Does a Key Bank secured credit card exist?

Q: My credit sucks big time. It’s not even my fault because I had co-signed an apartment with someone, she left, and since I couldn’t afford the place, I had to move out and the landlord put it as a delinquency on my credit report. That was a half year ago but when I tried applying for an unsecured card I was denied. Since I already have my checking account with them, does Key Bank offer secured credit cards?

A: In recent years Key Bank has trimmed the number of cards they have. If you run a search on their website for “secured credit card” as of May 2013 it comes up empty…

first search on Key's website

And even if you just search for the word “secured” you will see 40 results, but I went thru every single one of them and didn’t see anything related to what you are looking for.  The closest thing I saw was about secured loans.

second search on Key's website


A secured Key Bank card just doesn’t exist. I can’t find anything on their website, nor elsewhere on the net.

This doesn’t surprise me though because after the Great Recession, many smaller and regional banks axed their secured card programs altogether and have yet to bring them back.

In the future if Key ever does decide to come out with a secured account, I’ll be sure to update this post. But don’t hold your breathe on them doing that anytime soon.

List of available secured cards

IssuerSecured products available
Bank of AmericaBankAmericard Secured Card
Capital OneCapital One Secured MasterCard
CitiCiti Secured MasterCard
DiscoverDiscover it Secured Credit Card
PrimorPrimor Secured Visa Gold Card; Primor Secured Visa Classic Card
USAAUSAA Secured Card Platinum Visa; USAA Secured Card American Express
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KeyBank has a product called Loan Assist which helps to either build or rebuild your credit. It is not the same as a secured credit card. It is actually a secured loan. KeyBank lends a set amount over a specific term. The money lent must stay in a KeyBank savings account or CD. When you pay off the loan the money in the savings account or CD is released to you.