Fry’s Credit Card Review

fry's electronics storeIf you live on the Southwest side of the country (like me) I’m sure you’re familiar with Fry’s Electronics. If you live elsewhere in the country, probably not (although they are starting to expand to other regions of the country). If you’ve ever made a sizable electronics purchase there, your salesman probably asked if you wanted to fill out a Fry’s credit card application, but should you apply? Let’s take a closer look…

Q: What are the rewards?

A: Unfortunately there is absolutely no rewards program on the Frys card. Not cash back, points or miles. Nada. This is a huge letdown, considering that if you’re shopping there, odds are you are probably buying some bigger-ticket items like TVs, computers, appliances, etc. (thus missing out on the rewards you could be earning if paying with a regular credit card). That’s called opportunity cost and it’s a big cost in this case. You would think they would want to get in on this game and steal some market share from the big issuers. But no.

Q: Can you apply online?

A: At the time of writing you cannot apply for a Frys card online. They actually don’t have much info up at all about the card. To find out more about it I had to call customer service to answer a couple of my questions.

Q: What is the interest rate?

A: At the time of writing this review, their credit card application had a 26.99% APR on purchases. It’s not “up to” that rate, but rather the customer service rep I spoke to said it was the same APR for everyone (unless your account had the default APR, and that was even higher at 29.99%). Therefore whether you have bad credit or great credit, you are going to be paying nosebleed interest rates. Among my credit card reviews, this is definitely one of the worst interest rates I have ever seen.

Q: Are the promotional financing offers any good?

A: The reason most people apply for a Frys credit card is probably because of the financing offers, but you need to take a closer look to see what a rotten deal they’re giving you.

According to the customer service rep I spoke with, some items at the store come with a 12 months deferred interest promotion. She said it’s not based on the dollar amount you spend, but rather the particular item you’re purchasing (as an example, she said high end TVs often qualify). Many people wrongly interpret this promotion as meaning it’s interest-free for 12 months and that is NOT the case.

If you don’t pay off every penny of your purchase before the 12 month promo period is up, then you will be slapped with interest retroactively going back to the date of purchase, for the entire purchase amount. At a 26.99% APR, that’s a lot of money! Therefore this is a horrible deal unless you can definitely pay off your purchase in full before the promo period ends. The rep also mentioned to me that late payments might cause you to lose out on the promo period, so if you ever make late payments this deal is a bad idea.

Should You Apply or Not?

I honestly see no reason to apply for the Fry’s card. There are plenty of regular, general use credit cards that offer 0% for 12 months that won’t charge interest retroactively if it takes you longer than the 12 month promotional period to pay the balance. Plus, a regular credit card typically has a rewards program too that provides 1% cash back or points on all purchases.

If you want a credit card to finance a big-ticket item, you will be better off with regular credit card deals that allow you to avoid interest for 12, 15 or even 18 months, all while earning rewards for the purchase amount. Check out my constantly updated list of the best credit cards that give you 0% on purchases

This review has been updated in March 2017

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A couple of additional items that I failed to mention in my previous comment:

1) Fry’s Credit website is abysmal (and actually Fry’s Electronics website, too)!

The most backward websites on the entire Internet! Straight out of a museum of Internet antiquities with extremely limited capability and totally lacking in user friendliness and functionality.

Fry’s Credit’s published statement concerning cutoff time for online payments is located in an area that you would never think to look for it …. I’m sure located there on purpose to trip up as many people as possible so Fry’s Credit can charge their late fees and interest!

The location for the payment cutoff statement should logically be on the payment page itself. But oh no …. nowhere to be seen there.

So what was happening was that I was making what I thought was my on time payment every month, for hundreds of dollars, but was missing the cutoff by sometimes only a minute or two.

I called to inquire why my on time payments were not being registered as on time and was told to look in this particular spot for the actual verbiage on cutoff times. I told them it was disingenuous and shady to have it located there, knowing that it would not be as easily seen.

I asked them to remove the late fees and interest they had charged and they refused. Even though I had been making $300-$600 payments on the very day they were due that would post “late” …. and logic tells you that that doesn’t make sense for someone to be doing that. That something was obviously askew with the information being presented on the website …. they didn’t care.

Fry’s Credit is the shadiest of shady operations …. the customer service people are trained to parrot the standard cookbook lines and deny any requests that would mean Fry’s having to reverse late fees or interest.

2) Fry’s Credit will not honor requests for credit line increases – EVER. So whatever line of credit you receive at account opening is what you are stuck with in perpetuity. No other credit issuing entity operates in such a backward manner …. normally very good customers are rewarded with credit line increases because in doing so that good customer just might spend more money with the company.

Yet Fry’s Credit is almost rude in telling you they WILL NOT accept credit line increase requests, ever!

Bottom line – just avoid Fry’s Electronics and NEVER, EVER apply for or use Fry’s Credit! I will get off my soapbox now.

This is the absolute worst credit card on earth! Pitiful and pathetic are two of the most glowing terms I can think of to describe Fry’s Credit! You get charged a fee if you wish to receive a paper statement so I signed up for electronic delivery. I never received the first electronic statement and was charged a late fee. The electronic delivery is flawed to say the least with it not arriving some months and arriving others. I paid several hundred a month on the account to pay it off in 6 months even though I could have let the balance run for a year with no interest and make only minimums during that time until paying if off in full within a year. But trying to get them to waive any fees due to their error is like pushing water uphill! I will never buy another thing from Fry’s again as I have a credit account with Best Buy that is for several thousand (vs less than $2k with Fry’s) and Best Buy matches Fry’s pricing so if anything does go on sale at Fry’s for a good price I will trot over to Best Buy and purchase it! Ha ha! They are so ignorant they are willing to lose what is otherwise an incredible customer in myself over short sided policies …. the old saying penny wise and pound foolish applies to them. Additionally, the interest they charge is usurious …. my rate at Best Buy is much better and I opened the two accounts at the same time. I have great credit in the 725 FICO score range yet Fry’s offered a much smaller credit line than Best Buy (whose credit accounts are issued and managed by Citibank). AVOID FRY’S AT ALL COSTS! DO NOT SHOP THERE BUT PURCHASE AT BEST BUY WITH MATCHED PRICING. AND NEVER, EVER APPLY FOR OR USE THEIR MICKEY MOUSE FRY’S CREDIT CARD!

i so happy i didn’t get approve for this credit card after reading all the post about Fry”s CREDIT. I was just about to call and see why i was not approve for credit when i applied in the store. the reason i think i was not approved was that the person that was taking my information could not speak or understand English that good, which didn’t surprise me at all. Because once i would have found out about the APR i would have closed it ASAP…..
OH, my credit is a-ok!!!!

My young son’s first experience with a credit card………How horrible………just horrible. He spent $3000.00 and the interest rate is eating him alive……….just horrible. Should be illegal. I would NEVER – EVER recommend these loan sharks to anybody for anything in their cheap electronic store.

The service when you are looking for a product is fine. After that, it sucks. I bought a computer and there should have been 0% intrest on the card. They ended up charging me interest for the first year. When I went to dispute it they had me wait for over a hour the 3 times I went in. Just to tell me at the end to call their bank. When I would the bank would tell me to go in store. They kicked me back and forth between the two of them. Terrible service.

Terrible customer service, outrageous interest. I opened this account 4 years ago to purchase a new TV when mine crapped out. I had some hesitations about the new card because I got myself into a hole during college and it took a couple years to dig back out of it.

Anyways, here I am four years later, having made all payments on time, each well over the minimum due, maintaining what I would call excellent status with the card company. In fact the small balance that I did carry to this day was from minor purchases here and there (some AV cables, new spool of speaker wire, nothing big, just enough to keep the card active).

And then bam, I was in the middle of moving homes, having just moved my company’s office, and preparing to move my company’s warehouse and workshop. So it was pretty chaotic. And whoops! I missed a $35 payment due date by 2 weeks. Realizing this I went online and paid $100 right away. Reconsidered that amount, and decided to pay the remaining $350. The website would not allow me to do that (don’t get me started on their website pulled straight from 1995).

And so I called customer support. Now to this day i do not know why I call customer support, at any company, at anytime, for any reason, I think I have a success rate in the low single digits percentage wise. But this one was up there with the worst. Not because the agent could not communicate well, not because they interrupted me, but because they represented an outright shady business who gave her canned answers that are borderline unconscionable.

They report delinquency, without out regard to the dollar amount, duration, internal errors, etc. automatically as soon as you are 1 day past due. Without question, without sending a automated email to warn you the day before payment is due, or even that first day afterwards which should be part of a grace period which the real credit card companies have. If I were to ever miss a payment on my AMEX account I would receive a notice and a month month grace period during which I could still make the payment. The other answer that completely shocked me. AND I MEAN THIS IS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS… I wanted to pay the remaining balance, and was told I could not do that unless I wanted to pay a $35 fee for doing so over the phone. I am sorry but I just waited 20 min on hold (which for reference uses beeping tones to deter you from waiting on hold) to make a $350 payment, which you will use the same credit processing merchant account your website uses, but because its over the phone it costs $35 more? Get real.

Don’t use this creditor (I cannot find out who the actual creditor is by the way, First Electronic Bank is not it), but I bet you are here because you are dissatisfied, so my only advise is get out quick. Pay this card off before any others (only pay the minimum on those, pay all you can afford towards the Frys card). And stop shopping at their stores which are clearly in bed with this unethical business partner / creditor.

I’ve successfully navigated many a large deferred interest payment… It’s easy. I put in my checking account information, I set up automatic payments, and I check it every now and again. Never had a problem.


It’s 2016

That’s ridiculous, and clearly only made so they can trip up otherwise honest, hard working, bill paying people!

I’m paying my purchase off immediately and replacing this with a more worthy card. I had some trepidation about getting it to begin with, the experience we had actually receiving our appliance was also a nightmare. I think this is it for me and Fry’s.

I can relate to the 2013 bad website problem! Frys credit card payment from me to them was late once due to their website issues. They reported me to the credit bureau which affected my fico score! The reason it was late was because their website was broken. Wow frys! I bought thousands of dollars and they do this? I am boycotting frys electronics! My fico score…really frys? I have started a Frys credit complaint group on Facebook with hopes of eventually doing a class action against Frys credit for what I allege are unethical business practices. I will no longer do business with frys. Not one more penny from me!

In 2005 applied for Fry’s credit and was approved for $1500. A few months later I received a letter saying they were dropping my limit to $500. I bought a few items over a couple of years. I began to notice I wasn’t receiving a paper bill so therefore I missed a payment. I contacted the company and explained to them I need a paper bill or I will over look the payments. They agreed to start sending me statements. A few months later the paper statements stopped again. I accidently missed another payment. Here we went again I had to call the bank again. Finally in 2012 I made a final payment. I thought all was okay. Tonight (Dec 19 2014) I went to Fry’s to buy a couple of Christmas Gifts. I tried to use my Fry’s card and was completely embarrassed when the cashier told me my charge was denied. I just wanted to walk away and hide. This type of action has never happened to be before today. I went ahead and purchased the products with another credit card. When I left the store I called the bank. I was informed that my account was closed because I was late twice. They did not bother to send me a letter informing they closed my account. They just waited for me to try to use the card in front of the clerk, members of my family and other store guest so I could look like a complete idiot. I used another credit card to complete the purchase but I am returning the items tomorrow (12-20-14) One of the DVD player’s turned out to be a piece of junk anyway. I will not be returning to Fry’s I do not want to be associated with a company that doesn’t have a bank that doesn’t give better customer service. I have been a customer for more than ten years and have spent thousands of dollars at Fry’s but it is over. So long Fry’s, you will have to look for another Sucker!!!

From all the comments I read here, I see one common problem, affluenza. Stop trying to buy **** with money you don’t have. If you had the money to begin with, used the card to get the item, paid off the card, then canceled the card right after, guess what? You wouldn’t have this problem. Simple solution, don’t buy **** without having the money to pay for it.

People buy costly things (at least financially responsible people do) with the intention of paying over a period of time. For example I need to build a new PC, but I don’t have $1400 sitting in the bank. I can however use a credit card to make the purchase and pay those things off over the course of several months. Why spend money I don’t have at the moment? Well I need a machine to work on and while I can’t afford to spend $1400 right now I CAN afford to spend $200 over the course of 7 months.

The product that I bought works well and is just great. Its a shame that there is no where that I saw in the fine print that the promotional balance wouldn’t be paid first. If you are used to working with store cards that treat you like a customer that they would like to keep. Then the Frys card is not for you. I have contacted 2 agencies one private (BBB) and one public (consumer protection bureau). Perhaps one of these entities will at least have them state the whole balance must be paid in the promotional period.
I wish I would have checked this site before walking through the door.

Got an in-store approval (and yes they did ask for and type in a major credit/debit card for identity purposes), used the approval that same day to buy an air conditioner, had no problems setting-up my online account nor with making my first payment, online account shows transaction/payment history. I haven’t had any of the experiences mentioned here. Wow.

Their “Promotional Deferred Interest” policy has an even more insideous detail that they will never tell you; payments are not directed to your promotional balance if there is ANY OTHER balance on the card. I’ve had a Fry’s card for some time, well aware with the ridiculous interest rate, but OK with it. But last year, I bought a $1500 laptop for my wife, and it was a Deferred Interest special for 12 months. I figured I could simply pay a little extra each month, my assumption being that anything above the minimum payment would go towards the Promotional balance.

NOT SO!! I called up their “customer service” and learned that is their standard policy to apply ALL monies to interest-bearing balance first, to “save you the interest cost.” Of course, if you have a few hundred dollars balance on the card before making the Promotional purchase, it makes it very hard to pay off the promotional balance in time, thus incurring – you guessed it – a HUGE interest charge (26.99% on $1500 for a year) in one lump sum!

There is no way to specify how you want your payments applied, nor is there any way to decline the Promotional Deferred Interest deal – I have already come to terms with the high interest rate, and if that $1500 laptop was simply included in my interest-bearing balance each month, that would have been fine. But that’s not an option.

So not only are they Machiavellian in their policies (high base interest rate, late payment kicks you out of deferred interest, and probably to default rate), but their pay arrangements are designed specifically to make it as hard as possible to pay off your promotional purchases before the deadline.

Fry’s is not a credit card , is just a charge account card , they can have different policy’s that of a regular credit card.

Thanks for the info – too bad I’ve already been sucked in to a Fry’s card. I recently purchased a $1500 computer from Fry’s, and thought I might as well apply for their card as it would free me up for a year to pay it off, so I thought. I should have walked out right at the counter as I was paying. I applied and was told I qualified for $9000 of credit, but when I got to the counter, they connected me to the credit card co. since she had to “screen” me. First off, I have excellent credit in the 700’s. She said she was going to ask me a series of questions and if I did not get them right, I would not be able to use the credit I was granted. One question was, “In 1985 (25+ years ago!) you made a credit card purchase. How much was your payment?” I’ve never gone thru something like that in my life. Finally, after about 15 minutes with a long line of customers behind me, she tells me I passed the test. Unbelievable! I think I’ll pay this $15 bill I just received from them (guess I didn’t read the fine print good enough), and transfer the balance elsewhere.
Thanks, again 🙂

Agreed with u on the point of frys card….I have one haven’t had any prob besides the fact I know that I will be slapped with deferred interest from the date of purchase… which would be like 400 bucks lol….the good thing is I have 2 years to pay of a galaxy phone I got for 480! So it’s a lot of time being 2 years I probably only needed a year….. its good when u have no money bit neef a tv like my case was… also I wanted to point out that u had a Barclay card (however u spell it) as a better option but lol I laughed cuz u may not know bit I do cause I had one….. they also have the deferred interest charge LOL… that’s why I was shocked cause u happen to put the only one I know that has it…..not trying to be mean by all means just trying to help! (; I have citi bank, capital one, visa and mastercard none charge deferred interest just to let u know…. 😉 thanks for taking the time to read this…your eyes are greatly appreciated…and that was my full intention,

Sarah 😉

This card has the dubious distinction of having the WORST website ever! This month they rolled out a new website without any notice. When I logged in to the website for my monthly payment, a new page popped up asking for continuing customers to re-register – a red flag for sure. It seemed on the fishy side so I decided to call them.

After entering my account number (twice)! robo-phone advised me that the number was invalid (what?) and I was transferred to a service rep. A single announcement said that they were experiencing exceptionally high call volume (no?) and that I could visit the new webpage. That was encouraging, but I wanted to know what was up with the account number. I hung on the phone for 45 minutes, while I made and ate dinner, registered on the webpage and paid the bill. After that I hung up frustrated without ever even talking to anyone.

The greatest irritant seems trivial, but the music on the hold line? It was a 25 SECOND loop (I timed it) of some jingly jazz. It’s probably a good thing that I hung up because I may very well have bit the head off of the poor sod that finally answered the call. I want my 45 minutes back please.

I bought a pair of Klipsch tower speakers. I bought them from Frys because I have 36 months in this case to pay off the speakers. I charged the speakers to my Frys card.

I pay 10$/month. I have 53.11 in deferred interest. I have been charged 0.00 in interest. As long as I pay the balance off before the end of the terms I agreed to, there will be no interest.

Sounds good to me. This is not like a Visa card. It is an in-store charge card and financing card for the stuff they sell. They entice you to buy stuff with the offer that they will pay the financing. I didn’t need to have the 500$ for the speakers that day. That is pretty much it.

This credit card does have a high APR but if you intend to pay it off then you will not no interest charge and no nobody ever forces anybody to buy anything but yourself and get us there is certainly yours on certain items. If you get yourself in a situation that is your fault nobody else. Fries for them giving you a credit card because of your credit worthiness Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Good lucky. And those who have no credit that’s because you didn’t take care of your credit

yes totally agreed , this card sux the sales person push me to get it and telling me it is 0% for 12 months but again ONLY some selective items, when you log in to make payment i feel like this is done by some home make website, but then again it is from Frys what can you expect, they are just not worth it at any level….

I got approved for the Fry’s credit card with a $2,000 limit. I bought a computer and “27 monitor that totalled $1,950. I made 3 lump sum payments all on time and didn’t have any problems at all with them. I just logged into Fry’s pay service online and it showed my available credit, My remaining balance, My last payment amount. And it took only a couple of seconds to make a payment. It would post imediatly. Boom! Done. I’d use it again for the promo’s. For non promo’s I’d just use my platnum Visa.

Yeah this credit card is crab I have one and I can’t wait to pay off I been paying for ever but as soon I am done inmidiatly I will cancell my account , of course the card is already in the trash long time ago. Do not Apply for this card just use a card that give You points or is lower in interest by the way everytime I trying to pay online the webside is down what a joke of company

Im starting as a salesperson at Fry’s soon and I will tell you that fry’s card is crap. However the extended warranties are insanely good on big ticket items. If you get one then do it for the sales person not for Fry’s and dont use it. always get a warranty on stuff that is over $300. The warranty they offer is like the best warranty ever made and its crazy mow much it covers. I would get a 2 year one for an xbox, ps3, or beats audio, cause it covers theft in the 1st year and the 2nd will be after the manufacturer warranty expires. Card no, warranty yes.

Er Phil. You have already been on their sales course I see. The extended warranties are a load of rubbish, and are simply another way of extracting good money from unassuming customers. Most items are already covered by a manufacturers warranty, and trying to sell them insurance they don’t need almost amounts to theft! Most people also have their own personal insurance for theft or damage as well, so WHY buy more?? Lets face it, even after 2 – 3 years, most people change their technology, so WHY by extra insurance… Good try.. although we didn’t all just come down in the last shower!

I got to this site by looking up their credit cards, but I think I should respond to this. I think that in some cases it’s worth getting their warranty. I bought bunch of laptops from them over the years and every time something went wrong they had it fixed within a few days. Beats going to the post office and sending it off to the manufacturer and waiting. They’ll even give you a loaner if you need one. Also, their laptop warranty is much less restrictive than the manufacturer’s. So, I think it depends on what you’re buying. I’ve only bought laptop warranties so I don’t really know about other stuff. I think I should also add that because of my work my laptops get pretty banged up, so the warranty is worth it to me.

I’m glad I read this. I was thinking about applying, now I won’t. I have other cards I can use if I want to purchase from Frys.


This is the Biggest SCAM CARD in the states



At end of promo period they will charge you with Entire I year Interest at 26.99 % without letting you know

They wait for the customer to get FCu..ed


worst credit card ever, they call me all the time to make more payments and they are very rude and when i ask for a manager they hang up. Its almost like a scam I wish i can pay online because the phone assistance is horrible. I tried changing my last name after i got married they said i need to send in a copy of my birth certificate along with a copy of my social? Who does that :\

Ya they are assholes. Actually you can pay online now at , the reason they are so anal about it is because the credit is out of their own pocket and not Visa or Mastercard. And the company is privately owned so it is all out of the owners pocket, that makes it personal. Its really weird because its a big business but not public, this basically shields them from the hostility of the stock market, but they loose the ability to get tons of money from selling shares. this card is probably made to make up for that loss with its huge rate.

This is by far the worst credit system ever. It is impossible to get any help on the phone, or the web in getting answers to my credit questions. Yes, I am one of those suckers that holds, I mean held a Frys Credit Card. It is bad enough that the average Frys employee comes across as complaisant and wierd. What strikes me even more is that with the volumes of complaints about Frys credit system and their lousy service standards, Frys management has clearly demonstrated that they do not care. What the heck, they’re bring’n in the bucks, so why change!

Boy i should’ve googled first before going to the store and trying to apply today. I should’ve used the initial conversation with the store rep as an indicator for what is to come. I saw their ad with a Samsung tv on sale for $100 less than original price. I talked to the first rep and showed him the ad…asked him if the tv was in stock. He looked at it and said they were all out and pushed the same tv but with wifi that’s 150 more than the one i was asking for. I said fine and asked if they had it in stock. He started punching info in the computer and he said yes but only floor model. Lo and behold i happen to glance at his screen and saw on the inventory list the tv i had originally inquired about. When i paid attention to the screen…it actually said that the store still had several quantities. So of course i called him out on it. Asking him why he said they didn’t have it anymore when their computer said they had 5 more in stock? He played dumb and said “oh you were talking about that model? Yeah we have some.” I was like yeah i even showed you the ad and you repeated the model number. I told him when i asked if they had that model on display because i wanted to see how it looked like he said there was no more stock…but their computer busted him out. Then he showed me where the floor model was. I was already getting irritated.i

But it was ok because i thought to myself i will be coming home with a new tv. I asked for financing info and he said they had a couple of interest free options with their card. So i thought if it was 6 months..i was planning on paying it off when the first bill comes so i said to start the app process. Gave the regular info for credit app. He asked me for my license and after typing in the info asked to see debit or another credit card. Thought it was odd but showed him one on my card. Them he started typing the card number in his system! So i stopped him right there and then and asked why he is typing in my credit card number and info…he said it was part of the app process. Well that was the first time I’ve seen that done so i told him never mind and to cancel the app. Stood next to the rep to make sure i see him cancel the process and walked out of the store.

Now it will make me think twice about going to their store.

Will definately not be applying for a card from FRY’S. So glad I read all this instead of just applying for the card. The lengths companies go through to try to screw people out of their hard earned money amazes me although I dont know why it suprises me, it’s a dog eat dog world out there!

Worse credit card ever, don’t get caught to their trap, even the woes credit card out their is better than this card.

This whole company is a joke. Frys does not care about customer satisfaction at all. Stay away from this company completely you’ll get products that malfunction, credit card scams, and horrible customer service from corporate and store workers.

You are correct in that everyone should read the fine print. And the invisible print as well. I made the mistake too, and signed up. The promotional still haunts me 12 months later. The purchase wasn’t what we anticipated, so we returned it. Prior to driving 260 miles, I checked with Fry’s to ensure their wouldn’t be any issues with returning the unit. The corporate office said there would be no problems.

I returned the unit a couple of days later, and initially, they said I couldn’t return it. I explained what the rep from corporate told me, which upset the manager on duty. Two hours later; I finally left with blood boiling. Upon leaving, they gave me an 80% “GIFT CARD”, and charged me a 20% restocking fee. I left speechless; knowing I would be fighting the battle at a later date.

I didn’t pay the bill, and was contacted by the fry’s credit card rep a after a couple of months, and I explained what happened. Of course, I got the, “We are not affiliated with the Fry’s stores.” From what I understand; the same rich guy owns both. My opinion is they just aren’t allowed to communicate because the credit card company has quite a scam going. I then re-contacted the store, and after several months of being passed around to different managers; the store agreed to pay the “fry’s credit card for the entire bill. They paid all but $60.00 for reasons explained to me of forgetting about the interest.

I called the Fry’s store again, and supposedly, they are taking care of it. The initial purchase was July 2011. Fry’s credit Collections called me and was very hostile on the phone last week, right before I told him off; and demanded his manager be placed on the phone. Imagine what she said…..We are a separate entity than the store. Was that in the fine print? You gotta love it.

for you that have a problem with the posting date of your payment , i had this problem with Cross country Bank when i was getting started so what i did with them was i started sending my payment in certifed mail return receipt yes it cost a little more but not as much as late fees. this put a stop to that problem for now you can show when they got your payment.

Have had their card for some time, but it’s almost useless. Each time I try to use it their system doesn’t recognize it. Went through this numerous times and wound up putting the charges on my personal CC. And, no one seems to give a damn…..

I’ve had my Fry’s card for about 5 years with no issues at all. Everything is right there in black and white. I’ve used it for several promotions and as long as the card is paid off there was never interest on the promotions. I’ve never gotten a late fee either. All store cards are like this. I’ve also never had a problem at their registers. I’ve been shopping at Fry’s for 20yrs and have had problems, but they’ve always been resolved.

Well obviously you have been the one out of a million lucky ones.

All cards aren’t like that. Other stores give you point toward cashback

Signed up for card.. got approved yet for some reason I can`t use it in the store?? It freezes all their computers and I had to use a different credit card. This has happened several times this last week and I spoke to the credit card people, they said that happens all the time.. did I miss something??

Shannon that happened to me multiple times. It was frustrating. I am never sure if I will be able to use the frys card and I am ready to another card everytime. This is worse credit card experience I had.

I tried calling to find my balance and it said my acct number wasn’t valid, called several times same thing everytime, even know it wasn’t valid they had no problem billing me… Weird.

The biggest issues I have with Frys c/c is that you CANNOT use their card to make purchases online or over the phone. HUH?? and their c/c website is prehistoric and sometimes the login screen wont accept your password which locks the system and forces a phone call to unlock it. Love the store, hate the card. They told me the last time that I called customer service that they would be making a big change to the card service soon, i.e. moving to another bank to provide credit.

We used the card for a small purchase. Then we sent the check a week before, but they did not post it until the following week, therefore we were billed a late fee of a couple of dollars. It is handled by a little known bank in Draper Utah called the First Electronic Bank.

When I called and asked why the late posing and the late fee, (I was polite) she said the computers were down and couldn’t tell me. I called the next day and the next, each time with the same answer. Since she spoke broken English I asked to talk to a supervisor. she Hung Up. My wife called and she hung up on her. I called again asking for a physical address, and she hung up.

I called Fry’s and they said they don’t control the credit card. When I asked to talk to a supervisor she hung up. (All conversations were polite.)

My late charges are now up to forty dollars. They charge late fees on the late fees.

I Turned the information over to the Utah State Attorneys office, but they said they only handle consumer complaints??? (I thought I was a consumer.) I suspect you have to be a Mormon consumer.

I contacted the FDIC Complaint department, but have not heard back. An accountant told me that in most cases these slickly boy operations don’t expect to collect all late fees they rack up, but use those amounts to allegedly write off income taxes.

This practice is same for all store cc. If you are only blaming frys then you are surely mislead. Store cc like bb and frys are really only good for the promotion no interest periods and you are meant to pay if off before the period ends. Never seen a cc where the interest is not tacked on after the period is over and you dont pay off the item.

You can’t view payments history so you don’t know what they do to your account.

I didn’t know that they charged $10 late fee on the month you pay off before the promo expired. This happened to me too. I always paid on time and received a letter stating that they reversed my payment without any explanation. They made it looks like I sent check without funds to cover. If I didn’t have funds to cover, how come my bank never notified me? They just didn’t withdraw my money and claimed I was late.

They said they do me a favor for not charging check returned. The check never returned. also since I made payment electronically, there wasn’t any check. when I requested to speak with a manager, they refused and finally, they transferred to a voice mail and claiming all managers are in the meeting. I’ve heard this a thousand times. I’ll write a letter to the president of the company to tell him how shady his company is. They said I have to pay in full in order for them to waive the fee.

I can’t believe they didn’t give customer one courtesy first time late (which is not true because they did receive payment 2 days before it was due) they said unless I make full payment otherwise they wont waive. I do have money to pay in full but I refused because they don’t value customers. I left a message telling if they don’t do what I asked they just close my account. I have good credit, I don’t need this pathetic company. I’m a credit analyst. I know how credit works. Don’t use Frys credit. they’re not royal to the customers. It’s all about the principal. $10 can’t buy much anything nowadays. They must be desperate needing money. Obviously the balance is low and that’s why they can only charge $10 but that’s 10% of the balance. I hate Frys.

I set up two payments online. One to debited from my checking account and the other to debited from my husband’s checking account. i made the payments 4 days before the due date and they still charged us a $25.00 late fee!! when i went online to view recent activity, the payments we made were not even there. Awful credit card. Can not wait to pay it off so that we never have to deal with them again.

Last time I went into Fry’s, they tried to get me to apply for their card. When I asked them for a paper application so that I could read the terms and see the interest rate, I was told that there weren’t any. I was further informed that I wouldn’t be able to sign up online. When I asked the supervisor why I should possibly want to sign up for a credit card without even seeing an interest rate first, the supervisor got huffy. I decided that going into something like that blind and pushed at me by rude people was a bad idea. After reading this forum, I’m so glad I refused

Thank God I refused this card, It sounds too much for me. I must agree with Isaac’s post. Frys is notorious for rudeness, poor customer service, and salesman who are ready to pitch junk at ya. All I wanted was another camera-something simple for my 11 y/o son to use. I don’t consider an $1800 Canon to be simple nor would I want my son to have it ( that cam would be mine!!) But at 26.99% with hidden fees, lack of good communication skills from Frys employees (some, not all) and horrible management from First Electronic Bank, I simply refused this satanistic offer and left. After all, in ten years, I might find that same $1800 camera in a thrift shop. 🙂 Have a good day, and spend wisely! If ya aint got the money, you don’t need it.

I was about to apply, and saw this forum, I am glad. I have decent credit and will go tthrough my credit union. Thanks for the info…And saving me some headache.

We got turned down for a Frys C/C , I’m glad wouldnt want the hassle anyway

This credit card is a joke. they alway charge you odd fees, I can’t sign up for the online service, because according to them my application was filled wrong (by an ASSociate)and therefore I need to MAIL them a copy of my SSN and my driver license somewhere in Utah because I can’t even do it at the store anymore, haaa!!!!. They have had two, one for fee and the other free, over the phone payment services started within the last 12 months and suddenly canceled, so your only option is to mail it or pay over the phone, but they charge you a $15 fee. I signed up for bill pay thru my bank and they have not sent my E-bill since last year, they only sent it once. They are always trying to make you late and charge you fees. As soon as I get a little more money I’ll get rid of this card and never ever shop at fry”s again. On top of this their customer service is the WORST in the whole industry they transfer you to someone who does not know anything to someone very rude.

Just canceled my Fry’s card. They stopped me from using it at the store and I had to call customer service, who told me I was 8 days overdue on my bill. When I asked when they had sent the bill, they informed me that since I had logged onto their website to check my balance, their system had automatically assigned me to electronic ONLY billing and payment. FYI, there’s not one word on their website that mentions this policy. Immoral? Definitely. Illegal? Probably.
Who needs the drama?

bryan galbraith

we had one of the frys credit card deals this speaks of and paid the whole balance on time from our last bill to avoid the intrest , however they claim that we had a 10.00 late fee that wasnt on the bill and now we owe the intrest , what do you recomend we do thanx bg

The card functions like any other credit card. You don’t pay within the stated period you will be “slapped” back with the accrued interest balance. That occurs with Best Buy credit cards as well. I wouldn’t pin point just Frys exclusively.
People should not be counseled on how to own or manage their expenses. They should already know, given that the associates are paid to run their credit and equally explain the terms and conditions. I have worked at Fry’s in the past, Best Buy, and they have similar credit conditions just like the credit cards I have in my wallet.

**Moral of the story: Read the fine print everytime and know how to manage your spending and outstanding balances.