Do NOT Order Whole Foods Gift Cards Online!

Whole Foods already wants to take your whole paycheck. Now they want your whole identity, too.

Last year for my birthday someone had sent me a Whole Foods e-gift card. I actually think gift cards are the dumbest, most impersonal gifts ever, but admittedly they are convenient and easy. Or should I say, they’re supposed to be easy. That’s not the case with Whole Paycheck.

Whole Foods is a liar

On January 27th, 2013 I was trying to think of something I could buy a friend of mine. I like buying useful things and being that he’s vegan, I figure ordering him this to save money at the grocery store could be helpful. So I place the order on for a $150 gift card.

I guess when it rains it pours, because this experience was bad from the start. After entering all the info for my order, I was unable to add the gift card to my shopping cart due to an AJAX script error on Whole Foods website. I’m not even that web savvy, yet I could even identify the sloppy code their website is using is non-compliant with the latest version of the Chrome browser.

So what do I have to do? Open Firefox and re-enter all the info again… finally I am able to add the card to my cart. Next, I hit submit and this is what happens:

gift card order pending

Hmm… that’s annoying. So I call the number and “Brian” answers the phone. He asks for my address and name (the latter of which I have to spell out, multiple times) and then asks for my Social Security number.

Me: What?! Are you kidding?!
Brian: This is part of the series of questions we need to ask to verify your identity.

I order a LOT online (and using this same credit card) and have never encountered this before. In fact, just last quarter, I placed orders for over $5,000 worth of computers from three different online retailers and none of them asked me for my SSN. Yet to order a Whole Foods gift card, I need to tell them this very private number? Does that make any sense?!

I refused to give Brian (if that’s even his real name) my SSN. So to approve the order, we had to get Chase on the line and do a 3-way call. After I see the call time on my phone go past the 10 minute mark and he is able to ask Chase all the questions he wants, finally the order is approved and placed.

After that, I ask Brian a couple closing questions:

Me: What is your name again?
Brian: Brian
Me: And what’s your last name?
Brian: I can’t tell you that.
Me: So let me get this right. You want me to trust you with my Social Security number and everything about me, yet I can’t even know your last name? This isn’t exactly a two way street here.

Just to clarify, Chase has nothing to do with this ridiculousness. It is Whole Paycheck who has implemented this bizarre ID verification policy for ordering online gift cards. Apparently, they use some company called “Giftango” to do this evasive background check, regardless of what credit card you’re using.

Whole lotta hassle

Whole Foods logo parodyPart of the reason ID theft is so prevalent these days is because we’re expected to give out our Social Security about as often as we give out our first name. The more times we have to give this number out, the more places it’s being stored. And that means more places hackers can obtain it. Obviously, I understand the need of giving it when you apply for credit, but asking for it just to order a basic gift card is insanity. I have draw the line there.

But even if you don’t have a problem revealing your SSN to random first name strangers in whereabouts unknown at third-party companies you’ve never heard of, you should still avoid ordering gift cards online at Whole Foods for the reason that it’s a mega time-waster. I would have never placed the order if I had known all the hoops I’d be jumping through at 10:30 pm on my previously peaceful Sunday night.

Thank goodness when I call my Chase card’s customer service number, I get direct access to a live person immediately without having to press any buttons…

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Whole Foods digital gift cards are in high demand. People sometimes use other peoples credit card information to buy these cards. The verification process is to insure that it is the credit card holder who is making the purchase and not someone else. There is no process for cards that are delivered by mail only instant. I have never been asked my ss # to purchase a gift card but other questions. It cam be a hassle but its better than trying to use your card and finding out its maxed out because someone went shopping and that someone isnt u…

Truly you are not Internet save. Just go through Amazon to get the gift card If you’re too lazy or too far to just pick one up in a store.

*said the woman who didn’t take 2 seconds to proof read through her autocorrected comment

I missed this blog before trying to order a digital gift card for Whole Foods. NEVER AGAIN!!! This whole process was absolutely ridiculous!!! The order never ended up going through after receiving various error messages that my financial institution declined the transaction – which I confirmed they did not. I had tried again with a different card and it said they required verification of my identity. After reviewing my bank account, they have placed the pre-authorization on my account even though the transaction has not gone through and when I called they said my funds will be released back from the in 24-72 hours. Not only that the VESTA rep who you handles these inquiries was totally rude and could care less about how frustrating the experience was.

I normally don’t make comments online, however I felt it necessary to share this ridiculous experience. Customer service is lacking here – BEWARE IF YOU PLACE AN ORDER!!!!

I just had problems with giftango also. I ordered birthday card and a gift card for my son-in-law from American Greetings. He didnt get the birthday card or the gift card. American Greetings put me on hold for 20 minutes and never answered the phone. They have dropped their live chat so the only other way to contact them is e-mail. They say they reply within 24 to 48 hours but I have sent 3 e-mails and still no answer. I’m so embarrased I hate to tell my son-in-law that I still havent gotten through to these people.I should have known better as I have heard that American Greetings is owned by the Koch brothers and all they want is money to spend on their right wing political candidates.

I read this blog and thought I would try anyway as someone who lives on the other side of the country and who is very sick said that they would very much appreciate a digital Whole Foods card. I tried to buy one using Safari Browser and did not have an option to choose a Digital Card. After a call to Whole Foods online support I was told that there is a compatibility problem with Safari and to try Chrome. So I tried Chrome. I saw a more complete window and thought aha, problem solved. Not so. When I got to the fillable boxes there was not one for a phone number so the transaction was denied. So I called customer service again and laboriously gave the agent all my info which she entered. She was also denied using Chrome and was next going to try Internet Explorer. By this time I was timed out for 24 hours. WITH WHOLE FOODS INTERNET SERVICE HELP! I was told that if the address isn’t entered exactly as it is on the bill, for instance Dr instead of Drive then the payment would be rejected. I order online all the time. Never had a problem. WTF???

DO NOT RELOAD Whole Food gift cards!! Michael, I encountered the same very creepy invasive questions also. I tried to reload a gift card for a college student son and got a cryptic error msg:
“Your order did not process. Please review your credit card and billing information for accuracy and submit again. If you continue to have issues, please submit payment using a different card.” Sounds like something is wrong with my card, doesn’t it? Nothing is and the reload has been approved by my credit card company. But the gift card has not been reloaded because I didn’t get redirected to their 3rd party gift card provider. So when I talked to their customer service department, she (don’t remember her name) said I needed to go through the verification process (that you went through) for my safety. Yeh, right. Cancel the reload because the 3rd party gift card provider asked way too many questions (including SSN) and that was too creepy. I guess they just don’t want my money. Buyer Beware!! Whole Food Gift Cards are NOT convenient if you plan on reloading them and Whole Foods has no interest in fixing their terrible reload system.

Thank you, Michael. The whole point of ordering online is speed, convenience and not making a phone call. While on hold enduring the same experience, I Googled and found this post, so I was prepared when the agent finally came on the line. I answered two questions, then told him to cancel the order. He agreed. I immediately called Chase and told them not to authorize the charge, which had already been put through. WF sent a Pending Order Receipt email, but they have not sent a confirmation of the cancellation. Absolutely ridiculous! And downright slimy!

Excellent article and advice. Credit fraud is so rampant that it pays to be extremely careful. Recently someone stole my debit card ID, I haven’t a clue how but my CO called and asked if I had authorized a charge to a CVS pharmacy in New York (I live in Arizona). We got it straightened out with a minimum of interference. Be careful; this can really mess you up!