How Delta’s Free Checked Baggage Works (No Coupon Needed!)

1st bag bannerQ: How does Delta Airline’s benefit of getting your first checked bags for free work? I know you have to get the credit card but then what, do they send you coupons or something?

A: The process is quite simple. No coupon or promo code is even required to secure this benefit.

Since your SkyMiles Frequent Flyer and American Express Delta credit card accounts are already linked, all you must do is provide your SkyMiles number when booking your flight and the checked luggage fee waiver will automatically be applied.

So whenever you book subsequent reservations online at or by telephone your SkyMiles number in the system will automatically identify you as being a Delta Skymiles cardmember and hence, you’ll receive the benefit.

This perk may be better than you think

When you see the commercials for the card, they say you get your first checked bag for free. That’s obviously true, but in a 30 second commercial they don’t always have time to explain this to you:

Up to 9 passengers on the same reservation qualify – Here’s the fine print straight from the horse’s mouth…

baggage rules

So that means yourself plus up to 8 additional people – if booked under the same reservation – can get their first checked bags for free with the allowance. This card would definitely be useful for Kate plus 8, Octomom, or anyone else with a large family!

Significant cost avoidance

Think about it… if you and your significant other take a trip, and each of you have a bag, that’s a roundtrip cost of $100 (the fee is normally $25 per bag, per flight). The annual fee of the Skymiles credit card is less than that, so as long as you take at least 1 trip per year.

But then add in all the other perks, including the signup bonus and the fact that your annual fee is waived for the first year… well, you can do the math.

Oh and in case you were wondering, according to the FAQ on their website, you get this perk whether or not you use your AmEx Delta to pay for the flight.

luggage FAQ

So you can even pay using a different credit card if you wanted, however I would recommend sticking with the Delta AmEx since it offers you 2 miles per dollar on spending with their airline.

This article was written or last updated August 25, 2014

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I am flying to London this next week. I have the credit card that I usually get a free bag when I travel in the US. I noticed I get a free bag just for flying international but was wondering if I can check another bag for free with my skymiles cc.

Albert DeDominicis

My wife and myself book a flight to Utah for Aug. on a companion ticket, they are charging us $25.00 each for 1st bag, I have a platinum card and my wife has a gold card which allows first bag free, any help will be appreciated. Thank You

Hi can you please explain the free bag and others on reservation to the people in Santiago , DR. … Thank god I had a small bag to carry on they were charging me… And all info was applied on miles… Lack of knowledge or better yet customer service deficient

For international travel, you already get one bag free. Will the Amex card get you the second bag free, each 70lbs ? Thanks for answering.


I am flying back to Nicaragua and I was wondering how can I do and how much to pay because I will bring two large suitcases one is free but the other I dunno the website is confusing. It is an International flight.

Tried to apply for the Delta Amex card as I am traveling Delta soon with 4 others and would love to save the $50 per person round trip baggage fees. But we live in Canada and don’t have a zip code or US mailing address, needed for the card application. Any suggestions?