Credit Card Dispute: The Rules, The Process & Your Rights

There’s no guaranteed way of how to win credit card disputes, but understanding the process may help your odds.

Perhaps the most important credit card benefit is your protection against unauthorized and fraudulent purchases. If you’ve ever had a dispute over an authorized purchase with a debit card you realize how unpleasant that experience can be. That’s because it’s your money that’s been lost and not the bank’s. Even if that loss is only temporary, you may not have enough money in your account to pay bills.

With a credit card, the issuer’s money is on the line, which is why they will usually be willing to go to the mat with the retailer to rectify the situation and perform a charge back if necessary. However, the ball is very much in your court to alert them to unauthorized charges — regardless of whether it’s a simple error or outright fraud. In some cases card issuers will catch fraudulent charges using their fraud detection systems (like if your card is suddenly used in another state or incurs certain types or patterns of charges) but it’s best not to rely on this type of safeguard. Below we will go over some important things to know about disputing a credit card charge.

Know the difference between “billing errors” and “disputes of quality.” Understand that these are two totally different things and you have different rights for each. First, let’s talk about billing errors…

The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) applies to the following “billing errors” on credit cards:

Dispute Rules For “Billing Errors”

  • Unauthorized charges. (Sidenote: Federal law 15 U.S.C. § 1643 limits a cardholder’s liability to a maximum of $50 for unauthorized charges. That being said, most reputable credit card companies will waive that $50 and give you zero fraud liability.)
  • Charges for goods and services you didn’t accept or weren’t delivered as agreed upon.
  • Charges that have the incorrect amount or date.
  • Charges incurred when payments/credits are not properly posted to your account – i.e. If you return an item and the credit never shows up on your account.
  • Charges in which you ask for an explanation or written proof of purchase, along with a claimed error or request for clarification.
  • Charges incurred due to the credit card company not mailing the statement to your current address. The change of address must have been provided in written form and the creditor must have received it at least 20 days before the billing cycle ended.
  • Math errors

The FCBA credit card dispute rules and rights do not apply if you are disputing the quality of goods and services. So if you purchased something defective, it would not be considered a “billing error” (but we’ll talk about disputing the quality of goods and services a little bit later).

Dispute Process For “Billing Errors”

If you’re disputing credit card charges as a billing error, here’s an overview of the process….

Step One: Notify The Credit Card Company

You will you need to notify your creditor in writing in order to qualify for all of the above billing errors, except for “unauthorized charges” which can be reported over the phone (but it’s still highly recommended to also report them in writing, in case you have misclassified their category).

Generally speaking, disputes can be handled easily over the phone with most major credit card companies. However, since the FTC website says you must mail a letter in order to be covered, then you should do that… especially if it’s for a large dollar amount. Here is a credit card dispute letter sample.

When you mail the letter, make sure you send it to the “billing inquiries” department. This is probably a different address than where you mail your payments so call customer service to find out where you should send it.

There is a credit card dispute time limit! The letter has to be received by your creditor within 60 days after the first bill was generated which showed the error (but for “unauthorized charges” there reportedly is no time limit). If you send a letter, make copies (and copies of any receipts you included) and send it via certified mail with return receipt so you have proof it was sent.

Step Two: The Investigation Process Begins

Within 30 days of receiving your dispute, the credit card company must respond to you in writing to confirm they received it. If you choose to only make the complaint over the phone, you still should expect to receive the written confirmation in the mail. However, it usually arrives fairly quickly; within 7 to 10 days.

Once the complaint has been received the credit card company must resolve it within two billing cycles, which is typically 60 days. If for some unusual reason your billing cycle is longer, the maximum amount of time the process can take is 90 days.

During the credit card dispute process investigation, you will not be required to make payments or pay finance charges on the purchase(s) in question.

Step Three: The Investigation Concludes

The dispute will either be ruled in your favor or the merchants favor. Here’s what typically happens in each situation:

Ruled in your favor?

The credit card company will mail you a letter which states your billing error complaint is valid and the appropriate corrections to your account have been made. This includes permanently removing the actual charges, accrued interest charges, applicable late fees, etc. resulting from the disputed transaction.

Depending on the circumstances, the creditor may say you owe a portion of the disputed amount. For example, if you bought something for $100 and were charged twice ($200 total) and had disputed that entire amount, then the credit card company will probably come back and say you owe $100 of the disputed transaction.

In case you are found to be partially responsible, you will owe any applicable finance charges and fees that would have normally accrued (from date of purchase to the present) on whatever amount you’re responsible for.

Ruled in seller’s favor?

If the dispute process finds that the charge is valid (not a “billing error”) then you will be responsible for the full amount, plus any interest and fees that would have otherwise accrued. The letter will provide details explaining what you owe.

If you disagree with the decision, you do have the right to try and refute it. However to do so, the credit card dispute law states that you must respond in writing within 10 days after receiving the ruling.

Should you choose to refuse to pay the disputed amount, you can indicate that in your written response. However you should be aware that the credit card company will have the right to start the collections process after you tell them you won’t be paying. If it is reported to the credit bureau, legally they will be required to notate the fact that it’s money the customer doesn’t believe they owe.

Dispute Process For “Quality of Goods & Services”

As mentioned, if your complaint is about the quality of goods and services received, the above credit card dispute rules for “billing errors” will not apply. That being said, you will be entitled to other rights of protection if:

  • The purchase is for $50 or higher and it was made within your home state or 100 miles of your billing address. (Note: In some states internet purchases made from your home would qualify).
  • You have already made a “good faith effort” to try and resolve the problems with the seller

If both of the above circumstances apply, you are allowed to take the same legal action against your credit card company that you can take under state law against the seller (so in a nutshell, if the seller violated state laws which entitle you to remedies, then you can go after your card issuer for those same remedies).

Should your credit card issuer also happen be the seller, like in the case of some card-related service getting accidentally charged to your card (or if a special business relationship exists between the issuer and the seller) then the distance requirements and $50 threshold do not need to be met.

4 Things You Need To Keep In Mind

1. Document everything
It’s always a good idea to document everything very thoroughly. Keep multiple copies of all correspondences and receipts. Make a log of your phone calls. If communicating by mail, make sure it’s sent certified with return receipt so you have proof.

2. Remember pre-existing agreements
Judging from posts on the credit card message board, the #1 mistake often made is that people forget pre-existing agreements they have with the seller. You may have already signed away your rights to a dispute and not even know it.

For example, an increasingly common practice among contractors is to have their customers sign away their rights to credit card disputes when you hire them (this is very sneaky and should be a major red flag to not hire them). Later on when a customer files a dispute about the quality of service, the contractor weasels out of it by sending that signed agreement to the credit card company.

Even if you did unknowingly sign away your rights, it doesn’t automatically mean you will lose (depending on the circumstances and the state you live). But it very well could kill your dispute, so you should always avoid waiving this right.

3. “Unauthorized charges” probably offer the best protection
There have been disputes which were essentially the same (with the same seller) but one cardholder filed as an “unauthorized charge” and another filed as a different billing error. Despite that the circumstances were for all intents and purposes the same, only the man who filed as an unauthorized charge won.

Now this does not mean you should intentionally misrepresent the nature your dispute. But if it truly is an unauthorized charge, make sure it is filed as such. Sometimes, a rep may file it under some other billing error and that will change the way it is handled, since the credit card dispute rights will be different.

4. Penalties for the card issuer not following procedures
The credit card dispute laws must be followed by your card issuer.

  • Complaints must be acknowledged past the 30 day time limit?
  • Investigation must not take more than two billing cycles
  • Card issuer can not threaten to report you to the credit bureaus for not paying while the dispute was still in process (that can only be done after).

Those are just a few examples. The bottom line is if the credit card issuer failed to follow the process (and you can prove that) then they may not collect the amount in dispute or any related finance charges, up to $50, even if the charges turn out to be correct.

It is also possible to sue the card issuer when they violate the Fair Credit Billing Act. If they’re found guilty, you may be awarded damages, plus 2x the finance charges accrued – as long as it’s between $100 and $1,000. Just bear in mind that most card issuers require their cardmembers to agree to binding arbitration in the case of an unresolved dispute. These types of provisions are typically buried in the cardmember agreement and/or within the online terms and conditions when applying for the card. If your account has such a provision you’ve essentially waived any right to sue the issuer and will have to go through the arbitration process to pursue relief. So, in other words, good luck with that.

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Updated April 11, 2016

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My mother authorized me to make charges on her cc before I moved out of state from CO to WA as a sort of going away gift to help me get started. Unbeknownst to us, around the same time the authorized charges were made there was also some unauthorized charges made by an unknown person who had gotten a hold of my mothers information. She of course turned in the unrecognized charges as fraudulent to the cc company but in the course of doing so some of the charges I had made were mixed in with the charges turned in as fraudulent. We were unaware of the mistake until a few years later when I returned home to CO from WA and realized I now had a warrant for my arrest (!!!!!!) for identity theft related charges. How do we go about reversing this mistake?? I am absolutely TERRIFIED of being arrested, charged and prosecuted with these crimes I didn’t even commit. Do we contact the cc company? Is it out of their hands at this point? Is it out of OUR hands at this point? This is a horrible mistake and very scary for me. I had some legal problems when I was younger and a bit of a hellion, but I’ve since been on a positive, responsible path and have never been in any kind of “BIG” trouble. I’m extremely worried that I will end up in a bad place and have my record tarnished over these things I didn’t even do. Please help!! ANY advice is GREATLY appreciated!

Hi Hannah,

This is a stressful situation for sure.

You might get more of a response if you post your question on our Credit Card Fraud forum:

Good luck!

I recently attended a convention at a hotel in LA where I was not a guest nor did I have a room there. I paid for a breakfast one morning and for parking for the day which any person who attended the exhibit and parks at the hotel would do. A month later, I saw a $200.00 charge on my debit card from the hotel. When I called, they told me the charge was for one of the exhibit rooms due to incidentals. I wasn’t the authorized guest who paid or booked that room. I was a visitor of the room. The head of accounting told me that if there are charges due for that room, they can come after whoever owes the charges and that is why the charges was processed. How can I be liable for a room I never booked? Furthermore, how is it legal to hold my credit card information on the account of another guest who was responsible for the room? This is so out of line and illegal it’s mind boggling. When the guest of the room who did book was contacted, he confirmed that his card was the one on file and the $200.00 fee was paid for the day before the exhibit. So not only did they double dip for the charge, but they illegally took may credit card info which was used to pay for a parking fee for the day to cover the charge that was already paid for. Can I file a claim or a suit against the hotel for this? I am intending on calling the police station there and filing a police report against the hotel. But I was hoping I can file a civil suit in small claims court of some kind to pursue the illegal acts of the hotel and employees of the hotel. Does anyone know if this is something I can do or if it would even be considered a case?

even if your account is hacked because of their website not the card the company says the charge is legit
this is American express doing this one on me. even lied to the CFPB

currently in a dispute with Chase Visa over a charge. We did authorize the charge however after purchasing felt we fell for a scam. This falls under a Quality issue. We purchased power equipment and after looking online feel either the product is not genuine and or the origin of the product was a lie. Merchant would have taken a return but wanted $400 and Chase advised us not to pay as we are not under their policy for a quality issue. We just wanted refund and them to get their product. We sent our documents in (i included print outs of other complaints online and scam info) and now Chase is asking for a second opinion. I guess this is standard, but I’m not sure where to go for this… should I get another merchant to look at the items and give their opinion on the quality of items?

Bunny worcester

I have disputed a charge with an electronic company online.I ordered 322.00 worth of goods.They deleverd it with federal express.They changed me for it as federal express stated it was delivered.I never redeived the goods.First new egg said they would resend it.Then they said after I waited 3 days when I called again.They would have to change my card again but would resend it and then cancel the first charge.Then after 3 more days I called then they said I would have to wait 5 to 7 days because they were disputing the issue with fed ex.I then called chase credit card company and they stated they had credited my account and I should not pay for anything I had not received.I now have received the letter as stated above about the 60 days.I sure am going to be upset if I have to pay 322.00 dollars for somethings I never teceived.I have since re ordered the items for my computer from amazon.
Hopefully this works out

Hi! Is this “purebred” purchased in Salisbury by any chance? I am dealing with the same thing and just disputed with Amex which I won and now this company is threatening to take me to small claims court which I am pretty sure they have no leg to stand on. AMEX gave them a week to prove their side and they gave a generic response with absolutely no proof.

I purchased a purebred dog – we were not given any opportunity to opt out of the breeder’s training which he charged another $1,000 for. We let him know of issues we had with her soon after bringing her home and he offered no assistance. We also have not received a copy of the document we signed when we were there that day or her AKC paperwork. Now they claim that she was sold without papers which is a load of garbage. I have issued complaints against them with AKC and the BBB and reached out to my local news outlet. I am considering disputing at least part of the charge — no signed bill of sale was provided to us – the payments were made on American Express via Paypal. Any idea if I have any recourse? Can we be taken to court by the breeder if we dispute the charge (or part of it) and Amex finds in our favor? This occurred in North Carolina. Thanks!

Hi, First of all thanks for the information you provide in this site, its really helpful to know what rights we do have as costumers.
My husband paid and gave the information for a website that has been recurring charges on his credit card monthly since then (more than 3 years total) he had changed credit cards an all during this time but I guess with the new law your bank keeps the recurrent charges up even if you do not authorize them in the new cards. SO he didn’t realize he was getting charged because he doesn’t look at the statements so I was the one that saw it this month! So I called the company and they offered to give me the refund for 6 months. The Credit card company, Chase by the way, said that I could just claim for the last 120 days. So I am guessing I should be happy with the outcome or there is something else that I can do to get my money (over 1.000 dollars) back? In the website it did say that the recurrent charges would be applied every month but the charges would never come on in the same day of the month, plus my husband didn’t use the service for more than 5 days (that they were initially free) before they started the charges!
Thanks for any help you can provide

Hi I recently went to a salon. Everything about was unprofessional they took so long to do my hair wasn’t even able to finish it. Hairstylist was rude and had no matters. I asked why it was so much and was continued to be be little’s by them. They charged me 265 I paid 100 in cash and the rest on my debit card. What would happen if I tried to dispute that charges?

I previously signed up for electronic billing with my Pier One credit card. I had the card for several months and was never late with a payment and almost always paid off the balance in full after each use. After signing up for electronic billing, I never received a bill via email or in the mail. Two months later the bank notified me, I was two months late. I stated I did not receive a bill since signing up with electronic billing. I agreed to pay the remaining balance of $600, minus the additional finances and two late fees due to their negligence. They have refused to accept their negligence and continue to bill me for the finance charges and late fees. I have written countless letters to FDIC, FTC and to the bank, to no avail. Prior to this, my credit score was approximately 725-750 (something I worked hard to obtain). It is now 695. I am not sure what else to do. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Sorry to hear about this situation. There’s probably not much that can be done in terms of issuer negligence, unfortunately, as most cardmember agreements stipulate your balance is due regardless of whether a bill is delivered or not. I’ve also heard that many people who sign up for e-billing end up getting the email inadvertently delivered to their junk mail file since it can appear as spam to the email filters. Hopefully the impact to your credit score won’t last too long, but it might be worth contacting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to report this issue. Unlike the FDIC and the FTC, they are set up to protect consumers and not the banks.

A friend of mine sent me $165 from his mom credit card to paypal because of money he owed me and a month later his mom goes to the bank and claims that she did not send that money ..and I got charge back on paypal and now have a negative $165 balance on my account .what should I do

We are a business that accepts credit cards and our merchant account decided in July that, because we tweaked our program (always updating and creating new ideas), they have kept thousands of dollars and made us reapply for the merchant account. Now they are saying that because “fulfillment” is ongoing because you pay one time and you get access to a library of materials, conf. calls, products, etc., they get to hold the money indefinitely because people can do a chargeback at any time – even 2 years down the road! That’s not right! I can’t pay for something one time, like say a magazine which I get every month and 2 years down the road, do a chargeback. Are they just making this up? Thanks

I purchased two items online from a reputable auction house. I received a package, but only one (the cheaper of the two) item was received. The other one was not in the package. They claim they shipped it, but I don’t have it. What can I do?

It’s over $2,000.

I’ve stayed in a hotel in Istanbul in March. I booked the hotel via in February and was charged 2 days later of the full amount. But to my surprise the hotel charge me 5 times recently in July 16th. What should I do?

Our car broke down (on a Sunday evening when no repair services were available) en route to the airport for an international flight. While we waited for the tow truck to come, we called the travel insurance company, but they refused to help, stating that the policy only covered loss due to injury or death. We then called the airline and also the travel agency to inform them of our situation and see what could be done, but both airline and travel agency stated that they would not help us since the tickets were non-refundable and non-changeable. However, the airline did state that they do not charge the travel agency until the customer actually travels on the ticket. I called the travel agency back and pushed a little harder and the agent was gone for sometime, but returned nearly an hour later to inform me that both her supervisor and the airline told her there was nothing that could be done.

I finally had the idea to dispute the charge. The Amex rep found the whole situation highly unusual and unreasonable and immediately reversed the charge and initiated the dispute. He also instructed me to call back and redispute the charge in the event that it was charged back to the account. I have re-disputed the charge and am working to provide documentation of our breakdown from the roadside assistance company.

What else can I do in this situation? What other angles can I try to get someone to make some sort of accommodation for us?

We had a similar situation in France when our car broke down. A tow truck did come and a travel assistant took us to the airport. However, we missed our flight and subsequent flights. We ended up paying almost double for our trip because of the negligence of the rental car company. I will be contacting Hertz tomorrow and hopefully they will compensate us for the damages. Otherwise, I plan to dispute the credit card charge. I would appreciate you letting me know what occurs in your situation. Thank you.

I paid for some service on my car, but when they went to get the car they found out it had been stolen from their lot the night before. It seem to me this would be not delivering the service I paid for since they could not return the car to me. Would this be a valid dispute?

I bought a $2,600 Samsung TV form BestBuy, the tv is under warranty, it stopped working. They declined to repair it. Can i dispute the charge since they won’t pay for the defect.

You give much too little information. Date of purchase, date of return, when they were first notified of the problem. Did you purchase extended warranty? Does Best Buy have a return policy for that exact product (go into a Best Buy somewhere else and pretend to be a buyer).

Generally, if the company has say a 30 day return policy and you attempted to return it within 30 days, then you have the right to call your credit card company and give them the information and ask them to reverse the charge and ask what to do with the product. If it is longer than the 30 days then you have other options possibly:
1. If they have an extended warranty policy still available, go in and purchase it (but read it well and understand it first)
2. contact the manufacturer, tell them that you purchased a product that failed in X days. That you do not trust having the product repaired as it should not have failed to begin with. Ask them what they can do to help you exchage it at the retailer instead of having it repaired.
3. any other thoughtful options you can think of.
4. If all esle fails, get on the website for the retailer and the manufacturer, be firm and rational, and tell them that you dont think you can trust them or thier products because of the way this has been handled.
5. If all else fails get to consumer blogs and let the world know how bad the products and services are.

my bank account was incorrectly charged for a purchase from a company that sends u clothes and if you don’t return them within 7 days they charge you.I returned the items so I was confused. I called the bank and disputed the transaction. The next business day I called the company and they refunded the money. I notice two days late I had revived a refund from the bank for the dispute and a refund from the company. How long will it take the bank or the company to rectify this? Is it possible they won’t even notice? Who do I call?

If I use a credit card to purchase custom furniture (or pay a deposit), and then the company goes out business before delivering the product, do I have any protection?

Yes claim is merchandise not received. Call you card issuer and let them know.

If it was a deposit you have several options. Try your credit card company FIRST.
Look at your deposit agreement, does it state that they must deliver the product when they are paid and if they fail they must refund?
Then file a complaint with the police department. Contact the atorney general of your state as well if it is a large company.
It is hard to get blood from a turnip, but it could be that they have committed fraud, having knowledge that you are about to go out of business and taking money on deposit may be fraud, if the amount is high enough that is actually a felony.
Some states require that deposited money is treated as “trust” funds. If that is true in your state then it is probably a felony already.
Do some research.

I gave the contractor a deposit of $2,700 to do a job which was botched. I went to department of consumer protection. The state cited the contractor of having a invalid contract. Why does it take so long to have this dispute settled???? I submitted this information to citi.

Hi Heather,

I’m co-owner of a custom furniture business and you have a valid fear. My advice is to 1. Only order from a legitimate business. They should be incorporated and/or registered. If they’re not, then they aren’t taking their own business seriously so why should you? 2. Most reputable custom furniture makers will not require the entire purchase amount up front, most collect a deposit and the balance upon reciept. Because it is custom, you can’t be expected to pay 100% for a product that you have not seen. This reduces your risk. 3. Know the companies refund policy. Any co. worth doing business with would not dream of charging you for a product that your unhappy with, not if they want to survive a way, hope this helps!

I disputed two $300 charges by YouFit Gym. First, I joined the regular gym, signed a contract and paid $10.00 a month. Then I got a personal trainer for $300 a month for THREE months. I never saw or signed another contract but paid my three months. I then received my credit card for another $300 and immediately went to the gym. Because there wasn’t 30 days before the next bill cycle, I would be charged another $300. I was confused because I didn’t know that. Went the next day for a copy of the contract they referenced – sure enough, I never signed it. I disputed it with Discover twice and they said the contract is good because it has my credit card number on it. I even have texts with my trainer asking if there’s anything I have to do and he said he’d get back to me if there was and never did. How can they do this? I told I won’t pay and canceled my card. Small claims court? I’m so angry at discover! youFit screwed up and I paid for the three months I went – what are they out? Will this ruin my credit? I don’t care as I’m retired and don’t need credit except if my car insurance goes up. Help.

This is b.s.. I’m fighting Discover for scam charges and I’d theft/take over.transactions I didn’t make online. If there is a double charge and the merchant doesn’t refund or discover doesn’t do a chargeback,you can take the same action against Discover you would against the merchant. Discover has a fiduciary responsibility to protect you and your account.

I am not an attorney but:
Sorry, Doscover is WRONG. You do NOT have a contract if: there is a written contract in existence and it was NOT signed. Credit card companies KNOW this as they must have signatures on actual applications to collect anything from you legally. No signature, no contract.
Doesnt matter what the merchant put on it, your signature is NOT there.

Get a copy of the contract and copies of the text messages. Send them to your credit card company. The failure of duty by the representative (trainer) to inform you as he stated in writing that he would absolves you. Tell them that fact. That the MERCHANT failed in his duties to stop the payments as agreed.

Tell your credit card company that you have already informed them that you will not be paying the balance of that charge only. Tell your CC company that IF they have placed any negatives or taken any adverse action against you in this matter, because they stated they will honor unsigned contracts if a person has your credit card number, that they are in violation of federal and state laws. Let them know that any negative credit report is in violation of credit reporting laws as well. Tell them that IF they attempt to collect this from you in any way that you will cross file against them and the merchant, that you have written proof, self-evident that the merchan erroneously charged your card.

Suggest to the CC company that they should reverse the charge as allowed under law and let the merchant deal with is error.

Meanwhile go back to the merchant, show them the text. Tell them that is proof positive that there was an agreement to end all charges. Tell them to notify the CC company of their error and revers the charge. be nice, be polite, act as if it is all just a mistake but be firm. If they keep denying reversal, get louder in fron to others. Raise your voice, talk of written agreements they violated, talk of fraudulent charges against your creidt cards. Escalate the matter so that OTHERS in the GYMN hear it. Do NOT leave unless the laws in your state allow them to tresspass you (it may be hard to tresspass someone who is a paying member, they would have to refund any unused payments at that point most likely). The idea is that most merchants dont want to loose other customers over one problem, especially in a competitive industry.

Dentist Nightmare

Went to a PPO dentist, this dentist not only charged the PPO amount, added extra charges on top of it (a violation of her PPO contract with the insurance company) put forced me to prepay for my insurance benefits calling it a co pay. The dentist then instructed the insurance company to pay the dentist directly, now that’s a lot of money she ended up getting above and beyond the PPO contracted amount. Disputed it on my Discover Card, documented it to the teeth, got the insurance company involved, they investigated, and got my money back, but not before Discover Card found the dentist’s charges “valid”, sent me emails telling me they were reporting me to the credit bureaus, and I was in the right! After protesting bitterly to Discover Card, they “said” they would withdrawal the threat to my credit rating, and then I was told that they “had to accept what the merchant said”. So where is the level playing field/true unbiased arena to get a fair review for credit card disputes? Thank God, the insurance company reviewed the situation, but if I had relied on Discover Card, I would have been out a lot of money and get a down grade in my credit rating for daring to dispute one of their merchants, which was in the wrong. So my question is, where is there a credit card that views everybody as equals instead of discriminating against cardholders?

Hello, You are not going to believe that! Get this; I took my cat to a pet hospital ( UC Davis), they made us pay a deposit $1700 and then, they massively overdosed my cat – the dose for 12 days in one shot. My cat ended up in ICU, oxygen, transfusion, etc. They told us that they would pay for the ICU, but when we got him out of that hell, UC Davis refused to give us an itemized bill of what they paid and of what we were charged with ( so that we would not realize anything) and asked us for about $1000 more ( or they would not give us our cat back). I asked for the itemized bill the next day and the new cashier had no clue of what happened the previous day so she just emailed me the bill. I realized that they indeed have paid for a part of the bill but to make up for their losses, they were also charging us with SIX consults in less than 24 hours ( at $182.50 each!)
I have filed a dispute with USAA, guess what? They are so incapable to make an addition and figure out that UC Davis fraudulently billed us $1365 more than the total that they should have billed us that they ruled in their favor!
What are my recourse for such a scam? I mean UC Davis are really willingly ripping people off, I am in California, any idea of what I should do? ( by the way, they misdiagnosed my cat AND overdosed him. He died 10 days after that)

Your options are to sue them in small claims court and/or lodge a complaint against them for unfair and deceptive trade practices with the California Department of Consumer Affairs ( You might also check to see if the university has an internal complaint procedure.

I applied for a green card renewal from a legitamit company on line. I was charged $170 to initiate this process. I found out right away that there was no start up fee to renew a card. I e-mailed the company several times and only got an automatic reply saying they would be in touch with me. I called the credit card company and they said they couldn’t do anything while it was still pending and to contact them when it posted. That doesn’t’ seem to make sense since it seems like they could deny it because it hadn’t been paid yet. Any one familiar with this kind of transaction?

I recently purchased a wig from a wig salon, on the assurance that it was a premium Virgin-haired wig.

The product turned out anything but and the merchant refused a refund, never once denying that they mis-sold their product.

I sent whatsapp correspondence with the merchant and proof from a wig salon that the wig was not as advertised and was reimbursed.

The merchant has now come back with a totally spurious version of events, not once addressing my claims, and my cc has advised that I may lose my refund, unless I tell them to continue with the claim.

What tends to happen now?

Hi, I paid my tution for a semester and with that paid the necessary insurance.
I then applied for insurance wavier since I already had that from my husbands insurance company. I got the refund. But in next semester they charged me the insurance again..I thought the wavier is good for entire course but anyways I went back to the school with the wavier form and they said the deadline is already passed and therefore we wont refund $700 (insurance for a semester) then I reached out to insurance company they said the same. Is it possible to dispute it ? if yes what are the chances ? I already requested for a refund from both school and insurance company?

Scammed in Tokyo!
My problem is that Someone, spiked my drink, and drugged me in Tokyo, and whe I week up 10 hours later, they ha spend 10 thousand US in 3 different stablishments. Please advice me what can I do, since I still have 3 days in Japan before heading back home.
Please, anyone.

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This is not a dispute as to charges, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard this one. I have an Amex account for 27 years, have always paid it faithfully, except one time I had an unexpected financial crisis at which time I called them and explained the situation and made an agreement with them and paid the bill over time as agreed, not using the card until it was paid in full. This was a while ago. Anyway, I have always paid them the same exact way – each week when I get paid, I pay the things I must and give them whatever is left over. I pay most of what I owe them prior to the due date. But because payroll day is always the same day of the week, I am sometimes paying a small balance a day or so late. It has been this way since day 1 of having the card. So I paid them the balance of the August payment today, as I usually do and they tell me because I paid the balance of the August payment after the due date, they now consider the entire September payment past due. My payment is not due until September 18th. They are telling me my account is not in good standing because of this and I can not use my card or be in good standing unless I pay my entire September payment within the next week. How does this work? Sounds like some sort of strong-arming to me. And how can they take this stance if our agreement says my next payment is due September 18? I am inclined to never use their card again. It’s not worth it to me for the convenience of a couple hundred dollars each month. I will find another way.

I made an in-app purchase for a game I downloaded on my phone. Well I found 3 unauthorized charges posted to my mastercard made by the same company a few days later. I immediately called and notified MasterCard about this and they have cancelled my card and sent me a new one and began the process to file fraudulent charges against this company and recover my money. My question is this: isn’t there anywhere or any one else I can report this company to? I have read on there website and comments on google play about this being done to countless people that play the game. I want to stop this from happening to another innocent and unsuspecting person.

ENDURE BEAUTY SYTEM – BEWARE! Advertised on my daily e-magazine. That fine print had to be buried well, as I am aware of these scams. Same issue as above, have the product, have not used it and offered to send it back. Thankfullly I caught the scam 3 days after the 168.63 (Canadian) charge for the “free trial”. When I called to complain THEY HUNG UP! I have now had to cancel my credit card to ensure no more transactions will take place. I sent an e-mail to “Endure” requesting my money back – but highly doubt I will receive even a reply. TOTALLY DISGUSTED!

CONSUMER BEWARE! I, too, have been scammed by this company! I sent for their supposedly free sample product! I received the products! Soon a bill for $100.69 plus another billing for $168.69 US dollars! This is reverse billing! I did not see anything on their site that said that I was signing up for their products! I called my Visa company and they couldn’t do anything because of the reverse billing! I have emailed both companies every single day asking for my money back! Today I got a call from a service rep! She left me a # to call back saying that any service rep can help me resolve this matter! I called the number! Guess what! Doesn’t work in Canada! So I called the number showing on my phone! Guess what! It was disconnected even though it was within the hour I called back! I called another # and got through to service rep Scott! I did not get anywhere with him and was on the phone for 40 mins! He then puypt on the floor supervisor of the day who just reiterated everything Scott said and hung up on me after 10 mins. This is a very disreputable company! I will not give up! I will keep after them ’till I get my money back! I have sent emails to local and national TV stations! I have sent an email to US Bureau of Federation! I will post every day on my fb! I will not give up!

Deborah Kopeschny

This has happened to me as well. You are in Canada too? How can we as a couple of people have more leverage. Extreme Consumer Beware. There is no information on the initial trial page that leads one to believe they need to cancel the product down the road. There is no documentation when receiving the trial package (1 oz very small which you end up paying $149.US for) that you must cancel the product within 10 days. No documentation – i.e. packing slip, of the company or your name as a customer. Very Misleading

I had the same experience with the Endure Beauty systems company, where after 14 dayd of receiving 3 trial products,they charged me around 500, I noticed this scam and luckily i was able to contact them and cancel the monthly order, then i placed a dispute with my c.c company who were not able to get me my money back due to the so called “online signed agreement”

I wanted to pay off my credit card at a faster rate. I was told to talk to the banks advisor online. I called up and was told that they could offer me a one time offer reducing my APR to the original amout (the bank started using a different APR rate based on the market). So for one year I was led to believe I could pay off my CC at 6% and after the year was over it’d go back up to 11-12%. I didnt see my balance after a month of extra payments and found out I’d lost around 10 years worth of points and that I couldnt reopen my CC. I pay everything on time, but because of bad advice I lost 120,371 points..(equates to $1,200.00). Do I have any recourse? I paid everything on time and then some…


Hope I can find some advice or tips here for my case. I purchased a laptop in office depot, the order was placed through their website and merchandise was received 3 days later. I didn’t like the experience of using this laptop, so I returned it to a local office depot store. however, the staff probably hit wrong button on the machine and instead of giving me the money back, they charged me second time on the same item that I tried to return . unfortunately, I didn’t look through the receipt, I just signed and left the store. a week later, I found the billing issue when I was checking my credit card statement. I tried to dispute the 2 charges with credit issuer, but they helped me cover the first charge, but they couldn’t do anything about the second one, the reason from them was the store didn’t receive the item and I didn’t show them any proof that I did return. now, I am trying to talk to the store manager about this and he seems helpless and careless. what further steps I can take to help with my case here? is there a consumer committee where I can file my complaint against office depot and get my money back? anything would help, thanks

When I called to ask about my telephone and wy-fi the company told me they would send someone to the house to look at it. At that time there was no mention of any cost. A man came and did something to it but did not have me sign anything or no mention of money or payment. I assumed it was a curtsey call. The next month I received a bill for $150. Is it legal for them to do that when they never told me anything about a charge. I did not sign for anything. Please advise? Thank you

Does the same apply to debit cards? I went to the salon yesterday, WITH A PICTURE IN HAND, of the color I wanted. It was nothing crazy and she agreed it is a completely attainable color for me. What I walked out with was something completely different and I HATE it. I went ahead and paid for it to keep the peace and to avoid a confrontation because when I said something about it while I was in the chair(half way through) she started crying and stormed off. Just when I was about to get up and leave, she returned and went off on me. She stated she didn’t understand what I wanted. She ASSURED me that if I let her finish, it would look just like the picture. Well, it doesn’t. I didn’t realize just how far off it really was until I got home, in different lighting. In hindsight I should have left and I NEVER should have paid her but I just wanted to keep the peace and get the hell outta there. I want my money back so I can pay someone else to fix it. I DESPISE this hair color. Do I have any recourse since I used a debit card..a chase debit card?

Annmarie Kostyk

Perhaps you can help. I worked for a client on eLance. I have documentation from him that he was extremely happy with the work I did for him. The man is a nut ball. Suddenly, he wasn’t happy with the work and wouldn’t pay the last bill. I wanted him gone, so I withdrew my bill. The next month, he filed a dispute with his credit card company for the week prior to the last week. Now 5 weeks later, he filed a dispute against all of the payments he made to me for 3 months.

eLance can only represent me on my behalf. Isn’t there some kind of law to protect me? Perhaps a period of time that he can go back for? I had a issue like this in the past and PayPal and PNC bank said I only had 90 days for a credit dispute for services.

Burned by Barclaycard

Rec’d a solicitation from Barclaycard for 0% balance transfer for 24 months to open an account. We had 2 credit cards we wanted to consolidate so we applied since we have an excellent credit rating (in the 800’s). We processed the application online and at the end of the application rec’d an approval for $5500 which was less than the amount needed to consolidate. We immediately called Barclaycard to cancel the application and any partial payment transfer of funds to our cards. The rep (they only give out names, no identifying info)Charlene gave me a fax number to fax the cancellation for the application. Within 30 minutes of applying, a fax was sent stating that we wanted the account/card cancelled unless the new card was processed for the amount requested in the application. If not, they did not have our permission make any payments to our credit cards and to cancel the card. We called back to ensure that the fax was rec’d and we were told it was. There was also a statement during the application process called Legal Terms & Conditions that we printed out during the application process. It indicated that they would process a balance transfer on the 10th day after mailing the new card and that during this 10 day period you may cancel your balance transfer by contacting them. We had contacted them within 30 minutes after processing the application to cancel.

I rec’d the cards. I called them when the cards were rec’d and asked why I got them since the account was cancelled. I asked them if they had the fax that was sent, they indicated they did. I told them the account was already cancelled and that the cards would not be activated. On 6/12/14 they processed a balance transfer to one of my accounts after repeatedly being told that the account was cancelled and that they did not have the authorization to process a balance transfer. On July 20 I rec’d my first statement. It indicated that my account was past due and overdrawn, with interest. I called them again and they indicated that I was never processed at the promotional rate and that my interest rate is 24%!!! I told them I have all the documentation including the 0% offer. They said I would have to file a report and to send it but at this time I owed and will accrue interest.

So now, I have a credit card company that has taken account information from an application that was cancelled, opened an account and processed a balance transfer when specifically told that they did not have permission and were unauthorized to do so.

The credit card company had defrauded me

burned by barclaycard

PS I rec’d a letter from Barclaycard a week after notifying them to cancel the card and that they were not authorized to make a partial balance transfer. Their letter acknowledged that they had rec’d the notice of the cancellation. They still processed the unauthorized charges.

I have now filed an unauthorized (fraudulent) transaction case with them as all the charges they processed were unauthorized and they were in receipt of the notice that proceeding with the card or transfers was not authorized.

I am just beginning the process of disputing dental services that I paid for with my credit card. Long story short, I purchased what I thought were porcelain veneers, but the material was a plastic resin, and probably why 2 of them have popped out.

I had the dental work in January in Costa Rica. I only recently discovered this from a dentist who told me after examining the veneer itself, was not porcelain.

I do not want to negotiate with this dentist by a redo – he lied and I don’t trust him or his lab. I am going to get them redone here in the states.

Does anyone have any tips for dealing properly with this? We are talking $12,000.


Recently, a friend said he lost his wallet and asked to use my credit card on file so he could book a hotel that night. He said he would pay in cash the next day and pay it. He also said they deleted my card from the file and that he paid the bill.

Then I recently got over 5000 dollars in charges on my credit card for his entire extensive stay in the hotel. He did not pay the bill, and they charged it all to my card. I did not authorize the hotel or him to do that. I gave my card information over the phone and did not sign anything that authorizing them to keep charging my card. Is that something that I can dispute with my card or is the only way to recoup the debt to take my friend to small claims court?

I really appreciate any help yall can give in the area. Thanks so much.

Hello troy,

this incident can be reported to your local police, credit card industry will not be responsible for that, giving your card to a merchant is your resppnsibility, and giving it to your friend is your responsibility, so my advise is to call the police and file a fraud report against him

I purchased some charms for my business which totaled 600.00.. I bought insurance for the delivery which was through USPS.when I tracked the says it was delivered(no signature required) to my store address..but I remember checking my mail that day and it wasn’t store is located on a busy street and I’m afraid the postal worker left it by my front door..which they have done in the past..and some kids walked away with it. The company..chubby Chico charms, has been totally uncooperative and accused me of lying and has sent me emails stating” you do realize we have proof of delivery!!!!!!) Every time I have emailed them asking for a credit..Im sick over this.can I dispute this charge even though uspscsays they delivered it?

i recently was looking at my bank statement and saw that my ex boyfirned was paying his CC bill with my debit card (it appered on my bank statement as a phone payment with his name on it), i called the bank and told them i did not authorize these charged and they instantly refunded me my money, what i want to know is how do i prosue this further i know i can go to the police station and fill out an afadavit but what will actully happen to him? This is not fair that he has been doing this to me for months and i was lucky enough to catch it this month.

i filed a dispute for a company that filed for bankruptcy protection. i made payment on march and they filed on april, 2004. how possible can i get my cash back because i use my debit mastercard. actually, the dispute is in process….

I am a very small business owner… I sold tile to a lady and installed it. We had a simple contract stating she pay for the tile upfront, which she signed and in the same contract it states that she will pay the remaining balance when she is satisfied with the completed work, which she signed at the end when she swiped her credit card on my square reader on my phone and again signed to authorize. She never called me, I never heard anything from her, I even called her to do follow up. Now she has disputed the charges, what do I do? Can I do anything legally, isn’t this like writing a bad check? Please someone, help?

My daughter recently ended a relationship with a man that both verbally and financially abused her. This man charged items on her credit card with out her authorization during the past year and a half. Once one credit card was charged to the limit he talked her into transferring that balance to a new account that would have zero interest for a year. Once she did this he then charged the old card to the limit again, some charges for his business purchases and I believe some at the local casino. She is now $7,000 in debt because of this man. The one credit card has 21% interest rate. Prior to this man she had A+ credit. Recently found out that he has done this same thing to other ladies. I am at a loss of how to help her. Recently found out that this man has nothing, no bank account… nothing. She had no knowledge at the time that he taken her card and was making charges. What can she do or is she not liable for this debt. I feel so bad for her. She saved her money all her life and was able to purchase a home just four years ago at the age of 21. She is a current college student that works full-time. I have offered to pay these charges off for her and allow her to repay me with no interest. She feels that would hurt her chances of getting him to have to pay what he owes. I appreciate any information you can provide me. Thank you!

Hello Dee,
I am very familiar with VISA Debit Cards, but not the credit card process. From the sounds of the situation it sounds like your daughter may be at a loss. She authorized the use of her cards and even opened more cards for the sole purpose for him to use them. She can attempt to take him to small claims court but she would have to have clear proof that all purchases made on those cards were for him only. Even if she wins she has to collect… which from the sounds of it would be like getting water out of a rock. Good luck to you and your daughter.

She let him max one card out, then transfer 100% of that, then max it out again. And you say she didn’t authorize any of this? Put down the shovel and walk away.

I purchased a home warranty last year in October from sensible home warranty. I paid for the entire year with my credit card. I just found out,after trying to contact the company to put in a service request,that they are no longer in business. I called my credit card company to file a dispute. Hopefully, I will be entilted to my money back. What are my rights?

I purchased a home warranty last year in October from sensible home warranty. I paid for the entire year with my credit card. I just found out,after trying to contact the company to put in a service request, that they are no longer in business. I called my credit card company to file a dispute. Hopefully, I will be entilted to my money back.

You should win this dispute because you did not receive the goods or services.

Two days ago I purchased airline tickets from a online site that came up on a search when I was trying to find flight tickets. After calling the company to ask about seats (since the email I received did not confirm seating arrangements) I got skeptical about the company. Mind you, I had been searching for tickets for 2-3 weeks and this company always was on the top in search order. After I got skeptical I checked the reviews for this company…omg!!! I was a shocked at the hundreds of people who claim this site is a scam!!! I just spent $2200 for tickets that are suppose to be in June. The charge shows pending on my debt/credit card. So my question is: is there anything I can do at this point to cancel the charges…no, I didn’t buy insurance but, they charge people various charges whether they agree to them or not, and most are complaining that they can’t get them to refund the charges, or even acknowledge the mistake. I know I may be jumping the gun on this, but I don’t want to get to the airport in 3 weeks to find out I have no seats!! What can I do at this point???

hey Joan, just call the airline and make sure you’re ticketed.

Hi, I booked a hotel last minute through phone, we saw online that it looked good. However, once we arrived at the Hotel, we had to wait at the front desk because the person doesn’t even know how to activate a key card and so we had to be escorted by the front desk person to our room because his master key is the only key that can open our room since he does not know how to activate the key. Anyway, the room was terrible, pillows had lipstick stain, and flat sheet have unidentified black stain and the blanket have urine stain. So my boyfriend and I decided to just leave. Again, the front desk doesn’t even know how to refund our money and when we called our credit card company, the credit card company asked to speak to the front desk so the front desk can authorize our credit card company to block that expense. Of course, front desk said he has no authority to do that so our credit card company told us not to worry, if the hotel won’t refund our money, we can dispute the charges.

Now, my question is that, we did not lie…we are not that type of person but we are aware of other people who are comfortable with lying especially when it comes to money. For example, when we talked to hotel manager he made up this rule saying if we were to go in the room and stayed in the room for 15-20 minutes, they are not liable in refunding our money because the room is dirty. Their reasoning is that we should have known if we want to stay in a dirty room in the first 5 minutes we come into the room. Stupid rule and it does not make sense at all.

My concern is that, if the hotel lie and deny everything we claimed, would that be our fault then? This article did mention that usually card issuer take our word rather than the merchant, but we are just 2 people against a hotel…

If a hair salon client who received a very large service (hair extensions $450, -actual cost of hair plus $250 installation costs, $170 for cut, color, and highlights and an additional $60 deposit for a future wedding style and makeup appt dispute ALL charges made on her card, what recourse do I have? She has the semi-permanent extension in place, which are nin returnable by health code, and did not show up for her follow up scheduled appointment that was secured by her deposit. She was contacted 24 hours after the service was received and stated she was pleased with the result. 2 weeks later she didn’t show up for her appointment and 1 week after that she disputed charges. Please tell me what I should do. (In Texas)

As long as you file a rebuttal to the dispute showing she authorized the transaction (usually an agreement to pay- signed receipt or contract) then you should be fine. Your merchant services should be able to help you with this.


I’m a fairly busy person and came across about 4k(I realized the transactions when I called to report my card lost) in international transactions on my Chase debit card statement. I called the fraud department and claimed these transactions weren’t mine. They were reassuring that I would not be liable. I am emailed a link to a document saying what happened. I marked that my card was lost and not in my posession which it is not. However, my claim was denied because I did not file claims on some debit card transactions meaning that my card was in fact in my posession at the time of the fraudulent transactions. Admittedly, I’m not sure if it was or was not in my posession at the time of the fraudulent transactions, however, I thought the question was whether or not I currently had the card in my posession. I suppose it is possible that I could have had the card in my posession. Posession of the card and the fraud transactions seem to be mutually exclusive but Chase told me that they can no longer help me. I asked for a supervisor to call me back but it’s been 2 days now with no call. Am I completely screw out of 4k. I’m freaking out a little bit here. Scumbags that used my card….. ugh what a hassle.

What are dispute rights during a physical transaction? My wife and I were overseas on our honeymoon. We bought all our tickets through a US airline (united) and included their baggage allowance. On a flight in-between countries they would not let us board unless we paid $150ish for excess baggage, even though our itinerary clearly identifies that flight as having free baggage.

We called the US Airways mastercard and they refuse to let us dispute because the card was physically swiped. In my opinion we were held hostage, lest we be stranded in italy and both airlines are pointing the finger at each other.

I was in Hawaii and my wallet was temporarily lost. The wallet was retuned to me the next morning with no cash. I noticed there were several $2k plus charges on my cards. I immediately contacted Chase Fraud services and they took the charges off pending investigation. I just received notice from one of these charges on one my cards that the merchant provided a receipt and it looked similar to my signature. They have now put one of the charges back on my credit cards. They told me if I want to continue to refute this charge I need to send in a statement in writing that I did not approve this charge and provide a copy of my drivers license. I have 3 friends who are willing to sign a statement saying I was with them the whole evening and did not sign off on these statements. Will I still have to pay for these charges if the company thinks the signatures are similar? Does my friend’s being willing to vouch for me help my case? I had signed receipts in my wallet and my signature is basically just a scribble. What is the best course of action here?

This is a very difficult situation for the credit card company. The card was missing and then back into your possession? You were on vacation and 2k got racked up in one night? It doesn’t matter if your friends will vouch for you. If your signature is a scribble then that hurts you when the bank compares signatures. Signatures are suppose to be one of a kind and hard to copy. When investigating I try to find a local merchant where the card was used at and see if they have cameras. If they do I ask them to review tapes and see if they will work with me. Good luck. If you want to get familiar with your rights look into Federal Regulation Z or Regulation E. If you have a VISA or Mastercard you may want to look into those regulations are well. VISA has a zero fraud liability.

I have been disputing a charge with American Express for an online coaching company that uses several different names for themselves. I was looking into going back to school but came across info online about a coaching program that teaches you how to build an online business. Someone contacted me and said their business is called “Focus LC”. This person used high pressure tactics to get me to sign up, saying things like “this program will be half the amount it would cost to go back to school”. This person also guided me over the phone to the online better business bureau (BBB) to show me their company Focus LC was in good standing. They said many other tempting things to talk me into signing up, and preyed on my situation as a single mom trying to make ends meet. I went ahead with it and they charged my Visa approximately $4,000 and my Amex $8000 and had me sign something electronically. I called the very next day with cold feet and asked to cancel (since it was in their 3 day cancellation period). They kept pressuring me and pulled out all the stops. They put me on the phone with one of their employees named Jeremy Turner. Jeremy sweet talked me and assured me I could trust him. He offered me a $900 “scholarship check” that he said would help me pay off my first 3 months of cc bills and that after that time period I would be making around $5,000 per month from the online business website they would help me build. So I decided to give it a try. I asked them to send me a copy of my contract. They never did until a month and a half later when I started the dispute. My $900 scholarship never arrived, so I called back and spoke with Jeremy Turner. He said he didn’t know what happened and that he would send it out. It still never showed up, so over a period of a month I kept calling to find out if they sent it. No one would take my calls. That is when the red flags went off that I had been scammed. They were able to show the cc companies that I was actively doing their coaching program, which I was because I was under the impression I was going to be receiving that $900 check in the mail, and I had just paid $12K for their program. When I started researching the company online, I found out that everything they were teaching me I could find online for free! I was also contacted by additional up sell companies telling me I had to pay more money for more services, such as SEO, or my website would never get enough traffic to generate $5,000 a month for me, as they promised. I also found many posts on and against similar companies doing the same thing to other people. When I opened my dispute with Visa and Amex, I won with Visa but am still disputing with Amex. Visa claimed it was a “not as described situation” and I got a full refund. Amex however, keeps denying it and I keep re opening my case. The company claims I was actively involved in the program and can show my once per week coaching call documentation. There’s nothing that shows, however, that during that entire time I was waiting for the $900 scholarship check, and that the amount of money I paid didn’t even include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which I learned is a necessary thing to have. They said I had to pay an additional $5000 for SEO. I also have no way to prove this Jeremy Turner promised me the $900 other than a bunch of posts on by other people claiming he scammed them as well. I also recently discovered that when I enrolled for the program, the only company mentioned was “Focus LC”. I later saw on the contract that was finally sent to me, that the company name on the contract does not say Focus LC anywhere on it. It instead names a company called “Catalyst Coaching”. I never once spoke with anyone claiming they were with Catalyst Coaching. Furthermore, my Amex statement says the charge is from a company called “Crystal Consulting”, another name I never heard once when I enrolled, and also not named anywhere on my contract. I cannot find online anywhere from all the digging I’ve been doing that links Crystal Consulting with either Focus LC or Catalyst Coaching. I have found however, that the FTC has recently sued several similar companies that are doing the exact same scam in this exact same way to thousands of people, all for online coaching services for building websites. I am so frustrated by all of this. Is there anything I can do? I have provided Amex with lots of information but just recently realized this new evidence pertaining to the contract I signed not having Crystal Consulting listed on it or Focus LC. I will be submitting this new info for my freshly opened dispute (for the 4th time) but not sure the correct terms to use or approach to take with it. I am also wondering why I was not protected by Amex when they saw the $8000 charged to my cc. They would have possibly checked into the company Crystal Consulting, which you cannot find anything about them on line other than a name and address (no website, no information for what they do) and therefore approved the charge? They would not have known to look into Catalyst Coaching which when googled comes up as a major scam and is not within good standing with the BBB. And there’s not much to find about Focus LC. I am guessing Catalyst Coaching uses alias names to protect themselves? How do I fight this thing? Please help!

On Friday I was at orogold and made a large purchase. They told me if I was unhappy with the product I could return it. When he charged my card he charged it 4 seperate times which I didn’t realize so the total was different than what I had agreed to. When I got home I realized I didn’t like the product they had put on my face at the store to sample. It was irritating my skin. I also noticed the discrepitancies in my credit card receipt. Saturday I went back to the store to return all products. There was no manager working that day only a young girl who said she couldn’t help me and that they don’t take returns at all. I left all of the product in the store and left a note saying I did not want the product. I also called my credit card company who froze my account and told me to call back Monday morning when the dispute offices would be open. What would you file this under and do you think I have a chance at getting the charges refunded to my card?

How far back can you ask for statements? Ask that they prove you owe something? I’ve got charges going back years and I would just like them to prove I still owe this money. I would think as long as you have debt with them they should have to keep records. Similar to a mortgage, but I am not sure. What should be and what is are two different things.


While on vacation I purchased a set of very expensive antique candlesticks at gallery. After the purchase, I found out that the gallery had been under investigation and that complaints had been made that the items they were selling were not what they were saying they were. I contacted the store by phone and requested that they cancel my order, as it had not been shipped. The merchant refused to cancel the order, stating that it was the previous store under investigation, (which he also was associated with, just changed names,) and he immediately shipped the candlesticks. Once I threatened to take action, I was told I would receive an appraisal for the candlesticks within the next week. Can I file a dispute once I receive the candlesticks to afford me time to have them appraised myself to make sure they are in fact what the seller has purported them to be. After talking with the person who informed me of the problems with this particuliar gallery, I am very suspicious of this merchant and I am afraid I may be out thousands of dollars.

Ann, file your dispute immediately. Let your card issuer know that you have cancelled the order and you have not received the merchandise and you do not want it and let them know the date you cancelled the order and the merchants response. The merchant needs to honor your request and refund your money. If they do not and send you the product that is their error and will be considered a loss due to their own fault.

Bought tickets on ticket benz site. Started out on one site and ended up on ticket benz. Then I was charged for exorbitant fees. Original email did not have download link as stipulated in the purchase page. I panicked and called my CC company and company that sold me tickets and it got ugly with the company threatening me and calling me names. always best to stay calm and try to resolve issue with seller first. If they are unreasonable then proceed to other means. I tagged this purchase in my online account and immediately called my CC and lodged a complaint. we will see what happens. buy at the box office always!

Could not agree with you more. I work in credit card disputes. We always ALWAYS suggest attempting to work with the merchant first, keeping track of dates and what was said any confirm and cancel numbers. If they are a legitimate merchant it will usually get worked out without even needing to notify us. Then once you file your dispute giving your cc all of that information. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to stop a merchant from harrassing you, sending you to collections, etc when you place a dispute. Just because you win your dispute does not mean the merchant cannot pursue other means to obtain money they feel owed to them.

Hi Chris,

You said you are working in credit card dispute. Could you tell me how many percentage of chance for a customer to win the dispute if the customer was scamed by on-line “free sample trial”? The Endure Beauty System claims to provide a free sample of their 3 step anti aging system. After paying $5.98USD for the shipping fee of the “free trial”, I didn’t realize that all the hidden fine print was stating that I had to pay $149.95 for the free sample and $89.99 for skin care cream after 14 days if I didn’t call their customer service phone# to cancell, the company will keep shipping products to my home and charging my credit card every month that day. Unfortunately, I was traveling and out of country for two months after I ordered free trial sample, I haven’t check my credit card expenses for next two months, Endure beauty System kept sending me products and charging my credit card without my agreement and notice. When I found it, I called the Endure Beauty System to tell them my situation and wanted to send back non-opened products. They refused to refund my last three charges(nearly $780 lost). I called my credit card company and filed dispute against this big scammer.They tried to get away with these scams, totally dishonest with their clients. When you said you don’t like these products, you don’t want these products on your face, they reply: throw in the garbage. You can imagine what kind of products they produced and how they abusing customers. Be aware of the “I Agree” button!

Hi. I just had the same experience with Endure beauty Systems and lost over $500.00. This company is something else. Can you imagine the money they make by taking advantage of the consumer. Read the fine print if you can find it and beware of that button..I agree

Hi. I am currently in UK at a military base. Bought a car here in UK partly with my US credit card but found out few days later that there was a huge gas leak among other things wrong. We wanted a refund with the merchant but he wouldnt and wouldnt pay for repairs. I called BAnk of America to dispute transaction but told me they cant help me. And cant tell me why. Just told me to sue through uk laws. Any ideas how I can claim this?

Financial service institutions are very helpful in proper practice in credit financing. It is helpful to find innovative and diversified financial credit solutions that will essentially provide flexible ways in looking for more capital in your business and for personal loans to buy something that is badly needed. Offering credit finance solutions which are interest-free is even better.

This past December I was traveling abroad when I was contacted by one of credit card companies regarding possible fraudelant activities on my card. My wallet was out of my position for a short period of time, which is when I think the fraud occurred. I have filled out the forms and sent them in. Today I received a letter saying my claim was declined with a copy of a receipt, which has a signature that looks like mine but I know I did not sign it. The back of my card was signed. Is there anything I can do?

Advise them that this is not your signature. It will no longer be a dispute item but a fraud issue at that point. Once a signed receipt is received from an “in person”(meaning card was physically swiped at the location) transaction there is absolutely no dispute rights over that charge for unauthorized. They may or may not take it though bc it sounds like someone took your card used it and placed back in your posession without your knowledge and could possibly a family fraud issue. But in either case let them know you reviewed the receipt and that is not your signature.

what does BREECH OF PAYMENT mean?

Back in 2003 I was deployed to Iraq. Affess is the military clothing store that was set up at our camp for us to purchase food etc… I used my bank debit card for my purchases and they didn’t have the electronic system set up so they used the paper slips for every ones purchases. On my bank statements I have seen all my purchases that I have made through them though out the year that I was there.

Well, about three years later I received a letter stating I owed them money for purchase made in Iraq. When I called to verify, I asked them to send me all the documentation. Well they sent me the slips and none of those purchases were billed to my account. To make a long story short, they lost those slips and found them three years later and tried to bill my bank account three years later and it was denied because I no longer had that bank account. Then never tried to bill me back in 2003 only in 2006 for those purchases, is that allowed?

A few months back my wife used a credit card for a repair on our truck for 2000.00 at a dealership. The dealer installed 4 incorrect injectors in the engine causing all kind of problems on the way home from Tennesse. Nobody figured it out until she got home and took it to a Diesel shop and they documented on paper with illustration of the incorrect injectors. we sent all paper work and called the dealer about this situation. They refused to believe that there precious technician would do that. We called the credit card company, sent all documentation, and cedit card company credited the money back in our account. After a few months they told us they they ruled in our favor, but had to finalize it with Visa. Well we just got a letter in the mail saying they are taking the money back, because the dealer told them the truck wouldnt have driven for that long with the wrong injectors. So untrue! The truck ran but not very good. The money they recredited to our account is spent on other repairs we had to do, due to the improper repairs. What can we expect now if we dont have the money to give back to them?

Sue the credit card company in small claims court.

Sue the original *dealership* in small claims court. They are the ones that caused damage to your property. You have no grounds to sue the CC company.

First, do not attempt to sue the cc company. That is probably the worst idea ever and would be a huge waste of money and time since the credit card company is not the ones who did the incorrect maintenance on your car. I have no idea why someone would even reply with that. I work in disputes and right off the bat these are extremely hard to win in the cardholders favor. But you did do everything right, getting that second opinion from another merchant in this situation is a requirement. We won’t even move to a chargeback process without it, much to a cardholder chagrin but its the way it is. And, as you can see even with it its a slim chance of winning because it basically comes down to he said/she said and in these terms they would win and most likely if you had won the merchant would have sent you to a bill collector because of the amount of money they would have lost. I would suggest like the second reply said small claims court, or contacting your attorney general.

Per the FCBA, you can sue the credit card company.

“However, if you have a problem with goods or services you paid for with a credit or charge card, you can take the same legal actions against the card issuer as you can take under state law against the seller.” See website.

Hi, I purchased a mattress set from a retailer who had a 30-day exchange or refund policy advertised on their website. I had an allergy like reaction to the off-gassing chemicals in the mattress and asked for a refund. The retailer said they would not give me a refund and showed me a sign above the counter in the store that said one time exchange only. I had not noticed the discrepancy at the time of purchase. Since they would not give me a refund, as a last resort I took an exhange of the display model hoping it had already outgassed enough where it wouldn’t bother me. Unfortunately I have had the same problem with triggering headache and asthma symptoms. I filled a complaint with BBB and dispute on Visa asking for refund that was advertised. I have a copy of the website with the advertised policy, which the retailer has now changed to exclude a refund. Any idea of my chances of prevailing? I did not sleep one night on either of the mattresses for health reasons and think they should honor their advertised refund policy. Thanks Tim

Back in June 2010 I signed up for one month on and I just found out a couple of days ago that they have been taking out 30.00 a month for the past 43 months, unauthorized charges. They are even using an expiration date of 12/49, how can that not be fraudulent? That is about 1,240.00 not including the 23.00 for over drafting on my account, the bank is looking into how many times that actually happened. Just wondering if this might be a small claims court or if someone knows how else or who I would contact.

Most of those charges are too old to dispute (most options give you 120 days from the post date of the transaction to dispute a charge, except in certain circumstances such as delayed delivery), but you should also look at the site you signed up on. Many membership sites have a click-to-agree box that states that by clicking you agree to be billed monthly unless you cancel per their terms and conditions. This is likely what happened. Your rights for the charges still within dispute timeframes depend on the card type (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX).

Unfortunately, you will probably be stuck with all the charges besides the most current months. While this may be a charge you were unaware of, as a consumer it’s your responability to look at your statements and make sure this doesn’t happen. 3 1/2 years is a long time to not notice. I know it sucks, but be nice to the bankers as they have strict regulations they have to follow to be in compliance. -Banker for 7 years

Unfortunately it will be more than likely. The bank is not going to take a loss that large and the window allowed for chargebacks against merchants is 120 days, after that time they cannot be held liable(except in a few instances this not being one). Knowing from experience as well has “proper disclosures” meaning they do disclose to you in the correct areas as well as click to accept terms and conditions, which not to sound rude means you didn’t read what you were getting yourself into, and they didn’t make it obscure. Of course it wasn’t in blinking lights but is definitely not hidden. The merchant did not make an error, and the services were available for use during the time they were charging you. Most likely you’ll get a couple months back worth of refunds but that will be it.

I was towed from what was supposed to be a visitor lot but apparently some spots were not visitors and did not see any clear signs indicating it. The tow truck guys were not interested in any explanation and needed money to release vehicle.

I had to pay and now considering disputing payment via my credit car. Would this be the correct approach ? I also found out that they charge $25 more than what the county limit is for towing, however, first I would like to see if I can get the charge reverse on the basis of unclear signs.

Any input would be appreciated.

This happen to a friend in the marketing business and i find it to be unreal. He did work for a commercial customer almost 2 years ago and just recently got a charge back from American express claiming that the customer is disputing the charges. He has not worked with this customer since this lat transaction. Can a charge card company actually back charge for services which were delivered and paid for almost 2 years ago? and if so, what are my friends rights.
Thank you

Hi. My credit card co. took 2 payments last month when I expressly told them to only take the ‘over the phone’ patyment and not the ‘automatic payment. My bill was $6000.00 some. So they took 12,000.00 some. I was on it right away. They promised me a refund in 2-5 business days. Well it has now been 15 business days. I have talked to them through out this time and they keep promising me ‘another 2-5 business days. They took all the money we had!!
What do I do now? What legal right do I have ? I need to know what my choices are.

Can a company charge my credit card two months after i purchased something from them? I rented a uhaul truck for one day and returned it with no problems and the charge didn’t show up until January. Can they do that?

So you went two months thinking you got it for free and now you are questioning why they are charging you for a product/service you *used*, correct? Why didn’t you call them and ask when they were going to charge you? My experience with merchant services will alow any charge, regardless of the date of sale, provided the card has not expired.

I just won a credit card dispute for the majority of the tuition for a community college class that wasn’t meeting for nearly the time advertised. After winning the dispute they sent me a letter demanding payment and threatening to hold my transcripts, charge outrageous interest, and take any state tax return I might get. Is that even legal?? I can’t find much about this online anywhere- a place billing you after you win a credit card dispute.

The credit card dispute process is totally separate from any legal avenues, so a company has a legal right to seek payment by another means if a dispute is is won in your favor and they still feel they are due payment. There is no legal bearing of a credit card dispute on a legal case either. The rules for the dispute process are dictated by the issuer of the credit card (I.E. AmEx, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, etc.) and if the merchant fails to meet the issuers regulations (or dabide by dispite rules as outlined in their respective rulebooks) they may lose the dispute. This does not mean, however, that they may not have a valid case in the U.S. court system. All depends on who can prove their case the best with the documentation provided in each scenario. Good luck to you though, I hope you end up winning both.

Companies are allowed to attempt to recoup funds from a credit card dispute. The banking industries guidelines for merchants in a credit card dispute are very strict and most merchants do not have the documentation the bank requires, therefore the cardholder will “win” the dispute. However, just becuase a consumer has “won” their credit card dispute, does not mean that the balance is not due or that the merchant cannot collect. If the merchant is attempting to collect from you, you will need to contact them with any documentation you have that you believe nullifies any balance due and resolve directly with them. Hope this helps.

I recently had (once) friend ask to use my debit card when we were at the mall one day.Said he would pay me back,I was looking at jeans for myself,didn’t realize, he charged a watch for $150 & a skateboard for his son.I was going over statements & realized he had charged other items on my card.He refuses to pay me back!I’m talking thousands of dollars,as my whole savings of around$13,00.00 is gone.What can I do,I also didn’t realize he held onto my card for a few days.How do I prove this & is there a chance I can recover some of the money he said he would pay back?He also forged my name to some things he got!PLEASE HELP!!!!

This is what many in the credit card industry call “friendly fraud”, and usually there is not much your card issuer can do unless you file a police report and press charges. you authorized this person to use your card, and unless charges are filed, there few avenues your card company can take. I wish you well, and sorry for the actions your “friend” took while in possession of your card.

My credit card company said they owed me a credit balance refund and that I needed to fill out a form to get my money. I put in the amount I thought they owed me and they sent me a check for $400. They are now saying it was a mistake on their part and I owe them the money back. They told me they owed me the money and they sent me a check. Do I have to pay it back or was it their mistake and they now have to live with it?

My credit card company informed me they would not be issuing me a new card with no valid reason …even I may have been slightly late paying on occasions I never missed one I feel they are in breech of contract and I feel I should not have to pay the same interest rate that I was paying when I had a card and contract….do I have a case

I recently went to a combination strip,sports bar,and restaurant. I became suspicious and prior to me receiving my bill I called the credit card companies
and found out this club charged me over $10,000 over three different dates. I went to see the G. M. and told him I was never furnished or presented any charge
card bills then I found out some tickets had $500.00 to $800.00 tips on the charges.I have reported the charges as fraudulent to my credit card companies
and they have charged back the amounts to my card pending an investigation.

I was able to view the charge slips and they had signatures but they were not
mine.I informed him of that and and the hand writing for the tips was obviously not mine.
I was told by BOA and State Farm Bank that they were charging back those charges but I should wait till I get my statement to go over the disputed charges.where do I stand on this were talking about over 10k in charges.One
more thing these were rung up as a tab which I furnished my drivers license
and credit card. Where do I stand on this???

Please send me some advice. I discoverd these charges before I recieved the
statements I was told that I should wait till I get the actual bills and file a dispute. I am under the impression that this is fraud in that I didnt sign any of the merchant copies and recieved no copies of the charges. Should I go to the police dept. and file a fraud report?This is major money and I got suspicious after I was called that my part of the wallet that carried my driver license and my Master card were found outside the walk going inside the club.
My master card was not used to charge anything.It was state farm Bank And BofA

if the signatures don’t match your normal signature you should be fine… fraudulent signatures are normally detectable and the agent of the CC company should be able to detect that it is not your normal signature and validate is as a fraudulent transaction… but each CC company s different in their ability to detect fraud. good luck to you….

No person has a “right” to credit. Sounds like the credit card issuer has decided to mitigate their potential risk and discontinue the offer of credit upon card expiration.


I let my brother use my credit card to charge clothing from a supplier for his clothing business. The charge was paid and my brother’s business has unfortunately closed. The clothing supplier found an old charge of $17,000.00 and decided to charge it to my credit card because they still had it on file. In the form that was sent to them authorizing the first charge, it is clearly indicated that the card is not to remain open for additional charges. American Express refuses to help me with a dispute because they say that by letting my brother use my credit card, I lost all my rights for a dispute. What can I do now???? The suppliers say I should take this up with my brother because he’s the one who put me in this situation. I need help!!!! I can’t pay that much money!

I know this is an old one but yes unfortunately you need to hold your brother accountable. This is considered family fraud, and you cannot expect your cc issuer or the merchant to take a loss over that. Giving your brother your credit card makes the charges valid. You would need to file a police report and press charges first and foremost before a cc’s fraud department would look at it.

I’ve disputed a charge on my credit from a company that didn’t live up to the services they said they would provide and changed the pricing. I contacted the cc company and they received paperwork form that company stating “we agreed’ and was sent a “certified mail” contract. Needless to say the company couldn’t prove they sent the contract or show anything with my signature, and in the next correspondence said they mailed it first class. The company constantly contradicts itself with lies and yet the cc company refuses to acknowledge my claim. What’s the worst possible thing that could happen if I refuse to pay the bill..Thanks


I ordered A $500 watch online and paid with my Discover Card. I accidentally sent the watch to my mother at an old address at which she no longer lives instead of to me at my address. The item was delivered via USPS although my mother does not live at that address. What recourse do I have? Would this be eligible for a charge back?

I’m not 100% sure of Discover’s individual dispute rules, but generally if you file a dispute stating you did not receive the merchandise, the merchant has to prove that you or the intended recipient received the merchandise.

My elderly parents moved 3.6 yrs ago. Rarely use they C/C however went into a dept. store and tried using their card…was denied claiming they had an outstanding balance and was turned into collections. My parents pay every bill the day after they receive it, so with hearing this my parents both got very upset. Found out the store had sent a new card to my parents old address and with doing so evidently whoever currently resides there have used my parents new card. The charge was for over 250.00! My parents had never rec’d a bill because the store continued to send it to the old address. When my parents moved they contacted all of their card companies and dept. stores to advise them of their move. Although it is not my mothers signature on the receipt they are trying to force my parents to pay this and they are scared not to pay it…this upsets me and I need to help them find a way to settle this. Can anyone out there help me help my parents? I am a widow and have little resources so cannot afford to hire an attorney. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you so much for the help!

I signed up to attend class, but drop out. I paid down payment by credit card for $500. Later, school called and asked for another an install payment of $200 which authorized by phonce. Since discontinue class, I found out school made two additonal change of $200 to my credit card without my witten or verbal authoriztion. Is it legal for school to change my credit card without my ok?

I’m disputing a charge back from may. Someone stole my credit card and bought furniture and rugs that were delivered to my house. I never received anything. What so I do now?

I was asked to use my card & was told that they would repay me,they screwed me & refuse to pay me back,we’re talking 1000,or more dolllars.What can I do?>

You’d need to take the individual to small claims court.

Hi. We went on vacation to Maui and we had so many issues with our rental property. Toilet backed up and leaked throughout the first and second floor, leaky faucets, water dripping from the ceiling among others. We gave documented pictures and call logs back and forth with the rental company who refuses to take responsibility for our damages. They charge your credit card a month before you arrive. Any tips? Our case is with the Better Business Bureau in Maui. We tried with visa at TD but they say they don’t do investigation with services. So frustrating!

I purchased a kitchenaid stand mixer and had the option of making payments, my first payment being 90 dollars. The 90 dollars was still pending when a week later the charge fell off of my account. I contacted kitchenaid and they could not find my order but said that all orders have a pre authorization on them. Anyways, I was never sent a mixer and they are claiming one was sent and are trying to charge me for something never received!! I am disputing the charge but cant this still go on my credit?

If you did not receive the merchandise you should not be liable for the transaction, and any disputed charge should not have any impact on your credit so long as the case is not decisioned in the merchant’s favor and you continue to disagree with the resolution of the case.

Anyone know if it is legal for credit card companies to refuse your payment in full? I’ve always paid my credit card in full on 11-7 my billing cycle closed, on 11-8 I made a payment in full I look today to see why is hasn’t cleared the bank yet, (normally clears the same day) is show that BoA canceled the transaction… I’m clueless no one knows why they canceled the payment, I feel I attempted to pay, they refused ( don’t want my payment)? is a lawyer the next move?

I had two unauthorized balance transfers electronically transferred to a credit card. (by estranged spouse) One of the accounts was acquired years before our marriage, the other transfer from an account he opened during the marriage. Both accounts appear on my credit report listing me as an “authorized user,” and he as “Individual Responsible.” I disputed the charges and the “investigator’s” explanation made absolutely no sense. I went to both banks holding the accounts the transfers came from, but was told they couldn’t provide me any information because “my name was NOT on the account.”

The credit card company takes your check and credits it to someone else’s account and denies receiving payment from you. Marilyn Bloch

I receive two bills a month one on the internet and one in the mail from American Express for two different amounts. I paid $771.96 in a bill for October and now they are denying receipt of the check. What if they used the check to credit someone else’s account. I understand that happens too. Marilyn Bloch

Has the money been removed from the account in which you wrote the check from? When did you send the check? Did you send it to the correct address? If the check has come out of the account that you have written it from then the bank is able to locate where the funds were actually sent.

I traveled to grand cayman this past September and thought I had prepaid for a rental car. The rental car company said that I did pre pay back in May of this past year. My trip came and went and the travel agent said there was error and they never charged me. They are now trying to get the money. My question is if there is a time frame they can try to get this money.

As a consumer you have 60 days from the closing date of a statement to file a dispute yourself over the internet. If you call the credit card company directly to file a dispute you have 120 days from the closing date of the statement to file a dispute. The merchant is stating that you did pay however your travel agent is stating otherwise, is this correct? I would immediately contact the travel agent and offer her proof of payment. Go ahead and print out that statement, any invoices, and any receipts from the rental car booking that you may have, BOA may need this to strengthen your dispute. If the merchant does charge your account you will need to wait until the charge has posted to file a dispute. The first thing that they are going to ask you is if you have contacted the person who charged you, so you will need to do that in the mean time. If they aren’t willing to assist you then you can contact the credit card disputes department as soon as the charge has posted.

My 80 year old father has a computer in which he acquired Norton360 software. Every day for several months he would receive a pop-up notification of his renewal for the software so hence he renewed his software. Three years later, I was going through his credit card charges and noticed he was being charged twice a year for the same product, Norton360. I called Norton, spoke with a customer rep and was informed, too late to refund for all the years before 3 months ago, too bad it’s not going to happen. What about what happens to customers who are harassed to acquiring as a result of receiving an annoying pop-up for renewal notification? I am suspecting this type of annoying, harassing pop-up notifications is a common practice Norton uses to receive ‘twice’ for the same product. What can I do to refund my father.

Thank you.

Sue from Texas

As a consumer you have 60 days from the closing date of a statement to file a dispute yourself over the internet. If you call the credit card company directly to file a dispute you have 120 days from the closing date of the statement to file a dispute. Unfortunately in this situation the time limits have lapsed and you would not have any dispute rights to file a charge back.

I have paid off over $4000 dollars to TD Canada Trust. I’ve secured my line of credit with them as well with $8500 in GIC’s. I’ve never missed a payment and then this past April TD jacked my interest from 9.99% to almost 13%. They have said they will do nothing. They blame possibly Equifax as giving me a poor rating. I have debt under 15K that I am paying down quickly and have never defaulted on. Equifax is an incompetent lazy company that has a well documented history of continuously working with drastically inaccurate information and being impossibly difficult to rectify with very blatant correct information. Both TD and Equifax should be investigated and charged with everything from espionage to fraud.
Annoyed TD VISA customer.
Steve J
Toronto, Canada

Dentist charged me $272 for what he advertized for $49 on Youtube -It had no expiration date Visa told me they do not look at video evidence in any dispute
only paperwork- They said I will be charged because I signed receipt even though receipt does not specify what I was signing for. What are all of my options?

If the amount on your receipt states $272 and has your signature on it you would not have a dispute right. Unfortunately if you did sign the copy that stated $272 and were to file a dispute, the merchant would provide the receipt with your signature authorizing the charge and the bank would be forced to cancel the dispute.

Hi, I bought a laptop from BestBuy website, and when i bought it said its 1080p. So after getting the laptop, i found out that its not 1080p its 720p so i returned the laptop with the label that it came with. and it has been over 3 week still no refund. i called them and they told they did not receive the laptop yet. what should i do now? what can i do? Please advise. Thanks for reading. Take care.

Is it Visa, Amex, or Mastercard? Each card has their own rules for dispute time frames. Did you get a tracking number with the package? I would contact Best Buy first, advise them that you have sent the merchandise back and ask them what their return refund policy is. Write down that information for future reference in case it is needed when filing your dispute. Next contact BOA at 866-266-0212 and advise them of the situation. If it is Visa then they are able to go ahead and file the dispute and send it through immediately. If it is AMEX or Mastercard then they do have to allow the merchant 30 days from the date that you returned the item to issue you a credit. The most important thing to do is to figure out exactly where this package is at. You would have a dispute right on this charge so I do advise you to contact BOA as soon as possible.

I went through an online agency to book a trip, but never placed a deposit on the trip. The company is trying to hold me fiscally responsible for the trip or cancellation fees even though I didn’t make a deposit. Can they legally do that?
It is European destinations.

Is there any sort of contract that was involved?


My chargeback involved an engine replacement by a car dealership where my broken down car was towed 400 miles from home in another state. I ended up making the credit card payment over the phone before flying down about a week later to pick up the card.

I approved them installing a particular used engine that they had sent me the specs on via email. During the process of the installation, I asked repeatedly for the dealership to send me the warranty and other information about the engine and they denied that there was any (not even a packing slip or invoice).

When I finally got the car home, I continued to push for paperwork from the dealer and when they finally sent it two weeks later, I found out that the engine installed was NOT the one I approved, but a much poorer one in terms of mileage and compression (compression testing is used as a indicator of quality in used engines according to my local mechanic who wrote a letter to the card company in support of my claim). Basically they did $3000 of labor to put in an engine that is likely to last less than a year before needing to be replaced again (again, according to my mechanic). I submitted my chargeback that day.

It has now been 5 months since the charge (early May), 4 1/2 months since the chargeback (mid-May) and my card issuer still has the case as ‘pending’ in my online account statement. The last communication I had with the card issuer was in Mid-July, when they gave me the opportunity to respond to the dealer’s claim that they were unaware of the engine bait and switch and it isn’t their fault so I should have to pay the bill anyway.

How long does the card issuer have to decide a “Quality of Goods and Services” dispute? We are coming up on 3 months since I heard anything from them at all. The billing errors get 2 billing cycles or 60 days, but can the quality dispute be held out indefinitely?

The creditor must acknowledge your complaint, in writing, within 30 days after receiving it, unless the problem has been resolved. The creditor must resolve the dispute within two billing cycles (but not more than 90 days) after getting your letter.

I gave my daughter a permission to use my credit card to purchase DVD sets online. When we received them we were surprised to see they don’t look like original(they were packed in some pouch, no cases, not sealed) and 2 seasons were missing and they were shipped from China. I contacted the merchant asking to send me a return label and to give me a full refund. They don’t want me to return them due to high shipping cost and will give me only a partial refund for missing DVDs. I wouldn’t accept it because they were supposed to be a birthday gift for my daughter’s best friend and she can’t give those fake DVD to the friend. I and the merchant exchanged numerous emails to resolve this matter but I couldn’t stand it any more. And I don’t want to waste more than $100 for that trash. I told them I would dispute it and I did it. A month later, I got credit back for full amount from BOA. But, the merchant kept emailing me and asking for repaying money to their western union account. What should I do? Since I couldn’t return the merchandise, am I still obligated to pay for them?

In a situation like this, it’s more a judgement call on your side. Since you do still have the DVDs it is recommended that you pay for them because you are in possesion of the goods ordered. Now, since the dispute has been settled in your favor, I would recomend sending an email to the merchant advising them that since the dispute is settled, you have your refund, and the DVDs are obviously counterfiet, you would rather return them, but if they continue to refuse a return you will have no choice but to turn the DVDs over to the authorities as counterfiet goods. If they still refuse a return, drop the DVDs off at the local police station and tell them the truth, you believe the DVDs are counterfiet and you do not feel comfortable keeping them under your roof, but the merchant is refusing to allow you to return them even though you have already gotten your money back. After that you no longer have the DVDs and you have the money back. If the merchant does not have your SSN, then they can’t send you to collections or report you to the credit bureaus, you just might have to deal with a few emails from them (fair warning forgein bootleg merchants can get nasty when you tell them you’re going to turn them in) and you probably won’t be able to order from them again, which it sounds like that won’t be a problem after your experience with them.

i had an account with a creditor in which the 7 year expired and i noticed that is not my credit report anymore. My question is: if wanted to resolve that account, I mean to settle that account, will that be reported again for another 7 years? how does it work on this case? Could it be possible to have the same account reported for another 7 years?

I have a trip I planned and the agent at Euro Villas LTFD one month after I put final payment on the reservation could not prove that he had booked it. I told him of my concern and how I had read some not so nice things about his company and him that was posted on the internet after I put final payment on. He told me they were in process of Bankruptcy and the judge had advised them to refund if the people wanted that. He said to put it into dispute as this helped with the process. We put in a dispute and our credit card company says because there was a clause of no refunds they will do nothing to help me. What should I do. The company is no longer answering phone the book keeper for Euro villas LTD sent me a message that I should continue the dispute that he had given to the court but it was taken longer than usual…What should I do! The credit card company is looking further into it and to my knowlege has never contacted or tried to get the money back for me. They tell me they will look it over and get back to me in another 30days. Should I send my credit card the not so nice comments that have been posted about this company on the internet and how they have scammed other people and not paid them back?

Sending the credit card company would most likely not make the dispute process go any quicker. When a dispute is filed the credit card company will contact the merchant’s bank and advise them of the situation. The merchant’s bank will then contact the merchant and explain to them that someone has issued a charge back on their account. At that point the two banks will mediate with the merchant to get your money back as quickly as possible.

i waitress at a restaurant and a large sum of money was disputed, the restaurant lost and now they want me to pay the balance which was due to them. Is this legal, it seems terribly unfair to hold me responsible. I didn’t use the wrong card!! Please help!

No it isn’t legal. It’s obviously not in your job description

Was at the Country Kitchen 13300 E Hwy 20 Clearlake Oaks, California 95423 where we at on the first week of September. The servicer was terrible and so was the coffee that we paid for two cups of coffee and charged me 6.47 for the drink and then the bank saw what I was talking about the extra $31 dollars for food we didn’t receive and I canceled. I’m a disabled vet and this is how they treat their locals and vets. I went in their today and when asked to speak to someone in charge and when I told the waitress what happened he chuckled at me in my face and said come back tomorrow the owner would be there and was going to do nothing about it. STAY AWAY FROM THE COUNTRY KITCHEN at 13300 E Hwy 20 Clearlake Oaks, California 95423 their service sucks and they COMMIT CREDIT CARD FRAUD!!!!

I HAVE Uhaul UBOX service ($3,500)…. They said it would be up to 11 business days to deliver them from Omaha, NE to Phoenix, AZ.. They are now 8 Business days overdue as the goods were supposed to be delivered on the 9th of August or 12 days…. They just keep telling me that they are in transit and to top it off they have charged my credit card for another 30 days ($400) storage. I have been on the phone with them daily and canot get a straight answer about the delivery date nor will they reverse the $400. Can I open a dispute with my credit card comany on the $3,500 as they did not deliver as we agreed on. I am sure I can disput the $400.. (Goods still not delivered) Thanks


I’m dealing with Barclays bank and they claim I have late’s on my account and that’s why my interest rate is HIGH. But I’ve only had one late that shows on the credit report. Can they go back and update the credit repots to show other late’s that I don’t agree with that are not showing now?
Thank you,


You need to do this in writing with the credit bureau. Initiate a dispute. The bank will have to respond to it within 30 days. Keep in mind you will have to prove you were not late. Send supporting documentation when this is filed…

I picked out a mattress at a local store and had them run their financing to see if I would get approved for the purchase. I did get approved through GE Capital Retail Bank. I told the salesman I did not want the mattress delivered yet because we was not ready for it and going on vacation. About two weeks or three weeks later, we decided not to get the mattress after all. So, it was not delivered or picked up. They charged my card and I started getting the bill. We called both the store and GE Capital to tell them we did not get the mattress and they need to credit us back. They never did. GE Capital said we needed to fill out a dispute form. We never received the dispute form. We called a least 3 times trying to get the form and never got it. GE Capital bank said they never got the credit back from the store. The store said they sent the credit. They have now turned it into a collection agency. We talked to the store numerous times and they said they credited us. Finally, I wrote a letter of dispute to GE Capital and to the store. I sent it certified mail. It has been 5 weeks and no word from either company. So, I know they did not comply with the Fair Credit Billing Act. The charge was $1000 and now $1330 with interest and fees. I don’t think the up to $50 will help me with this unless I am misunderstanding it. I have started a small claims court case. The owner of the store is avoiding getting served the court papers and cannot catch him. I contacted the collection agency and they want a copy of the letter of dispute. Thank you! I appreciate it!

Was on vacation and needed a new lens for my camera that I had broken. Went into a camera store in Orlando that one of the Visitor Guides had a 25% discount on. Got the lens I wanted. However while I was in the store the salesman showed me a lens that was a wide angle + macro lens adapter (it screws on the end of your lens, its not a lens on its own) Was quoted the price of $600, when I declined he asked his manager if he could make me a deal since I was buying another lens. He came back with a total price of $633 total with tax. So I agreed. When I got home was showing it to a friend and she decided she would like to have one for her camera so we looked it up online and I was shocked to find those type lenses not only do not go for $600, but $20 to $40. Called the store and they said they have a No Return Policy. I do see that now on the bottom of the receipt of All sales final. Guess that should have been my first clue that I was being scammed. Just wondering if I have any possible recourse to get my money back. The store is over the 100 mile limit. Its in Florida and I’m in Arkansas. I have a dispute filed with my Credit Card, but just wondering if anyone had won this type of dispute.

In situations such as this, there are generally no dispute rights. A merchant has the right to charge what they choose for a service or merchandise, and if the customer chooses to pay that amount they are bound to this price. There are no regulations in place dictating what prices a merchant may charge for a particular service or merchandise, as this would resemble price fixing, which is illegal. Customers must do their own research to determine if they are receiving a good deal or not.

I purchased a sleep number bed and returned it after 60 day trail. The company also charged me for delivery and pick up charges. The CC company they used was the “Help card. I paid about $300 extra because of delivery charges. I had one late fee which i didnt pay and then added up to $100, they waived one late fee of $25. But I refused to pay it since it wasn’t my fault. Can they charge late fees over late fees plus interest? Even though I have returned the item and my balance was $0 until the late fees came?

My husband and I used our Bank Debit MC to purchase a timeshare back in 2009. The payment was to be taken monthly from our bank account using the debit card. We recently realized errors in the purchase terms do to the debit card we were mailed a statement for payment owed per month. My husband and I would never have done a 10yr purchase agreement with the company if it wasn’t a high pressure sale. Tried coming to an agreement with the company, but it did not work and now they sent us to collections. We basically want out and where willing to pay a few to them, but what they want is outrageous and we wouldn’t own anything anymore. Question is: I have heard you have up to 10 years to dispute an item bought with a credit card….is this true and where can I find this information? Thank You!!

What exactly do you mean by high pressure sale. Did they hold a gun to your head. Try to reach an agreeement with them but it fails you are still responsible. You can also let it go to collections and when it goes to court you can settle for a lower amount

nothing can be disputed.American Express after 90 days dispute time determinated I am responsible for the payment and contract signing since I missed 5 days given by Mexican law to cancel timeshare .After receiving collection letter from USA agency I finally (after really desperate time) found the solution.I hired Mexican lawyer and ‘ve got timeshare contract cancellation. I lost $10K already as monthly payments for several years plus lawyer’s fee (about $2K) but I am out of contract now.
Good luck

10 years to dispute a credit card transaction? Most credit card companies allow 3 months to dispute a charge. That number may vary a bit between credit card companies, but I can guarantee that nobody allows dispute for more than 1 year, much less 10.

Phil: I don’t think you’re right. I just uncovered, while throwing away paper, a Chase Continental Airlines credit card statement from June 2006 (yes, you read that right). This was a July 18, 2006 charge for $550.00 that I don’t recognize from a mail order merchant of electronics. In the same month and year, I made a legitimate charge for $4,700 at the same merchant for a friend who didn’t have a credit card. I was repaid the very same day in cash by that friend. This purchase was shipped to him.

On Aug. 27, I phoned the merchant (phone number was on the credit card statement). I was told that it would be no problem to produce their record of this charge. While googling this merchant, it said that they responded to email in 2 business days. I have not heard from the merchant.

On Aug. 27, 2013, I phoned Chase Credit Card customer seervice. I no longer have this credit card. I cancelled it several years ago. I was transferred to Chase Fraud Dept. At no time was I told that I was out of luck due to the time element. I did receive a form letter from Chase within 48 hours. Sharon in Fraud said I would receive a letter by regular mail within 10-14 business days which I must sign and return.

There is more inormation to give you but I am tired of typing.

Lawrence’s situation is different from a “dispute”. Fraud and Disputes are totally different things in the credit card world. Fraud protection means if you truly didn’t authorize a charge, there is no liability on the customer. If you did authorize a transaction, then it is a dispute if you feel you were charge improperly or in error. Fraud strictly means you did not allow any authorization for a particular charge. Disputes generally must be initiated within 120 days of the posting date of the transaction, with certain specific situations having extended time frames. Even in those special situations, a bank usually only has 540 days to file a dispute claim, and has to provide documentation to prove the reason for the extension beyond 120 days. Certain credit card types may have different guidelines, in these situations I would contact the disputes department to have an experienced agent to advise you of your best course of action.

I used my credit card to purchase a automobile-Dealer had located car at another dealer and would be there in a couple of days. Next day i called to cancell trans action. They said car was on transport to them and I could not have my $1000.00 back. What are my options? Thank you. B Waitt

I ordered some jewelry from a website in october and they sent me the wrong item and the second item I was not happy with, so I sent it back. They sent me a new item and the same wrong item back so I sent it back again, the third time they said they were goibg to keep the broken item and use that to cover the shipping of the item I was unhappy with which they would replace with something else I chose. I agreed and the item they send me the third time was not up to my standard so I said I wanted a refund and they agreed. The next day they said to me that their transaction provider would not allow refunds after 120 days. I called the provider and they told me that they were able to process refunds wih no time limits. I told the jewelry company this and they are putting me off and telling me that they will only get to it next week. Can I just start a dispute with my credit card company? This company has been promising me a refund this whole time, but all of a sudden they are changing their story. Please help.

I purchased a baby hedge hog over the phone on 12-17 that was to be ready to be picked up 1-1. The merchant said he would email me a receipt and never did. He then did not have a hedge hog ready to be picked up. After being stalled and given full of excuses, I told him that either to give me a hedge hog or a refund on 1-15 and hew stopped calling back or accepting my calls. I proceeded to file a dispute claim with my USAA credit card and now they are dragging their feet saying I do not have a receipt that there is nothing they can do. I explained it was over the phone and was not emailed one as promised but they still haven’t even started anything. Is this true that I have to have a receipt from a phone transaction? Anyone could process and not email one back.

Paid atty 1,500 legal fees and 320 for paperwork. was told bankruptcy petition would be filed the day after Christmas. Never filed. When I call, get machines. Got in touch with atty. listed on petitition. said there would be a conference call between the local lawyer, the atty who was doing nothing and my husband. no call. local atty. was told by the other atty who did nothing that they put my bfile aside because i called too much. I filed a dispute with our bank. also sent bank letter of everything i went thru and 2 pages of complaints from customers who have gone thru the same thing i ndid. what are my chances of winning. this is 2/8, hired a local atty. and will be out of debt in 2 months.

Hello. I paid for/enrolled in a certification course via credit card on Jan 10th. The cost is $4000! The course is 2 weeks long and will be held from 2/23/13-3/4/13. I’ve had a family emergency and can no longer attend. I emailed them immediately and they informed me today that I had to cancel 30 days prior to the course and they won’t refund any of my money. My understanding was that I had 30 days from my enrollment date to cancel. They sent me a welcome packet over 40 pages long and the cancellation policy was buried within it. I’m outraged and filed a dispute with my bank. Do you have any suggestions. My finances are very tight and charging me $4000 for a course I haven’t attended seems outrageous. Thank you in advance for your help.

Can you please tell what happened next? I am in a similar situation but I did attend the course, but the problem is they did not provide me the services which they are supposed to provide and have put me in a grave situation almost threatening my career. I have the proofs of their misdeeds. I am looking for available options, I mostly paid them with check but at least I am trying to dispute few payments made with credit cards.

I received a CC conditional credit on 9/29/12 for over $6000 pending investigation. The documentation I sent (and was never asked for more) was received by the CC company on 10/11/12 (certified mail receipt). The CC company didn’t contact the merchant, they say, but sent the claim to the merchant’s bank on 12/12/12 some 60 days after receiving the claim. I asked for copies of their file and they woul;d not supply same. I was told that the merchant’s bank had 45 days to respond and if they didn’t I would automatically receive the permanent credit. The 45 days was up on 1/25/13 and I so wrote the CC company bank and I received a secure notice from the CC bank that as of that date they had not received a response. In light of the foregoing would you care to comment on my situation and additionally relate it to your explanatory statement regarding “two billing cycles” requirements to resolve the dispute.


I’ve recently had som fraudulent charges on my MasterCard. The issuing credit union says they need a notarized signature from me to dispute the charges. Is this typical and/or legal? I thought a signed letter was sufficient per the law.



You need to write and call the credit company disputing all the fraud charges. The interest and fees on the fraud cannot be charged to you if the investigation upholds your version of events. You cannot charge them interest and why are you paying the minimum each month? When the charges are disputed the card company will have a list of charges not in dispute, pay them off.

I suspect someone forged my signature on a business credit card application that allowed them to make charges to my business an get billed thru and paid for by the business. They got a credit card in there name but attached to my business. How should I proceed?

I received a call from Baby Earth’s fraud department saying that they suspected fraud on a charge for a baby monitor that was to be shipped to California. I confirmed that it was indeed the last 4 digits of my card, but I had no idea who Baby Earth is, nor had I ordered a baby monitor. They said they would decline the charge. When I viewed my account online, there was also a charge from for a baby monitor that had been shipped to Houston. This charge was also bogus and had gone through. I disputed the charge both by letter and by phone and was told in writing that this transaction was “consistent” with my ordering habits or some such nonsense. I have never shopped at that site, and I do not drop-ship. Ever. I disputed it again and now the credit card company is reporting the dispute to the credit bureaus. Do I have to pay this in order to not have my 822 credit score ruined? Thank you!

Patricia Nystrom

I charged a Home Loan Modification for the amount of $2,995.00 through WaMu in August 2008. After 4 weeks I disputed the charges because I was bounced around from case worker to case worker, each promised me something different. I wanted my money back so I even wrote a letter to WaMu. Then Chase took over. I kept paying. WaMu and Chase would not answer my dispute in writing. In January 2011, I took my debts to a debt management company and inform Chase of that decision. The company informed Chase that they were to be paid off in October 2012, however, WaMu filed a Breach of Contrart against me in July. Did I mention that WaMu told me over the telephone that I had to give this company more time! I was aggressive in my dispute actions. Am I in the wrong? Should I just pay this lawsuit? Thank you.

What about refunds? What is the dispute time on these? I ordered a dell laptop for 1600 sent it back and got an Alienware from them instead for over 3000. Apparantly dell refunded my 1600 two times which i never even noticed then FIVE months later contacted me and are now triying to blame me for causing their mistake. My credit card company told them they couldn’t reverse the second refund from 5 months ago How long does dell have after they issue refunds to claim them back? Dell has a collection agency after me now.

There is not really a time limit in how long they can attempt to collect money from you. Only thing they can’t do is just charge you credit/debit card for the amount owed without authorization if they do you can dispute that with credit/debit card company. They can dispute the fact the company just charged your card not the fact that the money is owed. They can attempt to collect the funds from your years on end they would only be able to report it to the cedit bureau for 7 years with some exceptions.

You know that you owe Dell the money, so you need to pay up or attempt to make payment arrangements with the collections agency. Yes, this was their mistake, but you know it WAS a mistake and that you owe them the funds.

i bought some shaw carpet from a retailer. We put it on our credit card. While they were putting it down, i noticed it wasn’t the same carpet i paid for.. they are saying it is. When pouring liquid it is suppose to float on top. It does not, Has a warranty etc. IT has been weeks and still hasn’t done anything, can i dispute my credit card..

My ex applied for a credit card without my knowledge i filed for dispute what are my chances of winning?

More information is needed to answer your question. Where you married to this person? If yes did they apply when you where still married? Are you still married?

Tell the card issuer that you knew nothing about this card and never received it, never charged anything on it, and never made payments. And tell them you want to be removed from the account and not held responsible for the balance on the card.

Hi! Some sellers in the street sold me this promotion for a salon & spa. I bought it with my credit card but then I went online and the reviews for this salon were HORRIBLE! So I called my credit card customer service and reported my card as lost and said I did not make that purchase, they told me to wait for the investigation that can take up to 90 days. Was this a bad decision? Will this affect my credit score? I am so nervous, dont know what to do, please help 🙁


That was a very bad decision – you committed fraud. You lied to the credit card company about the purchase.

I have a large balance on an American Express card and was called by a company that said they could zero out the balance for a payment of around $2,000 by using Public Lae 7310. Does anyone know anything about this, can it be done and can I do it myself? The person said something about raising interest rates on the account without my authorization, that it was illegal and could negate the amount owed. Any information about this out there without paying an attorney?

Kindly do yourself a favor and google the law, I suspect they are referring to either a state or federal bankruptcy law. The company is a fraud. What they are attempting to do is get the money from you and that AE will ignore the company and go after you.

I have a complex situation and could use some advice.

My partner, before we met a year ago, used BillMeLater to charge a $30 fee for some legal documents she needed during some financial hard times. That service, of course, provided 6 months to pay no interest. During that 6 months, she had to attend a conference that was supposed to be paid for by the organization she was working with. In order to sign up for the conference, she had to go online and provide payment. Not having any other means of online payment, she used the BillMeLater account for $200. The organization never reimbursed her and she’s still trying to sort that out. She ended up not paying anything to BillMeLater, including the $30, as a result. While this decision was probably not correct, there were many extenuating circumstances and it is nevertheless what happened. She’s not trying to make excuses about that. In any case, the 6 month window lapsed and now she not only owes the full balance but several months of $35 late fees and interest on all of that. The total balance is over $400 currently.

My question is should she, at this point, just pay off the account, even though there is still money owed to her? Or does this situation still fall within some parameters that would allow for dispute? I imagine the $30 she is fully responsible for complicates matters as far as late fees, and she did voluntarily charge that $200, i.e. it wasn’t exactly an unauthorized charge. I imagine that BillMeLater will consider that not their problem. If that’s the case, it seems like cutting her losses with BillMeLater and then trying to get reimbursed as a separate matter is the way to go.

Also, what would have been the proper way to handle this situation early on when she didn’t have the $200 because she was counting on that reimbursement? Would any of this dispute advice apply in a situation like that?

In order to protect her credit she should pay off the balance in full and attempt reimbursement with her company. The merchant that charged her has nothing to do with a third party billing and won’t take that into consideration when attempting to collect the fund. All fees are valid at this point due to she agreed to the pay later option not the company even though the said they would repay her.

She owes the money, the money owed to her is somebodies elses problem not the billme later. I suggust that you folks use this as a lesson in never borrowing money unless you have the means to pay it back. Your partner could have been defrauded by the organization conference so make that a lesson also. Bill me later is in the rip off trade, in my opion, they pray on people like your partner but legally you may have very little protection and need to see a lawyer if you want to go that far, so pay up and never ever make the same mistake again.

I found 2 unauthorized charges when I was preparing my tax document, it happened last year April. I know I was too careless because I didn’t check my bill but only paying for it. I wrote a mail to Citibank to file dispute for the unauthorized charges this year Feb and just received a mail from them last week. They refused to reverse the charges and said they checked with the store and they did have all of my information… what should I do now? Thanks in advance for reading my message.

CreditCardGuru, there were recently some incorrect charges on my credit card that were preventative stopped by a fraud alert. I didn’t want all of the charges (4 or 5) but the first one I did purchase. I started a dispute with my credit card company but I read this on the website where the purchases were made and I’m really nervous disputing all the charges will make things worse for myself. Should I just eat it and pay?

Denying a purchase that you have made is illegal and will result in an investigation which can lead to heavy fines or other legal action toward you

What are you disputing? All the charges or only some? Tell your card company what charges you are disputing and what ones are actual. If you listed a charge as disputed when it turned out you made a mistake just call the card company and tell them that was a correct charge, they will move the amount from disputed to non disputed and it will show up on your next bill.

Has my identity stolen by family member and disputing with credit card companies about the cards and charges. I filed a police report… so far two have deemed it fraudulent and taken them off my credit report. The First Financial credit card people are currently still investigating and have not made decision, yet I get around 6 phone calls a day from collections department and numerous letters in mail from them trying to collect their debt. I have spoken to someone from department about two weeks about matter and how its under fraud investigation but why do they keep calling>? I just read this on your web site:

Did your card issuer threaten to report you to the credit bureaus for not paying while the dispute was still in process (that can only be done after).
Those are just a few examples. The bottom line is if the credit card issuer failed to follow the process (and you can prove that) then they may not collect the amount in dispute or any related finance charges, up to $50, even if the charges turn out to be correct.

It is also possible to sue the card issuer when they violate the Fair Credit Billing Act. If they’re found guilty, you may be awarded damages, plus 2x the finance charges accrued – as long as it’s between $100 and $1,000.

CAN I sue them to get charges removed since they keep harassing me with the collections department? They are the only credit card company that is harassing me for money. None of the other companies have ever contacted me for anything other than investigation. What can I do about this matter?

Have you put everything in writing? A copy of the police report, any action taken by the police?, did you follow up with the district attorney? have any letters or phone calls time and date who spoke to you from the police or district attorney? do you have anything is writtng from the credit card companies that resolved in your favor? Get everything is writing than if the card issuer is still bugging you and the dispute is unresolved and under the amount for small claims court see if you can file there. If the court will accept the claim than make sure you have everything documented that supports your version of events,police report, follow communication with the poice, district attorney, other credit card companies etc. No judge isgoing to just take you word for it without verification from third parties of the dispute. I suggest a lawyer to answer your questions if the amount is larger than small claims court or it the court rejects the action as outside of its jurisdiction.

I bought plane tickets online and did not get a confirmation code so I thought I had closed out the session too soon. I made another reservation and got a confirmation right away. So I called the airline and found out the first reservation had an extra dot in the e-mail address and that is why I never received a confirmation and that I was liable for bot sets of plane tickets. I made a dispute with Mastercard and they tell me that I have a zero liability. Nothing has been done yet but I am nervous. Seems like this would be an easy thing to do and the airline is very tough about not cancelling and refunding duplicate reservations.

Have you tried sending the dispute facts to the airline in the mail? I suggest you send it receipt signed so you have a record of the dispute facts going to them. Did MC tell you that in writing or by email or is that just a verbel words? You need something from MC is writing. Good luck.

I got a credit card that I have not applied, I want to return it, I do not need. The question is will there be a penalty for returning it?

No, but you need to call them and cancel the card. You should not have a credit card you did not apply for. I suggest taking a look at your credit reports to see if somebody is using your name and ss number. As a note when you goolge the three credit burrows they will try to sell you a credit report, you do not need to buy as they must give you one for free each year and if you have been denyied credit just jump around in the sites until you get to the free report page.

Paid twice received once. I ordered an Item and cancelled after being told it wasn’t in stock after all. I received credit on my card. After a couple of weeks the merchant told me he had it in stock so I ordered it, paid in full and received the item.

However he had the charge reversed from the first payment I disputed this and received credit again.I have a feeling he might go on trying to reverse the charges for the first time item was cancelled. Can I cancel the credit card If the merchant persists in doing this again or would it be enough to change the credit card number and stay with the same credit company.

A hotel has accused me of damaging a TV and they have charged $750 on my credit card. I am disputing the charges. The hotel waited two days before contacting me with the allegations. I did not break the t! I now know what people wrongly convicted of crimes feel like now. Do I have any recourse? I have offered to take a lie detector test etc. so frustrated!

It seems like we are at their mercy once we leave the room they can accuse us of anything and then charge our credit cards. Advice?

You are asking several legal questions that I cannot answer as I am not a lawyer but have had similiar experiences. The merchant wants to get paid for the item sent you. If the first payment was credited back to your account than what is your concern if you got the second order? If you suspect fraud than ask the credit company for a new card number but in some cases if the merchant is signed up with the credit company the old charges get transferred to the new card numbers so the best bet is just review your card and make sure the charge was not made twice.

My credit card company had made a mistake with my payment they credited me 1000.00 dollars that should have went to someone else’s account….now 135 days later they found out what had happened and now added the 1000.00 back to my balance….i do understand it was an error but isn’t the adjustment out of the legal time limit for errors??? I am going to try to fight so I dont have to pay the 1000.00.

So you got 1000 dollars and fell free to steal it? You owe the money so why not just pay it back? If you are temporarily short see if they will accept payments at less than the high rate. It you want time limits for legal action than see a lawyer.

I received a bill from Macy’s for $5.50 …this was a finance charge. My prior months bill was $289.81 and I paid $289.81, leaving a 0 balance. I called to question this charge and the rep begins with…”as a courtesy I will remove the charge”…..IS SHE KIDDING… it never should have been there in the first place!

She tried to tell me this was a finance charge because I had a balance from the previous month. The $ 289.81 was the balance AFTER my billing cycle closed. I told her that this is not the first time Macy’s had done this to me… her only comment was, “Is there anything else I can do for you today?” Arrgghh! How much money do you think Macy’s collects from people that don’t review their bills?

Hey Patti, i know how you feel. i just went through a situation like that. that was ridiculous. i am just glad i realized because five something a month adds up over time!

My husband had an Old Navy credit card that he called in and closed in 2007. We never received any statements or notifications from the company about the balance he allegedly owed until march 10 when we got a letter from a collection agency stating they now had the debt from the Old Navy card and we owe them $2000. This is five years after he was told the account was closed with no statements or notifications in the meantime. We called the collection agency and were told if he doesn’t pay they’ll take him to court. Can we do anything about this?

There is a statute of limitations as to how long a debt collector can actually attempt to collect on a debt. Here is a link to find out what the SoL is in your state and for what type of debt. Oral, written, etc. Good luck!

Didn’t he know he had a balance when he closed the card? Closing the card does not mean he doesn’t have to pay the balance on the account. I assume he knew he had a balance; if he wasn’t receiving statements, it was his responsibility to call the merchant and get statements sent to him. If he created the balance on the account by purchasing stuff at the merchant, then he owes the funds. Plain and simple.

Can a credit card company report you to a credit bureau for an 18 yr old debt? i received an a bill from a collection agency for a credit card I had 18 yrs ago? The card was opened in 1994 and closed in 1997. (supposedly, I don’t remember having a card.)

Collection companies are also getting scammed by other companies. I had one turn a credit card charge to them that they lost in a dispute to a collection company a year later. I flat out told the collection company they were being scammed/ I even sent them proof of why I won my dispute. I flat told them that a company can not send what they lost in a dispute with a credit card company to a collection agency because that is considered no charge and told them to take it to court.

In your case make them show you proof of everything and if you still have doubt, tell them to take it to court and let the Judge decide. Most the time it is not worth it to them they usually pay 15 cents on a dollar for the debt to be theirs to collect. So if it wasn’t a very big charge they won’t fight you if you want to ent it offer them 20 to 25% and tell them they are lucky they are even getting that, since you don’t think that is you charge. hold your guns they will gripe but they will come down and then you can decide from there.

geraldine lynch

Is there any recourse to recover lost for quality of goods from international countries like Cozumel, Mexico?

My DISCOVER saga continues >>> I did finally receive the hard-copy of the Balance Transfers from BofA and Chase to DISCOVER showing also a Balance Transfer fee of $70+. This DISCOVER ‘account’ has been disputed by me from the very beginning, but now, they also want to charge me late payment fees plus a Balance Transfer fee plus the amounts they transferred.ALL WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! They half-way acknowledge that I am the victim of a scam and advise me to contact the BBB and my state’s Attorney General to report the scam. I want to know if I have any rights to NOT pay them a Balance Transfer fee and the late payment fees? Oh yes, DISCOVER has also turned me over to the Credit Bureau. HELP!!!

dear CreditCardGuru or any one

i need help well i brought a product from amazon and when i put the bill on my bank company. some how it transfers to one of my family members bank account witch is a different bank and i got the product now, but the problem is my bank are demanding the payment which is meant to go to them. and amazon which i called is not helping a lot. so can i have any advice?

I purchased a hockey jersey from a company that turned out to be located in China. After a month, they shipped the wrong jersey and now will not return my emails on how I can return this merchandise to get a refund. Wells Fargo said that I can’t dispute this purchase because I have not returned the merchandise. I went to the post office today to see if they could scan the package to get a shipping address but that didn’t work. I’m told this is a bait and switch scam that this company has done 185 times in recent times. Is there any way I can get assistance with this thru VISA directly?

Have you told visa what the post office has told you and if you have and they wont accept it, get a letter from you post office and fax it to them. If this doesn’t work tell them you are going to the consumer finance protection bureau and they can fight with them. Go to the computer and put in and give your complaint make sure you make extra copies from the post office so you can send one there.

try PayPal, as long as you dispute in their self made legal time limit, ask them for the limit you would most likely be covered. I use Paypal for all my Chinese payments and PayPal did adjust when I disputed the bill right away.

Is their an agency that advises, assists and/or will help the consumer with a dispute with a credit card carrier?

yes if you are having trouble with a dispute with your credit card and truly know you were in the right, then go to the consumer finance protection bureau it is and fill out a complaint.

Robin Cruickshank

I went to rent a POD from PODS, which is like the back part of an 18 wheeler, a trailer so to speak for storage and it wasn’t even for me. It was for a freind of mine. The Lady I spoke with said that she needed authorization to use my credit Card/Debit Card first. Well, I told my Friend about it, and she said it was too much trouble to not even worry about it. I called them back and couldn’t get the same lady I had spoken with just moments earlier. I believe they ended up delivering the POD to my Friends Apartment a good Hour and 1/2 away from me. I never received any kind of statement, or paper for me to sign to authorize consent to use my credit card. I don’t know what to do. This was April of last Year, 2011. My friend told me she did receive it and was using it and the one day it was gone and she didn’t know if someone stolen it or if the, “PODS” Company came to get it. I am stuck and don’t know what to do, but I’m talking close to $4000.00 Dollars that I NEVER, EVER authorized to be taken from my Credit Card, because I never signed ANYTHING giving permission to agree for these charges to be taken from my Account!! Any Advice would be so very HELPFUL!!! PLEASE HELP!!!! ASAP!!! Thanks so so much!! Sincerely, Robin C. [email protected]

When you gave your credit card info to the PODS people, that was all they needed. If someone asks for your credit card info, assume that they will put charges on it. You should not have given them your info.

DISCOVER and I are at an impass. A man representing “Cardmember Services” called me in May with a 0% interest rate offer on my credit card(s). He said that he would transfer my balances to a DISCOVER account. I adamantly declared that he was not to do that. The call was ended. Alarmed, I called DISCOVER and my two credit card carriers and told them of the call and that I did not want to open a DISCOVER account nor did I want my balance(s) transferred! DISCOVER opened an account anyway.

The problem now is that I was told by Chase that they transferred part of my balance but the transaction had been reversed. DISCOVER claims that they did not receive a payment. I sent a copy of the Chase statement to DISCOVER but have received no reply from them except calls from their collectors. I have asked DISCOVER to send me proof that I do indeed have an account with them and to show how much I allegedly owe them. They say they will send this, but they have not. Yesterday, after another long conversation with first one then two others, the DISCOVER fraud rep advised me to get DISCOVER to transfer the balance(s) back to my cards to resolve the issue. I, worn out, disgusted and desperate to resolve this issue, thought why not, so I asked him to give me ‘my current DISCOVER card number’ since I had cut-up and returned their card to them. He told me that their policy would not allow him to do this.

They apparently opened an account in my name without my permission, in fact, even after I informed them not to allow this scam, THEY called me to collect and then they ‘cannot divulge the credit card account number to me for which they want to hold me accountable!!?? I do not know what to do! I simply want to see their proof of what they allege that I owe them before I pay them anymore.(I paid $211 because I think I owed them that BUT I am not sure and want to see DISCOVER’s records). A DISCOVER collector called me again this morning, I asked him to tell me the account number and he said that he could not tell me anything but the last four digits. I told him that i need the entire number before we can do business. What should I do?

You need to hire a CONSUMER attorney. Contact your local bar association (you will find them in the telephone book or online) and ask for a referral. This is an age old practice of the credit card companies, sending an unrequested for credit card to an unsuspecting consumer, and it is flat illegal under federal law. You state also likely has strict laws agains this as well. You also need to file complaints with the FTC.

If you obtain good legal counsel, who should be willing to work on a contingency basis (meaning they get paid only when you do) you should be able to recover a significant amount in compensatory and punative damages.

if you happen to live in California, please please call the Department of Consumer Affairs at 800-952-5210 (or visit if you happen to live in Los Angeles county contact the Los Angeles County Dept. of Consumer Affairs at 800-593-8222 (or visit

Call discover and ask for manager to tell them you have not received any statements at all showing what you owe. If they want to have collectors call you but won;t even show you what your bills are, then don’t expect you to pay one penny and that if this keeps up you will go to consumer finance protection bureau with all that they did to do without your consent. If he does not help you then get on the computer and type in with your complaint.

Why are you on the phone? Get everybody to send you the material in writing. I suspect Discover has sent collection notices to the credit bureus so get copies of your credit report to see what is on them. you can ask Discover to send you to the address they have on file copies of your bills and payments. If you card was issued to somebody using your name than those bills and records would not be going to your address so that is why you need the credit reports. Call the fraud department back and ask the person you talk to to send you the bills and payments records directly and try to verify that they have your address correct. If the credit burearus has adverse actions on them from Discover than dispute each one individually one at a time but always in writing as court action needs things in writing.

I have a unique situation.

I was conned into signing an agreement for a scam timeshare package with company A and swiped my card with them. When the credit card bill arrived, I discover that the amount was charged to company B. A and B are definitely different registered company because they have different registration number with the authority.

Do I have any legal right to dispute the charging?

Absolutely. Follow the advice above for unauthorized charges. Company B is going to have to PROVE that you authorized them to charge you.

Bank of America is horrible. Someone stole my card, but because the physical card was still in my possession they are only selectively giving me back the fraudulent charges. Basically anything that wasn’t swiped with my “card” a dummy card.

In the meantime while my temporary debut card expired they sent out a new one I never received (to who knows what address).

Obviously I am beyond upset and am just debating moving my money now as the customer service I have experienced is terrible and the process is a waste of my time. I am currently on a second escalated appeal where they say they will ask the store for permission to look at their footage. In addition I have be forced to pay additional fees on top of the charges I did not make for interest on the charges.

The whole thing is ridiculous.

Did you go to fraud department and file fraudulent charges. I have had people who have used my card when I still possessed it when I live in Arkansas and they lived in Calif. I just went to the fraud department an said there was no way I could have used it. If you can prove that you did not charge and you did not sign it then they will have to take off the charge. If you continue to have problems go to consumer finance protection bureau or and place a complaint.

Why not separate the correct charges out from the disputed charges and pay them off in full? It sounds to me like you have a high balance card that you are not paying off each month. If your credit is still useable than get a balance transfer low interest card from another company and transfer over all the correct balances if you cannot pay off the total to B of A that is correct. You than have a clear record, all the interest and fees on the incorrect charges per the advice on this site are not payable is the legal advice is correct. If B of A is actualy investigating and reverseing charges than they will reverse the charges and fees after all the investigating is done. Meanwhile you will not have garbage mixed up with your account at the new company.

that happened to me from bank of america and i am still looking for answers
can any body tell us what to do
i just read file a complaint will do see what happens

I am probably out of luck. But thought I would throw this out there. I reserved a condo in Keystone Colorado within the 60 days they require to cancel. I passed on purchasing trip insurance. Who would need that right?? Well of course something comes up and I have to have emergency surgery. Doctor says no way are you going sking. Merchant says too bad I did not give 60 days notice of cancellation. I disputed with Chase they are siding with the merchant saying there is nothing they can do. So I am out $1100.00 for an empty condo in Colorado. Any ideas?

Sublet. Ask the condo company for a full copy of you lease agreement. If they will not let you out of the deal, tell them you intend to sublet the condo (unless it is strictly forbidden).

If subletting is strictly forbidden in the written contract, then inform them that if they relet if for the time you would have been using it, you will recoup your losses through the small claims process. They are not entitled to two fees for one rental period. the reason they can stop you from getting you money back is because they usually cannot release the unit on short notice. If they can then by keeping your money they have themselves a windfall. Every state except TX prohibits merchants from taking a windfall.

The condo people probably wont enjoy a condo that could be making them money, especially a condo they could let on short notice for more money then they would get from you, sit empty. While you might not get every penny back, you could probably negotiate for a considerable amount of the fee because they really do want to relet it.

If you can sublet it, then you get all of your money back and if the time you have it for is in high demand you could even make a profit.

Did you talk to the condo OWNER and see if you can negotiate something? Not a clerk at the front desk, but someone in authority. Tell them that you didn’t just cancel because you didn’t want to come, but you had to have surgery which is a legitimate reason for not making the trip. Perhaps offer to prove your point by sending them something from the Dr. or hospital.

Most reasonable vacation companies would rather negotiate with unhappy guests than lose business. Maybe, they will allow you to schedule a trip for another time. Disputing the charges before trying to negotiate can often simply make matters worse and you will still be out $1100.00.

Buy trip insurance, look at it this way, they had an empty condo they could have rented so they would be out the money. You took a chance and lost.

How long does a company have to draft money from an account? I made a puchase via telephone, and the company hasnt taken the money, and hasnt returned my calls, so im left to wonder how long i should wait.

I just received an actual credit card in the mail I never applied for. It was a car dealership that had US Capital send me the credit card and all I have to do is activate it. I was under the impression that it was not legal to send out an actual credit card you did not apply for where it could have gotten into anyone’s hands and I would never had known, since I never applied for it. It is legal for another business have a financial institute a credit card?

how long does moderation take?

it is FLAT ILLEGAL for an unrequested credit card to be sent to any consumer in the US. It is called the Truth In Lending Act of 1968. Banks can get in a TON of trouble for this, like can be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for issuing a single unrequested card. Additionally, you can get damages from them.

Contact Capital’s fraud department and let them know you were sent an unsolicited card in violation of TILA (like as in tila tequila). If the person you are speaking to doesn’t know what TILA means tell them “truth in lending act” but most people in the fraud department will. tell them that you want the account closed AND ALL TRACES of the card removed from your TRI-BUREAU reports and scores.

By talking in the language of the industry, as long as you don’t over do, the people on the other end of the phone will be more concerned that you might actually take real action against them.

Then file a complaint with the FTC for a TILA violation.

Next, find out if the car dealership is regulated by your state, city or county. If in California it is regulated by the DMV. You can file a complaint against the car dealer through the regulatory agency. if it is a branded car dealer (like Toyota or Ford), file a complaint about the misconduct with the Corporate offices. Finally, consider whether you want to zing them for privacy law breaches since they sent your private information, including your social security number, to another entity when you didn’t give them permission to do so. Your state will have varying laws so you will need to check with a local attorney or consumer protection group to find out if you have a basis for action.

I love that Bank of America would not let me dispute a charge on my credit card. I wanted to dispute a charge from my book club – I had not ordered the books and had declined the featured selection and it was still sent to me and billed to me (over $50!!).

Bank of America told me that, because I was a member of the book club, that I authorize them to send me shipments from time to time and automatically charge it to my credit card. I in no way, shape or form authorized that but the lady insisted it was in the user agreement (which I read and it is NOT in the user agreement / membership agreement). They said I have no legal right to dispute the charge until I can prove I did not authorize the transaction and provide a membership agreement showing that the club does not “auto bill.” Proof of declining the selections was not enough.

Spoke with multiple different reps and they all told me the SAME thing! I have no right to dispute the charge! After calling the book club over and over and over, I finally reached someone and they reversed the charge which was great but it took me weeks to get ahold of them and by then, I already had to pay the stupid bill.

Needless to say, I am no longer and will never again be a member of a book club or a Bank of America customer. Want to know the real kicker here.. the icing on the cake? I had charges to a local doctor on my bill and the cocky guy on the phone said “oh, you’re pregnant? When are you due because this payment protector plan would be great for you!” Funny, I’m not pregnant but my doctor shows up as part of a fertility center so automatically I am being profiled because of charges to my credit card?? Um, I think not. Buh-bye Bank of America!

Actually, under federal law BofA MUST open a dispute file and conduct an investigation. if they fail to do so, your rights for recovery switch from the unauthorized biller to BofA.

Remind BofA that this is about unauthorized charges and that they must, under federal law, the Fair Credit Billign Act of 1974, mandates this and that failure to comply can cost them, BofA.

Also, take a look at which is a good resource for all of the credit acts the federal government has passed.

Finally, you don’t alwasy have to hire a lawyer. You can take a big bank like BofA to small claims court. Big companies, and especially the national banks, HATE this because they cannot have an attorney represent them. You can get advice from a local or national consumer protection agency on how to prepare, what documents to bring and what laws to be able to cite to the judge. Lately, consumers taking on big corporations (like Honda and AT&T) have won many thousands of dollars in small claims court.

that is a good idea after all bank of america is refusing to acknowledge my unauthorize charge from my atm of 800.00,they claim it is a vendor dispute,and not fraud,first ba said they never got the claim form they closed the claim sent one out,now they are siding with the vendor straight talk as ba said the vendor had all my info inc my phone number,ba investigator practically told me i was unhappy with the iphone that is why i am filing a claim,all this calling to the fraud dept and claims is going no where,BANK OF AMERICA IS TERRIBLE,I am being treated like i was not a victim, iam so angry i will close all my accts

I recently made a purchase with the bulk of it charged to Visa and a smaller amount charged to the store issued credit card to take advantage of the interest free promotion. The quality of the merchandise was discovered to be materially less in value than promised. The item has been put into dispute with both credit cards. Visa has issued a provisional credit, but the store issued card said, “its your problem, work it out with the merchant”. Guess what? The merchant is being very difficult and will not authorize a return. Do I have any rights under the store card to ask that I be released from the min payment (only charge on card) while the item is in dispute?

Contact the Federal Consumer Protection
They can advise you concerning your issue and whether
or not to file a complaint with them, it that needs to done
to resolve your issue.

I made a charge and was not informed of the transaction fee of $455. Any ideas of ways to ensure I get reimbursed?
thank you

hi!actually you can get your moneyback! there are two options on how to resolve that.

First option, you can contact the merchant and inform them about the situation if their not willing to help you do the second option:contact your bank regarding this situation don’t forget the date you deal with the merchant. They can check the transaction and they do have the ability to dispute a charge. In disputing the transaction your bank will provide a temporary credit while the transaction is under investigation. Don’t worry they will follow the rules and regulations of visa and mastercard. You must provide a copy of a precept (or other supporting documentation) that shows the amount that you agreed to be billed by the merchant. Good luck!

Last month I received a call from a Rep. about a protection plan. After going through the “explanation” of services, I agreed to have my CC charged a $2.95 fee until I received my info in the mail… which I never got. I was told that I had 14 days to cancel or my card would be charged $54.95.

I waited a while, and realized I never received the “mailed” info. I decided to call the number given to me, and basically every time I called, I got an automated menu. I wanted To speak to someone to check on my package and while on hold the automated system Would eventually disconnect. I did this several times during the day, but since I work full-time, am unable to keep calling.

One night, while checking my accounts online, I see the $54.95 charged to my card 2 days after the “sale”, in which, that wouldn’t have given enough time to review any info or receive it. I finally called, left message this time a few days ago, and finally received a call back today. This company refuses to refund my card because I didn’t cancel within the 14 days, but did offer to cancel my acct from future charges. Then I explained that I haven’t received info, that I called several times only to be disconnected and if I had review time, why charge my card 2 days from trial period call, and not 14 days. We went over the authorization recording call, and I wad amazed to hear something so far from the actual call.

I told the Rep that I have the persons name if who I spoke with that day, and I definitely didn’t hear all that other “automated/computerized” that they have on file. Anyway, I faxed over a written dispute to my credit card with explanation and also that I never received promised paperwork, and basically refused the offer suggested by this company to resend it because I didn’t want them taking advantage of the situation. What are the chances of my credit card ruling in my favor. I really feel that this company is a scam and that They make their money charging fees ASAP without grace period, and not answering calls, and adding extra speech and info to the original verification call.

@GG just put a dispute as unauthorized charges. as a customer you will win ~95% times.

Had similar situation, with popular weight loss pill Oprah was allegedly boasting about, 3-4 years ago. It had a 30 free trial, but required credit card info. When we didn’t get product expected we (2 weeks later) called to return and cancel. When I couldn’t contact the company via phone (I tried twice a day for 1&1/2 weeks) I called my bank. They had so many complaints regarding that company they just told me to write/mail the company a formal letter canceling my subscription, send copy to bank and they immediately reversed the charges!

I purchased something online from a clothing store using their credit card but it still hasn’t showed up yet on the monthly statement. How long do they have before it shows up?

For the credit company usually that will take within 3 to 4 business days. Coz your bank still needs to wait for the sales draft coming frm the merchant, once your bank received that, the transaction will appear on your statement.

I ordered goods from a company and they took my VISA payment the same day. When the goods had not shipped after a couple of days I followed up and they said they would treat it as a priority. After 7 days and they had still not shipped I sent them another message threatening to cancel the order. They sent me an email confirming my order had been shipped the following day. I was suspicious as there was no tracking number. After another 4 days I got another email confirming the goods had been shipped and this time they sent me a tracking number, which confirms it was not shipped at all until that day. I understood that merchants had to ship within 24 hours of taking your payment if the goods were in stock? Thank you

Can a merchant withhold a % of the total sale when an item is returned to cover their merchant fee for aceepting credit cards?

No, but they can charge you “shipping” and/or a “restocking” fee

Dear CreditCardGuru,

What about the 60 days limit within which you have to file your dispute in the following case? I purchased an air ticket in March for travel in July (as the advance purchase obviously gives people a chance to get the flight cheaper). When I was trying to travel in July, however, I found out the ticket was not useable as promised. So I filed a dispute. This dispute was filed a week after I found out the ticket was not useable, but it was obviously later than 60 days after the charge appeared on my bill. My point is that there was no way for me to know in March that anything is wrong with the ticket, that is until July, when I was trying to actually use it. Does the 60 days limit (from the time the charge appears on your statement) apply also in this case? I mean, there must be some exception for this kind of circumstances, is not there?

Thank you very much for letting me know,

Talked with Bank of Omaha over the phone .. told them I did not want their account unless my entire balance from another bank could be transferred. They said they would call back. They did not. Then I received a bill in the mail a couple of weeks later – they transferred part of my balance (msot of it not all) and charged me a balance transfer fee which was never mentioned. I have writtem them and agreed to keep the account IF they would take off the transfer fee which I was not informed of and would never have agreed to .. they will not take it off. They have no signed application from me, and if they taped our call they will see that a fee was never discussed. Do I have any rights or can they just set me up an account and charge me fees like this – am I stuck with them and this fee? What can be my next step? I do not want to damage my credit.

Thank you very much.

Hi I applied for a credit card, but it was not delivered to me but to some one else, am i responsible for its fraud?

Hi mr. Kumar! don’t worry you are not liable for the fraudulent transactions. Your bank will investigate on that. I think there’s a certain rule that your credit card company is providing regarding fraudulent transactions.

No, but you have to dispute the charges and billing with the card company and the credit bureuss if the lack of payment was reported. They might not agree with your version of events so make sure everything is in writing and get that card cancelled. Contact your police department about filing a police report.

Whats the process involved with disputing a charge that has gone to collections?

Hi, my question is about the quality of goods, what if the item received is not as what they represented on their website and there is a lot of difference as what you have seen on the website does it qualify for a dispute? Thanks


How long are credit card companies required to keep your previous account activity on file?

I got a card form Merrick bank never been late or over the limit, my credit was discontinued because I applied for other card/ I need to know what can I do . I have talk with the credit dept. of this account and they seem to be little baffled themselves.

I had my bank of America card stolen. Which they contacted to tell me. At that time they canceled old card & issued new one. She asked me if any authorized users I stated no Authorized users are on my account. Then she stated she would FedEx the card because I had auto payments set up. Well come to find out when they ship my card to me they shipped my Ex-boyfriend a card in a separate envelope. Happen to be same day I sat all of his stuff on porch to pick up. Needless to say when I called to activate my card they informed me that an authorized user had maxed out the card already. Which they approved the charges for 1500.00 to be removed. After I called the police like they wanted. But unfortunately the police in my city are terrible and didn’t do a thing. Then received a bill 8 months later stated I owed the full balance 1500.00 in full. I had just bought a house etc. Terrible company tried to fight it until stressed me out so much I just paid it. Now I want to get sue them for the money trouble & stress. How they approved it then declined it is beyond me.

American Express charges me twice on the hotel room, It’s a terrible experience, I nerve use American Express Travel online service again.

Re: DB – Unfortunately not. It seems these days the criminals have more rights than you and I do!


Is it possible to obtain the information or identity of the person or people that committed the fraudulent activity on my credit card? I’ve contacted the merchant, my CC company, and filed a grievance at my local police dept. Just curious if I will find out the criminals name and/or address? Thanks


Hi Andy,

“the first one goes to when u didnt use the card to have goods or service it at all. the billing came to be a mistaken which u have no doubt why it is on ur bill.”

Yes that’s correct. However please don’t forget that a FCBA qualified billing error can be any of the other reasons listed under that section above, too.

“the second is that you have question on the quality of good and service on the bill, you actually did request the good/service. it just not as what you wanted!!..”

That’s right. You are not disputing whether it’s your purchase, but rather it not being the quality advertised/promised.

“is Dispute Process For “Quality of Goods & Services” also a law?”

Yes it is law, but your rights under it differ (they are discussed at the beginning of that section).

I hope this helps. Did you have any other questions?

dear creditcardgrui,

is Dispute Process For “Quality of Goods & Services” also a law?

dear creditcardgrui,

got it.. so is just a did or didnt questions.

the first one goes to when u didnt use the card to have goods or service it at all. the billing came to be a mistaken which u have no doubt why it is on ur bill.

the second is that you have question on the quality of good and service on the bill, you actually did request the good/service. it just not as what you wanted!!..

am i correct


Excellent question Andy! Here’s another way to look at it:

“charges for goods and services you didn’t accept or weren’t delivered as agreed upon.” = good/services you didn’t buy or were not delivered. For example, a bag of gulf clubs ends up on your doorstep that you never bought (fraud). Or let’s say you ordered an item and it never arrived and the seller has no proof they sent it.

“quality of goods and services received” = good/services you did actually receive, but the quality was not as advertised. For example, you buy a sweater but there is a hole in the armpit despite it being brand new… that would be a qualify issue.

Does that help you?

Not a lot because I think dental work might be a combination of these two issues. It’s a bit more gray, I need more detail.

got a quick question to CreditCardGuru:

Thanks for sharing such a important infomation to us for reading through.

You mentioned that under FCBA, we are protected that if “Charges for goods and services you didn’t accept or weren’t delivered as agreed upon.”.

But how is that different then what you mentioned, Dispute Process For “Quality of Goods & Services”, which also mean we are protected “quality of goods and services received”

Can you give some real life example to ti.


I can’t stress this enough… file as soon as you think you have an issue. This has come up a number of times for me while ordering from international web based merchants, which typically has longer shipping times. I had a merchant promise my order in 4 weeks time however, I had to start the dispute process after the merchant went mia during that 4th week. Needless to say at week 5, I received an email from the merchant that my shipment failed to clear customs and that they would be offering me a refund. I accepted the refund and informed my cc company of the update. They said they would keep the dispute open until the refund was issued. It was issued 3 weeks later.

i have a fraudulent charge on my credit card. Card company said they would investigate, letter today said i am responsible as there is a signed receipt. They copied me the receipt from a restaurant in Toronto, Ca. I live in Az. and it is not me.

What do i do now, they are charging me back interest as well.

Just read your comments about what is required in a credit card dispute. Thank you for this information as I had my chevron credit card electronically duplicated resulting in substantial charges to my account that GE Money now wants me to pay for during the claim process….. Asked them how I add the minimum charges each month to my claim and can I now charge them for interested while I am waiting resolution. no comment…
I have also not received a reply back from Chevron Fraud dept. yet. It has been only 7 or 8 days now during the Holiday. WE will see.
Thanks for the help.

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