Minimum Credit Score Needed For American Express?

Q: What is the minimum credit score required to be approved for an American Express card?

A: We all know American Express (who by way is disclosure is a advertising partner) is famous for catering to the upper 1% crowd, but in reality quite a large segment of the American adult population can qualify for an AmEx credit card or charge card. The minimum credit score needed for an American Express largely depends on which card for which you choose to apply.

Below I will talk about my estimates for the credit score requirements on some of their most popular cards. But before I proceed, please understand the following…

  • These are estimates only, based on various customer credit card reviews and feedback gathered on this site and elsewhere, which is illustrative but hardly scientific in terms of either polling or iron-clad accuracy.
  • Even though Credit Card Forum advertises some American Express cards, they unfortunately do NOT disclose their risk policies or any proprietary information like credit score requirements.
  • The credit score needed for not just an American Express card, but any credit card, constantly changes depending on economic conditions. The estimates below are for the current economic environment (as of the second quarter of 2016).

Green Card

I do not recommend the Green because its rewards are disappointing and the annual fee isn’t much less than the Gold Card. Also, based on customer feedback, it sounds like it’s not necessarily easier to get approved for Green versus Gold.

This card has been out for over 50 years (since 1958!) and of course there are now several charge cards above the AmEx Green card. My guess would be that the only reason they keep this one alive is for legacy purposes (it boosts the prestige of the Gold and Platinum, since they’re higher levels). Given that this one costs $95 per year and only gives 1 point per dollar on eligible purchases with no bonus categories, there is really little reason to apply.

It’s a charge card, which means your balance must be paid in full each month. For this reason, it’s a lower lending risk than a regular credit card since the customer can’t use it to carry long-term debt. Because of this charge cards seem to have loose credit score requirements. Not to mention, you’re paying an annual fee for them which probably helps, too.

If you have a low score simply due to a limited credit history (and not credit mistakes) you probably have a good chance at getting approved. We have heard credit scores in the mid to high 600’s getting approved for the Green Card.

AmEx Gold Card & Premier Rewards Gold Card

Of course, these are a step up from Green, but surprisingly, the requirements for approval seem to be comparable… so if you’re debating between Green vs Gold, go for the Gold. It is also a charge card and therefore the same things mentioned above also apply to it.

The minimum credit score needed for the basic AmEx Gold I would estimate to be in the high 600’s (comparable to Green). Meanwhile for the premium version with bonus reward categories, the Premier Rewards Gold Card, you will likely need a FICO a bit higher, probably north of 730 at a minimum.

The Platinum Card

Ah… the elusive Platinum card. Something everyone wants but no one can afford! Its $450 fee is steep, but can be worth considering if you travel frequently, want airport lounge access and tend to go first-class all the way. It’s also a charge card.

There are two sides to consider. Yes, it is their most premium card (not counting the Centurion) and for that reason alone, a high credit score is to be expected. However on the flip side, you are agreeing to pay a $450 annual fee (which is NOT waived the first year) and that probably helps your case, since it means you become a profitable customer from day one!

For these reasons it can be argued that the credit score needed for the American Express Platinum card is not outrageously high. My estimate would be you need a credit score range similar to the Premier Rewards Gold Card. Check out this review of the Platinum American Express to learn more.

Blue Cash (two versions available)

Unlike Green/Gold/Platinum listed above, this one is a credit card and for that reason it does have tougher approval requirements.

During the peak of the credit crunch in early 2009, one of our members called up customer service on their Blue account to ask for a credit limit increase and was denied. The rep told him “I am seeing people with 830’s that are only getting a $2,000 limit right now on this card.”

Obviously, the economy has substantially recovered since then and I’m sure that’s not the case today. Based on some informal research, it is estimated the AmEx Blue card’s minimum credit score requirement to be around 720, give or take a few points. Check out this American Express Blue Cash review to find out more about the two versions: the Everyday and Preferred.


What credit score does American Express require? It all depends on the type of card you are applying for. As a rule of thumb, I would guess you would have the best luck at getting approved for the Gold Delta SkyMiles credit card. Even if you don’t fly very often, it can be a solid choice to get your foot in the door since right now it comes with a 50,000 mile signup bonus offer after spending $2,000 in the first 3 months and the annual fee is waived for the first year.

Last updated March 2017

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Filled out pre-qualified link and was given a couple of options – I ended up going with Blue Everyday and was approved with $500 SL. I’m actually quite shocked considering most say you need high credit score and low utilization. My score is low 600s and high util. Salary 98k

837 credit score with a mortgage two cars and 6 credit cards, credit utilization 3% over 30k in credit line, 32 years old i make 80k yearly and never finished highschool, i dont understand how people struggle so much when i succeeded on my own, Amex platinum with option to finance balance

Not everyone has been taught how to manage money properly or the value of credit. I certainly wasn’t and paid the price dearly in my 20’s and 30’s. And many factors contributed as well, i.e divorce, job lay offs, not making enough money, fraud victim, etc. I am in my late 40’s now and it has taken a lot of time and hard work to get my credit score up to a decent level. I monitor my credit reports constantly, make sure I pay my bills on time, keep very low to no balance on credit cards, and don’t apply for unnecessary credit. No body taught me this, it’s something I had to learn on my own. Life doesn’t always go as planned or turn out perfect. Congratulations on your many successes but you clearly don’t know what it’s like to struggle. Instead of judging those that have struggled, try understanding how they got there.

Exactly! Well said, MKJ! I’m 32 and had to learn on my own as well. Some people will, some won’t, others are just plain lucky with what they were born into or taught early on. I’m still a work in progress but have benefited from being financially conscious and diligent.

Thank You MKJ… its never too late to learn… count your wins and ignore the judmental

Please get over yourself Jon. There is life outside of your own.

Somewhere up north

I’ve been a green card member since late 2014, was recently offered the chance to upgrade to the gold premier rewards which I accepted because of the 2x and 3x points for certain purchases. My FICO score is 711, I make less than 40 grand per year and have around $30,000 of available credit across my 5 non charge cards. Honestly, just pay your bills, manage your money properly and they will reward you well. Only use their charge card on things you know you can afford, that goes with any card (charge and credit). My sister makes a hell of a lot more money than I do, but she once gave me the best piece of advice I ever heard, “whether you make 30,000 a year or 300K, if you don’t budget and spend properly, you can suffer financially.” Live within your means, and you will see how much credit you can accumulate. I’ll never use anywhere near the 30K I have available across all of my cards, but it’s nice to know it’s there, God forbid something bad ever happens. The AMEX premier rewards is the only card I have with an annual fee.

i have my Blue card with a 1k opening limit ..opened for 1 1/2 month now , Tried the credit increase and got the message that they will mail me a letter got the email telling me to call i did..made me go over it again..and it said to me that my request can not be processed because my account have to be open for at least 60 days . so NOTE , they are enforcing now the 60 day , I opened my account mid October will try a end of Jan or so my fico is 650 income 110k , but carrying high balances (2 capital ones one 5k the other 2k)right now so this time will give me time to bring balances down

Hi all. Wanted to share my story.

( months ago my credit score was 538 (experian)

We owned a home and for many years I never used or applied for a credit card other than a capital one offer I received which only gave me a $300 credit line.

I used the card sometimes and always forgot to pay it because of it’s insane low limit.

Needless to say it hammered my credit.

Fast forward to this past January. I called Cap 1 and asked for a limit increase. They upped it to $500.

Three months later it was changed to $750
Two weeks later it changed again (without me asking) to $1000.

I then read online somewhere do dispute everything negative on all three bureaus.

I did.

80% was removed or updated to show no later.

Cap 1 changed to $2000 couple weeks later.

My scores all went to around 695, 705, 730 range.

I while shopping on amazon came across a thing that said get XXX credit on amazon if you apply for and are approved for the amazon store LOC. Instant approval $1500 LOC

Then while checking out it asked if I wanted the Chase Amazon Visa, and get another amazon credit if apply and approved. BANG, approved, $4000 LOC.

Two months later, I for shits and giggles applied for a TD Cash Credit Card since I bank with them and have around 100k in the bank with them. Received a “We will notify you via mail”, figured I was declined.

Nine days later received card in the mail with a 10k credit line.
I was beyond surprised!

Tonight I was just online checking email and then on some site that had an Amex advertisement.
I said to myself I wonder what credit score is needed for this and googled same.

I came across this site, read about 3/4 of the people’s responses. Initially planned on waiting until I pay off the current balance on the Chase Amazon (Currently at $2200), but then saw someone post about the Sky Miles card being easy approval.

I figured what the hell, worse they can say is no.

I applied, waited for about 45 seconds and was approved online. Come to see after filling out alert choices and such, they gave me a 10k limit.

I am very impressed with Amex, and I wanted to thank all the people whom contributed to posts on here.

you mentioned that you disputed all negative reports to the credit bureaus. What website did you find this information as i am trying remove old negative reports. Or what did you do to dispute.

You can go to and it will show you your Transunion as well as your Equifax: everything open, negative, closed, etc. It gives you the option to dispute information directly throught their site. Plus, it’s free. My credit score has gone up almost 200 points in the last year and a half due to checking their site regularly, along with disputing incorrect information (you can dispute balances, validity, ownership and accuracy). Good luck!

I was just approved for 14,300 with a 687 equifax. No late pays, all my other credit cards are 0 balance except one. I owe 283k in mortgage and 29k auto but I make 140k salary. I don’t think they have a cut and dry formula. They must look at several different things

I just got approved For 3500 start with the blue card. I got a Equifax of 667 and transunion of 664. Credit history of 11 months, around 12 hard inquiries and only 5 credit accounts (3 cards with this one) 2 cars. No late payments and 2% of credit utilization. 0 derogatory marks. Hope this help you all. No home or student loan yet. Salary 57k

I applied for the blue card few days ago and they denied me then day after I saw an experian report that amex checked my credit score so I was a little upset that they denied me even b4 they check my credit. I have 697 on experian btw. So idk what else went wrong.

approved for blue cash rewards with Exp 655

2 other cards that are both secured

my experian has zero collections

The Blue Cash is probably the easiest card to get.. i had 3 lates was approved.

I just applied for the Amex Blue Cash Preferred and was instantly approved online with a starting limit of $5,000. Amex uses Experian Fico 8 and mine was 709.

Reading all these comments make me wonder how I got approved!! All I know is that I am extremely happy I did. So here’s my deal!!! I got approved for the Blue Cash Everyday for $3100. My credit score with Experian was 655. I heard they really only go with Experian. I checked my credit score for all three and only found a hard inquiry from Amex on Experian. I had previously applied for a Discover card about a week before Amex and got approved for $5000 but that hard inquiry was pulled from Equifax. My utilization ratio was at about 72%. I have no mortgage loans but I do have student loans that equal about $150k but are in in-school deferment. My combined annual income is about 60k. The only negative info I have is late payments of about 120 days with Navient (aka sallie Mae) but for the past 9 months have been current and uptodate on payments. So at this point I am not sure what they are looking for but I hope this helps.

I had been reading all this comments and some are true and other are not I have a few credit cards chase slate, chase freedom unlimited, amazon visa signature,capital one quicksilver, ventureone, credit union from texas ,Citi double cash and now that I applied i finally get the amex blue cash but just for the record i had applied before for Amex twice and i had been rejected but this time i got approved so my opinion is that you’ll actually need low utilization ratio and perfect pay history mine is below 12 %

I have the same issues you had. Do you think I can get approved with a 640 score?

I already have the Amex Everyday Blue and they just recently increased my limit from $1200 to $2500. I received a letter in the mail from them offering me the Platinum card. Income is $100k. Total available credit on all the cards I have is about $12k. Think I’ll get the Platinum if I apply? I travel for work so the airport lounge deal would be sweet!

FYI AMEX gives cards out intelligently. What do I mean? Let me explain.

Have a collection on your report? Don’t bother to apply. Seriously. I had one on my report that was faulty. Instant denial, and denied again 4 months later! I then checked my report and found the faulty info. I got it removed and got some other reward cards (which brought my score down) and applied again a couple months after that.

My score was lower than before. I had more inquiries and my average age of accounts was much lower. Also, since I love getting sign up bonuses, I had a bunch of new cards over the last year (looking for credit). I got approved for a premier gold and the blue cash and 2 months later a platinum when the 100k offer came around. (The offer was literally up for a day before they yanked it. Remember that, you see it, apply for it.)

My score was hovering around 700 (I think it was actually 695ish when I applied for platinum), I had perfect payment history and I had no collections or negative remarks on my report. I did, however, get a raise up to 130K a year.

They want a few things: History with Amex. Proof you can pay your bills. Proof you won’t skip out on paying them (aka PERFECT history). A good salary.

They don’t care about: They fact you pay off your one card with a $500 limit every month. The fact that that collection was paid off 5 years ago. The fact that you pay off all your cards even though you only make 20k a year. The fact you make all your current payments but you still have 100k in student debt from getting your fancy degree.

These will net you a hard inquiry and no shiny card.

Tips: Get your balances down.
Fight a collection, even if it was your fault. I’ve known people who have paid off a collection to an an agency in full with the stipulation they pull it from their report completely. They don’t care, they want the money, not a battle.
Start lower on the ladder than you initially want. Work your way up after you have a history.
Finally, (easier said than done) get more income.

You’ll get that Platinum Card when they can make money off of your membership.

One last hint: if you’re on the fence, AMEX recently put a lot of money into trying to market to new members. Now is the time to apply if you can.

Great info!!! You saved me a hard inquiry. Found a some incorrect information will correct then apply.
Best Regards,

Recently came to the US, I have a business and had a family member add me as an authorized user to their credit card they have had for over 10 years. I applied for a Chase Sapphire Preferred and got approved for $25k and a Capital One for $10k. I reviewed my credit score on and stated my FICO is at 737. What AMEX card would be the best choice.

For the past year, I have worked to rebuild my credit. There are no late payments or collections, all credits card are paid each month. Gainfully employed with credit scores . 689/681 and want an Amex but afraid that I may not qualify. Advice

Jayn Stevenson

I was approved for an AMEX Blue Cash last week with a FICO of 670. The limit isn’t very high ($1500), but it is a start! 🙂

In late March, I applied for a Green AMEX. My utilization was under 10%. My EXP was about 640. It did not instantly say approved. But, I still had hope because it did not say declined instantly either. It gave me a message to call them to verify some info. All they wanted to do was put me thru a security screening questionnaire because my home address was not in my credit report, only my POB. The New Accounts rep overseas said he would even overnight the card! I had waited over 10 years to be approved for a card with AX. When I got my card, it showed my MSD as early 90’s when I was first a customer. I only had two bad accounts on my CR. One charged off auto loan ($15K written off) that was over 5 yrs old, and one charged off CC from a credit union for about $11K that was over 6 yrs old. All of the other reqs were obviously met in regards to income and numerous new car and CC in the past 6 years all paid on time so my CR had some strong trade lines listed. I also had no collections or BK’s on my EXP. It pulled a hard inquiry on EXP. Three days later I went into my Delta FF account since they are offering 60K bonus miles (public offer is only 30K) with first annual fee waived and a $50 acct credit. You have to go thru your Delta FF account and follow the instructions to get the 60K vs. 30K. I was approved for the Delta Gold AX, but with only a $1K limit. Hey, thats better than no AX card at all…and 2 cards approved in 3 days after waiting over a decade for derogs on my EXP to drop off was nice. Now that I have them, I would do anything to make sure they are paid on time, every time. Ive already made multiple payments to both of the accounts in less than a month. I assume it will only be a time where I can get the Gold limit increased and I plan to use my AX cards 99% of the time. I will only keep a Visa for backups for places I cant use AX. Good luck on getting your card, too!

I get these “pre-approved” letters from AX, I reply to them only to find out instantly that I get declined. Why bother advertising to me? I’m in my early 30’s, my current cc debt with Capital One is low, less then $2,000 (which I can pay off instantly if I choose), my ‘reported’ income is a modest 40k, I own a paid off 220k house, multiple cars and a motorcycle, and my score low 700’s. I have a 10k limit with Capital One, yet an old chapter 7 filing due to a deranged ex-wife bars me from this card. I probably have more money then most people that work there, never missed a payment even until the day I arrived in court for final approval. The whole reason for CH7 was to prevent her from taking anything of mine during my divorce from her. I guess computer programs don’t care about that. I really don’t care about cc’s in general, I really only use them to keep my checking account bank statements cleaner, less transaction lines, but it’s sort of insulting to decline me, yet I laugh about it everytime. Whatever I guess.

I’ve considered AMEX as “The Holy Grail of credit cards,” and have dreamed of getting their Blue Cash Card.

Here’s my story:

About $13,000 in the red right now
Utilization 99%
About 1 or 2 inquiries
$60k salary
Decent credit scores (eg. Experian 680)
7 credit cards, 3 lines of credit
About $8,000 left on my auto loan from 2012
NO collections, bankrupts, delinquencies etc.
Excellent payment history, never late 🙂

I want to make a good impression with AMEX first, so I made a plan to wait to apply until I bring down my outstanding debt and utilization percentage significantly. Anyone got advice? Should I go for it, or stick to my plan?

Wish me luck!

Bring that %Util down to ~30%…if not, lower. That will make your score jump considerably. Then apply :^)

My scenario looked similar to yours with a view exceptions:
1) No auto loan on my credit,
2) 696 credit score pulled (same bureau),
3) 8k debt(same DTI)
4) Received a letter of Invitation.

I got approved BCE. Now part of the AR family. I say go for it. But if you want to Apply to more than one and get approved(make sure more than 5 days apart and ask if they will use same hp that they used for first app). Pay off at least half of your debt. Depending on your new score your selection will widen. BCE???? PRG???? HH …or Platinum ???? BCE???? DeltaGold….
Happy app’ing!!!

I was approved with a low 600 score back in July of this year. I received a preapproval In the mail and decided to go for it. I called in and after a minute lady came back on the line and congratulated me. They obviously looked at other things. I have low utilization, high income, 1 new medical collection in past two years. All bills are 95% timely paid. Awesome cust srv. Love this card and hope to b upgraded

Low 7s experian approved for PRG. Salary 275k.

I am an authorized user for my current company, as I was on my previous firm’s Amex corporate card as well. I can apparently connect my corporate card with my personal card and accrue points if I were to get an Amex. This scenario is the reason for my post and interest in becoming an Amex member.

I would love your thoughts and input regarding the card I should apply for, or if I should hold off for a bit and continue to build.

FICO: 665
Average length of credit: 7.5 years
Salary: $110,000 base
Two delinquencies In two years. One appears as a medical bill(paid last month/dispute with insurance). The other was Credit One Bank deciding to start charging their annual fee in monthly increments which I was unaware of and missed an eight dollar payment. I cancelled the card out of spite which seemingly wasn’t the best idea.

Current Cards ranging from zero to ten percent utilization:
Cap One Quicksilver One w/ $2000 limit
Credit Union Card w/ $2000 limit
Cap One Secured w/ $1200 limit
Auto Loan: $9000 left on $15000 in just over a year.

What card, if any, would have a high probability of approval given the information above?1

what are the chances of me getting approved for a American Express card with credit scores of 647,640,620?

i have a clean 6-year credit history with only one card that has a $13k limit at 37% utilization and im nearly halfway through my first auto loan and have never missed a payment in my whole life. got one of those prescreened offers for the blue cash everyday. should i go ahead and apply?? fico estimator says im between 700-750

I say, yes, apply. Especially since you got a letter in the mail. I had excellent credit, it got ruined because of a divorce so I rebuilt for a few years. I now have 14 credit cards, using 50% or more of my card limit’s and a fico score of 672. I applied on line for this card and was approved right away with a $5,000 credit line. 15 minutes later I applied for another card with a pre-approval letter and got that card right away also with a $6,700 credit line. My aim is to have cards with higher limits. I will now lay low and pay down my other cards as I have been. Note that once I applied for this card though, it said they needed more information. I called them and asked what they needed, they said nothing, you’ve been approved. Good luck!

I started out with an AMEX prepaid card about 4 years ago. I used it extensively loading cash from Moneygram. My credit score is only 645-656 – but because I used their prepaid card for years with no problems – they now have approved me for Gold Rewards and most recently the Platinum card. Since I travel almost constantly, it works for me.

I got rejected for the green card and in the rejection letter it said my FICO score is 708. Apparently I don’t use my credit enough or something.

I’d say go for it!!!
Got approved in June with a TU 687 and Eq 668 but they pulled EX probably around 670-680 at the time
At the approval time i only had 2 other card open,oldest 1 yr and average 5 months
And instantly got approved for 1k with a 21k income
Card is Amex everyday card
I ll apply for a CLi end of Aug
Will keep you posted 🙂
Hope this helps

Did you get your CLi?

recently got approved for the gold rewards premiere and the plt card as well so now I got 2 AMEX cards in my wallet with a credit score of 650. I also have other credit cards and my available credit is under 85% all together. If you REALLY want an amex card id apply for sure.

SOOOOOO for everyone who doesn’t have hope in getting approved, I got approved for a Delta Gold Sky Miles card with a 1,000 CL with a credit score of mid 500’s!! Hey you never know until you try! and I didnt notice a hard hit on my credit report!

Just applied for that one hope I get approved. How do you like it?

I am 29 years-old. I have a credit history for 11 years. I started when I was 18 years-old. I have other 7 credit cards – Citi, Chase, BoA, and Wells Fargo. I wanted an AMEX card because I heard it is only offered to people with good credit history. So I waited for AMEX to mail me a credit card invitation to sign up; and I finally got it in the mail today. I just got approved for Blue Cash Everyday card from AMEX with a CL of $8000.00, which is the highest limit out of all of my credit cards, 0% APR for 15 months, 12.99% APR after 15 months, no annual fee, and earn $150 cash back if I spend $500 in 3 months. I do not earn much from my job because I am a full time university student. My income for a year is only around $25k (2 part-time jobs combine). My FICO score average is 800 from the 3 credit unions (Exp, Trans, and Eqfx). I am sure now my credit score is lower by 5-6 points because I just opened this card. All of my total credit cards usage is at 5%. I do have an auto loan of $13k and student loan of $12k. I am very happy with this AMEX credit limit.

For an average credit score of 687. I was surprised to receive an offer to apply for the American Express Green Card, and got approved in less then 60 seconds. Yes, it is not a credit card, but a charge prestige card. Connected to one of my checking accounts? The money awaits there automatically to be taken out at due date, with me not to worry. The benefits is not compared to any other bank cards. This is a great charge card, for travel and booking my hotels, rental cars and flights, through AMEXTRAVEL and enjoy double points, with no blackout dates Guaranteed. Just what I wanted for many years, finally came through. Thank you AMEX!

20 inquires in 2 years
score 702 what are the chances

Walber Hindle

Great card No problem what so ever hope to get gold card.

I’ve wanted a Green Card since childhood. I currently have two cards with Capital One (got them 4 years ago) and 2 years of payment hick-ups under my belt but i’ve been completely “clean” for the past 2 years. Both cards currently are occupied at 40% of my $500 limits (on each). I’m 22 years old, if that helps. Any chance of me getting approved for this card?

Does anyone know if as a business owner trying to open an AMEX business Gold card, if they will check your personal credit score. I’m about to buy a house and i don’t want any inquiry on my credit for now. Thanks

yes they will check business credit

I have credit score of 660. I have one credit card with 1k line of credit. Should I apply for American express or wait for my scores to climb up? Thanks. Max

Bryan Gonzalez

I would go ahead and give it a shot.

With a score of 660 and a single tradeline w/ a $1K credit line , I would *not* apply for any Amex card. The chances of you getting approved under those conditions is slim to none, barring some out and out rarity like your earning $1M/year and never having bothered to establish credit, or having a large asset base you can prove. You’ll also unnecessarily incur a hard pull that sticks with you for 2 years. With a long Average Age of Accounts an inquiry isn’t much to worry about, but with a borderline score and very small amount of existing credit extended to you, it’s not worth losing the points.

Instead of trying to for the granddaddy of credit cards and conservative lending, Amex, work on building your credit and score with smaller store and major cards. Target store brand card, Gap, TJX store card… hit those, establish a year’s worth of payments, get higher credit lines, a major (Visa/MC) from a less conservative bank (ie, CapOne)… Once you’ve got that, at least $5K in available credit on a single credit line, and a score at or very near 700, then apply for an American Express *credit* card. Don’t try and jump in w/ an Amex Platinum card, but instead go for a Blue or Everyday card which has a hard credit line. Charge cards have “No preset limit,” not the same as unlimited, but requiring a lot more confidence in you from Amex than a couple thousand dollar hard limit.

I applied for makemytrip Amex card and it got declined though I have credit report of 677.ehats the score required to get this makemytrip Amex card?

Please help

I heard the delta gold is the easiest to get of the amex card or the green card but you have to pay off every month. The delta gold requires a FICO 685. I have a Cap venture with a 5500 limit. Im waiting tip my Fico hits 720 then i will apply for an amex.

I recently got approved for the American Express Everyday card with a generous limit. My FICO score is only 685, used to be higher but in 2012 I made a career change and took a hit. I have a few blemished on my report but am current with all bills for the last 18 months. It is not just the score that they take into consideration, it’s the entire picture. If you want to get the card, my advice, go apply.

I had the blue, the clear, and the gold 5 years ago. I lost my job and could not pay off the balances on those cars. One year later I started working again and paid all three cards off in full. I did not settle with any third party collection agency, I paid Amex direct. My credit score is 608 I have two cards with the sharks for credit repair boot camp. Do you think Amex would give me another chance after I beef my score up around 650 plus? Amex is a great card to have…..

It’s going to be almost in possible to get another Amex card .

I would say get your score higher first. A similar situation happened to me and I was able to reapply and get another Amex but your scores need to be higher than the low 600’s. You need something closer to 680.

How did you all get approved?? It says that they systems are down, if you called- what happened, was it the same questions asked or more detail?

Was just approved for a Delta Amex Gold Card with 678 Experian score

I just got approved for Delta skymiles Amex. all three scores were above 700. less then 10% of available credit used. Go for it if you are above 700.

Garrett Chaffee

I applied ant was told I needed a job, tf?

bro idk i have a friend or 2 who have amex gold’s and no job idk

So I was thinking of applying because I applied for the capital one journey card and was approved for 1k limit now the other two cards to complete my wallet are the American Express card (unsure which one) and the Discover it card; however, I filed for bankruptcy a year ago and I’m waiting to apply for another card and holding myself back to apply now. So, with my cap1 card trans-union says I have a 670 score, what do you think I should do?? Thank you if you replied

I would call Amex credit office not the customer service and advise them of the chapter filed with the courts before you apply. Amex is very hard to give credit with a bankruptcy.

I got approved for AMEX Blue cash after only 6 month of credit history I always made sure to keep the debt to credit ratio less than 30% so after 6 month of credit history I got fico score of 701 and got approved for a 4k limit. I just now requested an increase (I have had the card for 3 month now) My CLI got approved and I now have a 12K credit limit with Amex with only 9 month of credit history total.

my partner has amex gold preferred rewards card. good job with prestigious US
company for last 10 years.. just been transferred to London office from NYC for foreseeable future. his experian rating is currently 998. applied for amex gold card to use in uk. rejected. letter said had checked with experian and could confirm was clean but nevertheless he did not meet their current criteria. not a major problem as everyone else is pressing platinum cards on him but why the amex rejection?

It could be the debt ratio

You can not have a credit score of 998. It does not exists. Sorry, try again.

It’s not a credit score. I believe she meant the experian rating. See below for what I found.

XPN Pre-Screening Exclusion Codes

Introduction: Pre-Screening is similar to a mailing list inquiry at Experian only. They pre-pull FICO scores on consumers to see which category of a loan they may be qualified for, before they offer credit through the any of the Industry Options categories. The pre-screening reports to do not have tradeline or file information only just a score range for the creditor to see what risk these consumers come under for credit with their company.

Experian (XPN) Pre-Screening Exclusion Codes
Code Description
996 XPN score not available due to report of “deceased” status
997 XPN score not available due to insufficient credit history
998 XPN score not available due to a lack of credit history
999 XPN score not available because the credit file is too large / there is a system file parameters problem.

Yes you can. It’s a score value given when they are unable to score due to insufficient or no history.

FICO only goes to 850 Vantage goes to 990 Amex uses FICO so your scores are a little off. They go by assets and income also.

I have a 617 Credit Score, and wanting to apply for one of this cards, what are my chances of getting approved and what do you recommend I apply for?

Bryan Gonzalez

Try a Visa or MasterCard buddy

I applied for and got: AMEX Platinum w/ 100K MR points, AMEX Delta w/ 50k Skymiles and AMEX Hilton Surpass w/75K Hilton points all within the last 2 months. That is a lot of free travel and a few free nights at Hilton. My credit (FICO) score on my AMEX card page is 608! I have an income of 81K, and own a home. Go to the AMEX pre-qualified page and see what they show you, that’s how I got the Platinum and Delta card within 10 minutes of each other.

I’ve read somewhere that American Express does a soft pull

Just Approved for $3500 for delta amex. with a Exp: 678 Have (4) 60 day late CC back in 2009, Judgement from 1 card against me from 2009 (Satisfied). Nothing negative in the last 2 1/2 years. No Bankruptcies. Currently carry a Cap One card with a Zero balance. Just got a car loan in September of 2014 and 1 student loan. Steadily have rebuilt the credit.

So I’m reading this article and looking into the Amex gold not rewards can you guys assist me what’s the lowest minimum and credit history to get approved, currently with a FICO of 660 do you guys think I’ll get approved

ok so back with the craziest followup back from my jan 17post i asked what was the preferred score for a amex gold well happy to say i got approved fico 680 on experian i know they pull them at the same time i applied for a chase freedom approved a banana republic visa approved and a best buy credit card to add to my target card approved best part all done TODAY !! only one inquiry for all 4 my recommendation 1 shot deal hit hard on all one time to prevent the heavy inquires i also have a credit union card if you don’t know about them please look them up that really is the best way to go on credit cards and interest rates trust everyone should get on besides that any questions on my moves on how i got it done in 6 months cause i got my first card 6 months ago hit me with a comment or private email i am more than happy to assist the same way someone helped me

credit union 1k
chase freedom 2k
banana republic visa 1k
target 2k
best buy 2k
amex gold – unlimited lol

Wow, how did you manage to only have one inquiry with 4 approvals in one day? Congrats..please share..

Please share!! How were you able to work that out? I would love some help.

Doing happy dance

Got approved for Delta Gold Skymiles. 665 credit score. 1 other card (2 years), 1 car loan (1 year).

Hi All,

I want to get an AMEX Delta card but I’m trying to work on my credit first. I have a long and solid history with my Macy’s credit card and noticed they have partnered with AMEX and now offer a Macy’s/AMEX. Would it be better/easier to go with the Macy’s/AMEX card because of my good history with Macy’s? Would that affect my application in a positive way or should I just wait to apply for the Delta AMEX? Thanks!

Hey guys or girls, Well im 21 years old and i got approved for the blue credit card. I tried to applied for the Costco american express credit card like little over 2 years ago and got denied. Now, i have the blue credit card with a $5,500 credit limit. My credit score from is 745 , which been there for a while and cant seems to get it pass 750. i have always paid my credit cards on time , but only have around 10 credit cards including stores credit cards. I only have around 2-3 years of credit history so far.

I call bs – your post is wishful thinking. To be an AE Blue holder – you need a proven, stable credit history – your age and number of credit cards and credit score don’t qualify.

That’s right. BS

Actually he/she is not that far off. I am 23 years old and just applied for the blue preferred and got approve. Credit score is mid 700’s. Just have 3 credit cards total and always paid balances in full, and as far as my credit history just 2 years.

I call BS on you. The blue card isn’t especially difficult to get approved for. My first real credit card was the AmEx Blue Cash with a limit of $2500. My credit score was only ~720 at the time. Prior to that I only had a military star card (that I could only use on base) for ~3-4 years with a thousand dollar limit.

I’m a 665 and got $2000 with no credit history amex blue

NOT bs at all I’m 19 and just got my blue cash everyday card my self with a cl of 3500 my score is only 713 and have only 4 cards total including my amex.

Not bs. I have a 740 fico score and am 21 years old. Full time student with two jobs. Got approved immediately for the Costco Amex! Also, I have 7 credit cards with different big banks. Credit history of 3 years. Average credit history of 1.9 yrs.

TruerBlue and Joe. You call BS, but I do not think that you have any idea what you are talking about. To get approved for the AE Blue cards, you do not need to have an “Excellent”, in the mid to high 700’s to get approved.

It is not just the score that they look at, it is the entire credit profile. You can have a 750 score, get denied and someone with a 680 score gets approved. I would know, I got approved with a 690 (even have a few late payments on my credit from 2012 when I switched careers).

I’m 22 now and got approved for amex platinum. High 700’s credit score and reasonable income level for a late 20’s out of college. Had gold pr for 8 months before canceling and getting platinum to help the layover on frequent domestic flights and reservations for clients at hard to get into restaurants.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is it that tou do? You said that your 22 and just got out of college and see clients. Sounds like a good job to me. What career path?

You are right, Crystal. These people have ego deficiencies and think by lying or wishing, they can inflate their status. Pathetic. You have a sharp eye, Cyystal. 22. Late 20’s? B.S.

Does anyone know how Amex feels about lates? I have a joint card that has several lates (120 days 07/2013) but all my other cards are paid on time and low util. Will I get denied? Should I wait until they are 2years old? Can I get them to recon and explain why the lates? I am looking to get the BCE or Costco TE.

EVERYONE is against lates. There is NO good reason for lates. Pay your bills on time, and if you are joint and you can not cover the other the person, CLOSE the account.

i currently have a 673 score and clear credit no bad history but wondering if i should get a amex gold card a little discourage due to i feel as if my score isn’t good enough for it but i do have some stock and just started my own business does that help ? any feedback is gladly appreciated.

Stock possession means NOTHING for your credit. Personal and business is also separate.

Moved to USA in April 2014, in May, checked my credit at credit showed no credit history ” Thin File Notification ” applied for Discover and Capital One on the same day got a call approved for Discover with starting limit $500 and Capital $300… Now after first statement of capital one on 06/05/2013 my credit score is 651 (Trans Union) in fact of credit utilisation being at 52% which I didn’t knew I shouldn’t do that… Oldest account 1 month… Anyone can tell how is that possible… And yeah the stimulator is saying if I have >$2500 limit combined credit cards and I pay off the cards my credit should be >734 … Discover hasn’t yet reported my payment…

Rodney Walker

Harry, I have no idea what you are saying. What does this have to do with American Express? Are you saying you got approved for an AMEX or not? If so, which card did you get approved for?

Please reply

So? What’s the point?

Capital one Credit Tracker does not show you your actual credit score, it is just a simulation, and a bad one for that matter. In my case it was showing 750 CS and when I applied for Chase Freedom they rejected me because my credit score was 680. After 6 months, I maxed out my Discover card by buying some furniture and Simulator dropped my score to 630 but in fact my Experian score was 680. Credit One Simulator algorithm is so off that it can barely be used to estimate a Fico credit score. Better score could be found at Discover monthly statement. They say it’s your current FICO score, but hey, you never know what algorithm will another bank use. Final conclusion, don’t use Capitol one credit score simulator, use Discover score with reserve and the best option you have is to talk with a bank rep and dispute any rejection and try to get the card you want, Best of luck to everyone!

I just got approved for a American express every day card. My Trans Union score is 676 and I have a bankruptcy from seven years ago but has not fallen off. Super excited to get my card in the mail if you have a score 670 or more apply for a card.

Just got American Express Delta Gold Card, My Experian is a 689. I had previous charge offs with American Express. But its true, The delta Gold card is the easiest to get.

I am 26 and have been building credit for a couple years. I have a 720 credit score but also just paid off $1000 and have no balance on either card ($2500 total credit). Should I apply for an Amex Blue Cash card or wait. I’m thinking about getting a Discover IT card as well.

I was in the same shoes as you are and I applied for Discover IT and got approved for a good amount.

The issue I see with Amex is they are not accepted widely which is the same in case of Discover IT.

got a friend who have a similar score he applied and was approved i say go for it you will be approved

I’ve had an Amex Green and Clear card for 9 years, though last year I cancelled the Green since I had little use for it anymore and I didn’t need the $100 fee. After Hurricane Sandy I was nearly totally financially destroyed and out of all the CC companies Amex was the only one who was understanding and helped me work things out because my credit report went way down in the bad zone. They are the nicest company out there that I know of.

I’ve been working on my credit for the last 6 months and doing well. As of this morning my scores are…EQ-620, EX-654 & TU 615. I’m in need of a travel rewards card for my job and would like to obtain the Delta Amex card. Anyone have thoughts if I would be approved based on my credit scores?

What would be a good credit card to apply for? Because according to credit karma my credit score is 658, I have no negative payment information listed, 4 inquiries, and my utilization is 0%.

I had a credit karma score of 658 also! I was approved for a Discover It card & Delta Gold American Express! City simplicity turned me down!

Would you happen to know what the average credit score is needed to apply for a Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card?

Also, figured I would comment about young people having very high credit scores. This is very possible. The way to do it is to have someone with very old credit card accounts add you as a authorized user to there accounts. The entire history of that account will appear on the young persons credit report. Instantly that person will have 20 years of excellent payment history appear on there credit thus rocketing there credit score thru the roof. I have seen an employee that did it for there son who had some messed up credit. His score was under 600 and within 30 days from when his father added him his score went up to 760. The issue with this is that if the person with good credit has something happen and defaults it will also hurt the other persons credit as it was there own or if the person that needed the help was given the card he was added too charges up the card and doesn’t pay for it. So a word to the wise, this is not a smart thing to do, if your the person with good credit.

My brother has the green card since 2006 and around 2008 he got the gold card.
he has a very good credit history his score is 800up.
Last year on july 2013 he add me as an authorized user on his account and a got a gold card i had no credit history, few months after i apply for discover and capital one card and got approved both.
And my score it’s been around 640-689 i used credit karma to check my score and on my open accounts it shows my gold card open account on july 2013 and not when my brother open the account.
Is there something that we can do about that? any recommendation?
Do i supposed to have the same credit score as my brother?

All, not to call anyone a liar, but I have had over 10 different Amex accounts. Including centurion. First off, the credit requirements for the different tiers of Amex charge cards are the same. The only difference is the services you get and the annual fee. The centurion card requires you to spend 250k in the previous year, pay a $4500 enrollment fee and I believe I paid a $2500 annual fee. Centurion is a invite only, (that’s what they say, but I called and they reviewed my account and let me upgrade) I also know for the charge cards they will not approve you if you have any negative item on your credit report. I was opening a new account with them and had a cell phone account I got for one of my employees that was charged off (because the bill went to his house) and they declined me. They did call me back about 15 minutes when they noticed it was in dispute and approved me. They also look very hard at your credit card balance vs limit. If you carry high balances monthly they most likely will not approve you. As they feel that you will not be able to pay your full balance monthly if your already carrying balances on your current accounts.

With corporate or business cards as a employee. Your credit score doesn’t really come into play. I have a few business’s and I guarantee all the cards (along with my company) therefore the employe credit doesn’t really come into play. Although I heard that if the employee has a outstanding default balance with Amex they will still decline. So, don’t be concerned. (Although, there is one type of business account offered thru Amex that is based on the employees credit, the card is not different. It will still say business or corporate on it. The difference is behind the scene. There are basically two different business accounts. One is labeled “Business” and it is approved and guaranteed based on one of the officers of the company. They approve based on that persons credit and income. The other type is corporate. This type is based on the company’s credit, audited financial report. I believe that your company has to have a minimum annual revenue of 2M per year. The financial reports must be audited and signed off by a independent CPA.

I have had both of these. The corporate cards I got were all green for my employees and I paid the fee for platinum. The business account I got was the one I upgraded to centurion. I kept it for two years until the no novelty wore off. I do travel a lot, but really have almost the same benefits with my platinum account. It’s not worth the annual fee except for the concierge service. I have a Mercedes and the MBrace service using the same company for their concierge service as the centurion Amex. You also get a lot off additional benefits with MBrace as well and it was only $850 ish for 22 months of service.

Again, not to call anyone a liar, but I would bet a lot of money that someone with a credit score in the 500’s would get approved for a AmexCharge Card. (Not sure about there credit cards) I never had one. (I did have a business Amex line of credit-it was for 100k which had a purchasing card linked to it-Amex did away with this sometime in 2010 I believe) I remember getting a letter saying that they were no longer letting you take advances on the line but would keep the account open if you had a balance until it was paid off). Also, as said above. If you get approved for the green card you will get approved for the platinum) although the only difference I heard is income level. I am not sure if that is true thou.

Hope this helps, as I said I have had a lot of Amex charge cards, and still have two. Platinum.

Well, I have THIRTY AE Cards, and I AM calling you a liar.

You’re VERY rude! You’re also incorrect and have a headstrong, one sided, and immature personality. Did the military give you that Joe? How is every successful young adult a liar? I was an authorized user on my parents credit cards so when I turned 18 I was approved for a Citi card. At 19 I was approved for an Amex Blue sky and shortly after at 20 an Amex Optima Platinum, which they no longer offer. Point being there are many ways to build exceptional credit early. An installment loan at 18 , a few credit cards, and good habits.

okay I just wanted to say hi to everyone and to make things clear the fastest way to get your credit score up s hi as 806 you will need to do a couple of things this is great for all you young ones starting out with No credit history and for the one have credit history what you need to do is get the new address posted as your primary address and get rid of all negative items on your way credit report by saying its not mine or the date is wrong or I made that payment on time they have 30 days to clarify it and get back with you make sure you do not use because then they have 45 days to get back with you and you don’t want that go to and buy it. It it may take a few tries but in the long run it will be taken off your credit also you want to boost your credit report up the way to do that is bye asking your parents who long ago established their credit cards 15 2 20 years agoand ask them to be authorized users on their account it doesn’t effect them at all you just get their history reported on your credit report
Step one: you need to have at least 5 or 6 lines of credit rather it be credit cards or loans reporting on your credit report open and in good standing with no missed payments or you can go online google it and buy trade lines they only last for a couple of months but when it post to your account after you buy them hurry up and apply for what ever you are wanting to do if they’re your parents cards you will remain I’m them until they cancel you out
for all the derogatory things on your credit report get them removed even if they are your fault just say they are not mine or find the dates or amount of payments that are wrong and if they find that what you said in your rebuttal against your report is true they will remove it who cares if you fibe it will not get you in trouble
okay this is my story last year February I had a credit score 530 and and 4 months I removed all of my inquiries because those are the easiest things to get free moved by saying I never applied for that and I got a judgement removed 12 accounts deleted 7 inquiries deleted and after all said and done I asked my mom and dad 2 be placed as a authorized user on their account at this time I had no accounts in my credit report so I had put six Authorised users on my account and by July I have a credit score ah 8 15 and I got approved 4 American Express cash blue preferred an discover it card and the Barclay card arrival 2 times cash backso it is possible to get things done quick and fast and beat the system

oh and what I meant about the new address was to say that you never lived at the other addresses so they couldn’t go back and look at any of the accounts that were associated with bad accounts but you don’t need to do that but it does helpand I’m 27 nowand just to let you know when you will get the authorized users on your account and when they get taken off your score will drop down but you got the credit cards and loans that you wanted the lowest interest rate of them all and that counts where it needs to be the most

Hakeem, in regards to credit inquiries, Transunion told me that I had to obtain a letter from the Co that pulled my credit. Any suggestions?

wow bro good idea man good info thanks

Hakeem I think you are wrong

I’m trying to get my credit score up, I recently received a us bank secured credit card. How does that authorized user work? Do they have to have good credit or just credit cards?

I just got a new job and have to apply for an American Express Corporate Card. I’m concerned because my credit has been damaged due to unemployment and an inability to make some payments. Since getting my current job I’ve been making payments for about 6 months now. My scores are Exp: 525, Equ: 561; Trans: 582 and I have an income at my new job of $57k. Am I at risk of being declined?

I think you should be okay. I think the worst that could happen is that you may not get as high of a credit limit as your other co workers. I have one as well. I think they take into account that you are working for the company and that they can use muscle if things go a rye. Don’t be too concerned.

I had a 532 and I was approved. They are a lot more leanient on you with corp cards due to be being backed by a company.

It may be tough, Brad. They look for something closer to 700 FICO. Best of luck.

Yes, you will be denied. Just keep working on your credit. The more credit you have the better you are off. Companies like AMEX will be begging you to join them. I improved my credit score from 523 to 700 in almost 4 years. Be patient.

I have decided credit cards are a crap shoot..I once applied for a JC Penneys card through the store and was declined and then 2 days later they sent me a card from the mail in application!! If you’re looking for a card just starting out, I would recommend the Credit One. The interest isn’t low, but it isn’t irrational either.

Just was approved for Delta Gold
Ex 762
EQ 737
TU 706

no hard inquiries only one derogatory (30 day late pays) about 3 years ago

I got approved for the Green with 643 credit score, how crazy is that?? Beyond Happy, any suggestions of a similar credit card? I’m rebuilding my credit, thanks.

I was approved for the Delta Gold AMEX Card in March 2014. AMEX only uses Experian when pulling your credit report for this card. After being approved for the card, AMEX sent me disclosure information which included my Experian credit score of 670. My credit limit is $3,200. I have already purchased Delta airlines tickets, and AMEX has given me a $50 credit as promised by the promotion.

Did you have debt in amount of $5,000.00?

James, are you certain that they only use Experian? I live in michigan.

I think James is correct because when I applied twice for the Delta Gold AMEX card, it inquiries only came from Experian nowhere else and I was denied because my credit was horrible. Now my credit scores are:
749 Experian, 717 Equifax and 664 TU.. and the reason why my TU is lower than the others is because some agencies reports to one credit bureau than the others…I also do not have ANY REVOLVING CREDIT to date.. so I’m kind of Skeptical of applying because of this reason… but I’m going to apply again.. I travel a lot and I work overseas… so hopefully they will approve me…

If you have a bankruptcy on your credit report in your score is about 587-600 would you still get approve for the American delta skylemiles credit card

I’ll suggest you to wait a little do you have any debts as today?

how long does it take for hard credit inquiries to drop off your file?

Two years from its date.

As my name provides. I deal mostly with Cash businesses. Bought two atv bikes cash in 2006 and 7 months later someone used my info I gave that dealer to finance two bikes a year younger. I got things in the mail but since I have pinks in safe..ignored. Repo man came, I figured out what was happening and told him if he touched my bikes it was his life. He saw vin # were different year and a $4000 odyssey to get a court order so two idiot finance companies could not touch my bank accounts. The judge gave me the order and ended by saying that this court order protects your banks but not your credit score. (first credit cards ever in my personal name 41yo) Last December 2013 had a 546 got 4 credit cards now fico621 March 2014 Merrick/creditone/capitolone/bankof America use them all and pay them off twice a month lowest limit is $500 and highest is $1000 Total interest paid to date is zero because of rewards (first premium bank card…was scary stupid) Who would pay 36% from time of purchase, 124 a year fee and 79 a year membership. I want an amex for Costco..but think I will wait til I get to 650. Oh, and had a company I told to F off, and they lied and put a false credit report and two hard inquiries that have been removed since I saw my credit score or lack there of in dec 2013…definitely suggest people get their free credit reports annually now.

Hi Guys and Gals! New here. While adding a new savings account at the bank, the banker told me I qualified for either the Slate or the Freedom. Went with the Freedom. Got it. Now having checked my score 669 Equifax, 624 TU and 629 EX., I am a little happy. (I was 530 two years ago.) I have a Freedom 20% utilization, Capital One 20 % utilization and an Emblem with zero % utilization. I have always wanted an Amex Green Card. Should I go for it now, or wait and build more (Johnny come lately) history and apply for the , for example Quicksilver card. Capital One has been hounding me for my app. for this card. My banker says it is not worth it. Any thoughts? Thanks.

My 3 average credit score is 686 and just got approved for amex gold delta skymiles. Credit limit $3000

I was afraid to apply to amex platinum because I didn’t think I would be approved for that yet.


I have had all kinds of debt but my largest was for a 45,000 home equity line that I defaulted on when my house went into foreclosure back in 2006. I also owed 9,000 on my Bank of America card which had an 8,000 limit. That account was closed back in 2008. The 45,000 is still on my credit but I paid off my bank of America card regardless about 4 months ago. So I was surprised when I started getting credit card offers shortly after that. My scores were in the mid 600’s. I was first offered a Credit One card but the limit was $500 with an annual fee of 75. So I cancelled that one and accepted Capital one which gave me a $3000 limit with an annual fee of $19. Then I accepted Citi card which gave me 3,500 no annual fee,then I also accepted the AMEX green card. Haven’t used my AMEX yet. I was surprised by all of this. I was turned down by Barclays because they said I didn’t have enough cards, when I had just one and I was turned down by discover. My scores are in the high 500’s now because of the 8 hard inquiries but they will go back up. I pay everything in full each month. My Experian just went up 11 points. But I really only use my Citibank card because of the rewards. I haven’t tried AMEX yet but will start next month. So I say apply for the green AMEX. You never know.

I also have 10 years of credit history and make 42,000 year so Im sure they factored that in as well.

As a sole proprietorship, I have had an AmEx gold business card since 2004. However, this card has never shown up on any credit rating report, business or personal. Isn’t AmEx required to report my credit rating somewhere?

Thank you for posting this blog post.
I didn’t think I was ready for an AMEX card yet.

I applied and was approved. I am beyond thrilled.

Current scores 714 715 719 (I started with a 620 and made life changes)
Salary $40,000 (working on this next)

I just got approved for a green card in 10 seconds, with my highest score of the 3 being 635! I have had decent payment history, just not a long payment history.

I am 20 years old and was just approved for the blue cash. Kind of dumbfounded seeing as how discover denied me just about 3 weeks ago. Always thought AMEX would be tougher on applicants. Also I just got an in store card about a month and a half ago, according to credit karma my trans union score is 722. I got my first credit card about a year ago! I’m pleasantly surprised I was approved.

EX 741
EQ 714
TU 718

should I have a problem with Amex

FICO 679

I had been hesitant on applying for a Amex as I had been denied a few times over the years. After reading this I just applied for the Delta Gold Amex and was approved. I was very surprise and am very thrilled and excited. It took several years of working and being discipline after being young and dum with credit in the earlier yrs. My scores are in the mid 600’s I know experian is 675 but not sure about the others. Only have one other charge card capital one with limit 2K. This was really helpful for me and was the final push to go for it.

This article was very helpful
I was very concerned about getting approved for my company’s corporate AMEX. I had a BK in 2005 some lates 2+ years ago. I recently paid down all of my current credit cards due to going through the process to get a mortgage. I wanted to keep myself from the embarrassment in the event I was declined for the corporate card, so i tried the Delta Rewards Gold card and I was just approved. Here are my current scores: TU-651 Exp-663 Eq-603. Hope this helps someone.

I just applied for the Delta Gold Amex card. It said that my application is being reviewed. Does this mean I am denied?

It sounds like if they have to “review” anything that it doesn’t seem promising. I am amazed at some of these peoples credit limits.

Hello, I’ve been building credit since I was 19 years old and I’m 26 now. Over the last 7 years I have had ZERO missed or late payments — I pay the account balance in full every month across every credit card/auto loan.

As of right now, my credit score is around 780 and my credit limits are as follows

AMEX Blue – $20,000
Bank of America Platinum Plus – $15,000
Chase Platinum which turned into Chase Slate – $3,600 (Haven’t been able to increase limit since opening)
Capital One Plaitnum – $3,200 (Also haven’t been able to increase credit limit since opening)
Discover – $12,000

In conclusion, American Express has treated me the best always allowing me credit limits throughout the years whereas on Bank of America I was capped at $15k, and Chase and Capital One not allowing any increase.

Why in the world would you want any higher limits with the ones you have?? If you make so much money, then why have so many cards with such high limits? Just my thoughts of course.

Britnee, having a higher credit limit actually increases your credit score. One of the factors credit unions use to calculate your credit is your debt-to-credit ratio. In other words, if you’re using $2,800 or your available $3,000 credit limit, it doesn’t look so hot. If you’re using $2,800 of your available $20,000, it looks great. I’m applying for a home loan soon, so I asked all my creditors to increase my credit line, and they did. Just, you know, don’t use it all!

That’s pretty impressive to have a 780 at age 26!! I guess having very little debt helps out rather than having more on-time payments for tons of creditors.

FICO of 813, 22 years old… but only have about 8 months of credit history, will that negatively impact me??

Start off with an easy credit card company like capitol one Apply for the capitol one platinum which is an easy card to get approved for especially if you never have had a credit card. That is the first credit card I started off with now I have 6 credit cards in 2 years which is a little to many but have zero balances on all my credit cards.

Sorry Steph, but there is no way you have a credit score of 813 with only 8 mo. of credit history. If you got that number off of some “check your credit score for free” site, then you are mistaken. Those aren’t real credit scores. The only way to get your real score is to apply for credit and ask them what your number is, or have a discover or barclay card, where they give you your transition score every month. And that 813 is probably a Vantage score not FICO. It just isn’t possible. An 813 Fico would put you at the top 1% of consumers. It takes years of great credit history to get that. Do a bit more research, can’t happen in 8mos. Sorry

I agree with you Stephanie, people with 813 scores have very long and stable credit history.

i have seen scores in the 800’s when the only items showing on the report are deferred student loans. In fact the guy was 21, college student and didnt know that his deferred student loans were reporting.. he thought he was a “ghost”. Needless to say, it was a false score in my opinion but a good score

Hey eveeryone, just wanted to add some new info about what cards I have and maybe might help someone decide:

Amex Blue= 3K limit (since 2011)
Citi MC (World) = 6K limit (Since 2010)
Discover= 2.5K (Since 2009)
———Newest EDITION as of Nov 2013 ( arriving today!!!)———-
AMEX Platinum!
FICO score of 758 ( according to credit report)

In the mean time from 2011 to 2013, I did not apply for any other card and paid my balance IN FULL each and every month ( no exceptions!), and i currently rent, and don’t own a home, yet! 🙂

Hope that helps future AMEX(ians)!

Forgot to mention, I’m 25. 🙂

Well, I am unsure of what I’ve done wrong. I have a score in the low 700’s, and I cannot seem to get approved for any AMEX card of any type. I first tired when my score was in the high 600’s, and recently tried again today with a score in low 700’s and still no approval. I think I give up on AMEX. I’ve tried the Costco card, the green card, and one other. As my score continues to rise, I think I will stop considering AMEX as a credit option. Oh well.

I just got declined for the Delta sky miles card. My TU-723, EXP-702 and EQ-698. I have a BK in 2009 so am figuring that is why since my credit score is higher then many others who were approved.

try a co-signer

Been an AMEX customer for 4 years starting with the Gold. Closed then changed to Zync (now discontinued) with couple years use. Just got approved for Costco card and then one week later approved for BlueSky. My credit score is in low 600s. Apparently if you have a good record with them (proving you can make full payments with chargecards I reckon) the scores aren’t everything.

Just wanted to chime in:
22yrs old FICO 709 (according to Amex)
Approved for Amex Blue w/ $2k limit
Have 18000$ truck loan
163000$ mortgage
and around $4k credit debt


I have a EX: 723, 5 credit card open. 1 QuicksilverOne- 2500$ CL, Bank Of America Cash rewards-500$ CL, Ny and company- $300, Victoria-$750 and Express- $250. I have 3 credit checks on file and short credit history on file.

Please, advise what credit card to go for.

Thank you.

Six months ago I was denied for AMEX Delta card. This week I was approved for Blue Cash Preferred, Plum and AMEX Platinum. I thought my credit score was low 600s, at least it was last year. I need to check credit score and I will report back. Oh yes, I was DENIED for Chase Preferred this week.

CHASE SUCKS! They placed a hard credit inquiry on my credit reports without permission. Chase has sent me six letters telling me that that it has requested that Equifax remove the inquiry. Equifax tells me that Chase has NEVER sent the proper electronic removal. Amazing for a bank of this size that they can’t get their crap together. I even have correspondence from the Chase executive offices. ALL LIES! DON’T EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PILE OF STEAMING CRAP BANK. They deserve the billions of dollars in fines that the US government has placed on it. And if I didn’t mention it before CHASE SUCKS DONKEY PENIS.

i started off by getting the Amex Green card back in Aug’12. over the following 13 months, i ran a bit over 24K thru the card. i have since upgraded to Platinum. (just got the Platinum a week ago) my credit scores (all 3) are basically low 700s. i also have 2 cards with small balances on them. i dont really think its too difficult to get a Platinum card these days.

Thank you so much for this information. I took the advice you offered and applied for the Gold Delta Skymiles card and was approved with a 5k limit. The online application process was seamless and the customer service associate was beyond gracious and friendly. My credit scores are as follow:

TU 693
Ex 693
EQ 691

My income to debt ratio is at 11% and my income $67,000.00
The CS Associate did mention to me that Amex does look at all factors when determining credit worthiness and that your FICO score alone were not the only determinate. Hope this helps!

Hi i need some advice i am thinking of applying for the American Express green card. my credit score is 691 prob over hasn’t updated for a while, 11 inquires, 0 missed payments, 15% credit utility, 0 collections. should i just pay off my whole balance before applying?

You have way too many inquiries and the credit utilization should be 3% at most. You may have to wait a few months with zero balance to get everything to zero.

I have 11 inquiries and a 40% credit utilization. 0 missed payments and my score is 654. Age 21. I was approved for Amex Blue. I was totally surprised! So go for it.

Ok relax, don’t exaggerate. Most experts recommend below 30% utilization, personally I’m at 4% right now. I think anything below 20% is great.

Yes, more than 2 inquiries hurts for 6 months or so, 11 is killing you. Stop applying for credit, wait a year and let those inquiries fall off and pay off your cards. 40% is hurting you. work on reducing that. Once you’re under 15-20% your fine. 3%??? come on now. I don’t think your score would be any different if your utilization was 3%-15%. But those inquiries will get you denied. No wants to lend money to someone who is trying to get credit from everyone!

Approved for the Delta Skymiles card ($3,500) with a 665 Equifax as of 8/7/2013.
I probably wouldn’t have applied for this card w/o all the helpful tips on this blog!
I’m writing this because I feel compelled to help others w/ a recent approval!
Good Luck!

I applied last December 2012, and got declined. I would love to get one, but I am afraid my credit will go down too much.

My FICO is at a 718 right now and I got approved for the Amex Blue Sky card. Thing is, I was sent an “exclusive” offer from them. In my experiences with credit card approvals, it’s best to continue to lift your credit score, and wait until you receive “pre-approved” or “pre-screened” offers. When you’re invited to apply, you’ll most certainly get approved!

Those “pre-approved” offers are entirely a marketing ploy. Technically, everyone is pre-approved.

Not everyone is pre-approved. The companies run soft credit inquires so they know your score, whether you had any baddies etc. I have one collection from 2008 and will receive no pre-approved offers until it comes off. My real true FICO is 687. Can you imagine how much higher it would be without the collection?

So I was declined for a AMEX last year my score at the time was 605, since then I paid off auto and credit card debt Wells Fargo 4k, Citi 3k, Capital One 1.5k,only debt is student loans 20k with 70k salary so I decided to give it a shot again and to my surprise I was approved for a Delta Gold 1k and I was feeling lucky so I applied for a Platinum Card 3 weeks later and was APPROVED! This is after filing a chapter 7 in 2005 (young and stupid) will continue to be on my file until 2015. so it is possible to work on your debt and pay on time AMEX will give you a chance.

Makin me feel better man! Had to file the big “B” myself in ’03. I’m right at 600 now. Scared to try though, don’t wanna go in the wrong direction!

Recently approved for the Delta Gold Amex with a $1,000 credit limit. Credit scores as follows: TU-701, EQ-695, EX-680. No BK, and one late payment back in 2010—which as time pass—weighs less heavily on your credit score. My opinion, is that the Delta serves as an entry level card, because of the contract between Delta and Amex. If so, I suggest using this card and keeping in good standing with it, so that when Amex sends out offers for the Gold Amex or Platinum, your chances of approval for those cards will be better.

Just got approved for the Delta Skymiles mentioned above.

Experian – 662
Equifax- 718
TransUnion – 718

I haven’t had a real job for years. I got hurt snowboarding and worked for about a year selling audio in Boston. Since then it has been odd jobs, doing a few systems, shooting pictures with miserable pay. A few prestigious addresses in Aspen, a beachfront address in a expensive condo with movie stars (my now ex- GF paid for that) If I were to get Social security at retirement age with what I put in monthy benefit would be a paltry $320.

I had a green card in the 1980’s and default on that. Tried applying for years with no luck. Moved toa super expensive area in Newport Beach. I found the cheapest 3 bedroom house for rent for $2200 a month, got two roomates to pay to pay $1000 each so my rent is $200 a month all utilities included. 4 blocks from the beach! I paid off a collectible Mercedes years ago and have not had a car loan for 7 years.

My credit score is about 620. The best of the three. I only have $500 of overdraft protection credit with Bank of America. I applied for the Costco Green card and was turned down in July 2012.

My GF needed me to hold onto $100,000 for 2 weeks, so I out that into my bank and withdrew about 9000 a day for her- and during this period I applied for a Gold and got it!!!!!

Now the only issue is to run enough through this card to keep it.

I had a bk 10.2 yrs ago which is off my reports now. Am X was a creditor. life lock has my scores at 678 tu, 660 eq and 624 ex. What are my odds of success at a green card? Thanks

Got approved for the Delta Gold card. my score was low, 654 and i was limited to $1000. However after finding out Amex is only offering 15000 miles in the first 3 months, i canceled it after a rep said the 30000 miles isn’t a promo i have on my account and cannot add it, because the 30K is expired, even though it’s still going on.

Canceling an account is a very bad idea. You don’t hurt AMEX. It hurts YOU.

I just got approved for an Amex blue cash preferred with 9 months of credit history and a 717 TU/ 705 EQ at 18 and 4 recent inq. It’s apparently not that hard to get.

Whatever you do, don’t BK if you intend to have an Amex. I had an amex gold for 12 years with perfect payment history. Paid the account even when I BK’d for real estate reasons. That was in ’09 and I still can’t get a green amex. I used for my multi-million dollar business, now i’m stuck driving my bookkeeper nuts with dozens of debit card transactions each month.
Sorry Amex (You’re no longer getting your cut from my $5-$10k monthly receipts).
Your former faithful customer.

I have had amex green card and costco card since 2000. last month i fell behind two months and charged a lot and my credit became high credit. Amex closed my accounts. I moved to a different city so mail was behind but I thought everything was online. I lost track for the 2 mths so they charged one off. They are both paid in full. my credit scores are all around 700 give or take. How long should I wait to apply for another amex costco card?

I got my amex platinum 3 years ago. I was 22. I received my gold card at 19.

That’s it? I’m 22 & have a centurion so it’s not that impressive

Freddie, you know that’s an invitation only card for people with a net worth in the 10+ million dollar range, right? You can’t just “get one,” you have to get a gold, then platinum, and then have around 10 years of established credit history. So, unless you cleared your first 10 mil at age 12 and then spent around 2 million a year on your platinum card until you were 22, I doubt you have a centurion card.

What’s a centurion card?

You have to spend 250k per year and have an Amex Platinum for at least 1 year,usually more and an average net worth of 16 million with an yearly income of 1.5 million. Ohh yes, you need that nice invitation package too

So unless you have been spending 250 k per annum in high school / college and you have yourself some nice career paying you almost 2 million a year at the young age of 21 ( as they would look at you last W2) and your trust fund is a nice 15 to 20 million, I highly doubt you have a black Centurian .

I qualify for all the above but my average monthly spending is closer to 180k per month and I am still fighting to get an invitation


Does anyone know of any credit card companies that will approve me for a credit card with a credit score of 547? I have had a credit report for exactly one year, with one delinquent account, but multiple inquiries. Please let me know. Thanks

You should get a secured credit card

Credit One….Unsecured!!

pay that delinquent account you dont want to get sued…2 apply for a secured card 3. only use 30% of you credit line 4.dont apply for another credit card for 2 years 5. check your credit every year to check for inquiries deletion 6.make payments on time never never never Late..then apply for a good credit not excellent credit card….nerver get high annual fees… credit cards with high percentage are not a problem just make sure you pay their balance in full every month

Hello, I just got approved for the AMEX Green Card with credit scores of equifax 650 experian and transunion 652. Fico score 680. I only have two other cards: Capital One $200 Secured Card and $500 Home Depot Consumer Card. I also have one closed account with Capital one Rewards card which I was an authorized user for and the limit was $500. That was my oldest account which was of approximately 6 months. I have paid on time for the length of my credit history (6 months) and have no bankrupts and no collections. Hope this helps anyone applying for one. Also it was not an instant approval. I had to call and check the status that’s when I got it approved. I did the application over the phone it seems I am more likely to get approved that way.

Hello Can you please tell me how much credit limit you got on your American Express Green Card

Cause it seems that I have almost the same of your credit score


i got turned down when they offered the zync card. i will try again in the next 6-8 months

I got the pre-approval letter in the mail about 1 week ago for the AMEX green charge card. I took it and threw it away, they had turned me down for a Delta Gold card about 8 months ago.

Today I get a letter of pre-approval for the AMEX Gold charge card. So I look through it and think…what the heck. I apply and I get approved!!!!

My Ex score as of yesterday sits at 645. I have a $3,000 charge-off from about 6 years ago. Income around $60,000. Still approved…


Was the charge off with AMEX? Although I received a pre-approved AMEX Gold Premier Rewards, I still don’t think I will be approved because I have two charge offs with AMEX 24 years ago. And AMEX has not forgotten that either. I called one of their credit specialists who told me that I would need to pay off those two accounts and wait 30 days before applying. If you have a prior charge off with AMEX, you are most certainly blacklisted until you pay off what you owe. Of course, they can’t legally collect on an unsecured debt from 24 years ago, but they sure can deny extended you new credit.

I have a credit score of approx 600 but need to apply for a corporate card, where I have to pay the bill every month and my company reimburses me.

What are my chances of getting approved?

Hey Stephen,
From personal experince, you should still get it. while the card is in your name, your company is the actual “customer”. Meaning if you default on the bill, you company will be held responsible as you are an agent of the company. However, I’m sure your company would not like that at all and may not like you afterwards, get the picture.

Remeber, this is not YOUR card it is actually the companies card and any charges on it are supposed to be for company related expenses ONLY!!! If you think about making a personal charge on it, THINK EMBEZZLEMENT!!!! Most companies have strict policies regarding corporate card usage, and they can always look at your charges when they want.

I say this from my experience alone. I had a great job years ago, made some dumb mistakes with my card, got caught, lost the card, job, and self respect. Not worth it.


I had a gold card which I paid the full balance on time every time for 28 months. I live in Nevada and finally made the painful decision to short sale my home of 13 years – American Express abruptly and swiftly cancelled my gold card (humiliating me during a transaction) without so much as a courtesy phone call or email. I appealed their decision and a received a “sorry bout your luck” response in return. I still cannot make sense of this, my ability to continue to pay the AE and my responsibility to do so had not changed, in fact the absolute relentless request to rebuild my credit score was utmost on my mind. My FICO score was a 787 prior to the shortsale and it took an approx. 100 point hit. At the very least my respect for American Express was damaged and the pride I once took in having “the” card was destroyed.

I’ve had the premier rewards gold card for about a year and AMEX pre-approved me for platinum. I don’t travel frequently now, but would like to travel more. Is it worth it to upgrade? I’m half tempted to do it for the prestige factor alone lol.

I got declinded for the green card a year ago. I recently tried my luck at applying for a gold premier rewards card thinking it was a long shot, the website said it was unable to give me an instant decision and I would have to wait upto 10 days. At which point I’d completely given up on the idea of being able to have one. 2 days later… I have an email “Great news, your Card application has been approved” I couldn’t believe it, I thought they’d made a mistake but actually turns out my credit rating wasn’t so bad afterall – 754 with experian.

Not so bad? A real FICO Experian of 754 is a great score. If it is Experian’s Plus score, it is not as good, but it’s pretty darn good.

Hey! Just got approved for the Amex Green Card! I was sooo suprised. Been working on my credit for about 15 months now and still getting rid of old collection accts. was very happy, my first real card!

I did however get beside myself and apply for a Discover one week later and got turned down! I m going into the garden for the next year. I need my score to be 750 instead of 677! Discover said they pulled a score that was at 635….wtf!

Discover is very hard to get for some reason.

I didn’t think Discover was hard to get. I got a Discover and they already raised my limit twice in 6 months. I’ve always heard it’s hard to get an American Express card. I’ve been turned down twice by then in the past year.

Discover does have good customer service. Their call centers are in Delaware. Your call won’t be routed to India or Central America. But if the call center is in Texas or Arkansas you are out of luck. Some of those people have been very rude to me on the phone especially with TransUnion and GE Capital. Sometimes, American call centers carry a lot of attitude.

Just got the green card. Credit score 651. Was afraid of getting rejected because of high debt. Only plan on using it in case of emergencies. Once I pay down a significant portion of debt I will go for the gold amex.

Just wanted to say thanks for posting this information. I’ve been honestly looking at it for about a year and using it as inspiration to continue to pay down my debt and raise my credit score. I had the Green Amex card in 1992 as a freshman in college (no clue why they gave it to me), but ran into money trouble after college and had to give it up. I’ve applied for the card since then and thought enough time and my score was good enough, but I was turned down. Kind of ridiculous I thought since I have other major credit cards and significant savings/investments.
Well, I looked over your site again today and tried once again. Scored the green card! Of course now I’m feeling cocky and wished I had tried for the Gold Card, but honestly this is a milestone for me.
Thanks again for doing what you do.

I will say this at the age of 53.. I realize that their are 4-5 amex cards that need to be PIF after the 30 day cycle. Any card is a credit card if they, the creditor has extended credit to you. A credit card should be Paid In Full no matter what the limit is to keep you out of financial debt. Limits on credit cards are nothing more that serious traps for the consumer. Be careful how you define these cards. The goal of americans should be to use cash as much as possible.

I agree. Don’t use credit cards as loans or payment plans if at all possible. Of course, there could be an emergency especially if you are living pay check to pay check without an emergency fund. I would for example put $1,000 on a credit card if the alternative was having to put my dog to sleep. I guess the lesson to be learned from that is: don’t get pets.

I have had the AMEX Green Card for 36 years and just recently received an invitation to the Black Card.

Congrats! I thought they were no longer sending out Black cards, at least that was the rumor a few years back.

I’m 18 and applied for a zync card instantly. I then applied for the platinum amex with no limit never thinking I could actually get it but somehow I was approved with about 6 months history. I also applied for a delta card and was approved for 2000

I was approved for the Green Card with my highest score at 652 and lowest at 617. No delinquencies but simply not too many years on my credit history. Love the fact that I don’t pay interest, but the payments can be a bit hefty at times.

Just got approved for a green Amex, credit score 600 Eq, 640 Tr, 645 Exp, not bad, not bad at all.

About three days ago I was approved for AmEx green and was told by their rep today that my card was mailed to me yesterday. Since then I applied for a Chase Sapphire and called the recon line to see if they would re-review my application. They informed me that I did not qualify and the application would be rejected. Is it possible for AmEx to turn around and cancel my card due to Chase’s rejection? I am scared I have sabotaged myself by applying for two cards, being approved for one, then rejected for the other. Any thoughts?

Hi, pre-approved for Gold Amex. My score is over 700.

Do you think am eligible for it? Please someone help me about it? Or should i apply for Gold Premium Amex?

Thank you

You will get it. Go for it. Get it. Never pay late. Keep it forever.

Did you get it?

I’m 19 and was approved for an American Express Gold Card with no limit and only a year of good credit history.. My scores are in the mid to upper 600s last I checked (about two months ago), and as a student, I’m only making about 18K a year..Not bad


I was approved for a Costco TrueEarnings Amex. I have 670 credit score on experian, which is what they check.

May I know how much credit limit they approved? Even I am planning to apply for this card and I have similar Experian score.

I’m 20 and was approved for a platinum after having a gold card.

Hi Luis,

Could you tell me how long you had a gold card? I just got my gold card last month and I am looking forward to having a platinum someday.

hi to all

I have a credit score more than 735 but also credit cards loans over 20k which I’m paying every month the full statement balance. never paid any credit cards a day late. I want to apply for American express card you think I will get approved? Please advise


Once you have a Amex card, for a number of years, in my case 4 years with a good history of credit and general paying back of the credit, one can then apply for other Amex cards. They are slightly better suited for the ‘stiff upper lip’ type of person. Me, I am a Cowboy! Great cards, and rewards.

I got approved for an Amex Blue Cash with no credit history whatsoever (new to America). So I guess that credit scores are not the only thing they review.

approved for Gold Delta Skymiles;
credit scores: Exp-741, Trans-641, Eqfx-641.
4700 balance on a 10k loan.
salary 127k
4 other credit cards
no other loans/lines of credit.