Florida GOP’s credit card fraud… a recurring problem

They say history repeats itself… but how many times? Last year, Florida Rep. Sansom got busted for allegedly abusing his AmEx Gold Card to the tune of $170k. Then there’s former House Speaker Marco Rubio and state senator Dean Cannon who allegedly participated in similar schemes using their business credit cards. This year, similar scandals have also been exposed. There’s Florida state GOP Chairman Jim Greer, who resigned in February amid his own financial fiasco which involved alleged credit card abuse. There’s so much alleged fraud, it’s hard to keep track who’s who. However, my favorite of the bunch is Melanie Phister…

At the age of 25, Melanie Phister was just a young junior staffer for the Florida GOP when they gave her a credit card. Allegedly, there were $1.25 million in charges on this card during the two years which followed; things like high end jewelry, a $40k London hotel stay, and even charter jets. Phister’s job supposedly involved work for Rep. Sansom (who was already indicted for his alleged credit card fraud) so I guess the pieces are coming together.

In case you were wondering what cards were involved… from what I can gather it sounds like they were American Express. With that type of high roller spending, I hope AmEx at least offered them an invite for the Centurion 😉

Written April 2011

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What else would you expect from the republipigs?

I don’t understand how people spend so much money without expecting to get caught. I mean, you leave a paper trail, it’s a large amount and you are working for a politician. It’s like when politicians or celebrities cheat on their significant others and expect not to get caught, despite countless paparazzi constantly bombarding their lives. I remember I was a victim of identity theft. It wasn’t too big, thank God. I caught it right away but I had to get some mistakes corrected. I did it and it worked out, but what happens when you have to fix a couple of million dollars? Who (literally) pays for that? Obviously, not the girl. If she had that kind of money she wouldn’t be spending that in the first place. People have no consciences.