– The FTC Isn’t Laughing

We’ve all seen those commercials, but are they really free? Nope. There’s strings attached. They auto-enroll you in a membership which you will be charged a monthly fee unless you cancel beforehand… and there’s nothing funny about paying for something you think is free! The Federal Trade Commission feels the same way, which is why they created their own parody of the Free Credit Report ad campaigns:

Pretty good, huh? But Who is the actor on the commercials? His name is Eric Violette – a French-Canadian actor. But did you know he is not even the one singing on the commercials? He is actually lip-syncing. His voice is dubbed over by someone else who doesn’t have an accent. So while you know what he looks like, you actually have never heard his voice before.

Written April 2009

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nice!!! lol

the freecredit report scam needs to be shut down

LOL, well done FTC! The others are a scam, requiring enrollment to receive a tri bureau report. is the one I use, but sometimes you have to request one of the three through snail mail. I also recommend using to track your TransUnion score monthly. It’s a good way to keep an eye on things without affecting your credit.

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