Elan Credit Card Review

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Comerica uses Elan for their credit cards

Tons of banks have their credit cards issued/managed by Elan, but is that a good thing?

When you apply for a credit card from a bank, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting a card that will be managed by that bank. This also holds true for store-issued cards. Nowadays a lot times companies will either outsource or sell-off their credit card management to companies like Elan Financial Services (a US Bancorp subsidiary).

What does this mean for you?

According to Elan’s website, they have “nearly 1,700 active financial institution partnerships in place.” That means there are a lot of Elan credit cards in use! I do not see a portfolio listed on their website but from what I know, they manage for a lot of local and regional banks.

The effect on you – the customer – may be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.


  • Because Elan is so huge, their scale might allow for greater resources and opportunities (i.e. more card offerings, more elaborate reward programs, and so forth).
  • If your credit card was managed by your local independent bank, it would be unlikely you would be able to get customer support ‘round the clock. The Elan credit card customer service is available 24/7 (at least that’s what their website says).


  • If your credit card management is managed by a big outside firm like Elan, then your credit card from your local bank may feel no different than a credit card issued from the other side of the country.
  • One of the main benefits a local credit union or bank can offer you is personal customer service. For example, when I was younger the people at my bank all knew me very well so I didn’t feel like I was just a number. Unfortunately if you have an Elan credit card, that personal touch of getting customer service locally might be limited or non-existent.

Which credit cards does Elan offer?

Based on the “Products and Rewards” category on their website, it appears they only offer Visa cards. That being said, it appears they offer all tiers of Visa (Signature, Platinum, Secured, College, etc.) but the exact availability will of course vary depending on bank that’s using them.

Are the reviews by customers good or bad?

Because the Elan Financial Services website doesn’t publish their card portfolio, I can’t say definitively one way or another whether they are a good company. However I can tell you that off the top of my head, I can’t think of any recent reviews of Elan credit cards on the forum that were bad.

This means the company must be doing at least something right, because their competitors World Financial Network National Bank and GE Money have absurdly high number of negative reviews and complaints on this site and elsewhere (I have seen many where people allege they are a scam, but technically they are not since they aren’t doing anything illegal).

Should you have one?

Well first of all, remember that you can’t apply for a credit card through Elan directly. To get one you must apply through the bank/credit union which uses them.

Overall the Elan credit card services appear to be respectable, which is surprising considering the company’s size. The only downside I can think of is that I personally do not know of any cards they offer that have rewards which are comparable to some of the best cash back cards currently on the market from different issuers.

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Worst Credit Card company every!!! I had fraudulent charges on my business account, and with a false document from a fraudulent company, Elan would not reimburse the charges totaling $160. I called and disputed the charges for months, but they keep sending me the same false document from the fraudulent company. So a fake company with the right document can manipulate a large company like Elan, not good. I just paid me final bill, and cancelled the card. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ELAN or U.S. BANCORP!!!!

Our credit union just transferred their credit card service to Elan. Worse thing they every did to the customer.
We got a letter from the credit union stating our account was past due. We called to ask how this could be as I remember paying this. We were transferred to Elan who stated there was no balance due and the account was current.
I then called back a week later to ask about getting copies of the last two months statements. They said they could not provide them as they don’t have any records, however, they could request them and it would take 4-6 weeks…..unbelievable.
I asked what charges they showed for the current months and they said none. This was impossible as we had used the card.
They also said that now our account was in collections, so in one week we went from no balance to being in collections! What a mess!
Later the next day, I called to inquire about points and travel miles we might have accrued on this card and they refused to give out any information.
This is truly a terrible company. We will pay what is due and discontinue using the card. We appreciate all the reviews that we found on line as this helped us arrive at this decision.

Elan Fraud Prevention department is an epic fail. Received voice mail today, July 8, 2017, of potential fraudulent charges. All three items noted were indeed unauthorized. I called the number left by their system. I was on hold for 19 minutes, when the system announced that it could not connect me to an actual representative, and to call the number on the back of my credit card. I called the number on the back of my credit card, and asked to be put through to the fraud prevention department, which was done. I was on hold for another 14 minutes – no one answered, so we went out to dinner. After returning from dinner, I attempted the fraud prevention hotline again. This time I was on hold for 17 minutes, before the system again, said it could not connect to an actual representative due to technical difficulties.

Talk about a lame operation. Very frustrating, annoying, and inexcusable. Whatever fees card issuers are paying this train wreck, are way too much for the pathetic customer service provided

Peter Thompson

Elan is the worst. Their “fraud” department is a fraud. They cut me off three times in two days for visiting the same safeway in my hometown. When I called about it, they were downright rude.

I have never worked with a credit card company that is as difficult to work with than this to the point the CSR said “thank you for your time” and hung up. We were just inquiring as to notice that was sent. During the call they set us up for this program and we did not want we were just making inquiries. If your looking for a credit card and you choose elan well good luck.

I pay my bill in full of line each month, this month in error I duplicate paid. I called Elan immediately to alert them of my error and ask for a refund, I have been waiting for over 2 weeks now and no refund. Have called 3 times and get a different completion date each time and of course it is farther into the future. I spoke to my bank to see if they can help, since it is an obvious duplicate, same amount charged within seconds, they allowed me to file a claim against Elan. I can’t understand why it takes so long to issue a refund credit to my account. They charge it the second the card is wiped. If I had been late I would have been fined immediately. So why not provide good service and issue the refund for duplicate payment within a couple of days Once I get my refund Elan will be fined by me, taking my business to another credit card provider..

I LITERALLY have never had a worse customer experience in my life. They spelled my name wrong on my card – first AND last. I called 3 times for them to fix it, each time they next-day mailed me a replacement and it was still wrong. I have 5 misspelled cards. Also, it’s a business card and anything over $200 gets declined. It took me 30 minutes to buy one piece of equipment and I STILL ended up using my personal card.

Do NOT use this company. Its horrible. WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT SERVICE EVER!!!!

I have a Fidelity 2% Visa Cash back card managed by Elan.
They are the worst for online support.
No online transaction disputes, no secure chat, no secure email, no Quicken Web Express connection.
I just stopped using the card because their support is too much of hassle to work with. The support is courteous, just access is inconvenient.

Did you sign up when the $100 bonus was offered? Elan wouldn’t honor it with out a letter proving the offer existing and requesting that the bonus offer be reviewed. Called Fidelity. They had not heard of this issue. They saw the offer and just credited my account the $100. Now I just bought a refrig and wonder if they will honor the extended warranty or the rental car insurance coverage.


Funny to see all the Elan company reps responding to the problems real people face on here. You can believe all the “ELAN is my favourite card lines” or you can trust the people who are taking their time to tell you that this was a mistake for them. My experience was a nightmare. Spent hours and hours trying to get them to get my bill corrected. Know one knows anything over there where you call. the processing times are really an issue, best to mail you payment right when you get the statement. Call them? Shure, they answer quickly and are offering explanations on any problem you have, but they don’t fix it. They give you the runaround and hope you don’t figure out to contact the government to get them to fix the issue. here is the link: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/ .

I applied for a secured card June 2015. Not only was I told but the Employee with CenterState called to found out how long to keep good an order to roll over into an unsecured credit card. We were both told by Elan Financial Services in June 2015 that you must keep your account in good standings for 12 months. After 12 months you may call Elan Financial for a rollover and any money you opened would be returned back to you. I waited 13 months (1 extra month) called in July 2016 for that roll over credit card. They stated that I have kept my account in good standings along with all other accounts reporting on my credit report. Even told me great job. When she processed the application I was denied. She stated bc of my Bankruptcy (keep in mind it was filed in November 2014) and they already knew this from when they ran my credit report in June 2015 to open the secured credit card (with my own money). I called today 9/13/2016 to underwriting 800-364-9648 and explained to them my issue before closing the card. The staff member told me that BK has to be 5 years old. I told him why didn’t you tell me that back in June 2015 & July 2016. Elan completely lied to me, my husband and the staff member at Center State. We all directly heard Elan Financial state 12 months in good standing, that was it. Then underwriting stated that its policy and everyone knows that. Well Mr. Underwriting, your Rep in July 2016 and the Rep in June 2015 apparently don’t know your law nor Center State Bank itself beings she didn’t know and that’s why we called Elan back office to ask. Moral of the story, don’t open ANYTHING with Elan Financial. Also note that 3-2016 Cap. One with $3,000 credit limit and Barclay 4-2016 $3,000 credit limit yet being with Elan for 1 1/2 years, longer customer, never late and I’m at a secured $300, 12-2015 Brand New Tahoe $54,000 loan, Mortgage Org Bal 203k now owe 123k. Sorry Company and I want to warn people so they don’t take your money too. Equifax score 704. Apparently having a good credit score means nothing to Elan Financial Services. Do your homework and make sure everything they say is in writing. You would have thought a CenterState Employee wouldn’t have been lied to either.

I work for a financial institution that uses elan for our credit cards. It’s a horrible company and frankly, I’m embarrassed to be associated with them. Payments are constantly put on hold for outrageous amounts of time after funds have been pulled from customer’s accounts, customer service is not knowledgeable, and fraudulent activity is not handled in a professional manner. Always as your financial institution who they use for credit cards and do research before applying.

I so agree. The customer service is completely horrible. They closed our entire account not one card as we asked…they explained what to do and how long it would take…they lied…now they can’t even tell us when our issues will be resolved. Save yourself some trouble and DO NOT USE THEM!

what does your credit score have to be to get the credit card?

Bob Faszczewski

I received an Elan credit card through a credit union of which I am no longer a member. About four years ago, my wife mistakenly signed up for month contributions through the Elan card fof a number of charities and a political organization. We later decided we could not afford the monthly contributions via our Elan card and instructed Elan and the organizations to stop the contributions. Elan has withdrawn the “interest” charges attributable to the contributions, but, despite several requests from me and changes by us of the total balance owed on the Elan card, they still continue to attempt to charge us the monthly contributions. I have written to the president of Elan and the CEO, but have never received a response. Do not use Elan–run for the hills!!

My Credit Union moved to Elan about a year ago. The transfer was anything but smooth and seamless, or put another way it was a mess and took lots of my time to fix.
I have a card that a share with a teenage child that I keep a very low limit on so that the kid can buy things when out and about but not spend very much… With the previous card I could call and change the credit limit up or down on the fly; not with Elan, it takes them 15 days to “process” a credit limit change. Worse then that they wouldn’t take a payment from me to clear some room on the card. They are idiots.

Do not use any credit cards that come from Elan Financial. They are really bad. I took them off autopay and they still took payment out of my bank account. Now it is a fight to get the $300 back. They are terrible !!!

I applied for an Elan secured card, after I received a solicitation in the mail from them after being rejected for a regular credit card. My application was rejected–not enough income. Yet, I have yet to receive my $300 deposit back from them. They knew my credit score before sending me an application, so why did it send me an application for a secured credit card if they did not want my business? Another thing is that I returned a call to them, and they seemed not to believe the low income that I declared. They kept asking me for my other sources of income.

My credit union of which I have been a member of good standing for several years outsourced its credit card services to Elan. I am going to go to another credit union that offers its own secured credit card with no credit checking. Credit unions if you want to give good service to your loyal customers who have been in good standing with you for many years, please offer your own credit card service. Don’t outsource it.

If you’ve ever had fraudulent charges made on your credit card, you have probably experienced a helpful company that returned your finances right away provisionally and completed all the work for you!


I had a fraudulent $377. 70 charge on my credit card from Progressive Insurance. The credit card is through my bank, A+ Federal Credit Union and owned by Elan Financial Services. I have never had an account with Progressive so I knew this was not my charge and it was fraud immediately.

I called the credit card company and they did close my account immediately.

However, they will not return the money to my account until I receive a letter (within 7-10 business days), mail it (2-5 days more) and then it will take them an additional 7-10 business days to process it. Then they must hear back from Progressive and when all of that is done I may have the money refunded to my account.

As a consumer, I will never use this card again and when it is paid off next month, I wll close the account. I have been the victim of fraudulent charges over the past four years on my American Express account, Target account and Capital One account. All of those companies handled the situation immediately and refunded the money by the next day to my account.

Elan Financial Services is not in the Better Business Bureau. They are mismanaged and outdated and your money is not safe with them! Do not use their cards!

I wonder why you are always a victim of fraudulent charges??? Are you not keeping your Credit card number, password or pin number secure? Something smells fishy??

I had applied for a card through my bank and was never informed through terms and conditions that I was gonna have to pay for what I was applying for. I just checked My bank account were Elan Cards had tried to withdraw $3000.00 from my bank account. I have disputed the action, called Elan company they informed me that they would continue to hit my account until they got there money and that they could not stop my application. I would appreciate any advise on were to go from here. I’m a little worried about identity theft at this point.

I have a credit card issues by Elan and they are really not a company I will ever do business with again. I have a 0% APR on balance transfers but did you know that with some accounts the credit card number that you have on your credit card and all correspondence is NOT the number that is actually hooked up to your account?? Neither did I so every time I logged on to my account it stated I had a zero minimum balance due-I called them and was told-OH, you are looking at the wrong account and your account is past due by eight days? Off with my head! So after hours on the phone the late fee was credited and my account was again in good standing-which is where this should have ended but they reverted my 0% back to the 14% rate and charged me almost $100 in interest. So I called them again and they gave me the three reasons that my 0% would have been revoked and NONE OF THEM HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH MY BEHAVIOR
Asked to speak with a supervisor-the supervisor has to call ME back as there are none on “duty” I am still waiting.

Elan is owned by US Bank which is also the majority shareholder for Visa. Elan, US Bank, Visa- all essentially the same thing. That’s why the service is generally poor/slow, the terms are not flexible the rates are high and they are identical to the US Bank cards. On the plus side, the don’t really turn down anyone for a secured card. If you wouldn’t want your credit card to be with US Bank, don’t get an Elan card. Tell your local bank or credit union they need an in-house program. The cash back at 1% is pretty much the same as everywhere but on the plus side the POINTS it costs to get cash back is usually better than a small institution so if you alawys pay off your balance it’s great you can get a ton of money back. The comments here that talk about illegal practices like no grace periods for purchases are of course, incorrect. They are one of the largest underwriters/servicers for credit cards in the country and they are highly regulated.

When I first got the card, it was at 11% interest. Then one day, for no reason, it became 13.99% with $2000 of available limit cut off the top. They have no grace period. 12:01 AM and now you have a $39 late fee, and that got reported to the credit bureau. Because of being a day late a few times, they’ve activated the default rate of 28.99%.

Impressed Customer

I’ve enjoyed a Northern Trust credit card issued by Elan for several years now. Customer Service agents are always available, their representatives are extremely helpful, and everyone actually speaks English fluently. They always call me immediately after any unusual charge activity to make sure I made the purchase. The one time someone had actually cloned my card and made unauthorized charges they promptly closed the account and sent me a new card. They handled everything without me ever having to deal with the fraudulent charges on my bill. Elan customer service is what customer service once was and should still be everywhere.

Our small bank sold their accounts to Elan quite a few years ago. It was a seamless transaction, our rate is decent, their website for electronic payments is simple and straightforward, and the few Customer Service instances we’ve had were all good. The rate has never been increased. We have no problems, no complaints, only good experiences with them.

Just a bad company. Unprofessional and unhelpful. The bank gets money for under 1% and feels like it is deprived if not given a $39 late fee and 21% interest. I assured them that when those were credited, the card would be cut up. Both things happened.

I have had good luck with my Elan credit card. It was my first credit card and I got it through my local bank as a College Rewards card about 8 years ago. I’ve never had any issues such as fraudulent use, etc. with any credit card to speak to or compare Elan with, but I have requested credit limit increases, requested a couple of new cards (due to the old ones being damaged), changed my address, and redeemed my points for a statement credit a few times with no problems. Their customer service for me has always been prompt and friendly. I also switched over to the Bonus Rewards card with no problems.

Since this is my longest open credit line I won’t be closing it unless I run into some major issues; for a basic credit card and a guy that doesn’t really need customer service very often at all, this has been great.

Worst service and worst card. Definitely don’t get it!

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Elan had previously added my ex-husband to my personal account and made my account a joint account. I had only requested he become an authorized signer. I called to see why they had made this mistake. The customer service department had said that they had managing this company’s accounts in 2006 and when it came over, it was a joint account. I asked to see my application / agreement. They said I have to subpoena it!!! I said even though it’s mine? She said Yes. This is INSANE!!!

Elan is the WORST. I was told when I applied for the secured Visa that the decision would be immediate, it was not. I called Elan and was told that the decision would be made AFTER they took my $500.00 deposit and that it could take 2 weeks! This was on a Monday and I had applied on Saturday so I explained that I did not want the card any more and that they needed to cancel my application. I was told that there was no way to cancel it (even though the money has not been taken from my account) since the process had started. I could not believe what I was hearing, asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the same thing and was told to call back later in the week. Seems like this is highly illegal and I plan on taking action, how could you not be able to cancel your application? I have no doubts this is the beginning of a nightmare and all I was struggling to do is help repair my credit!

Elan is the WORST! Customer service is non-existent. There is NO phone number on the website. They communicate through email only. I received an answer to a question about getting year end statements and the responder cited a solution that does not exist. I intend to complain to my bank about Elan. VERY DISAPPOINTED. I have a Citi Visa and an AmEx card for my business. I’m going to drop Elan as soon as is practical.

Our credit union switched a few years ago to ÉLAN VISA. My apr is only 12%. No fluctuations. Get reward points too. We have hx of balance payoff monthly with any CC for over 20 years.

Also, we have never had poor service from élan company or customer service either. Perhaps cards come with different levels of service depending on which Credit Union they contract with. Somewhat like health insurance….just a thought.

I applied for a $500 secured card through my local bank – it went to Elan services – they took my $500 and never sent the card! After 35 days and 5 calls from myself or my bank rep they expidited the card and tried to charge me $50 AFTER I stated I wanted my money back! They are a bunch of theives and I still dont have the card or my money!

That is bad! The only card to get is Amex as they are the most reputable company out there. I got taken by a con artist who stole my card from my house and used it without my knowledge. My card went over the limit and I never received notice that this was happening and the spending pattern was unusual for a business card so this should have been a red flag. I was ill recovering from cancer and a perfect victim for a conman. Elan Financial will not consider it any fraud which involves the same investigator on two cards and want me to pay a lump sum up front. They are cruel and don’t offer any protection at all. They could have been somewhat understanding and offered some help on how to pay off the debt if they would not count the fraud, but instead was critical and not human. Be very careful getting a bank card like Webster or US Bank with Elan Financial…don’t trust them.

Unimpressed Northern Trust account holder

The Northern Trust needs to reexamine their partnership with Elan. I have been a Northern Trust client and shareholder for many years and decided to apply for a Visa Signature Card that I thought would be able to be linked onto my Northern Trust Passport. Not possible as I was told by a semi intelligent Elan Representative. He even admitted that their technology was antiquated versus the online monitoring of say a Merrill Lynch Visa Plus card or a Bank of America Visa card. I did make 1 purchase after being approved but the website seems to be from technology of the 90’s. How could an issuer like Elan even have corporate customers/ banks as partners, anymore?…I am amazed at how they have not improved their technology and connectivity for whomever gets stuck being issued one of their “partners” credit cards. I cannot even sign onto the sight anymore. It simply doesn’t work. I guess I will just stick to my AMEX Platinum and Merrill Lynch Visa Plus…it is what it is. You get what you pay for. In this case, not a whole lot.

Well, where to start? I have had nothing but problems since the day our Credit Union switch to Elan. First, we would make our payment through the mail(about a week before due) as we always did, only to find two days after it was due we would receive a notice stating we did not make a payment. This went on for three months. Even though no late fees we issued we got to the point where we would send our payment three weeks early and still got no payment notices only days after it was due. We now call in the day before it is due. Second, about three weeks ago the debit card my wife uses to pay had some fraudulant transactions and our bank contacted us IMMEDIATLEY and stopped these and blocked the transactions. Two weeks later, someone called Elan said they were me and had the address of my Credit Card with Elan switch and had another card issued to someone in Tennesse. They claim all the proper verification was used to complete these transaction. Yet when this happened on the 18th of November, this party not only received the card by Thursday but used it mulitiple time before WE called in our payment on the 23rd of November only to find our address had been changed and a card was issued. We received a letter on the 26th stating an address change had accured. Hum, funny they got the card, activated it(not from my number)and used it before we even go the verification letter. Now that we all know about this (myself/wife Elan and my credit union) you would think they would want to help fix the situation but no. If fact Elan insists that this be taken up with the Credit union(not thier issued card) and that they are not responcible for the fraud.

It is my opinion that they have some major internal problems that they are not addressing or are not willing to address and after speaking with a Business Risk Manager, I have also found out that 70% of all fraud is an internal job, do to lack of controls. If this is true I will be speaking with a lawer consitering this will always be on my credit form now on and YES my wife and I have excellant credit (hopefully still)

I will be removing myself from their services and taking legal action against them.

Last note, I have heard from many people that also unfortunately were moved to Elan that have had just about every issue listed above and I am letting everyone I know or see at the credit union about they’re very thin verification process that they claim protects you as the customer!!!

Elan has been excellent. . Love them. I even redeemed rewards from them for good stuff. Thanks Elan!!! THE BEST. .

I have had a Elan Visa business rewards card for the past 11 years. Recently when attempting to redeem rewards points for travel I became aware that the program had changed without me being informed. This essentially took 250,000 points away from me and this is the second time this has happened since I have owned the card. There was no effort made to grandfather this change in or to communicate this change so I could utilize the points under the current plan or at least look at other alternatives. Instead I continued to use the card building up more points that have a lesser value that what the earlier program allowed. Needless to say I am switching cards and seeking consumer/legal advice.

How can you have a card that took away 250,000 points and say you were not aware this is happening and then say it is the second time it has happened???

We applied for the secured card a month ago. I made my third call today to see if I was ever going to get the cards that my previous two calls assured me had been sent out. The CSR cancelled my original account and re-issued new cards that I will supposedly get in another 7-10 days. They can be expedited for 15$, you would think they would offer to waive this considering I have not received anything regarding these cards, not even a letter, in the month this has been going on. (Yes, I have verified my address three times.) Now we have an uneasy feeling about this company, not a good way to start off.

Did they check your credit? My credit score is very low 500s and I’m afraid that I’ll be denied for even a secured card.

I just got their credit card and only had it for 2 weeks. It has already been a nightmare with dealing with them. They don’t have good managers and customer service reps like American express does. They are bottom of the barrel credit company based on how they treat their customers. I never seen anything like it. If they treat their new customers this bad I hate to see if you been with them for a long time. They sent my balance transfer to the wrong company and made excuses why they couldn’t fix it. They wanted me to call the company and ask for the check be sent back. No service what so ever!!! I won’t be with them once the promotion is over. This is a Business Visa of all things! If I operated in this manner I wouldn’t have any customers!

Greg Vartanian

Elan financial credit card is a joke. They are a bunch of crooks in that if you make an electronic payment say in the AM they will process the payment and the payment will be deducted from your account that night but Elan Financial will not credit the payment to your card until 3 – 5 have passed. So don’t expect to have available credit on your card 24 hours after you make an electronic payment because ELAN financials policy according to a CSR agent is that all payments require 3 – 5 business days processing before they make that payment amount available as credit to be used by the card holder. Of all the Credit cards I have used no one has played that game with me. An electronic payment once deducted from an account is a completed transaction within 24 hours and should be credited to the account the payment was made to. But ELAN financial seems to know how to play the game well and gets away with it. I will never again apply for a Credit card issued by this bank nor will I do business with any bank that does business with Elan financial. You can’t tell a customer how makes 1K -2K payments on their card every month that they have to wait 3 – 5 days to have the payment credited to their account.

My company prefers to use a prepaid credit card which Elan offers. The problem with Elan that absolutely drives me crazy is they set the company credit limit at $1.00. This prevents me from being able to change the credit limit for any of our cardholders. I can ask them to change the limit but I have found this takes anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. I can ask them to change the credit limit on all cards to $100,000 but if I have prepaid only $10,000, then I can only spend $10,000. But if I try to change a cardholder’s limit to $10,000 online, forget it. The best part is I have to request the change by sending an unsecured email to their service department. Huh?

Needless to say, once I find a new prepaid credit card company I will be gladly dropping Elan.

Get out to Elan CC – worst. They mislead on reward program. I asked my 5000 points to be credited to my statement – they didn’t, rather entered in their log that it was sent to my checking acct – where they don’t have any of my bank routing info. This is a scam, don’t fall prey.

Go to decent standard CC company or apply directly to Visa/Amex.

I have two business credit cards with banks that use Elan Financial services and I’ve never had a problem with them. I get 0% balance transfer rates monthly which is great for saving money whenever large purchases come up.

My only gripe with them is that I need separate logins for each card. I can’t have both cards under one login because they are from separate banks. Its a little inconvenient, but oh well.

Elan is the worst. I have tried to get them to lower my interest rate so i could payoff pre-divorce balance they did it for 6 months then rewarded my for successfully completing the program by tripling my interest rate. when i called they said they could not lower my interest rate and sent me to a debt consolidate company…that by the way will ruin your credit.

Élan is terrible. My husband signed up for the Élan secured credit card with a $35 annual fee AND out down a $500 security deposit to help him build credit. He always made his payments on time, never late. We also have a joint mortgage that we got AFTER he had been using his Élan card. He had the card from August 11 to August 12. He called to upgrade (after they hd charged him a second annual fee) to a rewards card, which is your average card. They said wait until September. He called again this month to upgrade and they sent him a decline letter sighting “insufficient credit history.” WHAT WAS THE $70 annual fee for? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Élan is terrible whether its their run-around or their failure to report payments. We are switching to discover and closing this card.

They say I had a card with them, but I did not. I tried to get an address to send them a letter from my lawyer to dispute this and they refused. It seems they are trying to bully me into paying this and I will not. If this goes on my credit history, I will sue.

I really love this card. It was my first credit card and it’s good to me. They have 24/7 hours 7days customer service and they are good. Whenever there is any issue with the card, they always solve it nicely. I always check my account every two days to see my transactions and my account activities.

Elan is the worst credit card company I have ever dealt with. I was charged a late fee for several months because I had inadvertently transposed numbers in my account number submitted with my payments. It took them longer to apply my payments because of this error.

I finally contacted them to find out why it was taking over 10 days for my payments to post to my account. (I think that they should have contacted me to correct this problem.) They refused to reverse a late payment in Sept. so I closed my account. I later realized that I had award points ($400 worth). I called and they refused to give them to me. I was told that I forfeited them when I closed my account.

Today (Jan 24, 2012) I called and asked for a spreadsheet of my 2011 transactions for filing my taxes. I was told that I had to request that by the end of the year, they will not honor my request for electronic data, but I can request hard-copy statements for $5.00 per month. This is just wrong … they have the data in electronic format and are forcing me to pay for it and then have to key in every transaction myself. WARNING: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

Sounds like a case of irresponsibility on your part. Don’t negatively review a company because of your own errors and negligence – please grow up.

dahlonega girl

what a shame . you make the error them blame the company for your mistake. amazing! get a grip!

Key Bank partnered with Elan for a “College Package”. It included a credit card with a ceiling. We both, my son and I, were under the impression that it was a Key Bank Credit card, it was a package deal. When my son closed his Key Bank account several years later with a zero credit card balance he asked, “did this close all of his accounts?”, assuming they were all together and this was a Key Bank Credit Card. He was informed “YES!” by the Key Bank associate. A once a year renewal fee appeared on the “still open” credit card that he thought he had closed. Late fees mounted and he began to get calls from Elan. I began getting calls to from Elan, but only to harasses me, they refused to talk to me about the problem, only to tell me I had better get my son to call them. When we went back to Key Bank they gave us the Elan phone number and washed their hands of the whole thing. I am done with both of them! Misinformation when we opened the account, poor service when we closed the account.

Dissatisfied Customer

I use to enjoy the Cash Back Rewards program that the Elan Credit Card offered. It was a penny for every dollar I spent and I could cash then in every time I hit a $25 increment.

Then earlier this year they sub-contracted the rewards program services which now means I can get big prizes too and all it will cost me is a huge shipping fee. Big deal, plus now my 7000 points are only worth $50.00. So instead of wasting my points on useless prizes I have opt to continue taking the cash back credits and having it applied to my Elan credit card.

The first time I reached 2500 points I had them apply the $25.00 back to my credit card account and it showed up in a matter of days. Then in October I had 5000 points, so I did the exact same steps and had them apply the $50 back to my card. Only problem is that was 2 months ago and the refund still did not appear on my card.

So two weeks ago I decided to call them and asked why it was not applied to my card. The first lady I spoke to was from Elan. She was very nice and agreed that I had never received my $50 for my points. Then she forwarded me to the points reward section, explained the situation and the rewards department said they would check into it.

After exactly a week the rewards center called me back and said the $50 was somehow transferred to my bank account even thought the transaction clearly reads that it was transferred to my credit card. Then I asked her how they could do that when I had it transferred back to my card and I did not give, or have a bank account or routing number on file with them. She told me that this was what happened and rudely said it just was transferred to my bank and that this was the end of our conversation. I requested that she put me on with someone above her, and she refused to.

Then I asked if she would forward this case to them so they could check further into it and again she said this was the end of our conversation, the case was closed and no one would be contacting me from the Elan Rewards Card Center about this anymore.

Well here is my solution, I have another credit cards here and they too offer the 1% cash back, so I will be switching all my business to that card instead. The only reason I did most of my business through Elan was because I have been with them for almost 10 years now, I never had a problem with Elan, and even though it is not their fault, it comes down to I earned the $50 in cash rewards, and their new rewards center scammed me and ripped me off.

I have gotten rid of both of my Elan cards. I had a 0% transferred balance on one of them and made a small purchase. They had NO GRACE PERIOD on purchases so they started charging me interest from the posting date of the purchase. When I paid more than the minimum payment, which wiped out the PURCHASE BALANCE, they informed me I would still be paying the minimum interest charge of $2 per month unless I also paid off the entire transferred 0% balance. All of my credit scores are in the 800s so I don’t need this crap.