&t autopay changes given me issues for months and to this day I’m having issues with the Dish (to the point where one of their representatives has made a note to check and make sure my autopay is engaged when my bill is due). To my surprise, I received ANOTHER new card, with new expiration dates, a week ago. I was so angry. I called and talked to customer support and they informed, after checking with their supervisor, that the new card was not optional. He said I needed to activate my new card immediately. I told him I was not going to activate the new card, but I was going to shop for a different card. I settled with Capital One Quick Silver which offers 1.5 % cashback on all purchases. Also, the Gander Mountain rewards used to be good for a year, but recently they changed it to where they expire after only 6 months. With Capital One Quick Silver, you can use the cash reward to be applied to your bill. I’m very disappointed in the Gander Mountain credit card.

I was at Gander Mtn. today and made a purchase, the cashier asked if I would like to get a Gander Mtn. Rewards Card. I said yes, I buy all my bullets and supplies here and have never gotten a rewards card. He keyed in my house number and zip code and phone number. he said now I will ask you 3 questions on the key pad,(I should have known when it asked for SS # to stop, once it printed my sales receipt, he said you have 18,000.00 limit! I told him I did not want a credit card, I was getting a Rewards card. I did not want a CC.
he said he could not stop it, when it comes just cancel it.
I called the cc company and the girl canceled it before it was completed.
if they ask if you want a rewards card, make sure it is not a master card rewards card!!!!

Every time I try to access my account online, I get the “wrong user ID or password” message. Then I try to locate my account with account number, Zip code and last 4 of ss # and it tells me “account not found” … wth?? Then I have to call in so they can reset it.
Not worth the hassle!!!!

Opened up a GM card at grand opening of store in Sr Louis made a 350.00 purchase , paid off statement . The following month went to use card again and it was declined . Nothing in credit score changed still 800 plus . Was told they cancelled it on me . No real explanation . I will go back to using my Cabelas card .

BEWARE! I qualified for 6 months, no interest….thank God I check my statements… what do you suppose was on there…INTEREST CHARGES. I called right away and explained, but the snide lady refused to do anything about it. She was so incredibly rude and obnoxious. I was shocked…c’mon Comenity..hire some qualified people. I cancelled that card and will NOT EVER use a Gander Card. Comenity needs way better customer service. Admit it when you are wrong Comenity… and stop charging fees that are unfair. SO ANGRY!

No Interest…Big LIE

I have had a gander MasterCard for almost 5 years, just because I bought some stuff and wanted to get the 20$ rewards card, anyway I’ve used it ever since and always paid in full every month. I guess they aren’t making any money off me, so they try to stick a late fee on my account every time I am “close” to the deadline. Twice in the last 4 months (I mail a check at least 6 days before it’s due, today I disputed my late fee (again) and was told that since I’m having trouble with the POSTAL service, I should pay my bill online. Excuse me? The u.s. postal service is not at fault, nor am I, both instances I received a confirmation email stating that my payment was processed on the due date, yet my bill reflects that it was posted the day after, along with a late fee. The customer service reps both times have said “i can waive the late fee as a one time courtesy”, what?? It’s not a courtesy to make things right when you are wrong. I don’t stand to gain anything from having the card, so I only hope they try to pull the same thing again.

Ashley Harrison

Do not apply for this card… If you do be sure you watch your statements very closely! — For instance, they were adding my payments to my balance instead of deducting my payments from my balance! And it has taken TWO months for them to admit fault and attempt to correct the problem! Which I may add, still hasn’t been corrected. Needless to say, I will not be using this card anymore!

LOVE this card – use it exclusively for gas, which I spend $800-$1000 a month on (I’m in outside sales). I get a $20 voucher each month…I now have over $200 in vouchers since I started in Jan 2014. Never had issues w/ the website or CS. I like it –

I just applied for a Gander Mt. Credit card to get the $20 instant refund on a purchase. My wife and I make $120K/year, have no debt except 5yrs left on a mortgage. Just got approved for new car loan…and Gander Mt. REFUSED me for a MasterCard (they listed my credit score as unacceptable b/c it was 864 out of a possible 898. I almost peed myself laughing.

lmfao… my credit sucks… i don’t know the score but it can’t be better than yours and i got approved… albeit at the highest rate. but i didn’t care, i was just getting the discount and so i could make payments on a gun.

I didn’t even realize I was signing up for a credit card…and the cashier later admitted that she isn’t allowed to use that term or even “line of credit” which I believe is against the law. Now I have a hard hit against my credit report and have a credit card I did not want. Where’s my reward in being dooped!

For three months, I have been trying to get the rewards I was promised when I signed up. I have sent 7 emails, called 8 times and they still can’t manage to issue the rewards promised. Cancelling card as it is not worth the trouble.

The same thing happened to me and also it won’t let me pay my bill
Off online and also there’s a 15 fee for doing it over the phone……..
Hell phone sex is prob cheaper and easier. Never again

Mad employee who has to sell this damn card!

So not only do these interest rates absolutely suck, but I have to freaking sell these cards because I work at Gander Mountain. I got the card just two use on two gun purchases that were over $1000 each, so I was supposed to have no interest for 12 months. I watched the cashier select that I was to get no interest, yet what shows up on my last two statements, INTEREST!!! Called, they can’t do anything about this, then they try to sell me more crap after I tell them I already hate the card and only used it for two purchases for no interest. I hate this bank more and more every day, along with Gander Mountain for using them.

I work there part time too and i’m about to get fired if I dont sell the cards…

Every month I go online to pay my bill. There web site tells me my name is wrong my account number is wrong, my sign in name is wrong, my password is wrong. I have to call and reregister every fucking month.

With every store card there is a website to PAY on the credit card and website to SHOP. Ex. I have a JCPennys, Khols, TJMAX, Walmart. Lowes….etc. cards. ……………………Each of these has a website to shop. MANY times my passwords won’t work…..and is so frustrating till I realize my link (that I saved) reverted me their SHOPPING site. GrrrrR!

just got the card. Tried to set up on line account. Would not take my information. Called support, they could not offer any help – supervisor included. Their offer was:
Pay by phone with a 15.00 fee, no offer to waive.
Put a ticket in to their techs that there was an issue. They (nor the techs) would respond to me personally. I was just to keep trying until it would go through. IT WON’T. So, they would send me a paper statement that will pay in full and cancel the card immediately. Poorest card support I have seen in a long time. Getting out while the getting good.

Just had an incident where I was charged for an item that was never delivered. You have to dispute the charge in writing. My other MasterCard has foregone the written dispute a long time ago. PLUS Gander’s Commenity reserves the right to charge you interest on the disputed amount.


Will be canceling the card forthwith.