Courtney Love Has 104 Different AmEx Charge Cards?!

Courtney LoveAs some of you may have heard, earlier this year American Express filed suit against Courtney Love, alleging that she has an unpaid credit card balance of over $350,000 (with that amount I’m guessing she must have a Centurion card).

Now, Courtney has turned around and filed a counter-suit against them… she blames AmEx for the problem! Reportedly her attorney, Keith Fink, told TMZ that American Express issued her (and her business entity) a staggering 104 credit cards! They seem to imply that AmEx was negligent in issuing her so many credit cards that supposedly she didn’t ask for or want. She also claims all the charges were fraudulent and not made by her, and therefore she’s not responsible for them.

What do you think? Is Courtney Love just a victim of identity theft or is there more to it than that?

(p.s. Courtney – if you’re looking for an Amex Centurion alternative, check out the Visa Black Card!)

This story was first reported Jan 4, 2010

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Courtney Love is a total trainwreck.

Amex shot themselves in the foot by giving a woman like that 104 credit cards. That decision was so stupid they almost have no one to blame but themselves.

Look at that pictures! She has has what looks like a cold sore and she appears to be on something. Sorry but she is not trustworthy so I doubt her side of the story.

104 credit cards is definitely excessive, although AmEx is known as a “celebrity” or affluent credit brand.

Would not be surprised if they cater to some rather unusual celeb requests, including 100’s of cards or insanely high credit limits.