What are the easiest credit cards to get approved for in 2017?

Q: If you don’t have the most stellar credit history or haven’t had a card before, which credit cards are easy to qualify for in 2017?

approved stampA: While it can be tough to get approved for that very first credit card (or that first card since ruining your credit), you have options.

Let’s take a look at cards that approve everyone (more or less), broken out by category…

For those with little or no credit history

Having no credit history is better than having a bad credit history. Even so, you may find things will be a little harder for you than for someone who has excellent credit. Card issuers want to see evidence that you can handle your credit obligations well before they approve you. So, if you have no evidence, it may be tough to get your foot in the door.

Start with a soft-pull pre-qualification tool to see which cards you might already qualify for (your options may be better than you expect).

If you’re coming up empty, consider getting a secured credit card. You’ll need to put down a deposit upon approval to secure a (small) credit line, but secured cards will report your payments to the credit bureaus and let you build your credit up to the point that you can qualify for something better.

Or, look into store credit cards. Next time your’e at the register and the cashier invites you to apply for the store card, consider saying yes. You’ll probably have a low limit and the card may be usable only at that particular store. However, the idea is to get a line of credit reporting to the credit bureaus and building the kind of score that will qualify you for better cards. See a list of the best store cards.

For college students

Issues have student versions of many of their popular cards (browse student credit cards here). These are specially designed for college students — and issuers are willing to extend credit to college students with no history because it could potentially lend them a customer for life.

After graduation, you can hang on to your student card or ask for an upgrade to a better product in the bank’s portfolio.

For those with bad credit

If you’re looking for an easy-to-get card because your credit is bad, you still have options. First look into secured cards. If you’re not having luck, look at banks specialize in cards for people with bad credit.

When looking at cards designed for bad credit, be aware that some charge fees and have less-than ideal terms, including:

  • Application fees – Generally this is something that you should avoid at all costs
  • Processing fees – You may be charged a “processing fee” simply for processing your application. Ideally, it’s probably best to choose a card that doesn’t charge this fee, if you have options.
  • Annual or monthly fees – You can expect to pay an annual fee for most bad-credit cards, but some cards’ fees are more unreasonable than others.
  • Easy account management – Online account management, text message notifications, etc. should be included free of charge.
  • Reports to major credit bureaus – Card issuers actually have to pay in order to report their cardholders to the credit bureaus. For this reason, some card providers won’t report. Make sure the card you choose reports to the major credit bureaus, otherwise it won’t help your credit.

If you’re really struggling, look into catalog-card options. These cards (really they’re just lines of credit) allow you to buy only items listed in their online catalogs. While this is far from ideal, this may be the only way you can get a foothold in rebuilding your credit. Some of these cards don’t even do a credit check.

So what’s the easiest card to get approved for?

Follow these steps to find the best option for your situation:

  1. If you’re a student, get a student card
  2. If you have no/thin credit, use a soft-pull prequalification tool to see what you qualify for. If nothing, then go for a store card or secured card.
  3. If you have bad credit, get a card designed for bad credit. And if you have no other options, go for a catalog credit card

August 16, 2017

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The Quicksilver card was the first card I got approved for, with no credit history. It’s a pretty good card, although there’s a small annual fee. Credit limit will be low at first, but they will increase your credit limit pretty quickly if you make your payments on time (or you can call or go online after about 6 months and ask for one – they’ve given me one every time I’ve asked). Very easy to get approved for, really helped my credit score

What happens to a student credit card after I graduate? Do I have to close the account?

I still use my student card years after I’ve graduated since it’s my main source of credit history and has great rewards.

No, they won’t close your account. I’ve had my college card since graduating years ago

Where’s the mention for the Discover IT Student Card? Mine was pretty easy to get approved for and really helped build up enough credit to get approved for a travel rewards card a couple years later.

Secured cards can also be a good option that can almost guarantee approval since they require a small refundable deposit to be kept by the issuing bank (which protects them against potential loss). As far as un-secured cards go the Barclay Rewards MasterCard is pretty good as well as the Chase Slate, since neither charges an annual fee.

This is great info- my dad is currently looking for a card (he taught overseas for quite a while, and his credit score pretty much aged out). I’ll send this his way.

I took my score from 520 to 597 from Feb this year until now, less than 4 months. I had the cash is king thinking, the only active credit on my report was an auto loan with perfect payment history but I had a bankruptcy in 2013 with several medical bills that were missed and I have a sprint bill not paid based on principle. I disputed everything negative on my report. When you dispute the creditor has 30 days to respond or it falls off, legit or not, well all but one fell off helping quite a bit. I opened a secured capitol 1 card (I deposited $300 which got me a $4oo CL, I applied everywhere online ended up with a kohls charge $300 CL Firestone with $800 CL, I opened a secured card with my bank as well with a $300 credit line. I bought new shoes at kohls, a drill bit set at depot, I buy gas once a week with the Cap. One and I get the oil changed once a month with the firestone card (I drive a lot for work). My score on Creditkarma is going up around 7-8 points a week for the past 6 weeks. This was starting at 520 with multiple collection accounts,

capital one changed their underwriting and now aren’t approving anyone. go someplace else

Hello! I agree with some of the people on here about calling certain companies! My ex husband and I divorced and I basically had to start over, discover was so nice and listening to my story and I was approved for a 750 limit! It’s worth the call…

What number did you call for discover? I want to make sure I call the correct number and get the correct department…I have the same problem and I hope if I get the right person, they would be willing to help me and give me a chance.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged 8/14. 2 Cap one cards on Bankruptcy. 1 year later I have 4 Capital one cards 300 CL, 500, CL, 5,000 CL, and 10,000 CL. Barclay 1,300 CL, Firestone 1,400 CL, Walmart (also included chapter 7) 700 CL, First Premier 500 CL, Belk 300 CL. Keep trying Capital One pre approval and sooner or later it will show an offer. Pay bills on time as well..

It’s amazing to me how different companies interpret your credit scores. My credit score when I applied recently was 671. Barclays denied me. Discover approved me but only for $800. Not going to use it, or close it yet, but will in the near future. Capital One approved me for Quicksilver with $3500 limit. I applied for Venture One as well and was approved for $10000 at 21.9%. Waited 6 months and applied for new Venture One and approved for 10000 at 16.9%. Going to combine Quicksilver credit line with Venture One in 2 months. Will wait 6 months then combine the two Venture One Cards to the 16.9% line which will then have the entire credit line on a single account will be a minimum of 23,500 and likely higher. I will then likely apply for a new Venture One.
Capital One is definitely where everybody should be looking.

I am rebuilding my credit score. I consolidated my student loans which increased my credit by 100 points. Then I got a Capital One and US Bank secured card. I add deposits of $50 every couple of months to Cap One. They increased limit a few times over one year. But U.S. Bank has never increased. Got my score up from 503 to 626 in one year. Disputed medical bills etc. Today I applied and approved 1300 for Barclays card. Need the card to show avail credit and use for emergencies. I’m still in shock that I was approved in seconds online. Hopefully the third card will help my score. Will try to get my capital one unsecured soon.

I highly suggest the Capitol One secured credit card. Reading through the comments, I think I have the worst credit score, mine is currently 518 and I got approved. I also have 4k of student loans that went to collections and a crapload of credit inquiries on there too. I had to pay a $99 deposit, but I did get approved.

Where do you go to sign up for the Secured Discover card? Because when I go onto the website they turn me down , so I know its something I am doing wrong because you never really get turned down for a seccured card. LOL . If anyone knows, please do share. I have other cards like Capitol One {2} ect . I just got approved for a Firestone credit card 1K , was very excited about that . I encourage anyone that is looking to get a credit card and have BAD credit , do the research as to what Bank is providing the card. That is what I did , I did the homework, I notice that Comenity Bank cards are fairly easy to get. If you search what cards they provide it will you a long list of cards. GOOD LUCK to everyone who is trying to get their Credit together. Don;t give up someone will finely take the chance on you. I started off with appyling for one and now have 13, I am very careful now only to charge what I can afford to pay back when the Bill comes. Some of I charge only 20-40 at time so they can reported and it go on my Credit.


I applied for a Capitol One card 2 months ago, and was approved for $300.00 I have charged $200 in Sept and $250 in Oct, and paid both of them off when I got the bill. My rating went up 65 points. I just received a Meijer Credit card today with a $500 ( I applied at the store)
One of the best things to do if your ratings are really bad is to open a savings account at your local bank or credit union and put money in savings every month for 6-8 months. When you get about $500 in savings, ASK the credit union / bank for a small personal loan using your savings account for collateral, then pay it back ASAP. Do this 2-3 times and then apply for a credit card…..

I’m looking to apply for a credit card. I’m 21 and my credit score is a 560.

I already had Sony capital one card 2250 cl basic Capital one card 1250 and quick silver 4500cl and decided to apply for capital one venture and was approved for 10k cl instantly. Capital one is so much easier to get approved versus any other bank. 8 months later and take into account less than 1k owed on all credit cards i apply for discover and only get 2000k cl.

Capital One is Great!!! My credit score was 586 and I was approved for the Capital One Platnium Card and Quick Silver Credit Card both $500.00 credit Limit with the opportunity to have an increase on both of them in 5 months. My credit jumped to 609 in 1 month. Super excited. THANK YOU CAPITAL ONE!!! 🙂

I had a credit score of 524 applied for capital one secured paid $75 and was approved for $500 and my score jumped to 555. I applied for another card and was approved I’m now waiting on the card to come in the mail. My score then dropped to 550. I am trying to boost my score so I can buy a house in a year or two from now. I was told that I need to get at least two to three revolving accounts on my credit and now I’m hesitate to apply for a third card. I applied for theses cards a month apart, should I apply now for the thrid card or wait a few months. I currently have 6 accounts in collections totalling $6000 in six months I will have 5 and another year they will all be removed from my credit report. I was told to pay them and not to as they will fall off. I also have two instalment loans that I’ve been paying on time for the pass two and a half years. Any advice on what I should do?

There is no need to pay them off, just let them fall off. If they dont fall off, make sure you dispute them with the credit bureaus because they can not be on there legally after 7 years. When you apply for a mortgage loan, you will not be question about any outstanding debt if its not on your credit bureau.

I recently pd off my student loans….and have very little items on my credit…I am trying to rebuild my credit now…I’ve never had a credit card…my credit score is 587 I was denied a capital one card but approved for the secured card. ..I pd the $200 deposit that was required and started reading…I need my score to go up more so that I can be approved for an unsecured card….any suggestions?

try Kohls. that was the first one I got , and then a few months later, 4-5 I got capitol one unsecured, and jareds jewelry

Schneur Rosenberg

Capital One is great, my credit was ruined by identity theft of a relative and becuase if the sensitive nature I decided not to report him, and took the credit hit, I had a credit score of 584 and applied for a Secured credit card from Capital One and was approved for a $200 line with only a $50 deposit, 2 weeks later I decided to take a chance and applied for a unsecured card, I was instantly approved for $500, with credit steps program which would raise credit to $750 after 6 months.

Fast forward 6 months, the day after the statement closes I logged in to see if I got the $250 credit steps CLI, I was shocked to see that the limit has been increased to $2000, and the secured account also got a $100 CLI.

Now 20 months later after 2 more increases I have a Quicksilver World card with a $6k credit line, thanks Capital One for believing in me.

Well good for you my score is 585 and I was turn down by captial one a few time.trying to rebuild my credit.it so hard when no-one is willing to give you a change.happy for you.

I recommend you save up $500 and apply for a Discover it secured card. It’s an excellent card — you’ll get all of the Discover it features, including cash back for purchases. With regular payments, you will earn a higher spending limit and will even be allowed to make future deposits at a multiple (for example, a $100 deposit for $300 in limit increase.) The card will grow with you and your deposits will earn interest. Eventually, you’ll be a full customer of a really good credit card company and you’ll be in the habit of saving money too.

I got approved by capital one for $300 with not so great credit. My scores our is 580 and 630.

Capital one does not approve you as easily as everyone claims especially if your credit score is a 650 and your trying to rebuild capital1’s a joke.

Samantha Barrington

Kenya that is so not true, my score is a 639 and I was just approved 10 days ago for unsecured line Capital One Venture for $2000

Kenya. I was approved for a Cap 1 for $1000 with a score of 589. I was enrolled in their Credit Steps program and the limit was increased to $5000 6 months later.

Thats so true

Hi KeNya
I was approved for capital one platinum with a $1,000 Limit. Just got my card a few days ago. MY score is 615. I’m in their credit steps program. Can’t wait to see my increase in the. Ext 5 months.


Don’t give up , keep trying and someone will take a chance and give you a card. I am in my 40’s and made a really bad choice not to care about my credit in the younger stages of my life. But I read up on alot about this credit thingy and began to study and learn about different information. The first card that I applied for was a Premier Card , yes I had to pay a fee before getting the card because my credit was so bad and no one else would take a chance on me. Then I applied fot Total, Verge, Capital One and Capitol One Quick Silver, I got them all [Not syaing you should do this ,only do what is BEST for you} . I started watching what I charge and making sure that I do not charge what I could not afford to pay. After that I got a New York and Company, Khol’s, Venus, Woman Within, Torrd and Victoria Secret. I recently applied for Firestone and was approved 1000. I also have a Fingerhut and Gettington Card, Gettington approved me for 200 and less than 2 months the line of credit is now 700. I got the cards to build my credit and tshow good payment history because in the pass I have not always had that. I only use the cards and buy something under 30.00 and pay it off if full the next moth, if I buy something 50 or over I pay it installments, the creditors want to know that they can rely on you to pay ontime. Read and Learn about what is to have credit and keeping it under 30% utilization percentage. Keep the Faith ..

My credit score is 580 and I got approved for 2 capital one unsecured credit cards and a kohls credit card., so it’s possible to get approved

That is not true… I had a credit score of 540 and was approved for capital one quick silver one card for a starting limit of $500. I applied for quicksilver only one month after I went delinquent on my capital one unsecured premium credit card for about 90 days…they allowed me to keep the card and a couple weeks later..applied for quicksilver and got approved for unsecured cc with cl of $500!

WOW- read through ALL these comments & toward the very end of the thread, noticed a comment that suggested applying for credit with Fingerhut. I had JUST applied for 3 other cards online & was declined for all 3 (2 furniture credit cards- both which appeared to be somewhat easy to obtain, Haynes & RoomsToGo… & the 3rd was a card advertised online for someone with limited/fair credit). So Fingerhut was my 4th application in an hour or so, and with EXTREMELY POOR credit, I was approved for a $300 line of credit INSTANTLY!!! When I say poor, I mean POOR credit- I have a Ch 7 BK from 2007, a few judgments, a home mortgage with my first currently in default & 2nd has a judgement, a few medical debts, electric bill balance currently unpaid & in collections, etc… It’s gotta be in the low 500’s, although I wouldn’t even dare look right now lol. I only got the card to start fixing my credit, not to borrow the $… So if you feel like you’ll get declined EVERYWHERE- def try FINGERHUT!!

Kristina. Congrats on getting approved for your Fingerhut acct. Since you are aware of your less than stellar credit history, constantly applying for new credit is not helping you it is actually hurting you and reducing your credit score.

Credit Guy, I have poor credit on two sites and fair credit on one of them. 538 on Transunion, 535 on Equifax, and 586 on Experian, I got turned down by Credit One Bank today. Yes, it is that bad. What do you recommend for me to build my credit back up. And, one of the items that is on my credit report, is true but way old and should have fallen off by now, it is called conn’s and it was from back in 2008/2009 but they keep selling it off to another collection agency, and the date keeps changing to a more recent date. I think they are now showing it as 2012 on some and 2014 on others, but it started back in 2009 into collections. I really want to rebuild my credit.

My advice on Fingerhut is only get it if you absolutely cannot get anything else and NEVER USE IT. You can get credit without a purchase on their site … seriously, don’t buy their stuff, it’s absurdly overpriced, it’s like paying double retail price. Plus their credit has no grace period, you have to make the first payment within two weeks of purchase and they LOVE dinging your credit because it keeps you stuck in their trap. God help you if you end up getting charged off, you will end up with multiple trade lines of debt. The circles of credit hell are named Fingerhut, Credit One Bank and First Premier. Stay clear of them all.

Fingerhut is way over priced. I would use it the best way to boost your score by utilization method and only buy under 30% of your maxium card limit and pay it off at the end of each motnh on time. I would do this until you can get another card that won’t cost you about double in price for the product as you pay at fingerhut.

I’m 19 years old I just moved in my first place in January 2015 started my credit then. I just found out going to be a mom. My first. And of course I’m a single parent… I need a credit card to use only for the baby… but my credit is so thin I don’t know what to do for one…I’m just going to use it for the baby to make sure that it has what it needs is there a credit card out there for me…

listen god bless withe baby!.. even if u say u r only gonna use it for the baby.. you May need the Credit card for you / For the baby! it’s ok! you are young. Do the shopping card trick to build you credit.. no more than 5 cards. remember you have to do a nursey.. food.. kitchen stuff.. living room stuff. lets start with wayfair.com Overtsock.com & HSN.com (Jcrew.com) go to the website.. Wayfair.com put a couple hundred $$ of baby stuff in the shopping cart.. check out normally.. you are looking for a popup (preapproval) you may not have any creditfile.. but if you colda apply for a credit card apply for a KOLH’S card.. this will be a hard inq: and will start a file.. after.. keep trying to do the (soft inq:) (shopping cart trick) > google (SCT) shopping cart trick & Read read read. you can get credit cards without doing a hard pull.. you have to google comenity cards & shopping cart trick, best of luck to yo & the baby… i know this is late. but still good stuff.. as you are older & still in need & can only help you Have a Nice Credit profile

I applied for 2 Capital One Cards. Both Mastercard. I was approved for both. I am so glad. These are my very first 2 credit cards. I hope this is a great sign of on my way up.

Ok I read a lot of your comments about getting approved for a Barclays card. I had never even heard of this bank but I went online got the phone number and called. I was immediately approved for the choice privileges card. Earlier today I applied for a Macy’s card in store and was approved $500. Current score is 647 and I have $1000 Capitol one and $2000 quik silver card. I was turned down for a third capital one card and was declined. They sent a letter that said it was due to having too many Capitol one cards?? I’m confused!

Capital One only allows you to have two of their cards at one time.

Not true with Capital One I have 5 different Capital one accounts all active

Schneur Rosenberg

Sarah is partialy correct, on the cards for fair credit (Secured, Quicksilver One etc) they only allow 2 cards, on the other accounts they allow 5 cards

not true at all, i have three credits cards from capital one.

terry scoville

I have 5 capital one credit cards and one closed acct with them. I have two accts that are 3300 each and three that are less. I was instant approved. I also was being charged a yearly fee, called them on the phone, and they removed the fee permanently.

How long did you wait wait before applying for your second caPital one card? I was recently approved For cap one Card but also as the quicksilver card.

i just spoke with some one in application department today and he explnd very clearly that if you have JOURNEY AND QUICK SILVER , CAPITAL ONE will not issue you another card for average credit, you can only get other five cards for excelent credit . so when your score gets around 700 apply.you can get upto 5 cards from Capital one.

I got a credit score of 623 approve for sapphire and chase freedom; for 4,500
but what I wanted is citi and barclays and I keep getting denied; any help on these on how I can get approved?

I had horrible credit b/c of an ex husband. I have 8 K in collections . My transunion score is weird on 1 site it is 620 on another it is 592. My equifax is at 599. I went and got a first premier credit card. Lots of fees and only a $300 limit. As soon as the statement printed I paid the balance. Then I got approved for a capital one with a $300 limit. Again as soon as I got the statement , paid the balance. Now I applied for 2 other capital ones and got approved for both with $500 limits. The key is keep making payments as fast as the statement comes.

I got approved for a first premier and cancelled the card as soon as it came with their pamphlet of all these fees. they charge a $75 annual fee that’s already deducted from the $300 = $225 , and , they want a $95 processing fee to activate / get the card… WHICH MEANS U ONLY GET $130. SERIOUSLY GIVE THEM $95 FOR WHAT ?????

call the Barclay card recon line. works every time

Michael call Barclay recon line. It really works. Before you call read on some tips how to handle the call. It worked for me! Good luck!

Approved with a 598 score. Every little bit helps.

I had a credit score of 640 in June of this year, I looked at my credit score and found a bunch of things that weren’t even mine! So naturally I thought the best thing to do was hiring this law firm for credit repair (Lexington law) so they could remove all the negative stuff that was affecting my credit, the lady told me it would be a piece of cake because I only had a few things reflecting negative, so I payed the $100 dollars for all their attorneys to get together and ‘discuss’ my case, and within a month not only did they not remove anything, but they lowered my score to a 540!!!! I was pissed! So I immediately canceled their services and they took another $100 bucks out of my account for the ‘work they performed’…. Smh so now it’s like I’m
Starting all over again… I do have 3 Capitol one cards, and 1 credit one card, but now i can’t get an approval for any card! Never been late on any of my cards, always pay double the minimum, and keep it under 30% utilization… Can anybody tell me what I should do??


I went through the same thing. Have you tried applying for any of the Commenity Bank Cards? They have been easier to obtain and have helped rebuild mine. You can pull a search for them, they have several to choose from. I also used Lexington Law to remove some items. Horrible….Horrible.

I have been fixing my credit from a divorce several years ago, and one time it honestly didn’t matter. But as I have gotten older it does matter and I have been keeping everything current. Don’t understand how some companies approve you and others flat out say no!!!! I have Capital One 2 cards, Barclay MC, WalMart, and Belk so I felt I was on a roll applied or some others JC Penney, Best Buy, and Sears and was denied instantly. I have not figured out how it works. But I say God knows me better than I know myself and I don’t need all those other cards…

I started with my USAA card in Nov. I also got the capital one card early dec. and I was on a roll. I started with Victoria Secret which is not a bad card. and then New York and Company. I also got approved for Walmart and Macys I had no luck with JC Penny although you can get their perks without their card. I didn’t have luck with Dillards and Target which is okay. I will try for Dillards and Target much later like 6 months or more.

you are applying to fast. you have to take time between all you cc applications at least 6 months. Every time you apply for a credit card you are loosing about 3 points off of your credit score. also do get any store credit cards they are not worth the credit pulls. May sure you are NEVER late with at least the minimum payment and you will be fine.

Not really true, I applied for 15 cards over 3 days and got 12 of them. If you keep spreading them out over time you may not get them and then they see the dings on your credit report. The other three declined due to not having enough revolving credit (I didn’t have any credit cards) but, I noticed that for each application it takes 6 requests (hits). They check each of the 3 credit companies and then 3 more when they list you as a new account . That’s BS for 6 hits each, but I felt comfortable with the hits because I know I won’t be purchasing a car or house in the next 2 years. So, now I have to wait out the 2 years for them to come off. I waited until after I just bought a house to request the cards.

So I’ve been doing a lot of research and recently my bankruptcy finally dropped off after 13 years. I have 2 collections because I made the mistake of getting a first premiere about 3 years ago. Don’t do it, so many fees. the reason I pulled my credit was because I was denied applying for a wells fargo secured credit card. it was because of a balance I owed from bank of America. I paid it in full in July. since then through my husband I opened a usaa bank account and after 5 months I got a unsecured credit card of 500 limit. 1 month later approved for a capital one card 300 limit. ive saved the money that I was going to use for the secure cards and opened an account at a credit union to save money and fees etc with the big banks. working on paying off debts and increasing my score from 555 Experian and 576 Equifax and 580 Transunion

Barclaycard Wow Top of the charts for me. Merrick…..yes another winner. Merrick raised my cl in only a few months. very nice to rebuild my credit.

Oh, if you have real bad credit….your going to have to get a secured card through your bank like i did…..the best way to get offers later.

That not true I have very poor credit with transunion and poor with Equifax just got approved for 300 with credit one 500 with Walmart and 250 with finger hut

No annual fee with my Barclay and Merrick Card……I just got approved for a walmart cart today with a 500.00 credit line, however Ive been paying on time every month for a year to get it. My FICO score as of Oct 2014 was 678……keep trying, don’t get discouraged you will do it in time if you pay on time. I pay as soon as I get my bill. Good Luck Y’all.

Oh I had a chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2007 also…..It just takes time, patience and PAYING ON TIME!!!! i had my secured card through my bank for one year back in the day when I started and paid on time every month. When they tried to charge me an annual fee after a year, I said noooo wayyyy. Im trying to go out on my own!!!. Thats when I applied with Barclays and Merrick….Was worth the wait and discipline. Good luck to you all

Frederick MD

Correction, FICO score 662 not 678

Correction- my BK DISCHARGE WAS 12/2012

Just approved for $2500 barclaycard. Was gardening today and denied a Discover IT, even after calling recon all they offered was applying with a joint applicant. Also denied Best Buy card today but I will be calling their recon number tomorrow. Took a shot at a Target card and got $300 limit which Im hoping for a CLI in 6 months. EQ 667 TU 621
C1 quicksilver one $2250. (That started off at $750 days after BK discharge 12/2013 within a year they automatically raised CL.) C1 platinum started at $500 after 6 months raised to $750 denied a CLI after a year when the other C1 was raised. Amazon store card $900(that was automatically raised by $200 within 1st year) Walmart $600 (that was automatically raised by $200 within 1st year) JCP $500 (automatically raised by $100 in first year) TJM $500 (that was automatically raised by $200 within 1st year) Pier 1 $500 (denied a CLI after 7-8 months)

I have a credit score of 666 I applied for a capital one card and a discover it card, and a journey capital one card. And got declined for all three. I only have a few student loans because I am currently in college and that’s it. IDK what to do. All I want is to have a credit card to start improving my credit so when im out of college I don’t have a horrible credit score and maybe buy a house some day. Any suggestions on what card I should try to apply for now???

Try applying for a secure card capital one , but before you do anything go to the prequalify for credit one , or pay 95 dollars for the first premier and in 6 months apply for the Barclay rewards, walmart,or the quicksilver master card also Victoria secret will also give u a 250 credit limit card that will help good luck ,

Try applying for Sears, Kohls or Macys. That is where I started. Remember not to max them out. Then after paying on time for about 6 months you should be good for a Barclay Card or possibly the Discover. Good Luck!!

Start w/ a secured card at your local bank. I did bank of America after maybe six months Capitol one offered me a pre approved card then credit one did the same. I haven’t tried any others, but after one year they give you increases & and your local bank refunds your security deposit 😉

I had no credit. I am a student with several PT jobs. I first applied for discover. They kept saying processing. I finally called and they said I was rejected. So I tried Capital One journey. I was instantly approved for $300. Not much but good enough to start building credit. I spend $50 per month on it and have them take the full amount from my bank account each month (so I don’t forget and screw it up). After just a few months, my score (transunion) is 730. I can’t wait until I can apply for a serious rewards card. I hear that for Chase you need 2 years history. Does anyone know if there are any other good cards that you don’t need to wait 2 years to get?

i applied for a SECURED Bank Of America Credit Card with a Deposit of $300 and after 12 months they returned my Deposit and INCREASED my Credit Limit from $300 to $1,500

Did you have any credit history before you apply for Secured Bank of America card?
Thank you

I did the same w/ BofA with a low score of 549 now I’m at 645 and have a Capital one & credit one card (which automatically takes $75 off your credit line

I sent them 100 dollars and got a 500 secured card and i have had it for 8 years and have never received an increase and I even asked for it once and they didnt do it. i have always paid it on time and for years didnt even carry a balance on it at all without paying it off in full at the end of the month. What did you do to get the money back and a increase

I have a bk aug 2013 one week after discharge I received a pre-approval for first premier 750 but I had to pay a fee of 75 bucks.. Two weeks later I applied for capital one quick silver approved 500.. So just recently I started reading these forums .. I also had a secure card for well Fargo 500 bucks went over the limit and they closed it the next day.. So I was so angry.. I went (this all happen May 2014) to a credit union open a ck acct n savings and I asked about getting a500 secured card and they said do you want a unsecured card I said yes so they gave me a unsecured master card 2500 credit score in 570, 597, 600.. So after that in June and July I just started applying .. And I got a firestone 900, another capital one 300 a credit limit raise on my credit union card of 1500.. Totaling 4000.00.. So last week I applied for the Barclay card for about the 3rd time and was denied so I called them and basically asked them why.. Told them to give me a chance I’m trying to rebuild look at my report I haven’t been late etc etc and she said I see your trying to rebuild and your doing a good job at it.. I going to approve you for 1000 welcome to Barclay .. So then I said let me try a few other that has denied me .. Victoria secrets has denied me 2x so I applied again and then called them the next day they asked me a few questions and approved me 250 same thing with Roamans not sure if I spell Roamans correctly.. But discover, amazon, walmart etc denied me.. I have found comdetiy bank seems to be the easiest to get and they are extremely nice.. I have been reading post about folks doing what is called the shopping cart trick it really works not for me because I was opt out for pre-approvals but if you have not opt out.. You go to one of comedty bank stores that offer credit card and after you fill out your name etc and you get ready to check out a preapproval screen pops up and you accept you just got yourself a credit card.. Sorry for the misspelling etc I’m using my iPad/iPhone I hope this helps also pre-approvals on total rewards and points web sites

The shopping cart trick has never worked for me ever in life. I’ve never even seen the screen so I think it’s awesome that others benefit from it. Pretty cool

Got approved for the Barclay card instantly with a credit score of 575 and income of 65+/year

wow; I keep getting denied for Barclays.

Me to. I wish I could hack into the main frame of credit bureaus and fix all our credit to make it perfect lol!!!!

Capital One is the way to go, I have ass for credit with tons of negatives -ty salle mae and your lifetrap loans- and they approved me. my credit score is only a 569

GM Capitalone Elite World MasterCard is so so easy to get. If u not appove,
Call them up, ask why? My score is 658 and I got appove since April of this year
with $8000 CL.
Good Luck, Pepole
Go here to apply gmcard.com

May I ask what denial reason you were given for not being approved in the beginning? I just applied for the Barclay card and was approved for $1300 but when I applied for the GM card, they said “insufficient credit references.” I am just trying to build my credit to buy a home. Any advice?

Thank u so much Robert!!! U just gave us a pot of gold with this info. My credit score was 490 last month & CK says my score this month is 512 because my car payment late stat came off my report. I looked through these comments and was stunned. I know we are at the bottom of scores here but Robert was soooooo right!!! I applied for the new. GM card from Capital One and was just now instantly approved about 30 minutes ago!!! I even owe 128k in student loans!!! I swear this is the beginning of a new start. I will NEVER mess this chance up. I was denied for several secured cards. Cap1 approved me 2 days ago for a secured where I have to deposit the full $200. I haven’t made a deposit yet. People……U must apply for this GMcard from Capital One ASAP!!!! If I can get approved anyone can! P.S. I said my income was $37k per year and my rent is $500. I hope this helps someone. Hell I hope this helps EVERYONE. Sorry I’m still high from the instant approval. That’s the first instant approval I’ve ever had and I’m 36. I was gonna file bankruptcy to try to get better credit. I have so many charge offs and negatives on my report its 8 pages long. Seriously. Go apply now!!!

And just to let everyone know… I have 2 charge off accounts from Cap. The first one in 2010 with $300 unsecured that I killed in less than a year, then applied for a secured $200 limit in 2012 and crashed that one too. I was very irresponsible cuz I never understood credit & at that time I was a stay at home mom. So imagine…they gave me a 3rd chance with another secured card that I’m waiting for & now less than 48 hours later…a 4th chance with the GM unsecured card!!! Amazing!

Has anyone read reviews on this card?

I got denied. Their denial letter stated that my score was at 603. All doors gets slammed right on my face and I am getting exhausted of receiving so many denials. It stinks when no one gives you a chance.

Cash is king.

Barclays SUCKS!!! I have almost every card you can get, but they won’t approve me to go to the bathroom! I don’t know what there problem is. I have cards with credit lines from $500 to $10,000.00! I just don’t get it.

What credit cards do you have??

You have to call Barclays the day that you apply and beg and plead until the analyst transfers you to a senior credit analyst (supervisor). The person transferring the call will explain everything beforehand. Once the supervisor starts asking you questions about your income and credit history, be obliging and explain everything patiently. They eventually will approve you if you’re persistent. They told me no 12 consecutive times over a 12 month period before finally approving me after I called them 3 times.

Vicente Javier

Hi, I’ve been reading about your Mastercard secure credit card and found it perfect for me.
I live in Puerto Rico and would like to apply for the card. Is it possible?

Vivien Mudgett

Score is around 620 was able to get Macy’s, Staples, Best Buy and Kohls. I also was able to get Capital 1 with 1000 dollar limit and a 500 limit for business card. I have tried all others with no success. Have a bk around 4 years ago and some medical collections which I intend to pay this year. Does anyone who has applied for Barclays and did NOT get an immediate response have an approval? Does a review mean they are declining you? Thanks.

Brittney Anderson

Not sure how they filter these applications. I have a 675 score, 4 years on most of my accounts, no late payments, still paying on a car and have two other credit cards. Denied for both, to me it seems to be a hit or miss.

Lindsay Brian

Credit card companies also look at your Debt to Credit or how much of your total limit your using. If you have maxed out all your current cards you can still have an okay fico score but not be approved for a credit card. I recommend keeping your DTC is about 30% of your limit; for example if you have 3 cards with 1k limits each, 3k total, you only want to use 1k of your limit at a time.

The other thing that could be happening is if you are applying for several different things all at the same time. This will show a lot of inquires on your report and make it appear as though you are either desperate for credit to your lender or that you recently got a ton more credit.

I don’t know if that applies to you but I hope that helps!

I have tried for the capital one but they always denied me I have a credit score of 512 485 and 634 just want to know why I can’t get approved

Jason get a capitol one prepaid. I did and in five months I have over 10 cards now and they raised my limit on my prepaid by three hundred and also gave me a quik silver card.

My credit score was 490 last month & CK says my score this month is 512 because my car payment late stat came off my report. I looked through these comments and was stunned. I know we are at the bottom of scores here but Robert was soooooo right!!! I applied for the new. GM card from Capital One and was just now instantly approved about 30 minutes ago!!! I even owe 128k in student loans!!! I swear this is the beginning of a new start. I will NEVER mess this chance up. I was denied for secured cards. U must apply ASAP!!!!

the way the approve credit is a mystery. my score is terrible at 540. i was just approved for the Capital One Quick Silver. no idea how.

My husband just got approved for capital one with a 501 Equifax and 555 transunion credit score making $40,000/yr. Of course credit limit is only $300. I applied to Chase, AMEX, Discover, Capital One and USAA because my husband is ex air force and was denied for each one making $40,500/yr and an Experian score of 555, Equifax score of 562, and Transunion score of 574. I also applied for a Walmart card but they stated they will send me a notice in the mail regarding whether i was approved or not and I tried a GM credit card and was told my application is under review and they would let me know by mail if I was approved. I have a few medical bills in collections and we both have a judgement because of a long term unemployment and we were evicted and then 2 repos that occurred at the same time. We both also have student loans in deferment but have a car payment that is paid ahead and on time each month and a loan we are currently paying on. I just find it odd that he was approved and I was denied when I have better credit.

He got approved because he is the bread winner in your family and has verifiable income. Your circumstances will change dramatically if you get off the couch and get a job.

What the hell? Are you serious? What a nasty person!

Barclay was a no. Don’t know why but nope.

I have had a secured card for 5 months now my score is 707 – 721. My total history is only 5 months long. Who would be the best to go with on getting a real credit card with?

capital one definitely

Call them. They told me why I didn’t qualify last year, and then a year later, I tried again, and was approved. Seems like a long time, but at least you’ll know what you need to have for them to approve you.

Barclays approved $1,500, Capital One just declined. Go figure. Already have two cards with capital one.

You were declined because Cap One only allows you to have 2 cards. They’ll send a letter in the mail saying it.

Funny i have 4 cards from capital one. 3 are the quick silver

Not true, I have 4 Capital one , 1 Elite World MasterCard , 2 Quick Silver, 1 Visa Signature Card.

I have 5 active cards/one cancelled card (I cancelled because of APR). Otherwise I originally had six at one time from Cap One. Highest at $3300 and lowest at $750.

I have 3 cards from Capital one! there is no limit when you are in good standing.

I actually have 3 cards with Capitol one, maybe I just got lucky lol

I was approved for 3; but closed them down because I thought I didn’t need it. Bad decision; I should have kept them opened. Now I can’t get approved for capital one

terry scoville

i have five capital one cards.

There are many factors with getting approved. my score is 593 and got approved for barclay for $500.00. They look a lot for stability as well. How long you have lived at your current address. Collection on utilities is really bad…….they figure if you don’t pay your electric, your not going to pay for a credit card. Whether you own or rent. If you bankruptcy is discharged or not………….and length of time from poor credit. IE…….if there is a collection account on your credit……….and its 2 years old and your credit is fine otherwise…then it wont bother you. Sometimes you never really know why its declined. They can give you bad marks for many things. YOu need to score high on basic things…….length of time at address, how long you have had the same phone number, you debt to income ratio, you length of employment at same job.

The easiest card to get approved is GM World Elite MasterCard. I just got approved with $8000 CL.
This is a brand new card from Capitalone with GM.
Apply here gmcard.com

I tried that and never got approved. Got approved for Quick Silver though.

Robert, do you mind sharing your scores?

650, if u really want to know.

650 n have 5 accounts with Capitalone.

Credit score 671 and got approved for a Barclaycard for $2500

Which Barclay Card?

I got approved for Barclay for $2500, Bankruptcy finalized April 2012

Capital One denied me with a credit score of 600. I’m not sure where these people are getting their information from, but they need to quit telling people Capital One is a option for people with challenging credit. They are NOT! So I guess there’s no hope for rebuilding credit in 2014. I guess since they’ve acquired Household Finance, their credit criteria has changed therefore they are no longer aiding people with credit issues.

I just applied for someone in my family and his score is 650 but did not get approved for capital One because he has a thin file that’s crazy because he paid off his student loan and has no bills, no credit cards, and could not get this.I have a score of 584 and did get approved for Capital 1 which I thought was a little strange as I had some bad things on there but I have been paying on my school loan and had other things I paid in the past but I had 3 hard credit checks on there and some collections.I really don’t know how they decide who gets what.I did try to get him a walmart card which they are making a decision to get him started.I also applied for a walmart card and a crate and barrel card and I’am waiting for decision as I’am wanting to rebuild my credit.

I also got declined for capital one but I sent in a letter stating I have a score in the low 600’s and am trying to build and would like a chance to do so. They then approved me BUT with my own funds of only $200…..bummer but at least they report to the bureau and it has helped my score and they said after 3-6 months they will increase my limit without me having to send more funds in. Hope this helps.

Capital one will deny you if you apply for more than one credit card within 30 days.

Not true, I just received 2 credit cards from capital 1 less than a week a part from each other and just finalized a bankruptcy about 3 months ago.

Capital One approved me for 1000 with a 525 credit score

Capital One is not that easy! I started with a secured card 200CL and now I have two Capital One cards the secured which they raised by 500 and a quick silver which they just raised by 350. I know it is hard to rebuild but just hang in there. GOOD LUCK

How long before Capital One Secured raised you by 500? Thanks..


I have a question before I even apply for the barclaycard.
Everytime I apply for a card it says that my credit file is too thin.
AS far as I know, aside from Renters credit I have no credit at all.
Before I waste my time applying for this card only to be rejected again does anyone have any insight on if I should go ahead with the application process or just not bother with it at all based on what I’ve just said?

If you have no credit at all I would suggest applying for a dept. store card to get some credit established.

Here’s the dealio, Joseph. If you don’t have any credit history that amounts to no credit. If you owe a pile of bills but pay on them regularly you will have a decent credit rating. Mine was non-existent. Bought a car last Summer, and that plus my utility payments, other bill pays with my bank debit card, etc., resulted in my being approved for Capitol One and a five hundred limit. Notified yesterday after only having the card for a few months that my line has increased to two thousand. I’ve tried a few times for a card that uses Chase Bank and still get denied. I’ve heard that Barclay is easier, but if you apply for several cards in a flurry of action they think you are desperate and will deny.

I think the chances of qetting an approval are all a matter of who pulls the paper off the computer at any given time. Our income is over 55K a year. Nothing we do can get us a credit card approval. Cap one made a mistake on my spouses account and refuses to correct it. Wrote off and replaced an account that was allowed on a chapter 13 bankruptcy 17 times. The interest is now $1400 above the $586 balance. Cap one could have been repaid at the time but never filed. All our debtors had the chance, we repaid over $35K in 5 years. We should have filed a Chapter 7 and wrote it all off. Turns out 75% of people never pay off chapter 13’s. Instead of getting credit for repayment we’re screwed. Current credit scores are 650 +. Guess what … they don’t use credit scores anymore, they use newer reports to determine your numbers. Pulling credit scores is a waste of time – wonder why you don’t qualify, it’s because they pulled one of the newer reports. Credit scores are ‘old’ and out of date. THey only make money by getting us to buy them month after month. We’ve never had a bounced check, never paid our utilities late, own our home free and clear, our vehiles are PIF and the only late payment we had on the last one was the month it took to file the bankruptcy report. Nothing real matters. All smoke and mirrors. Am I angry … yes, 50 years of working and not one person will pick up a phone and actually look for the truth anymore.

Chuck go to myfico.com and search the forums for ‘backdoor’ numbers. Try to get a credit counselor on the phone (it’s doable but takes perserverance). They WILL listen. I have had Capitalone take negatives off my report – it’s a true fact. Discuss what they see you as on paper and what the truth is and I promise you’ll get a better result. myfico is a treasure trove of how’s/why’s and how-to’s.

Applied for cap1 card. Asked for income w2 SS#. Don’t know what to make of it. Any advise? Credit score 580.

They want do make sure what you say is true on the application.Example, If you say you a student and making
$50000.00 a year, yeah, of course they will check on you.

I am a full time student and I make 100K/yr. Just because someone is a student does not mean they can’t make a large amount of money annually (although not common, I know). The issue comes in when you lie on an application and you are approved for a high amount, you are then responsible for that high amount (you are ALWAYS responsible for you debt). Many cards offer programs for deferred payments in the event of job loss. If you lied on your application and suffer financial crisis, you are going to have a tough time explaining this to the creditors. Lying on your application will only hurt YOU.

Cap 1 approved me for $300 and I filed a chapter7 2 years ago credit score 640

Did that to me too. Sent in and gave me $3000 limit after only 6 months following bankruptcy.

Deborah Harvey

Approved for Barclay for $1300 credit YAY

Bankruptcy in ’09, approved for Capital One $750 1 year later. Slowly applying for cards while using as a debit card (don’t have the money, don’t use the card). Capital One raised to $2250 limit 2 years later, got Barclay card, approved $2000. Target $300. Getting back on track. It’s doable but don’t go back to your old ways. DONT HAVE THE CASH DONT USE THE DAMN CARD!!!



Don’t apply for a Barclaycard. Instead apply for fingerhut mich better u well get approved. I was denied with Barclay and I have good credit. I applied because this site said it’s a good chance of approval. ( the hell it is ). Now i have inquiry to even lower my score worst screw Barclay. Try capital one bank or Fingerhut. Trust me.

What credit report did Barclay card uses?

working on my credit


Approved Barclay card for $750 with a 615 credit score

That’s great! Do you have any baddies?

Ive been denied by both Barclay and capital one. What amazes me is that all 3 credit bureaus have 3 different scores. My highest is 741 down to 570. Revolving account is 0 and still denied. I don’t have any payments and make decent money. I honestly don’t think they look at all 3 scores just Transunion because it’s the hardest.


The score in between your two others is your mid score. It is used to determine your credit. Many companies frown upon $0 revolving, as they can’t judge if you’re responsible with credit or not.

Use less than 30% of your credit each month, but use it every month. You can pay off the bill. We use $30 twice per month for gas in my husbands truck and then pay the balance off. It helps show a revolving responsible use of credit

Be sure that you don’t owe any banks even by owing a buck to any bank will lead to serious inquiries and being denied. You could check if you owe at ChexSystem.com and file for your free report it could take up to 5 business days to be sent, or simply head down to your nearest credit union or bank and by applying for a checking account they’ll be able to pull up your ChexSystem report on the spot.

you should try first premier or credit one.

Have you pulled a copy of your report to find out why the difference? You can contest wrong items, items that should have dropped off. I belong to myfico.com (am not an employee but I do mention it alot because they HELP). The forums alone contain great info about how to improve, get rid of baddies, even TALK to people at the credit card companies for re-review. Give it a try.

APPROVED barclaycard! $2000! Low income, credit 650. YaY

which barclaycard??

I have Discover, Chase and other prestigious cards with utilizing less than 30%. TransUnion score of 721 and Barclays absolutely will not give me a card. My income is almost 6 figures now. They won’t even say why. There’s no real number to contact them. I’ve written them and they won’t respond. It’s amazing to see EVERYONE else approved for their cards and I cannot. I just don’t get it.

Just denied Barclay… credit score 654…70000 yearly income.
Car payment paid in full in last year.
Quite sad!

I was denied 2x but I called them and asked them for reconsideration told them I was rebuilding and they granted me a card 1000 .. So if you are denied call.. I’ve done this on several denials and got approve.. Commodity bank is a easy approval if you call right after you get that we will mail you in 10 day notice.. Also firestone very easy I applied and then called got approved 900.. So people call if you get denied.. And call if you get the 10 day mail crap

Applied for the Barclay, capital one, and discovery and was denied. I make little under 20000 and am have no outstanding balances so I don’t know what the deal was

MY credit Score is good. I applied for BarclayCard and i got denied. Please people DO NOT apply for barclaycard unless you have long credit history and excellent score. I will tell admin to remove this credit card so people won’t get fool. Thanks

I have a credit score of 576-654, depending on what time of day and which reporting agency is used, and I was approved for Barclayy instantly for $1000. I am rebuilding my credit and my utilization is less than 10% so that may be why.

If you don’t mind, what’s your annual income?

Did you have a secured card already? Also, what are your baddies? Thanks.

Under 10% utilization is so key it’s crazy. I want a Southwest card or in lieu of that any travel card and have a Trans score of 695 and Equifax 720 but I’m not even going there because I’m not under 10% util on my cards. I will wait until that’s done….then wait til the 3 reporting agencies are up to speed, THEN apply.


You need to call.. Seriously call they denied me twice and I called and got approve.. Try calling

I am 19 yo and i got my first credit card in august of 2012,from 1fbusa with a $200 limit with no job, and I still was in High School, after 6 months it went up to $900 , still no job and I always paid on time. Now a year in half later, am in college, just got a job in dec 2013. I have a Dillards($1000), Belk($300), credit one bank($400), Us Bank Student card($600), and still have the 1fbusa($900). I got all of those cards in march and april of 2013. My experian credit score is 692,am not trying to get anymore but, i plan on closing all of them but 2.
So really it doesn’t matter what you make , at least in my case it didn’t, starting off you’re going to have to pay the high interest rates.

Don’t close the cards, leave them open and don’t use them but maybe once a year. Closing the cards will have a negative impact on your score and will lower the total availible revolving credit that you have.

I got a credit one card with a limit of $400. I made one $100 payment and within a week they lifted my credit limit to $600. I have a 570 as credit score.

Hi, if you don’t mind sharing, what credit card was it? Thanks!

I just got approved for a 400$ limit and I am waiting on the card. My score is at 619. First premier is another good one.

First Premier is a scam and can have a $75-$150 annual fee.

Courtney, to which card are you referring? I’ve never heard of anyone getting an increase within one week after only making one payment.

I got a increase after one week with credit one .. My limit was 300 and a week later a 100 bucks increase I had purchase something and paid it off within a couple of days and the next week increase


I also recently was approved for a Credit One card with a $500 credit limit. It came with an automatic $75 annual fee. I paid the $75 immediately and when I checked my account online, I saw that my limit had been raised to $700. This happened in less than a month’s time.

I tried for a Barclays Card, my score 737, only 3 other cards low balances, credit history 8 months, got denied applied second time about year history, still denied, so I called for reconsideration and was told the reason for denial is to they expect to see high utilization on my present cards,

I’ve applied for several over time I’m 46 and have paid of vehicles ahead of time. I have no credit cards ever and because I don’t have that revolving debt I’m constantly denied. Omg never collected any type of welfare. I make 40 a yr, and I have to start a credit card with a 250 limit and it’s all fees just to say I did. That’s crazy the way our system works.

Anonymous Anonymous

I have a relatively short credit history and I just got approved for Barclay. Thanks for your advice!

I’ve never had a credit card or anything bad against my credit except a few minor things and I really need help to know which card to apply for im tired of apply to see a no 🙁

I got approved for capital one, im under review for barclays idk if I’ll get approved for them..i gotta repo n late card payments on my last credit card but everything is paid up except the car n my credit score is 607

I dont believe income is an issue here. I got approved for $1300 and i make less than 30,000 a year and my bills are 70% of my income. I have a $500 capital one card thats full and still got approved. I got denied by chase, discover, and usaa-(supposed to be pro military) and im active duty military. I really didnt think id get approved but life is full of surprises

if you are active duty, please apply at navy federal credit union. nfcu.org.
they just approved me after joining w/membership for $5 a c/c at $5000.

Hi tscoville,

I am in Atlanta and want to join NFCU but I am not military or Govt and I need a sponsor, will you sponsor me so I can join?

USAA has underwriting guidelines. They are not gonna just give you a card because you salute the flag lol

I was approved with Barclaycard for $1300, My credit score is 640, I had applied for other 3 credit cards which 2 accepted me and this one accepted me also

My credit isn’t perfect. Bankruptcy and lates and charge offs on my report. I was approved for the Barclays card for $1300, my credit score is 690. Today is 11/17/2013

Chase offers the best Credit Line amount, best interest rate of major cards, and if you have good or better credit youll be approved

I also have a credit limit with AmEx of over half my income. And that isn’t taking into account my 3 others. And $10,000 is the most I’ve ever made as I’m a full time student…

I’ve had troubles in the past, such as having my vehicle repossessed and charged off credit cards, due to losing my job, being young, and not understanding credit. Fast forward 5 years and all past issues have been paid off and I used the secured credit cards path to rebuild my credit. Currently have a brand new car with 5.9% and multiple credit cards with a total of over $13,000 credit limits combined. I never put more than 30% on any card and I do carry balances over on some since they have that wonderful 0% introductory rate. I do still use the ones which the 0% introductory rate has expired but only charge small amounts that I can pay off every month. I am planning on purchasing a home within the next 2 years and believe I am on the right track. Some feedback would be much appreciated. As to everyone else out there that is frustrated, it takes time and a lot of patients to build/rebuild but it can be done! Best wishes to all on your credit building endeavours!

what was your credit score? And I have a lot of things coming off my credit report in 2013 and Jan 2014, How long should I wait before I apply for credit to see if my score has raised any at all? About 3 to 4 months?

Try joining a credit union. Once you have donated to their preferred association, and have opened up a free chequing or savings account, they will issue you a member#. Use this member number when applying for their credit card. You will be shocked at how easy the approval process is. Try DCU.org

what is a preferred association

I’m a student and tried applying for every single one of these including a US Bank student card. I got denied for every single one.

You shouldn’t apply for too many, and if you do, limit to about 2 and make sure you apply on the same day. Nonetheless US Bank is very hard to get approved for.

After you’re denied, wait another 4 months and try applying again. Your score needs to bounce back.

Hi if you’re a student then apply for the Discover student card. It’s easy to get for students.

my husband applied for a capital one secured credit card and got DENIED! i have always thought that this was a fail proof credit card but indeed it is NOT! they sent letter stating that his credit did not meet, why do they state on website its to rebuild credit for bad credit but then wont approve a 570 score? makes no sense!! what is the fail proof sec credit card? 100% approval?

Ya, I applied for Cap one secured and got denied as well. I have 2 cc’s and have paid all bills on time for 2 yrs. I was shocked!

I am a disabled woman in her 50’s and I was separated from my husband who destroyed my credit. I just need one card to start with. Which one do you recommend?

Mitchell Rakoff

Tell him to try the Red Journey card. I got approved while being denied for their other cards. Since he’s already applied, one specialist told me you have to wait a month before reapplying again.

If you have good credit- almost any financial institution wants your business- just do a search on line then compare. If you have bad credit, you might just settle with high rates to give time to re-establish your credit.

In answer to Christine above and others who may be in a similar situation. If $12,000 is not a typo, you may not be meeting the minimum income threshold. Even many department store credit cards look for a minimum of $14,000 a year in income to get approved. Make sure that you are filling in the forms right. Good luck!

That isn’t true. I only make like $10,000 a yr and I got approved by American express. My parents make over $500,000 and got denied. What you make can’t make much of a difference.

I’ve tried getting a Discover and Walmart card, just paid my home off never lapsed on bills. I make over 12000 a year what am i doing wrong?

help me please cc

If you were denied for those then try the link above 🙂

I hope the $12,000 a year is a typo…if not, then that’s why!

LOL that’s what I was thinking. You can’t get credit cards when you only make $12k a year… I make $50k/year and was lucky I got one with a $1,000 limit and having excellent credit LMAO

You were probably not approved because you may have too many credit accounts. Your income to debt ration is also looked at. I got a capital one unsecured mastercard. My credit score was about 600 and i owe absolutely no money.

I make a little over $13k a year and I got approved for the Capital One Quiksilver Card. Granted I only got a $300 limit but it doesn’t take long for that to be moved up.