Frontier Airlines Credit Card Review

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frontier airlines planeFrontier Airlines has undergone quite a few changes over the past several years… a bankruptcy, new corporate ownership, and a merger with Midwest Airlines. Despite all this, they’re still a great low-cost choice for certain destinations. But is the Frontier Airlines credit card also a great choice? Let’s take a look…

There are actually a 4 different credit cards from Frontier Airlines; two consumer versions and two business versions.

The two Frontier consumer cards:

World MasterCard (with no annual fee)
This is their basic MasterCard for consumers, and the rewards are pretty dismal; you only earn only a 1 mile per $2 spent on regular purchases and 1 mile per dollar spent on their airfare (Note: You must use your Frontier Airlines MasterCard to buy the tickets directly from them to get the 2x points. If you buy through a third-party website you may not get the double points).

World MasterCard (with annual fee)
The annual fee is $69, which is lower than most airline credit cards. You earn 1 mile per $1 spent on regular purchases and 2 miles per dollar on Frontier ticket purchases. So basically you are doubling what you’d earn on the no-annual-fee card. Another benefit it comes with is that you can redeem companion tickets for 5,000 fewer miles.

The two Frontier Airlines business cards:

No annual fee business card: The rewards on this one are the same as the no annual fee consumer Frontier Airlines card.

$69 annual fee business card: The rewards are the same as the consumer version MasterCard.

Should you apply for a Frontier Airlines MasterCard or not?

I think Frontier is a great airline, especially if you live near their main hub in Denver. However I’m having a very hard time justifying the first version (the one with no annual fee). Simply put, if you want a no-annual-fee travel card, there are a  lot of better options on the market such as the VentureOne card.

The $69 version from Frontier is probably the only one worth considering. But I’m picky about paying fees and given the lack or benefits (no free checked bags, for example), it’s not exactly impressing me.

Other options

Over the past few years a number of non-branded travel cards have hit the market that are pretty enticing. They earn you points/miles that you can spend on any airfare purchase. My favorite among these are the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the American Express Premier Rewards Gold. The drawback is they have annual fees, so you must consider whether the benefits make sense for your needs and spending patterns. You can go here to see my reviews and suggested sign-up offers.

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  1. Jack March 20, 2015 at 8:29AM

    Barclay did exactly what they promised. I complied with the terms and paid my fee and purchased well over the minimum requirement. I received my air miles. If you are too stupid to follow directions, avoid this offer. :)

  2. Troy March 12, 2015 at 1:43AM

    Myself and wife both Signed up for the cards with the $69.00 annual fee to get the 40,000 mile bonus. It’s been 10 months, paid the 69.00 fee the first billing statement and still NO 40,000 EARLY RETURN MILES

    • Jack March 20, 2015 at 8:30AM

      Suspect you missed the 90 day window where you needed to purchase a minimum amount required on the card to fulfill your obligation.

  3. Pam March 6, 2015 at 1:36PM

    Worst thing I ever did was sign up for this card! They have discontinued many of their routes, of course which were the ones I wanted. I try to call to redeem my points, because the ability to do so online is always “currently unavailable” and then finally give up after being on hold for over an hour.

    I am going to cut my losses, cancel this card and never fly or recommend Frontier Airlines again.

  4. Jessica January 11, 2015 at 1:51PM

    This card is a total ripoff. We signed up and got our 40,000 miles and you can’t use it for two round trip flights like they say… It’s very misleading. I spent an hour on the phone with frontier and they couldn’t find me one applicable flight that was roundtrip for 40000 miles- not a single one. If you’re contemplating this credit card save your time and money and get a southwest card.

  5. Correy July 7, 2014 at 2:55PM

    I haven’t tried to redeem my 40,000 Early Return miles yet, so we’ll see how that goes when I do. However, I will say that Barclays SUCKS big time on what they tried to pull on me. I signed up and was accepted for the $69/annual fee card (to be honest, just to get the miles, then use it minimally if at all), after which I placed a purchase for $480 on the card. I received my first statement a few weeks later, and saw that the $69 annual fee was also placed on the first statement, putting me at about $550, over the threshold to receive the bonus miles. I contacted Barclays to make sure that I had reached the required spending within the first 90 days of card ownership, they said yes, the miles would post on my next statement. After the next statement came and did no include the miles, I called them back and they assured me that I had done my part (reaching the $500 minimum) and the miles would post on the next statement. After the next month, they had still not posted, so I contacted them AGAIN about this. This time, the person I spoke to said they were sorry to inform me that the $69 annual fee DOES NOT count toward the $500 min spending and because the 90 day window had passed, I was not eligible for any promotional miles. I was LIVID. It took a few hours on the phone over the next day or two and a lot of arguing (and me printing out the email conversation I had with the agent and sending it to Barclays) to get my deserved miles. Again, I haven’t tried to redeem them yet, so we’ll see if there is another black eye waiting for me, but this first impression is definitely not a good one.

  6. Mary Dorin July 1, 2014 at 11:45AM

    My daughter signed up for a credit card offer that Frontier offered during a flight. She was promised two free domestic flights for the annual fee of $95 for the card. She signed up knowing what she was going to use them for and when. Frontier refuses to redeem the points. She has spent hours on the phone with Frontier and the Frontier Credit Card company. They are refusing to apply the points after she explicitly followed their guidelines for applying the points to this flight. Also, the number of points given would only be enough for one flight. The guarantee of two free flights is a misnomer and it still appears on their website. The airlines and the Frontier Credit representatives keep telling her to call the other number. It takes between 30 and 40 minutes to get a live person. Today she spent well over an hour on the phone with a supervisor who refused to redeem the points. Their customer service is terrible and I believe they deal deceptively with their customers. The credit card offer is a scam. Please don’t sign up. You will be sorry you did. I’m writing this only for the purpose of protecting others from the same deception and loss of money. My daughter is out nearly $900 between the sign up fee and the flight. She isn’t even flying into the airport of her choice because Frontier doesn’t go there! Ugh! Live and learn.

  7. Rooter June 10, 2014 at 3:00PM

    Worst customer service ever! The website never works. Never received a single response to any of my online inquiries. There is a 45 minute wait on every phone call, no matter which department or which time of day that you call. I can see my miles in my account, but there is no way for me to use them. I’ve been trying to book a flight for weeks.

  8. Karli Shur June 6, 2014 at 3:41PM

    Looks like almost everyone on the page agrees with me. This company SUCKS. I recently moved out of state and I told them that. Yet they keep shutting off my credit card. I have called them several times to ask why they keep shutting it off and how they know I just moved. Their answer is “sorry won’t happen again.” Yet I have been calling them several times this past month. I called them today and the lady said what is a 7/11 you have that charge. The company does not know it is a major gas station. If you ask me, everyone should know what a 7/11 is. Then I told the lady at customer service today that if they keep this up I will write a bad review and switch companies. Not even 12 hours later, my credit card was shut down again so here we have this review. But when I told her I was going to write a bad review about this horrible company, she hung up the phone on me. Very professional if you ask me. Save the hassle get miles on another airline. Not worth all the shutdowns to get miles for a very crappy airline anyways.

  9. Gillian May 8, 2014 at 5:04PM

    So I read all the reviews here before I applied for the card.

    I went ahead and applied and was accepted. I made sure to charge $500 right away to get my extra points and signed up for online banking with them as soon as I got the card.

    If you want your points on your first statement (all of them) you need to pay off the annual fee right away- before the statement is ran. Just go ahead and make an online account and pay the $59 annual fee once it shows up.

    I got my points in a month and used them to pay for my kids tickets to Disney World.

    It really isn’t hard- you just have to read everything and do a little research.

  10. Norma Wilson January 28, 2014 at 4:21PM

    I was outraged when I was denied the Frontier credit card. The excuse was my credit score. I checked it and found my Trans Union score score to be a hundred points higher than Trans Union had reported to Frontier. I called Frontier to complain and was told to consult Barclay Bank. The telephone # Frontier gave me was not functional unless you had a Frontier credit card, which I’d been denied. I have no debts–fully own my house and car and pay all bills on time. I think I was denied for two reasons–both unjust: I’m a woman, and I am not likely to pay any interest to Barclay Bank. But now that I see everyone else’s dissatisfaction, I’m glad to have no part of their financial schemes.

  11. martha January 10, 2014 at 2:23PM

    I applied for their card, it was 25,000 bonus points after making any purchase even one dollar they told me, but it did have a $59.00 annual fee, i did receive the points about 8 weeks later and did receive a round trip airfare to Florida and i still have 5,000 points remaining, to me it was a great deal for the 59 dollars got a round trip and my best friend applied at the same time and we were able to go on the same flight. only problem is there are not enough dates available unless you book way in advanced.and you have to wait on the phone a long time,but the plane trip was great,and especially since it was free.

  12. Ron November 24, 2013 at 11:48PM

    They did the same thing to me. They would move your payment up a few days without notice. Once I started to contest the late payments the gave in and took the late payment off. They stilled left my percent rate at 29 %. This is a scam. They also charged me late payments if I payed to soon. Said the second payment was still in the prior month. Even thought I called them and told them I was out of town so I was making the payment early for the next month. Never received the late payment they charged. These guys are rip of artist. Should be illeagl.

  13. Sarah November 14, 2013 at 7:25AM

    frontier is worst card and service ever! Called to find out the status on our account because we never even activated the card and there were charges on it and all the people I talked to were very rude!

  14. Amy November 7, 2013 at 1:18PM

    DO NOT USE!!!Absolutely the worst credit card experience I have ever had was Frontier. They boast about all the great points and miles but fail to mention the annual fee. My fist billing and I already owed them money even though I never even used the card. I called to cancel the card immediately and was told they were credit the annual fee. Great because I didn’t even use it. I have now been fighting with them for 4 months to get this taken care of. i never used the card but now I owe 90 plus dollars in annual fees and late charges. Every time I call they reassure me the balance will be removed but just continue to add late charges. I have spoken to 4 reps and 2 managers and they just tell you whatever but do nothing. BE WARNED!!!

  15. Julie October 23, 2013 at 2:55PM

    Horrible credit card, horrible customer service. They essentially lied to me, I would not recommend this for anyone. I signed up for the card on the airplane and was promised a 50,000 mileage promotion+3,000 bonus for signing up on the plane. Imagine my surprise when I only received 35,000 miles. After arguing with Barclays and Frontier, they basically told me I could just cancel the card, because they refuse to acknowledge that they had run the 50,000+3,000 miles promotion. Deb and Debbie, who commented saying that the card is wonderful, are they employees of Frontier?

  16. debra October 12, 2013 at 10:51AM

    I for one, think the Frontier Credit Card did exactly as was explained in writing. I spent $500 within the 90 day window and after paid off I received my miles within 30 days. People who are complaining just do not bother to look or read the details, the annual fee was also described in writing. Barclay-Frontier were great. I got an email which told me the miles were in my Frontier account- very happy with card. Some people just like to complain or are too stupid to read about how it works. Kudos to Barclay and Frontier.

  17. debbie July 26, 2013 at 7:09AM

    I just want to say that my husband just got this card. We immediately charged the required amount to get the miles promised. As soon as we paid our balance the points were in his account! Great service for us!

  18. Jimmy Chacko April 9, 2013 at 12:34PM

    I recently applied for Frontier Mastercard with $59 fee. I got approved and started using the card to accumulate miles. The offer was 25,000 bonus miles after first use. After receiving the first bill I noticed that I have only 5000 bonus miles instead of 25,000 miles. I called customer service and to be frank the worst customer service I ever experienced. They told me that the miles offered are based on credit!!! Not everyone gets 25,000 bonus miles. I was shocked to hear that and nowhere in terms & conditions it is specified. One advice DO NOT GET THe FRONTIER CARD. They deceptively offer points.

    • Janet April 19, 2013 at 1:52PM

      Thanks for saving me the trouble of applying for this card – I was just about to send in the application thinking I was going to be guaranteed an airline ticket.

  19. katy January 31, 2013 at 1:11PM

    Worst card I have ever had! Worst customer service ever!! I called in to check my balance and they said the miles had expired due to inactivity. I was shocked because my credit card was active and I had a balance due on the account. They said they emailed me about the miles expiring I looked back at all my emails and all I seen was emails about my statement and promotional offers no email saying that my miles were expiring. After being disconnected twice and sent to a supervisor he told me there was nothing he could do. My only option was to buy back the miles for a penny a mile. I said no way I could just buy a plan ticket. I had been a customer since 2006 and never redeemed any miles, never made a late payment, the miles expired 2 weeks ago which could have been avoided if I would have gotten the information from them they say they sent. They said they send 1000’s of emails everyday so they can’t guarantee that they all go through and they are not responsible for failed emails. They would not reinstate the account so I closed it. I continue to be happy using a flex point’s card and a Delta card. I called to check my American Airlines balance because I did not have a card and had not flown with them in 8 years I figured I would have no miles but it did not hurt to check. The 6,000 miles I had were expired but without me even asking they reinstated the miles. After 7 years of being a customer I am very disappointed with the Frontier MasterCard and advise all my friends and family to go with other rewards cards.

  20. Jan January 4, 2013 at 7:39PM

    I love this card. We have had it for several years. I didn’t want to be charged the annual fee and after 6 years of using it with NO PROBLEMS whatsoever we cancelled because fo the fee. A few days later I applied for a new card and got it with no problems. We have used our free flights over the years for ourselves or famiy. We just used our most recent ones for a flgiht over Christmas with no black out dates. We all need to read the fine print and then pay our bills. We have had nothing but good fro this company.

  21. Sherette August 16, 2012 at 6:57AM

    Do not apply for this card. They fraudently offer points. They say they offer 25,000 points with your first purchase. 2 months later and many frasturating calls to Barclay customer service, the points still have not been transferred to my Frontier Airlines Early returns account. Their customer service is the worst I have ever encountered. I’m not even really sure what they are being paid for! I had so many problems with them. From being disconnected to my inquiry into the points being closed with no resolution.

  22. Kathy Cooper July 18, 2012 at 12:11PM

    I couldn’t agree more with above comments. Stay away from this credit card! They are running a scam. My experience with them has been extremely negative.

    By all means if you have the card with an annual fee, be sure to cancel the card prior to the expiration and do so in writing. Otherwise you will be charged the fee and if not paid on time a late fee on top of the fee. When I called customer service, I was lied to, treated poorly and was talking to someone in the Philippines. I was told that there was no one to contact in the United States. Actually, I was told that it is the luck of the draw, that there are customer service reps in the US, if you are lucky enough to have a US rep answer your call.

    I doubt very much that there are reps in the US, but it is a good line or should I say lie. Any time I see anyone at this Kiosk at the airport, I am going to give them a copy of all of these comments. I may have been scammed but will take great satisfaction in protecting anyone else from suffering the same.

  23. Judy April 16, 2012 at 7:30AM

    The Frontier website advertises to apply for their credit card and receive 25,000 miles enough for a round trip ticket and I had received emails because of having a frequent flyer number stating the same. I was making a Frontier reservation the end of March and up popped the offer sign up for a Frontier card and we will credit your account with $75. I thought no time like the present, so I signed up.

    First statement arrived gave me $75 credit but only 5,000 bonus points for signing up for card. Thought it was a mistake because that is what you get for the no fee card and I received the World card with $59 fee. They took it under review and said I should see the points on my next statement.

    Statement came today no points. Called and was told that the $75 credit offer was for only 5,000 miles and 1 point for every dollar spent. I did not read the fine print and thought I was signing up for the 25,000 bonus point card. BE CAREFUL. I feel I was deceived. The old bait and switch plan. $75 or a free roundtrip ticket??? Dah!!! Barclays refused to give me the 25,000 miles – I even offered to give them the $75 back.

  24. Lee February 28, 2012 at 7:15AM

    I signed up for the Frontier Card…and after spending $1000 on their card…received a free ticket to any lower 48 state destination. The card worked as it was promoted. can set the card up to automatically payoff each month from your checking or savings account…therein avoiding their interest charges.

  25. Kathleen January 25, 2012 at 11:55AM

    I was stopped in the Denver airport also. I was mistakenly thinking I was getting just a frequent flyer card … not a credit card. I’ve used it a few times because Sam’s club only takes MasterCard. But I’m going to find something else.

  26. Bob December 21, 2011 at 11:11AM

    My wife and I did the same thing in the Denver airport, thinking it would be a good way to use their bonus air miles, etc. I pay all the bills in our lives. We have been married for 22 years. We both have excellent credit rating and history. We always pay our bills early or on time. We both received cards.

    The shock came when we saw that her interest rate was 15.99 and mine was 25.99! We have now made 6 phone calls to all the places they keep sending us. No one is nice. No one can make any sense of this. No one can do anything about it. There is no logic to their practice except it seems they want to make everyone angry. Their response is terrible. They are difficult to deal with. Don’t do business with Barclay’s, the bank that handles these cards.

  27. Lee September 27, 2011 at 12:58PM

    I too landed in the Denver airport and was led to believe that we would get a rt ticket for abtaining their card – they stopped me, I wasn’t searching them out. Well we did everything we agreed to but lo-and -behold the company won’t back what their rep promised………………….. sad, very sad.

  28. Kathleen September 12, 2011 at 2:58PM

    I was in the Denver Airport and a lady stopped me to tell me about their credit card. I went ahead and got the card with the annual fee because she told me I qualified for the free RT ticket with the 59/year card. I was never told that they decided not to give me the card until after I did the $500.00 purchase within the first 90 days. I called wanting to know where my 25,000 points were that is when they told me. This is just sad that they use these tactics to get people to sign up with them. I would strongly advise to stay away from this company. VERY DISHONEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lindsey January 5, 2012 at 7:03PM

      if you keep pestering them they will give you the points…they did the exact same thing to me and i kept calling until they opened a “case” and then i called every day while the case was open…they are very dishonest but if you keep bugging them you get what you should have had in the first place

    • Joseph January 7, 2012 at 3:36PM

      Same thing happened to us. We sent an e-mail and called with no answer to where our bonus points were. I want to say something to the people who try to stop you in the airport, but they are just working for the system. We are not happy at all with this, but are unable to do anything about it it seems!!!!!!

  29. Tonya September 1, 2011 at 3:11PM

    DO NOT get this credit card, I have had mine for a couple years and generally had some sort of balance on it, I times anywhere from $20-$1600 this was the only credit card that i had and suddenly the website at no longer worked so I called in to make my pament and inquired about the webiste and was told they had no idea why it didn’t work….I at that time paid my card off in full and 10 days later they canceled my card saying due to dbt issues……I have no other debt…no car payment and no other credit cards and I rent so not even a mortgage…..this company is out of control..the reps are rude and often say I don’t know I don’t know….BAD COMPANY

  30. Michael July 28, 2011 at 9:49AM

    I got this card after a bancruptcy. The interest rate was 9%. The bank changed my due date on me and I made the next two payments late. they raised my interest rate to 29%. I get paid once a month on the first of the month. I would do the online payment through my bank and have my bank send out checks to pay my bills. This is why I didn’t see the due date had changed. I contacted them and they looked at my payment history and it always was on time and for the same amount. the two payments that were late were still on the first and they even agreed that it was because the bank (they) changed the due date to be before the first of the month. They said it was routine they did that. They changed my due date back and credited me the late payement fees but still raised my interest rate. I have a new credit card now through my credit union at 9%. Frontier also gave me a credit line of 5K when I opened the account. With my tax return I paid 2500 towards my credit card and this is after I had the card 2 years, they cut my credit limit to 2250. Trying to deal with customer service is awful. They take advantage of people and rip people off. Stay away they are crooked.

  31. Valerie October 23, 2010 at 8:14AM

    this company is horrendous. My husband was traveling a lot and so we used the Frontier/Barclays/Juniper credit card. We are now trying to consolidate our debt and are using Money Management to help us. Two other creditors have agreed to a lower interest rate and a shorter term. Juniper will not respond to proposals, they have outsourced their collections dept, the reps are extremely rude, they hang up or will not help. they keep saying to change the proposals and the MMI rep keeps asking how to do so and they will not tell you how to.


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