Scam or Legit Offer?

Q: Is safe and really free? Or is it just another scam to separate you from your hard-earned money?

A: That question was part of an email I received from a reader. Read my review to find out the real deal behind this company…

Is the same as

Different websites, same company. A couple years ago the Federal Trade Commission cracked down on the marketing of “free” credit reports and that basically messed up the whole marketing mojo behind

So what did they do? Well these days they focus on instead, since the FTC hasn’t cracked the whip on free scores [yet]. That’s why the old band went bye-bye and the new website uses a totally different group. It’s not “free” unless you cancel within the 7 day trial and doing that, according to customer reviews, can be quite a tedious process.

If you want a truly free score without any hidden tricks, Barclays gives real FICO scores for free to active cardholders of this MasterCard:

Obviously the biggest complaint about the first website was the people felt they were getting duped by the claim that the credit reports were free. Are these credit score offers operated the same way? Sort of.

When you signup, you get a 7 day trial in their credit score monitoring service. Now if you cancel before the trial is up, it really is free… you won’t pay anything. However if you forget, then after your 7 days are up you will be billed $14.95 per month for the service.

Something important to note is what’s in the fine print:

“The credit monitoring benefit may only be available for 5 days during your trial period since enrollment can take up to 2 days.”

That means you can’t confuse the date the benefit starts with the enrollment period. When counting the 7 days, to play it safe it would be best to count from the same day/time you sign-up for the offer. If you enroll, make sure you cancel within that time.

Is it accurate?

Personally, I don’t really have a problem with how they structure the 7 day trial because automatic enrollment without cancellation is pretty typical for any type of service trial out there. However what I do have a problem with is the accuracy of their offer.

Is accurate? Well, I guess that depends on what your definition of “accurate” is. You see they don’t give you a FICO score but rather something different called the Experian Plus Score (sidenote: Experian owns the FreeCreditScore website).

Unlike FICO, this Plus Score is NOT used by lenders. It even says it right in the website’s fine print: fine print

FICO runs on a scale of 300 to 850. Meanwhile the PLUS score runs from 330 to 830.  Some people call these imitators FAKOs because the difference from a FICO can be quite dramatic. Sure, they will still help you gauge where you stand with your creditworthiness, but you can’t use them for an apples-to-apples comparison.For example, if you ask a mortgage broker “Will this Plus Score of mine qualify me for the mortgage?” or ask on this forum “Is my Plus Score good enough for that credit card?” you will probably receive responses of bewilderment.

Rather than comparing apples to oranges, wouldn’t you much rather do an apples-to-apples and learn your real FICO score?

Worth it or not? is technically not a “scam” or “ripoff” because they give you exactly what they advertise. Of course, some people don’t read things though before they signup, so they have no idea they are getting a FAKO instead of a FICO, nor are they aware they have to cancel a membership to keep it truly free. But the truth is all of that is disclosed on their website if you read it.

There is really almost no reason to consider this free trial offer. It’s also definitely not worth paying $14.95 to use it as a long-term credit monitoring service. I’m sure it will probably be adequate for notifying you when new things positively or negative affect your credit but at the end of the day, why pay $14.95/month for that when you aren’t even getting your actual FICO score?!

Instead my recommendation would be to sign-up for a service which actually gives you the genuine FICO score. In reality, there are only two websites which sell true FICO scores directly to consumers: Equifax and MyFICO. Everyone else out there is selling FAKOs.If you want a score that’s not used by lenders, then by all means signup for the free trial. But in my opinion the much better option would be to apply for a no annual fee Discover it Card, Chase Slate or the Barclaycard MasterCard that gives provides you with your genuine FICO score each and every month on your billing statement for absolutely no cost. And, American Express just announced that they too will begin offering free FICO credit scores with all of their cards as well.. That’s an incredible deal when you think of it given what it costs to actually buy your score from one of these other sites. Plus it’s very convenient to see it every months and monitor and understand what your spending and payment behavior does to your score.

Other sites for free credit scores

Comparing sites that offer free credit scores/reports
Free score typesFree credit report?Frequency of score/report updatesExplanation of score factorsFree credit monitoringCredit score prediction/simulator tool?
Credit KarmaVantageScore 3.0 from TransUnion and EquifaxYES. From TransUnion and EquifaxEvery 7 daysYESYES, via TransUnionYES
Credit SesameVantageScore 3.0 from TransUnion.NO. Can pay per viewing ($9.95 for TransUnion report) or via monthly subscription (starts at $7.95/month for monthly access to TransUnion, Equifax and Experian reports).MonthlyYESYES, via TransUnionNO
QuizzleVantageScore 3.0 from TransUnion.YES. TransUnion report.Every three months (every month for paid accounts)YESNO. Can pay for monitoring plan (starts at $8/month)NO
My.CreditCards.comVantageScore 3.0 from TransUnionYES. TransUnion report.MonthlyYESYES, via TransUnionNO
Credit.comVantage 3.0 from Experian; Experian National Equivalency ScoreNo. Must sign up for access to Experian report with Experian CreditWorks ($1 for 7-day trial, then $21.95/month)MonthlyYESNO. Requires paid plan.NO
Mint.comEquifax Credit Score (proprietary model used by Equifax)NO. Can get Equifax credit report via Mint Credit Monitor ($16.99/month).Quarterly score. Monthly for paid subscribers. Monthly credit report via Mint Credit Monitor (paid)YESNO. Three-bureau monitoring via Mint Credit Monitor.NO
Wise PiggyVantageScore 3.0 from TransUnionNO. Provides “Account Summary”MonthlyYESNONO
Lending TreeVantageScore 3.0 from TransUnionNOMonthlyYESNONO
Capital One's CreditWise (for Capital One cardholders only)VantageScore 3.0 from TransUnionYES (TransUnion)Every 7 daysYES
Discover's ScorecardFICO score (Experian)NOEvery 30 daysYES
Chase's Credit JourneyVantageScore 3.0 from TransUnionNOWeeklyYES

Written or last updated February 2017

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This site is such a scam. Did a web search for “free fico score” this website comes up and the main header says “Free Expirian report & Fico score”. Yet they charge you 1$. I know 1 $ isn’t much, but it’s not free! It requires you to sign up for the one week trial, that’s difficult to cancel.

KreditKarma isn’t much better as basically no one important uses the Vantage 3.0 score that KreditKarma uses…

For the record, it turns out most LEGIT Identity theft insurance will also offer at least once a month score reporting as a side bonus. They are all cheaper while offering better services and insurance if you get hit.

If you happen to sign up for the free trial, here is the best way to cancel.

1) Call your bank and claim you lost the credit card, immediately.
2) Block them from email because you can’t really unsubscribe without legal action.

I say cancel the card because they make the process nearly impossible to get out of, and the web floats with stories of cancelled people still being billed for months after until legally going after them. This seems to be extremely common with autopay type systems and is why I never use them.

My Credit Union will cancel and get me a brand new card in days, on the other hand you will waste days to talk with a non-English speaker who will script read you until you die of old age.

There is no way to cancel online. You have to call and when I call it says their lines are too busy and to call back later and they hang up. This has happened every time I call. This should be illegal!!

The problem I had with them is that they do make it a chore to cancel the subscription. Instead of having a option to cancel when you call I had to wait over 10 freaking minutes to talk to someone to get it cancelled.

Scam. The trial doesn’t end in 7 days it ends in 6. If you started on the 1st of February you will need to cancel before the 6th of February. You have to call them to cancel which you could be on hold for 20 to 30 mins. Then they try to convince you to stay a member. Worse credit score site ever.


You want to know why they will do anything to get your money ? If it truly was “free”, they would not need your credit card number. They just want your credit card number so that they can trick you to spend more dollars. I have never gone near them, and I never will.

donnie l. herrald

I recently gave my social security number to free credit score 360.But I did not give them any money. Is my social security number safe.

if you are stuck with a membership.. simply remove your CC info off their site.. they can no longer bill you…

Actually if you look down below you will see my experience….I canceled my card and got a totally new number on it, they were not charging my debit card but my bank account directly somehow (I have no clue how as I only gave them my debit card number)…

If someone has them and they can not get them to stop calling, go to and file a complaint. Trust me when the Better Business Bureau gets involved they act far more quickly.

Come to think of it I have not seen an advertisement for them in quite some time, now that I think about it

calling should be charging oops…

Also just checked out of curiosity and they once again got an F rating by the BBB and are no longer accredited. They also have not responded to the BBB on the most recent complaints

My question is if there is any way to actually visit the site and cancel you (free) trial

Once they have your info, there is nothing get that you can do to get your personal info out of there database


I can’t imagine why anyone in their right mind would ever use this service. My bank gladly gives me my credit score any time I ask them for it. The real question is what do these websites do with your personal information after you give it to them? I’m sure they sell your info to various telemarketers and other for profit enterprises…Free credit score??? They should be paying you for the personal info you provide to them.

I don’t care if the fine print says it, most people WONT see it. Its clearly mis-information and therefore illegal advertising to state that something is free when its not. By that I mean there should be no proviso to do anything within any period of time if something is free to make it suddenly not free. If its free then thats that it should be free…..period. Otherwise call it for what it actually is “trialcreditscore”

Do not use them,,,,I joined for $1.00 and canceled after seeing my credit score. They kept me on for $5.00 per month and I agreed. My card was immediately charged $19.99 they claim because i was a prior member I wasnt eligible for the $1.00 fee. Total scam They told me i HAD TO WAIT 7-10 DAYS AFTER i TOLD THE OPERATOR I WAS DECEIVED AND SCAMMED,,,FIND ANOTHER SITE THATS FREE COMPLETELY AND DOESNT CHARGE NEVER USE THEM AGAIN THEY MAKE FALSE PROMISES

l Trade Commission cracked down on the marketing of “free” credit reports and that basically messed up the whole marketing mojo behind

went for the two day free offer. wrote down my log in info. got the email. tryed several times to log on. no good. must be a joke, right.

Sorry Kenneth that comment was meant for DD C, not you!

So for all of you that think that this is a scam are apparently illiterate! It clearly states in at least 2 places right off the bat that it is a 7 DAY TRIAL . If you go to freereditreport it also CLEARLY states that it is again a 7 day trial for only $1. It is for a credit monitoring membership your credit report and score is like a thank you gift for trying out their service. It also clearly states that if you don’t cancel within that 7 day trial you will be billed. I don’t know Bout you but if I have to put my credit card number on anything I always read through it first! I called and asked why the score is different then what the bank was telling me it was. And the agent was very helpful in helping me understand about the different scoring models and that not all scores are going to be the same! It does also state on the website that the score is not used by lenders and is for educational purposes only! My credit report has always been the same no material where I have received it from but my score is always different. I have also researched and found that all lenders and credit card companies have their own scoring model and don’t look at the same thing that another company might look at to determine your score. As far as the whole 3 bureau credit report charge you all are complaining about if you look on the website it says you have to pay for it, the membership is for an Experian credit report and the Experian score. So all your griping and being mean to these people when you call is ridiculous YOU didn’t read over the website so therefore it is YOUR mistake not theirs! These people I am sure have bills to pay and kids to feed too, and they are just doing their job and informing a bunch of idiots who don’t know how to read or use a computer about what kind of service you have. You can’t tell me that when you call to cancel your satellite or cable that they don’t do the same thing to try to get you to stay with them! So get over it already, I am positive that they are not the only company to ever receive a complaint to the BBB, check out your local cable company or your cell phone company to see how many complInts that company has received!

You must work for one of the on line lending companies that forces you to click on this trashy nonsense, and then listen to 20 minutes worth of garbage from supposed startup credit repair lawyers. Con artists and a complete scam, that I for one will not fall for. I think most of these on line lenders get paid if you click, and even more if you talk to Vern and Fern of this law firm. Not me. Too much brains for that. so your story just does not add up.

i haven’t had any problem with the company but I guess I am more understanding than most I don’t expect anything to be free bc I have worked customer service for years and I know I know credit reports cost money to generate and I wouldn’t want the company I work for to give away our products for free when they cost money to make so for everyone that thinks that they are entitled to everything for free…
anyway I got my free score checked out the membership loved being able to keep up with my credit any time I have needed a 3b report I just let them know and they got me one for free
Helped me fix inaccurate info on my report and raise my credit score which has helped me get such good interest rates that the membership has literally paid for itself I have got discounts for being a long time member and in todays world you cant go without a credit monitoring membership so ten dollars a month to not have to worry about having my identity stolen completely worth it.
every time I have called I have spoken to someone in the united states and when I have had to cancel a few times due to financial difficulties had no problem whatsoever
overall perfect experence

Do not use this website. Very deceptive. It is not free. The info not even helpful. Customer service is in a foreign country, their English was hard to understand. is a clear SCAM! Do not even open that website in your computer!

I totally agree that – “This site is a scam”. It tought me to do your homework and check the reviews of any site before you subscribe. I was billed $17.95 Not $14.95 And when I tried to get a printout of my score they wanted me to pay $15.95 extra on top of that?? What the Hell!!. So i tried to cancel the service-I called my credit card got freecredit’s phone number and the operator wanted all of this information and would not say what site this is, how long have I been a member,etc. Yet still wanted all of my credit information. So I threatened to report this site to my credit card and the better business bureau. So finally they gave in-What a night mare. Everytime I see that commercial I am going to tell all of my friends on what a scam this is!

I had no trouble with the website I think ppl having problems don’t know how to work a computer and don’t read or forget to cancel in trial period and want to just claim its a scam its ridiculous bc there are two options
OPTION A wait a day for the report to be generated and its completely free
OPTION B have a trial period to try out the membership and pay a dollar and get it instantly.

So your mad. Exhausted they wanted you to confirm WHO you are, so they could make sure that it was you who was calling and not someone else pretending to be you. I mean this is your personal info and I am sure you wouldn’t want someone else to get it and cause you to be a victim of identity theft. Hmmmmm… Makes sense to me, I’m glad they ask me for my info to make sure i am who I say I am and protect me from someone trying to get my info and use it!

The trick to trials like this. Use a virtual cc. Many credit cards offer the ability to generate them. I do it with my Citi dividend card. I great a virtual cc number. The authorization goes through for the trial then as soon as as the trial is started I cancel the virtual cc. Then if i forget to cancel the trial or they pull something such as claiming i didn’t cancel it doesnt make a difference because the cc they have on file is no longer active.

Call your bank and dispute any charges if you feel you are getting SCAMMED by this company. Explain to them that you feel you got scammed into what this site offers and explain why you feel you got scammed. That is what I had to do because the customer service at that site refused to do anything regarding my concerns and it took threats of reporting the site and the company to any and every legit consumer agencies before the actually cancelled my account. Fortunately I was also able to get my money refunded as a result of disputing the charges with my bank.

I have just reviewed my credit card account and saw charges appearing since September of 2012 after my trial membership and cancellation. They never sent me any alerts for any changes in my credit report. I cancelled this membership since my pre-paid credit card sends me free notices for my credit score every quarter. I called them up and they tell me I never cancelled. This is a SCAM to get your credit card numbers and if you are not diligent in reviewing every statement,you have no recourse.

The absolute worst experience. Make it ridiculously hard and annoying to cancel subscription. Do not be duped. Credit reporting is a system in place for enslavement.

I’ve had service with Free Credit Score since Dec.2011. Had a false sense of security until some one started opening accounts on me in April 2012. No alerts of new accounts until collection agents started calling. Free Credit Score is suppose to send alerts for any inquires for credit using social security number. I’ll get an alert if I try to get credit.No help with dealing with collection companies. Placed fraud alert on account thought all was handled. Come Nov.2012 there are more accounts opened using my social security number. I have now be schooled on this whole process and what they advertise is misleading and deceptive.I had to do all the work and I went around and around with service people. What I’m getting to is what they are offering doesn’t exist. Now I’m wondering with the time frame if my social didn’t get out from using this company. Just saying I’m 58 and never had identity thief until I signed up with Free Credit Score. Might be a reach but I wonder.

If you do the free 7 day deal the only way to stop is by calling and giving all your personal info. S.S.N. Date of birth mother maiden name. Better hope you do not click on the wrong page. They would not take the membership account # or last 4 dig. of s.s.n. you MUST GIVE THEM ALL YOU PERSONAL INFO.

David Bradshaw

Crap, got me too. are scammers, wish visa would crack down more on these punks


Nowhere on’s website will you be made aware (innocent enough though) that enrollment to their offer is based on the enrollment office’s time & location, which is Nebraska CST (Central Standard)… NOT YOUR EASTERN TIME ZONE, which is one hour ahead.

If you initiate the order east of CST, you will already be a day into your offer IF YOU DO IT WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR OF YOUR DAY…

You see, I enrolled on a Wednesday, early morning 12:11am, they started the clock on/as the prior Tuesday, late night 11:11pm.

According to them, 49 minutes later, I already completed my first day of my 7-day free trial. Haha, I thought I was just getting started!

When I tried to cancel (with ten hours left to go on my clock), the customer rep. had to laugh because this was a first for him. He was really sorry that the first month’s charge ($14.95) had to go through, “You’re a day late according to us.”
But he was so enthusiastic to put me through to his supervisor, knowing already in advance, the innocents of all this would most definitely grant me a refund… Man, was he wrong.

The supervisor was truly a product of her profession: apathetic, unyielding, irreverent, and quite frankly, just a beeyotch. She just kept circling around one inference, why’d I wait until the last moment to cancel?
First of all, you hole of a big ass, if your confirmation e-mail doesn’t state the exact day, and time (including time zone) of the offer commencing, shouldn’t it be based on my time? The confirmation e-mail came with MY DOCUMENTED TIME, not your implied time.
I could not believe that after ten minutes of this dog and tail BS, I had to raise my voice to let her understand my very valid point, “I am not a day late to cancel, I am ten hours early!” Only then did she give me a refund number and inform me that a credit was forthcoming.

Talk about burning any chance of me ever using them again. And the sad thing is, I really liked their product. Their FICO score section and 3-in-1 report is clear, very approachable and easy to use.

Hmm, I wonder if you’d get a free day if you lived west of their enrollment office..?… Head hurts.

ya.just got me for 31.95. glad their open from 6 to 6.gonna burn their phone up.put my account into overdraft.just another ripoff company

Got me too, feel like an idiot.

Well let’s see….their “score” said I have a 588 but when I actually went to another site and pulled my reports, my median score was a 652 and my lowest was a 641. I think this is just a scam to try and get you to use a company to “clean up” your credit.

you must not know about scoring models. each credit bureau and banks use different scoring models

They are all scams my friend. NATIONAL CREDIT REPORT THY WORST. (Personal Experience).

I signed up for their “7-day free trial”, and of course, they managed to charge me for a FULL BILLING CYCLE before the trial was even over. I called the support to cancel my account, on the day my free trail was supposed to end, and I find out that they started billing me the DAY BEFORE!

Finally, after calling the support line, I got a representative, 15 minutes later, who had more than a little difficulty with their enunciation & English in general. Once I told her I wanted to cancel my membership, she started trying to bribe me with discounts on the monthly fee, free reports from the 3 bureaus (which are over $30 through these jokers claiming they have “free credit reports”) and other offers for the next 15 minutes, and I still told her I only wanted to cancel it. Finally, after over 30 minutes of phone time, she stopped coercing me to not cancel my account, and charged me for a FULL MONTH of membership ($14.95)

These people are thieves & liars. Don’t waste your time if you expect to be able to actually get what they claim they’ll provide.

OMG!!! Think twice before you do the free trial period. It will take going through a 10 minute dialog of questions that are designed to make you loose your mind!!! I finally had to YELL at the woman and tell her to cancel it or give me over to her supervisor. Total BS!!!!


Stephanie Fodor

This is a total scam, when I entered my visa info to get the 3 credit scores only NOT THE CREDIT REPORTS. It stated I would be charged only $1.00 and had 10 days to cancel my membership; if I did not cancel it would be $19.95. Today is day 2 after I submitted my visa info to access credit scores; I went to my viewed my bank withdrawals today to discover FREECREDITSCORE had taken out $31.95 in charges for my fees.

When I called they said that I had purchased and viewed 3 credit reports; I said no I did not because I had gotten my 3 reports for FREE on the Annual Free Credit Report site. They said they
would only refund me $17.95 and that others have made the same mistake and the only amount they are authorized to refund. So they are basically admitting they know this is a problem and that folks are getting ripped off for a deduction they did not approve but they will only refund you $17.95. I find it interesting that this is also an Experian owned company.

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE, if you think you are going to be only charged $1.00 and then have 10 days to cancel YOU DO NOT. My bank would also not address this unapproved deduction from my account…basically all these finance corporations and the credit reporting agencies are all the same…they are all about taking your money via fees in a deceitful manner.

See I use to work for Experian and take all the calls you guys are talking about. It’s not a scam just because someone is too stupid to read what they are clicking on. Also, your right it was common for someone to call and say that “I have a 7 day free trial but you charged me 31.95!!” That’s because you hit YES to “see all 3 scores and reports” there is no option for just “scores.” If you don’t want those all you have to click is the big blue “No Thanks” button but of course you didn’t because you got click happy and just went through it. and as far as calling to cancel and them trying to talk you into staying… ITS THEIR JOB! I’m not much of a sales person so I got out of it but the fact remains that just about any service/membership out there is going to try to retain you when you try to cancel. They don’t do it because they want to hear you B*tch them out they do it because they have to earn a paycheck too. So stop acting like your the victim of a crime when your only a victim of your own stupidity.

Call it want you want, their website and many like it are intentionally deceptive. Any company that of offers a sub-par service and turns a profit by counting on people not reading their terms carefully is a sleazy company and let’s face it: if one were to actually read and comprehend every line of every TOS/EULA/etc we’re made to agree to on a daily basis, one would have time for little else in life.

Yes, we all tend to mock those who don’t read what they’re signing up for but how many of us actually read through the often several dozen pages worth of terms (many written in such indecipherable legalese that most wouldn’t understand them anyway) we encounter every time we sign up for a new website or do something as simple as update iTunes? Many claim to but I suspect very few actually do. If you’re selling a quality product or service, you don’t need to rely on tricking people into purchases they neither want nor need.

Also, I don’t think anyone’s condemning the actual individuals fielding the calls so much as the company that instructs them to inconvenience customers.

I AgreeWithJohn

I logged onto because I wanted to know my credit score. When I got to that final step where there was an option to click the $31.95 option, I DID NOT CLICK THAT because had I, then I’d be giving them permission to hit my card for $31.95. I hit the other option which immediately brought my score up. This was one day last week, and I saw they’d put $1.00 on hold, which is standard. I called today to cancel and the coast is clear — I checked my account and there were no charges billed to me. The thing is you have to read very carefully and if you’re going for a FREE credit score with free 7 day trial then you MUST NOT click ANYTHING that says CLICK the $31.95 thing because you must remember, you’re not trying to do anything but get that free score and that’s it.

Conclusion: is NOT a scam — YOU just have to be VERY careful of what you click.

that makes sense

when I bought my 3b it clearly said I would be charged the 32.95

you work for them dude. they are all scammers that give inaccurate credit scores.

Any user who wants to try this should be warned that yes it’s perhaps not a very honest site. I knew to be cautious after reading reviews here.

That said, I signed up for a free trial, looked around a bit, and then cancelled. There was no wait for customer service to come on the phone, and I think the guy I talked to was a native English speaker and he was very polite. I was never charged for anything. BUT if you do this, really, read the fine print on everything, they are trying to charge you. It does say “this will cost $XX” on the page but I can see why people would miss that.

This website is a complete scam. I signed up initially to check my score and cancel immediately after so I wasn’t charged the $14.99 membership fee. However, when I went to cancel my score I found out I was charged $31.99 (after looking at my bank statement) like everyone else has already mentioned below. I felt violated because every single tab I clicked my credit card was being charged and it required no authorization on my end. After complaining enough and refusing to pay the $31.99 the “supervisor” agreed to refund my full money. This was no easy task as I had to deal with the sales lady first as she tried to tell me there was nothing she could do while still trying to sell me on their scammy membership!…Stay away!!!

Scam. The scores are not right when compared to TrueCredit and they are not FICO. They refused to give me a full refund.

So I got suckered by their guerrilla marketing. While I was apartment hunting, someone posing as a landlord e-mailed me that I needed to include my (not a FICO) credit score from this website with my application. Of course, never heard from that contact again; when I reached the real landlords of the apartment complex, they informed me of the scam, and told me real landlords never ask for a credit score on the application.

But the damage was done. I got a large mysterious charge on my credit card. Although I avoided the recurring subscription fee, the company still falsely claimed I had purchased an expensive one-time report through their website.

How many more red flags do we need? Stay away from these crooks.

It was back when they were that I tried it. I signed up with my debit card and somehow they changed that into my bank account and charged me directly from my bank account not through the normal means of going through the debit card to the bank account as I had my card canceled and they still kept charging. I called their horrid support and was told numerous times that I was canceled, only to be charged again the next month 4 times. I even put a stop payment on them only for them to change the name from to something slightly different that was not blocked. It was to the point that I almost closed my bank account to get rid of them, then I went to the BBB and filed a complaint and that got them to cease within 48 hours and say they had no records of my multiple calls or me canceling with them. At the time of my complaint with the BBB they had a F rating meaning they were a bad place to do business with as the BBB had numerous complaints on them, then shortly after they changed their name. I doubt they changed their practices from others on here statements.

Free Credit Score/Report whatever they want to be called is complete scam. I had no idea I signed up for a trial period and have now paid them over $170 for, what I have now learned from this article, was not even a true FICO score. When I tried to call and have the money refunded they didn’t sound the least bit surprised. I’m sure my call was one in a long line of similar complaints. They don’t mind as long as they make their money.

I totally agree with what everyone says about this company. I am not sure where they are located because i’d like to leave a note for BBB. These people are scam artists and they need to be put out of business. i hate their customer service and 7 days of free trial is more like right now!!! i blame myself for getting involved with them,i should have just called the credit bureaus myself and gotten my free credit report that i am entitled to each year. Don’t trust this company

Don’t even think of signing up.. It’s definitely a rip off. Customer service is arrogant when you call to cancel the service or have any questions. The website is encourages you to click on get all three credit scores and charges your credit card. Please do not sign up.




They are a rip off. We are looking to re-finance our house. I pulled the free reports from all 3 like anyone can once a year. But since I know much of it gets reduced to the actual score I wanted to see at least one score to see where we fell. So I went to their site to get just that. The problem is that they won’t give you a trial unless you enter credit card information. Then they won’t show you the score until you go to request it. It says something about needing to retrieve information for your score and I clicked ok. The problem was that it apparently wanted to pull from all three bureaus which then costs $32. I never wanted that. I was able to cancel my membership with no problem but their stupid site basically dupes you into buying something you don’t want. They were nice enough to at least refund their fee of $17, but I’m still stuck with the $15. What bull. I will never go to that site again and I will warn others to stay away as well. Free credit score my butt.

I called and canceled the same day but I guess they felt like I really wanted to pay them, so they kept my account active until I emailed them tonight about the unauthorized charge on my account. They claim I canceled yesterday without even calling them. I am not sure if they are going to attempt to refund me but you get they will be hearing from me if they don’t. Never use them. Too many people report that they wont cancel their membership.

Horrible customer service!! The site itself is laid out “okay” and nice to read debt, pie chart, etc. I literally created an account, and after I printed the paper, called to cancel 5 minutes later. Seemed like an easy phone call…but when I hung up I had a weird feeling it really wasn’t cancelled (and who wants to pay 14.95 a month!)

Luckily I called back, and the second representative said “Oh, our previous rep said you agreed to 50% membership to keep your account active”

WHAT?! Never once agreed to anything. So i said exactly that, and wanted to cancel.

She said “Well, since you’ve had the account only 1 day, you should check the whole site out and see what we have to offer… your credit can change everyday, so we’ll keep it active for you” I started seeing red! I said again NO, CANCEL. She then said she’ll send out a confirmation email and my account is inactive (which i still don’t know if i believe).

Don’t waste your time!!

I had signed up with about 8 months ago and I just canceled my membership this afternoon. My problem was that I was unable to change my password for a good chunk of time during my membership and was unable to log in even after verifying my information with them multiple times over the course of about 2 months.

Beware when canceling that they will give you the run around. I used to work in a call center so I know how frustrating customers can be but the guy spent a good 10 minutes telling me that it wasn’t a good idea to cancel. He then said he wasn’t going to cancel the membership but give me 50% off.

My recommendation when cancelling, ask to speak with a supervisor right off the bat. It’ll save you a lot of time and a major headache.


Unfortunately, like others here, I got duped by this site. I thought they offered real FICO scores for all three credit bureaus. Instead, I got FAKO scores, and got charged $31.95 for clicking on the link that said “see all three scores”. There was no indication anywhere that there would be a charge for this — the first I knew about it was when it appeared on my bank account. When I called the company, they claimed the info about the price was on the page with the link, but then claimed there was no way they could direct me to the URL for this page to see for myself, nor could they send me a screen shot. What BS — if they wanted to provide this information, they could, they just choose not to. Stay far away from this website unless you enjoy being ripped off!

You signup thinking you are going to get your credit scores but in reality you get nothing but some BS plus score. Watch out they slip in “click here” to get your 3 scores. Unwittingly I did. Not realizing that by “clicking here” I was to be charged 31.95!!!


Same thing happened to me!!! DO NOT DO IT

What phone number did you use. I am getting a transportation company using the number on their site.

As soon as you sign up and click on get your 3 credit reports you get charged $31.85. You have to call to cancel and they give some bs reason to not refund the money. I had to ask for 2 supervisors and the 2nd told me they would refund the entier amount (still have yet to see the refund though). Also, the “FREE SCORE” is not even a FICO score – it’s some bs Plus score.

This whole operation is a “scam”. This company is making big money off this service, and don’t get me started about their annoying commercials. They tout “free” throughout their ads. It is only in the fine print that it is disclosed that you have to cancel within 7 days, or it is not free at all, it cost $14.95 and then another $14.95 every month. I feel they are trying to trick us here, because they very slyly try to put in the part about cancellation to make it free. The feeling from their commercials is that they are offering a free service, when they really are not. Also they make it as difficult as possible to cancel, and finally you have to put up with a sales man trying to talk you into staying with them.

Three different people got issued credit scores from USING MY CREDIT CARD. But they didn’t have to use my name. How is it that Experian credit reporting agency issued a credit score using my credit card number but a DIFFERENT NAME you ask? Simple. They apparently don’t have to have a correct name to charge ANYONE’s credit card. Just the credit card number. These people are suppose to be protecting our credit histories. Instead they are issuing credit scores to people who are using other people credit information.

I honestly think they just say that because they charged you hoping you never notice.

Getting this service feels like paying $34.00 for a newspaper, then getting the same one every day for a month.

These people are evil. Do yourself a favor. Don’t sign up. Go right to the credit bureaus if you want info. You can get your credit score from them free once a year. These people charge you everytime you turn on your computer. I thought I had cancelled my acount and still was charged for info that I thought I had free access to. STAY AWAY STAY AWAY STAY AWAY

This site seems to be ripe for people to sign up under any old credit card number they can dig up. Someone named Benjamin J. and Christian C. (according to the Experian phone rep. on my credit card statement) were both able to set up accounts and begin charging me $14.95 for this stupid service. This situation must be up for an “ironic mess of the year” award.

I just cancelled my 7 day free trial with It didn’t give me all 3 scores. It encourages you to click on “Get All 3 Reports for only $29.95”!!!!! What a deal!!!! If you go to, you can get your credit reports for free once a year in the state of Arizona. I was only able to get 1 of my credit scores and that was from Experian. I’m not sure what Equifax or TransUnion charges to get your scores. I have cancelled all transactions to my credit card regarding this site. Just BEWARE!!!!

I just ended my free trial with, which i did because I completed an offer to basically get paid to do the trial. I just canceled my membership with them (in time- 5 days after signing up) and although I was able to cancel I am very annoyed at the process of canceling. I had to call a number to cancel and kept saying that I would like to cancel my account and the person kept telling me that they think it is worth for me to keep my membership for X reasons and so I “might as well just keep m membership”. After repeating several times that I want to cancel it he offered to lower the membership price. I stated again that I would like to cancel it. He said ok then offered me another thing I could pay for on the site with my membership (but at a reduced price) before I cancel my membership.

It only took me 10 minutes to cancel the membership but it was a very annoying and irritating customer service situation. When i say i want to cancel the account 5 times and the representative replies “but you might as well just keep the membership”, i would say no thank you i want to cancel, and over and over again he just kept saying how i “might as well just keep it”. Even if I want a site for this service, I will never again choose